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royal arranged marriage au

february 15 | “family”
(Here’s the overview for an AU with all of the tropes because why not.)

Royal Arranged Marriage AU with supernatural fantasy elements. Gabriel is a wraith who’s the literal Prince of Darkness, equally loved and feared by everyone in Blackwatch, his city. Overwatch, a nearby kingdom that Gabriel’s always been wary of, approaches him one day, seeking an alliance. They offer him their Prince’s hand in marriage in exchange for Gabriel’s help defending against Talon, an insurgent force seeking to usurp them from within. 

Gabriel is irritated but agrees to meet his potential husband-to-be, since he’d apparently accompanied the envoy anyway. He’s surprised when the handsome, scarred vampire he’d assumed was a bodyguard steps forward and introduces himself as Jack, the Prince of Light. 

BONUS: Jack and Gabriel had already met the night before out in the city while avoiding their royal duties and being Grumpy Old Immortals. Neither had realized that the other was a Prince.

i have this persistent mental image of my old!silver in the front yard of their house, doing shirtless yard work as one does. the neighbor ladies blush and giggle when he says hello to them, and he flirts with them in his bad french because he likes attention and it makes old!flint facepalm (in a loving way of course)

then one day flint wanders outside and sees silver leaning on the fence all tattoos and gleaming sweaty tanned muscles, chatting up a young neighbor man who’s just– agog, and redfaced and stuttering 

and flint just bursts out laughing at the poor boy because he knows that feel

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when did you graduate and what was your major? Kinda stumped on what i want to study and what i wanna do with my life and any insight from my badass bi role model is appreciated!

honestly hon, when i realized i didn’t have to rush to finish school my life became less stressful. i have a degree but i’m still in school on my way to a Master’s in Psychology! When i first entered Uni and saw classmates of all ages is when it really hit me that you are never too old to get a degree. America likes to make you feel worthless for not making the absolute most of every second you have, but you gotta live life your own way. I never take full semesters because I have a life to live and a mental health to safeguard so taking it slow has been the best thing for me. Best of luck!

Barber’s Point, Washington

Uh I suppose this is my foray into this odd slow burn place of longish ficlets.  Here is the haircutting fic, part one, destined for like three or four.  Not sure it’s what you were looking for @wtfmulder but hey here we are.

March 7, 1992

“Oh, come on Blevins. We’ve had this discussion before and you know and I know that I always win this little pissing contest of yours.”

“You can address me as Agent Blevins or as your Division Chief, Agent Mulder, for starters, and it’s coming from higher than me.  You’re getting a partner.  And we’re locking your travel down until you learn to work with her.”

Mulder rolled his eyes off to the left with a disgusted smirk as he rocked back in his chair.  “Are we done here, Agent Blevins?”

The old man was content to spend the least amount of time possible in the same room with the Spook. But that wasn’t the question he’d expected.  “We need to go over the personnel file for your partner.  Technically, the X-files was a division of one until today and that makes you the branch chief.”

Mulder found it impossible to hide his smirk… well.  He didn’t even try, actually.  He stood and turned for the door.  “Scully, Dana, 29 – thanks for hooking me up with the experience, sir – physicist and a forensic pathologist.  At least you decided to throw me someone that can shoot. Don’t worry Agent Blevins, I give her two weeks.”

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Imagine being told that the universe is full of light.
Once you open your eyes, the light will guide you and comfort you in your darkest moments.
Now, imagine realizing that the light exists, but that you’re blind, you’ve always been blind, and you’re never going to see anything.

» Theron Shan, The Lost Suns

I hate you

Request: I’m in for some angst with the reaper. Maybe he discover he had a son with s/o, but his son is already 18-19 and is with overwatch to protect his mother for talon(hearing that talon was hunting down old agents). The angst part? The sone adore so much his mother that he claims to hate his own dad when he is just confused and shit :3



You barely knew your father and quite frankly you didn’t want to really know him. “He can be rotting in a hole for all I care” You’d often said. You remember always asking about your father when you were a child, your mother would always smile but she would never say anything about him. All you remembered was being five years old standing in your kitchen asking mama where papa had gone. It was your nineteenth birthday, a celebration you’d come to hate as much as your father. You put up with it for your mother’s sake, every year she went all out. Cake, candles, presents, everything. But for once, all you wanted was just to spend time with her.

There was a knock at the door, You mother swore under her breath as she answered it. Hand on her hip and a distinct fire in her eyes.

“Caught him smoking in the alley again, Mrs. Reyes.” An officer stated.

You growled and fought his hold.

Your mother grabbed you before you could do anything stupid, “Thank you, officer. Have a good night, I’m sorry about this.”

