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great minds think alike

great minds think alike a lai guanlin scenario
word count: 2365

blurb: you attend your high school prom with your best friend, lai guanlin. it wasn’t unusual for young girls to expect a lot to come out of this special night, so was it wrong for you to hope for just a little something more?

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm so sorry for this. I know you've posted so many tutorials on how you color n stuff, but I just can't get it. I ADORE your art style and am trying to gain practice by mimicking it, but the coloring is making me so frustrated. Is there perhaps any extra little tips or details you can give? Again, I'm very sorry to bother.

hey! dont be sorry at all, i don’t mind. 

here’s a process thing with more images, if that will help- if you could be a bit more specific with what exactly you’re having trouble with i’d be happy to do something centered around that. hopefully something in here will make things click.

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The Heart Knows But Can’t Explain

Summary: From the first moment that David Nolan stepped into his life, Killian Jones hasn’t been sure how he feels about him. Or what it means about his own identity.
Rating: T
Notes: For @starlessness/@hencethebravery​ on the occasion of her birth, and also because she is a shining light who deserves only good things. This is my attempt to give back.

(Also y’all need to check out her writing, it is so gorgeous, like, please go read her writing.)

This story is romantic Captain Charming, so if that’s not your thing, GOOD NEWS you don’t have to read it and can go about your day, and we’ll all be happy and everything will be fine.


Guys night was a time-honored tradition that Killian had always clung to. Boston wasn’t a large city, but it was easy for him to feel lost and alone somehow. What had begun as a quick drink every month or so with his coworker had become a night out or in every other week with four men who had become his closest friends. It was a crucial anchor that kept him from floating adrift in loneliness that no number of one-night stands could ease.

Tonight they were at Jeff’s place to watch basketball. Killian privately thought the sport was absurd, but not enough that he would cancel his plans. Besides, Graham had just gotten back from Vermont with some Heady Topper, and if the man was willing to share it, Killian wouldn’t miss out on the opportunity.

When he arrived at Jeff’s, he was surprised to find not three men watching the game, but four.

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live-laugh-loaf  asked:

you are WONDERFUL for doing this again - last year's december fics were a such a nice highlight during the holiday season and i can't wait to read this year's prompts :) :) my request is the bellamy POV of "regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all". thanks in advance for all the amazing fic you continue to blow my mind with!!!!!

Original fic!

The first stray Bellamy adopted was a cat he and Octavia found when he was nine and she was four. She was an older, bedraggled thing, and Octavia didn’t even want her. She wanted a kitten, but Bellamy didn’t know how to just let the cat go. She needed them.

He came up with all sorts of arguments for his mother about why they should keep the cat, wrote lists, but at the end of the day, both his mother and his baby sister saw right through him. He wasn’t being noble or moral or anything like that. Or, if he was, it wasn’t his primary motivation.

Really, he liked the cat, and he wanted to keep it. He could turn himself inside out coming up with justifications, but that was the simple truth of it. He would have taken her to a shelter, if he didn’t like her. But the second he saw the cat, alone and scared, he knew he wasn’t giving her up.

It was a little more complicated with Clarke, but not that much more. You don’t just get to decide to keep people the same way you do with pets; Clarke doesn’t have to stay.

But all his logic, all his reasons, all his justifications just come from the simple fact that he wants her to. It feels even more transparent and obvious than the cat, and that’s what makes it so amazing that she has no fucking clue.

Of course, it doesn’t start out quite that clearly. It starts off with Octavia leaning into the kitchen to tell him that Jake Griffin’s daughter has stopped by. Bellamy remembers her, vaguely; he hadn’t disapproved of her, not really, because he knew it wasn’t her fault that she’d left her father. Divorce is messy, and just because Jake missed Clarke, it didn’t make her a bad daughter. They still talked; she still seemed to love him.

But he wasn’t ready for the sight of her, this tired, defiant woman who can’t possibly be staying. He knows about Clarke’s life. Jake was so fucking proud. She was going to Yale. Rich, beautiful girls who went to Yale don’t live here. They barely even pass through here. She’s probably getting dinner and stopping at her father’s grave on her way to DC.

