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Sorry I've seen the post about the "new fans" who are disrespectful of their "humor" towards Katie I totally agree I didn't have any idea that happened, but surely the majority are kids and have no limits What about if instead of making posts criticizing their attitudes, tell them privately bc maybe they don't realize that their jokes are offensive they think is friendly like the jokes you do w/ friends but inappropriate for someone they don't know like Katie? is no need to point out publicly :)

Hey anon, I appreciate both the idea and the sentiment, however from personal experience, I can personally say it does not work. I have actually spoken with a number of them. Various fans that have been upset about it have and it has little to no impact. Hence my reasoning for pointing out that some simply don’t care. It is especially the more popular ones that don’t care and they are each old enough to no longer be considered kids and understand that it is wrong. At the very least they are old enough to consider the feelings of others but they unfortunately do not.

Most importantly, in return, if fans that are displeased about it wish to use their blogs as a way to air their frustration on the matter it is their prerogative to do so. If some choose to come to me to share their opinion, I am more than happy to be an outlet for them. Many fans have been staying quiet for a long time and I personally see no problem with them speaking up. I stand by them. It is nice to see people coming together against the hate and disrespect because quite frankly we have spent too much time seeing just the opposite in the fandom.

In my opinion, a positive thing that has come from this is that fans that are frustrated with the discourse are able to see that they are not alone and can appreciate that fact and hopefully even find some new blogs to follow that respect Katie McGrath at all times as opposed to using her as a device to grossly amuse themselves and others.

Thanks for stopping by. 💗

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Hi Bonney! I've been doing some thinking, so...a penny for your thoughts. I wouldn't go as far to say that Gray was in love with Juvia before Fairy Tail disbanded. Though I do believe that he may have had a deep crush/really really liked her. But do you think they would be where they are now? Relationship and feelings wise if Fairy Tail never disbanded and they didn't spend all that time(6 months?) alone together? Do you think his feelings would stay or take him a lot longer to fall in love.

I’m sorry the answer turned out to be huge! HAHA

I actually think he started to really fall in love with her in Tenroujima. 

Before that he was annoyed with her being around him all the time and by his expression we can see he is really just following orders and really doesn’t see her as more than a new member of Fairy Tail.

And even before they went to Edolas, he was still rolling his eyes at her but now they are friends.

A chapter after the panel above, Gray and Juvia are eating Caramades Franks meanwhile Biska and Alzack watch; the couple comments that Juvia and Gray are very cute together. The truth is that they were spending a lot of time together. Even though this had no intention of being a date on Gray’s side and doesn’t really mean anything other than teaching her how to eat, they are doing their own thing and spending time together can slowly change feelings.

The next arc is Edolas and Gray and Juvia don’t interact besides their Edo versions (and those two are cute, really).

And then we have the Tenrou arc, the one that changed the game.

We have Makarov choosing the contestants and Juvia and Gray are among them. Juvia wants to be paired up with Gray and is considering dropping the test and Gray knows. Instead of some rude comment, he tells her they should fight for real. It’s much lighter than before, I think this is the point things start to change.

And then, in Tenrou he asks about Juvia making it or not the cut to the next stage of the test, it’s a very casual question, but really, if he wasn’t interested he wouldn’t have asked.

I am not saying that at this point he wants to marry her, but I think he started to see her more than just a friend. He knows she’s strong and should’ve been there. And look at Loke’s face! He totally ships them.

Meredy and Juvia face each other, she uses Maguilty Sense, Juvia’s senses go to Gray, then Meredy as well. Juvia wins the fight. With Gray, we see he is following Ultear, he pretends to fall for her reasoning and follows her without being noticed.

Until Ultear meets Meredy and decides to kill Juvia and Gray gets his superhero’s saving panel.

Yes, Gray would’ve done that to protect any friend but Mashima chose to tangle Juvia in Gray’s history. He revealed his presence to Ultear just so Juvia wouldn’t die.

