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It's not ableist to insult someone's intelligence. Sure the terms dumb is ableist, insulting someone with such a low intelligence that they actively would be classified as having an intellectual disability would be ableist, or making fun of learning disabilities too. But making fun of a non disabled person who is just unintellegent wouldn't be ableist. It would be mean spirited and possibly classist (if they're just uninformed due to lack of resources to educate) but not ableist.

even if you use words/phrases/insults that are offensive to minorities towards people who aren’t minorities, they are still offensive to minorities. i get where you’re coming from, anon, but the word “retarded” doesn’t stop hurting me and other autistic people just because somebody says it to someone who isn’t autistic, and making fun of somebody’s intelligence might not seem ableist at first, but you’re literally being like “HA, YOU’RE UNINTELLIGENT, JUST LIKE SOCIETY CONSIDERS PEOPLE OF CERTAIN CLASSES AND DISABILITIES”

friendly reminder that words like “idiot” and “moron” literally originated in modern language in reference to intellectual disabilities, just like “retarded”.


The time has come for Marshal to leave my town. I’ve had him for like two years now, so this has been a very painful decision. I thought it wasn’t important to me about how well my villagers and their houses suited my town theme, but I guess that’s changed :-( 

So I really need someone to adopt him. It is vital that I know he’s moved to somewhere he will live happily, with a mayor that will love him as much as I do and take very VERY good care of him. I’d say he’s free but he isn’t, the price is giving him as much love and attention as he deserves and if there ever comes a time where you can’t have him anymore I need you to make sure he goes to another good home too. That’s a mayor’s oath you will be breaking if you don’t!!

As you can see from the pictures he is an amazing friend with a pure heart and soul ;-;

So if you want him let me know! You will also receive his picture with him if you want! Please do not ask for him if you’re only interested in trading him and not having him long term. I know this post isn’t very aesthetically pleasing but reblogs are appreciated :-)

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to the anon who said four crackers isn't a binge: i understand where they are coming from too, but i guess we all just have to understand that people's different eating disorders make them view amounts of food radically differently. it doesn't matter how much, who considered a binge. the point is that for all of us, food controls our lives in horrible ways. and i think instead of judging one another we should just have some solidarity and understanding.

^ my thoughts exactly, well said, anon. Let’s accept that we’re all different and move on from this, I’m sure the anon with BED didn’t mean any harm :)


so hey guys i’m doing a giveaway!! because i’m not really that interested in haikyuu!! anymore and i’d rather these go to good homes where people can u know. enjoy them. also i don’t have the boxes for a lot of them because they either got thrown away or i lost them in the hellpit of my house or i left them because too big for luggage, though the buttons that aren’t the bigger lev button i just found on ebay so i’m not sure where those come from. basically the moral of the story is keep ur merch boxes my friends.

so there’s no point in me selling them. so i’m giving them away! 

i’ll just. u know. throw everybody’s name in a randomizer and pick two winners. woohoo.

1st prize winner gets to pick 3 figures, one mini figure, two straps, a choice of the oikawa squishable thing whose name i cant remember or the kenma plush pin, and 4 buttons!

2nd prize winner gets everything else!

i have some rules too! be sure to read them before entering the giveaway.

1. u have to reblog to be officially be entered in the giveaway. however, if u have reblogged, u can also like for an extra entry. reblogging a lot will not get u more entries. u can only have 2 entries so dont be greedy and try to get more!
2. u dont have to follow if u want to enter the giveaway but if u want to i guess go for it? i dont post much hq anymore lmao
3. no giveaway blogs!
4. please get back to me if u are the winners within a week or i will pick a new winner.
5. uhh just be nice play fair and we’ll be all good i guess?
6. also ill cover shipping costs so dw about that this is about getting free stuff not paying for shipping and handling

i’ll pick the winners of this giveaway on april fools day because i am a fool for losing my boxes so have fun? hooray

Imagine falling in love with Jensen while working on the set of Supernatural.

