not too pleased haha but whatevers

I want to send my love to every single person who has given BAP a chance and let them into their hearts. I know that the massive support BAP once had has dwindled after the court case with their CEO and forced year-long hiatus, and that makes me sad - but I see their smiling faces on variety shows, and I see how hard they’re working despite of it all, and I just know that they’ll make it through whatever. I love BAP so much and have so since I was 14. They taught me to persevere through anything and to Never Give Up (haha). 

It makes me almost deliriously happy to see them happy and to see good fortune upon them. They have a show in New York City coming up and I’m miserable because I can’t afford a ticket nor do I have anyone to go with…

Anyways, I just really love BAP… Their smiles mean way too much, it’s to the point of ridiculousness. 

Please continue to love BAP!!

caturlblog-deactivated20170724  asked:

i'm actually gonna cry there's finally a term for me without misgendering me! omg I love whoever the previous anon was! please spread those terms anon!!!

C: I like them too. I really like that they’re NB specific! We need more vocab just for us. I’m gonna repost the definition they offered here, since that post got long. Also, they should come off anon so we can be mutuals haha.

Viramoric: nonbinary person attracted to men (be it romantic\sexual\alterous\whatever other way(s) are significant to them). Feminamoric: nonbinary person attracted to women (be it romantic\sexual\alterous\whatever other way(s) are significant to them).

Q&A Saturday (Part 2)

(Jaleena pls) 

AAA! They are all EXCITED! Dario is wayyyy too eager about the punching down special, too!

Aaa, welcome to my blog! <3 Thank you for following! Please don’t be ashamed, it’s totally normal! Their Splatoon bios are right here! (Altho the pics are really old, haha!) For their original selves, I’m still working on it, but please don’t worry! Take the blog at whatever pace is best for you <3 

LOL, there is definitely a kidnapping happening there

I’m so excited to work on the comics, especially all the octo!Dario ones, so I hope you’re excited to see them!

I really love you guys, you’re all so terribly sweet. But I struggle with making friends- I’m really hard to talk to on a personal level unless we naturally become friends over time and even then, I struggle to get back to people. But! I was wondering if you guys would ever like to have a discord server altogether? I think it’d be tons of fun and I would love to have splat sessions, streams, and movie nights with you guys! Let me know!

That’s all for today! It’s a little short because I didn’t get many Splatoon asks but thank you all for the questions! I’m very happy to draw and talk for you guys! Again, let me know what you think about a discord server! Have a great weekend!

Hey everyone, I’ve got a money spell for ya! I saw one of those “reblog spells” and it inspired me to create a home spell for it.

What you’ll need:
-Cinnamon (or any other money attraction herb such as mint. Also optional)

You can arrange the coins any design you want, but I chose a spiral, as money can very easily “go down the drain”, putting the candle right in the middle to keep it from completely draining. It doesn’t matter what coins you use, if you feel like using coins with more value that’s cool too!

[ I recommend meditating a bit and centering yourself before any spell work]

Light the candle, and speak whatever you feel like you want to help get your intention in The Mood™ (let’s face it, 90% of magic is winging it and the other 10% is walking blind in the darkness). All that matters is you set your intention to attract wealth, your country’s currency specifically.

If you have any herbs to burn, after you’ve set your intention strongly, burn herb($) (haha get it) and imagine your intention infusing with any smoke emitted and spreading across the universe.

Please be careful when you’re working with fire, especially burning things! You’re free to interpret this spell to attract wealth in love, friendship, or whatever the bee’s knees is for you in your life atm!

Happy casting!


[PIC/TRANS] FTISLAND’s Cosmopolitan Magazine June 2017 Interview

FTISLAND is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. Honestly, in Korea, it is not an easy thing to maintain a group, let alone a band, for 10 years. 

Hongki: Yes, indeed. When we were younger when we were going to debut, we didn’t really want to debut. Since we debuted when we were still really inexperienced, (now) music-wise, we still have so many things that we want to try, and we have so many things that we still want to do better. Honestly, for several years, we didn’t really have the ambition to have promotional activities since we came to do music. The numerical figure of “10 years″ somewhat holds a heavy meaning to us now.

To be able to stay solid for a long time, what do you think is your driving force?

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Hot Coffee

Title: Hot Coffee

Human!Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 886

Warnings: Fluff. That’s it really.

A/N: This was written for @cas-is-my-hero’s 100 Follower Challenge! Congrats, my dear! My prompt was “Starbucks”. It’s kind of fluffy and nonsensical, but I’ve been in that kind of mood lately. Haha. And sorry it’s so short. But yeah, enjoy. <3 

You approached the cashier in the green apron and smiled. “Hi. May I please have a Grande Chai Tea Latte with soymilk? Hot, please.”

The woman nodded and scribbled onto the cup. “Your name?”

“Y/N. And I’m paying for whatever he wants too.” You pointed over to your boyfriend as he stared wide-eyed at the massive menu. “Cas?” You waved your hand in front of his face.

