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first day at a new job and oh fuck my boss is the person I drunkenly hooked up with last weekend/night

The pounding headache that currently plagued you was going to be a serious problem. You took medicine to try and ease it but it hadn’t kicked in just yet.

Your best friends Pietro and Natasha took you out for drinks the night before to celebrate you landing your dream job. One drink turned into four and the night got hazy after that. You knew that it wasn’t the smartest thing to go out the night before you were to start a new job, but you were in a good mood and wanted to.

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Imagine helping Scott hustle Chris.

You stood at a corner trying not to smile at how adorably competitive your boyfriend was being. It was a simple get-together celebrating Chris’ return that consisted of your brother, his brother, and a few of your closest friends. It was hard to believe you weren’t at a college frat party from the way your living room looked, and how the men were acting. They’d started a game of beer pong fifteen minutes ago which your brother and Chris were cleaning up; three games in a row they’d won and they were incredibly smug about it. It finally got to a point where Scott felt the need to grab you while you were walking out of the bathroom because he knew you were the challenging’s team only chance at beating the reining defenders.

Scott had seen you play beer pong before, it was at a party Chris couldn’t make so your boyfriend had no idea how good you actually were. To Chris, you were the girl who spent her nights watching Disney movies while the rest of your generation partied on. And you were that girl to some extent, but you had a wild side too; it was why you agreed to help hustle your own boyfriend. It wasn’t just to knock his smugness down a peg, you wanted to get out of something. There was a dinner party coming up hosted by a couple he knew you didn’t get along with, he’d tricked you into going so now you were going to trick him to get out of it.

“Suck it!” Both your boyfriend and your brother did all kinds of hand gestures as they landed the final shot, winning another game. “Man,” Chris turned to your brother, laughing. “I am getting thirsty on this end of the table.” Your brother laughed, meeting his high five. “I think we need to go grab ourselves a beer so we don’t dehydrate while waiting for someone to make a shot.”

“Don’t get too cocky,” Scott warned as the two of you approached the table. You picked up a ping pong ball with a smirk; Chris raised a brow at you while Scott filled the empty cups. “I’m thinking the babies of the family versus the big kids.” You grinned at your brother who knew perfectly well you were experienced in the game of beer pong; you crushed him at majority of the family parties your parents hosted when you were teenagers. “What do you say, big brother? Think you’ve got another game in you?”

“Oh, I definitely have another game in me,” Chris chuckled. “I’m being hesitant because I don’t want to end up having to sleep on the couch because my girl is sulking about how I demolished her at beer pong.” Scott turned to you, smirking; you played it clueless, rolling the ping pong ball in-between your palms. “But if you’re up for it, babe, I’m more than happy to oblige.”

Your brother suppressed his urge to laugh at the confidence of your boyfriend. Clearly, he’d no idea you were ridiculously good at beer pong. You played it often. It wasn’t always with beer or at a party, sometimes you’d just play it with your best friends at a sleepover. Occasionally when you had nothing to do, you’d fill plastic cups with water and practice. It was a good party trick, and you were much like your boyfriend- competitive. Your brother wasn’t going to say anything because he could tell you had something planned and he knew it was going to be amusing to watch.

“I think I’m up for it,” you nodded, pretending to be sweet and innocent despite having devised a plan to hustle the love of your life with his brother. “Could you be nice and go easy on me though? I’m not very familiar with this game and we both know how bad I am with balls.” You giggled when Chris choked on his spit, snickering.

“I’d beg to differ,” he winked and you laughed, “but you got it. Tell you what, if you get three shots in- we’ll admit defeat and you’ll be the new reigning champion.” You felt a smirk threatening to make an appearance, but you stopped it with a lick of your lips instead. “Scott’s not included in the deal, I’m just talking about you. If you get three shots, you guys win.”