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i'm sorry to bother you but do you think you could post a tutorial for how to make the desktop buddies ;3; also are they for tumblr dashboards or computer desktops?

just basically something you can have running in the background. so basically both. you can put them wherever you want. but, as for tutorial, go here and download these two links. then unload the stuff from inside. if you don’t have adobe air, go and download it. when that’s finished open Live2DViewer2.1.0 and download that. A window should pop up asking to drop moc file. before doing so, it might just be easier to move the moc and the 2/ 3 texture files into the characters folder in motion data. like so.

after that drag the moc file into the pop thing for live2d. this is what it will look like

drag in the texture files that you put into the characters file. double click texture and check the boxes. change the -1 to either 0, 1, or 2. press apply and it should come out looking like the character.

all that’s left is to drag in the motions! these files

and then drop down the motion folder in the live2d program and click on any motion you want to see and press playback. you can also add audio from my room if you know which audio goes to which motion. other than that. all that’s left is to go to View and click show canvas window. that’ll make it transparent. then you can move her wherever you’d like. 

There you go! i hope that was a good enough tutorial

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Let's pretend Jim and Bones broke up following the events on Nibu ('You're too damn reckless, kid, and I can't take it anymore!'). Jim is heartbroken and angry - only made worst by Pike's death - so he is standoffish towards his ex in a bid to keep his feelings under wraps. Then he dies and Bones brings him back because he realizes he needs Jim. They slowly work on their relationship and...

why would you do this to me

The relief that washes over him when Jim’s heart starts beating again nearly sends Leonard to his knees, and he can’t help but think that the last time the kid made him feel this way was right before they broke up. 

Jim looks too damn peaceful in death, and not for the first time, Leonard wonders if Jim will hate him for bringing him back like this. He sits by Jim’s bed as the hours tick past, staring at the still hand lying over the sheets, wanting to reach out but not knowing how anymore. It’s not like he was exactly in Jim’s good graces the last time they saw each other; he doesn’t know who the hell he’s trying to fool, trying to play God with a life he no longer has a right to claim.

“I’d had enough!” His voice rings out louder than he intended, and Jim stares at him, still bright-eyed with adrenaline, his broad grin slowly beginning to fade, and Leonard wants to hate him for looking so goddamn happy with himself.


“I’m sorry,” Leonard says. “I can’t keep doin’ this, kid.” Just because he jumped off a cliff at Jim’s say-so doesn’t mean he’s willing to do it again and again. And he will do it again, he knows; it’s why he’s ending it now. It’s for the best, he tells himself, and clamps down on his heart when he sees the expression on Jim’s face. 

“You promised,” is all Jim says, his voice small, and Leonard exhales. “You said…”

He knows what he said, back in their tiny Academy dorm room when the world was Friday nights and fumbling in the dark and stolen kisses between classes. “I won’t let you go,” he told Jim then, holding him close and breathless with desperation as Jim pushes into him with a shuddering gasp. “Promise—I won’t—”

Leonard shakes it away. “Maybe it’s time you let me go,” he says, and something closes off in Jim’s face like a slamming door. 

“Shouldn’t have done it,” he mutters aloud now, watching Jim’s heart monitor beep unsteadily. He does reach out then, cursing his fingers to shaking, and Jim opens his eyes.

Leonard’s flying to the monitors before he can help himself, heart pounding and suddenly he’s more terrified in this moment than he ever has been when facing even the prospect of a solo shuttle flight. 

Jim groans behind him, and that sounds good, normal enough to relax Leonard by a few degrees. He turns, schooling his expression into a less transparent ones, and feels like crying when he meets the blue eyes he once thought he’d never see again.

