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thatdumbfangirl*tumblr*com/post/162127874962/so-peter-chun-pretty-much-outed-ygent-with-his-i Did you see this?

[link] no, i didn’t but tbh i dont see the problem? even if ‘as if it’s your last’ is a song originally written for 2ne1 i don’t think that’s bad at all? 2ne1 disbanded so i think its totally fine that blackpink follows into their footsteps. 

also i don’t think you can “hear bom in the bottom of the track”. the tone/style of rosé’s voice is just similar to bom’s. also blackpink will always have a similar style to 2ne1 because they are from the same damn company and the same writers and producers are making their songs. and honestly, i think that’s great!

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I donated blood the first time when I was 16 and was totally fine. The next time I donated I was not. It was at my school blood drive, but when I got home I fainted and smacked my face on the floor. Had bruises on my cheek and forehead. It turns out I'm severely anemic, just got the blood work in a few days back lol. I'd donate again tbh, just gotta load up on iron the night before. people ask me if I'm scared I'll pass out again, but idc if I do. when people are dying out there I can take it

I admire you! The one time I gave blood, also at a school drive and I believe I was 16 as well lol, I almost passed out half way through. And then later in chorus, I almost passed out again. I haven’t given blood since, like I’m genuinely afraid now, lol. I want to be like you and push past obstacles to help people! 

How to adult on a budget for the lazy and new adulting people (by a not-so-adulty-adult)
  • learn how to cut your own hair. If it’s something easy like an undercut or just trimming your ends every month, you’ll look clean and put together without shelling out $20 every month. (my hair cutting stuff cost like $20 total)
  • if you have to go to a laundromat, make your own detergent. Or just in general. It’s about $15 for everything you’ll need and it’ll make you a solid 6-10 batches depending on how many soap bars you get. 1 bar ivory soap or fels-naptha (ivory works just fine tbh. Cheaper and easier to find) Grate that shit. 1 cup borax and 1 cup washing powder. Mix that shit. 1 tablespoon in the wash. Boom. Add essential oils if you so choose. 
  • On the topic of laundry, throw all your clothes in the same load. Use the cold-cold setting and you can put those red shirts in with your whites with no bleeding whatsoever. (read those tags tho. unless it needs special care, most shirts/pants/socks/underwear can all be thrown together)
  • When money is tight for food, rice, 2 pounds of chicken, some kind of stock or bouillon cubes, and frozen veggies make about 2-3 different meals. 
  • Keep a few bouillon cubes handy tbh. Cook rice in it. Make soup. They’re so much cheaper than stock itself.
  • Coconut oil for everything from actual oil to chapstick to cracked skin. 
  • Baby powder makes a fairly good dry shampoo. Put it on your roots, scrub around, brush out. Boom. 
  • Make scripts for all phone calls you ever have to make to make them go smoother. (bills, doctors, work, etc)
  • Fill 1 side of the sink with water to do your dishes and then rinse with the smallest amount of water possible so you dont end up using a lot of water. 
  • helps you find the cheapest gas near you!
  • Aldi has great cheap groceries
  • If you live alone or with 1 roommate, you don’t really need more than 12 megabyte internet speed. By yourself? Don’t get more than 6 tbh. You won’t need it. 
  • Freeze all meats and veggies! Let’s be honest. You wont be eating carrots every day or that ground beef often enough for it to not go bad, Throw it in the freezer. 
  • Dollar store cleaning supplies save the world. Everything there besides liquid soap is basically just as good. (glass cleaner, bleach, magic erasers, so on and so forth)
  • Dollar stores in general. Most things there will do in a pinch. (earbuds and most electronic/battery powered things are a no-no however)
  • Nail polish remover gets hair dye stains. Hydrogen peroxide gets up blood. Milk for ink. Chalk for oil. 
  • Once you finish using a pot or pan, put hot water in it until you’re ready to clean it. Stuff will just wipe off.

he’s totally not blushing

i’m all too invested in this au tbh

BANGTAN reacting to their so having habit to put their hands under his shirt.

Hi 😁 can you do bts reaction to their gf having this habit of putting her hands under their shirts because she likes the feeling of their skin

yes you can, here it is I couldn’t find good gifs so I just used cute gifs of them

JIN: “Wow, y/n, you’re so cold. Let me make some hot chocolate for you,” Seokjin said as he stood up from the bed and walked to the kitchen. 