Cas’s gaze flicked over to you. It was the first time he had ever been into a coffee shop and actually ordered something. “I never knew that there were so many names for coffee.” He tilted his head as he studied the names. “What’s a Mak-k-i-hato?” He butchered the word, making you giggle.

“Don’t worry about it, Cas. Do you want coffee? Or I can order you a hot chocolate.” Your fingers threaded with his as you pulled him closer to the cashier. “There are people waiting behind us. I’ll help you choose.”

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Partners In Crime (Teen Sam Drake x Reader)

Requested by @unchartedtrash

Pairing: Sam Drake x Reader

Fandom: Uncharted

Request: “I hope you don’t mind prompts. “There’s nothing going on!” with Teen!Sam. -UnchartedTrash (Please tag me!)”

Prompt: “There’s nothing going on!”

Word Count: 3,428

Key: [Y/NN]: Your Nickname

A/N: Hey everyone! This took a bit longer than expected! It was originally supposed to be way shorter than this and I feel like this is too long but whatever haha. Hope you enjoy!

 From the moment you had laid eyes on Sam Morgan you knew he was different. You had spotted him while casually strolling through the flea market, a place your parents had forbidden you to visit because of the rather… extreme personalities that sold trinkets there. They would never say it out loud to you, but it was also because they thought they were too good for this place. All they ever shopped at were higher-end stores.

  Of course, as teenagers will do, you broke that rule. It wasn’t just because you wanted to be rebellious though, you’ve always been drawn to the sorts of things that were sold here. You had actually made a hobby of fixing the broken jewelry and then pawning it off to people. The intricate, detailed, but yet slightly damaged objects captivated you. 

 Maybe that’s why Sam had drawn you in as well. He gave off the broken soul aura as soon as you two had made eye contact with each other across the market. There was something about the way he looked at you, his eyes gleaming with a sort of wistfulness you’ve never seen in a teenager. Perhaps just like the jewelry, you could fix him as well.

 You watched him as he ducked into a tent, and for some reason, you had to find an excuse to start talking to him. It was like a magnet being drawn to its polar opposite, not being able to stop until you were close enough to him.

 Deliberately walking slow to the tent he had entered a few minutes earlier, you pulled the curtains gently to the side and peered in. This booth looked unfamiliar to you, which was surprising since you were usually a regular at the flea market and could map this whole place out in your head. Space was minimal compared to the other booths but this one had much more stuff in it, which made you feel slightly overwhelmed looking at all the items.

 You saw him towards the far left, in the jewelry section of the tent. He seemed to be thumbing a quite stunning gold necklace, the chain slightly glinting in the overhead light. It looked like some sort of medallion, with tiny, delicate gemstones encrusted in it. 

 If he weren’t the main goal at the moment, I would most likely be naming prices for it with the merchant right now.

 As soon as this thought had passed through your mind, you had an idea. A not so subtle idea, but it was better than nothing at all.

 Swallowing the lump of fear in your throat, you abruptly began to walk towards him before you could change your mind and back down completely with this plan. As you had reached your destination after weaving through the hordes of customers down the aisle, you contemplated whether or not to do this. You’ve never been the type to quite literally throw yourself out there like some of your friends do, but at this point in time, that would change.

 Without giving another thought about this whole plan, you roughly bumped into his back, making sure to elbow him hard enough to jostle the necklace from his hands. This indeed worked as you watched the chain slip through his fingers and fall to the ground with a loud clatter, some of the gemstones falling out-of-place. 

 His shoulders raised and fell as you heard an annoyed sigh escape his lips. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all. This may just make him pissed at you. “Hey, why don’t you watch where you’re going nex-” His sentence was brought up short as he turned around to face you, his eyes widened with curiosity as he looked you up and down. He opened his mouth to say something, but you beat him to it.

 “Sorry about that, it gets a little crowded in here,” You smiled sweetly at him, gesturing to the crowds of people walking around the two of you. “But I’ll most definitely be paying for that. I was the one who was clumsy enough to bump into you.”

 Bending down to ground level and scooping up the broken necklace, you walked over to the vendor, explaining the situation and handing him a generous amount of cash. He thanked you for your business and you exited the tent, taking notice of the fact the boy was now trailing you. You let a smug smile spread across your lips as you realized your plan had actually worked.

 “Wait!” He shouted behind you, as you felt a hand grasp your shoulder and gently turn you around. “Seeing that whole chunk of cash you just gave that dude back there, I don’t exactly see you as the type to be walking around a flea market buying broken junk.” He pointed to the damaged necklace you had just purchased with a smug smirk.

 “I fix these things you so-call, junk and sell them if you must know.” You replied coolly, crossing your arms and jutting out your hip with attitude. “Are you always this quick to judge girls?” The initial curiosity you first felt about this boy started wearing off, and now you were slightly offended he was being so quick to assume things.

 He obviously caught on that you felt insulted, and his eyes softened, the mischievous glint in them almost completely diminished. Almost. “Right, I’m sorry, how about we start this introduction over?” He said as he stuck out his hand. “I’m Sam. Sam Morgan.”

