not trying to be emo but whatever

I think sonically it’ll be more similar to American Candy. I think I have a general sad disposition. It’s been hard to come to terms with, but it’s also been hard to communicate. I’m not saying I’m generally a sad person because I really do enjoy living and I do enjoy life, but it’s hard to communicate that to younger people who might feel like this sadness or whatever emotion they’re experiencing is eternal and will last forever. I’ll say that on the lyrical front, I’m trying to focus more on it being in the moment—and whatever is happening in the now as opposed to too much of what I felt in the past or what has happened before. I’d say that for complete lack of a better term, I’d say in an emo sense, it’s more lyrically like Forever Halloween. I hope people find that it’s a good complement to the sonic qualities of American Candy.
—  John O'Callaghan about Record 6

haven’t posted selfies in a while so???

Let’s just dissect this picture for a moment shall we?

So first off we have Wonwoo bending in a way I’m sure isn’t healthy but whatever you do you fam.

Seungkwan being adorable and happy and trying to hug Vernon who looks like an emo teen who’s parents dragged him to family pictures but is secretly having fun.

Under them is Hoshi who seems to honestly just be having a ball beside Dino who is being honestly too attractive for a cheesy picture like maknae control yourself.

Behind them is Woozi who’s either didn’t get the memo that weird things are happening around him or is just choosing to ignore it and just smile.

Speaking of weird, Jeonghan has decided that Joshua’s hat is a lovely snack and it is time to eat. Meanwhile Joshua has just accepted it and is making the best of the situation with a little heart. 

Jun is worried and I’m not sure if it’s more so for Jeonghan or Joshua. Possibly both.

Mingyu is just smiling. Doing his thing. Being tall and blonde and swaggy because swag doesn’t take a break for the holidays.

Below them is everyone’s favorite reindeer DK who has fallen and opted to use the leader as a human pillow/crash pad, while the leader in question AKA S.Coups is living it up and enjoying himself.

And finally, we have Minghao, who at first glance seems to just be smiling but in fact has hung red noses from his ears. Because reasons.


@junkcorpse here’s some recent photographic evidence to prove that any part of me that was emo has sizzled, burnt and disintegrated in the glorious sun. 


Angel: Lindsey wasted a lot of energy trying to make me doubt myself. I know it’s not even close to over but, I do feel like I can do this. Wolfram and Hart, whatever’s coming I feel like… we can beat it.

Cordelia: I know.

Angel: You do?

Cordelia: I always did. 

a reminder: try to care about human life as much as you care about animals

2nd reminder: no one cares if you love animals more than humans for whatever emo ass reason you have

Request: Blushy Wonwoo with a secret crush on you

Requested by @thoughts-in-random I’m sorry it took so long and I hope you like it!

  • Wonwoo is all about stealing glances at you especially when you’re reading
  • Because we all know wonwoo is a sucker for bookworms
  • He would also really love seeing you doing things that made you happy, like he’d see you get a glint in your eyes if you were talking about something you were passionate about and he would be like wow! She is very cute and I am very emo and would probably start blushing
  • He seems the type to silently brood over people he likes and would try to very casually spend more time with you and be able to see you smiling
  • Which really ends up being him texting your friends and inviting himself to friend outings
  • And he thinks he is so covert until one day mingyu is like “hey so r u gonna ask her out or”
  • And mingyus like ok pal whatever you say
  • Eventually he fesses up because he can’t keep anything from mingyu
  • Also definitely had at least 3 dreams about you and got really embarrassed and wrote it down but kept it hidden because if anyone found out he would get roasted into the next dimension
  • Not even mingyu knows that’s how on lock those dreams are
  • But one day he “accidentally” (yeah right wonwoo I see through your poorly constructed plan) bought 2 coffees and “just so happens” to see you in another booth and shyly asks if you want it
  • And who are you to deny coffee of course you accept
  • Wonwoo is blushing the whole time making small talk and glancing up at you
  • Probably nervously playing with his sweater paws and little does he know that is absolutely adorable and you are dying on the inside because the cute boy at your school gave you coffee??
  • You guys talk for a few hours and wonwoo didn’t know where the time is cause he got lost in your eyes and smile (gross) and was honestly just thrilled to be there until mingyu texts him in all caps “WHERE ARE YOU PLEASE COME HOME COUPS IS WORRIED” and he’s all sad and pouty and says his goodbye
  • But you give him your number because um cutie alert and he acts casual about it but on the inside he’s like um!!!! Wow!!!! I never thought I would get here!!! Life is amazing!!!
  • And he tries not to seem too eager but definitely texts you that night but second guesses himself like nobodys business and runs to mingyu (although he claims he didn’t) to ask him for advice
  • But nobody can resist the unusual charm of wonwoo
  • And any other time u meet he’s blushing and afraid to touch u
  • Because he wants to respect your boundries and is always like are we that close yet?? Am I allowed to???
  • And u wanna tell him yes but its really cute to see him get mildly distressed about tiny things
  • But he’s all around very cute and blushy and probably self-conscious bc he doesn’t know how to act around cute girls at all
  • 10/10 would hang out with and endure second hand embarrassment from his embarrassment about himself again

