not too keen about it idk

I have some major problems about WADTT I want to rant about rn:

-imo they seem kinda biased towards siding with zoos/etc and being against animal welfare activists, particularly anti caps who are obviously all crazy, right guys? Except that it was antis that have consistently been there to protect these animals, including rallying to end the capture of wild orca in the PNW and stop the intention of capturing orca in Alaska. Many of us are well researched and know what the hell were talking about; many of us were antis before blackfish, so you can’t call us brainwashed.

-they don’t seem keen on answering any responses in their captivity posts by any antis. Whether it’s intentional or bc they’re busy idk, but thy seem to respond to people on other posts

-their new shtick is that by banning cetacean captivity we are banning cetacean rehabilitation. And the way they talk about it is as if antis haven’t fucking thought about it before. We’re all too dumb and radical to think about all sides of the issue, I guess. Other people have discussed this before much more eloquently that I can, but I’ll go over some things: -not all cetaceans that are rescued are unreleasable. Most aren’t, many are rehabbed and released. In fact, as many antis have criticized, SW has many issues with their program: they release animals without checking up on them, in the case of JJ they essentially had to be forced to rescue her, etc. Euthanasia is a regular part of rehabilitation anyways. And, if cetacean captivity is outright banned in zoos, why can’t there be wildlife rehab centres for cetaceans where their sole purpose is rescue and rehab like there are for other animals? It would be expensive, sure, but so is running SW. And which is more important in the long run? SW could easily fund such a program, let’s be real, but no according to WADTT keeping cetacean captivity “for the sake of rehabbing wild whales” is more logical, even though zoos wth cetaceans should literally set off all the alarm bells of “this is a bad zoo, these animals don’t belong here”. I think people get so blinded by the fact that the current marine parks with cetaceans are the only ones like them, and since there’s nothing better out there then they feel as though places like SW are the best there is. But they’re clearly not, and we can and should strive for something better and leave the shit behind. (This kinda got away from me but hopefully you get the gist) -!!!!ding ding ding!!! Antis have been suggesting natural sea pen sanctuaries for rehabbing cetaceans for years!!! What a concept!!! But no concrete tanks are obvi better and we need to keep them around for The Good™ of wildlife

-anyways, WADTT is not an expert on everything and it kinda bothers me when people treat them as such. It happens with A Lot of people on here; they say something smart, and then people flock to them for answers. And sometimes they don’t have those answers. But they try to give answers anyway, and they end up wrong (a blog that talks about animal color genetics comes to mind for this that-they are so wrong sometimes). Or worse, they answer with their opinions and people treat those opinions as the best ones. This is what I feel is happening with WADTT; they clearly aren’t neutral, which is a very harmful thing in the position they’re in (which imo isn’t their fault; tumblr idolizes ppl way too much). Which is why I have a lot of issues with them and how they tackle the captivity debate. (Not to mention their disastrous interpretation of that video of Kalia slamming herself on the slide out; ah yes that’s perfectly normal and not a symptom of captivity at allll)


#262 Mightyena

actuallyaltaria replied to your post “Who’s that Pokemon?”


Yay you got itttt!! I learned many things about Mightyena while crocheting it, such as the facts that from above it looks like a skunk because there’s no black fur running down the middle (but why?? IDK), it is 90 percent FLUFF, and that a fluffless Mightyena looks like a long-legged Chanel-boot-wearing rabbit(-eared donkey).

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I remember reading that about fincher! That he said if a guy said his fav movie is fight club he wouldn't let him near his daughter or something like that? But i get it tbh. If a guy told me his fav movie was fight club idk if i would've been too keen on hanging out with him unless he explained why haha

Exactly! I think he said that she was never to see him again and stuff. Agh mate I don’t know, it’s a brilliant film, there isn’t a flaw to find when you look at how it’s made and acted, but sure if someone said that it was their favourite film because of THE VIOLENCE I wouldn’t trust that person x

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I follow this guy on ig, he followd back & liked all my pics. 1 hr later he messaged me on fb saying "sorry for the spam on ig" & I said "it's okay don't worry about it" and he said "no problem! You go to (my school) right?"; I said yeah. Then he said "thought so. Anyway take care" and I said "you too 😊". 2 hours after he messaged me "hello, not trying to bother you! Just keen to talk 😃". That was 15hrs ago & I haven't replied. He has a gf & idk what hes doing, I don't like him. What to reply?

Ask him if his girlfriend is comfortable with him talking to you! Maybe send him a very passive aggressive meme along with it! 👏🏽

@watchoutprofanity I love most of their new album
I’m not too keen on new atl. Like I like them but never been a mega mega fan. Idk like dirty laundry is the only one I’m kinda vibing so far. Maybe the album is hiding a r rad one?
I don’t like the new fob song. Like I just can’t get into it. Like maybe if I really forced myself to I would but I don’t wanna force it.

Talk to me about music!