You wandered into the kitchen and as always it was decorated with birthday decorations. A happy birthday banner hung over the kitchen table, your favorite flavored cake sat elegantly in the center of the table, one pinata hung in each corner.

“I’m a little too old for Pinatas don’t you think mom?” You asked.

“You’re never too old to hit things.” She lightly slapped your cheek. “But you are too young to be out passed curfew smoking, that’s horrible for your health!”

“You never scold Jesse for it and he’s been smoking as long as I’ve been alive.” You snorted and rolled your eyes, tucking your hands into your pockets.

She sighed affectionately and shook her head, “What am I going to do with you?”

You rolled your eyes and as per usual, your mother told you to blow out the candles on your birthday cake and handed you your present.

“Happy birthday baby.” She kissed your forehead.

You glowered at the candles.

“What are you waiting for? Make a wish silly.” Your mother smiled.

You hung your head, “How much longer mom? I’ve had to same wish for the last fourteen years. It’s never going to come true.”

She frowned not having to ask what your wish was. You told her when you were six, you said: “If I wish hard enough papa will come back”. You pulled a picture from your pocket, the only picture of your father in the whole house. Every year you tried to burn it. Every year you tried to get rid of any trace of his existence. An argument erupted between the two of you and your mother tried to snatch the picture back, tears in her eyes. With a growl, you stuffed it into your pocket and ran out into the rain.

    Hours passed and you wandered the streets of Dorado with your hands in your pockets and your hood pulled over your head. You loved her to death but you knew you were hurting her, “He looks so much like him” You’d heard your mom say over the phone one day. With a sigh, you disappeared into your usual alleyway and slid down the wall. You pulled the picture from your pocket and took a good hard look at it.

    Fifteen years ago for your fourth birthday, your mother had talked your father into a family trip to the zoo. The three of you were posed outside the exhibit of your favorite animal, you were perched on the shoulders of a man you couldn’t remember, your mother’s arms tangled around his bicep. They looked happy, their temples pressed together and warm smiles on their faces. Your father had rich mocha skin and a black goatee, his hair blended in with his black beanie. You couldn’t tell in the picture but something told you his eyes were dark brown and that the smile he wore was rare.

A scream shook the vacant streets of Dorado: Your mother was screaming your name at the top of her lungs.

“Shit!” You scrambled out of the alley and charged towards home.

The door had been kicked open and for a moment your hopes sank. You should have known better what were you thinking? You knew Talon was in active search for Overwatch agents. While you had never had the pleasure of joining the legendary agency your mother had been a member. That was where she met your father, you remembered the story as you ran home. “Your father was such a stubborn man.” She had said with a smile. “I was a new recruit and they’d put me on his team, he was a loudmouth and a hot-head but believe me when I say he always looked out for his men”.

“Mom!” You shouted as you charged through the front door.

“Is this where I say, Honey, I’m home?” A raspy voice mocked.

You grabbed the baseball bat meant for the pinatas and walked on cats feet towards the kitchen.

“You wouldn’t shoot me.”

“Get away from me!”

You peaked around the corner, your mother on the floor cornered between a man in black and the counters. She snarled despite the shaking pistol in her hand. You knew the entity that stood in your kitchen - The Reaper. A mercenary of Talon who wielded shotguns, a leather cloak, and a white mask. Horror washed over your mother’s face when he removed his mask. The bat tightened in your hands and you raced forward, the bat struck his head and reduced his form to wisps of ebon smoke. You stood in front of your mother and held the bat ready to strike.

An ear-splitting screech stabbed your ears as the reaper scrapped his steel-clawed gloves against the kitchen floor as his form resolidified. He chuckled and slipped his mask back on before you could see his face. His back straightened and he pulled a pair of shotguns from his cloak, they were aimed right at you.

“This is the man of the house?” He cackled. “You’re just a kid.”

You snarled, “Better than a deserter.”

“Oh, how original, he has daddy issues.” He fingered the trigger. “When does daddy get home kid? I might be courteous and let you all die together.”

“Dunno don’t care.” You twisted the bat in your hands. “I hate him more than I hate you and your terrorist buddies.”

You charged him and swung the bat, your mother screamed as a shotgun blasted. Splits of bat scattered throughout the kitchen and your head slid across the floor, you groaned and tried to move. Blood soaked your shoulder and the Reaper roared, a piece of the bad had embedded itself in his forearm. Black blood splattered the ground as he ripped it from his flesh. The two of you charged body slamming to the floor, you kicked, punched, and rolled.

“Stop it!” Your mother threw herself over you. Her water leaking eyes were on the reaper. “He’s your son! Gabriel, he’s your son!”

That was the first time you heard your mother speak your father’s name in years. The shock hit you just as hard as it did the Reaper, he stood still.