 “[Y/N]. [Y/N] [Y/L/N].” You told him, shaking his hand and giggling slightly over the cheesiness of all of this. The both of you sounded like James Bond. He chuckled a bit as well, a sound that made your heart flip, and you made the mistake of looking at his smile. Dimples formed at the corners of his mouth, and you could feel yourself staring much too long at his lips, but you couldn’t help yourself.

 When you finally snapped out of it, you were relieved to see he was too deep in thought to notice your staring problem. His eyes looked distant as if he wasn’t even here with you at the moment. Suddenly, he clapped his hands and rubbed them together in a devious manner, a sly smirk spreading across his lips. The jaunty glint in his eyes returned, and you couldn’t help it as your heart started pounding slightly in your chest. There was definitely something about Sam that drew you in, and you had a feeling that once you got caught in his web, you wouldn’t be able to untangle yourself. Maybe you wouldn’t want to untangle yourself after getting a taste of him. 

 “How well do you think we’d work as a team, [Y/N]?”

 After that, the rest was history.

 For a few months now, you and Sam have paired up as partners in crime, stealing damaged artifacts from museums and restoring them, then pawning them off to rather sketchy people. It was quite the deal, and both of you made a pretty fair share of money from it, not like you needed it for anything. Whenever you found the chance, you would always slip your earnings into Sam’s pockets, although you had the feeling he knew exactly what you were doing. 

 The only downfall to this whole partnership between the two of you was that you weren’t the one doing the risky business; Sam was. You guys have had a few particularly nasty fights with each other because he refused to let you tag along. You remembered how loud he had yelled at you, saying he couldn’t afford to let your life be as worthless as his was. It broke your heart that Sam truly believed he had no potential. He is the most driven and dedicated person you’ve ever met, which truly amazed you. Somehow, and some way you were determined to show Sam just how much potential he really did have.

 “So who is this Henry McAvery guy anyways?” You asked Sam, the two of you walking next to each other while his younger brother, Nate, trailed behind. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Sam look over his shoulder at his younger brother, and it wasn’t long before you heard the two of them burst out laughing. Quite confused and clueless, you looked back and forth between the both of them, and sighed while saying, “What’s so funny?”

 Sam gave you his infamous crooked grin that caused butterflies to take over your stomach as he explained the humor in what you had just said. “It’s Henry Avery, [Y/NN].”

 When Sam told you that Nathan had been kicked out of yet another orphanage for bad behavior and needed to wait a couple of days minimum before getting relocated to another one, you welcomed both of them into your home right away. You’ve seen Sam’s studio apartment, and you couldn’t imagine both of those boys living in such a small space for an indefinite amount of time. 

 Plus, you actually liked having the extra company since your family was out-of-town. The thought of being home alone at night terrified you, so you don’t know what you would’ve done if Sam had declined your offer.

 Grabbing your house key from your back pocket, and unlocking the door with a click, you stepped into your house. As you began sliding your shoes off, you heard a gasp of excitement coming from Nate. “You live…” he paused for a second, looking around your house with wide eyes, “…here?”

 Giggling from his amazed reaction, you nodded your head. “Yep. Go ahead and make yourself at home. There are some popcorn bags in the pantry over there.” You pointed him in the direction of the kitchen. He was just about to scamper off, but Sam stopped him momentarily.

 “[Y/N] and I are going to head upstairs to work on something, you think you’ll be okay?” Nathan gave him a nod as Sam playfully ruffled his hair. “Oh and try not to set the house on fire, okay?” He said while the two of them exchanged devious looking grins before Nate ran off.

 Sam followed your lead as you walked up the stairs and into your room. You approached your closet and started shuffling some things aside, trying to find the box you keep all the artifacts in. You spotted it all the way on the top shelf, stepping up on your toes to at least and try to make an effort to reach it, but it was no use. You gave it one more try, this time around jumping up as far as you could, which just resulted in hearing Sam’s snickering behind you. “Are you just going to sit there and laugh at me?” You huffily said, annoyed he hasn’t offered to help you. 

 Sam raised his hands in surrender as sat up from your bed and walked across the room towards you. Giving you a smug little smirk, he looked at you and teasingly said, “Whatever you want, Princess.”

 Although Sam was just kidding around, your breath slightly hitched at the pet name he had just called you. It seemed like he heard that as you watched his smirk grow.

 Him and his smug little smirk I just want to kiss it of-

 “Here we go.” Sam plopped the box down on your desk, and you were actually quite thankful he had cut off your previous thought before it got too out of line.

 You carefully took out the most recent artifact Sam had nabbed, which quite ironically, was a golden medallion that looked like the one you purchased at the flea market where you first met him. The thought of that day brought memories back that made your heart flutter with joy.

 Before you had met Sam, you felt like your life was incomplete, each day fading into the next, with no meaning to them at all. It was the same routine every day and it was almost like you knew something was missing. Then Sam Morgan came barreling into your life, and it’s never been the same before, but in a good way. 

