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Parking Lot Boy || Part 1

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He walked across the parking lot and got into his Audi Q5. I thought, “Damn he’s hot.”

Pairing: Johnny x Reader

Genre: highschool!au // fluff 

Warnings: Suggestive

Type: Series

Word Count: 3.6k  

Drabble || Part 1 || Part 2 (Coming soon)

A/N: Wow, look how long this took. So I’ve decided to make this into two parts. It’ll just be easier that way and the flow will work better. Thank you @syugatae for looking over this, I love you.

There was something about him, you were not sure of. You’d only met him once, briefly saying “hello,” after class. Your calculus teacher had given a quick recommendation, claiming he was one of her brightness students and his availability would be at your disposal. You nodded, not particularly interested in the offer, but you stored the proposal away in the back of your head just in case. You had been struggling for the past semester, grades reaching an all-time low; a C just wasn’t acceptable. Although your parents begged you to inquire a tutor, you declined, attempting to justify that learning the material yourself would lead to a positive outcome.

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jewelcrab replied to your video: …Huh. My dear friend @ficksuck2 clued me into this…

Hehe! Don’t worry, if u watch the whole ep Allura gets validated. She ends up saving the day, defying everyone’s expectations. The spanking is still really cute, tho. Allura gets tied up in the episode too, “for her own good.”

The youtube comments are trash, tho. Sexist bs seems to be par the course for this kink, unfortunately. That’s why I appreciate content creators like you and Arkham!

Well that’s good to know at least.

So much of the content for this kink is frustratingly sexist. Of course, also usually the more sexist stuff is not what I’m in for in general. So many “lol putting women in their place” comments and shit being a lead up to like… borderline rape. Just… uuuugggh.

I wonder how much interest in this kink differs between your standard white cis male and women and the LGBT crowd. Are they all interested in the same thing? I know not all doms are such goddamn creeps. I have to wonder how many people are more into spanking for the reasons I am, which is pretty much entirely focused on spanking and emotional release as opposed to sex. Not an easy thing to poll FOR SCIENCE though.

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do you have any general headcanons for the captains ??

Oh boy do I. I also have a scenario to do that might probably not be up tonight! Hope you like these!!!



- Very easy going in general

- Usually the one to keep everyone under control and think rationally, much like his s/o

- Ice cream is honestly his favorite and whenever he’s watching a movie or something with his s/o there will be at least two bowls being eaten. Opts for vanilla

- The dominant one in the relationship, definitely. And I mean dominant

- Going to the gym with his s/o is fun for him, though he doesn’t mind staying home and opting for a different kind of workout if ya feel me

- When not in school he dresses nice, with a style leaning more towards minimalism. His s/o bought him a white scarf one time and he wears it whenever he can

- Has a thing for nice hair. Shiny and soft is optimum


- I saw this on another blog but He totally rocks his socks whether it be those fboi™ nike socks or socks with fuckin toast on them

- Couldn’t cook anything to save his life. This boy can barely pour himself a bowl of cereal without something going wrong. One time his s/o and him baked brownies and they weren’t sure how it happened but one minute everything was fine and the next theres mix everywhere and eggs went flying. So now his s/o does the cooking

- He started a group chat with him, his s/o, Bokuto, and Bokuto’s s/o where the two captains just send memes back and fourth

- His favorite meme is pepe

- Going back to pepe he has some pepe socks and even a phone case but his s/o refuses to let him wear both in public at the same time

- His favorite dates are ones where he and his s/o can just spend time alone and cuddle. He’s a huge cuddler, and is huge on physical contact

- Can you say PDA????? Bc he sure can. Loves to tease his s/o and generally just get them flustered, so PDA is usually the best way to do it.


- Is actually super sweet when he’s with his s/o, doesn’t really like to tease them much well I mean unless you guys are doin the do

- Total attention hog. Your attention needs to be centered on him for at least 98.34% of the time that your with him or he will start to get super needy

- That being said, he’s got a pretty high drive if you know what I mean. Almost any alone time will result in at least a heated make out session

- Loves to show movies to his s/o, and will often stay up late with or without them to finish the movie(s)

- A pretty good cook in all, nothing special but he can make some mean pancakes in the morning mm can you imagine him standing there in pj’s making pancakes with a bed head sign me tf up thats some good shit right there

- Drinks his creamer and sugar with a splash of coffee

- Resident pretty boy takes forever to get ready in the morning

- Is dying to ask Karasuno’s no.2 how he gets his hair so shiny


- Bokuto loves it when his s/o is up to play some volleyball with them, even better if it’s at the beach. Not that he’s all that good at beach volleyball, it’s just the thought of his s/o in a swimsuit

- Akaashi and his s/o get along really well, and he’s stoked about that. But gets a bit needy when their attention falls off of them

- His s/o is the one to console him when he gets into one of his moods. The entire team has his s/o on speed dial

- His s/o’s parents really like him, and the fact that he is so accomplished at a young age

- That being said he spends a lot of time at their house and is p close with their dad

- When his s/o wears his jersey, he’s gone. Your gone. See y'all in about an hour depending on how long he has with you