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Neck Upgrade
  • NSFW-ISH.Never too late to enjoy some neck kink with Genos. Thanks ONE. >;D
  • -------------------------------
  • -Saitama picks Genos up at the station after he'd finished his recent maintenance at Kusenos. He was gone for a bit longer, but he'd pretty much gotten used to it. Still, they couldn't help but miss him.-
  • Genos: Sensei. Thanks for coming to pick me up.
  • Saitama: [-Turns to the sound of his voice and smiles as he stands up.-] No problem. Glad your back. Hm?
  • -Immediately notices something completely different.-
  • Genos: [-Notices his eyes focus on his neck and strokes it tentatively.-] Ah, yes. The Doctor had a new upgrade ready for me when I arrived. Apparently this new revision is more practical and efficient. Though it functions in pretty much the same way as far as eating and breathing, with battling...
  • -Though Saitama more or less continued to listen to the gist of his redundant explanation, he couldn't help but stare tentatively at his neck. Unlike before where the silver accents gave his throat a sense of depth, the single, pipe-like structure that ran up and down the length of it practically highlighted the form. And the more he looked at it, the more he couldn't help but think it looked rather sexy on him.-
  • Genos: Sensei...? [-Curiously looking at him as he zoned out a bit.-]
  • Saitama: Ah, sorry. I was just spacing for a second. Before we get back, do you want to stop over the next town to get some groceries for dinner? [-He'd nearly forgotten that there was one more errand to run before they could go home.-]
  • Genos: [-smiles-] Of course.
  • -As they talked about what they should make for dinner for everyone while shopping through the market, Saitama couldn't keep his eyes off of that new neck of his. It felt like every time he got closed to him, he felt this urge to touch it. Thankfully he held back, but it proved difficult to do when they were a hair's breath away from each other. Once they'd purchased the ingredients they needed, they got on the train to head back to their apartment, taking a seat in the back where there didn't seem to be very many occupants.-
  • Saitama: Hey Genos, are you feeling tired?
  • Genos: Hm? No, I'm fine. Why do you say that?
  • -He had to roll his eyes in his head as he was quite transparent in his eyes. Wrapping his arm around his shoulder, he forced him to rest his head against his.-
  • Saitama: We've got about a half hour, so just rest up before we get home.
  • Genos: [-blinks as he pretty much spells it out to him to take it easy, knowing full well that he was probably a little exhausted from having go through a longer upgrade session. He blushes a little and smiles.-] Okay.
  • -About 20 minutes or so Genos was whirring peacefully against his shoulder, which was a great relief to Saitama. As he watched the towns zip by fast in an amber-roseate kaleidoscope, he looked to Genos to make sure he was okay. Again, he couldn't stop zeroing in on that neck of his. There was just something enticing about it that his mind kept juggling lewd thoughts about it that he was tempted to experiment.-
  • Saitama: ...Hmm....[-Looks around to see that there was a scarce amount of people, other than a few sleepy individuals who were either too busy listening to music or reading books and newspapers, they were pretty much alone in the back. The idea that came to mind was rather risky and stupid, but...he couldn't help but go with his impish curiosity as he slid his hand up his shoulder to his neck. With his middle and index he slowly ghosted his fingers down the contour of his neck just to see his reaction while he slept.-]
  • Genos: ...Mm....[-He gave a soft groan-]
  • Saitama: [-He blinked as he saw the face and sound he made and decided to stroke it again, back and forth.-]
  • Genos: ...Hn...Nnn..////....[-Genos' brows furrowed at the tickling sensation as he shivered.-]
  • Saitama: [-His heart stirred at the way his face looked when he stroked it, feeling the urge to play with him just a little bit more. They hadn't done it in a while and would probably have to wait before asking King and Mumen to take the kids with them to spend the night. With that in mind, he figured he might as well curb his appetite for a bit.-]
