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I’ll give you guys a double Promptis post today!
Drawings for my bae @destatree that I attach to her fics when she updates miiiiiine <3 Promptis drawings will always be attached to her updates now and be posted sometime later when I can get around to it on a separate post because screw the tumblr squishing.

Welcome to Anders Week 2017!

This year’s daily themes are vices and virtues, and today’s theme is:

Sloth // Diligence

The theme could be a side of Anders to explore, or something that has been inflicted/gifted to him by someone else in his life.

If you create any fic, art, headcanons, meta, etc that are inspired by the theme, or anything for the week regardless of theme, please tag @teamblueandangry so that we can reblog it!

#bluesummer #anders week 2017


the art block is plaguing me again, so have some sketches of Kyrene’s family I had sitting around. 
Top image is Kyrene’s parents Ithelan and Irina, a few months before she was born.
Bottom image is her older [half] brother Tovin and younger sister Nehnara around the time she left for the conclave. 

hi im several weeks late but happy pride month!


Master post with all four chocobros!
This was such a fun series to work on and all the feedback I got from them were lovely as heck! The shop is going to have all four available for prints and such if anyone is interested! Thanks again for such a fun trip!


“Crap I look like a ghost.” 

“ Yeah, ya do… ‘specially with that lighting .”

Here’s something I thought I would never do, but ‘Coffee Cans and Energy Drinks’ has been a lovely fic, with such a great dynamic that how could I not?