Only You

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared, mention of Danneel

Warnings: angst, fluff, language

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: This is the SIXTH fic for my 6k celebration and one year fic-i-versary. The line requested was, “Just because you love someone, doesn’t mean you should stick around and screw up their life.” It will be highlighted in the fic. This is written for @blacktithe7 I really don’t know where this came from. I hope you aren’t too disappointed.

Tags at the end

Feedback welcome and appreciated

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Title: Ten Second Car by safferpenn
Pairing: Harry&Louis & Liam&Zayn
Word Count: 14k
Rating: Explicit


“How is it today?” Harry replies, smiling so his dimples pop out.

“You’ve been coming in here for 3 weeks, and you always ask how the ham and cheddar is. I can tell you, it was shit yesterday, it was shit the day before & guess what Curly? It’s shit today too.” Louis smirks, as he finishes, purposely not making eye contact with the beautiful curly headed boy.

Harry just stares at him, wide eyed and completely endeared with this sassy boy. Is that flirting? Harry’s sure it is. And where did that nickname come from suddenly and why does it make him feel so weird.

“I’ll take the ham, please.”

“Suit yourself, Curly.”


AU in which Harry goes undercover to catch illegal street racers robbing rigs and instead falls in love with the bad guys brother.

Based off of The Fast & The Furious (2001) in which Liam is basically Dom, Louis is his brother, Zayn is Liam’s boyfriend, Niall is their right hand man and Harry’s undercover and in love.

Read here on ao3

Edited 1/22/17

it’s easy for me to write about heartbreak, to write about all the pain that’s ripped me into pieces.

it doesn’t make sense to me, why i find it difficult to write about how you fill my heart up with joy.

i can find all the words i need to put my pain on paper, and none of the words i need to convey my love.

so all i can say is that i love you, more than i have loved anyone in my life. you are my everything

sure, pain is beautiful, the growth that comes from it is too. but the love and happiness is a different kind, a more elusive one that plants flowers where there was once barren land and only rain



everything i never say // #88

Consider: Pidge and Keith being best friends

Pidge being the one who explains the joke to Keith when he feels left out about it because he doesn’t understand.

Keith giving Pidge someone else he doesn’t have to have his guard up around.

Them venting to each other

Pidge being protective of Keith when Lance goes too far.

Keith coming to Pidge for comfort when he’s nervous and Pidge doing exactly what Keith needs him to

Keith being a stickler about Pidge’s pronouns and yelling at the team if they missgender him.

Pidge growing as a friend and person from learning to trust Keith.

Keith learning ways to cope with his disabilities and Pidge being super proud of him.

Keith staying up late with Pidge when he’s depressed to make sure he’s okay.

Keith saying something odd and Pidge being supportive and trying to understand.


Heart to heart talks where they both take down some of their walls.

Pidge learning boundaries so he doesn’t fuck up their friendship.

When they go to the beach and Keith doesn’t want to swim, Pidge going in and out of the water to chat with Keith

Keith keeping Pidge from being too shity when he’s mad.

Keith and Pidge reminding each other about self care. ‘Keith you should eat lunch it’s almost 1.’ , ’ Pidge take off your binder before you go to bed.’

Pidge reassuring Keith

Keith reassuring Pidge

Them validating each other

Pidge showing Keith memes and going ’ it’s you’

Pidge and Keith being best friends

I like to have a plan. I like knowing what is happening next: first there is A, and then there is B, and then we move to C. That’s the natural order of things. Plans equal safety -whenever there is a plan, there is a way to execute things properly.

Lately my life has resembled something closer to alphabet soup. First I go to G and then I’m back to E and then I’m forced all the way to Q.
My neat little list has been ripped into shreds in the face of the unexpected. 

But, the good news is, God knows. 
He knows what the future holds, even if right now everything looks like a muddled mess. 
Quite literally. 

Maybe you’re struggling, too. Maybe things are uncertain and terrifying for you. Maybe you’re not sure where the next paycheck is coming from, or whether or not your family member will make it to spend another Christmas with you, or if you’ll ever be able to stop living out of sloppy-thrown-together boxes… 
Or maybe school is killing you, and your mom won’t get off your back, and the dog next door won’t shut its snout for long enough for you to get some shut-eye. 

