not true guys

Very unpopular opinion


But I’m not a big fan of the musical crossover? I think Darren was great in it but the episode was very weak? I was not that impressed by the songs for one, but more specifically, I was SO disappointed by his character!

There was no background, no motive, no story :/ His reason for sending Kara and Barry in this world was (I’m sorry) very boring? ><

I know superhero shows are supposed to be cheesy but that was just too much.

Like come on, you’ve got an awesome actor like Darren and you’re giving him this?

And he did great with the little he was given, can you imagine if it had been a real villain role in ½ episodes? :o

Newt Scamander: Every Zoo is a petting zoo if you try hard enough.

Everyone else: NO.


*all i want for christmas is you playing muffled in the distance*
gabe is really festive guy pass it on

why do people headcanon Lance as the ultimate bedhog?

he grew up with multiple siblings, he likely ended up sharing beds with them on many occasions. he’d be used to sharing a bed with other people

Keith is the one who didn’t have to share a bed with anyone growing up. he’d shove Lance off the bed at least 3 times a night. he’d probably kick in his sleep and would be restless with the change of having someone else there with him. Poor Lance would just want to cuddle while Keith is over here doing actual cartwheels in bed.

Keith is the true ultimate bedhog, guys


The Oceanic Whitetip shark lives in the open ocean, far from land in tropical water. Their large pectoral fins allow them to glide through the water and take a break between tail beats, helping to conserve energy. Oceanic Whitetips are bold, opportunistic hunters; largely solitary animals, but are scavengers and will group together in a feeding frenzy if an opportunity of a meal presents itself. These sharks are known to follow pilot whales, researches believe this is because pilot whales are keen at finding squid, a favorite meal for these sharks. Although Oceanic Whitetips tend to lead lonely lives, they often don’t mind the company of pilot fish and remoras. The sharks protect the fish from predators and, in return, the fish clean parasites off the sharks’ skin.


Name: Ryan Laches

Crime: In 2012 he sold LSD to a teen who died of overdose. In addition, mother of a 14 year-old girl accused Ryan of having sex with her daughter. In 2014 Ryan was arrested for drug possession. In 2016 he was arrested again for drug (this time MJ) possession.