I think Jin would be okay? with it, but he definitely wont push you away, but of course the first time he’ll be a bit, ‘what are you doing?’ but that will change over the years.

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SUGA: When you two came home tired after work you immediately got to the bed to cuddle. When you slid your hands under his shirt he’d sigh and when you tried to pull away your hands; thinking he didn’t want you to do it. “No, no don’t pull them away it feels nice.”

He will definitely like it and wil probably fall asleep while you warmed your hands with his body.

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JHOPE: When you two finally were about to sleep you put your hands on his stomach. Hobi his eyes would slowly close and his dream would have you as main character.

The only thing I’m saying is that it makes him relaxed, but tbh you won’t have the time to do that bc the boy is always jumping around etc.

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RAP MONSTER: You slid your hands under his shirt and put your hands on his chest, he cupped his hands over them. You looked up and pecked him on his lips, “love you.”

Would be totally fine with it and will not complain at all and of course first he had to get used to it but later on he’ll even miss it when you or him were gone.

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JIMIN: As you laid your hands on his bare chest you fell two arms pull you closer, a pair of lips pecking your forehead. “You know we have to leave the bed soon,” you groaned knowing it very well and not wanting to get out.

He likes it, don’t get me wrong, but… He’d sometimes remove your arms and embrace you, craving and loving you more.

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V: When you’d put your hands under his shirt he’d grab them and bring them to his sides, “I like this more.”

After he’d lay them on his side he would giggle though, because it tickled.

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JUNGKOOK: “omg, Jesus Christ y/n, you scared the shit out of me,” he shrugged at your touch, but when he got used to it he wouldn’t mind. He’d let you roam his body.

He’d get scared (the good kind) when you suddenly touched him, but overall he wouldn’t mind he’d also find it very relaxing.

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(this gif is just cute ok?)


I feel so bad for the Klance shippers that are not antis and don’t start any arguments/discourse/drama with other shippers. And I know some people just are not comfortable with shaladin and decide not to ship it, that’s totally fine too! You’re not an anti unless you attack or harass people who ship something you don’t like. I’m sorry that other Klance shippers have cast such a negative light on your ship. And I’m sorry that some people can’t even enjoy the ship anymore because of all the hate that seems to stem from this shipping drama.

(Tbh when I see that somebody ships Klance I get a bit hesitant because of receiving possible hate and I’m sure some others do too… Just keep enjoying your ship and find that safe group of positive people) 😊

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*Curtsies* Dear Duke, I'm actually having a quarter-life crisis. I just finished undergrad and am completly lost to what to do now. I'm not even sure in what area I really want to work and whenever someone asks me about my future I get depressed and sad and anxious. I considered taking a year off but have no idea what I would do with my free time. Do you have any advice for this situation? I'm just very lost. Thanks for your time.

*Curtsies* I think your instinct to take a year off is probably the right one, because the last thing you want to do is throw yourself into a career or a graduate degree you’re not even sure you want to pursue. It’s okay if you don’t have a plan nailed down for that gap year. That then just becomes the first thing you sit down and iron out. The first concern is probably going to be getting some sort of job so you can feed and clothe yourself. And here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be a stepping stone to your dream career. All work experience is good and there’s nothing at all wrong with taking a job (or two) with hourly wages. The year after I graduated I worked three and sometimes four of those jobs, and not at any point did I feel like I was wasting my time, partly because I tried to find jobs doing things I was at least interested in. I worked in a bookstore, a wine bar, and for two different theatre companies. Those were all things I enjoyed and jobs I learned a lot from. So that’s the first thing. Don’t expect to be making $60,000 a year, but find a job that’ll keep you engaged and afloat so you can pursue other stuff without starving. 

That’s part two, the pursuing other stuff. If you’re feeling lost and like what you don’t know what to do, take the pressure off yourself for a year and experiment. Figure it out. Research career options for someone with your degree. Take a stab at artistic interests you haven’t had the time to explore. Look into different grad school options if that’s something that appeals to you. Do some volunteering. I don’t know. All I know is that a gap year is only a good thing if you do something with it. I’m not saying you have to solve world hunger or paint a masterpiece, but a year down the line you don’t want to look back on it and feel like you just wasted a year of your life. So brainstorm. Talk to friends and family who know you well. Do some soul-searching, and when you find yourself saying, “Maybe I’d like to do that,” learn more. Go try it. 

