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I would like to apologize to you, I wasn't trying to be rude (but I can now see how it came off that way) all I meant was, do you think you are done writing fanfiction? Which is totally fine, you have job and a life. I wasn't trying to demand anything from you, I was just asking a question. Sorry. :(

We’re cool, Anon. 

I do understand that it’s difficult to convey tone over the internet, and that sometimes enthusiasm or urgency can undermine sense when you do write to someone, but it’s worthwhile for like… at least half the internet to remember, there is someone on the other side of the screen, and however well-intentioned you might be, all they’re going to see is the words you’ve written down. 

The answer to your question is: I don’t know. It’s a shit answer, it feels like a total cop-out, and it’s definitely not the answer anyone wants to hear. But I honestly don’t know. I stopped reading the comics when the reboot happened. Most of/all of the friends I had in this fandom have moved on. It felt for a long time like tumblr stopped interacting with my fic, which is lonely as heck. I would definitely not say that I’m active in the fandom (as you can tell from my blog).

However, I wouldn’t completely rule it out, because I still love the Batboys, and still enjoy the content I see - and you never know when inspiration is going to hit. 

avoyagetoarcturus replied to your post:        tbh i personally give zero fucks about the new…                

   Also there are so many other good fantasy series’ that could use a TV show a lot more than LOTR could. The Old Kingdom Series? The HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY? The Sandman? It seems like a waste….    

o man yeah i hear you all of those would be AMAZING (THE SANDMAN YEEEEEES). idk tho if they do a good job with it in certain ways, it won’t necessarily be a waste. it’s just. probably not going to be *my* jam. which is totally fine.

How to adult on a budget for the lazy and new adulting people (by a not-so-adulty-adult)
  • learn how to cut your own hair. If it’s something easy like an undercut or just trimming your ends every month, you’ll look clean and put together without shelling out $20 every month. (my hair cutting stuff cost like $20 total)
  • if you have to go to a laundromat, make your own detergent. Or just in general. It’s about $15 for everything you’ll need and it’ll make you a solid 6-10 batches depending on how many soap bars you get. 1 bar ivory soap or fels-naptha (ivory works just fine tbh. Cheaper and easier to find) Grate that shit. 1 cup borax and 1 cup washing powder. Mix that shit. 1 tablespoon in the wash. Boom. Add essential oils if you so choose. 
  • On the topic of laundry, throw all your clothes in the same load. Use the cold-cold setting and you can put those red shirts in with your whites with no bleeding whatsoever. (read those tags tho. unless it needs special care, most shirts/pants/socks/underwear can all be thrown together)
  • When money is tight for food, rice, 2 pounds of chicken, some kind of stock or bouillon cubes, and frozen veggies make about 2-3 different meals. 
  • Keep a few bouillon cubes handy tbh. Cook rice in it. Make soup. They’re so much cheaper than stock itself.
  • Coconut oil for everything from actual oil to chapstick to cracked skin. 
  • Baby powder makes a fairly good dry shampoo. Put it on your roots, scrub around, brush out. Boom. 
  • Make scripts for all phone calls you ever have to make to make them go smoother. (bills, doctors, work, etc)
  • Fill 1 side of the sink with water to do your dishes and then rinse with the smallest amount of water possible so you dont end up using a lot of water. 
  • helps you find the cheapest gas near you!
  • Aldi has great cheap groceries
  • If you live alone or with 1 roommate, you don’t really need more than 12 megabyte internet speed. By yourself? Don’t get more than 6 tbh. You won’t need it. 
  • Freeze all meats and veggies! Let’s be honest. You wont be eating carrots every day or that ground beef often enough for it to not go bad, Throw it in the freezer. 
  • Dollar store cleaning supplies save the world. Everything there besides liquid soap is basically just as good. (glass cleaner, bleach, magic erasers, so on and so forth)
  • Dollar stores in general. Most things there will do in a pinch. (earbuds and most electronic/battery powered things are a no-no however)
  • Nail polish remover gets hair dye stains. Hydrogen peroxide gets up blood. Milk for ink. Chalk for oil. 
  • Once you finish using a pot or pan, put hot water in it until you’re ready to clean it. Stuff will just wipe off.

he’s totally not blushing

i’m all too invested in this au tbh

High School! Lai Guanlin

masterlist can be found (here)

requested: yes, 2-3 people did!
disclaimer: this format & moodboard is mine but the photos & au are NOT! 
based off: this prompt (@dailyau & @theappleppielifestyle)
genre(s): high school! au // high-key crack, low-key fluff
a/n: this is me attempting to write at 3am. happy pocky day everyone!

