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Quirky Collage Art by Kurt Cobain

Kurt was fascinated with meat. He cut out numerous color pictures from magazines, which he used to make collages like this one here. There’s also The Visible Man and Kurt’s beloved Chim Chim -monkey, which is also pictured on the back cover of the Nevermind album. (Source: Cobain Unseen by Charles R. Cross)

“He had an outlet. His creativity. And if you look at it, it’s dark, and then there’s always some, like, mutilated body, some kind of organ, some kind of anatomy going on. In a lot of ways, it’s very beautiful. I mean, it’s well done. But something’s not right. It’s all off.” - Krist Novoselic

“He had a big collage on the wall with pictures of diseased vaginas and then, like, people or just random things that he made. I was just, like, "oh great”, you know?“ - Tracy Marander (Kurt’s ex-girlfriend)

"It’s all anatomy. Like, supermarket ad fliers come in the mail, and there’s all that meat. He’d cut that out, you know, and just make these collages. I don’t know. The id is driving him, like, underneath the surface. It’s anatomy, or it’s just meat.” - Krist Novoselic

Source of quotes: Kurt Cobain, Montage of Heck -book, (2015)


My very first bullet journal spread! o(^▽^)o

I actually decided to start a bujo because I wanted to keep a list of “things to accomplish” daily so that I could (maybe) be more productive (⌒-⌒; ) I also really enjoyed the doodling factor and how creative the user could be with his/her bujo!

This week, I stumbled upon the beautiful music from Oh Wonder, so there are a few quotes here and there from their songs. The cover is also a lyric from “Livewire” by them.

Please also pardon my little mistakes like the smudges and it should be till the 20th as well hahaha.

Here’s to (hopefully) sticking to this planner and more imaginative days ahead x


stevie: I’m so glad you could make it to this emergency parent-teacher conference, Mr. and Mr. Stevens-Graham. I know the two of you must have very busy schedules.

drake: oh, it’s not a problem at all, ms. nicks.

sufjan: How Is The Untitled Stevens-Graham Project Is She In Good Health I Was Told She Was Involved In Some Skylarkings And Tomfoolery Today

stevie: Well, that’s putting it lightly. As you know, we at the Stephanie Lynn Nicks Academy place a high premium on creative expression. I know that’s a large part of why you entrusted us with your daughter’s education and care. So, to that end, we have daily finger-painting sessions, right after lunch and right before naptime.

drake: right

sufjan: Uh Huh

stevie: And today when it was time to transition from finger-painting to naptime, The Untitled Stevens-Graham Project decided that she would rather continue finger-painting than take a nap.

drake: uh oh

sufjan: Oh Dear

stevie: So she… well, she painted herself a sign reading “On Strike” and proceeded to stand on the craft table. And whenever a staff member tried to… to remove her from the table, she would yell something like, “Government is a burden on the people!” and “Grassroots agitation is the only hope!” and “Abuse of power comes as no surprise!”

sufjan: Oh She Pulled Out The Jenny Holzer Truisms Again Did She

drake: listen, ms. nicks, we’ve been trying to get her to stop speaking solely in jenny holzer truisms. i promise.

sufjan: She Is Making Good Progress In Speech Therapy But It Is An Uphill Battle As You May Imagine


sufjan: Shush


sufjan: Really I Thought That Was A Very Gentle Shushing

stevie: Anyway, as you can imagine, the rest of the children became very riled up by her little display, and a number of them joined her in striking during naptime. I had a classroom full of cranky children all afternoon, and a number of highly dissatisfied parents at the end of the day.

drake: the untitled stevens-graham project, would you like to apologize to ms. nicks for disrupting class?


drake: sufjan, can you please handle this?

sufjan: Listen TUSGP We Are Not Mad Just Disappointed

drake: no, sufjan, we are mad.

sufjan: Okay We Are In Fact Mad

drake: that’s right

sufjan: But We Are Nonetheless Going To Let This One Slide

drake: um, no? no, we’re not!

sufjan: Look Aubrey You Have To Help Me Out Here I Am Not A Mind Reader

The Annie Awards are happening tonight, and almost all of my favorite cartoons - including my absolute favorite - have been nominated for big awards! In order to celebrate, I drew all of my favorite Disney XD characters hanging out together during the red carpet pre-show! ^-^