Your mother panted. “H-He’s yours…don’t you remember? We had a little boy, t-then Switzerland happened and y…you never came home.”

“Mom…mom everyone died in Switzerland.” You shook your head. “He can’t be…no it…” You stared at him. “I hate you…I hate you!”

Shotguns clattered to the floor. The Reaper removed his mask and you swore your heart stopped. He was just like the man in the picture from the zoo only older, his cornea black and pupils red. His skin a pale gray color. If it were possible for him to cry you swore the Reaper had tears in his eyes as he sulked towards you. He dropped to his knees and pulled you into a hug you didn’t know you needed.

His hand slapped the back of your head, “My boy.”

Tears slipped down your cheeks as your mother joined in the group hug.

Your birthday wish had finally come true.


valentine’s day over the years with nick and charlie

[nick and charlie are from solitaire by alice oseman]


My Norn crew is the beeeest.


Prompt: This is for @amarvelouswritings 700 follower challenge. My song was Lady Antebellum - Just a kiss. The story takes place right after Loki lands on Earth (before he visits Berlin) in Avengers (so he hasn’t caused any damage yet).

Fandom: Marvel - Loki x Reader

Word Count: 4160

Warnings: language, suicide/suicidal thoughts, domestic/spousal abuse (emotional and physical), depression…?

Notes: First Loki fic on here (I doubt it’s as amazing as others I’ve seen). Beta’d by the ever amazing @like-a-bag-of-potatoes


You ran into the office, winded, stressing about how late you were - 25 minutes, for the–was it the tenth time this month? You winced as every bone and muscle hurt on you, thanks to your asshole husband.

“Y/N,” your boss said as he strolled up to your desk.

“Yes?” You turned instantly to face him. He had always been a rather lenient man for your tardiness and excuses to run home or leave early.

“I’m sorry Y/N, but this is unacceptable. You’re late again. This is the eleventh time this month,” he said, trying to be gentle.

You were getting fired.

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scenarios that pit sun and yang against each other in which they have to fight to win over blake as if she’s a prize to be won/where blake is made to choose which one she’d rather be with are so cursed 1. love triangles are gross and dumb 2. why would any of you want scenarios like that where one party is going to end up extremely hurt and leave blake feeling guilty as shit 3. blake has two hands you heathens

I am complicated..

I am 50 shades of fucked up..

I give until there’s nothing left..

I don’t ask for anything in return..

I am soft, but am starting to become hard..

I am full of contradictions..

I am old world romance..

I am long runs on the beach to outrun my crazy..

I am a home body that loves to travel the world..

I am passion that hasn’t been properly explored..

I long to hear I’m beautiful, but can’t bring myself to believe the words..

I want to be the best version of myself and not the version he said I was..

I feel stripped to my core and it scares me..

Starting over isn’t scary, it’s the indifference I felt to my old life that scared me..

I crave sunshine on my skin and it’s when I’m most happy..

I am a physical person and I miss intimacy and it’s chipping away at my armor..

I am dark murky places, but oh when I shine, I shine..

I cherish the little moments more than all the money in the world..

Without my family there is nothing..

I’m too old to hit the do over button, but I long to do so..

Words hurt more than fists, bruises heal, emotional abuse never leaves you..

He had me convinced I wasn’t worthy of love, I’m hoping to prove him wrong..


I spent 6 hours on this sobs

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im confused. do you feel women are made to feel old at 21? or when when they are older than 18-25? or when they hit 25? what makes you feel that way? do you lik read the redpill?

Well this is random.

Women are made to feel their youth is the only window of opportunity they have to be successful because our worth is hinged on our youth and beauty in society. Growing up having this concept instilled in my mind, like most women, it’s hard to not feel like I’m getting old when I’m 3 years away from 25. After that nobody cares what you do. The only thing people care about at that point is whether or not you’re getting married.

I mean, watch ANTM, women who are 23 or 24 will be told that they’ll have a short career because nobody will hire a 26 year old to model for them. Because nobody wants to see “old” women in their magazines or being spoke models for their products. They want “young and beautiful” women. That’s like the most prominent example. And then you’ll see other examples in politics. Hillary, even inbher 60s, is still having her apperance being commented on when she’s talking about important things. Women who are 50, 60, 70 years of age get their efforts overlooked because they’re not appealing to the male gaze.

Women are constantly being judged and valued on their appearance and once you hit a certain age you’re considered “too old” to be relevent. Not saying it’s true, just saying that’s how society views us, and even if I disagree, I’m in a constant state of panic that I’ll never ammount to anything within the small window of opportunity. Because I live in this society that believes all this stuff, so I gotta deal with this kinda garbage just like ever other woman does.