“I’m walking around with just one shoe, I’m half a heart without you.”

  • Favourite subjects are all the languages: English, Korean and he picked Chinese as his foreign language even if he is fluent in it because who doesn’t want a free A1??
  • He loves learning to speak in a different language and it gives him the chance to learn about different cultures and the beauty of it
  • Least favourite subject would be art 
  • His drawing skills go as far as doodling on his notebook and asking him to paint a landscape is such a stretch,,,,
  • The last time his art teacher asked him to do a portrait of his friend, he drew a stickman,,,, who was supposed to be Jinyoung 
  • One of the members of the music club
  • It’s actually just another name for the club where all the rappers/musicians in the school joins
  • ‘I wanna be a swaggy rapper’
  • It’s really chill in the club with good music coming out from the room when they are writing lyrics and practising 
  • Until a rap battle is coming up which is one of the highlights in school
  • They also organize a showcase every year with the dance club and the money goes to a non-profit organization
  • Plays center in the school’s basketball team and one of the main players
  • He didn’t want to join at first cause he wanted to spend time improving his Korean
  • But the team captain, Seonho, insisted after knowing Guanlin used to be the previous captain back when he was studying in Taiwan
  • Seonho: i will buy you megaton ice cream for two weeks
  • Guanlin: we got a deal
  • Voted most likely to be a model because he towers over everyone in the class and like his face??? wow much visual for a 17 year old
  • That student who refused to wear his school blazer and wears his favourite denim jacket instead which makes Student Council President! Daehwi chased after him at all times 
  • He’s the class clown and in charge of sending all the memes in the class chat group
  • His laughter can be heard a mile away but like his laughter is so adorable and precious no one tries to stop him
  • Whenever History Teacher! Jisung makes a joke, he cackles so hard to the brink where tears are threatening to fall out of his eyes
  • Everyone else is just like it wasn’t even that funny ???
  • Dabs in every class photo with fellow friend, Felix #dabnation
  • Has a sticker of his classmates in the most hideous faces possible and spams them in the class snapchat group
  • He literally blackmails his friends into buying him snacks he would send the stickers to their crushes
  • But like people other from his classmates think he’s really scary and unapproachable
  • Like he’s this tall, Taiwanese with a resting bitch face who looks like he can kill you  
  • If he’s not laughing, he comes off as really intimidating when he has his poker face on
  • Not exactly approachable especially when he is focusing on a game or in class
  • But nahhhh he is probably just thinking about his Wooseok hyung
  • Wooseok is the senior in the music club who first helped him with his lyrics and Guanlin has now become part of his fan club
  • Other people also think he can’t speak Korean well
  • If only they can see his score in Korean language where he ranks number 2 in the entire class
  • It’s bcs he speaks Chinese to the prefect, Chenle and like English to the class representative, Daehwi who are part of his ‘squad’
  • And he’s quite shy in the first place so he doesn’t interact with others unless you approach him first
  • He doesn’t speak much Korean, only cause he only started learning it when he moved to Korea
  • He is albeit a bit slow in speaking but do not fight him in reading and writing
  • Stumbles in his pronunciation but still won the school essay writing competition and the teachers were all super impressed,,,, a true legend
  • But the teachers always try to offer as much help as they can since Guanlin is extra hard working and puts in a lot of effort to improve himself
  • You don’t see anyone carrying Korean vocab flashcards everywhere or just having notes on improving his writing
  • Eats enough to supply a mini country, a mountain of side dishes pile up his tray
  • The lunch ladies are so used to him taking extra food
  • But they also save a lot of food for him and sneak it to Guanlin bcs he is so polite and like they want to introduce him to their daughters lmao 
  • That’s when he pulls the language barrier card lmao
  • “I- i don’t uhh know what you are talking about??”
  • Always late to class since he probably missed his bus and woke up late despite having 7 alarms
  • After getting scolded by the teacher, he gets a 10 minute voicemail from Seonho for missing practice
  • Tries to eat his breakfast and snacks in class but is always caught
  • Well, he is so damn obvious???