 The medallion wasn’t too damaged compared to some other pieces Sam had retrieved in the past, so it had only taken you several minutes before it looked good as new. Grabbing a rag off to the side of your desk, just to clean it a bit and make it look shiny, you turned your head to the side to look at Sam. 

 It felt like your heart had stopped dead in its tracks when you found that he was already looking at you, a smile slightly tugging at his lips. “What?” You asked, eyebrows beginning to furrow in confusion. “Is there something on my face?”

 Sam cleared his throat as his eyes darted away from yours, fumbling with his fingers as he mumbled. “No. Nevermind, it’s nothing.” You could tell he was nervous right off the bat as you watched his hands begin to shake. The cocky, teasing side to him quickly diminished in a matter of seconds, leaving you wondering why. 

 “Sam…” You trailed off, placing your hands on his to stop the trembling. “You can tell me anything.” 

 His head was turned so you couldn’t see his face, but he acknowledged you by giving your hand a squeeze. You knew he wasn’t facing you on purpose because truth be told… you could read him like an open book. Sam had mastered a pretty solid poker face, but his weakness was his eyes. They told you everything. 

 “C’mon Sam, you’re my best friend,” you tried again, hoping to coax him into confessing what was wrong.

 What you had just said sparked something in him, as he turned around and gave you a quite intense look, his eyes searching yours for what seemed like an eternity. This was the most scared you’ve ever seen him. His eyebrows knitted together as he let out a shaky sigh when he finally spoke. “That’s the problem, [Y/N].”

 Puzzled, you began opening your mouth to say something, but he beat you to it, bringing his index finger to his lips. You obeyed his command, but never more in your life have you wanted to say something to someone as much as you did now. Sam was scaring you. 

 The empty silence as you waited for him to explain was excruciating. You just wanted to jump up at of your seat and yell at him, tell him to spit it out. But you didn’t. You just continued rubbing your thumb on the back of his hand to try to put him at ease. 

 “You remember the first time we met [Y/NN]?” Sam finally spoke up, but he didn’t wait for you to answer the question as he carried forward, “I do.” 

 His eyes seemed far away, and you could only assume that he was replaying the first encounter between the two of you in his head. You yourself thought back at that memory as well, closing your eyes and smiling, remembering how bad you had wanted to talk to Sam.

 “This artifact reminded me of that pretty medallion necklace you bought,” Sam said, reaching across your desk to grab it. Still silent, you watched as he sat there for a moment, just looking at the piece. “To be quite honest, I was going to go off on you for running into me, but when I turned around and saw you…” A deep, crimson tint started blooming on his cheeks, and you couldn’t believe your sight. Sam Morgan was blushing.

 His hazel eyes strayed away from the artifact to meet yours as he continued, “Let me just tell you, I couldn’t be happier that you bumped into me that day. I don’t mean to sound like a total sap, but you’ve forever changed my life in the best way possible. You’ve made me feel like I actually matter.” He spoke in a quiet voice, but you heard every word. And each and every one of those words made you feel light-headed from the realness of this. Was Sam confessing his feelings towards you?

 Sam’s hand cautiously reached out towards your face, intently watching you as he touched a loose strand of your hair. He twisted it around, playing with it for a moment before tucking it behind your ear. Your heart skipped a beat as he murmured, “And that’s the problem, [Y/N]. All you see between us is just a friendship.”

 It completely shocked you that Sam actually believed you didn’t feel attracted to him. Has he never noticed that you sometimes stare at him a little too long while he’s cracking one of his adorable smiles? Has he never seen the blush creep up on your cheeks every time he would call you a cute pet name? Surely he could hear your pulse from where he was standing every time any physical contact was made. As these thoughts raced through your mind and you looked him in the eye, you saw that he truly was left in the dark about your feelings towards him.

 Deciding that actions speak louder than words, you swiftly leaned forward without warning, and placed your lips against his. Astonishingly, he responded without hesitation, his mouth in sync with yours. You felt like your heart was going to rip out of your chest as the kiss deepened, growing more and more passionate by the second. Tugging on the collar of his shirt to bring him closer, you caught the scent of his cologne, a slightly spicy smell that you could never get enough of. 

 Both of you break away from each other for air, only pausing for a few seconds before going right back to kissing Sam. Although this time, the two of you sat up from the desk, slowly making your way to your bed. Surprisingly, you got there smoother than expected, not even having to break the kiss.

 Sam pushed you gently onto the bed, your back softly hitting the mattress. He laid on top of you, the sensation of his body hovering over you made you overwhelmingly dizzy. Your breath hitched as his lips found his was across your jaw and down towards your neck. Your hands roamed across his chest as you moaned faintly once Sam had kissed the sweet spot on your neck. You felt the heat rise up in your cheeks as you realized you made that sound, and you could only hope that he didn’t hear that. Unfortunately, you could feel a smirk being pressed up against your neck, which confirmed he did indeed hear you.

 Just as he was about to tease you about it, you heard your bedroom door creak open, followed by a, “Whoa, what the hell guys?!”