Maybe all of those perfectly planned ideas of how your life would be are sitting in a pile right next to you (along with your unfolded laundry). 

Whatever it is, it’s going to be okay. 

Even though we can’t see it now, God is spelling out something glorious. 
And He wouldn’t be able to do that with our neatly organized rows of alphabetized plans - He isn’t mandated by our schedules, He doesn’t follow our mortal intentions. He is not chained to our demands. 

Whatever it is you’re going through, whatever it is that’s got you nervous, whatever it is that has you up at night… it’s gonna be okay.

He has you, even if you don’t think you have yourself.

-31Women (Ansley)


[trancript for screen reader]

[Leliana from Origins]

Leliana: “Andraste was burned at the stake in Minrathous, the capital of Tevinter”

Warden: “Why did the Maker not save Her with His power?”

Leliana: “I have thought on this too. Did He withdraw His sight from Her at that moment? Where were all the powers He bestowed upon Her?”

Leliana: “This question has come to me many times and I have no answer. Perhaps there was no way for Andraste to return to the Maker but through Her death.”

Leliana: “We will never know for sure.”

[Leliana from Inquisition]

Leliana: “You probably don’t even worship the Maker. Lucky. He asks a lot”

Leliana: “He demands it all. Our lives. Our deaths.”

Leliana: “Justinia gave Him everything she had, and He let her die!”

Leliana: “If the Maker doesn’t intervene to save the best of His servants, what good is he?”

Leliana: “I thought I was fulfilling His purpose for me, working with the Divine, helping people.”

Leliana: “But now she’s dead. It was all for nothing. Serving the Maker meant nothing.”

[end of transcript]

I think about these two conversations a lot. 

The first shows Leliana who, while has been in the Chantry for a couple years, is still fairly new in her faith. It has given her a new sense of purpose in her life and it remains a guiding force for her for the entirety of the first game, especially when she feels guilt over her past life as a bard. Her relationship with the Maker is mostly a positive one and while she’s puzzled over why he didn’t save Andraste, she accepts not understanding it.  

The second shows her years later faced with a similar situation of the Maker not intervening to protect a holy figure. Only now it’s different because she knew Justinia on a personal level. She saw all the good she’s done with her own two eyes, especially in regards to her own growth as a person, which makes this loss far more painful and confusing than for someone she’s never met. She can’t simply accept not understanding the Maker’s plans this time.

I like how these conversations parallel each other and they reflect Leliana’s character development through out these games well; going from trusting the Maker and feeling strong in her faith because of it, to having the crisis she has in Inquisition because the Maker betrays this trust. 

What they do when they’re jealous.

Kol doesn’t take too kindly to being jealous.  He tends to get very possessive when it comes to you, so if there is ever a situation in which he begins to feel jealous he’ll immediately make sure that his presence is known to the guy who is talking to you.  If the guy continues to try to come onto you Kol will have no problems with teaching him exactly where he belongs.  Far, far away from you.

Jeremy wouldn’t be as possessive as Kol, but he still wouldn’t take kindly to jealousy.  At first, not wanting to seem ‘the overbearing boyfriend’, he would hang back and let you take care of the guy trying to flirt with you at the bar.  After about five minutes of the other man refusing to leave you alone Jeremy would decided to intervene.  He’d position himself directly between you and the man and selectively ignore him.  Instead he would face you, grabbing onto your hand and being overly affectionate.  He’d take your drink from the bartender before you got a chance too and slinging an arm over your shoulder would guide you back to the table, throwing a scowling look over his shoulders to the other man.

Elijah would try to be more subtle with his jealousy.  He wouldn’t confront the individual unless he thought that you absolutely needed his help.  Rather, he would sit at the table and watch you carefully as you dealt with the stranger.  When you finally managed to get back to the table Elijah’s eyes would never leave the other man’s face as he reached out for your hand, or kissed your forehead.  Some sort of public display of affection to let the man know who you were there with.