  • You can literally hear the wrapper being torn and lmao he’s 186cm, it’s difficult to hide with that height no matter how hard he tries
  • Basically you had mutual friends with Guanlin who is, Daehwi, your best friend
  • Lee Daehwi had been your best friend since both of you were in hospital cots and unknown to you, he actually knew Guanlin since they bumped into each other in the library earlier
  • The first time you saw Lai Guanlin, your first sentence had been “Wow this guy is super cute!”
  • It was a week after he had transferred and you didn’t know much about him since you were from different classes and clubs, save for the rumours that travelled around
  • You told Daehwi out loud, even if Guanlin was literally right next to you walking down the staircase LOL
  • But that’s because like everyone at the start, you assumed he wasn’t that good in Korean hence he wouldn’t understand all the slangs you were using in your sentences
  • However, Daehwi knew so he was trying to drop hints by giving you side glances and nudging you to stop further embarrassing yourself but he caught Guanlin throwing him a look
  • Daehwi squinted then he went ‘oh … OH’ and understood what Guanlin meant which was to let you continue and he didn’t really mind
  • That lead to Daehwi acting dumb and agreeing with you, y'all it’s totally fine to just speak about how gorgeous he is because you are speaking kOREAN while snickering when he exchanged glances with Guanlin
  • This went on for some time because somehow you two always end up walking past him at the staircase and it became an inside joke between him and Daehwi
  • He didn’t really mind because he found it hilarious it and tbh your smile and that laughter of yours,,, seemed to be plastered in his mind
  • You were part of the dance team and it was your job this year to be in charge of the performances for the showcase this year
  • It was required for both the dance and music club to send a representative and do the schedule
  • Heading to music club, you found out Guanlin was the one who would be working with you and you were thinking ‘huh what am i going to do, my other langugaes aren’t that strong’  
  • As if he read your mind, he went: ‘I can speak Korean, you know.’
  • You were like hmm okay but in your mind you were like ‘oh oka- WAIT SHIT DOES HE KNOW’
  • “Yes I know I’m good looking thanks to you.”
  • He said it so nonchalantly and you weren’t sure how red your face could go as you covered your face with your hands
  • *breaths in and out* act cool act cool
  • However, that became the start of your friendship since to avoid that incident, you kept asking other things about him
  • That’s how both of you found out that you guys shared a lot of common interest like you were dancing to his favourite artist for the showcase and he was doing a cover to one of your favourite songs
  • After that ‘confrontation’, you two get along very well as the preparation of the showcase progresses
  • Like you will show him the kimbap place you go when you wanted a snack after school and sometimes, Guanlin will show you the lyrics he wrote
  • He also always offered to walk you the bus station and you two promised to cheer the loudest when it comes to each other performances during the showcase
  • Working with him was ,,,,, fun
  • There were snacks going around but things were still completed in time
  • But Guanlin still laughs at you from time to time over that incident and you just glare at him because you no matter what you say, you can’t defend yourself lmao
  • It didn’t take him long to realize his feelings for you and he decided to confess because although he will never it if you ask, the happiness that you bring up in his heart is something he can’t just play off anymore
  • Also because after the showcase ends, he had no reason to just text you or go on after school lunch dates
  • He wasn’t fond of,,,, being back to strangers
  • But he is really inexperienced when it comes to love related things so he tries to find a way to see if he can guarantee that you feel the same way
  • Just because you called him cute does not equal to you wanting to date him so he does it the hard way
  • That includes ‘casually’ asking Daehwi if you had any crushes cause he was just simply ‘curious’
  • When they have a free period together, he will drag Daehwi to a corner and go ‘Hey …. so are they into anyone??’ and Daehwi will start laughing out loud and be like LAI GUANLIN HAS A CRUSH
  • He came to a conclusion that no matter what happens, you never tell Lee Daehwi a secret unless you want the entire school to find out
  • Eventually, Guanlin does tell you,,,, after like two failed attempts because he  tensed up whenever you appear and starts fumbling on his words
