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Kurama + Hiei chibi phone doodles ☆⌒(ゝ。∂) (I spent too much time on these lmao)


The Black Fairy’s cardboard prison is finished and ready to be signed by Jaime Murray this weekend 😊

Sunday Progress Update?

I’ve been sick this week. I realized midway through the week that my checklist was starting to make me extremely anxious due to the number of big, fat, red Xs on it. My illness was effing up my sleep, my typical number of workouts–too many things. And, the purpose of the checklist is to motivate me–not to guilt trip me and certainly not to cause me to push myself when I SHOULD be taking it easy. So, I went back and cleared everything and gave myself the week off.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a recovering perfectionist. I’ve made huge progress in that area. I’ve found such a wonderful balance of acceptance for myself and goals that are positive but not excessive. And, that’s great. For a normal week, that checklist is just right. But balance is something that requires frequent shifts, re-evaluations, and a good strong measure of patience to achieve. Making allowances for illnesses or for life events is important.

So, this Sunday Progress Update is just to say that I’m FINALLY really starting to feel better today! I just got back from a wonderful restorative yoga class and now I’m off for a nice (muddy) walk in the woods with my little family. I’m feeling more rested and ready to get back to my checklist next week! 😁

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Eternity is just the absolute best! Her posts are making me LOL at my desk whilst my coworkers think I'm losing it 😂And since I don't have timblr acct I cannot write to her but pls tell her thank you for the laughs ( & truth) she gives us in this most effed up Fandom ! Wardley ily too but can't send an ask 😔

I have decided to nominate myself the Outlander Tumblr secretary. Can I get a second on the motion?

@fromheretoeternity1121 and @wardley10 you’ve got fan mail, dahlings.

Best Friend’s Sister I - The Perfect Woman

Pairing: Richard Speight Jr x Rob’s-sister!Reader

Summary: Ohmygod. Okay. The requester had anon-ed themselves, so I don’t know who it is, but their request took up 3 entire asks and if that doesn’t prove to you that this requester person is absolutely lovely then you’re totally wrong. Basically, Reader likes Richard, who is Rob’s best friend, and through the magic of Harry Potter, happy endings actually happen! 

Warnings: Harry Potter spoilers (in case you’re like Rob Benedict who actually hasn’t watched it apparently)

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(actually very accurate, totally 100% what happened)

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character aesthetics | stiles stilinski + blue
for @lydiastilinsxi

“Personally, I’m a fan of ignoring a problem until eventually it goes away”

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Sexual Orientation Headcanon:

• Russel strikes me as someone who could really go any way, doesn’t really like labels? But primarily aro/ace.

Gender Headcanon:

• Cis male; but enjoys a wide range of gender expression.

Mental Illness / Neurodivergent Headcanon:

• Depressive states and frequent dissociation.

3 Random Headcanons:

• Russel effing loves clothes, sometimes make up too. He will never hold back when it comes to quality, regardless of price. He enjoys looking good and owning fine things, regardless of the gender they are “intended for”.

• Russel would be overjoyed to see Noodle having relationships and putting herself out there; she’s his baby girl and she’s been through so much pain I think he’d be really supportive of her growing up and having an opportunity to just LIVE. He would definitely protect her if he thought someone was bad news, but overall I think he would be absolutely over the moon to see Noodle dating and experiencing normal young adult things.

• Russel and Stu have always been very close; he was an invaluable friend at the start of the band and provided Stuart with a much needed buffer against Murdoc’s irrational behaviour and manic, abusive states. He and Stu both acted most like fathers to Noodle when she was young and would occasionally be mistaken for a couple when they took her out shopping or to the park etc. He and Stu are still very close and still like to chill out together with tea and talk like grownups. Russel is a wonderful listener and it’s great for Stu to be able to speak freely and express himself to someone who truly respects him and is interested in what he has to say.

Russel is shaped like a dad and friend.

I think it’s safe to be we all know Loco is the cutest drunk! I mean if you didn’t know you have to dig up his drunk video it’s too effing cute!

Loco: Would just be rambling nonsense and then be his cute self. He’d innocently hug you and kiss the top of your head. The close proximity would arouse him and with him being drunk he would be a bit more bold in the telling you what he wanted with out thinking twice about it. You’d see another side of Loco when he’s drunk, he’d be more open to trying new things he’d be too shy to admit he wanted to try with you.

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Zion.T: I picture him being a sensual and passionate lover when he’s sober. He’d approach in the same loving way but in a much more desperate and needy pace making him be a bit rougher in the process when he is drunk.

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Simon D : Instead of being rough and dominant would started of by kissing you gently and sloppily. He would want to hold you close being drunk would put him in a more vulnerable position and he’d open up more than usual. I picture him being more of an emotional drunk when he’s just around you.

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the aftermath of doing my homicidal Liu cosplay.( practice of making GIFs)

As you see the makeup has royally effed up my face and I am not too good at making gifs yet. But I will be soon hopefully! I’m very excited to start cosplaying. Thank you to @creepypastaheadcannonsxd for the website and @oh-nobro2point0 for telling me to follow my dreams!

Tragic Honest Ask Meme

15. What’s one of your worst childhood memories?

“Oh, this one’s easy. It was definitely when my brother got hit by the car. No question. I wasn’t with him when it happened. He died on the way to the hospital, too. I guess it’s good I didn’t see how effed up he got by the car.”

18. Talk about a traumatizing memory.

“Uh. I think I just did? Okay. I was at home. Mom was at home. Mom got a phone call. Mom started crying. Mom told me and my sisters. I was too shocked to cry. My littlest sister was just a baby, so she didn’t cry. I cried later. Then I stopped crying for a while. Then I started thinking about life. Then I saw a bunch of rats.”