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How does G-Dragon still have fans when he’s rude, careless and has called his members ugly and treated them like shit back in pre-debut days and early debut days. He hated SeungRi and got on him all of the time. He treated DaeSung like shit in the past and called him ugly. All he cares about is himself and his self image , looks and money. How can one still have a decent amount of fans?

That’s called growing up, maturing to be a better person as a leader. I’m pretty sure they fixed whatever bad blood they had back in the days brought about the inconsistency of YG’s promise to debut GDYB as a duo. THEY ARE YOUNG. And it’s not even a big deal, not even the kind of feud you are thinking. Also what’s the big deal joking about their looks? Even Jiyong makes fun of himself, Dae too. It’s an inside joke of BB if u ask me.

The group wouldn’t last a decade if Jiyong treats his members, no, brothers “like shit”. You cannot fake the bond. If he cares about fame and money he could’ve gone solo too, but he didn’t.

When was he ever ‘rude’? When he declines people’s request to take a photo with him? When he covers his face with a mask when people swarm over him to take videos? When was he ‘careless’? When he tried protecting a lost child on a concert to avoid getting squished by the crowd? When he pretends to play so fans who follow him would also walk slow to avoid beating the red light?

He has many fans because for obvious reasons he isn’t what you think he is. From a perspective of a fan i’d say he is doing a good job. How can you say that to a man who bows more than 90degrees to every artist regardless of seniority? If you don’t believe a bias person like me let the celebrities speak as they admire how humble and respectful he is.

ANYWAY i hope irene is comfortable with the clothes they give her for performances. i know how she always tugs on her dresses and skirts if they’re too short and this comeback shows a lot more leg. you can tell it gets annoying for her having to constantly pull her dress down and sometimes you can see it in her face that shes very uncomfortable with it. she may like it, she may not. she looks good but i hope shes okay with what they gave her. I JUST WANT MY BABY COMFORTABLE AND THOSE STYLISTS BETTER WATCH IT

postscript; part one

rating: teen

word count: 2k

Richie’s life is weird. He’s navigating life as a trans kid, he just fought an inter-dimensional, child-eating monster, and now he has a crush on his best friend. Luckily he has an older cousin who’s already been through all three.


September 22nd, 1989

Dear Mike,

Eddie said I shouldn’t start this letter with “hope your tits are out” but I think it will make you laugh so I’m starting with it anyways. Do you remember Eddie? I think you met him when you and Aunt Karen and Uncle Ted were here for July 4th last summer. Anyways, a clown tried to eat me and my friends a few weeks ago. Seriously.

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Why are people getting mad that Blake Shelton is the sexiest man alive?

Because. Blake Shelton is not the sexiest man alive. I’m sorry but the man has a beer belly and cheated on his Banging Hot Wife with his co star. Granted no I’m not defending his ex, she did some shady shit too.
But to my point here Blake isn’t hot. He’s not even sexy, he’s attractive sure. But he’s average, he’s a little boring even. Sure he’s probably the sexiest one in the barn yard Ho-down, but alive??? There’s not much to look at in general and he’s only a half ass country star. He was way better back in the day.
What makes his so sexy? Nothing. You wanna know who’s sexy??? Who’s so fine they make woman want to lick them from hairline to ankle???

Ryan Reynolds
Michael B Jordan
Taron Egerton
Chris Pratt
Andrew Garfield
Mark Strong
My Dad
Chris Evans
Chris Hemsworth
My Dog
Robert Downy Jr.
Idris Elba
John Stamo’s
Channing Tatum
Joe Manganiello

I mean that’s just a few of who I think could be a better choice and less boring. But I mean who am I to say anything, I’m only a woman and know what is clearly attractive to anyone out side of the inbred hillbilly barn dance he looks like he stepped out of. But hey I guess I’m wrong.

This is random but pls pls don’t spread news or rumors after just seeing a headline, or seeing people talk about it. Find out the truth first. Read up on it, before speaking your mind and contributing to the spreading. There is SO MUCH fake news going around right now. People jumping to conclusions, depending on their politician standpoint. And I get it. You’re angry. I am too. Sometimes I’d like to believe every single headline I see, too. But please make sure you know what you’re talking bout. This is such a problem.

