not unforgiving

You have no idea what you’re talking about. We couldn’t be more different if we tried. You always choose the right thing.”

“Do you think that means I don’t have regrets?” Potter was closer now; Draco could feel the warmth of his breath against his face. “I chose to go hunting for Horcruxes, and that led me to doing something fucked up things, Draco. I used Unforgivables, I nearly got Ron Splinched. Hermione was nearly killed. Fred, Tonks, Remus, Colin Creevey, and Gods, so many others, they all died just to give me time to run around the castle looking for a fucking tiara.”

Draco opened his eyes to find Potter standing almost nose to nose with him, his chest heaving and his eyes bright.

“I destroyed all of those Horcruxes, and every single one held a piece of a person’s soul. And yeah, maybe he deserved it, but that doesn’t change what I did, what I turned into in order to do it. You want to know the biggest difference between us, Draco? I’m a murderer, and you’re not.

Variety: The Best TV Shows of 2017 (So Far)

Better Call Saul: “Every year, the performances in this AMC drama grow richer and the character predicaments more complex, and this season was lent a special poignance by the unforgiving brother-vs-brother battle of Chuck versus Jimmy. This solidly crafted show continues to mine all it can from its core character’s shifty, striving backstory and from its dependably versatile cast.” Maureen Ryan

Cole Tidbit 2
  • Inquisitor: "How can I forgive him? What Solas did..."
  • Cole: "Maybe you shouldn't."
  • Inquisitor: "Come again?"
  • Cole: "Would forgiving him help? Would it fix the tangle to make it smooth again? Would it heal the hurt?"
  • -Cole rests a hand on the Inquisitor's shoulder. She looks ready to cry.-
  • Cole: "It would be like me killing the templar who left me in the tower to die, because he hurt me and I wanted him to hurt, not because it would help. The only difference is you would be taking the pain out on yourself instead of him if you forgave him. Forcing yourself to forgive the unforgivable is just being cruel to yourself when it won't fix anything."
  • Inquisitor: -sighs, her breath shaky, but Cole is right.- "Thank you Cole."
  • Cole: -Cole leaves to go sit on a stone wall nearby and listen to the crickets chirp as night falls.-
  • Varric: -Varric finds Cole watching the Inquisitor stargazing and can't help but wonder.- "What did you say to her kid? She was falling apart this morning, and now she seems more...At ease."
  • Cole: "The same thing you told me."

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Hogwarts in the Summer

(Note from the author: Hogwarts ends in June. I’m going to pretend that that means very late June, meaning that there’s about a week of summer at Hogwarts before the students go home.)

Hogwarts in the summer is students kicking off their shoes to run across the green grass of the grounds barefoot. It’s the buzz of bumblebees as soon as they step outside and the unforgiving glare of the afternoon sun. It’s a Ravenclaw sixth year sitting in the shade beneath a tree, trying to stifle her giggle as one of the Slytherin prefects pushes the other into the lake.

Hogwarts in the summer is a pickup Quidditch game, because even though the season is over, it doesn’t mean that the students have to stop playing. The teams have players from all houses, and house rivalries are forgotten as they play until the sun sets. Students cheer whenever a goal is made, regardless of the team that made it, and the commentators, one Hufflepuff, one Slytherin, get into a contest ever who can shout their witty remarks the loudest. The match ends when everyone is too sweaty, too thirsty, to play any longer. Even then, it’s hours before anyone goes inside as students laugh, and talk, and look at the stars.

Hogwarts in the summer is the large group of older students that can barely keep their eyes open as they enter the Great Hall for breakfast. It’s last minute spell practice and a frantic Gryffindor flipping through one of their books, trying to memorize the accomplishments of Gunhilda of Gorsemoor before they enter their exam. It’s broken quills and stacks of books strewn across every house’s common room. It’s a flutter of paper as the last exam ends and the stampede of feet as exhausted students burst outside to freedom.

Hogwarts in the summer is students rolling up the sleeves of their robes as they try to cool down. It’s a water fight that breaks out between the Slytherins and Ravenclaws (courtesy of the Aguamenti spell), a fight that leaves both sides dripping and muddy, but finally cool. It’s the soft breeze that twists through the air, smelling of wildflowers and honeysuckle.

