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endless list of favorite characters → lute (fire emblem: sacred stones)

↳ “i suppose i could have studied swords, but only magic is worthy of me. even if this village were to be assaulted by monsters, i could defend it perfectly…i am superior, after all.”

fieldofclover replied to your photo: [1] Hey let’s start the chapter with unbearable…

I’ve always personally thought that the little “kh-!” noises Fai is making aren’t just gasps of pain, they’re him trying to say “Kuro”. Or, you know, “kill me”. That’s also plausible.

hello everyone!!!welcome to me talking about how much i love and appreciate you xD 

   to be slightly more serious i do love you all. i’m grateful you have all followed me. giving me 200+ followers on this lovely blog.  i made this follow forever mainly to thank you all for everything you do, be it roleplaying with me or just reblogging something i like. you make me happy and make me have fun and enjoy my stay on this blog. this is just me saying thank you for all of that

the main baes; people that i always interact with or just talk to a lot; these are the ones who i love very much!!!

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the people that i have been rping with; i adore our threads and you’re amazing. can’t wait for more, i love you all as well!!

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people ‘suspecting’ that mark’s gay based on behaviors they consider to be gay (including anything they deem ‘feminine’) and completely ignoring him saying that he isn’t gay

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You used to seem like such a nice, sweet person, what happened? These days all i see on your blog is hate... like you couldn't just make a post saying "don't follow Mimi" and leave it at that. Why do you have to lengthen it out and propagate it? Every time she makes a post you start chatting smack about it all with anons like bitchy girls at school, it's getting real tiring.

you know what’s getting real tiring? koreaboos. and i thought i was done with this conversation yesterday but ppl kept asking me about her and i couldn’t just ignore them because i saw her post where she tried defended herself and it was.. bad. it showed her true colors. so i think this was the perfect opportunity to to explain everyone why exactly she’s a koreaboo and why it’s a bad thing.

this is an important matter of discussion and if you’re tired of it then don’t visit my blog.

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Just a quick PSA, if I catch any of y’all threatening to hurt Jeremy in any way, shape or form (joking or not) for not validating your ship, you’re gonna catch these hands, legs, and then some more hands so shut up


I know how we can prove our feelings!