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This is my third time on the PINOF hype, and it feels so much happier this time and less chaotic. Before everyone would yell at each other about not daring to ask q's relating to their *ship*. as deep in the closet as D&P could have been, the fans were in their own closet called "trying too damm hard" (basically the EVERYONE STAY CALM meme) now everyone for the most part is laying back with a cup of tea, just smirking, and D&P are in a closet made of glass. This is a good year for sure

A closet made of glass is the best thing I’ve ever heard and so true!

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Ship Regina with "happiness" is just an excuse. Because Regina is a character and has no free will. She is "happy" because the writers are saying so. If the writers want her to be in love and happy, she will be. The characters are simple puppets and do whatever the writers want them to do. And as good as the actress is, not even she can make me believe it or take it in any way seriously. Hood1&2 proved it well enough. And hook will be (maybe) next and make her "happy" too. Sure.

I totally agree with you and I’ve said this quite a few times. They say they want Regina to be happy with whoever she’s with but her happiness solely depends on those who write for her. What if they say she’s happy, what if Lana says she happy even when it’s obvious she’s not? Will you ship it then? I don’t see people saying this for Emma even when we were being told she was happy, even Jmo was saying this, referring to them as True Love (which the show never confirmed with TLK and don’t even get me started on that stupid test, I could make a whole post about how bogus that was)

I’ve seen people give the argument of this hook being different. I will say yes, I agree this H00k is different but given the show’s history I believe the outcome will be the same.

I saw someone make this comment the other day.

“People who are surprised (or find it hypocritical) that people who didn’t like CS or the way Hook was written in CS love Rogers and Wish Hook without CS never bothered to listen to people when they explained their problems with the character or the ship in the first place.”

To this I offer this statement:

If you think our main problem with H00k or h00ked queen in general is based on character or ship alone then you never bothered to listen to what people like me (queer, woman, and POC) have been saying about not just the character but the show as well. You obviously don’t understand or have blinded yourself to what is fundamentally wrong with this show and those behind it.

Look at what this show did to its characters to prop up H00k. It wasn’t just Emma, they all were affected in some way, she just received the brunt of it. Do you think they wouldn’t do this to Regina for this H00k, especially given how they treat their POC characters? Do you really think they wouldn’t tear down the POC woman for their good looking white man? They tore down and bastardized their blonde hair, light eye, white woman main character for him, what makes one think they wouldn’t do the same to the brown hair, brown eye, Latina character? Especially given the hard on Eddie has for hook and Colin. But seeing how as the person who made this comment worships the ground this show (and Adam) walks on and is blinded by their own white privilege I can’t say I’m surprised.

You can ship h00ked queen all you like but don’t trivialize others reason for not doing so with something as insignificant as character and ship. It’s so much more than that and if you think it is then YOU’RE the one who’s not listening.

Writing Update! 11-20-17🖤

Hey guys! I had a little minor surgery today so I haven’t been as active. I have quite the list of requests i am slowly but surely getting too…here’s what to expect shortly!

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My request box is closed now! Unless you have a Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Juice Ortiz or Herman Kozik Requests xoxo

Headcanon & Ships are always open

Thank you for all your love & support guys!



Nooooes it’s been snowing already this week-end… why is it so cold so suddenly…T_T I’ll throw some snowy pictures here to remind myself winter can be fun too!

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ship meme,,, how about style?

001… . kills the spider: kyle does. stan’s too scared of creepy crawly things to even get near spiders

002… . proposed: kyle

003… . kissed the other first: hmm probably kyle

004… . initiates things: stan does ;)

005… . would leave the other: stan

006… . is more jealous: stan for sure

007… . is lazier: stan? but i wouldn’t say lazy more than it’s like “i’m having a I Can’t Do Anything” day if that makes sense

008… . sends weird texts at 3 AM: kyle does and it’s usually because he’s high. stan screencaps them because he thinks it’s cute

009… . is more experienced: stan is

010… . said i love you first: gaywads have been saying “i love you” to each other since they could speak but in a romantic sense…? probably stan

My responses to what you guys said on my ‘important update’ post:

@sittingravenleeson: Now I’m mildly enraged after reading this why are your parents kicking you out I’ve only followed your blog for a few months and you are legit the sweetest person and probably somehow distantly related to Castiel I’m beyond enraged *shares to everything I have**angered grumbling at the fact that this person seems super sweet and they’re being kicked out of their own parents house*

Thank you so much sweetheart! Telling me I’m related to Cas is so sweet and like *screams* YOU’RE TOO SWEET AND ILYSM.

