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Since no one asked

No one sent an ask yet and I have a need for angst right now soooooo WHO WANTS MOTHERFUCKIN HEAD CANONS WHERE S/O GETS GETS HURT SAVING THEIR PALADINS BUTTS!? CUZ I FUDGING DO! 


 - You two were on a galra ship again, trying to get some raw quintessence to see if you could somehow use it to find out how to neutralize galra tech (since it all practically ran on this stuff) 

- The other paladins were outside distracting the galra ship’s army. It was suppose to be an easy ‘in n out’ mission except….. the galra increased security since the last time shiro was there (saving allura) 

- It was an ambush. The first soldier aimed from him but you lunged in front and took blast yourself 

- For shiro, the time slowed 

- He could smell the your flesh sizzling from the heat before your body hits the ground 

- You whimper and his heart drops 


 - Poor space dad has tears streaming down his face as he attacked anyone that DARED to go near you. 

- He picks you up with his human arm and slashes a pathway through the galra security army with the other 

- He HAS to get you into the healing pod. He won’t forgive himself if he doesn’t… 

- he was frantic and running on pure instincts and adrenaline 

- They YANK you from his arms and before he could even react, another tackles him 

- He’s screaming and yelling at them to leave you alone. He can see the fear in your eyes as they drag you away and all he can do is watch 


- Keith is training himself too hard again

 - they had trouble forming volton in their last mission and Keith felt it was his fault (refuses to tell you why)

 - You tired to get him to take a break but he won’t have it


 - NOR BATHED (this stinky precious cinnamon roll) 

- You of people know that this boy is cute but stubborn as hell.

 - You begin to worry about him so you watch him train 

- He decides that’s it’ll be a great idea to fight not one battle simulator robot but SEVEN

 - This is where you hop in. (You can’t let him fight seven alone)

 - He was annoyed at first but after seeing how good you two fought together made him happy


- “Keith! You need a break!”

 - Pretty much pretends he doesn’t hear you 

- The thing about not sleeping for days, it causes fatigue, hallucinations and slows the mind. 

- Keith was doing fairly decently as he fought but then he felt his legs buckle under him

 - You grabbed him from neck of his shirt and flung him away from the last standing battle robot 

- You lost your balance and fell on top of the robot though and had some sort of spear head weapon pierce you between your hip and waist 

- Kieth right: fuck fuck fuck fUCK 



- Irony is a bitch 

- Turns off battle simulator and pretty much sonic sprints to the infirmary whiling carrying you in his arms. 

- He feels your blood seeping through his shirt by the way 

- The whole time he’s saying sorry with a cringing expression on his face and has a hard time looking at you without tears threatening to spill from his eyes 


- This man is kicking SERIOUS GALRA BUTT right now!

 - Him and his lion are more in sync and it shows

 - But has anyone told this boy not to get too cocky?

 - He’s showing off, bending the plan just a LITTLE bit 

- 30% trying to impress you, 70% trying to piss Keith off with his mad piloting skills

- But remember that the galra had a tractor beam?

 - Lance got caught while all the other paladins had to fight against other galra mini ships 

- You saved your boyfriend by FUCKING HEADBUTTING THE TRACTOR BEAM STATION (much like hunk did before)

 - There is a reason why you and lance are perfect for each other 

- Only, your pilot ship isn’t as resistant against blunt hit as hunk’s lion was so it take more than a few hits to make any real damage 



 - But you don’t until both your ship and the tractor beam station are unusable

 - That means oxygen is leaking from the pilot’s space and it’s getting awfully cold for you.

 - What’s gonna kill you first? Lack of oxygen or space version of extreme frost bite?

 - That’s when the glorious blue lion ate your ship and got you out of space’s harsh environment 


 - He takes you to allura as fast as he could (the paladins had to retreat) 

- After that lance doesn’t talk to anyone when you’re in the pod. He doesn’t sleep or eat and feels really shitty overall 


- IF you healed just fine, you will receive a shit load of bear hugs and lance can not stop talking in incomplete Spanish sentences. Most of it is yelling at you to not do that ever again 


- “S/O!!!” He screamed as you felt a knife slash down your torso 

- You two were taking a walk and a supposedly peaceful planet while the allura and coran tended to ship repairs 

- It felt like your guy’s first official date (since it’s really hard finding time and location that are date worthy when you’re in the middle of a galactic war) 

- He was so happy. It felt amazing to hold your hand like this, feel you by his side as you two pretty much enjoying each other’s company while window shopping through an alien market 

- You were laughing at Hunk’s hypothesis of what that space goo you guys eat is really made off (remember that episode from futuruma where they found out what Slurm was made of?) 