 Sam hurriedly pushed himself from you, now sitting next to you in bed. Your jaw dropped as you saw Nathan standing at your door frame, a look of horror on his face, his eyes as wide as saucers. “There’s nothing going on!” You exclaimed, trying to diffuse this whole rather awkward situation. Looking next to you at Sam for some help, he seemed to be rather amused by this, pretending to have to cough while in reality, he was actually laughing. 

 Swinging your head back to Nate, trying to think of something to change the subject, you saw Sam in the corner of your eye lean in towards you. He was so close you could feel his breath against your ear, sending chills throughout your whole body. “More like there’s something going off.” He whispered in your ear teasingly, as you felt his hands brush up against the hem of your shirt. You placed both of your hands on his chest and gave him a gentle push. Giving you one last smug look, he turned his head towards Nathan.

 “So, what did you need help with little brother?” Sam inquired him while scooting off the edge of your bed, acting like nothing had ever happened. 

 “I just needed help with laying out our sleeping bags until I found you and [Y/N]-”

 “Okay, and we’re going now,” Sam said, cutting off Nate’s previous sentence, much to your relief. You watched as he ushered Nathan out of the room, starting to swing the door close. Before he could do that though, he looked over his shoulder, giving you a wink while saying, “See you in a few, Princess,” and with that, he closed the door, leaving you a flustered and blushing mess.

prince-ataro submitted: So uhm i drew this for you datcha because you are an awesome person! And your ocs are the best! (I love them) i found you cuzz one piece art but i got REALLY happy to see you like birdmen too since iknow no one who likes it! Plus u like persona too i hope we can become friends or mutuals! Whatever you want datcha! >0< im kinda shy when it comes to talk w/ new people so SORRY! 💦 also i tried to draw u! Okay Bye!

AAA thank you so much! Leo and kay are adorable in your style im sobbing. And dude birdmen is so good im super glad you like it too! Please don’t be shy though!! Im super chill and also I ate an entire pound of discounted lollipops (around 40 or so??) so like….im as uncool as they get haha

it is your thirteenth birthday and the day you finally meet your best friends

a slightly different style than usual and extremely late for day 4 of @johnweek. i’ll hopefully finish the rest of the week but no promises because i’m busy. 

please pretend his hand is that large because of foreshortening and not because of bad planning

Don’t Speak

Hey, just wanted to say I love your work a lot. Please don’t ever stop 😍. Also, I was wondering if I could request Lynn smut where she uses edging as a form of punishment for whatever reason? And maybe have some fluff at the end, like her giving after care? Please c: I love you! Haha

Hey there, anon. Thank you so much for your kind words - I love you too. 💜 I’m not that experienced with edging but hopefully this is close to what you imagined. I’m working my way through everyone’s requests - feel free to keep sending them bc I usually do the one’s I’m feeling the most first. That’s not to say I have a favourite type of request, I just like to switch it up every now and then. And thanks everyone for the love :’) It makes my heart happy.

Warning: V smut

Originally posted by your-a-poor-unfortunate-soul

You caught Lynn’s glare out the corner of your eye, the look she was giving you enough to spur you on. You reached for the girl you had been mercilessly flirting with, resting your hand on her bicep as you took a step closer. You could hear Lynn growl from a mile away, but you knew she wouldn’t make a scene. Not here. 

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The Angel Is Off His Rocker

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Cas, Jody 

Warnings: language. (I’m horrible at these. If you see something that should be added, please let me know :D)


A/N: This is unedited, so please excuse any grammar/spelling errors. Also, it autocorrects sometimes when I type too fast, so please excuse any weird words. I think I caught all of those, but just beware haha. 

Based on this imagine: imagine going to Jody to vent after Cas says he thinks you are in love with Sam. 

“I don’t hive a crap anymore. Just do whatever the hell you want.” You snapped, slamming the book you had in front of you closed. 

The boys exchanged a confused look for the umpteenth time this week. The truth was you had been having these little outbursts over nothing the past few days, and it wasn’t like you could exactly tell them why. Hell, you didn’t even know why. You were constantly on edge. Everything ticked you off. 

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anonymous asked:

Fraser would have done "buddy breathing" to anyone who was drowning and needed help. He would not have only done it because he was (your view) attracted to that person. Do you think Fraser would have let Ray Vecchio drown because he wasn't attracted to him? What about Frannie or any of the other characters on the show? The "buddy breathing was a kiss" argument doesn't make sense because it would be out of character for Fraser to not save a downing person, and uncaring toward friends..

well I dunno if it was intended to be romantic or not but I think when two people’s lips press together it’s called a kiss? whether accidental or on purpose? it could be romantic, it could be platonic, and yeah, fraser would probably help anyone in that situation

but in my opinion, this was probably a rare thing to happen on TV AND in the 90’s, so I’m really just cherishing whatever content I can get, haha, but Paul Gross did plan for it to happen in that specific way, and they do ride off in the sunset together at the end

Both my and your opinions are valid though and I think either one could be possible 😄