  • Genos: ....Mm.../////....Mmph...////...[-He was starting to feel unusually warm and opened his eyes slowly. Although his vision was slightly blurred, he was soon wide awake as he found Saitama pressing his head against the crook of his shoulder while his hand seemed to wrap slightly around his neck.-]...Sensei, what are you...?...Nn..!? ////...[-Bites his bottom lip as he felt his nail scrape lightly against the center of his neck.-]
  • Saitama: Shhh~...lower your voice, Genos...they might hear you...[-He whispered softly as he started to kiss the base up to the corner of his jaw.-]
  • Genos: ...Bu...But we...we can't, Sensei. They'll easily notice us...////....[-He whined, looking around nervously as the few people in this car continued to ignore them.-]
  • Saitama: No they won't...not as long as we're quiet...[-Saitama said this in an even softer voice that sounded like black velvet as he flicked his tongue behind the shell of his ear, his fingers strumming the cool center of his neck, pressing and rubbing against the bottom of his adam's apple.-]
  • Genos: ..Mmgh~!.../////...Mmph~!...////....[-He gripped his hand against the seat as he felt the pressure of his fingers against his throat. He prayed that his fans wouldn't be heard as he grew more aroused, and even more that steam didn't start to emit from his vents.-]
  • -He didn't think he'd be this tender; or at least more so than usual. Was it because he'd just had the upgrade recently? He never did take into account his sensitivity levels. But that was hardly the problem here as he was starting to forget checking if the other passengers might be noticing them as he panted softly every so often before shutting his mouth tight to keep from letting out his moans.-
  • Saitama: Nn....Mmm~....[-It seemed a bit mean to tease and bully Genos like this, but Saitama couldn't help it. He always looked so cute the way he became shy and reluctant to take part in PDA, though it was quite apparent that he wasn't against it. If he was he would have made it clear to him, and Saitama would stop immediately.-]
  • Genos: Nngh~?!..////...S-Sensei, please don't bite so hard...[-He nearly let out a cry when Saitama's teeth gnashed the side of his neck.-]
  • Saitama: My bad...[-He'd nearly lost himself there as he saw the way Genos shivered and struggled to stifle his moans while his fingers stroked his neck.-]
  • Genos: ...Mmmngh!.../////...Mmm....////...!...Hn~!....////....[-He grew anxious as his fans sputtered a little louder and felt a bit more steam start to silently pour out. What was he to do if his arousal started to cause everyone to notice them? His obvious choice was to signal for Saitama to stop if things got a little heady, but the feel of his long fingers strumming his throat like a violin made him put that thought in the back of his mind as an emergency plan b. However just as he was losing himself in the moment, the train summoned their arrival to the station.-]
  • Saitama: Ah, looks like we're here.[-He said with a bit of disappointment as he pulled off of him and started to grab their groceries.-] We should get home.
  • Genos: ....Y..-Yeah...////...
  • -Their apartment wasn't that far from the station, so it was a fairly brief walk to their place.-
  • Saitama: Hope we got enough for everyone since Mumen and King are here...[-Was just about to knock the door until Genos pulled his shoulder-]...?
  • Genos: ..Sensei...[-whispers something in his ear-]
  • -Door Knocks-
  • Mumen: Welcome back you two.
  • King/Mini Genos': Welcome home/Welcome back Danna~!!
  • -Some of the Minis rushed to welcome their mommy, hugging and telling/reporting to him the things that had happened in his absence.-
  • Genos: I see. Well I'll be sure to listen to each of you as soon as we get dinner ready. Please help me put things away in the kitchen first.
  • Mini Genos': Kay~!!
  • Genos: King, Mumen. If you don't have any plans, please feel free to stay for dinner.
  • King: Ah, thanks Genos-shi.
  • -As King and the Minis take care of things, Mumen can't help but notice Saitama looking rather flustered.-
  • Mumen: Hm? Something wrong, Saitama-kun?
  • Saitama:'s nothing...
  • -Once he'd left to assist everyone with preparing dinner, Saitama had to turn away to make sure his face stopped giving off that flustered look as he recalled what Genos had said before the door opened.-
  • -A few minutes ago-
  • -Saitama blinked as he felt Genos pull his shoulder back.-
  • Genos: [-whispers softly-]...I do hope you intend to take responsibility tonight...
  • Saitama: ...Ah...//////.....
  • -Back to present-
  • Saitama: [-smiles wryly-].../////....Man, this kid can be pretty damn cheeky...
Angsty Obikin Stuff.