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- however, laughter is caught short when you saw sketchy alien getting ready slash hunk from behind 

- “Hunk look out!” 

- He got out of the way (thank goodness) but that meant the knife meant for him, was directed at you

 - You fell backwards into Hunk’s arms and he panics when he saw just how fast you were bleeding out

 - Hunk had no time to worry about the alien that struck you HE HAS TO TAKE YOU TO THE HEALING PODS 

- you should see that boy run 

- Hunk is a gentle soul but holy shit when his S/o is hurt like this, he’s one scary dude.

 - Hunk’s silent rage is scarier than any galra army 

- Blames himself and kinda wished he hadn’t moved out of the way. At least it wouldn’t be YOU in healing pod 

- The paladins have to stop him from leaving the ship, in fear of what he might do when he’s like this 

- Pidge hid all potentially dangerous objects from hunk 


- first of all, HOW DARE YOU 


- WHY 

- You were with pidge in the control room of a galra ship, trying to take it over and pretty much succeeding.

 - Everything was going as planned until you pushed pidge away from the panel 

- She was was ready to yell at you but before she could, a galra soldier (the one you two thought you had knocked out) used one of his laser gun to shoot the controls panels and fried them. But you, being between him and the target, was caught in the crossfire. 

- pidge was so in shock, she felt like she’s in a nightmare as she watched your body slam against the control panels, smearing it with your blood as you slide down to the floor 

- When the other paladins made their way to the control room. They found the bodies of unconscious galra men (alive) but one electrocuted to the point where their skin was peeling from their flesh. And then there was pidge. She sobbed open mouth wails as she tried to stop the bleeding 

- “Don’t close your eyes, I’m getting you to the heal pod soon just.. don’t… S/O!!” - Don’t leave this child. I drag your ass from the afterlife for pidge.

 Ah~ that fulfills my thirst for angst… for now at least~

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How about MC getting stuck in a tree! How would their partner help them (RFA and Saeran!)

this ask is so cute i audibly said “awww” when i read it


  • brave boy Yoosung wants to show off and be all heroic
  • “dont worry, MC! i’ll come up there and save you!”
  • so Yoosung climbs the tree
  • there are a couple place he almost slips/sees his life flash before his eyes but he doesnt show it
  • he just keeps assuring MC that he’ll be there soon
  • finally he reaches them
  • “Yoosung! thank you so much for coming!”
  • “you’re welcome! it was so trouble at all, really?”
  • “okay, so how are we getting down?”
  • …..
  • …………
  • man, Yoosung really did not think this through
  • he looks down
  • “um…..”
  • he looks around a little bit
  • ..ff….fuckk….
  • “get….get on my back?”
  • “you dont sound to sure about that, Yoosung”
  • that’s because he isnt
  • MC gets on his back anyway, thank god they’re relatively light
  • he’s then able to climb down the tree, MC clinging to him desperately
  • as soon as MC’s feet touch the ground they hug Yoosung
  • “Yoosung, you’re my hero!!!”
  • it felt nice to do something heroic in real life, not just in the world of LOLOL
  • even if it was a little messy


  • Zen thought it was so cute when MC got all adventurous and decided to climb a tree
  • “hows the view up there, cutie?”
  • “um….Zen…?”
  • “yea?”
  • “i think i’m stuck…”
  •  “stuck….?”
  • “yea, like, i cant get down”
  • well, this has taken a turn for the worse
  • Zen stands under the tree and holds out his arms
  • “will you let me catch you, baby? i’ll be like your knight in shining armor”
  • Zen could see MC clinging to a branch
  • “hell no! i’m not gonna just fall! are you crazy??!?”
  • alright, that one hurt a little
  • “i’m not crazy! just trust me. i promise i’ll catch you, alright?”
  • it takes a few more minutes of coaxing before MC’s willing to fall into Zen’s arms
  • they close their eyes and let go, and just as promise, Zen catches them
  • MC opens their eyes to see Zen looking at them as he holds them bridal style
  • he leans down and kisses them
  • “see? i told you i would catch you”
  • this is great and all but MC would really like to touch the ground now,


  • “MC, please dont climb that tree”
  • “i’m gonna do it”
  • “i insist that you stay put-”
  • “i’m doin it”
  • why doesn’t anyone ever listen to Jaehee? dont they know she’s always right?
  • she watches MC as they climb through the tree
  • at least they look happy…
  • and then suddenly they dont look happy at all
  • they look afraid, almost?
  • “MC? everything okay up there?”
  • “i dont….i have no idea how to get down, Jaehee”
  • good thing Jaehee isnt an “i told you so” kind of person
  • “why dont you try putting your foot there?”
  • Jaehee points to a branch
  • “no offense Jaehee but why the heck would i do that?”
  • “if you put your foot there, then you could grab onto that branch over there and get down that way”
  • “oooohhhh!”
  • MC follows Jaehee’s directions on how to get down, calmly and carefully
  • with Jaehee’s help they’re able to climb down
  • they give Jaehee a big hug
  • “thanks, Jaehee! you’re so smart!”
  • Jaehee smiles and blushes
  • “well if you were stuck in that tree, we wouldnt be able to go to lunch, right?”
  • “right!”