We go a little bit further in the story to when Hades is defeated. Gray was celebrating and then he notices Juvia is nowhere to be found. She had left to follow Meredy and Zeref. Gray worries when he learns she hadn’t been seen. His first thought was about her safety and then Zeref.

At this point, Gray’s feelings are already changing. She is his friend but also more than just that. She is as important as the others but perhaps a bit more?

This next part is really just small details that had 0 emphasis at the manga, but it means a lot. At the first panel, Gray is sitting next to Juvia, who has her leg bandaged. He could’ve easily sat somewhere else, but he chose to stay there. Then, when Acnologia attacks, even though Juvia has crutches, Gray puts her on his shoulder and carries her away to what they think it’s safety. No one else was carried, by the way.

After that they get suspended in time for seven years.

When they return to Magnolia. Lyon appears at the Guild and the moment he sees Juvia, it’s love at the first sight. Juvia is highly confused and Gray is annoyed. But we don’t see what happens beyond that, just that Lyon and Gray end up talking later on about Ultear and Meredy.

Fastforward a bit and we see the start of the Games. Gray is on his own when Juvia appears and she tells him they could get something to eat. Gray agrees and Lyon appears out of nowhere. Now Gray’s first response was so great.

“Don’t just go taking what’s mine!” Oh, well, well, well. This seems like one of those reactions that are just blurted out out of instinct, you know? He probably didn’t realize that his feelings towards her had changed in this point. And then Juvia does’t get the fight is really about her and even Gray understands now and is surprised she doesn’t get it. I mean, she is the one who is supposed to get the hidden meanings of things.

It comes to a point that even Erza is aware of Juvia’s feelings, Juvia never really hid them, and she confronts Gray about it. His answer is to look away and blush. He knows something changed, he is aware that his feelings became much different than they were when they met. He just is choosing not to face them yet. He’s still in denial but he knows she’s different from the others.

At the GMG finale, Gray and Juvia are facing Lyon and Chelia. The fight is tight, both sides are exhausted, but Gray reaches for Juvia and tells her Lyon and Chelia’s problem was their teamwork and tells her that since it’s them, they can get more power. He trusts their bond completely at this point even if he doesn’t want to name it, he knows.

With their strong bond they are able to perform Unison Raid, a magic we know it can only be performed if their magic and feelings are really connected.

And do you know what’s the best part of the Unison Raid? The way he is looking at her. He’s not looking at the magic to see if it worked, he knows it did. He is looking at her and he is clearly happy. He is in love at his point. He might not say it out loud, he might not even acknowledge it, but he is.

And then it happens.

They were fighting, there are hundreds of little dragons around them and they, plus Lyon are doing their best. Juvia gets distracted by Meredy’s arrival, a dragon beams at them but Gray manages to save them both. They started to talk and then another little dragon appears and he is aiming at Juvia.

Gray doesn’t even hesitate to put himself in front of her.

Yes, he knows her body can change into water, but for that she needs to use her magic to change it and she didn’t at that moment. Gray knows that, he knows that if the beams get her, she will die. He chooses to save her.

He lives, of course thanks Ultear!, and they don’t speak of it anymore.

We arrive at Tartaros’ Arc and we have yet another iconic moment. The “I’m here with you” sentence means so much alongside with him holding her hand it makes me so happy. 

Juvia is afraid and Gray consoles her by telling her he is there with her. He could’ve just told her things were going to be fine, that she had nothing to fear. Instead, he says that he is there with her. He put himself with the job to help her with her fears, he made sure she knew he was there for her.

A bit further in the storyline and we meet Silver, he gets Gray away from the rest so they could fight alone. The funny thing is how Silver just knows Gray and Juvia have a connection. He saw her one time with his son, but he just knows. Perhaps he saw their Unison Raid at the games, the way he looked at her or how he put himself between him and Juvia when Silver attacked her. The thing is: he knew and trusted it enough to ask her to look after his son.

And then we get to the beautiful scene of Juvia telling Gray his father is dead because of her. She arrives there fully expecting him to hate her, she was willing to let him hate her rather than keep it a secret about how Silver died. She thought he would tell her to leave.