  • By the third time, he prepares himself as best as he could and even went out of the way to get you a flower
  • Soooo in your locker, there was a note with a rose, telling you to head to the rooftop after the music showcase
  • When you saw Guanlin, you noticed how hard he’s trying because you know for a fact that he’s always worried about doing something wrong since everyone has such high expectations for him
  • Your heart was accelerating when he smiled at you, looking as if you meant the world to him
  • totally not because wow that stage outfit on him looks perfect and he looked 10 times hotter than usual if that was even possible
  • It’s hard not to think his confession is genuine when ’i like you, will you go out with me?’ comes from his lips
  • When you say yes, he fist palmed to the air then his eyes widen ’…you did noT SEE THAT’
  • But you found it cute and you would’ve stayed longer if not for your class meeting
  • So you pulled him down to your eye level and pressed your lips to his cheek
  • You two go back to your dance crew with your face red but you kept your lips zipped shut when they asked you what happen
  • Until,,,, you received a text later from him and you might not have been asked by the teacher to lower your voice cause you were squealing too loud
  • 'Let’s go on our first date this weekend 😃’
  • He is sort of touchy in the sense that he likes skinship
  • Holding hands is something that happens on the first date itself
  • But he is so shy when it comes to kisses 
  • He never dares to kiss you first except on the forehead after the first kiss
  • Because you can’t tell he’s blushing since he’s tall and can hide his freaking red face
  • You have to tiptoe every time but it’s worth it because kisses with Guanlin
  • …. they make you forget about the world around you and he’s so so gentle and soft with you like his hand go to your nape and one on your waist to help you steady yourself
  • You: “Guanlin, can you hold this for me?”
  • *holds out your hand*
  • Guanlin: “Yeah sure
  • ……….. why am i even dating you”
  • Also Guanlin: *blushes like a 8 year old who watched a kiss scene for the first time*
  • Your locker is filled to the brim with snacks from him
  • It goes from chips to chocolate to just about everything he can find in the snacks department since he always worries you are hungry from your dance practice but he eats half of them when he meets you at your locker
  • On Pocky Day, he purposely put boxes of the chocolate covered sticks in your locker and you went ‘what’s the occasion???’
  • But he caught you by surprise by bitting it off when you had one in your mouth leading to the first kiss you two shared
  • There’s a drink on your test every morning too but you do the same to him with the addition of a post-it note, wishing him good luck for his game later
  • He dies on the inside whenever you wear his jersey and cheer for him during basketball games
  • Gets so hyped and motivated that he ends up being MVP and forces you to treat him bubble tea after that LOL
  • You two are a regular at this bubble tea shop just around the school’s corner which he always gets the same chocolate bubble tea but never fails to try to steal a sip from yours
  • His screensaver is you cheering in his jersey and he looks at it every time before a game
  • Sends you memes to express his love at like 3am
  • You don’t have a photo collection with your boyfriend, you have a meme collection with him #couplegoals
  • Also have the most laidback dates
  • Like just chilling at the cafe and talking
  • But occasionally, you did bring him around Seoul, showing the different tourist landmarks he hasn’t been yet
  • You guys don’t do study dates because you two will end up distracted so he just video calls you
  • But half the time, you two are cracking up over some lame video you or him found on the internet
  • You can watch this, thank me later jk
  • He snapchats with you 25/8 and has no problem he shows you every single that happened in day
  • Your heart never fails to get attacked when he snaps you after basketball practice, sweaty hair getting into his eyes and his face glistening under the sun
  • The only person he is willing to share his food with
  • Always tries to feed you but you just shove it in his mouth instead because he took so much food that you two aRE LATE FOR CLASS
  • The first time he told you 'i love you’ was in Mandarin and you were like ???
  • He never mentioned it again until he said the three words in Korean and told you about it which you tried to make him say it you as guanlin speaking in his native language was one of the most beautiful things you have heard
  • “I-I love you in all languages, that’s enough isn’t it?