Look at me Anakin!” Obi-Wan cried out. His voice echoed into silence, the sound failing to reach the ears of the man facing away from him. They were ghosts, the both of them. Their pale, transparent figures gave no illusion of life or of substance - it was no wonder Obi-Wan sounded so weak. Anakin would not turn to face him, too much had passed between them for this to be an easy reunion. 

Upon his death, Obi-Wan had surrendered himself to the knowledge that he would never seen Anakin again, ghost or no, and yet here they were. Thrown together in the void. The atmosphere mirrored that of ex-lovers meeting again, and maybe that’s what it was. Obi-Wan had loved…no, he still loved Anakin, and if he had a heart that still beat, by now it would be broken on the floor.

He tried once more, voice pitiful and frail, nothing compared to what echoed from his throat when he was alive. This time he pleaded, pleaded for Anakin to at least acknowledge him.

Anakin…please…” His old Padawan turned, his face soft and young. Not ravaged by the fires of Mustafar, not spitting hatred and anger - it was young, peaceful almost. Obi-Wan’s eyes burned with tears he could not shed, so much had happened, so much had changed. But here they were.

Anakin spoke, finally, the same slightly awkward tone fell from his lips, the same vaguely disjointed speech, and the words spoken were surprising.

Hello Master.” The older man tugged at his beard, painfully unsure of what to say, what to do. He was unsure of how to reply, what to say, asking simply ‘how are you’ seemed pointless, so all he could settle on was;

I’m sorry…” Anakin’s screams of rage echoed in his head, and Obi-Wan closed his eyes, trying to push it all away. He had made his peace with the choices he made that day, and yet here it was, dragged back again and the Jedi could not cope. Anakin simply stared, offering no words, no opinion, no apology of his own, he simply stared and, after a moment that seemed to stretch a millennia - he smiled. The same slightly lopsided smile that the elder man knew so well.

It took a moment, it took strength - but Obi-Wan returned a smile of his own, and for a moment…for a single moment, all was as it should have been. The two looked upon each other as brothers. As family. But most importantly of all;

As friends.

anonymous asked:

I just don't understand why they love to hurt us. I mean I know this is not our life but still, they're a boyband and boybands usually try to do what fans want them to, at least in public.(the same goes for larry not talking to each other, if it was legit we wouldn't know?) I'm not saying she can't go to concerts but we don't HAVE to know it? Like go wherever you want I just don't want to know? sorry this probably doesn't make any sense my head hurts

but babe, shes there so that we CAN know… thats the whole point.. shes not there because shes having louis’ baby… shes there so that fans can see her and think shes having louis’ baby… it’s so transparent it’s funny!! it shouldnt even bother you anymore because it’s sooooooo funny!!

fuck her cousin tweeted ‘get ready ;)’ right before the show… the bears are literally larry getting married… theres fucking rainbows everywhere every show… NIALL of ALL people shading simon on stage.. the whole thing is a fucking JOKE!!! the hilarity of it all is just next level… he had 2 months to go to an otra show in her OWN country but yet they make her fly out to london, be seen with the family, probably be mentioned during the capital interview so that we can ALL TALK ABOUT IT!!! and frankly we’re just all sitting back laughing at it…

as ive said many times… these stunts are not to make larries stop believing in H&L… but they’re to keep everyone else believing they’re straight. so fucking let them!!! we know the truth… we know it’s all bullshit. they needed another round of promo for the beginning of the UK tour and album promo… they literally can’t do anything re babygate until the baby is ‘born’ anyway as thats whats been hinted at re paternity denial… so why not fly her out to london, pretend her and louis are ‘giving it a shot for the sake of the baby’, get the fans and media tlaking for a bit and then she’ll be gone again. easy peasy.

anonymous asked:

are you happy with the way things are? we are in the middle of the break and i still feel like everything is falling apart. we aren't getting anywhere. no co no management change no internaction. nothing. the fandom is collpsing too. half of the people are angry and disappointed and then people like you are indifferent. this is not what i wanted. i don't even know if there is a point in all this i just. wanted to get it out i guess. don't answer if you don't want to

I’m really sorry, love. I hate the fact that there are so many people who aren’t having fun right now, I understand the disappointment but I still feel bad for you all. I think the fandom being divided is completely normal, it’s our status quo. We are capable of coming together in times of need and that’s truly amazing, but it’s impossible to do that the rest of the time and there’s nothing wrong with that. We are such a diverse bunch, we are different people with different opinions and ways of seeing things - it’s just the way it is and it’s okay, it’d be impossible to agree on everything. I think it all comes down to that: when something happens in the fandom our response is based on our personalities, expectations, wishes and priorities. None of us is better than the other, we just have different realities and we have to accept that we can’t force other people to see things the way we do.

I want to clarify that I’m not indifferent, I’m emotionally invested in this band so it’d be impossible for me to feel that way. I wouldn’t say what I feel now is indifference, it’s more like I got a huge weight off my shoulders. I know there are people who stay here because they love the enigma, the puzzle, the conspiracy part. That’s not me, that’s definitely not me - I came for the love story and stayed because I wanted something better for them, for all of them. That’s what I’ve been fighting for, that’s all I’ve ever wanted, and I’ve been dying for things to calm down a bit. That’s why I feel so relaxed now, I’m just happy because I feel like this is it. I wanted Harry and Louis to have more freedom, I wanted the other boys to blossom and be less like a caricature of themselves. I’m aware of the limits of this industry and I know it can never be completely perfect and transparent, but I wanted more than what they had (still do) because they deserve it.