But all he did was to finally break down about the loss of his father and he thanks her, I think it’s mostly because he is relieved he wasn’t the one to make the choice about his father’s fate. He just holds her and cry, knowing she won’t mind.

It wasn’t sudden like Juvia’s falling for him. It took time, it was gradative but it was there.

Gray already loved Juvia before they lived together. He knew that, Juvia probably knew it as well, but he wasn’t ready. He had just promised his father to destroy E.N.D, it was what he needed to focus on. Meanwhile, they lived together as a couple but without actually being one.

He was just waiting for the burden of his father’s wish to be gone before he could move forward. I think he wanted to be complete when they finally took the next step and become a real couple.

Well, this was just my opinion. To me he was already in love with her and now that he lost her, when he sees her again I think he will stop pretending and waiting. He knows life is too short. :3

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Anon nearly tempted me to want birb boy, but! I want something else. Do you do canon x canon? If so, I want something with Toshi and Mama Midoriya, fluff'n'stuff, just two adults being dorky teens basically o3o (They're my OTP for now, I came up with them literally three days ago.) Btw, Mama Mido's name is Inko according to database if you need that.

Thank you very much for telling me her name! =)  And I’ll try the canon x canon and see how it turns out for me =)

That said, Inko is so cute and adorable and fluffy and I think I totally messed this up? I don’t know, I think it didn’t quite turn out the way you wanted to and at the same time, to my shame, I have to admit that I couldn’t think of a better scenario. I still hope you’ll like it!

Inko is very excited at the moment – and nervous. She’s finally going to meet the man who helped her son become a hero. The very man who changed so much, even if she isn’t happy about Izuku getting himself into danger.

The doorbell rings and she quickly checks over the food again, to make sure everything is perfect. She had asked her son a lot of questions, if their visitor is allergic to certain dishes, has any preferences or dislikes anything.

Smoothing down her shirt, she straightens as Izuku moves from where he set up the table to open the door. The man who comes inside, is a lot more smaller and slimmer than Inko expected. His clothes look a few sizes too big, but he greets Izuku with gently ruffling his hair and smiling fondly. She instantly knows she’s going to like him.

“Mom, may I introduce? Toshinori Yagi, he helped me a lot. All-uh, Toshinori, this is my mom.” Izuku looks a little nervous about them meeting.

Inko steps forward and bows. “I’m Midoriya Inko, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for everything you have done for my son!”

When she straightens again, Toshinori looks like he’s a little flustered, waving his hand slightly. “Oh, no, not at all. You have a really great son and I’m glad to know him.”

Izuku beams and Toshinori seems to blush, before he quickly holds up his other hand and Inko notices the bag he has brought along.

“I got a little something, as thanks for having me.”

“Oh, you didn’t have to.” Inko still takes the bag when he hands it to her and turns back to the kitchen to set it down. It turns out the hero brought some deserts, which she quickly stows away in the fridge for later.

Toshinori takes off his shoes and follows her and Izuku. He’s helping them bring the dishes to the table, even when they try to stop him.

The dinner is nice. Inko finds that it’s very easy to talk to him and Izuku mainly sits back and let’s them converse about him and the life of a hero.

A little while later though, Izuku excuses himself from the table to go to the bathroom and Inko pauses, causing Toshinori to look at her. Her smile is turning sad and grateful.

“I haven’t supported Izuku as well as I should have, back when the doctors said he had no Quirk.” She looks down at her plate, before lifting her gaze and she knows she’s tearing up. “So, thank you so much. You believed in him when no one else would. You helped him become the hero he always wanted to be ever since he understood what heroes were.”

She quickly wipes over her eyes, her smile brightening. “Thank you for everything you have done for my son.”

And Toshinori doesn’t know what to say. He hesitates for a moment, before he stretches out a hand and carefully places it on her shoulder. “Your son is amazing. I only gave him a chance, he did everything else. Everything he is, he worked for it with his own strength.”

