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A very special commission @extravierge asked me to do a billion years ago that I finally got around to. The ever beautiful and amazing Julia Burnsides!

Lostcauses Fic: Eucalyptus

For @birbwin​.  This turned out way smuttier than I intended. Oops :}

Erwin yawns and turns over, throwing out one arm and groping blindly for the small compact body of his husband.  The bed is empty but the sheets are still warm and the light spilling out from under the bathroom door indicates he hasn’t gone far.  Stumbling out of bed rubbing his eyes, Erwin makes his way through to the bathroom without stopping to pull on the t-shirt and boxers lying on the floor beside the bed, where they’d been discarded the night before.  

Levi is standing naked by the bathroom sink shaving, a towel slung low on his hips, hair a riot.  

“Morning darling.” Erwin mumbles, voice still thick and sleepy, as he places his hands on Levi’s shoulders and presses a kiss into the back of his neck.

“Dammit Erwin, what are you doing? I’m trying to shave.”  Levi frowns at him in the mirror as he draws the straight blade down over his cheek with studied concentration.  Shaving with a straight razor is just one of his many idiosyncrasies, and Erwin never tires of watching the deft way he handles the lethal blade.

“Mmm hmm,” Erwin hums, working his way up Levi’s neck, and burying his nose in the soft fuzz of his husband’s undercut.  He’s still warm from sleep, smelling of sweat and sex, and the sharp tang of eucalyptus shaving soap.  Erwin inhales deeply and closes his eyes, sliding his hands down over Levi’s shoulders, round to the solid planes of his chest, feeling his nipples perk into small tight peaks beneath his hands.

“Fuck’s sake,” Levi shakes his head as he rinses the blade in the sink, before applying it to the other cheek.  

“What?” Erwin mouths against his back, lips tracing a line down the notches of his spine as his hands find the crest of sharp hipbones.

“Erwiiiiin,” Levi warns, but Erwin just grins.  He tugs once at the towel and lets it slide to the floor. Levi sighs pointedly, but continues shaving, leaving Erwin to continue his explorations unhindered.

Erwin moves southwards, sinking to his knees and letting his cheek come to rest against the glorious curve of Levi’s ass, hands kneeding into the solid muscle of his thighs.

“Get the fuck off, I haven’t even showered,” Levi complains, lifting one bare foot and trying to push Erwin away, Erwin noses at his ass and tightens his grip on Levi’s thighs feeling the fine dark hair rasp beneath his fingers.

“I know.”

Above him, Erwin hears the metallic chink of the razor being set aside and the swirl of water draining from the sink.  He takes that as his cue, turning Levi around where he stands.  For all his protestations, he’s already hard, his slender cock standing up against his belly, a single bead of precum glistening at the tip.  

Erwin buries his nose in the tight dark curls at the base of Levi’s cock and breathes him in.  He smells of salt, sweat and everything Erwin lives for.  He rubs his cheek against the smooth heat of Levi’s cock, stubble rasping against sensitive skin. Somewhere above him Levi hisses.

“You need to fucking shave.”

Erwin hums in agreement and takes Levi full in his mouth without further ceremony, running his tongue around the head of his cock. Levi whines and curses.

Erwin sucks him off slowly, surely, he knows exactly how to take Levi apart with a flick of his tongue, the slightest graze of teeth. He takes his time, brings him to the edge and holds him there until he’s pleading, begging to please, fuck, please Erwin.

Levi comes with his hands fisting in Erwin’s hair, hips bucking hard.  His thighs are slick with sweat, shaking under Erwin’s palms.

Erwin sits back on his heels, wipes his hand across his mouth with a satisfied smirk, and smiles up at his husband.

“Filthy bastard,” Levi growls, “come here”.  Erwin’s knees crack as Levi hauls him to his feet. “You’re such an old man.”

“Going to trade me in for a newer model?”  Erwin asks, planting a kiss on Levi’s glowing cheek.  His face is still pink and damp from shaving and exertion, and there’s a peak of frothy white shaving soap below his ear.  He smells strongly of clean, sharp eucalyptus; it’s an intoxicating contrast to the warm heady musk below.  

“Nah, I guess you’ll do. Get in the fucking shower though.”

Levi pushes him hard in the chest and Erwin goes, pulling his un-protesting husband after him.

