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hydraballista  asked:

Hello my dear Tomb Raider consultant. This is about Lara, how many languages does she know? I know I can easily search for it but your answers are so detailed and full of love, I love listening to them from you 😄

Hi darling! Well I don’t think I’ve ever read anywhere about this topic… and if I did, I don’t remember, honestly. I’ve always assumed Lara’s fluent in many languages, so it’s natural and even logical to me she learns quickly and easily to speak a new language, and she has, too, a great talent to keep them in her memory - talent which decreases as you age, but again… she’s some smart, talented cookie.

Lara’s a explorer and a traveller and as she’s always moving throughout the world, so in my humble opinion it seems obvious she needs to know and control the local languages of the places she has to visit. Maybe not in a proficient, expert, perfect way, but just the necessary to move on and do her thing. 

For example, she would be totally fluent - apart from her mother language, English - in the most spoken  languages in the world - let’s say, French, German, Arab, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Russian…- but she will try to learn and master just the basics of the dialects and languages of the places she visits - Hindi, Turkish, Farsi, Urdu, Greek, Polynesian dialects, Tibetan, Czech, Sanskryt… - and also some ancient, dead languages useful in her field of action  - Latin, Ancient Greek, Ancient Egyptian… - 

There are people more talented to learn languages and people less talented for it. My guess is that Lara is really talented at learning languages, but no matter how good she can be at that, I don’t think she masters all those languages at the same level, simply because of the sake of practice and the more or less frequently she practices them. 

So my guess is she will be more fluent in the most known, spoken languages of the world - being English the main of them, lucky her - and less fluent, meaning just mastering the basics, of secondary languages and dialects who are her immediate goal for next adventure. A really hardworking brain, indeed, a must for her “job”. :)

Thanks for your witty ask, I loved it! :D I’ve always taken for granted Lara was a skilled polyglot - like, a woman of her education, culture and wits can’t be the typical moron which goes throughout the world like “brah I speak English, learn my language and get to my level bitch” as many people I’ve personally encountered in this life.

So yeah, thumbs up for Lara and her so many linguist skills ;) Shame the games never acknowledged this, right? We only managed to hear some French words from her in TRAOD, and they were not enough. If Core Design still managed the franchise I’d have loved to listen more of this - but at least, those Czech and French mercs/guards spoke in their native languages! :D