- Favorite food is Mexican. He’s always up for a taco and when he can find fijitas oh boy


- This tol is very soft on the inside, he loves to cuddle

- Prefers tea over coffee, regularly gets into debates with his coffee loving s/o

- Is very stiff and aloof when your get to know him, though warms up quickly

- His smile will make you melt im tellin u

- Favorite kinds of movies are romcoms. Has watched Mean Girls at least 10 times

- Is a super great cook. Loves to make veggie stir fry bc it’s the healthiest thing he can get his s/o to eat

- Tries to get his s/o to go on runs with him occasionally, but most of the time prefers to be alone when he runs

- His favorite drink at starbucks is the vanilla bean frap and im prepared to fight people over this one


- Really an unpredictable person to be in a relationship with, one minute your going for ice cream and the next minute your going to see the new star wars

- Loves to show you off to whoever he can, he just thinks you’re so awesome and funny and just so beautiful

- Gives you hairstyling tips

- Got a matching cartilage piercing with his s/o one time and hasn’t taken it out since

- Always smells a++, like you can’t get enough of him when you’re together so you took home one of his shirts but shh you didn’t tell him

- He totally knows you took his shirt

- Absolutely loves it when you put your hair up, doesn’t matter if it’s a high ponytail or messy bun you’ll catch this boy drooling

- Loves it when you run your fingers through his hair, it relaxes him like nothing else and if u tug it well


- Will never eat the cookie part of oreos

- A huge tease, almost on par with Tsukki. Though his s/o can usually shoot something back pretty well, and he enjoys their banter

- It warmed his heart when he saw you and Aone getting along so well. The three of you hang out regularly

-  A huge show off when his s/o comes to games or even practices. He knows he’s a great spiker, and it inflates his ego when you compliment him

- Would actually develop a p interesting friendship with Terushima if they met

- Not much for PDA, throws an arm around you here and there and steals the occasional kiss

- But when your home, ooh boy

- Bought matching fuzzy socks for him and his s/o, wears them on a daily basis

Our E3 Predictions!

You wanted it, you called for it, and now the day is FINALLY here. Hardly even 24 Hours before E3 gets revved up and ready, we think it may be time to show you guys some of the ChallengerApproaching team’s predictions for the upcoming Nintendo news storm!

Now we’d just like to make sure you guys know that everything in this post is a big guess. We’re just calling out what the world’s been asking for, what we expect, and what we personally would also really like to see. With that out of the way, allow us to share a couple of thoughts we’ve had for what we may see during Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014!

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It was recently announced that PDP will be releasing a line of custom GameCube style controllers featuring some of our favorite Nintendo characters, including Link. They are officially licensed so these should definitely be a treat for any and all collector out there. Whether or not their quality is up to par, I do not know. They are still 3rd party controllers, but the fact that they are officially licensed could vouch for their quality, if anything. 

At the moment the Mario controller is the only one available with Peach and Yoshi being up for pre-orders. Due to the fact that these controllers are probably heavily influenced on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, you can more than likely expect to see the rest released in November or around that time! 

If everything is satisfying and comfortable in the middle of the story, y'all know the end finna fuck u up like. Cmon y'all, a fucked middle in this type of story is par for the course. Did you get like 15 chapters into the last Harry Potter book like :((( this book doesn’t make any sense! I can’t tell how Harry is going to defeat Voldemort, so clearly he never will.

NAH!! It’s a MYSTERY story. And the mystery is Sherlock and John. The story is ABOUT them, so their relationship and the question of the nature of it MUST be resolved for the story to end. We don’t know how yet because the story is still going.

Dig into this story and tear up anything that doesn’t make sense. The things that don’t fit are the clues we are supposed to examine. You’re supposed to work out why it doesn’t make sense and ask yourself what would make more sense, not get huffy and frustrated and abandon it. I mean you can if you want to; nobody is forcing you to be here. But unraveling the mystery is meant to be fun and entertaining! And as Sherlock says, “it’s not fun if I know”

Who wants to work a case they’ve already solved?

「 Luciela & Riful vs Priscilla 」etc.

Okay so, since my brain is functioning okay now, let me talk about「 Luciela & Riful vs Priscilla 」for Eli (kunamon) and everyone else. I’d like to clarify some things. I’m not great at organizing my thoughts so please bear with me.

I’ll be discussing Riful’s stance on the potential alliance, Priscilla’s level of power, her previous opponents as comparison and how LucieRif would fare. 

It’s not so much about if Riful would want to team up with Luciela (or vice versa). It’s if they did, what would be the outcome.

But for my own satisfaction, let’s talk about it. Riful would want to team up with Luciela. That was the whole point of her attempting to make friends with current warriors and forcing them to awaken. She was rounding up possible allies, or at least trying to.

All because of Priscilla. Her appearance, her alliance with Isley and the obvious shift in power to the North. If they (Isley & Priscilla) decided to move (as they did) to reclaim any other lands which had otherwise been peacefully divided between the 3 original Abyssals and the Org HQ, they would have no problem doing so. They would be unmatchable. 

And as mentioned by wildhorseoctavia, Riful isn’t one to be unmatched in power – nor sit around and wait to be killed – hence her relationship with Dauf works so well. 