Muscles [KatsuDeku]

A/N: Boku No Hero Academia (Bakugou/Deku, platonic) - 33. “Oh? You want me to tickle you that badly?” - ok I’m actually quite the gross KatsuDeku shipper so I had to do my best to not make this too shippy and I’m not sure if I succeeded xD Thanks for the prompt and I hope you like it<3

Summary: Deku has gotten quite the muscled body, Bakugou notices. It doesn’t matter that they’re in the middle of the dressing room: Deku has to prove to him then and there that he’s really gotten stronger too. 

Word Count: 1365

“Wow Midoriya, nice colors!” Deku just took his costume out of his bag, and he smiled as Iida came up to him to admire it.

“Really? That what you got looks nice too!” he said happily. He looked around the dressing room where all guys were getting changed into their hero outfits. He was excited to change into his hero outfit for the first time… It meant so much to him. He took a sigh and then pulled his shirt over his head, following the others’ example by starting to undress, when a sudden growl attracted his and everyone’s attention.

“DEKUUUU!” Deku froze with his shirt still halfway over his head, and he bent a little and peeked through the collar to see Bakugou racing at him. Uh-oh. He let out a loud “EEP!” when Bakugou grabbed both his sides and started to feel him with his hands, fingers massaging and squeezing him firmly.

“E-eh!?” He heard the other guys freak out as much as he did, and he got so hysterical that he began to toss his upperbody around in vain, still caught up in his shirt.

“Where did you get these muscles!? Huh!” Bakugou barked. Deku felt violated to have Bakugou suddenly grope him like this. 

“K-Kacchan! Wait, stop –” He managed to pull one arm out of his tight shirt first and began to push Bakugou away.

“I just exercised that’s a – wait that tickles! S-stohohp!” he yelped when Bakugou continued to harass him. He squirmed and twisted, eventually managing to stand face first against the lockers with Bakugou pressing against him from behind. 

Deku wildly managed to pull his other arm out of his shirt as well, but he gasped in shock when Bakugou grasped that arm and pinned it above his head against the lockers with a loud bang

“Come on now guys!” Iida tried to cut in, but Bakugou leaned close until Deku could feel his breath sending chills down his spine, and he growled:

“You exercised hm?” Deku’s eyes widened when he felt that Bakugou began to claw at the exposed side of his ribs, fingers digging into the bare skin and this time tickling his muscled body on purpose. That ruthless torturous tickling, just like in the past.

“Hngh-ahhaha K-Kacchan!” Tears were immediately welling up in Deku’s eyes from fighting the urge to scream. 

“What’s wrong? You got all that exercise, all these muscles…” when he said ‘muscles’ Bakugou dove his fingers especially deeper into his flesh, tickling him with such enthusiasm that Deku jerked heavily and let out a cry. 

“Then why are you still….” Deku already flinched because he knew he was going to say it. Out loud. Here in the dressing room, for everyone to hear. He struggled again in vain, his free hand clenching helplessly into a fist.

“…Ticklish?” Bakugou then released Deku’s arm so he could tickle him with both hans. He wiggled his fingers up his ribs and under his arms, tickling his armpits and making Deku squeal out loud.

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Anyone else have problems with your friends treating you as stupid/dumb? They often make jokes about how I'm the most likely to fail in life or most likely to accidentally get myself killed. At first it was all in good fun but it got too much. I told one of them that the jokes are hurtful now and she said I was overreacting. "No one really thinks that." At this point I'm not sure what to do except that a recent fight is really making me re-evaluate my friendship with the group.

I would re-evaluate as well. In particular, being told that you’re overreacting when you say that something bothers you, especially when that something is specifically jokes at your expense, is not okay.

Start looking around for other people you may have stuff in common with. It can be difficult to change friend groups, but it’s not impossible.

Followers, do you have any suggestions or advice?