Enzo would becoming possessive when he was jealous.  He would instantly pull you out of whatever situation was making him jealous, or would immediately lay one on you to stake his claim.  He also might roughen up whoever it was that was flirting with you, not too badly, just enough to make sure they knew never to touch what was his again.

Lucien would automatically make his presence known if he thought that someone was flirting with you.  He would come up behind you, sling his arms around your torso to pull you backwards into his chest, rest his chin either on top of your head or on your shoulder and glare at the man who had been flirting with you.  He wouldn’t even try to mask his glare as something else, either.  At every opportunity he could he would interject in the conversation with a rude remark or a sarcastic comment, mostly throwing insults in the direction of the other man, until the guy would give up entirely and excuse himself.

Marcel would be more calm about the situation.  I think he would be able to see that you weren’t reciprocating the behavior that was making him jealous in the first place, and would be able to intervene with a level head.  He would be able to introduce himself into the situation as your boyfriend and would ensure that the other individual knew that fact before bringing you back to your table and away from them.

This Be the Verse

Angsty modern AU Lieutenant Duckling for a CS Writers’ Hub prompt. Probably the most pretentious thing I’ve ever written, and that really is saying something.

With apologies to Philip Larkin and dedicated to Sascha, wherever he may be.

1.8k. T for language.

She doesn’t really notice him until he starts bleeding.

She’s used to keeping her head down, always the new kid, always the weird kid with the hand me down clothes and a permanent scowl.

She’s never had time to worry about the other weird kids, not when her own school career has been punctuated by cruelty and laughter, and bruises that bloom like flowers, hidden under too long sleeves.

He’s probably the weirdest of them all. Scrawny and pale, with lank dark hair that hangs in his face and eyes like shards of glass. Nobody seems to know where he’s come from - not from round here and that’s for sure - his accent sharp and bitter and different, just like him.

The kids see difference and they sneer at it. Some half-wild feral boy, unloved and unwanted, his clothes half rags and his cheeks hollow; easy pickings for the gangs of roving jocks with their sly, piggy eyes and their whey protein muscles.

It only takes one of them to hold him, class rings digging into thin shoulders, while three more thump and pound and laugh and holler.

It only takes one punch back to stop them laughing.

So it is that the first time Emma Swan really notices Killian Jones, he’s bleeding from a slash on his cheek and sporting a split lip, his eye purpling as his chest heaves and he spits bile on the floor at his feet.

But more than that, more than gore and bravery and sheer stupidity against the odds, she notices fury.

After all, she knows what it’s like to be angry.

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What makes you think Harry was there earlier? :)

Because this is a thing they do and have been doing for a very long time. When their arrivals or departures are documented in bright colors for everyone to see it is to make sure we know they are on the move. They get their picture taken, either by a fan (or a ‘fan’) like in Harry’s case yesterday (note how the pics were posted today) or Louis today. They make sure to be seen to have their picture taken or make a deal with someone beforehand. The pics can be released at an agreed time and date, or as we know they have in the past, simply travel to the airport to get their picture taken when they’re ‘arriving’ or leaving. Harry has been mia for a while now (if I’m not mistaken only mentioned by Grimmy, the poop kicking incident, which is easily fabricated) and knowing this is a thing they do, I am quite certain his arrival was meant to be seen in order to allow him to be there for Louis for the last few days. So, for now, I’m going with this until proven otherwise ;) 

Unpopular opinion?

I see a lot of complaints how Dean “caved too easily” to work w the BMOL. I get where you’re coming from, for sure. I wasn’t happy he agreed to it either, but am I the only one who saw it more as him being resigned than caving? Maybe semantics here but I looked at it as him being struck by Sam’s admission. Like oh shit, everyone is hiding things from me this season & Sam was just honest with me…I better just ride the wave on this one & see how things pan out. I mean, he still said how he def didn’t like them nor trust them & was going to bail the second he didn’t like smth so we shall see if they allow him to stick to his guns on that.

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Top 5 Charming Family moments?