“Can I also add something else to sweeten the pot?” You quizzed and Chris chuckled, nodding because he was confident you wouldn’t make it. “If I get three shots in, we skip Frank and Amanda’s dinner party next week.” It was a request he nodded at without hesitation, handsomely smug. “Do you promise?”

“Baby, if you get three shots in I’ll buy you VIP tickets to Taylor Swift’s world tour for ‘reputation’.” Chris informed you; both brothers covered their mouths to hide their snickers. “Three shots, and I’ll- no shit- get us out of that dinner party and take you to see Taylor Swift when she announces her world tour.”

“Sounds easy enough,” you shrugged nonchalantly. “Elbow behind the table, right?” You quizzed as you positioned your arm, earning a nod from him. You weren’t planning to make the first shot, you had to make it look real to actually hustle a man as smart as Chris. “Okay, let’s see.” You tossed it, missing the cups by a long shot. “Aw, no.” You pouted and Chris mirrored your pout. “It’s okay, I’ve got more shots.”

“Mm hm,” Chris nodded. “Shake it off, shake it off.” He sang and you giggled. “My turn.” He positioned his arm. “I know you don’t like beer, baby, so Scott will drink this for you.” He flicked his wrist and the ball flew across the table, landing in one of the cups on the back row. “Drink up, bud.”

Scott downed the beer then made his shot, hitting the edge of one of the middle cups. Chris chuckled, stepping out of your brother’s way so he could make his shot. It easily landed in the cup at the front, forcing Scott to take another drink. You tried again, missing once more much to Chris’ delight. You shrugged with a dramatic sigh, bringing Chris over to your side to give your forehead a quick kiss before he returned to make his shot. Again, into a cup that Scott had to drink. He then made his shot that successfully found its way into a cup that your brother drank, before making his shot that thankfully missed. You decided to stop with your act before Scott got too drunk, he’d already had quite a bit to drink before he started his first game of beer pong. Chris made him go get himself a glass of water while you got ready for your shot.

“Since Scott’s gone to get some water, can I take numerous shots in a row?”

“Take as many as you need to get three,” Chris told you, shrugging. He was so confident and so smug, you couldn’t wait to see his face when you cleaned up. “Take a deep breath,” he advised and you nodded, lining your shot. “If you miss the first one, use it as a ga-” He was cut off when your shot landed in the cup and those around the table cheered loudly. “Nice, baby.” He clapped then downed the drink, chuckling when you smiled coyly.

“Two more, right?” You quizzed and before he could answer your rhetorical question, you swiftly made both shots; the balls landed perfectly in the corner two cups in the back row. Chris’ jaw dropped and he gaped at you with wide eyes, unable to find the words. “What do I get if I get all the other cups?” You raised a brow, smirking with the smugness he’d lost. “It’s alright, you don’t have to tell me now.” You told him and made the rest of the shots; every ball you threw landed into a filled cup. “I’ll check back and cash in my winnings when you decide.”

“Did we just get hustled?” Chris leaned over to your brother and whispered.

“You just got hustled,” your brother confirmed for him with a nod. “I would’ve said something, but then she’d try and get me and- well, I’m not as wealthy as you are. I can’t afford VIP tickets to Taylor Swift,” he laughed with you and the rest of the group while Chris tried to process what had happened. “C’mon, man. You’ve been with her for two years, are you honestly that shocked? The girl is constantly bombarding you with new information and surprises.”

“Yeah, it’s like living with a spy,” Chris gave you the stink eye, trying not to smile. You giggled and padded over to him, wrapping your arms around his neck. “Oh man,” he rolled his eyes, resting his hands on your waist. “I should’ve known, you and Scott are always up to no good. Then you ask for an out with the dinner party and- God dammit, Y/N,” he playfully nipped your neck and you squirmed, laughing. “I’m going to get you back for this, you know that right?”

“Now who’s sulking?”