anonymous asked:

Hi! Are requests currently open?

hi! of course they are, as long as they’re akutagawa-centric! i board on calling them suggestions though because this blog is mostly me doing my own thing (drawing asks and whatever i want oreo emo child to be doing) and also because i’m afraid of using the word request ever omg. i try my best to go with suggestions, but i’ll probably take long before i get to yours, because my inbox isn’t that flooded so far (31 after i post this) so i’m trying to get to earliest to latest asks first or depending on how much i like your suggestion
otherwise if you aren’t looking for aku-centric drawings, i have sketch commission info over at @lunasea444, but i’m not open right now; rip
hope that answers it, sorry for rambling!

the time i nearly died for being too emo

so our school went on a trip to Austria and we stayed in rooms of about 7 people and they appointed me to make an alarm - bearing in mind we had to wake up at 6 in the morning. so i was like yeah sure whatever but little did i know that upon setting the alarm i forgot to change the ringtone from what it already was which was king for a day by pierce the veil. the next morning i awoke to two of my roommates slapping me and trying to find my phone and another one trying to throttle me and screaming ‘WHY ARE YOU SO EMO?!?!’  and because the walls were so thin in between the rooms, the people next to us were banging on the walls too so i turned the alarm off and i said ‘calm down guys’ and they all looked like they were gonna murder me 

anyways the next day we awoke to the mario theme tune 

Me in casual conversation

Them: *talking about their day and says something weird*

Me: well that’s pretty odd

Them: yeah, sure, I guess…whatever *tries to continue their story*

Me: ridiculously odd

Them: goddamnit you emo piece of shit shut up about your music I am trying to have a normal conversation and tell a story but you’ve got to go and-

Me: *sticks hand in their face* build god. Then we’ll talk.

i had to write something because zarry are being ridiculous atm idk what this is anyway whatever here we go:

it’s kind of laughable that the thing that pushes harry over the edge is instagram. of all the things, of all the parallels and the non-signs harry’s been trying desperately to ignore, zayn revamping his account and starting to post in black and white is what finally crumbles harry’s resolve.

the thing is, this isn’t even significant. it’s probably a stupid fucking coincidence - it’s not like harry has the monopoly on black and white photos or anything - but it just feels like one step too far, sort of like the last step home if harry’s being mopey and dramatic about it, which he definitely is as he stares down at his phone. it’s 3 am and he’s allowing himself this.

it’s just. this doesn’t feel like chance anymore. harry’s not an idiot and he’s not blind, so he can’t pretend he hasn’t noticed what zayn’s been doing. noticed and ignored and willed his heart to stop racing. it’s too much, it feels like zayn is removing every reason harry can think of to not do this again, to not try. those mantras he used to repeat to himself when he was younger and determined not to surrender to the feeling he got when he looked at zayn, (the one he can still feel sometimes on the back of his neck and under his fingernails): he’s engaged, he would never leave his home to be with you, you don’t have enough in common, he thinks you’re too young and too loud and too immature, he’d never choose you, he doesn’t want you.