Thanks hun!

1. Just after the curse broke when Emma and Henry go and find Snow and David on the street, literally all the actors acting is amazing in this and so on point, plus Emma is really unsure while David and Snow just look at her with complete love she had never had before.

2. Emma’s date when she gets home and David and Snow had waited up for her as she obviously didn’t expect that. 

3. The family gathered together at the hospital when Neal was born, especially Emma and Snow sharing a look and David making sure to put his arm around Emma too. 
4.Emma calling Snow and David mom and dad for the first time whilst in the mines, she looks scared and it’s such a bittersweet moment.

5. Emma coming back from the past and saying that she’s home, it just always gets me, plus David and Snow are slightly confused cause she hadn’t told them where she went yet. So for them it was almost like she was gone for like an hour tops and suddenly came back completely different.

(Honourable mention: Charming family breakfast)

Supernatural season 11 gag reel highlights

Here comes the last gag reel look-over as observed from under my shiny hat. This is going to be a long post… this flick is just stuffed with coupley cuteness. Let’s get started.

Originally posted by nothingidputbeforeyou

Ah, the dirty jokes! Jensen is trying to be grumpy in the last gif, but his poker face fails. Well, it’s true, isn’t it? Surely he’s good at it, too.

Originally posted by acklescackless

(psst, it’s about Jared’s hair. How I wish it was the other secret ;) )

Originally posted by dean-winchester-crush

That smolder impresses me, too.

Padabooty time! I wonder if that’s Jensen in the background, totally oblivious of his boy’s silliness?

This is definitely my favourite moment from the gag reel, even if it’s not as shippy as some of the others. Jared’s face beams with absolute glee and Jensen just goes along with the joke. This is all too cute.

Jensen messes up a line and goes into heart-eyes mode. Seeing Jared crack up can do that to a person.

“You’ve seen Lady and the Tramp” says Jensen, while Jared is prepared to demonstrate. For the record, I haven’t seen Lady and the Tramp, so do go on and let me see what you’re talking about. ;) 

Okay, be prepared for the final push. Here comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for - complete with slow-motion milking.

(something about mosquitos that I didn’t quite catch)

How f*cking reverent Jensen looks here. Those are not just heart eyes, they’re eyes filled to the brim with love, adoration and arousal.

This here is the perfect ending to our story, don’t you think?

See the gag reel here! I hope you enjoyed my series and had a good time this holiday season. 💝

pretty sure all diplomatic meetings where both Kai and Cinder are present go a lot like the meeting at the end of Winter did.

• Kai winking from across the table

• flustered Cinder bc ^^

• Kai stifling laughs when she addresses him as just Kai

• glaring Cinder bc ^^

• both of them working as The Royal DreamTeam™ to put snobby diplomats in their place

• Kai being a comforting presence when Cinder gets flustered


• footsies

• both stopping the other from saying something TOO sarcastic bc it would totally get them in trouble