  • Jumin really tried to stop MC
  • if they climbed that tree something bad could happen…
  • and, just like he feared, it did
  • “Jumin, i’m not really sure if i can get down from here”
  • alright, okay he’s on it
  • “hold on, dear! i’m calling someone”
  • “who…who are you calling?”
  • Jumin puts his phone to his ear and turns around
  • “oh, just the SWAT team”
  • “Jumin, no!! hang up the phone!”
  • “but if you need help-”
  • “i dont need the SWAT team!”
  • Jumin is a little confused, but hangs up his phone
  • if MC doesnt want the SWAT team….
  • “should i call the police?”
  • “no!”
  • “fire station? they can get you out of the tree just like if you were a little kitten!”
  • “n-no Jumin! cant you just help me?”
  • oh, sure? yea he can do that i guess
  • alright…how can he do this…
  • should he climb up there and get MC himself?
  • what would the SWAT team do..?
  • Jumin decides to climb up the tree, let MC get on his back, and climb back down
  • it takes awhile because Jumin doesnt have much experience….in trees…
  • but MC is thankful and rewards him with plenty of kisses!
  • good thing he didnt call the SWAT team or MC might be kissing them


  • “Seven, can you come outside for a sec?”
  • MC called Seven from the backyard
  • “sure! whats up?”
  • he walked into the backyard and saw MC as they answered him through the phone
  • “well i came out here and saw this tree…and i just…thought it might be fun to climb…”
  • oh, this is rich
  • Seven hung up the phone and walked toward the tree
  • “what did you get stuck up there for? or are you just pine-ing for my attention?”
  • “Seven, can you not right now??”
  • “sorry, sorry. i guess i’ll just leaf you alone”
  • why, Seven, why are you like this
  • “no! please…i think i need your help”
  • “alright, just hang in there, MC! i know exactly what to do”
  • Seven runs away but MC is not really feeling very reassured…
  • he comes out a few minutes later, hiding something behind his back
  • “i know you’re probably upset about being in that tree, but lets look at the silver lining in all of this”
  • “Seven…”
  • he pulls a water gun from behind his back
  • “you cant run away”
  • MC cowers in the tree
  • “Seven! NO-”
  • but it was too late
  • Seven was drenching them in cold water
  • “thats it! i’m coming down there right now and i’m gonna kill you”
  • MC’s like alright fuck this tree it’s game on
  • they still arent really sure how to get down so they lower themselves as much as possible and jump out of the tree
  • “fuck! you’re like spiderman or some shit!”
  • MC chases him down and wraps him up in a wet hug


  • it was actually a dare
  • a dare that went wrong
  • “hah! i told you i could climb the tree!”
  • “i have to admit, i am definitely impressed”
  • he applauded MC
  • “now get down from there and i’ll buy you lunch for being so badass”
  • “i…um…”
  • “everything alright?”
  • “i’m not really sure how to get down”
  • “just…climb down. the same way you climbed up”
  • “Saeran, i cant”
  • “what are you talking about? just come down”
  • “Saeran!!”
  • “alright, alright”
  • okay, how can he help MC out here
  • he doesnt really want to climb the tree
  • i mean theres a reason he dared MC to do it and not…himself
  • “just um…put your foot on that branch and your hand on that one and then you can put your other foot there and sort of…shimey down”
  • “Saeran, what the hell are you saying?”
  • he rubs the bridge of his nose
  • “alright i’m coming to get you”
  • Saeran climbs up the tree. lets MC wrap themselves around the front of his body, and climbs back down
  • “MC? we’re on the ground now…you can let go of me”
  • “nnno!”
  • Saeran smiles, hugging MC, who’s still clinging to him like a koala
  • “alright, weirdo. just stick with me and i’ll protect you from those big, mean ‘ol trees”
  • “stop making fun of me”
  • “hey, arent i the one who just came to your rescue?”
  • Saeran acts like he’s annoyed but he doesnt mind a little adventure


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Hey Jaxblade Since you are the Biggest DBZ fan and the One whose been telling people for months to read One Punch Man and it turned into an Awesome Anime (you were so right bro) I have to ask you Since you go in depth with this shit. DEATH BATTLE WHO WINS. Goku vs Saitama

Haha Pitting my Personal 2 favorite Anime/Manga Heroes against each other huh haha Okay this post needed an update anyway from the one I did back in the day 

Now that is great Question one I can really sink my Teeth into.