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I know this is non fiction but do you have any tips on using P. E. E(point evidence explain) I really need to use it properly to get my GCSE in English language xx

Ah, I was taught that method early in high school (though I never knew the name)! It’s my understanding that it’s just a structure for essay writing, so I’m not too sure what a “tip” could be, but I’ll explain my understanding of it and hope that helps? My degree didn’t follow the liberal arts, since I found a calling elsewhere, so I don’t know the secrets to everything literary and essay-professional, but maybe my explanation can be worth something. 

The P.E.E. structure is used for the body paragraphs of essays centered around things like literary analysis. It’s a form of organization. P is for “Point”, the first E is for “Evidence”, and the second E is for “Explanation”.

The “point” is where you make a statement about the text you’re analyzing. This can also be called an “assertion”, and should always be written as though you are sure about what you’re saying. This is not the time for doubt or meekness.

The “evidence” is where you use what’s in the text to back up your statement. The best evidence is typically in the form a direct quote that’s integrated into the sentence itself (and cited).

The “explanation” is the real meat of the paragraph and is where you explain how the evidence backs your assertion. Here you can explain the meaning of the quote and how it lead you to your inference.

This not my example (it’s taken from this TutorFair site), and while shows the basic structure really well, it’s not what I’d call the absolute best analysis. It’s definitely not bad, but I can see the explanation being a lot stronger and they need to cite the quote in-paragraph. (Though there’s good work in the writer’s ability to look beyond the story and see how language and the author’s choices can be revealing.) 

Point: Brontë seems to punish Isabella Linton for going against what was normal in Victorian society and leaving her husband by killing her off.

Evidence: “a kind of fever, slow at its commencement, but incurable, and rapidly consuming life towards the end.” (p.169)

Explanation: The way that Isabella dies is dragged out and ‘slow’ but it also seems to reflect her descent from her place as an ideal female to a sinner in the eyes of polite Victorian society. Even the way that Brontë chooses a syndetic list to describe Isabella’s death extends the wait before ‘the end’. The use of the conjunctions ‘but’ and ‘and’ at the end of the sentence give a sense of the inevitable progression towards death that Isabella experienced as if to confirm the ‘incurable’ nature of her illness and her self-inflicted demise. To kill Isabella in such a cruel way seems like a punishment.

And then you put everything together.

Brontë seems to punish Isabella Linton for going against what was normal in Victorian society and leaving her husband by killing her off. Her death is described as “a kind of fever, slow at its commencement, but incurable, and rapidly consuming life towards the end”. This shows the way that Isabella dies is dragged out and ‘slow’ but it also seems to reflect her descent from her place as an ideal female to a sinner in the eyes of polite Victorian society. Even the way that Brontë chooses a syndetic list to describe Isabella’s death extends the wait before ‘the end’. The use of the conjunctions ‘but’ and ‘and’ at the end of the sentence gives a sense of the inevitable progression towards death that Isabella experienced as if to confirm the ‘incurable’ nature of her illness and her self-inflicted demise. To kill Isabella in such a cruel way seems like a punishment.

The one thing that paragraph did especially well is that it integrated the quote. The evidence isn’t just thrown in as its own sentence, it’s worked into the writing for smooth flow

The tough thing about the Point-Evidence-Explains structure, is that the format alone isn’t what makes a good essay because the format is just for organization. The strength of the writing comes from the strength of the assertion, evidence, and argument, which comes from strong analysis and detailed, open-minded thought. Good structure matters for ease of communication, but it can’t be all you have to offer in literary analysis, or any form of analytic writing. 

Sorry that all I could do is probably repeat what your professors have said. The structure alone is pretty basic, and while I have experience with the method, to really help I’d need more time than I feel like I can offer with this blog. I used to tutor this stuff, but it’s been a while and I’m definitely forgetting a lot of the tiny details that can make an essay especially good.

Good luck with your work!

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Hello! Could I ask for some headcanons if Moira was sick? Like nothing terminal, something like the flu, and how she'd react to a SO trying to take care of her?

Hello lovely! And you surely can, I very much hope I could write her well enough and that you’re going to like it =)

- Moira isn’t good with being helpless and while she sees the use to rely on other people in the field or to work together with someone who can do what she can’t, getting sick is something entirely different.