@captain-of-the-fandoms-ships:  Why are they kicking you out?

I’m not really sure, they just said that when I turn 18 they aren’t going to let me live with them anymore.


I’m not really sure, they just said that when I turn 18 they aren’t going to let me live with them anymore.

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For those people that think Lotor will get and/or deserves a redemption arc or ship him with the paladins

I’m tired of all the hate and discourse on this fandom, so this isn’t me calling anyone out but I’m just going to explain why that is wrong.

Before I go into this, I wanted to clarify Lotor’s age. I’m not entirely sure about his age and don’t want to delve into that too deep, but by looks alone it’s pretty clear that Lotor is not below 18. He might simply be 18 or older but he’s definitely not under. Though to be fairly honest, given his character designs, the fact he had four personal generals who were obviously not related to him otherwise (besides the fact they were part-galra) they weren’t his family friends or anything so he undoubtedly must have spent time choosing them (we know he had “goals” and he’d need good generals for that). So I’m guessing Lotor’s probably around Shiro’s age. But he could be centuries older than that, since his parents are so old. Also, they’re zombies and I’m not sure zombies can reproduce… 

So getting into what this post is about in the first place. 

The first argument I’ve seen from people is Lotor’s background. Because he came from an “unloved” background, with negligent parents who were more invested in war. 

Frankly, this would make a very valid and good argument. If Lotor was a teen or child. But like I’ve already established HE’S NOT. Again, I know that 18 yo’s aren’t very adult-like, but then again, he grew up in a war background, he would have that kind of a mental maturity, if not emotional. But I’m pretty sure Lotor’s emotionally mature too but I’ll come back to that later. But even if not enough EM Lotor should know the difference between right and wrong. He’s not an idiot. Unless that’s your argument than ofc, idiots do deserve an enlightenment arc.

And please don’t argue with me otherwise, that his upbringing would make his an asshole who thinks it’s okay to harvest life energy out of living beings/sustainability sources for living beings. I grew up in a very Indian background. I grew up around people who think that LGBTQ+ phobia is valid; around racists and sexists. But I’m not one of them. Given my background, I could argue that it would be okay for me to be an asshole but it’s not. Yes, your background and upbringing gives you a starting point but does not make up your personality. This isn’t only me I’m talking about. There are millions of people out there who were brought up in a fascist background, but they’re amazing people because that’s who they chose to be. Your upbringing only has so much of a say in your character, especially as you grow. 

Lotor harvesting quintessence is very clearly not for any good. The universe - or other universe - does not need life energy sucked out of it to become a better place. He’s obviously doing it for some twisted, sick, selfish plan. Lotad has obviously spend a lot of time researching on his mother’s ways and her “destroyed” experiment, and that requires a lot of time, hard work and investment that he chose to put into something doubtlessly evil.

The next thing is that his “friends” betrayed him. 

To begin with, Lomor and his generals weren’t friendly at all. Now before you argue that they were friends and blah, blah, blah let’s go over their dynamics first. The first time we saw Lotide ordering his generals around leading, he was literally only sitting in one place and giving them orders. If they were friends -  or if he considered them equals - he would have at least had the decency to stand with them, like Shiro does with the rest of the team. Shiro considers the team his comrades, his command but also his family. His friends. Even in the flashback we were given of the Paladins of the Old, Zarkon stood with the rest of his team, because yes, he was their leader, their commanding officers, but they were his friends, so he stood by them, with them. But whenever we’ve seen Lotar and the generals he’s always separated from them:

Not only that, the first time Latod went to fight the paladins, he went alone. He wasn’t really taking the fight seriously, so he didn’t feel the need to include the generals in it because that would mean explaining it all to them and “commanding” them around. Also, he didn’t tell the generals about his plans earlier and that alone entirely eradicated the idea of them being “friends”. Because if they were friends he would have told them this. If they were friends the generals would have noticed that he was working on something he’s keeping from him, but they were all very clearly surprised when they found out. If they were friends, he might not have told them the entire thing but at least would have given them an idea of his plans, since he seemed very obviously excited about them. If they were friends, he wouldn’t have killed Narti. Especially not so nonchalantly. 

He didn’t even fucking care that he killed one of his generals.