Really and Unstoppable force meets an Immovable Object

Lets look at our fighters




Now lemme think about this Starting with the OP Powerhouse Saitama

Saitama is Just So friggin Powerful I mean, He Beats every monster that the other S class heroes can’t with a Single Punch

Originally posted by juuzo

He’s able to track Speed of Sound Sonic Easily, who’s like a flash

And He Stopped a Planet Bursting Attack with One punch that split the Clouds in the Stratosphere


None of the villains in the series post hisSuper hero training have yet to injure him or cause him any damage. Like when he Fought Boros (BY THE WAY THIS WILL BE THE BEST ANIME FIGHT OF THE YEAR WHEN IT GETS THERE) the highest level threat of the series and he powered up

He was bored through the whole fight even after Boros 


And he just jumped back down to earth

THATS  238,900 miles at a velocity I cant fathom. And He was fine

I honestly don’t even think Goku could tank a falling like that so easily

even though in DragonBall Super when fighting Beerus he fell threw the atmosphere as a God and Flew up to continue fighting 

Now the fact that he was holding Back, and he has Yet to be Damaged leads a lot to the imagination BUT One crucial thing He cannot do. Is Fly.
He can run super fast and Jump Good but he can’t fly.

Now Goku has become a Blue God 

and apparantly that is more powerful than his Red God Form and when that fought with Beerus It was said that 3 punches from them could Destroy the entire Universe

Now I want you to Fathom that. 

The Universe is FUCKIN MASSIVE

Originally posted by thelucidnation

But the thing about Dragonball is once the characters kept getting endlessly stronger their feats became kinda less impressive, I mean you can only blow up soo many planets and Akira Toriyama stated a few times that he had forgotten how powerful characters were when they should be able to solve a problem instantaneously.


A BULLET FROM AN AK-47 MOVES AT 715 M/S, SINCE ROSHI CANNOT SEE HIM GOKU MUST BE GOING FASTER THAN THE BULLET. And as the series goes on He gets MUCH FASTER THAN THAT in the series. But later on Super Saiyan Trunks can’t get to Bulma’s house from Kami’s lookout. But thats a Topic for another day. The Point is Speed, I feel Goku most definitely at this point is Faster than Saitama In Attacking I mean who’s Faster Bruce Lee or Usain Bolt, thats not to say Saitama couldnt counter Also he can Teleport.

and He can Fly

But the Thing is I don’t know if he could TANK  a Straight Full powered Punch From Saitama. 

Cause Goku’s NOT Invincible he’s been damaged countless times before but 97% of the time he always thinks of a way to win cause he’s a Strategic Martial Artist.

I think if he was trying to win He’d have to fly up and use energy blasts to keep him at Bay since he has that on him.

But then again I don’t think the Blasts would have any effect on Saitama since he tanked a Moon Landing

Also I dont Know if Saitama’s META Abilitiy of ALWAYS beating someone with One Punch comes into play here

the whole premise behind One Punch Man  Its the anti shonen by excellence. In regular Shonen the hero must become stronger by training to defeat each incoming enemy. In OPM, you expect that in the coming enemies one will raise to Saitama standards an offer him a little bit of challenge because he’s so OP , he doesn’t need training anymore.The manga that doesn’t take itself too seriously and I think that’s a big reason why it’s just so awesome and funny. And asking who would win between Saitama and anyone in any universe, when it comes to pure strength, ofc Saitama would always 100% defeat anyone with just one punch. I mean that’s what the manga is all about He’s power was meant to be a Joke in the first place So it could be like this


its an Immovable Object fighting an Unstoppable force

And Both series have to continue for me to give an Accurate assessment  


30. - You Were the One so it Was Worth it.

I can’t get over you, no
Baby I don’t wanna let go, no
Girl you need to come home
Girl come back to me
‘Cause girl you made it hard to breathe
When you’re not with me.


Walking along side my brother, we headed down the busy Manhattan sidewalk as we fought against the harsh, cold winds. Despite it already being 11 in the morning, people in business attire still rushed around trying to get to their offices and out of the blizzard.

“This it?”, Raheem questioned as we stopped in front of a 18 story building that was right opposite of central park. “Yea I think so bruh”, I nodded my head as I allowed my eyes to run over the expensive looking building that no doubt cost an arm and leg to live in.

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