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TWRPtober day 16: Costumes

HAHAHAHA SIKE I had this idea for this while and thought it’d be cute for this prompt! Phobos and Meouch trade costumes for a little while!

You can’t see it, but Meouch’s costume is super pinned up in the back because it was big on Phobos, and they had to send Phobos’ costume through the washer to shrink it a tad after Meouch kinda stretched it. :)


twrpband Why we banned laser pointers at our shows.


so uh this came out good but not what i expected…

i had originally intended to make each of them monochrome but then i decided bichrome was lit too and then i wanted more lighting and then this happened

also my boyfriend called Sungs color scheme “Strawberry Lemonade” and i just love it alot

I had a dream that TWRP had a tv show and the opening was rad as fuck and full of galaxies and lasers and fight sequences, but as soon as it opened to the first scene it was just Phobos sitting on a very 1970’s patterned couch trying to eat sunchips, but they all kept hitting his mask and falling around him for 25 minutes straight and I don’t know about you but that’s exactly the TWRP show I want


I love these super tiny filler beads!! One of my friends said it looks like rice pudding, but it’s all bling’d out, so I’m calling it ICE PUDDING aaayyyeeee 💎 💎 😎

(Feel free to delete the caption for Aesthetics)