- Usually, when Moira is alone, she holes up with her medicine and a huge pot of tea and just tries to sleep it off, making sure she’s healthy again before returning to her work.

- She doesn’t react well to being coddled or constantly asked if she needs anything. If she’s too sick to take care of herself, she asks if her partner might make her tea and later some soup, though aside from that, she mostly relies on her medicine and sleep to get back onto her feet.

- Moira can be a bit insufferable if she’s at this stage of illness, where she’s too sick to move around but not sick enough to sleep the day away. Her mind is rather active while her body isn’t and that can cause her to be cranky or to get frustrated with things more easily.

- What Moira is okay with is sitting on the couch and watching a movie, while her partner cuddles her or prepares something to eat in the background. She can get tactile while being sick and she finds it unexpectedly soothing to just rest her head on her love’s shoulder and have them put on a show they both already know. Moira can doze off or pay attention, all without feeling like she’s missing out on something.

- Moira does worry about getting them sick as well, though her protests aren’t too strong when her partner says they won’t get sick. She trusts their judgment, though if they really do get sick because of her, she scolds them before taking care of them and getting her love back to their feet as soon as possible.


Daisy stood up very suddenly.

Seb: What?!

Daisy: I know who did it.

Seb: Huh? Who!

Daisy: Lenny Denny…!

Seb: Woah woah woah.

Daisy tried walking off.

Seb: Hey Daisy, first of all you can’t leave this room until the principal comes and second of all, it is not Lenny.

Daisy: Oh how would you know?!

Seb: That kid… I just know he wouldn’t pull something like that. I know he may seem like it but he’s too… I don’t know, weak for those kind of things?

Daisy: Well ya know what! Let’s ask to make sure!

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Star has a lot going on in her life besides just Marco. Her duties as a princess, her magic powers expanding, her friends and family and her situation involving Eclipsa. Marco, on the other hand, seems to be shutting off parts of his life not related to Star. He’s left behind his life on Earth, ended his relationship with Jackie and has ruined his friendship with Keckapoo. Tad evens calls him the master of making himself miserable. I’m worried Marco is giving up too much of his own life.

Same here, we’ll have to see how things develop. Technically speaking I don’t think there’d be anything wrong if he were to decide that what he wants to do, at least in short term, is helping Star. Not living in her shadow, but sharing her same goals. Mewni is not Marco’s home, sure, but he clearly believes in what Star is trying to do (heck, it’s thanks to him that Star first started seeing monsters as equals), so there’s no reason to think he can’t be as involved as she is.
Then again it might make for boring character development arcs, so… we’ll see. Recent events definitely confirmed that the plot is not going to forget about him just because he doesn’t have huge powers.

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i literally dont know how you and other artists do it. like hoW DIGITALART??? HOWART??? ihave no idea how to improve and i have no idea how to share my art on the internet. welp. belp. help

Here is howart, in 3 easy steps:

  1. Try to digitalart
  2. If fail, look at process videos n see what you can steal from them, read books about howart, and also study your favourite arts and try n figure out how they were made
  3. Try to digitalart

I did my first painting after watching one of @blvnk-art‘s process videos. Sometimes all it takes is seeing someone doing the thing in order for you to figure out how to do the thing. It blew my mind that she a) used a reference (like right there, on the canvas) and b) didN’T USE LINES?? WHAT???

As for sharing your art on the internet:

  • Make sure to tag your art properly so that people can find it, and don’t get too discouraged if you don’t get a lot of attention at first. 
  • If you’re sharing it on Tumblr, remember that it might take a minute for people to get to you on this whirling blue hellsite. 
  • For immediate validation (if that’s something you need), Instagram is much better than Tumblr, since likes take less commitment than reblogs and replies. 
  • But if you want to build a community, make connections, and find friends, Tumblr is much more responsive, if you’re willing to slog a bit to get there.