Teen Wolf: Said The Spider to The Fly

Okay lights, camera ACTION… Oh it’s Lacrosse
Oh hey Scott
I’m ready to see Stiles, please. 😛😛
Coach Finstock!! The bigger they are… The Bigger. They. Are. / Cream Cheese lol I love Coach 😂😂
Scott stop pimping Liam out and give him a hug!!
Aww Liam, Mason and Corey. I literally love them so much. 😍😍
Hayden. Moved!?! 😲
Lol Liam said Scott’s leaving too and I laughed because of how cute he said it 😂
Aww Liam, Corey, and Mason haha
College talk
I’m ready to see Stiles, please. 😛😛
Liam shot up like “What? Captain that’s my spot!!!”
Haha Coach didn’t know it was Liam
No wonder everyone is starting to suspect the pack of being supernatural. Liam and Scott literally walked to a wounded wolf with the lacrosse team watching!! Think first!!😒😒😒
- I’m ready to see Stiles, please! 😛😛
Awww those poor wolves 🐺🐺🐺
… .Special Guest Star?: Dylan O'Brien, yeah whatever. He is the star!
Malia doesn’t care, she wants French dudes. GIVE HER FRENCH DUDES!!
Scott/Liam Father/Son The(Wolf) Talk
Where’s Stiles?? 😛😛
Who are these people and why do I care??
Ohh they released the new hell hound guy. That’s why I care. Okay.
Is she the new Morrell?? Well, that’s a problem because I liked Morrell, I need more from this lady. I NEED SIZZLE!!
Liam’s tough year. Corey’s invisibility complex. Mason’s. Just. Perfect! 😄
Where’s Stiles? 😛😛
… I saw this guy on a few episodes of One Day At A Time. I like him! Go Froy!/Nolan
What’s a scarow? Scarerow? Whatever? The books they’re gone
Screaming *Why does this keep happening to our school!!??“ Sydney girrrrlll didn’t you take the SATS why are you even still in a classroom?
Eww Sewer. Eww oh god what is that!?
I’m dead Holland got that cigarette commercial looking like a movie
Lydia your mom just LOVES YOU!! LET HER LOVE YOU!! 😢😄
SCOTT YOU CRAZY! Awe Melissa holding down her own! Yeah Scott’s got plans!! Oh shit Melissa you held the button
I want Stiles, please. 😛😛
Yay Malia!!!! 😁😁 Paris, she’s going to Paris! No more supernatural problems for her.
… I hear Parrish. My body is ready now point me towards the sexy!! 😉😉
Don’t you ignore Melissa when she is talking to you, you Hellhound!!
Oh Parrish
Aww they brought her dinner! That’s not dinner. Mama McCall I would bring you breakfast, lunch and dinner 😄
Sexy Hellhound Face Off!!! And GO!!!
You hot precious baby Liam. NO ONE HITS PRECIOUS BABY LIAM!! 😠😠
LYDIA No! Now is not the time! Someone almost got Liam!
Lydia where does your mind take you!?!?
…So Stiles(😛😛) isn’t really going to be in this is he??
… That puppy, monkey, baby kickstart commercial makes me uncomfortable 😕😕😕
After what happened earlier they’re still letting students in and at night too!!?
Lmao if I was Mason and Liam told me to get behind him I’d be like “dude I wasn’t going to get in front of you, soooo… no worries ✌✌”
Oh is she giving me SIZZLE!?! What’s up home girl?!
Aww Stiles told Scott to Be Gentle with his jeep Roscoe in a note 😢😢 so sweet
Lydia just help and leave as much info as you can and they’ll be fine. You can leave!
Liam is hurt HAAAAAALLLLPPPPP… he and Mason are so brave 😭
Hahaha Malia doesn’t have time for this! She’s going to stay isn’t she???
Yeah, I knew it. Lol she really wants to gobto Paris.
Always a price to pay why can’t the people of Beacon Hills catch a break!!!
Oh I think home girl is trying to get hot enough to sizzle!! I need more!!!
Oh shit she’s hot!!! She practically on fire! She gave the sizzle!! Okay, she can stay. You know what I’m going to keep her at a lukewarm for now. .
Are… we… talking… about… STILES!?!?
Stiles voicemail!!! 😲😲
Stiles sounds so cute!! I love him. He’s so grown up!!
Oh shit there he is!! I can’t breathe someone help me!!! Stiles is with the FBI OH MY DAMN!! AHHHH!
He keeps interrupting THAT’S SUCH A STILES THING TO DO!
Stiles spit his water everywhere and I just want to run through all of it like a sprinkler… I want to be that girl that is sitting in front of him
He can’t pronounce Stiles’ actual name hahahahah 😂😂😂 I love how Matt(hew) Shively’s name is on the list and he starred on Teen Wolf when Stiles was in Eichen House
I just want to lie down and thank Colton Haynes for talking Tyler Hoechlin into coming back for the last half of season 6. Thank you Colton 🙌🙌
Who recorded Derek running through the woods though?? Hunters!?! And how does the FBI have it & who did Derek kill?!?! Leave Derek alone he didn’t do anything to anyone.
They are giving us Sterek and no matter how small their scenes are together I am here for it!!
End episode… BANSHEE SCREAM 😱😱😱😱😱😱 to the death(until next Sunday) 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Teen Wolf 🐺🐺

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Headcanon/fic please of a much older!!!Noctis and Luna, think grown-up kids who have their own lives which means they have more time to...(I'll let you fill that in with whatever haha!)