I’m 100% convinced something has changed for good, I trust whoever is calling the shots now to do what they have to do to get there. Do I want more? Hell yeah. Am I going to get more? Yes, I truly believe that’s the case too. Until then, I’m good with what I’ve got. I think this has been a long process and yet there are many things left to do but I know the end game is what we all want: for the boys to be less controlled and to live up to their potential; the official management change and the CO - I think that’s what’s waiting for us at the end of the road. The fact that there is a new road is enough for me right now, my first priority has always been their happiness and I see it possible now, I feel like they’re getting somewhere really good. We might not get the CO or the official takeover announcement or more ot4 interaction at this very moment but I don’t care because I know it’s happening soon. Maybe not in this break (although a lot can happen in a month) but soon anyway, I’m convinced of that.

I feel happy because I see changes, I see the boys looking good and being excited for the future. I see them building an individual profile for each of them and still working together for the new album. I see Louis getting ready to conquer the world, Liam and Niall making getting headlines all by themselves, Harry getting some quiet time and Zayn aiming for what he wants. I see someone denying Harry is leaving the band and I see great magazines writing good articles about them. I see them having some time off tour to work in other stuff, things they’ve been doing at night while being exhausted and overworked until now. I feel safe too, I can finally relax and stop waiting for the bad consequences that every good reaction used to have. I’m not scared of being who I am anymore either, I don’t feel like I could get personally attacked by their team at any moment. I’m pretty sure those days are over and that makes me feel so much relieve you can’t even imagine (although you probably can).

Wow, that got really long, sorry. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that: I’m happy with what I have, yes. I got my first priority solved (for the boys to have more freedom and be happy) and now I’m just patiently waiting for the rest to happen. I’m sorry you are having a very different reaction, hope you get what you want soon and it doesn’t become a source of stress for you <3.

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Hey Ikimaru, I've downloaded the SAI that you provided on your blog, and it works great! The only thing I've noticed is that I can't save my pngs as transparent. Is it the same for you? Do I have to use another program to make it transparent? Sorry if this question was asked before, I checked your FAQ but I didn't see any questions like this. ;v;

my SAI saves only as psd (because the drawings I work on are in an external drive) so I have to save through photoshop regardless, but I think it saved transparency on my other computer, idk tho! :o

Anon:Um, what about a FNAF/Homestuck crossover

never been that much into fnaf so nope ;v; I just draw the characters playing it once

Of T-Shirts and Stitches (The 100)

Bellarke, fluff, oneshot. Enjoy!

Read On Fanfiction:

There’s a fifteen year old girl lying on the operating table in front of her, letting out stuttering gasps of breath as blood pours from the arrow wound in her chest.

Clarke curses under her breath as she pours more moonshine on the wound, feeling a pang in her chest as the girl- Mary, a part of her mind remembers- cries out in obvious pain. She wishes that she could have been unconscious for this, been unaware of the agony her body was in, but she knows that if the girl falls asleep, chances are she won’t wake up.

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anonymous asked:

I can't draw out the why? You can't draw out the why not. When confronted with anything that's difficult or that you disagee with, instead of addressing it, you respond with 'Shut up and get out of my inbox' or 'You're delusional'. Neither of which are brilliant responses. So, just to address a few points. You do realize that Stefan's guilt doesn't equal redemption for him? And understand the good/bad brother is a false dichotomy? And that the epic love trope has systematically been destroyed?

I don’t need brilliant responses. It’s you who came to me, remember? I reserve the right to say and do what I damn well please on my own blog especially when annoyances like you drop in to start shit. So if I want to tell you to fuck off I can.

Furthermore, this where I get to ask you why the fuck you care? Why are you driven by some deep need to come here and try to point out why our thoughts, views, and opinions are wrong? Childish boredom, or insecurity? Probably a mix of both, but nah—I’m going with the latter. You’re so obsessed with trying to put a point out there that we’re full of shit and it just comes off making you look transparent. Why are you really here? You’ve tried hard so make this about Stefan/Stelena, but it’s not. It’s about Damon/Delena. And it’s about your inability to accept who your favorite character/ship is—not the other way around.  Stefan’s guilt, for example. This is something you’ve pointed out a couple of times already. You want to make sure we know that Stefan feeling guilty doesn’t make him a good person—that he’s done bad regardless how he feels about it. You want to point out the good brother/bad brother false dichotomy because you want the people here to stop looking at Stefan as superior to Damon. And you want to point out some stupid ‘epic love’ trope being destroyed so that it makes SE look less than DE. And that is really your purpose here. I can’t for the life of me figure out why else you would be trying so hard unless you’re not so secure in your argument after all. I mean, seriously anon. How much worse could it really get for Stefan/Stelena right now and yet you still feel the need to come here and prove something. But if you want to play—let’s play.

