not unforgiving

No to the quiet, no to the calm;
I am noise – rancorous, riotous,
the beckoning of the storm, the storm
imbibed. I am not silenced by spectacle,
I am not deterred by passive aggression;
I am bespoke cacophony – tailored
from the finer wavelengths of thunder,
the cracking of bones and the soliloquy
of doors slammed by gales of infuriated
indignation. Do not sit there and listen;
sit the fuck up and shake in your boots
because I am unforgiving; I am not humble
in my honour and in my passion,
and when I wield my scythe, I yield
to nothing amidst a dance of destruction.
I will no longer allow my rough edges
to be shaved and sandpapered to civility.
I will clank about in that damn box of a cliché
until you grind your teeth in despair:
I will always have something to say,
I will always say it without hesitation,
You won’t just sit there and listen,
You will feel my wrath swell in your womb.

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Oh heck yes I am, because what else do you call a woman so selfishly determined to go it alone, so contrarian even within her own mind, so cold and unforgiving, so implacable and sarcastic and brilliant and brutal? 

…other than perfect. <3

Hey Guys

So I wanted to share something with you guys, and sometimes I can get reluctant on getting too personal because it’s just an insecurity I suffer from. But honestly, I really want to let you guys know how much I love and appreciate all of you. Seriously.

Ive always struggled with depression, and it’s here again (unfortunately) so I’ve had a pretty cloudy head lately, and life has just been constantly showing me that it’s relentless and unforgiving recently. But I swear, every time I get to interact with you guys, whether on here or on Ff. Net or ao3 or any other social media, it brightens my day up so much. To be able to share a passion of mine (im so passionate about dbz/vegebul haha just like all of you) in writing or art, and to be able to see all of you guys passions really makes me feel fulfilled. This community has made some dark days a little more tolerable, and I can’t thank you all enough. I consider you all my friends, and I really mean it when I respond to you all as friends, and I believe in letting people know when they mean a lot to you.

Thank you guys for giving me an outlet, thank you guys for reading my stories and leaving such lovely comments, and thank you guys for sharing your amazing works and putting a smile on my face. I really love this community and all the wonderful people it introduced me to💙💙💙

(and a special thank you to @blacksheep1105 who has always checked in on me. I adore you so much! 🤗)


It was sort of her own fault, getting stuck in this blizzard. It wasn’t even in its full force yet but her toes were already numb in her boots barely able to curl them closer to her foot, but thankfully they were dry. Obi had a firm grip on her wrist as he pulled her behind him, their feet crunching down the snow beneath them making them sink in with every step, while rock-hard snowflakes slapped against her cheeks almost wounding them by sheer force.

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Gorgoi: [gasping] You cannot – you cannot be – my word. You would try to undo the laws and spells that bind us from war in the sky?

Mehgo: Your parents would never have dreamed of such a thing, if you pardon me for speaking so plainly.

Kaox: I would not have you around my table unless I wanted your heart’s advice. My parents would never have dreamed that the Dusks have betrayed us, lead my brother – your king – to his death, and desire to have the Colonies under their single rule. We have ships. We have a far bigger fleet, and are far more equipped to fight, than Oaheu is. And if we keep this decision within this room, bar the Midnights, then they will be unaware until we hit them. It is the only thing that can turn the tide of the war now, without the need for years of bloody and unforgiving conflict.

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UNFORGIVABLE SIN MY GOD DUDE IM SORRY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *throws self into trash can* please kill me :) I am a sin. I only meant the kyler x biker thing as a joke. 'm just gonna lay on the floor.

Let’s just never speak of it again, yeah?

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Will God hate me if I have been divorced?

No, God doesn’t hate you, Divorce is not an unforgivable sin that the blood of Jesus cannot washed away. I’m not in a position to tell you what to do because i do not know the reason of your separation and i haven’t experience marriage but i think if it’s still can be fix, reconciliation is the most godliest thing you can do in marriage, it’s to humble yourself and love your spouse unconditionally the way God loved you.

Let’s talk about forgiveness

March 23, 2017, Thursday [#74]

Introduction: It seems like everybody in the fandom is writing their own long post about Kaitlyn this week. I feel like I should too, but she’s been my least favorite character since Book One, so I haven’t experienced the same emotional upheaval everybody else has. So I think I’ll talk about something I’m curious about: What would be unforgivable for you?

Sort-of recap: In Book Two, we watched as the whole fandom (or at least ninety-nine percent of it) turned against James, or was at least super disappointed in him, when he tore into the main character for allegedly lying (NO I DIDN’T LIE JAMES) to him about Professor Vasquez. But everybody seems to have forgiven him now and some people, including myself, went on to choose him as Book Three’s love interest. Does that mean we’ve forgiven him for not giving us a chance to explain ourselves?