Here’s the last thing I’d say to you: Nobody knows what the fuck they’re doing at age 22, so don’t freak out thinking you’re a failure or any of that, because you’re not. Everybody has some sort of identity crisis in their twenties. It’s scary, yes, but it’s also totally normal. Chin up. You’ll be fine. 


….I went a little overboard with the decorating of the new bullet journal 😅 but i mean, wouldn’t you with this washi tapes???? I’m v busy setting up for next year and I just wanna go back to Pittsburgh tbh but I have to wait til after New Years cuz I’m driving friendos back. Which is totally fine! I’m just a little stir crazy at home 😬 stay safe and beautiful everyone! And Merry christmas and Happy Chanukah and Happy Holidays! 🌸🌺🌼

Larry has been the only one out of the main 5 to not have a crush on anyone

can we talk about how cute the gem wives are

garnet: “stop you’re making pearl very upset”

pearl: *a normal pearl level upset, just slightly above baseline tbh*

garnet: *the most upset we’ve seen her since “Future Vision”, really wants you. to stop. because you’re making pearl so upset. totally pearl and not me at all i am 100% fine always*


so basically whilst me and @cosmic-clara / @put-in-writing were catching up, we somehow started talking about how much we adored watching the buzzfeed unsolved videos and that escalated into an hour long conversation about how modern!peter is a SLUT for conspiracy theories/ghost/aliens/and pretty much EVERYTHING SUPERNATURAL RELATED! so without further ado, here’s some headcanons from me and clara!

(aka, the one where peter is like mulder and his s/o is like scully)

  • peter has always been super interested in supernatural stuff because “IT’S SO FUCKING COOL BABE”
    • but his obsession really started when you guys were procrastinating and started watching the buzzfeed unsolved videos
    • he 100% can and will sit and watch all of them in one sitting
      • and he always low key freaks out because “THIS SOUNDS SO FUCKING LEGIT BABE”
        •  “I KNOW THE ILLUMINATI AREN’T REAL BUT LIKE….. what if they can hear me say that….” “peter oh my god”
      • some nights he’ll poke you until you’re awake and be like “so…. do you think that the clintons are apart of the illuminati and are shapeshifting lizard people? it sounds plausible” “GO TO SLEEP PETER” “but i kNOW THEY ARE” and then he proceeds to delve into a deep theory and you’re just about to lose your shit
        • (he’s tried to get charles to look into the clintons minds to see if he can ‘read’ their lizard thoughts)
        • (charles has lost count how many times he’s asked)
  • he ALWAYS nonchalantly will be like “wow i can’t believe we ACTUALLY didn’t land on the moon”
    • kurt is literally SHOOK when he hears that
    • everyone has to stop peter from explaining to kurt a theory that will last four hours
  • peter almost cried when charles told him that JFK was a mutant
  • when he’s sick he’s always like “i can’t take medicine, it’s a ploy by the government to control our minds-” “peter just take the fucking advil or i won’t suck your dick”
  • one of his favorite cases is the zodiac killer!!
    • (his favorite meme is 100% that ted cruz is the zodiac killer. it’s confirmed that peter made posters with ted cruz’s face next to the police sketch and hung them around school)
    • he’ll take you to the crime scenes to look for clues because he’s 100% convinced that the zodiac is still out there
      • if it’s dark and he hears a noise he’ll dash out of there and back to the car LEAVING YOU THERE
  • a lot of your dates consist of UFO hunting!
    • you take a picnic basket, loads of blankets, and take a truck out to a remote field where he’s researched to be a UFO hotspot and you guys sit out there with binoculars
      • he takes a picture of you wrapped in blankets and looking up at the stars with binoculars and captions it “UFO hunting with my lady. #BEAMUSUP”
    • you bought him that iconic ‘i want to believe’ poster and he almost cried from happiness
    • you guys have gone as mulder and scully for halloween multiple times!!
  • another favorite show of his is supernatural! (”i only like the first three seasons though, there’s way more monsters!”)
    • he has a little journal in which while he’s watching, he’ll take notes “just in case” (there are a lot of little doodles in there, too!)
    • one day while you’re cleaning your room you find salt on the windowsill, and you sigh
      • your first thought is “peter u fucking trash can” but then you realize it’s kiNDA SWEET? because he just wants to make sure you’re safe 100% of the time
      • he also buys you deans amulet one year for your birthday because he again, wants you safe all the time
        • when you kiss him and thank you warren says “that’s not the only protection she’ll need tonight ;–)”
    • peter has dozens of the temporary demon protection tattoos from the show!
    • one time you walk in to your room and he’s mumbling something in latin and you’re like “damn peter back at it again with the freaky ghost shit” SO WHEN YOU ASK HIM WHAT HE’S DOING HE’S JUST LIKE “it’s a protection spell!”
  • peter is a huge slut for that cheesy ghost adventures show, omfg
    • his favorite episode is this one

