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Enhanced 1x07 Deleted Scene—Tell Me About Your Family

I wish they wouldn’t have deleted this scene. This shows a lot of Jamie’s personality.

Okay but when I say I want to romanticise things that are seen as ugly by society people always reply saying “no normalise it make it normal” and like sure but like also bitch I really just want to look at my flaws and see art like I want poetry to be written about the cellulite on my legs and the stretch marks on my stomach and the hair on my upper lip like bitch let me feel like a work of art when I’m laughing and unaware of my crooked teeth or my double chin and when my skin is oily and my acne is bad. Like let ugly girls feel more than normal let us feel beautiful and extraordinary sometimes please


Those freckles may b fake, but the hoes are reel

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yknow i respect the batim fandom bc i havent once seen any reposts of art, art being used without it not being credited, and how everyone is friendly with one another’s headcanons. no fights had broke out between if bendy has a neck or not and a tail or not, all of those au writers have been respected greatly, and themeatly is just a genuinely great guy, especially since he includes fan’s work in his game (and credits the sources), and gives us the opportunity to be involved. like damn. BATIM is a great game and fandom and I hope no one ruins that. And there’s more in the tags on why I love this fandom. 

“Why’d she have to die like that, Yang?”

She loses her balance, the world too heavy as Yang comes to sit beside her, holding her by her shoulders. Sitting down ungracefully, she tries not to cry any more than she already has. Not over this. Not over a cat. “I—it’s all my fault. If I had been there…” she says, trying to laugh it off still, smiling through her tears, laughing helplessly. “If I wasn’t too late— if I wasn’t always too late—”

She isn’t crying over the cat anymore. Yang wonders if she ever actually had been.

“Why’d she have to die like that, Yang?” she says again, shoulders shaking violent and hard.

Weird reading old fic that accidentally predicted the trauma/mourning V4 denied us lol (x)

Am I the only one?

I really feel like a kin ship to the asexual community even though as a pansexual were kind of on opposite ends 9f the spectrum, but I feel like very often neither of us are included in LGBT+ spaces, and we hear similar dismissals of our sexuality ‘you just need to find the right guy/girl’ or for us were often lumped in with bisexuals and as I understand it asexuals for some reason are lumped in with heterosexuals??? (why?)

But like I just really feel like Ace and Pan folk are like a dynamic duo, we’re like Unicorns and Mermaids, yo people think we don’t exist

I feel really extra protective of Ace folk and Aro folk too as for some inexplicable reason some people think they’re the same??????

So Ace/Aro folk…I got your back

Anyone else with sensory processing disorder like, not develop it until their teen years? I used to be able to handle loud sounds and most textures, but as I aged I became increasingly sensitive, and now I have to be really careful about textures I come in contact with, being in public, and noise. Even smells have become increasingly unbearable! What happened to me?

Me: It’s Best Scenes day of Ao No Exorcist Week. I should draw one of those really deep emotional scenes or coll action scenes that I love. 
Me to me: Draw something based of that scene in chapter 41 where all the guys had to cross dress.
Me: …Why am I like this.

Ao No Exorcist Week – Day 5
Best Scenes

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What's your beef with Natalie Abrams? She's not so bad anymore.

Key words being any more, anon.

I don’t want to sound combative, because you may have meant this innocently, but if you have no problem with NA, why did you not just scroll on by my post?

NA, not so long ago, was incredibly unprofessional, biased, juvenile, catty, and sometimes just out and out disrespectful when she covered the show. That’s my beef. I’m at perfect liberty to still dislike her for that even if she’s shaped up recently. 

She ignored quality questions about the show that could have produced actual spoilers in order to focus on fanon. She brought her own personal Hook/Captain Swan hate (and Regina obsession) into nearly every article she wrote, sometimes overtly, sometimes in what she clearly thought was clever wording but was very obviously backhanded. Nearly every article contained snide comments about Hook, Captain Swan, and even Emma.

And I’m pretty sure she only stopped because her fanon pushing and personal character/ship bias got to such an obnoxiously obvious point of painting an alternative picture of the show and derailing pertinent spoilers that Adam and Eddy, or their representatives, finally said something to her or her bosses. 

So am I going to get a little bit of a vindictive thrill out of picturing how bitter she must have been about having those exclusives to break? Imagery of Emma and Killian’s fairytale wedding? Sitting at her desk, having to write sappy bits about Captain Swan - something she hates - getting married? Yes, yes I am.