BANGTAN reacting to their so having habit to put their hands under his shirt.

Hi 😁 can you do bts reaction to their gf having this habit of putting her hands under their shirts because she likes the feeling of their skin

yes you can, here it is I couldn’t find good gifs so I just used cute gifs of them

JIN: “Wow, y/n, you’re so cold. Let me make some hot chocolate for you,” Seokjin said as he stood up from the bed and walked to the kitchen. 

I think Jin would be okay? with it, but he definitely wont push you away, but of course the first time he’ll be a bit, ‘what are you doing?’ but that will change over the years.

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SUGA: When you two came home tired after work you immediately got to the bed to cuddle. When you slid your hands under his shirt he’d sigh and when you tried to pull away your hands; thinking he didn’t want you to do it. “No, no don’t pull them away it feels nice.”

He will definitely like it and wil probably fall asleep while you warmed your hands with his body.

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JHOPE: When you two finally were about to sleep you put your hands on his stomach. Hobi his eyes would slowly close and his dream would have you as main character.

The only thing I’m saying is that it makes him relaxed, but tbh you won’t have the time to do that bc the boy is always jumping around etc.

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RAP MONSTER: You slid your hands under his shirt and put your hands on his chest, he cupped his hands over them. You looked up and pecked him on his lips, “love you.”

Would be totally fine with it and will not complain at all and of course first he had to get used to it but later on he’ll even miss it when you or him were gone.

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JIMIN: As you laid your hands on his bare chest you fell two arms pull you closer, a pair of lips pecking your forehead. “You know we have to leave the bed soon,” you groaned knowing it very well and not wanting to get out.

He likes it, don’t get me wrong, but… He’d sometimes remove your arms and embrace you, craving and loving you more.

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V: When you’d put your hands under his shirt he’d grab them and bring them to his sides, “I like this more.”

After he’d lay them on his side he would giggle though, because it tickled.

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JUNGKOOK: “omg, Jesus Christ y/n, you scared the shit out of me,” he shrugged at your touch, but when he got used to it he wouldn’t mind. He’d let you roam his body.

He’d get scared (the good kind) when you suddenly touched him, but overall he wouldn’t mind he’d also find it very relaxing.

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(this gif is just cute ok?)


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my class has a lot of nicknames that the teachers are totally fine with somehow? like we call some kid "Sexy Beast" (with their permission) and no one cares? since grade 8 when a kid hit 6ft we've called him "8 Foot Bob" "18 Foot Bob" and "800 Foot Bob" after his old nickname of just "Bob" (his name isn't Robert? it starts with soy). we sign our work with names like "The Time Master" and "Gremlin" and the teachers just try to keep up with the nicknames and don't do anything? they've Given Up tbh


I had a weird dream where I was dating Jongup last night, but then I casually called myself a lesbian and was like “wait… I’m definitely a lesbian, but I’m also definitely dating him?  He’s a man??” And I got super confused about it and didn’t figure it out the entire dream.  

So yeah, stan Jongup, stan the guy who confuses my lesbian ass

random dallas headcanons

-he can’t stand the word “moist”

-he’s so good with animals without even trying, like every dog he’s ever met loves him

-but he actually really likes reptiles

-he had a snake when he was little

-he has reallllly clear skin and just a few freckles on his cheeks that get darker in the summer

-he gets sunburned badly bc he’s so pale, but refuses to but on sunscreen so he just burns

-his hair is so blonde, people always ask him if he bleaches it and it pisses him off

-he stays up really late, but is like totally fine the next day? like he’s not tired at all

-modern dally ends up watching a lot of reality TV bc that’s what’s on late at night

-let’s just say he knows way too much about the kardashians

-he doesn’t eat a lot, and when he does it’s barely anything

-like no one knows how he doesn’t starve

-he loves sour stuff though

-modern dally would liiiive off of sour patch kids tbh

-modern dally also loves eminem

-he loves long car rides

-when he really doesn’t have a place to go, he’ll just drive until he’s almost out of gas

-he’s a very good liar, but he actually lies a lot less than most people assume

-he always smells like smoke, not like cigarettes, but just smoke?

-his favorite color is blue

-you know his ring that he gave to Sylvia? according to ponyboy, “he rolled a drunk senior” to get the ring, but that’s just what he told people. his mom actually gave it to him before she passed away

-he decided he’d never let anyone else wear it unless he truly loved them

-and he actually thought he was beginning to love Sylvia when he gave it to her

-so when she cheated on him, it hurt a lot more than he let on

-he decided he wanted to give it to johnny, bc he knew johnny didn’t have much and he was really the only person dally loved

-but johnny died before he had the chance to do it

-johnny reminded him of himself as a kid. his parents didn’t care much about him and he turned mean and bitter because of it

-and he knew johnny might become the same way, so he kind of dedicated himself to making sure that didn’t happen

-the only reason he stayed in Tulsa after he left New York was bc he met the gang and johnny, and he realized that he had to save that kid before it was too late

-and he began to feel like that was his only purpose in life, so when johnny died…he had to die too

-to summarize, dallas could be a loyal and selfless motherfucker

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Ooh I really want a headcanon with the batboys please where their s/o is kidnaped or something and they are hurt

I did all of our bat boys so hopefully this works!