Her expression gentles and her cheeks get a healthy, happy pink, while Toshinori suddenly notices his heartbeat picking up and really, how come this woman looks so adorable and –

“Did I miss something?” Both look up sharply when Izuku speaks up, slowly sitting down, looking between his mother and his hero.

Both look flustered for a moment and Toshinori coughs into his hand, while Inko shoves some more food at her son.

Later in the evening, when the dinner is finished and Toshinori has stayed far longer than he intended at first, he notices he doesn’t really want to go. It’s warm here, both Izuku and Inko are lovely people and he, to his quiet astonishment, feels at home with them. Still, he has to leave.

While Izuku watches a show on the television, Inko accompanies the hero to the door.

They glance at each other and Toshinori notices the cute blush again and how she tucks a hair behind her ear and feels his hands tingle. He almost had moved as well to brush a strand off her shoulder. And he really shouldn’t get attached like that and certainly not so fast – and at the same time, it’s no surprise, seeing how quickly he grew frond of Izuku as well, so why wouldn’t it be the same with the woman who raised him?

“Um, I hope I’m not overstepping any boundaries, but…” Inko smiles shyly at him. “Would you like to come over again?”

Toshinori feels happier than he expected and he fidgets for a moment, before he can’t help but smile as well. “Yes, I would like to.”

And they stand like that in the doorway for a few seconds longer, smiling at each other, before Toshinori clears his throat and gestures at the door.

“I, uh, should go. Good night.”

She nods as he steps outside. “Good night. Have a safe trip home.”

He nods and closes the door, still smiling.

So I decided to actually write a one-shot for the sweet headcanon one lovely anon submitted to me. It has no title because I’m the worst and it was a spur of the moment 3 am feels fueled ficlet. Hopefully it’s coherent and enjoyable???????? Also, yeah, it’s kind of long. So there’s that. 

Headcanon: One night Michonne hears Judith cry in the middle of the night (Rick is so exhausted he didn’t hear her). So she goes to soothe her and ends up bringing Judith back to her room and they fall asleep in the bed. Rick wakes up in the middle of the night and panics since he doesn’t see Judith and heads to Michonne’s room. He sees them cuddling from the doorway and has a smile on his face. He then climbs into the bed and puts his arm across them and falls asleep.

The sound of the baby’s distant wailing roused Michonne from her sleep almost immediately and she slid out of bed with a quickness reserved for emergencies. She was surprised that as she made her way out of her room and down the hall to Judy’s room no one else had woken up. Normally Rick was all over situations like these ready to comfort his daughter at a moments notice. And Carl was never far behind. She only knew because she wasn’t either.

More often than not Judith slept the whole night through but the recollection of the few nights she had awoke screaming brought an amused smile to Michonne’s lips. She could still recall how frantically she, Carl, and Rick had moved to get to the room. It took them a moment to realize that it was okay for her to cry here, that the noise wouldn’t attract any walkers. It had been another one of those apprehensive moments. Two weeks into their stay at the safe zone and they still found that they were having moments like that.

Michonne nudged those thoughts to the back of her mind as she approached Judith’s crib. The poor thing was still hollering at the top of her lungs but when she saw Michonne looming over her she reached up for her. However, that proved to be a mistake because the minute she let go of the cribs railing she fell back down on her bottom with a soft plop. Judith had only just learned how to pull herself up and she took advantage of her newfound skill as much as humanly possible, which Michonne found endless amusement in.

The baby seemed to realize instantly that she’d made a mistake and Michonne didn’t think it was possible for her to cry any louder but she was willing to swear on a stack of bibles Judith had managed to. She reached up again and this time Michonne didn’t miss a beat bending over and scooping the agitated infant up.

As she lifted the teary eyed little girl she brought her up so that they were face to face and placed a series of kisses on her wet cheek making sure to make dramatic kissing noises against her skin to distract from her distress. Judith went from sniffling, her tiny body still shaking lightly with the dying whimpers, to giggling at the onslaught of affection. Her small hands came up to grab at the sides of Michonne’s face as she leaned into the kisses willing her to continue.

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