not valdaya but thought i should share

The "Big Bro/Lil Sis" Situation from a personal experience

So I know lately (and always) Zendaya has reinforced that her and Val are like brother and sister, seemingly in attempt to shut down any potential romantic speculation. But I want to reassure you all, from my own personal experience, I know for a fact that the the non-blood related “bro/sis” relationship can get real complicated. 

My parents have two daughters (me and my sister) and their best friends have three sons. We have all known each other since we were babies and have grown up together. I consider them like my brothers. The youngest one, I am closest in age to but he is still 2 years younger than me (not quite 10 years younger, but the age gap remains.) I always referred to him as my “little brother” and told everyone he was like my lil bro and he considered me a sister.

Recently, as we’ve gotten older, (I’m 24 now and he’s 22) things have started getting really weird! No longer do we seem to consider each other like siblings..but now we are flirty and there’s definitely tension. I won’t go into specifics but it’s definitely there. And I realized a couple months ago that I’m in love with him. He has a girlfriend so I haven’t told him and I’m not sure if I ever will but maybe someday…

MY POINT IS - - Zendaya and Val can fool themselves into believing there is nothing there and that it’s strictly a bro/sis relationship but the fact is that a connection is a connection and their chemistry is real. It will eventually catch up with them where one of them or both of them realizes that they have real romantic feelings for each other (maybe it already has). Regardless of how many times she or he tries to put that sibling label on there…it won’t stop the feelings from rising to the surface eventually. 

Just some food for thought <3 love you all