  • Freaks out heavily
  • after Jason, he’s super duper into tracking you and the boys
  • You get kidnapped
  • Literally takes like 10 minutes for him to find you after you had been taken
  • they had already roughed you up a bit and Bruce freaked out
  • Started fighting dirty, you had to stop him from breaking his ‘no kill’ law on a bunch of lowlifes


  • This boy freaks
  • Turns into a bumbling mess and doesn’t know what to do
  • you probably have to save yourself tbh
  • “Dick I’m fine its a little cut-”
  • *slaps him on the back of the head*
  • Take me home you mother hen”
  • “Yes dear”


  • Turns into a total badass
  • even more than normal
  • Tracks you down 
  • Your already hurt and that pisses him off, making him more of a sarcastic jackass than normal
  • everything is a sarcastic jab or a pun
  • Saves you and takes you home to patch you up
  • “Thanks for saving me”
  • *Scoffs* “Yeah like I’d let my only chance of getting laid die”


  • Like Jason, he gets super sarcastic
  • You know how he doesn’t sleep?
  • yeah that gets worse
  • so. much. coffee
  • He Tracks you down via his trusty computer
  • your face is bloody and swollen
  • Tim plans on shoving his entire bo staff up your kidnapper’s ass 
  • you stop him bc Alfred didn’t need to clean that
  • once your home and patched up you two sleep for  D A Y S
  • and do other things;)))))


  • Ho boy.
  • If you thought Damian was a demon before you have another thing coming.
  • Turns into a Tasmanian Devil of kick ass hand to hand combat moves
  • He finds you and is worried about you because your arm is bent weirdly
  • When he finishes beating the absolute snot out of your captors he becomes very gentle and carries you back to the mansion like a piece of glass
  • Doesn’t leave you alone at all for an entire month

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Him taking care of you while you’re sick- Tom Holland & Harrison Osterfield

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- He would make sure you were comfy 24/7

- He would never let you get out of bed unless it was to go to the bathroom
- “Tom I can do it myself”
    - “No love its okay! I can feed you.”
- Sometimes he would be extra af just to annoy you
- He wouldn’t care about getting sick
-Tom would cuddle the shit out of you ( fight me on this)
- He would end up getting sick though
- You would make him watch movies with you
       - He always tried to get you to watch rom-com’s with him
- He would make you food
        -mostly soup though
-Tom would so get in the shower with you because he thinks since your sick it must be hard to stand up for 15-30 minutes
- Sex. Hot. sick. Sex.
      - you wouldn’t be so sick after though
- He would make you coffee/ tea/ hot chocolate randomly and it was the cutest thing ever.
-Making him put on little dance shows for your entertainment

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memey au jared kleinman x reader; headcannons


Written @ Writers Wednesday, special thanks to;

Flower Anon










-Everyone is born with their soulmates favorite meme on their forearm

-Its always like a very specific meme so like if your soulmate saw it they would be like ‘oh shit thats me’

-You, however, were born with a shit ton of memes

-Like, all of them

-Ones from like the MEDIEVAL times of memes yo and also brand new ones and its kind of sick??

-sick as in cool or sick as in gross only you can decide

-you frequently wake up with a new meme on your arm whenever a new one becomes popular

 -sometimes you have to go on to figure out what the fuck is on your body

-every day you look at your arm and cupcakke lyrics are there 

-its hell

-”ms. (Y/N) why is there the words ‘hump me fuck-’”