Everyone knows that Stefan and Damon have both done bad things. Some for good reasons, and some because they were out of control or bored (Yeah, that’d be Damon). What generally separates the two of them is Stefan has a sense of conscience, morals, selflessness. He deeply cares for others, and how they feel. Stefan feels guilt, remorse, regret. And Damon—-well he lacks those things. It’s. In. His. Character. We love, understand, root for, and forgive Stefan because his character gives a sense of humanity. Remember when Elena chose Stefan in season three and Julie Plec says ‘Hopefully fans of Elena and fans of real human behavior will understand her choice.’ Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!! The bottom line is that it’s Stefan’s own feelings on who he is, what he’s done and the choices he makes that makes Damon look like a piece of shit brother. Fuck the good brother/bad brother false dichotomy. If you’re watching the show properly you can see where the writers are very clearly and constantly showing the difference between them and how one responds to things versus the other. Not sorry to say, but Damon doesn’t get award for brother of the year.

On Stelena—-despite the writers now trying to sell that ‘contrary to popular belief you can have more than one epic love’ they’re still saying it exists. And it’s still canon that Stefan and Elena were an epic love. Everyone who’s watching the show knows that bullshit came about in order to prop Steroline and put about the question if Stefan can move on and find another ‘epic love.’ We’ve got at least two seasons left, and if you think SE is over for good, then you’re in for disappointment. For someone who claims to be so smart about what the writers are doing, you’re missing some very simple things. When they don’t want you to forget about something, they won’t let you. If they planned on being over and done with SE, you’d know it. Like—-when’s the last time they mentioned Matt and Caroline’s romantic relationship? Exactly. It’s not rocket science. You can love Damon and Delena to your heart’s content—-I don’t give a fuck but you have to know you’re doing it wrong when you have to blast all over Stefan/Stelena to do it. If you’re going to love Damon, then love him for all his selfish, indifferent, unapologetic, bad boy glory and love DE for the co-dependent toxic ship they are—-Like I couldn’t honestly care less!! But own that shit—-don’t feel conflicted about it and then try to make yourself feel better by knocking Stefan’s dick in the dirt and making SE less than they are. So take a fucking seat, anon. But not before you gtfo.

Can't Be Bought: Chapter Two

The following Tuesday Gale opened the door to an middle school gymnasium and found a seat in the back of a row of metal folding chairs.  Mayoral candidate Madge Undersee was holding a town hall meeting for concerned citizens, and since Gale had no other ideas as to how he was supposed to convince her to go on a date with him, here he was.  It’ll be boring, but I’ll go up and talk to her after it’s over.  Can’t hurt, right?

However, Gale had completely underestimated just how mind-numbing and infuriating a town hall meeting could be.  Madge had billed it as a chance for people to let her know their concerns about the city.  He could see the logic in that—find out what’s motivating people and have a chance to explain her positions.  What he didn’t realize was that most people’s concerns were downright stupid, bordering on idiotic.  He thought that those public forums on Parks and Rec (Posy was always making him watch new TV shows, convinced he needed help to keep from becoming lame) were supposed to be comedy, not real life.  There were a few old ladies whose list of complaints were so long and so minor that Gale started expecting one of them to start bitching about finding a sandwich on the street without any mayonnaise, but Madge handled them all with grace.  Gale would have told most of the people to go fuck themselves (really, what the hell is a mayor going to do about a crack in the sidewalk? Fill it herself? Just watch where you’re walking, asshole) but Madge listened and made everyone in the room feel like their concerns—no matter how ridiculous—were being heard and taken seriously.

She’s a natural at this, Gale realized.  When he first heard she was running for mayor he assumed she was just riding on a popular family name.  After all, her father served several terms as mayor when they were kids, and everyone still thought of Mayor Undersee fondly.  But while Madge was very young, she had served on the city council since she was twenty four (before she was even done with law school) and she was sharp.  She’d be a much better mayor than Marvel, he thought guiltily, but pushed that thought from his mind.  He didn’t have a choice.  If he wanted to buy back the garage, this was now his only option.


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