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idril-fay replied to your post : What happened between you and Jason Manns?

This just seems mean?

omg no i promise we’re on the same page

at the end of the weekend we hugged and we’re good

i just really want to hear him try and attempt this song

answers to that artist ask meme [part 3]

are you tired of me yet lmao

2. who is your favorite character to draw?

(voltron-wise, since that seems to be the theme of my blog atm) I know I draw keith the mostest but the one I love the most is lance. lance is my favorite boy to draw. he’s a very good 

8. show us at least 2-3 drawings from 1-2 years ago.

so i guess that’s 2015-2016? 


wow was i really still trying to paint and render in 2015


ah yes fire ebmelme

6. tag your favorite artists/inspirations!

i haven’t done this in so long. i don’t really frequent tumbles for art anymore, so i guess here are my favorite artists’ twitters (not all are fanartists too because you should be looking at all kinds of work in general. art is vast.)

 (and you ought to follow them if you haven’t already because their work is GREAT): @ringelrei , @lokhelle ​, @cafween ‏, @ladyadorabeezle @dianammarmol ‏,  @Angelakimbo to name only a few!!

inspirations include a long list of dead artists but not to get too winded mentioning them i’ll just say i love bernie wrightson for the lines and francisco de goya for the paints.

( The following is an excerpt from a fanfic which takes place 30+ years after the events of steven universe, all characters are of legal age, do not message me about this, this is your first and last warning. the rest of the fic can be found here: )

!!!This post is not a joke, do not laugh at this fanfiction, it was written with care and is to be taken 100% seriously, this was not written “ironically”, if you laugh at this I will be so fucking mad, and legally, I cannot say I will hurt you, but if it was legal to do so, I would hurt you!!!

When the DMT is smoked on the ground, the soul is taken to the center of the earth where clusters of souls old and young kindle in communion.  When the DMT is smoked in outer space, one goes into a terrifically fast orbit around the earth, creating a charge in the body once bursts of spiritual energy catch up to the body and pierce through.  The body is charged.  The mind is on fire.  The soul is in “freefall”, but never makes it.  This trip lasts five days.

The threesome were transported to this porch in magnet boots and gas suits.  The time was near.  Once they felt ready- the DMT would be circulated in their space suits.  They looked around and noticed the ambient blue, the darkness of space, and the feeling of helium flesh.  They were ready.

Lapis’s Trip

Like glass, the image of the world shattered into hundreds of shards of glass, then into thousands of speckled stars, then into dust.  Beyond reality, lay before her a castle of granite.  Torch sconces lit with bizarre flames illuminated many goblins.  The goblins were dancing and jumping, and their necks stretched and snapped back into place at a rhythmic pace.  Lapis was swallowing over and over again bizarre psychedelic fluids.  Her body was a soup, no, light.  Her ululations were becoming to the goblins.  Intrigued, they snapped themselves into place beside her, and started doing some sort of violent dance that made her euphorically cackle.  Her mind afire, she joined the dance.  She realized now that she was a God.  She took pain to create objects with her mind.  She kneeled into a ritualistic surf, and pulled suddenly a plasma sword from her throat.  The bolt of energy protruding from the hilt waved like a snake.  Lapis shouted like a warrior and stabbed the sky with her sword.  A bolt of energy went into the atmosphere and broke it into glass shards once again.  This time she was in the clouds, though clouds made with the divine, not base matter.  What these clouds and air were made of was some sort of pure mathematics and infinity.  Continuous, lacking discrete particles whatsoever.  The Creator’s head sprang from the infinite reality of the moment onto the scene.  In a single instant she flew information into Lapis’s brain.  

Connie’s Trip

A pause.  Then, suddenly, a dim screaming.  It was the sound of humans in apathy.  The chorus seemed to grow in both number and amplification.  The chorus was growing.  Once she heard strange interference in the noise, rapidly changing and screaming in their own right, becoming in and of themselves entities, Connie crouched toward the ground.  Oh pain!  Give me pain so that I may learn!  Then the noise ceased so abruptly that the comfort was almost painful.  The cessation of noise was like the pain of a terrible orgasm, so intense and ear splitting that it causes apathy not through circumstance, but from an absolute perspective.  Now she fell gently and slowly, an opiate.  She could not see, nor hear, nor formulate a woman holding her, but she was.  She was a goddess.  Her consciousness ran towards the flesh of her tits.  It was a delight, and all of her being was pounding through its limits, transcending to kiss her own soul.  She was gold colored.  She smiled as Connie’s eyes met hers.  Her gentle womanhood turned into a determined, noble soul and she advanced.  The moment touched upon eternity.  Connie reached and grabbed her shoulder, and at this moment she looked her in the eye like a confused rodent.  This Connie adored.  “A poem first, my love.”