There is importance to the reoccuring beach scenes in Robin’s drawings:

1st appearance: On Enoch’s Fridge (seen 5x1 and 5x5). The image is drawn by the young Robin and shows two people who appear to be a man and woman on a beach beside a single palm tree. The only identifying details of the people is that the woman has dark brown/black hair and the man has very short lighter hair. There is obviously some importance placed on this image for Enoch to have put up on his fridge. It is beside other drawings including the get-away RV used by Fitz and Hunter, the two military agents trying to capture them in Enoch’s kitchen, and a few images that appear to be the Lighthouse prior to the earthquake. 

2nd appearance: In the Zephyr’s cockpit, which also doubles as Robin’s room (seen in 5x8). Among the various other drawings, you can see two such images hung up. 

The first is hung on the bulkhead beside the jump-seat where Robin sits. We see it in the background as Robin listens to Phil and May. This drawing shows a tropical landscape with palm trees present like the early image, but no people. As the scene changes from the Fitzsimmons kiss to the conversation in the cockpit between Phil, May, and Robin, the camera is focused on this picture behind Robin, while Robin is blurred. Another sign that the drawing is important is the fact that we get this image completely within the camera’s frame (whether the focus is on the drawing or on Robin), while Robin’s face is cut off whenever we can see this image in the background. This expresses to me that the picture is more important than Robin herself, who doesn’t actually say anything at all in this scene. 

The second picture is hung in the front of the cockpit; hanging from the overhead control panel. This image, like the other in this scene, differs from the early drawing as there are no people in it. It is a tropical/ beach setting with a single palm tree. The placement of this drawing seems to show favor to this image over the others in the room. It is displayed directly centered in the cockpit, and during this scene, it is directly overhead Phil who is seated in the center of the frame.

Prediction: The people in the early drawing are drawn by a child and are therefore not detailed and consequently indistinguishable. I believe that is why the later images, that are drawn with a much more detailed hand, have no people in them. The writers don’t want us to know who those two people definitively are yet.  

However, the only time we see these drawings emphasized are during the scene between Phil, May, and Robin like a foreshadowing for Philinda. We do see the drawing at the front of the cockpit again with other people present, but it is not centered or a point of camera focus in those scenes. Also, Phil and May are the only couple with a light-haired man and a black-haired woman. I believe that these drawings show their life after they have all gotten back from the future and have successfully saved the world. This is an image of their well-deserved vacation after it is all over. Maybe these drawings of peace and possible happiness among all the blood and death, that Robin usually sees, is the “faith” that keeps May going when everything seems to be against them in the timeline where the earth is destroyed. She has “faith” that she and Phil will be together again and in a world that is safe and happy where they can love each other. 



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the one thing i really suck at in cas is the face shape of sims, like the jaw/chin/cheekbones. any tips on that? :)

my sims faces used to be so angular but now all i do is pull those cheeks right out?? cheekbones who?? this is a chubby/round faces only event

ultron vc: that’s a wonderful world u have there,,,, it’d be a shame if anything were to,, happen to it,,, :^)

reblog if…

• you think Trans boys can still be boys with long hair

• you think Trans boys can still be boys if they like dresses

• you think Trans boys can still be boys even with no physical transition

• you think Trans boys can still be boys if they’re “feminine”

• you think Trans boys can still be boys if they like pink

• you think Trans boys can still be boys

I’ve watched this piece countless times now. I’ve slowed it down. Sped it up. Paused it. Screengrabbed and expanded it and I still think what I thought on my first watch. My gut tells me that this isn’t Tony in the suit.

It isn’t just the body type (hips too narrow/gait of walk off/and man, that really does not look like Downey’s ass). It’s the left hand. 

By now Tony has been Iron Man for ten plus years. The raising of his hand to fire the repuslor is beyond automatic. It is bone deep. It is muscle memory. The armor is part of him. He literally does it in his sleep in IM3. There is no way that Tony Stark, the man who fought Thor, who took on two super soldiers at once without even a second thought is going to suddenly forget how to plant his feet and raise his hand. Tony Stark never backed down from a fight in his life. Even as they were torturing him in the cave he remained defiant and fought back.

Tony isn’t the only person on that planet Peter (parker) is up there with him. 

And if that is Tony in that shot, then Marvel threw character out the window and fucked up big time. 

But I honestly, truly think that isn’t Tony in that armor.