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Hello! I'm ftm and i'll be starting T around February and traveling in late July overseas. I'm wondering if it's better to get a passport before or after starting T, I estimate I'd be on T at that point from anywhere from 3-6 months. If I'm lucky I would of managed to change my gender and name by then. And what kind of issues should I expect to run into at airports? (i'll be going from Australia to Europe!)

Kii says:

I don’t know about Australia, but in the US, you have to pay for a new passport if it needs to be updated (name/gender changes) so if that’s also the case in Australia, you might want to wait until those document changes happen. Also look into how long it takes between filling out paperwork and actually receiving your passport, to make sure you give yourself enough time. Otherwise, it really doesn’t matter too much. I look absolutely nothing like my current passport photo because my face was really swollen when I got the photo taken, my hair is a different color now, and I have a bunch of new piercings. I’ve never been stopped or questioned about it though, because my passport states that it was issued when I was 15 and that’s when the photo was taken.

As long as all your documents line up, you shouldn’t run into any additional issues with that at the airports, but you can always carry a letter from your doctor that states you are in the process of transitioning and that’s why you look the way you do. You also will need to carry your prescription if you are carrying medical needles on the plane. This link is US-based but talks about other things to keep in mind.


Someone contact Ellen and ask her to please ask BTS about their actual music (the new album, the process, their long hours making musical magic), their love myself campaign with unicef, BT21, anything! As long as it’s not about their celeb crushes, what American food they like, or if they’ll be making an english album! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Those questions have been asked too many times and they are not important! And somewhat disrespectful. What’s important is making sure they get the respect they deserve as hard working artists! Ask them something real!

She’s our last hope!


So it’s almost been 2 months since I’ve started this blog. I figured it was time once again to thank everyone that contributed to help make this blog what it is today! I would like to thank all of my followers who like and reblog my posts! The list of you is a little too long to thank you individually.

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The Boys + Cooking


  • Ah… Leo.
  • His talents in the kitchen are very… Limited.
  • Need so tea? He makes the best! Need an actual, out it in a pan and cook it meal? Yeah not so much.
  • His specialties are basically tea, rice, cereal, and pasta
  • But not pasta pasta… Legit he can cook the noodles and thats it
  • Its very similar to making rice
  • And its not that he doesn’t try, its just that our little perfectionist has bad timing
  • Its either under cooked or overcooked
  • And if its not that its something else, such as too much flour, not enough water, too much salt
  • Leo making dinner often requires all of the bros, just to make sure something is edible by the end of it
  • He’s very insecure about it, but he hides it pretty well
  • You know what he’s amazing at? Drinks. Any drinks really, alcoholic or not
  • Speaking of tea he doesn’t use bags but actual herbs and leaves and roots and stuff in a small metal steeper (he ~fancy~)
  • What he does make he makes it to the utmost perfection


  • Actually very good
  • He can do cooking, but baking is a little difficult because its a lot more measuring then he likes
  • Very rarely doss he cook, but its always something good
  • Raph is partial to really filling meals, so that’s what he makes most often
  • He’s the fave bro to cook during winter because of this
  • He most often helps Leo in the kitchen; its the one place they get along
  • Beware of broken glass
  • He tends to break plates a lot? Like he always presses too hard on them and they just crack
  • His timing is perfect??? Like how???
  • He makes a kick ass hot chocolate too
  • Rich and warm its literally the best thing on gods earth (so Mikey tells him)
  • Can make a kick ass Mexican food
  • For some reason he can never do soups
  • They have so many steps, and he’s more the throw-it-in-the-pot-and-go type guy
  • Donnie fixes a crock pot for him
  • The best meal of his and his fams life


  • You already know
  • A++ in the kitchen
  • He can cook just about anything
  • He makes dinner the most often
  • But be wary; he likes to experiment
  • He is amazing at breads. After all his years of pizza loving it finally paid off when he started making his own
  • It was a little rocky but it turns out amazing once he figures out the right rations
  • He loves sweets but they can sometimes be a hit or miss
  • While his food is amazing, the kitchen is always a mess after
  • “The cost of perfection man” - Mikey to an angry Splinter
  • He blasts music while cooking
  • You can tell what mood and what he’s making by this
  • He’s the best at accommodating his bros particular taste demands
  • Raph and Master Splinter likes things spicier, while Leo prefers it a little plainer. Donnie likes rich flavor to things
  • Mikey is magic when it comes to pizza obvs