    • you actually enjoy this one a lot because its HILARIOUS
    • he would totally act like that around ghosts, omfg
      • he’d here a noise and fucking BOLT
  • peter get’s really into ghosts after he takes a picture of you in the mansion one day, and there’s multiple little orbs behind your shoulder
    • that’s the start of his obsession with finding the ghost in the mansion
      • “peter it’s a camera flare omfg” “….that’s what it wants us to think…..”
    • you buy him a cheap ghost detector for his birthday one year as a joke, but he actually get’s SUPER excited
      • he uses it everyday, tbh!
      • he walks around the halls with it and JFC does the beeping get annoying
      • one time at like four a.m. it went off and peter freaks out because it’s not the usual beeping, it’s like erratic beeping
        • “BABE THE GHOST IS HERE OH MY GOD” “peter it probably just needs new batteries” “but bABE” “go to sleep before i start screaming”
      • charles has to confront him one day because “you’re scaring the younger students”
        • “you know what should scare them more? GHOSTS, you should be thanking me that i’m patrolling” “peter, that is a childs toy.”
    • he really is protective of the boys because he relates to them hella, especially when they get bullied
    • so you just let him cuddle into you as you watch!!
      • (he asked hank to make him ghost hunting weapons like in ghostbusters)
      • (hank said no)
    • he bought you one and threw at you and said “PUT IT ON BABE WE’RE GOING GHOST HUNTING”
      • (you’re both low key attracted to each other in the costumes)
    • one day while you’re in the hallway you see peter bolt by in his ghostbusters costume and you’re just like “peter, back at it again” but then you see 10 little boys in ghostbusters costumes chasing after him!!
      • they all make little cardboard ghost detectors so they can follow peter around with them
        • (it’s low key bc peter didn’t want them to mess with actual ghosts shh)
          • charles wants to call him out on it but the kids are so happy with him 
          • so he lets it happen
      • one night you go to your shared room only to find peter surrounded by the boys with a light under his chin, telling scary stories
        • peter gave you the happiest little grin you almost DIED inside
        • you see the way peter makes them all giggle and laugh and that’s just a reminder of why you love him
    • somewhere along the way the little girls made you the leader of their female ghostbusters squad!
      • you and the girls are always in a prank war with the boys!
    • one day you and peter set up a game where The Squad put sheets over their heads and whoever catches the most ‘ghosts’ wins!
      • if you catch Kurt you win (bc he’s a teleporter!) he’s pretty much the golden snitch of the game
      • there’s a lot of laughs and pranks and it’s such a good time!!
      • the boys try to prank the girls in the middle of the night but jokes on them because the girls found out and got them while they were trying to prank them
    • peter’s favorite halloween meme is the fucking skeleton war
      • he hides a bunch of plastic skeletons around the mansion dressed up in weird costumes
        • “PETER WHY IS THERE A SKELETON WITH A PLASTIC SWORD IN MY BATHROOM” “the skeleton war…… it’s coming…….” “i hate you so much”
        • the whole school loves this fucking meme
          • there’s a sudden influx of plastic weapons and charles is like “what the fuck” when he confronts the kids, but they’re just like “THE SKELETON WAR PROFESSOR, IT’S COMING”
          • this is pretty much what it’s like living with peter during this
    • one of his favorite halloween things to do is a stupid fucking ouija board
      • he gets the squad to try it one night and this is how it goes
    • peter asked it one time if it was a friendly ghost, and when it moved to ‘no’ everyone lost their shit
      • somewhere along the way the board got tossed and you all freak out because you were supposed to say ‘goodbye’ and you didn’t
      • you all don’t sleep for a week
    • he also LOVES hitting up haunted houses!!
  • one time while you guys were having sex he thought of a new theory to the Bermuda triangle conspiracy and he literally got up to write it down
      • “I CAN’T FORGET IT BABE IM SORRY” “you do it one more time we’re stopping and going to sleep” 
      • he does it again so you roll over and he’s like “I’M SORRY PLEASE PLEASE”
      • “nothing makes me drier than you bringing up aliens peter goodnight”
        • when you tell the squad all the boys roast him for it
        • “you can all thank me when the truth comes out bye”
  • when you guys watch scary movies he’s always pointing out the details
    • “that’s signs of a poltergeist not a demon smh”
      • after peter bugged charles to get a priest, he has the damn audacity to make a daddy joke
      • and if peter ever tried to excerise a demon by himself it’d be like that scene from this is the end
        • you would be the one saying “that’s you’re fucking plan?! you’re gonna repeat lines from The Exorcist?!” “well i would assume they did their fuckin research!” “iT’S A MOVIE” “IT’S A MANUAL, A FUCKIN MANUAL”
  • one summer you guys hit up every UFO hotspot, roswell, area 51, and the most haunted locations in america (and you maybe even go international!)
    • one time though you guys got fucking arrested for climbing into a restricted area
      • charles sent alex to bail you guys out
        • “why the fuck would you try to break into area 51 jfc i don’t get paid enough for this shit
          • (exasperated dad!alex summers is real af)
  • another time peter wanted to go hunt for bigfoot so he took you up to oregon to go camping
    • so you told scott and he bought a bigfoot costume and followed you guys without peter knowing
    • when you guys are making a fire you tell scott to make some ruckus so when the noise of a twig breaking peter nearly loses his shit
    • he grabs his camera and drags you into the woods and tHERE IS SCOTT IS HIS SHITTY COSTUME AND PETER NEARLY CRIES FROM HAPPINESS
      • when you guys get back peter is showing off his pictures with excitement and it makes your heart melt a little because he’s so happy, so you and scott decide to keep it a secret
        • but scott let it slip one day!!! :(((
        • so you took peter again
          • but this time when there was something spooky in the woods he was like “lmao okay scott come on” and you’re like panicking because “IT’S NOT SCOTT PETER OHMY OG”
          • long story short you come home with blurry pictures of something that looks A LOT like bigfoot
  • even though you’re a skeptic and he’s a believer, you still love your big nerd of a boyfriend and will always come with him to his ghost adventures and UFO hunting
  • his argument is always “babe, if mutants can exist, so can the supernatural!
  • bye i love peter and his huge dorky supernatural loving ass
  • shows his kid meme pictures of himself
  • thinks he just wants one but then decides he wants more
  • at first is totally terrified when he learns he’s gonna be a dad
  • his kid and him end up being besties
  • naps together
  • cried when he saw the first ultrasound
  • when his kid gets hurt hyungwon stays where he is and goes, “it’s okaaaay, it’s fineee, you’re fine, buddy”
  • believes that builds a strong foundation of independence
  • lets his child figure out and explore life himself
  • cries when he sends his toddler to the first day of preschool
  • swears he got hoseok’s kid because his kid is a ramen addict
  • had to make sure the nursery was absolutely perfect for his baby’s arrival