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Hcs drunk todo/momo

God bless you anon. I’ve been waiting for this

Drunk Todoroki

  • No one thought Todo would be the drinking type… but he is.
  • I mean, he doesn’t drink often. But when he does, he sips a glass of scotch slowly, on the rocks. (Classy af)
  • Can hold his liquor pretty well…
  • Aannnd bc of that he’s totally the type to say “Im fine”,,,,, when he clearly. is not. fine.
  • When he’s drunk, his movements slow,,,, he looks a bit dazed,,,, super relaxed,,,,
  • Its not his usual low sexy chuckles. Its a pure, heartfelt laugh.
  • Its such a blessing to hear tbh. The only people that have heard it are Momo, Deku, Iida, and Bakugou (??). Mina, Kirishima and Kaminari have been trying for years to get him drunk enough to hear this mythical laugh but their efforts have been futile.
  • If he’s drunk and alone with Momo he’ll be a lot more affectionate.
  • Like, he latches onto her and pepper her cheeks, neck, and collarbone with kisses,,,,
  • and compliments her endlessly.
  • “You’re so beautiful Momo” “I love you so much” “Mmmmmm what did I do to deserve you?”
  • That’s about as much as he does though. He’s pretty hopeless when drunk…

Drunk Momo

  • Momo likes fancy cocktails, martinis, and wine.
  • She’s not necessarily a lightweight, but not exactly a heavyweight either.
  • A happy drunk.
  • By happy drunk I mean she’s a little loopy, very giggly, and a lot more bold.
  • One time, after a girl’s night out, Momo came home giggling drunk (it was Mina’s fault) as Jirou handed her off to Todoroki.
  • … I dont know how else to put it. She tried to jump him.
  • “Hehehee Shouto-kun is so handsome~ *hic* All the other girls must be soo jealous hehehhee~ *kiss* Will you sleep with me tonight? *slides a hand under his shirt* *kiss* Mmm you smell nice. I want you Shouto-kun~” “?? Shouto.. kun?? Momo you’re drunk. That’s enough.”
  • Ofc being the fine gentleman that he is, there’s no way Todo would let her do something irresponsible, never even mind the other way around. (Drunkeness does not equal consent kids.)
  • He distracts/soothes her using his right side to cool her down.
  • She squirms in his arms a lot, but eventually she calms enough to sleep it off.
  • Whatever she wanted to do could wait until she’s sober, he thinks. 👀

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….I went a little overboard with the decorating of the new bullet journal 😅 but i mean, wouldn’t you with this washi tapes???? I’m v busy setting up for next year and I just wanna go back to Pittsburgh tbh but I have to wait til after New Years cuz I’m driving friendos back. Which is totally fine! I’m just a little stir crazy at home 😬 stay safe and beautiful everyone! And Merry christmas and Happy Chanukah and Happy Holidays! 🌸🌺🌼

“so i have taken some time to digest my feelings on the new movie but before i dive into spoilers i loved almost all of it. there were definitely some things that disappointing me but overall i thought it was pretty fucking fantastic. 

if you wanna discuss message me!!! 


