not too great but still

Almost feeling like I got a belated birthday present today. I woke up with my legs not actively trying to kill me, for the first time in too long!

They’re still not great, but acting enough less terrible that I’m almost hesitating to get back down for the 2nd sleep shift in a while. It’s always hard to tell now what a sleep reset may do to the neuromuscular shit. But, not stretching the first shift out to much over 4 hours probably helped, and I know I’ll really be feeling it later if I don’t get some more rest.

Trying to enjoy it while it does last, though.


Movies Meme: [1/5] Animated Movies → Mulan (1998)
↳ “I’ve heard a great deal about you, Fa Mulan. You stole your father’s armor, ran away from home, impersonated a soldier, deceived your commanding officer, dishonored the Chinese army, destroyed my palace and you have saved us all.”

reading one star reviews of books you hated on goodreads just to stew in your bitterness is such a happy cozy feeling


Ay look at me reading to far into a book again. Either @vaveyard is a genius putting little hopeful messages into her books first two words or she’s still a genius and I’m reading too far into this at 1am. Anyway the point of this post: these are the first pages of Red Queen, Glass Sword, and King’s Cage respectively. The first two words of RQ are “I hate”, and a powerful message through tall these books is the prejudice and privilege of the Silvers over Reds, who hate each other. Sound familiar?
The next is the first two words of GS “I flinch”, as in fear. There is fear on both sides of this book, Reds of how the Silvers may oppress or hurt them, the Silvers on how the Reds may fight back and change tradition that gives them severe advantages. Again, sound familiar? These are all too similar to modern times, and well…everything that is going on, from police brutality to “alternative facts” which all add to issues like racism, sexism, anti Semitism, homophobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, etc., and Ms. Aveyard has done a great job showing these same issues in a totally different world, and the fear and hate that create and add to them. Which is why I probably read too much into this and the beginning of KC.
Because the first two words of KC are “I rise”, which is what we all need to do now. Whether through speaking up and calling local politicians, or going to the woman’s March, pride marches, BLM marches, the science March, anything that shows we won’t give in and that we will continue to fight and have our voices heard. So if this was intentional, I applaud you Ms. Aveyard, and if it wasn’t I don’t care, because this was a message I needed for myself right now, and I’m sure many others do to. So listen to this, random tumblr, and instead of giving in to fear and hate, rise up. Rise up! You don’t need to be the Scarlet Guard or Mare Barrow, every rebellion and cause needs Kilorns and supporters who are not always spotlighted. You are important to these causes too. You are what drives them forward and makes them noticeable. Keep fighting!

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even now i’ll sit back sometimes (like.., today) and reflect on the fact that alphys - the exact sort of non-protag whose narrative would 9 times out of 10 shaft or diminish her or carelessly impinge on realizing her potential bc she’s not ~The Right Type for that - not only got a sympathetic portrayal that alternated between funny and sweet and sad and thoroughly gut-wrenching, it’s also super easy to make the “meatiest and best-written character in the whole damn game” argument for her

like. i’m so used to characters like alphys being relegated to joke and plot device status and yet here she is in ut, being complex and fleshed-out and integral and getting the girl holy shit. she’s not let down by her narrative and that still makes me ridiculously happy

The signs as people I know

-Laid back and quiet until somebody brings up politics
-Will bake you banana bread in the middle of the night if necessary
-Only watches 80s high school movies
-Has a massive candle collection

-Has dark hair but bleached one little stripe to be Cool™
-Carries around oragami paper and gives paper flowers to girls
-Can hack your computer using a toaster
-Takes girls on dates to volunteer at high school lacrosse games

-Disappears completely ever now and then
-Fluent in 10 languages including whale
-Most likely to become an old cat lady
-I don’t even know their real first name tbh?

-Hasn’t responded to my messages since 2014
-Dyes their hair a different color every month
-Has gone to New York City like 6 times this year alone
-Has more experience with boys than anyone I know

-Too Loud™
-Great at drawing but only draws cats
-Still in their emo phase because they think it’s cool
-Gets really obsessed way too easily

-Snapchatting 24/7
-Probably doesn’t know what any current hip slang means but uses it anyways
-Has a part time job being disney princesses at birthday parties
-Thinks homeschooling is the coolest thing ever

-Will watch a movie when on the phone with you and tell you about everything in it
-Has never been decisive once in their life
-Can beat any video game in .5 seconds
-Writes great lyrics but can’t sing hardly at all

-Still has their stuffed animals from kindergarten
-Always says you need to hang out with them but never makes plans
-Will tell you the same story 500 times and laugh every time
-Isn’t fazed by bad pictures of themselves

-Always packs the morning of a big trip
-Still obsessed with 2009 pop icons
-Owns really cool stuff but pretends to be surprised when you mention it
-Most likely to realize they forgot airplane tickets when they’re already at the airport and running late

Capricorn: (this is 2 different ppl)
-Middle aged mom but still dyes her hair bright red
-Never goes any slower than 15mph over the speed limit
-Won’t let people take naps
-(2)Owns several fancy dresses and takes ballroom dancing lessons

-Would wear jean shorts and an oversized hoodie to your wedding and think it’s appropriate
-Fights with people online
-X’s out the people they hate in yearbooks
-Probably really kinky but unconfirmed

-Uses the Vice horoscope on snapchat
-Diehard band kid, won’t stop showing you band memes
-Uses a fake accent all the time because they think it’s funny
-Actually a great friend who talks to loners all the time


Glen gives Gil a piggyback ride; Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki

Favorite manga moment as requested by anonymous~


Quick thing for @springtrap-trash! Happy birthday!