Hogwarts in the summer is students frantically searching their dorms for missing items and overflowing, ready-to-burst trunks. It’s an empty owelry and a school-wide mission to hunt down all of the loose cats. It’s friends hugging each other close and the wistful sigh of the seventh years as they leave the school for the last time. It’s a clear blue sky and bittersweet smiles. It’s the sound of a train whistle fading into the distance.

It’s Hogwarts. It’s summer. And it’s the end of a story.

But it’s the end of one story that allows a new one to begin.

Autumn Winter Spring 


Genre: Angst

Characters: Wonwoo

Word count: 1,745

“Why don’t you just jump?” A soft voice behind me asks. I don’t answer them but continue to look down at the glittering water. The moon above shines down causing the pool to look like a mythical pond that holds many secrets, but I know it’s just a mirage. The water is cold and unforgiving. It drags you down until you can’t fight anymore and you just keep drowning, over and over again. “It’s too cold” I whisper, not looking back, keeping my eyes focused on the body of water. “Badkruka” The voice says insultingly. 

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tatooinesun  asked:

4. what headcanon will you defend to the death? :^)

There was a post awhile ago talking about Luke having Qui-Gon Jinn as an imaginary friend when he was a little kiddo and I love that. I also think that he would have vivid dreams of Shmi and Anakin. 

There was another that I read talking about Luke and Leia as babies. It was basically about them being worlds apart but if one was crying the other was inconsolable. 

I also headcanon Luke as bi w/ a preference for men, but I try not to get into those topics here. Sometimes fandom can be a little unforgiving. 

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Strangelove (Depeche Mode)

There’ll be ⏱🕰⏰ when my crimes 🚷🚯🚳🚱📵🚭
Will seem almost unforgivable ❌❌❌
I give in to ⚡sin⚡
Because you have to make this life liveable 👄

But when you 💭 I’ve had 🙅🏻 from your sea of ❤💖💘
I’ll ✋🏼✊🏼 more than another riverfull
Yes, and I’ll make it 🙌🏽 worthwhile
I’ll make your ❤ 😃

Strange 🛫 and strange 🛬
That’s how my 💕 🚶🏻
Will 👉🏼👩🏻 👈🏼give it to me
Will you ✋🏼✊🏼 the pain
I will give to 👉🏼👩🏻👈🏼
🅰gain and 🅰gain
And will you 🔁 it

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"Justify everything Fenris has ever done" im rly confused about that anon. what terrible thing has fenris done that is apparently on par with blowing up a church full of innocent people?

fenris has done bad things, things that no matter how you twist it can be unforgivable. they’re flaws. but i cant say he’s ever gone down the terrorism route no.

cancelling sense8 was like destroying art. the show had the stories of:

i) a closeted hispanic gay man coming to terms with being outed and accepting himself as a gay man in the public eyes - doing all this just to ensure that he can continue being with the man of his dreams

ii) a compassionate kenyan man with a dream and hope fighting for the injustices of class disparity (he is also in a relationship with an extremely intelligent bisexual black woman who, despite coming from a different class than him, is attracted by the purity of his heart)

iii) an intelligent trans woman in a relationship with an equally intelligent black woman - the relationship of which is extremely trusting, tolerating, caring, gentle, and beautiful. (plus, the intelligent black woman grew up with three fathers and within an extremely open and accepting LGBT community who would protect the two even if it meant endangering themselves)

iv) an independent indian woman whose eager to find love over the simplicity of a good marriage. on top of that she has an indian father who defies the stereotypical indian man, who has her back no matter what, who is a CHEF rather than a businessman (this is a big fucking deal for us who knows about asian arches)

v) a south korean woman who is petite, adorable – and yet so very dangerous and courageous. who is a master in martial arts, whose storyline is dedicated on fighting the misogyny she faced all of her life. on top of that, her romantic storyline was going to be with a man who worships her for exactly who she is.

vi) there was going to be an epic interracial couple, the relationship of which shows how the right person can open up someone, can make their heart soft, can forgive all the sins that have been weighing them down

vii) it also discussed religion, art, sexuality, science, philosophy, among other topics; in such thought-provoking manner…

this show was an embodiment of art and its destruction is unforgivable…