Lots and lots of unofficial travel! They’re way too fit, I’m jealous of them, but seriously, they hike and camp and travel a ton together since they can give responsibilities to their kids now too, they don’t have to be on hand for business all the time anymore.

Luna starts taking up gaming. She likes sandbox and casual sim type games the most. I am imagining her learning redstone in minecraft and making some really elaborate stuff on a family server and one day one of their kids decides to turn it on out of nostalgia and is just… blown away…. “Dad what the fuck?” “Don’t look at me, that was all your mother.” “…..Mom, what the fuck??????” (also no one can keep a straight face playing smash bros with her because she trash talks endlessly which is just so out of character for her that it breaks everyone’s focus. people look at noct like it’s his fault. it’s actually prompto’s.)

Also, Noct kidnapping his grandchildren at any and every opportunity. “Alright kid, you’ve been doing well, so I’m entrusting everything to you for a trial run without me. Oh, and I talked to your spouse and I’m taking your kid on a fishing adventure for the week. Have fun ruling! Peace!” and he speeds off wearing sunglasses and a tommy bahama shirt, toddler riding shotgun in the regalia with the top down.

Male! Mc Mystic Messenger ZEN route Day 5 {Hour 6:59}

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6:59 Handsome Me

Zack slowly opened his eyes to see the sun pouring in through the blinds of his window. He hated sunlight and preferred cloudy/rainy days then sunny hot ones. He rolled over in frustration and covered his head with his pillow and slowly closed his eyes. 


“Ugh!” He sat up and unplugged his phone from the charger and turned off his alarm. He stretched his back and rolled out of bed landing harshly on the floor before inch worming his way to the computer. He climbed up the chair and clicked open his document before printing it out. He pressed his back into the chair and let out a loud “Aaaah!” As he yawned loudly. Slowly he grabbed the papers and put them in his bag unlocking his phone simultaneously. No texts from his outside friends. Just a bunch of notifications from the RFA. Not until he joined the group did he suddenly start using his phone so much.  

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You both are freaking beautiful in the morning! It's to fluffy. Speaking of fluffy, what would be the best time for you two to cuddle~? That is if you two ever like to cuddle....

Ap: We cuddle sometimes, yes…

Kl: In the morning. Usually Sunday, when none of us has work or something important to do. It’s the best feeling ever~

Ap: When you’re not playing guitar on my arm maybe-! (It tickles!)

Kl: Well, aren’t you one of my lovers now?

Ap: Are you seriously treating me like one of your guitars now??

Kl: Nein, nein! This is different!

Ap: Whatever you say, Piano

Kl: What did you call me?!

Ap: Nothing that isn’t true. (Thanks Mr. Edgeworth!)


I transcribed ChrystalChameleon’s arrangement of Megalovania (with some changes in order to be able to play with two hands instead of three, as I left my third hand with Gaster) and Adriana Figueroa’s lyric. Please read the transcriber’s notes if you plan on printing it out and playing this.

Transcriber’s Notes:

Hi, yes. We’ve all been waiting/too lazy to make our own sheet music, so here I am, happy to transcribe (mostly for me haha…) but I thought it’d be nice to share. I’ll try to make this as short as possible so that you get the general gist. If there is something you don’t like about anything on the sheet music, feel free to print it out, white out over it, and then write whatever you like overtop. I channel my inner sans and am too lazy to come after anyone. 

Please keep in mind I transcribed this by hand as I do not have a transcribing program nor feel like downloading/torrenting one. So if it’s a bit messy, feel free to write the notes in the margins or wherever.

There are a lot of f naturals I put in this piece instead of e sharps as this particular version of this piece is in f minor. For some reason, f natural makes more sense to my fingers/brain than e# so bear with me. (Some are supposed to be f natural.)

Things got a bit tight with the grace notes, so, now and then, the grace notes came after the natural on its attached note. Whoopsie-doopsie.

Yes, there is much white out. Deal.

My hands are actually fairly large, so holding a chord of an entire octave is no problem for me. If you have smaller hands, roll the chord and don’t play the held note. You’ll see what I mean.

For the sake of writing less, some things look weird but it still makes sense. (In my brain at least) Eg. Measure 5 there are whole notes, but eighth notes played with the same hand.

I get it; sometimes I put the lyrics below and mostly above. Again, please white out and write in at your convenience. If you don’t like crossing your hands over, don’t play the low notes. I’m not quite sure how it’ll sound though.

Measure 17: I forgot to write in a slur connecting the c natural.