maybe those last two are still resolutely stuck somewhere inconvenient in harry’s chest, but everything else, every other reason to never try and fix things has evaporated, along with harry’s self control apparently. and he’s exhausted honestly. tired of being petty, of ignoring zayn for the sake of his own preservation, of not risking it because he’s not sure he can cope with it falling apart again.

so it’s dumb that these photos make harry want to call zayn. not him moving to la or getting that damn lotus tattoo in the same place as harry’s rose. not him putting himself first and going out clubbing and attending things harry’s interested in like fashion week. not even the few messages zayn has sent his way. no, the thing that makes harry ache for zayn (or maybe just admit to the ache, maybe he’s felt it since march) is these photos.

because they might be in black and white but harry only sees colour burst behind his eyes when he looks at them. because it’s 3:16 am and harry is feeling dramatic and mopey. because zayn’s made him forget every reason why this might not work. because he misses him and he’s done protecting himself. the risk was worth it last time, and harry has a feeling that this time, this time it could be even better

“Guys keep it down in here, I’m trying to do my homework or whatever…”

it really bums me out that the majority of this star wars fandom has reduced Adam Driver’s performance of Kylo Ren to either a shitty little emo brat or fighting fuck toy. I’ve read some brilliant meta, fics, and head cannons that truly expand on the conflicted character that Abrams has given us. Whatever your feelings about the character and his actions, Driver and his micro-expressions were incredible. I recognize this gets done to female characters all the time, but I wish we as a community could learn to separate fantasy from reality, and appreciate the talent of such a cast, while at the same time, trying to look a little deeper beneath the surface.

I know I joke about these Emos a lot but Shit, man. Gerard Way honestly shaped me into the person I am today, Since I was at that age where your trying to figure out who you are and whatever. I mean like, He’s the one who made me passionate about music, and got me interested in Art, After I read the Umbrella Academy, That’s what made me want to make up my own stories. I owe a huge majority of my freaking personality to this man. He’s the reason that I didn’t give up on drawing or writing. And like holy crap I know I make A lot of jokes but  I owe a lot to him.

you know im pretty fed up right now cause i have been seeing So Many fics about trans characters here and there & theres lots of things i have to say about it and the first thing is:

yall cis writers gotta CHILL like ok. i respect what ur doing and that its trying to be more “inclusive” but you gotta:

  1. stop pointing out the obvious. - like yes. if youve mentioned that a certain character is trans in the description or whatever we Will know that theyre trans from that point on you dont have to hamfist terminology associated with trans ppl in fact its so much better if you dont
  2. DO make use of subtlety - guys not everything about being trans has to do with distress, dysphoria, angst, GENITALS, acceptance, all that emo shit et al. somebody being trans aint a plot device. not, unless ur trans yourself and you wanna write out your own damn experience in which case go ahead. but honestly trans people are People they Have Lives outside of experiencing that shit. if ur cis write about people like us going about their lives normally but dont write about our experience.
  3. ask questions. do research. TALK 2 ACTUAL TRANS PEOPLE (emphasis on the ‘people’ cause nobody feels the same way about the same stuff) - yo this shit is IMPORTANT, not doing this is the equivalent of making the setting of a movie entirely in china based on chinese history but casting white ppl and asking an english literature major about the tang dynasty. plus u might even make friends and not piss people off with what you write
  4. remind yourself that a character Being trans does NOT make them more emotionally vulnerable - seriously theres this weird thing where a writer twists the personality of a character around in favour for another (cis) character to show sympathy and dependability toward the trans character. no, its not like that and it shouldnt be. trans people can hold their own and its not all about looking in the mirror and being sad. no. being trans is more like trying on shoes and saying that one pair of shoes fit better and look better on you than the other. being trans is just being yourself and none of that “im in the wrong body” bullshit (well at least for me it is, maybe for others it aint, but usually the “wrong body” stuff is a result of stigma which is a VERY long discourse-heavy topic)
  5. pay attention to what Actual Trans People™ write - youll find that cis people are more likely to write about the trans “experience”, something they have not gone through themselves whilst trans people just describe really what they do normally 

and ya thats basically what i have for now feel free to ask questions or add onto this if you wanna complain too. or. something

and i mean this goes for comics, scripts, w/e form of media so yea yehea