“Ah!  Mmmm.  Oh yeah baby!”

“What spheres, sisters of the moon, pull the tides of the soul?

What red dab indicated a violent tug from God’s brush?

Her eyes that do lull,

Her lips that so hush.

What mass of detail defiantly reached after her soul in sleep?

What domes of lust turn pink with ale?

Her hair that makes me weep,

Her cheeks that sacred burial mounds in comparison doth pale.

What meek little shape of flesh picks up the vibe?

What tender enunciation against the starry night?

Her nose that probes a gentle bribe,

Her neck that rises to tame my fight.

What globes hang from a mighty purse nailed to a wall of delight?

What poundcake quivers at the brush of my callused, evil hands?

Her breasts that caused my soul a light,

Her belly the great beast that shakes these lands.  

I am but a fool compared to thee!”

With that they began violent sex.  The whites of her eyes showed to her that eternity poured into her mind, through her stomach, through her eventually.  She too began to look like a righteous zombie.  Connie, out of breath, struggled to get out these words- “A poem to sex!-

The destruction of the earth is at hand!

A beam of light splits my mind in half!!

I am now righteous as your soul brings my body to sleep!!!

Cursed be nothingness!!!!

A light brings my brain…into…power!!!!!

I am Zablewgonad!!!!!!”

Connie started screaming.  From her mouth, shockingly, arose the chorus of apathy heard earlier.  But now it was welcomed.  This time it was louder than reality, and brought her utter bliss.  Infinity was at hand.  Suddenly her heart sank.  She was being ripped away by reality.  She exclaimed, “Come back for me!!!!!!”

“I shall fuck you again!!!!!!  Harder!!!!!!”

Steven’s Trip

Machines.  Machines everywhere.  Is this a dream?  Suddenly a robot jumped into him.  Steven was frightened.  He was not controlling his body.  Suddenly the scene of the great porch passed onto the right of him as the real Steven turned around.  He was on the computer the whole time?  Then who IS Steven?  “He” scrambled around the room, fearful and sobbing.  Suddenly the advanced computer room passed onto the right of him as he turned from the magnetic resonance brain signal interpreter.  Steven was screaming.  The scream destroyed reality, and his- soul he guesses- God knows what the hell anything means anymore- tumbled forward in a space that wasn’t space.  Then this space spiraled into a mathematical point and inverted itself into the inverse world.  He then sprang into reality, yet everything was reversed.  

Connie got punched in the face by a cyborg.  While she was seeing stars, and while Steven and Lapis were seeing empathic stars, the cyborg proclaimed, “I am Killquest, pleased to meet you.”  Killquest was approximately seven feet tall with a slight resemblance to the “Somewhere in Space” Edward, the Steel Maiden mascot- only meaner.  As he looked steven in the eye in anticipation for a response, it was if his bionic eyebrow was raised…      

Oh yeah

I’m not around tumbl much at ALL anymore. I hope everyone is well! So ummmmmm after a few whirlwind months of stress and uncertainty and almost accepting job offers elsewhere, I’ve finally made the milestone escape from customer service. I’ve officially moved into an SDET position at work. YAY! Adult Career Moves!!!

The Graveyard Shift (Solangelo)

Will Solace just got off working all night at the infirmary and asks Nico for a favour. NOT THAT KIND OF FAVOUR.
Requested by: spectaculoid

Something that everybody at Camp Half Blood knew was this: Will Solace was not to be messed with when he got off working long nights at the infirmary. To say he was a tad grumpy would be an under statement, he was a nightmare. Which meant one thing, look out. Nobody wanted to be on the receiving end of getting a earful of Will complaining about working so late into the night. Maybe he scared everyone else but not Nico Di Angelo, who could more then handle the cranky son of Apollo.

The sun was hanging in the sky already and the rest of campers were beginning to wake up to join each other at breakfast. Before the Giant War, Nico would always be found eating alone at his table. But since then, most of the time Jason would go out of his way to sit with him. Sometimes, even Will Solace would join him. As he walked towards his table in the early morning, he could see that Will was already there. Nico felt the corners of his mouth begin to twitch upwards at the sight of him. He savoured the moment, staring at the blond hair shining in the light of the morning sun. 