Measures 25-26 L.H. = Left Hand, just hold the whole notes down with the pedal or just for an eighth note.

I didn’t find customizable music sheets until I started working on the last page, so please excuse all of the treble/g clef and bass/f clef write-ins.

If you don’t like going super low, then high for the chords, and low then high, just continue with the chords and don’t worry about the low notes.  

Lastly, have all the fun! I forgot to write in the tempo, which I thought, “Like you’re having a bad time” would be appropriate (bad time = sad time). Sincerest thanks to ChrystalChameleon for providing a gorgeous version, Adriana Figueroa for stunning lyrics and of course, Toby Fox for creating something that made me feel like I was on an emotional roller coaster. Toodles!                              -Lyn

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Okaaaayyyyy last one (I know I went a little overboard with these requests). “Sorry I’m late.” For KakaHana (again I know I'm horrible but you write them so well!!!!) thanks so so soooo much! And actually I just thought of another pairing so maaaybe one more after this. But you can totally ignore all of these if you're busy or whatever please don't feel pressured to write them!!!

Hoooo boy are you ready for this? Cause I wasn’t ready for this. Sibi-wife you can request as many as you want haha. Hit me with ‘em. I might not get to them all today but you can fill my inbox as full as you like. 

That last jump might have used just a little too much chakra, Kakashi thought with a wince, listening to the sound of roof tiles dislodging behind him. He didn’t have the time to stop and go back though. He was late - so incredibly late - and it wasn’t even his fault. 

The mission was supposed to last only three days, keeping him occupied and preventing him from driving himself mad with anticipation. Instead he had somehow wound up slogging through Waterfall country for over a week. He’d been halfway home home already when the messenger hawk had reached him. He needed to get home now

His feet touched down on a billboard advertising the same shampoo Pakkun liked him to buy. Wood splintered as he hurled himself back off, pushing himself faster now that he had entered the Village. He rebounded off the side of a water tower, leaving a generous dent in it before alighting on yet another roof. He ran along the peaks of a line of houses before launching himself forward one last time.

His final jump landed him just outside of a window he was sure was only left open in anticipation of him. He slid inside, feet barely skimming the floor before he was rushing over to the bed inside the room. 

“Sorry I’m late! I’m so sorry!” 

Hana looked up at him and smiled tiredly.

“That’s okay, love,” she said as he gently swept the hair from her face and kissed her clan markings. “You missed all the action, though.” Kakashi trembled slightly and his breath caught in his throat.

“Can I…?” He couldn’t get the words to come out. Hana chuckled quietly and held up the bundle in her arms. 

“Hatake Kakashi, I’d like you to meet your son. Would you like to hold him?”

Kakashi’s whole body was shaking but his hands were rock steady as he lifted the small body wrapped in light green blankets. His son was small and pink, pudgy in the way all newborns were. His little bow mouth was open in sleep, his eyes squinting and scrunching as he twitched restlessly. 

Rocking his child back and forth, Kakashi smiled at his wife with wet eyes. He’d thought he knew what love felt like before. Now he knew how wrong he was. He’d never felt anything like he did right at this moment. 

“You did so well,” he murmured. “He’s so beautiful. You’re both beautiful.” He leaned over to kiss Hana again, careful to support his baby boy. 

Hana hummed and closed her eyes.

“Yeah, I know,” she said with a light smile before drifting off to sleep. 

Kakashi stood guard over her and watched his two most precious people sleep. He’d been late for the beginning. But he promised himself he would be there for the rest of their lives. 

Why I Think Milo Murphy’s Law Is the Best Thing to Happen to Disney XD in a while.

Alright, alright, hear me out. I know there are going to be you guys who are going to be screaming, “What?! No! Phineas and Ferb forever! Gravity Falls! Star Vs. The Forces of Evil! All those are amazing shows!” I agree, I never said I did not like them nor did I say that they were bad shows.

MML, to me, is one of the best shows because it represents what a cartoon should be about: siliness and fun. Today, people love watching cartoons that make you be hit right in the feels, or that are super action packed! I love those too! (Hence my love for Gravity Falls or Over the Garden Wall). But, to me,  a cartoon should not be about a good story or even a good major overarching story line! It should be about making you laugh. Not about subliminal political messages or making you want to tear out your heart, they are just supposed to make you laugh. For example, Animaniacs (One of the best shows of all time) NEVER made me want to tear my heart out. It was funny!

This is probably why I have fallen behind on Adventure Time and Star vs. The Forces of Evil. They eventually become Soap Opera Time and Star vs. the Forces of Puberty and Emotions. My favorite episodes of Adventure Time were the earliest ones, the ones about adventure. Backstory is nice too, The World Building is important, but please give me an adventure I can laugh at! 

And good ‘ol Dan and Swampy delivered once again! I know this was more of a rant than an analysis of a character or specific episode of a show, but hey, it is my blog. Hope you guys enjoyed! Leave your thoughts in the notes or comments or whatever the crud tumblr calls it, haha! See ya! Toodles!