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Ha Sungwoon Harry Potter AU
  • ha sungwoon is like lowkey the modern day harry potter
  • like he’s the gryffindor seeker and pretty popular
  • he and his best friend noh taehyun have like 875938423 fangirls
  • unfortunately for you, as the gryffindor keeper, that means you have to listen to the screaming fangirls all during quidditch practice
  • like you’re just tryna practice these new saves that professor wood taught you and he’s out here blowing kisses at the girls??? boi??????
  • the two of you are pretty good friends through quidditch, even though he’s a year older than you
  • (you’re the baby of the team)
  • you’re late to practice a lot because you’re studying for your owls
  • sungwoon offers to help you study since he knows how important you are to the team
  • (and he thinks ur cutehahahahahaha)
  • the two of you meet in the common room and were GONNA study there but taehyun and his other friends kept bothering you two so you headed off to the library instead
  • but as you were walking down the seventh floor corridor when this room appears?
  • and you’re super freaked out and like how did that just appear but sungwoon is like oh shit it’s the room of requirement we can just study there
  • so you enter
  • and it’s like this super cute study space with lights and textbooks and stuff
  • and you’re poking around looking at what textbooks there are when sungwoon makes this DISGUSTING noise/shriek behind you
  • and you turn around in confusion and he’s standing there with a huge blush on his face
  • you didn’t realize it at the time but sungwoon found this huge bouquet of roses and used the vanishing spell to make it disappear
  • (and since the room of requirement knows what people wish for… 🌚 🌚 🌚)
  • lmao anyways
  • sungwoon helps you study after practice like every day so that you can focus on the things that really matter
  • like beating slytherin for the house cup
  • and a really important match against ravenclaw comes up
  • gryffindor has to get exactly 500 points in order to quality for the quidditch championship
  • you and your teammates always sit together on match days
  • you’re like super nervous and can barely eat anything during breakfast
  • sungwoon comes into the great hall (and a million girls start screaming)
  • he plops himself down next to you and starts shoving food into his face
  • you and your teammates just kind of stare at him in disgust
  • “(y/n), aren’t you going to eat anything?”
  • “no, i’m too nervous and my stomach’s kind of queasy”
  • he like IMMEDIATELY stops eating and grabs your shoulders in concern
  • “where does it hurt? are you gonna throw up? do you want me to carry you to madam pomfrey really quick? guys, (y/n) is sick DO SOMETHING”
  • you shove him away
  • “dude chill, i’m just nervous”
  • you just chalk his behavior up to the importance of the match and having you play
  • your teammates all trade knowing looks
  • “you really should eat something”
  • sungwoon dumps a bunch of toast onto your plate after carefully buttering it
  • then it’s time for the match!!!
  • the butterflies in your stomach turn into a hurricane, but as soon as professor wood blows the whistle and releases the snitch, all your worries fly away
  • ur in ur like QUIDDITCH ZONE(jazz hands)
  • you have to pay really close attention to what the score is
  • ong seongwoo is the announcer and he tends to get a bit sidetracked when he’s announcing lol
  • sungwoon hovers a couple feet above you, keeping an eye out for the snitch
  • you’ve managed to block all of the ravenclaw chasers’ shots so far, but then a beater pops up out of nowhere and socks you in the head with a bludger
  • “LEAVE (Y/N) ALONE, YOU RATS!”…”prof. mcgonagall would like to inform you all that ravenclaw has scored”
  • you’re fine but sungwoon (and the rest of the team tbh) is pissed
  • gryffindor is still in the lead by 50 points
  • slowly your lead grows
  • but ravenclaw totally shifted their tactics from the last time you played them
  • now their beaters are concentrating on you and trying to get you out of the game
  • so your beaters have to stay close to you and protect you, which prevents you from being able to fly around the hoops and protect them like you normally would
  • sungwoon is also livid because it’s really dirty of ravenclaw to gang up on you like that just to get more points
  • finally you guys are at 350
  • and you motion to sungwoon that it’s time
  • he spots the snitch and he’s off like a bullet zooming after that
  • but the ravenclaw chasers are getting close to you and theres bludgers shooting at you left and right and you keep almost colliding into the gryffindor beaters
  • you can tell that sungwoon is about to get the snitch so you decide to trust sungwoon
  • knowing that theres literally no way you could defend the hoops with so much going on, you speed up and straight on collide with the ravenclaw chaser who has the quaffle
  • and theres no way he’s scoring now
  • sungwoon catches the snitch but you shot towards the chaser with such a high velocity that you lose your balance and almost fall of your broom
  • sungwoon speeds over to where you are and helps you regain your balance, holding your hand tightly as he waves the snitch around happily.
  • when you guys land the team rushes together screaming happily that you guys made it to the championship
  • you and sungwoon are still holding hands but you don’t really realize it
  • professor woods goes onto the loudspeaker 
  • “gryffindor wins 500-250!”
  • and out of nowhere sungwoon yanks you towards him and just fucking plants one on you
  • god damn his lips are soft?
  • the team is cheering again but for an entirely different reason
  • he pulls away breathlessly, eyes darting over your face in worry
  • you laugh, totally ecstatic from everything that’s just happened and kiss his lips again
  • (you don’t even need to tiptoe lmao)
  • (sorry i’m like the same height as sungwoon i promise i won’t make fun of him)
  • after the adrenaline of the match + kissing fucking ha sungwoon wears off u realize ur in a ton of pain
  • because of the stupid bludgers
  • and your wrist is probably sprained? 
  • also you should probably get that head injury checked out
  • sungwoon helps you to the hospital wing (he tries to carry you but he’s exhausted as well and you’re not tryna get dropped by your boyfriend before you’ve even dated for a day)
  • you two are like the gryffindor power couple
  • amazing

lmao i just really like quidditch