Main question: The in-game love interests have put us through a lot. So my question is this: What would be unforgivable for you? What line would your Choices love interest (or friend) have to cross in order to never be able to receive your forgiveness?

Possibilities: There are two answers I’m anticipating hearing. The first is cheating, the second is violence. Both are understandable… but what if they apologized? What if James cheats on you with Yasmin, tells you, then apologizes and says it will never happen again? What if Kaitlyn does? And what about Kaitlyn’s blatant disregard for your well-being? After all, you were knocked to the ground AND almost trampled and she didn’t seem to care at all. What if Zig accidentally hits you in a heated moment and is instantly (and genuinely) sorry afterwards? What if Chris… um, sorry, Chris, but these other three are being more dramatic at the moment in my opinion, so I can’t think of a comparable question for you 😆

A place to think: Yes, our choices are limited by what options are provided for us in the game. And yes, sometimes we choose options we wouldn’t in real life because it’s a game and it’s fun to act like somebody else since it’s all fictional. Choices is the kind of game that can be played and enjoyed by both a younger and an older audience, and the visual novel aspect, being immersive and expansive, provides a safe way to consider this kind of topic without the risk of real-life trauma.

More questions: What are the things that you would forgive inside the game, but not forgive outside the game? And what are the things that you would NOT forgive both inside and outside the game? What if there were apologies and promises to never do those things again from the characters? Will you forgive pretty much anything as long as they apologize sweetly enough?

Personal comments: Eh, James barely apologized for his Book Two nonsense. I just chose him for Book Three ONLY because it seemed pretty boring to play a romance story without a romantic interest - but in reality, my character still hasn’t forgiven him for just cutting things off without even asking her for her side of the story first. He didn’t have to keep on seeing her, but to not even listen to what she had to say showed that he didn’t acknowledge her as an equal partner in the relationship, which was not acceptable.

Final note: While I’m curious to see what people are saying… well, as silly as it sounds, I’m also partly asking out of… well… concern? This latest The Freshman chapter is showing certain sides of certain characters, and while I completely understand choosing story options for fun because it’s a game, I just wanted to emphasize that if your current/future friends and/or love interests in REAL LIFE act in ways that mirror these fictional characters’ hurtful and/or alarming actions, please be very careful! (And I know that you’re perfectly capable of telling the difference between fiction and reality - I just wanted to write this somewhere public for my own peace of mind 😆)

Sorry it's our loss!

I’m sure this won’t be read by many, but I hope it will at least been read and past in by some that will take this to heart.
What is going on with this bloggers who are being threatened is unforgivable, unacceptable, unbelievable. We know that it’s true.
WS is an icon that has 2/3 MILLION maybe even more fans that follow him. It’s been well documented by WS how he is NOT a fan of Outlander, especially, Cait. So what does he do, he gets involved with the twitter fandom and starts an, unbelievable attack against the shippers of Sam and Cait. Fans are upset and get into an unacceptable name calling war with this “excuse” of a person,and expect Sam to come to their defense. Sam’s response was, no one speaks for him, and ignore, stop bullying which, i took as a message to both sides. Then the unforgivable, attack against Jess specifically and the others who seem to be on his radar. I’m sure I’m missing many of the details that are just as unforgivable but to get to the point, this person, who unfortunately, has is mind set on destroying OUTLANDER, and he’s the using one and most important tool of advertising for the show to do it. Attack of the shows most powerful base. The fan base the fandom. Get them to fight it out destroy each other. That is what gets the news not him what he does is never talked about. You never hear “ WS has called Outlander fans cockroaches and c**s” and the stars just sit back and don’t say a word". He’s a sick person with an agenda that is to bring the show down. I’m sure you believe because I haven’t been subjected to this unforgivable attack that i might not know what it feels like. I do know that for expect Sam to swoop in like a knight in shining armor to defend his most devoted and loving fans against the big bad dragon. In truth his career would be done and Outlander would be affected very much so. The many that are involved in the industry must have a better understanding of this and might be able to explain this better than me. My hope is for all involved is to enjoy being a fan of Outlander and ship Sam and Cait to yours and our hearts desire and f*** him and the horse he road in on and don’t give him just what he want s to destroy Outlander and it’s fans. JMHO

Let me just say faking your race is one of the most disgraceful things you can do ever and is one of the few things that I find unforgivable. Mixed kids are constantly harassed and told that they aren’t “real POC” but rather watered down versions of their race, that they “gave up” being a “real POC” by being mixed . They are taught from birth that they won’t ever fit in with either of their racial cultures because of them being mixed. There isn’t, and won’t ever be, any justifiable reason to fake your race. The only narrative you push when you fake your race is that us mixed people are actually just whites in denial.