Larry AF

Ive just realized I spent the last few years lying to myself and denying larry stylinson bc i guess to me it just never really made sense yknow? but after my own concert I S2G LARRY IS REAL AS FUCK. It hurts my heart and head so much. When they performed You and I and Louis took his place on the mic next to Harry and they looked at each other for like a nano second and suddenly i swear it was like all my senses faded the fuck out and all i saw was, Larry. Honestly the fact that the first time I experience an epiphany is at a One Direction concert really says so much but anyay. I LOST IT BC REAL. REAL. R.E.A.L. DUDE LARRY IS SO REAL. I FELT IT. REALLY. I WISH I COULD HAVE WRAPPED THAT MOMENT UP AND SHOVE IT IN THE FACE OF JUST EVERYONE IN GENERAL BC GODDAMN THATS THE KINDA FEELING YOU JUST KNOW ANYONE WOULD LOOK AT AND BE LIKE, YEA THATS IT. IDK WHAT I FELT BUT THERE WAS SOMETHING and i know this is being dramatic af (but really at this point i dont care) and anyone has a right to disagree, but I have the right to an opinion of my own too? So idk man. It’s crazy bc it was like all I had to do was just open my eyes??? Im genuinely so upset that it took me so long bc like ive missed out even though ive been right here but theres some consolation bc I feel like I have a whole new world to discover and idk where to start BUT I KNOW THERES SO MUCH and idk if im prepared but screw it im ready. Also because of how much I was against larry in the past, Im only acquainted with a few people (just 3 really) who stan them. And i dont actually know what the response will be like but thats my last worry. So this is a little disclaimer of sorts I guess? To the people who follow me and arent too keen on larry and who will probably start wondering why the sudden influx of larry related posts, if you choose to unfollow, Id understand I guess. It is what it is, and I cant change. (The last part if anyone actually gets is cheesy as fuck but like i just had to use it im sorry) Much love either ways xx

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Hello ! can you say like ten things that you like about Zayn and not his looks pls,, thought we'd play this game hehe :D Cool blog btw xx

sureeee bb! i realize this is probably ott so i apologize in advance. also this is just my opinion / how i view him and i could obviously be very wrong about a lot of this considering it’s impossible for us as fans to really know who he is on a personal level

  1. his singing voice and how much he loves singing. how he didn’t have much confidence but he always loved doing it. how he would get on webcam for fans and just sing, or record videos of him singing. him talking about performing being the best part of the job - going out and singing and being able to do that for the fans, see them in the crowd and be a part of that. he loves what he does and i refuse to listen to anyone tell me otherwise.
  2. his talking voice - how he usually takes time to think before answering a question and then delivering his answer eloquently - you can really see this in interviews where it’s just him or when he really gets an opportunity to carry out his thoughts thoroughly. and he’s typically very genuine in his answers and he seems very honest. he always reveals what he’s comfortable revealing, you can tell he’s a very private person still and likes to keep certain things to himself. he does a great job in finding a middle ground / revealing just enough information and not seeming harsh or mean while doing so.
  3. the fact that he likes to draw and how he sometimes shares his little doodles with us on twitter. and how he occasionally draws out pictures when he signs things (example) or uses drawings on one direction things like the album booklets etc. the fact that he painted a gromit for charity and does other charity work and it’s usually quite under the radar, he doesn’t really talk about it much and he just…does it because he wants to.
  4. how he frequently talks about his family/friends and how much he loves them, how important they are to him and how dedicated he is to them. how much he loves spending time at home and away from the cameras during his time off. “I’m quite domestic, I like to just stay at home. I do see little rumours on twitter and stuff about fans thinking I’m a robot and I’m not real and I don’t really exist because I don’t really go anywhere but that’s because I’m quite boring when I have time off. I like to stay at home and just relax and do normal things, chill out with my family. Mainly doing a lot of artwork, stuff like that. Write songs and chill out. I’m just a normal 20 year old, I think. I’m just having fun.”
  5. the fact that he’s a total fucking goofball. the fact that he can be really hyper and outgoing with those he’s comfortable with. the fact that he can be very quiet and shy yet still there’s a very large part of him that is playful and loud and mischievous. he’s an enigma to me because there are so many layers to his personality and i love every single one of those layers and i find them all fascinating. i think it’s amusing how he’s labeled as this ~mysterious bad boy~ and honestly sometimes he can be mysterious but the bad boy part is so far from true. and it’s also amusing how he was always labelled as vain yet he seems very modest to me.
  6. i adore how he PAYS ATTENTION to people and his surroundings. how he seems to know people pretty well. this video will always be one of my favourite things and i don’t even need to explain why. i think he genuinely listens to people and takes time to find out who they are. i feel like he’s a great person to talk to if you just need someone to vent to. and IDK i’m very emotional about this side of him.
  7. his fashion sense. i love what he wears 99% of the time. and he has this swagger to him, like, i always talk about his swagger. the way he carries himself. he is just so effortlessly cool. idk how the fuck he pulls it off but he’s gr8 at it. i guess because that’s just naturally how he is. he’s just so…zayn. you feel me?
  8. his tattoos. god, i love his tattoos. i’ve learned to love all of them even if i wasn’t too keen on some of them at first. i find it amusing that some of them are obviously random and then others have special significance and mean a lot to him. his tattoos reflect his personality in that sense.
  9. when he said that he didn’t draw the short straw when it came to being veronica in the best song ever video.
  10. his relationship with all of his band mates. his love for his band mates. his protectiveness over his band mates. each and every one of them is very special to him and each connection is different but very important. i won’t go into detail about this because i don’t feel like crying.