In regards to Luciela, she would be on par with if not slightly weaker than Riful in terms of strength, because Riful has been around much longer. (And as we know in Claymore-verse, in most cases, your age only adds to your power. u no liek wine. This would obv make Isley the strongest out of the three.) Riful would not have a problem in teaming up with Luciela if it meant she could take down Priscilla – and Luciela later.

That is to say, if she had realized Priscilla’s power sooner.

So yes let’s talk about that. Priscilla’s current “dumb” level of power. It has always been around. It is documented way back in the extra scene where she battles Rigardo and then Isley. Note that the events of this extra scene took place before the events of the Witch’s Maw Arc. Isley takes a great deal of damage within minutes and surrenders to her, acknowledging her power.

At the time, however, Priscilla’s mind was still in the state of a child’s. 

Up until the Destroyer Arc, it was as if she were half-asleep, fighting in her dreams. When she revisits us around Chapters 90-100, she has woken up, up to 80% I might say. She is thinking much more clearly, and is no longer outwardly recalling her father’s death. She has fought away most of the mental fog and consciously utilizes her powers.

The only thing plaguing her mind now is that “forbidden memory.” Why she is drawn to Clare. Once she realizes who Clare truly is and who is inside of her, Priscilla is at 100%. 

Also: Priscilla is a resilient fuck, like Clare, because they both have this immense will to live. It makes them both nearly limitless.

The battles between Priscilla and her previous opponents help to gauge her strength; But are only somewhat helpful in gauging the outcome of Luciela and Riful’s hypothetical onslaught.

Many of you mentioned Alicia & Beth as well as the Destroyer.

Alicia and Beth wouldn’t be a fair comparison, except in noting their tag-team efforts. I would easily rank the two lower in power than the other Abyssal Ones, again, because of age. Alicia was only able to gain the upperhand against Riful & Dauf with the offense of Abyss Feeders. (more)

The Destroyer is a more notable opponent in terms of strength. The Destroyer ofc is the awakening of a merged Abyssal One and the longest-lived Claymore of about equal power. Had Clare not become a part of it, it would not have changed course and circled around Priscilla only. Priscilla allegedly attempts to crush the being with her “full power” and is, in turn, extremely damaged. In the end, as we know, she is consumed by it. Not killed, unfortunately. 

Going in alphabetical order, Isley is up next. The Silver King would have been an excellent comparison had he not been enamored by Priscilla’s strength and surrendered to her. However, as mentioned, he took a great deal of damage in the little time that they did fight. If two Isley’s were to take her on, I imagine the outcome would be the same.

It is Isley who predicts the union of Luciela and Riful, hence he chooses to battle Luciela. Riful is the one who speaks of it, relaying the information to Clare during the Defiant Ones Arc.

Isley crushed the little chance Riful and Luciela had to defeat Priscilla.

I mean, really, all I had to do was post that one cap and be like, here Eli. They had a little chance. That’s it. But they would be crushed in the end. We all know it.

But let’s focus on the quote, “If there were even a chance of defeating that women, it would have to be a power that surpasses those called Abyssal Ones.” She compares this level of power to her possible alliance with Luciela. 

With their combined hatred, they potentially could have been as powerful as Rauf (a.k.a. Riful Doll a.k.a. Riful Remnant) and as effective in their tag-team efforts as Octavia, Chronos and Cassandra.

We know what happened to Rauf (Riful + parasitic Dauf) in the end but Cassandra wasn’t killed by Priscilla. Had there been two Cassandra’s of varying forms and abilities and hatred for Priscilla akin to Rauf’s, then we’d be getting somewhere.

I also think if Abyss Feeders were at L&R’s or C&C’s disposal, they could wear Priscilla down in no time, as they did to both Isley and Riful.

(I just remembered how Priscilla and Rauf played hot potato with the Destroyer’s remains and I am not going to get into whether or not that affected their power level rn pffft)

I feel the result, or at least events of this battle, would also depend on when this battle might take place. When Priscilla still possesses the mind of a child, when she was relentlessly hunting down Clare’s scent or when she is at 100%.

In the first state she is absent-mindedly destroying everything in her path, save for young girls, desiring food and wishing for her papa. She can be extremely vulnerable as well as extremely deceptive in this state.

In the second, she is intentionally obliterating everything that stands in her way. She has no care but to uncover the truth behind Clare’s scent. The only opponent she will give attention to is Clare.

In the third state, it becomes a game. A game of survival for all those opposing her. As mentioned, she doesn’t possess the will to die. She doesn’t imagine herself losing in any manner. In this state, while she is resilient and confident, it is possible to take her by surprise.


To conclude, I imagine Luciela & Riful could have dealt as much damage as Rauf (had the potential to), had they really put their all, like Chronos, Octavia and Cassandra did combined. Relentless efforts to put Priscilla down.

 The damage dealt could be more so if Priscilla were still in a childlike state and not the current confident and aware Priscilla.

Considering everything stated, I would say that the two had around a 10% chance of winning.


I probably overlooked a lot of things but I’m tired and I just want to post this already. Thoughts? 

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