  • Baking is where its at
  • After all its basically science?
  • He himself has a sweet tooth, so thats what he makes most often vs an actual dinner
  • Hes really good at curry though
  • The blend of spices fascinates him
  • Can make the best coffee
  • He tries to help Leo, but it gets a little too scientific sometimes
  • He enjoys experimenting like Mikey, but its more controlled
  • Instead of just throwing things together he measures this much of this spice and that much of the other spice…
  • He seriously has lab notes
  • Like Raph he cooks very rarely
  • Splinter actually enjoys his cooking the most because he also enjoys sweeter things
  • Is by far the neatest when he cooks due to needing a neat area to perform experiments
  • His crème brulé is the bomb diggity



  • For the first few years he didnt actually cook, but scavenged instead
  • The turtles were maybe a couple years old and developing teeth before he found a tattered beginners cook book
  • Unlike Raph, he makes an amazing soup
  • Once the boys hit their preteens he started teaching them how too cook, and now that they’re almost adults they do most of the cooking
  • He cooks on special occasions
  • Because he raised the boys during times where food may or not have been scarce, he tends to make too much food in order to store some for later
  • Its a habit thats never left him
  • He is very patient in the kitchen, but enjoys pretty flavorful dishes
  • Mexican, Indian, Chinese he enjoys making all of these dishes
  • Once April came around he started to cook a little more because he could ask her to get him ingredients
  • The boys love his cooking to death because a) they don’t have to do it and b) Splinter a damn good cook
  • When Leo was younger he was extremely frustrated by his lack of culinary skills, so Splinter allowed him to make the pastas and rice for the meals; thats how he became so good at making them

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Might I ask, what, in your opinion are least well written parts of svtfoe, I'm not talking about fillers, just the overall show. What parts do you think are poorly written and could have been portrayed better.

I think that one of the main flaws the show has is an apparent reticence in getting the main characters involved with the plot. They get attacked by a bounty hunter sent by Heinous? Meh. They see that Ludo suddenly has a wand? Meh. As soon as the immediate danger is over Star and Marco never worried about it, never looked into it. Sure, it’s something most TV shows do, to an extent, not to make the plot progress too fast, and it somewhat fits the series and the characters: Star runs away from problems and just wants to have fun, especially in S1 and early S2, they’re not heroes, they’ve always been passive. But sometimes it felt like they overdid this a bit too much, cracking the viewer’s (or at least mine) suspension of disbelief. Nothing tragic, but one of the main flaws I think the show has. S3 started changing it a bit, since Star is now done running, but there’s still a lot of work to be done because, as she said, she doesn’t know anything, and this is also her fault in part, because she barely asks anything! Again, this is to slowly drip lore and plot, but there’s a tipping point in this “it makes sense for the character to act like that” and “it’s an unrealistic way to drag out things”.


Things I love from this: 

“He [Stamets] is prickly…I love that he’s prickly. I think the reason why I love that he’s prickly is that he’s the smartest person that I know… He’s opinionated…I think I find it humorous.”

“I found that if Spock was the brain, and Kirk was the body, that McCoy was the heart… And I so I wanted to make sure there was an aspect of that, too.”

man i hav no idea what i wanna do for the ball i just kno i wanna join,,,,ill def draw some formal outfits for the trolls im sendin but im not sure what to do past that. hmm. 

ill def be sending faldur sarkan + florem 

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Hey! So I’m late to the party but I would love to know your thoughts on bts and their sexualities? You seem so confident when you say that the members are not straight and I’ve been getting those same vibes too but I would love to know why exactly you are so confident. What makes you so sure?

My gaydar is impeccable ask anyone, being able to determine if someone is gay or not is one of my many talents. in all honesty a lot of it has to do with seeing myself in them and stuff I went through, and connecting with them, you know?? But like, have you seen them??? They’re all so gay