Or maybe this is the reason for the tricep/shoulder pain this morning lol. By the time we decided to do another set so we could film it, everyone was way too drunk 😂😂 That is my oldest brother walking away from us in disappointment (we’re at his job lol) and our older sister up on my shoulders, our other brother is the one filming. Yayyy family time 👌😅😂

I Know You Like Me

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 713
warning : smut
summary : Reader and Kai always are cocky / tease each other , one day Reader is kidnapped and Kai comes to her rescue.
* not my gif

“Oh crap.” she muttered , noticing Kai walking in the Grill making his way towards her. He was hot as hell , that was true but also super annoying getting on her nerves all the time. Yet for some unexplicable reason she liked being around him more than she cared to let on.
“Hello beautiful. How’s your day going?” he said with a smirk , sitting opposite her and reaching for the fries in front of her. Y/N smacked his hand away , but he was too fast for her. Kai grinned. “Oh don’t look so sad. It’s just a few fries… I’ll get you more. That’s what boyfriends do right ?”
Y/N crossed her arms on her chest , a sigh of frustration leaving her lips. “Stop reffering to yourself as my boyfriend. You are not my boyfriend. Don’t you have someone else to torture?”
“Lots of people but I like torturing you most.” said Kai snatching another couple of fries from her plate. Y/N smacked his hand and he grabbed it , both of them leaning in towards each other. He was driving her insane. They stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment before Kai let go of her wrist smiling at her. “Love that vein popping on your forehead when you get angry… and how your eyes literally burn with fire.”
“Funny. That vein didn’t appear so often until I met you.”
“Oh don’t pretend like you are not obsessed with me.” Kai winked at her.
“I am not obsessed with you but I do know you are obsessed with me.” Y/N said leaning in onto the table , Kai doing the same until their faces were inches away from each other.
“You are so full of yourself , Y/N.” he said in low voice.
“Look who’s talking.” she retorted.
The waitress came by , glancing at them for a moment before her eyes focused on Kai. Every girl at the Grill and everywhere he went always did that and for some reason it bothered Y/N.
“Hello. My name is Emma. What can I get you?”
Y/N sat back , crossing her arms on her chest starring at Kai.
“A flight of stairs I can throw myself down on.” she muttered. Kai started to laugh at her comment and Y/N made a face at him.
“Fries , large serving. My girlfriend loves them so much and she never lets me near hers.” said Kai smiling at the waitress who looked disappointed hearing him call Y/N his girlfriend. She wrote the order down and stepped away.
Y/N scoffed. Every time they were together Kai would reffer to her as ‘his girlfriend’. Part of her was flattered , another was ready to strangle him. A couple of times he had done this around guys who were talking to her. Kai would casually walk over to her , put his arm around her shoulder , lean in whispering in her ear how much she annoys him and then would turn to the guys saying “Isn’t my girlfriend the best ?” at which point they would smile , nod and go away. Last time he had done that Y/N turned around punching him hard in the shoulder.

“Ouch! What was that for ?!” he had said , starring at her.
“Being an ass , that’s what.” Y/N had replied , turning on her heels angrily walking away from him.

