not too good at it

I don’t draw my OCs enough so I drew all my OCs

(Not actually all my OCs but a lot of them)

***incredibly minor potc 5 spoilers***

i love how henry turner is super similar to will in cotbp all the way through until that scene where they get attacked by ghost sharks on the longboat and jack’s losing his shit, but henry stays totally chill and just hits the ghost shark repeatedly with an oar until it lets go

those are his mother’s genes right there

no YOU just got tangled up in the new gate in your apt to keep your dog & cat separate & tumbled to the floor & might’ve maybe at the very least sprained your big toe so badly you spoke in tongues unknown to you in a pile on the ground for a few minutes, blinded by pain, but also perhaps broke it

& im working tmrw & sunday, for 8-11 hour shifts on my feet

coooooool cool cool

jessitale  asked:

Requests? TH!Palette if it is okay! (And I still love your art X3)

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The Only Sims I could Recover

Guys, I honestly tried everything. Nothing seemed to work for me :( But, these are the sims that I backed up a few weeks ago and luckily, all these sims are the most important to me. All the Running With Gibson Characters were wiped away and now there will no longer be anymore RWG story posts. It had a really good storyline and everything, but I really don’t feel like re-doing it :/ I love the sims and everything, but they need to stop deleting everyones stuff :( But, thank you for everyone’s suggestions! Nothing seemed to have worked though. The only thing I did get back was my current household build and that’s not much. I’m going to somehow try and recover from all of this. Don’t how how, but I will. I think I’m going to start a story or something with these guys. I started to think about it a little, but not much has come up. If you have any opinions, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for all of y'alls support! We have an amazing community and I’m happy to be apart of it! Thank you and y'all are just the sweetest!