• f o o t s i e s


Request: A fic where the reader is a healer witch who was taken in by the hale pack when she was really young to work for/protect/heal them. She grew up with Derek & loved him, but then he started seeing Paige & she was heart broken so she didn’t confess her feelings. Years later she becomes close with Isaac & eventually decides that Derek will never reciprocate her feelings and so says she is leaving with Isaac for France. But Derek panics and gets jealous because he loves her and can’t lose her thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Warning:None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Note:I hope that this is what you wanted and that you’re going to like it,so if you do let me know.:))                                                                                                                                                                                                          I come from a family where they were all doctors so l started loving that job too.Unfortunately my parents died when l was 15 years old in a car crush and after that one family decided to adopt me as their own.And sure they gave me all the love,but l was different from them.I wasn’t a werewolf. After year with them l started developing feelings for Derek Hale,the most beautiful boy in this family,but on my bad luck he was in love with someone else and seeing him everyday with her was so hard for me,especially when we went in the same school.Seeing him happy made me happy somehow and l decided to never talk about my feelings for him.                                                                                                                                                                                                           So here we are 10 years later and l still love him and yes there’s no Paige to stop me from telling him that,but l guess that l’m somehow used to be just a sister to him that l’m scared to live that spot in his life.He has the pack to care about and l’m gladly helping him so that’s how l grove closer with lsaac,but l only see him as a brother nothing more.He needed help to get over Allison’s death so l helped him.He and Argent asked me if l wanted to go with them in France,but l wasn’t sure.I didn’t want to leave my job here,but he took care of everything.I walked into Derek loft and he saw me ‘Hey Y/N,What’s up?’ I walked into the living room ‘I came to say goodbye.’ Instantly he looked at me confused with arms crossed over his chest ‘Say goodbye?Where are you going?’ I came closer ‘I’m going to France with lsaac and Argent.’ l saw how his jaw clenched ‘But why?’ I put a hand on his crossed arms ‘I have to,l feels like l don’t belong here anymore.Nothing’s holding me here,l lost my family.’ He looked at me with sad eyes which is rare for Derek ‘But you have me,what l’m going to do without you Y/N?’ I kissed him on the cheek ‘You’ll be just fine Derek,you always are.’ I walked past him to go but he hugged me ‘I love you Derek,please remember that.’We pulled away and l tried to hold back tears putting a fake smile on my lips ‘I love you too Y/N,you were perfect sister to me.’ I nodded my head ‘Yeah and you were the brother l never had.’ We hugged again and then l left.Heartbroken!                                                                                                                                                                                         I was at the airport when Isaac handed me a cup of coffee.’Here you go Y/N.’I smiled and took the cup from him ‘Mmm thank you,l needed it.’He sat down next to me and took a sip ‘So did you tell him?’ I looked at him confused ‘Tell who what?’ He smiled softly ‘Did you tell Derek that you love him?’                     ‘Oh that?Well no.’ He looked at me with his eyebrows raised ‘And why not?’ l let out a sigh ‘Because there’s no point,he does love me but just like his sister.’ ‘And why are you so sure?” I looked at him ‘Because it’s true,he told me.’  He just nodded his head and took another sip.                               “Last call for a flight 225 for France.’Well l  believe that this is ours.’We stood up and started walking toward our gate when suddenly l heard someone calling my name l turned around and saw Derek running toward me.When he was finally in front of me l looked at him confused ‘Derek what are you doing?’ I was trying to catch his breath ‘Something l should’ve done a long time ago.’ And before l could even register what was happening,l felt his lips on mine and instantly kissed him back.We separated and he leaned his forhead on mine ‘Please Y/N,don’t go.’ I looked at him ‘But l thought that you see me just like a sister.’ He smiled softly ‘That was huge lie l had to live with for the past 10 years of my life.I love you more than that and l need you back in my life.’ I smiled widely at him ‘Well the good thing is that l love you too and you’ll always have me.Always.’                        

I’m trying to solidify how I draw the physical similarities between members of the STRQ family, so I present to you: The Sliding Scale of STRQ™

Some notes:

  • Ruby has Summer’s hair colors, but the style is closer to Tai’s; her nose is more like Tai’s and her eye shape is kind of a mix of both. Summer’s face is longer, while Ruby’s is more rounded like Tai’s. Also, fun fact: while drawing this, I realized that Ruby and Tai have kinda the same little tuft of hair sticking out on their right sides; if Tai grew his hair out I bet it’d look a lot like Ruby’s!
  • Yang’s got Raven’s cheekbones and hair, but Tai’s eyes and nose and hair color. I’m… still not sure where her eye color comes from but it could just be that a grandparent had it? She has Tai’s chin, too.
  • Raven and Qrow honestly have really similar faces. They both have high cheekbones, and Raven’s chin is just slightly rounder than Qrow’s, but otherwise the only real differences are Qrow’s beard and their hair lengths. Also, Qrow has slightly softer-colored eyes. It’s hard to tell from the front but I also tend to draw them with more hooked noses bc like. beaks idk
  • This has nothing to do with appearance but STRQ is still in team order when they’re drawn like this? so that’s cool