Oh my gosh, was it fun to design outfits for everyone! I gave Mabel very special accessories - since she loves to make her own outfits, and the Annies is a celebration of animated films and the like, she got creative and made herself a film-strip hairbow and film-reel earrings! I gave Dipper an alien-head lapel pin as well; I couldn’t resist…xD

Also, this is my first time drawing Wander and Sylvia, and it’s one of the few times I’ve ever drawn Star and Marco (I haven’t gotten around to uploading the rest of my SVTFOE fanart yet…lol), so I certainly hope I did them justice. ^^;

To Alex Hirsch and the ever-lovely Gravi-Team Falls - thank you so much, yet again, for creating a show as beautiful, thought-provoking, suspenseful, and heartwarming as Gravity Falls. It’s sad to see that this is the last year you’ll be eligible for the Annies, since the show’s been over for nearly a year, but you guys crafted the greatest and most satisfying series finale I have ever seen, and you MORE than deserve the nominations you earned this year, ESPECIALLY the ‘best writing’ nomination. Here’s to hoping you get at least one more Annie tonight! I’ll be rooting for you, and I’m sure plenty of other Fallers will be, too!

To Craig McCracken and the wonderful Wander Over Yonder crew - congratulations on all your nominations! It’s SO GREAT to see you up for Best Animated Series/Special for Children for the second year in a row! I’m so sorry that WOY was cancelled before you had the chance to finish telling your story; you guys deserve so much better. But what you did have time to give to the world was simply wonderful, and at least ASIFA recognizes your hard work! Wishing you all the best of luck tonight!

To Daron Nefcy and the amazing crew of Star vs. the Forces of Evil - my goodness, but you guys have been KILLING it! SVTFOE has turned out to be five times more intense and fun to watch than I originally thought it was after seeing the pilot two years ago! I can’t WAIT until the 'Star Bomb’ begins on Monday!

I’ll be posting this on Twitter as well, so hopefully, Alex, Craig, and Daron will see this! I hope everyone enjoys this! Now let’s (virtually, in most cases…xD) go to the Annies! :D

I remember years ago, somebody once said to me ‘Oh, you’re one of those angry women.’ Well, how can you not be angry in this world? I mean, I’m very angry, but anger can be very creative.
—  Mary McDonnell, 1993

mah boy
I can’t stop drawing him help

So, I was wondering how would Juzo look like as a kid????
I’m not very creative and I suck at drawing kids but oK

here are some headcanons that I have, I guess-
I had some about Juzo getting his shsl bc of Munakata but then I remembered that they met only in high school oh well.

-Juzo started practising boxing at a young age, because his family (or he thought it about himself) that he wasn’t macho men enough bc gay;
-He kinda liked long hair, but since he was kind of a wimpy kid at the start, he was made fun of, and that’s why he, to this day, has that short haired hairstyle that’s weird tbh but i love it anyway;
-He spent way too much time practising and wanting to be the best™, so he never got to much time to his friends/classmates or even school work;
-He was a lazy student, he didn’t care much about homework and stuff;
- He would get in fights constantly;
-He didn’t got many friends until he met Kyosuke and Chisa;
-He was so obesessed in becoming the best boxer that, at some part of his life, he couldn’t distinguish anymore his talent from his personality and himself as a person, like, he believed that if he didn’t had his talent, he got nothing else. (And Munakata and Chisa helped him believe the opposite~)

i’m not too good with these

callacabforme  asked:

Ooo the WTNV deck? How are you liking it (readings aside)? Might I have a reading on my creativity? Have a lovely day!

Oh man, oh man, I am loving this deck. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous, and the symbolism is so very clear. I find this deck incredibly easy to read, and there are so many little insights that I pull out of the cards that goes beyond the textbook definition of the cards, and I love it so much. Also, the darker sides of Night Vale were always my favorite parts of it, and I feel like deck holds true to that as well - it doesn’t shy away from the darker, scarier parts of the meanings. It is what it is, and you have to learn to accept the dark.

Now, on to your reading! 

Textbook definition - Speed, travel, action, swift change

The Eight of Wands depicts one of the absolutely beautiful monologues in NV - the one about the ghost lights speeding down Route 800 that are not good speeds to match. They aren’t following the flow of traffic. You may feel you are going very fast, making a lot of progress on your creative pursuits. While that is great and wonderful, and you should definitely keep it up, be sure that you’re not moving too fast. Take a breather, take a break, don’t burn yourself out by doing too much at once. 

