not too skinny

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me : mamaie this ciorbă is too acră mamaie : 😤😤😤 so you're telling me😤😤😤 i don't cook good 😠😠 then go and stai nemâncată 😤 say doamne ajută you are not starving 😑 săracii copii africani 😢😢😠 and you come at me and faci fițe la mâncare 😤😤😤 *pours ciorbă back in the pot* do you know what your great-grandfather was eating when he was your age??? 😠😠 mămăligă from paie de mătură 😤😤😤 say doamne ajută

Grandmas will never admit that they use too much bors!

 Mine is more like: ”Andreea, you will never find a man if you don’t lose some weight! But you are also too skinny so here’s some ciorba and pilaf and one entire chicken and an entire tava de placinta!”

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I've been working in a candy store for less than a week now. The amount of times older men have commented on my weight & told me I was 'too skinny' to be working around so much chocolate is already ridiculous. I'm 17 & uncomfortable as all hell.

Yo tell someone about that

good news about Oscar is that it looks like he hasnt been a stray for too long, hes skinny but not super super skinny. please keep Oscar in your thoughts/prayers and please pray (or send good thoughts/vibes) that he goes to the vet tomorrow and there isnt anything but worms and vaccines that need to be done 💕💕💕

Honestly, how appropriate and indicative of modern treatment of women that Wonder Woman is running around bursting through windows and concrete, fighting a kryptonian monster, keeping pace with the strongest man on earth, throwing a jeep with her bare hands, fighting multiple amazon warriors at once, and walking into fucking no man’s land in WWI by herself, and all some people talk about is that she’s too skinny. That fact says so much with so few words.