Now that I’ve established that they’re not friends, I’m going to talk about one last thing: that Lotmar is doing this all because he wants familial “love”. Because he was a neglected child whose parents’ want his dead. Which makes all his misdoings okay apparently.

Yes, he was a neglected child, and he did crave love. [Keyword: did] The creators themselves have stated that he has a bit of a father complex. Yes, Lotre did grow up craving his parents’ love, acknowledgement and affection. Grew up. He’s grown up now.

I wanted to just leave it here but

He clearly doesn’t expect anything from his parents anymore. We’ve seen how he’s like with his mom. He calls her hag, witch and has no respect for her. If he was still naive enough to expect anything from his mom, we’ve seen him for 2 seasons now, I think they would have included something that was supposed to make us sympathize with him. If the creators wanted us to feel sorry for Lotouche, they would have at least made this scene look a little different. Idk, like maybe have Lotor’s smile fade a moment, have a genuinely sad expression and then carve into s smirk. But no, he simply walked away doing that.

I don’t think the creators wanted us to sympathize with him. He was supposed to be a good villain. Not good good. But evil good. Zarkon only used brute force to settle everything he wasn’t a good villain for the plot line. This dude thou, he’s been through a lot and he’s cold, but calculating. He seems like a good leader but is really a shitty backstabbing snake who is smart enough to manipulate his victims/subjects.

And if the creators really intended to give Lotass a redemption arc, they wouldn’t have ended the scene with this look on his face:

This - is not the face of someone who’s worthy of a redemption arc.

And please stop shipping him with the paladins. My babies deserve the world, not a fucking snake. He’s a villain and no falling in love with one of the paladins will not change everything he’s done. Besides, my babies would never fall for Lodick, so it wouldn’t make sense to ship them anyways. Yes, he saved Keith, but he also killed one of his generals without hesitation or an ounce of regret. He does not deserve Keith or any of the paladins.

I hope you understood why even my 7 yo brother hates this dick now. Plus, let’s not forget the scene he was introduced in: the way he lied to a Galran general by behaving like an amazing, forgiving leader in front of thousands. He didn’t only betray the general, but cheated every one present that day. 

tl;dr: Prince Lotasshat is a backstabbing, lying, deceiving, ruthless, selfish, cunning, bratty dipshit and seriously does not deserve any of your sympathy.


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Who is your Favorite Robin? uhhh uh uhhhhhhh ummmmm all of them???? and by all i mean dick, jason, tim, steph, and damian. those are MY ROBINS

Favorite Riddler Design? oof i never really thought abt it tbh,, idk

Favorite Artist? like music you mean? probably panic! at the disco or fall out boy

Apple or Android? apple

Favorite Dodie Song? don’t listen to her but i’ve been meaning too

Thoughts on the War on Jokes and Riddles Ending? i didn’t really care for the whole story tbh, but i ship batcat so i’m happy they’re engaged

How would you kill the Joker cause that bitch deserves to die? crowbar

DO YOU LOVE BOOKWORM CAUSE YOU SHOULD? i feel stupid but i’m not really sure what you mean 

Marvel or DC? dc but i love marvel too, i actually was into marvel first and slowly found my way here

Favorite Fanfiction Trope? A L L BUt collEGE/HIGH SCHOOL AUs THO

Character you feel you re most like? no one really, i feel like i’m a small part of every character i have ever loved

oof my questions will be bad i’m not very good at this;;

Your name/what you like to go by?

Favorite batfam member?

Zodiac sign?

Fave song?

Fave ship?


Fave book series?

Fave tv show?

First fandom?

Do you like shopping? (any type of shopping)

Fave color?

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The Wedding 

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when you find a weird relationship between your teamates

i just wanna tell

when i saw evil sans squad , my mind always full of nightkiller & horrordust(dont know why man XDDD

haha poor error i’m sorry..or not XD






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Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite


This is Ignis.

He’s glad that Ravus is all-right.

(Previously on ‘This Is…’)

Thoughts on Justice League:

Bruce Wayne has the biggest crush on Clark Kent that I have ever seen with my own two eyes.

That’s it. Those are all my thoughts. That is what I took away from this movie.

Stealing a few minutes away from the ship and crew.


I wanted to surprise doodle this for ma pal  @misterpoofofficial​ =u=)b

Holding hands | M!Corrin x Takumi

Guys if you want I take ships request or request in general, my ask is open

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