I hope this was helpful!^.^ As always, feedback is appreciated^.^


Hillel – animated, intelligent, handsome – this dude really had it going on. His Slovakian length served him well both in limb and face. He looks like he’s still having fun – hasn’t reached that point of ‘Oh please not another picture.’ You know when we started taking pictures it was so fun and creative – after about 20,000 photo sessions it is very difficult to maintain enthusiasm. I think a big reason we started getting so heavy into contorning and distorting ourselves is that it was a reaction to these pretty boys in the music scene, these guys wearing makeup and trying to look as handsome and beautiful as possible. We always were trying to look like a cover of Mad Magazine.  – Anthony Kiedis

micastewartlove  asked:

30 gave me life. Honestly I've been a fan of yours for a while now and you are constantly improving! That fic had a realistic feel which made it more enjoyable, as well as being very original and unique; therefore highlighting your impressive creative technique. Keep up the fantastic work😊😊😊

Hey! Um. First thing’s first. Is your icon you? If yes - you are a fucking babe, my friend. Oh my god. I’m nervous now. 

Thank you so much for this feedback. Specific points about my writing are useful, and also make me feel good about my general existence (which, like a lot of people here I think, isn’t always the case). So, thank you for taking the time to send a message. You’re a fucking ray of sunshine. 


I was bored, and i had this sudden amazing idea. It looked better in my head, but oh well. Originally it said “disappear into darkness” at the bottom, but I may of cropped it out cause i spelt it wrong. I swear I’ve seen this font before somewhere though. Anyway hope you all like it, even though its not exactly very creative or arty. :)

divagirl03-me  asked:

I love your art! It's so cute and creative! Like anime! (>u•) keep up the amazing work! (^u^)

Oh well thank you so much I really appreciate it 😆 I plan to add more style to my art as I get better I just really love drawing in my spare time or anytime but thank you so very much 💞

surely im not the only one who thinks underswap sans’ gaster blasters would have cute little scarfs that match his and little names written on them. I am? oh lol well have my first gaster blaster anyway

please do not repost or remove my watermark thank you

Cozy [Josh Washington x Reader]

Author’s Note: I’m so surprised at how quickly I actually wrote for Josh and Nathan Prescott from LiS after making that one update post about my upcoming imagine plans. I mean, I’ll definitely be writing more for them but I expected to take ages because I typically write rather slowly, or just put it off for days (or weeks). I really don’t like the title but I couldn’t be bothered being very creative since I’m quite tired. Oh well. So here, take some fluffy Josh Washington!

Word Count: 1,310

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I want something like that post to happen between Chat and Lady!! Like, they get a little extra time in their costumes one night and decide to chill on top of Adrien’s rooftop or something to look at the stars… and they are so comfortable as teammates and buds that, well, maybe they start dropping hints about their irl selves…

Like Ladybug says “Ahh, there’s a boy in my class I really like…”

“O-oh?” says Chat. “What’s… he like?”

“Haha,” Ladybug sighs, “WAAAYY out of my league, that’s what he’s like.”

“Huh?! No way!”

“Mm, yeah it’s pretty true. I mean, he’s got so much going on for him… looks, money, popularity… not to mention he’s very kind, smart, and creative…”

“Sounds like… quite the catch.”

“By comparison, I’m not much.”

“I don’t believe that for a second!”

“It’s true! Everyone knows who he is because he’s just that good! And I’m just… a nobody.”

“Hmph. Just who is this ‘super special celebrity’, anyways?”

“Arghh! Alright, alright– promise not to judge me?” Chat nods.

“Cross my heart! …Now spill!”

“Okay… it’s Adrien Agreste.”

Theres a beat as it sinks in. Chat blinks slowly, his jaw threatening to drop.

“Wh… what?”

“See?! You’re judging me! Ugh, I know, so typical, it’s like every girl in the entire city has a crush on him–”

As Ladybug babbles uncharacteristically (or is it more like her real self??) Plagg gently reminds Chat that he can’t tell anyone who he is. He decides to press on towards another topic, though his cheeks are probably flaming by now.

“Ah, uh-huh. Well I’ve certainly heard of him, haha, he seems like a nice guy… say, do you play any video games?”

(So, she’s in the same class…)