Nico decided that he would get his breakfast first, before joining Will. He got his normal froot loops, tossed some in the fire, and headed over to his table. Although, as he approached he could tell something wasn’t quiet right with Will. Nico was now around three feet away before he realized the Will was sleeping. He was propped up cradling his head in his hands, elbows resting on the table. Also, his mouth hung open as he snored quite loudly.

A mischievous smile made it way across Nico’s face as he got an idea. He took a handful of his cereal in his hand and leaned over the picnic table. He pinched a single green froot loop between his fingers, simply licked one side and pressed it to Will’s forehead. Not to his surprise, it stuck to the other boys face. Percy showed him this trick, and the two used it on Jason. 

Eventually, Nico had decided he finished his froot loop masterpiece on the son of Apollo’s face. He counted out fourteen froot loops covering Will’s face and decided now it was time to wake him up. Nico reached across the table and flicked him in the nose.

Nico was trying not to laugh as Will made a few embarrassing snorting sounds before he opened his eyes. 

“What the…?” Will mumbled, beginning to feel the sticky cereal on his face. 

Nico couldn’t help it anymore, laughter tumbled out of him uncontrollably. 

“Did you do this?” Will asked sounding extremely annoyed.

If it was possible Nico laughed even harder, he tried to resist from his laughing fit but couldn’t. Instead he just nodded and held his stomach as he chuckled. Nico watch Will picked off the cereal from his face, flinging the pieces onto the ground. Will pulled the end of his shirt up to whip the sticky residue off, revealing his stomach. That had made Nico stop laughing immediately, marveling at Will’s bare torso. Almost as soon as it happened, Will pulled his shirt down once again. 

“Not funny.” Will spat.

“Oh come on, I thought it was pretty funny.” Nico said, recovering quickly from his shocked trance from seeing Will’s chest only seconds ago.

“Yeah whatever, you’re late.” Will snapped.

“Wow Solace, you’re almost as moody as me.” Nico remarked, shoving a spoonful of cereal in his mouth.

Will didn’t reply, he just looked up at Nico and rolled his eyes. 

“Aren’t you going to get some breakfast?” Nico asked.

Will shook his head, “I’m not hungry.”

“Well, you probably should-” Nico started to say before he was rudely cut off.

“Oh no, you of all people do not get to lecture me about not eating.” Will interrupted.

Now it was Nico’s turn to roll his eyes. “Don’t be a hypocrite, Solace.”

If looks could kill, Nico would be dead. Will gave him a glare worthy of Hades himself. Nico knew the other boy wasn’t actually mad at him, just annoyed cause he was tired. Will would probably apologize to him later after he got some sleep. Soon enough, Will returned to his normal sleepy self and sighed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nico, can you do me a favour?” Will blurted out , sounding nervous from his usual confident tone.


Nico never liked when people said things like that. Questions like; Can I ask you something? Always put you on the spot, he’d prefer if the other person would just blurt out the question instead of asking for permission to proceed. 

Will cleared his throat before speaking, “I was just wondering if I could…” Nico couldn’t hear the rest of what the older boy said because he began to mumble.

“Come again?” Nico asked as he raised his eyebrow.

“I wanted to know if I could well, ah-” Will tried again, finishing it with a groan this time.

Nico was getting impatient with his stuttering, “Spit it out, Solace.” He snapped, trying to put a hint of annoyance in his tone when he said he other demigods surname.

“I was wondering if I could stay at your cabin during the day to sleep. I would just sleep in the Apollo cabin but my siblings are so noisy all the time and are constantly bugging me. Since it’s just you in there I thought you wouldn’t mind.” Will said all in one breath.

Nico turned as white as a sheet and gawked at Will.  

“Woah hey, you don’t look so good.” Will said gently, reaching out to place his hand on Nico’s forehead to check if he had a fever. 

During the three days Nico had to spend at the infirmary, Will had done this several times. The first time he had done it was no different from now. A small shiver was sent through is body. It would start at his neck, making its way down his spine and shoulders. He would feel it run down the length of his arm, until he could feel it in his fingertips. But it wouldn’t stop there, it reached his legs and sent his knees into a shaking frenzy before going down to his toes.

Nico didn’t need to wonder why he always felt this way if he came into any contact with Will. It was obvious, he had developed yet another crush. 

“I’m fine!” Nico yelled a little bit louder then he meant to, earning a few stares from people close by. He looked down at his empty bowl.

“You don’t look fine.” Will said, concerned.

“I’m fine.” Nico snapped

“Are you sure?” Will said unconvinced, “You’re forehead was kind of warm, you might be running a fever or-.”