not even sorry tbh / first ever (posted) moodboard bc I am soft for dad!hyungwon. 1/7 in the dad!monsta x series

shownu | jooheon | wonho | minhyuk | kihyun | changkyun

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Alright! I’m not autistic, so if I write something you find to be incorrect/offensive, please, please, please tell me, and I’ll rewrite it to fix those problems!

Now to the headcanons!


• In order to be in a relationship with him, they would have been friends (or at least known each other) for a while.
• Never holds anything against them.
• Especially if they have trouble communicating.
• Has zero tolerance for anybody who is crude to S/o.
• Is super concerned if they happen to have an unhealthy stim, and will try to find ways to change it to a healthier one that’ll still help them.
• He sometimes has sensory problems as well, so he understands completely if they’re having trouble.

• Totally a, “go with the flow,” kinda guy.
• They need him to be quiet? That’s fine. They need him to pick something up for them? Sure, no problem.
• Would absolutely knock someone out for them tbh.
• A fan of sitting in a room with them quietly.
• Not the biggest fan of PDA, so if they don’t want to be touched, he’s not heartbroken.

• Is one of the most patient, understanding people on the planet omg.
• Will totally do things for them if they are having trouble.
• Will buy them one of those stim boxes (you know, those things with, like, switches and buttons and stuff on it) and encourage them to use it.
• A fan of talking, but will stop the chatter as soon as they ask him to.
• Will never cross a boundary. Once one is set, he has it committed to memory.