Yes, I’m sure.”

Nico didn’t think Will believed him but he didn’t object. Actually, neither of them had said anything for a while until Nico has opened his mouth to agree to Will’s requested, “I guess you can stay. Only for today.”

“Really?” Will asked, obviously not expecting Nico to agree.

Nico didn’t really want to but, he felt sorry for Will. Nico knew what it was like to be running around with little or no sleep. Perhaps that’s why he gave in.

“Did you want to go now?" 

"Yes.” Will said quickly and stood up

The two made their way to the cabin and after a short walk, they arrived on the porch. Nico opened the door and stepped inside. There were several beds in cabin, after the war Nico had redecorated with help from the Aphrodite cabin. He told them that he only needed two beds, one for him and one for Hazel if she ever decided to visit. But now he was glad to have the extra bunks because he didn’t want Will sleeping in his bunk or Hazel’s. 

“So where do I sleep?” Will asked flopping down on Nico’s bed.

I guess I spoke to soon. Thought Nico.

“Not there, that’s my bed.” Nico commented calmly. “The bed to the left is Hazel’s, so not there either.”

“Oh sorry.” Will mumbled getting up and sitting back down on the bed to the right of Nico’s.

Will climbed under the covers and laid down in the small bunk. If he cared that Nico was still standing there, watching him, he didn’t show it.

“Somebody’s tired.”

“Yes, I am.” Will said into his pillow.

“Do you want me to leave?” Nico asked but realized how stupid the question was. He doubted Will needed to keep watch while he slept.

“It’s your cabin, so you don’t have to.” Will said, “If you still have that fever from breakfast, lay down for a bit.”

“Will, I feel-”

“Lay down,” he said into his pillow once more. “Doctors orders.

Nico had to stop himself from smiling but obliged to Will’s ridiculous demands of ‘Doctors Orders’. Kicking off his sneakers, he copied Will and got into bed.

Now thinking about it, Nico didn’t get the best sleep last night either. He kept tossing and turning, he was kept awake by his thoughts of one person. Will Solace. It seemed as off lately, he had been invading Nico’s thoughts more often then usual. The son of Apollo was the first thing he thought of when he woke up and the last thing before he fell asleep. He felt angry with himself for being so obsessed, over the few days at the infirmary he had grown close with Will, he considered him a friend. He just hoped that Will thought of Nico the same.

“Will? Why did you want to stay in my cabin why not the Hypnos cabin or something? Why my cabin of all places?”

“Uh, because… the Hades cabin is really dark and will probably block out most of the daylight.” He replied sounding like he was making it up on the spot. 

“An Apollo kid hiding from the sun? That’s new.”

Will let out a laugh, “I guess it’s not something you hear of everyday.”

“Sorry I keep talking, I’ll shut up now.”

“It’s okay.” Will yawned. “I like it when you talk, it makes you look happy. I want to see my friend happy.”

Friend. It felt like someone had just grabbed his heart and squeezed it. Nico had this overwhelming urge to pull Will out of bed and hug him. It felt really good to hear that word leave Will’s mouth, because never in a million years would Nico believe he could have a friend like Will Solace.


His response was a loud snore coming from the right side of him. Nico rolled over to face Will who was laying on his back with his eyes closed. A part of Nico didn’t believe Will and his reasoning of why he wanted to sleep in cabin thirteen but he told himself he was probably jumping to conclusions. He finally shut his eyes and thought of the thing he always thought of before drifting of to sleep, Will Solace.

UGH I TOLD MYSELF I WOULDN’T PUT IN DOCTORS ORDERS BUT I DID CAUSE I AM TRASHHHHH. Anyways this fic was so fun to write and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it! Thank you so much if you reblog or like it! If you have an idea for a fic send it to me with a pairing maybe I’ll write it for you!

Ok but…what about a Destiel/The Fifth Element crossover where Dean is a damaged taxi driver war vet who’s just minding his own business when a gorgeous, scantily clad angel crashes into his back seat (and his life).


“Any survivors?” Dean asks, unbuckling his belt and turning to look in his back seat at whatever just gave his cab a spiffy new sun roof.  He’s pretty sure this is the worst day of his life, and given his track record, that’s saying something.

Then a tuft of wild black hair appears, it’s owner slowly rising to peek over the partition, and Dean’s brain shorts out.

“H-hey,” he stammers, dazed.  The man is beautiful in a way Dean’s never seen before, his face a coalition of sharp, striking features and impossibly blue eyes that knock Dean sideways.  

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