“I am not your girlfriend Malachai. How many times do I have to tell you this ?! Stop calling me that.
“But you could be.” he teased , taking another french fry from her plate. Y/N didn’t even bother trying to swat his hand away this time. What would be the point ?
“Not in a million years.” she retorted just as the waitress returned with the fries.
Kai turned towards her , flashing the girl his best smile.
“Thank you sweetheart.”
The girl blushed and walked away , but for some reason it made Y/N felt angrier with Kai about calling the girl ‘sweetheart’ than about anything else in the past half hour. When Y/N looked at Kai , he was starring at her with an amused expression on his face and curiousity in his eyes.
“These are for you.” he said pushing the plate towards her. “See ? I’m a nice boyfriend.”
“No thanks.” Y/N said getting up. “And again - you are not my boyfriend.” she turned on her heels walking away from him.
Kai left some money on the table and got up chasing after her. He grabbed her hand , stepping in front of her. Her jaw was clenched and there was that vein on her forehead again he loved so much , her lips were pressed into a thin line. Y/N didn’t look angry , not exactly … she looked upset.
“Wait wait.. Can’t you see I am trying to be nice ?” he said suddenly serious. “You are the only one who can stand being around me. What’s it going to take to get you to like spending time with me ?”
“Nice ?” she glared at him. “We must have different definitions of ‘nice’. And I will never like you or enjoy your company , Malachai. Stop trying.”
“Don’t call me that.”
Y/N had touched a nerve. He hated it when people used his full name. In truth she loved his full name , she also loved teasing him with it.
“OH but I love calling you Malachai. … Maalaachaaiii.” she repeated smiling at him , watching his jaw clench. He looked around them for a second and then he smashed her into the nearest wall in vampire speed , his hands on either side of her boxing her in. Every time she called him by his full name , he felt both angry but also liked the way she said it.
“I can hear your heart beat , sweetheart.” he said quietly. “I know you are lying. You love it when I am around you.”
Y/N leaned in towards him , her lips almost touching his as she spoke.
“Maybe ..or maybe not. You can’t prove anything anyways.”
Kai snaked his hand around her waist noticing yet another change in her heartbeat and the corners of his mouth twitched. Y/N might deny it but she liked it when he was around.

* * *

Two whole days passed after the last time he saw her at the Grill and Kai couldn’t find Y/N anywhere. Not at home , not a her college. He started getting this awful feeling he hated most - worry. Something must’ve happened to her. In the end Kai decided to go to the Salvatores , they were her friends and maybe would tell him where she is. Just as he was about to walk inside , he heard voices and decided to eavesdrop instead.

“What did Matt say ? Don’t they have a security footage or something ?!” Caroline raised her voice.
“No. All they have is a statement from a witness who was too drunk to remember anything but a 'black suv with tainted windows’.” said Damon.
“Well , we have to find her. It’s been two days…” sighed Caroline. “What if something happens to Y/N and we are too late? We have to do something.”

Kai froze on the spot. Something had happened to Y/N. Suddenly his worry was replaced with anger quickly boiling into rage. Whoever it was that had gotten her , he intended on finding them and killing them in a very painful way. No one got to mess with her but him.

Vampires. Of course , it had to be vampires. How it was that somehow as one of the few human friends of the vampire population in Mystic Falls , Y/N always got caught in the cross fire ? For two days they have kept her locked away. The first time she had come to , her hands and legs had been tied up and she was in the back of an SUV . Y/N had no idea who the people were or what they wanted with her , all she knew was they were vampires. Then they had knocked her out again and the second time she had woken up , she found herself in an abandoned house with broken windows. No sounds came from anywhere , no cars … just silence. At least the second time her legs and hands hadn’t been tied up.
Y/N got up from the old sofa where she had been layed down and quietly got up heading towards the exit. Maybe if she got her hands on one of their phones or found a way out of the house, she could save herself. No one else appeared to be coming to her rescue. Either they didn’t know she was missing or couldn’t track her down.
“Where do you think you are going, girl?”
Y/N turned towards the voice. The guy had black hair , blue eyes and was wearing torn up black jeans and a black t-shirt. Excluding the fact he had been the one to grab her , fed on her not once but twice … he was hot and under other curcumstances maybe she would’ve even liked him.
“Bathroom.” she lied. “I need to pee. You know ? Like a lady.”
The guy laughed. “You are lying.I can hear your heart rate changing.” he grabbed her hand pushing her roughly back onto the sofa. “Sit down. Don’t move.” he ordered. “Or I will gladly take a bite again.”
Y/N sat on the sofa bringing her knees up.
“Good girl.” he said. “Unfortunately , I am hungry and you are the only thing to eat around here.”
“What ?” she asked confused , as the guy forcefully pulled her wrist towards him. “No , please don’t.” she begged.
In that moment from somewhere outside came loud noise as if glass shattered and the door had been pushed off its hindges followed by screams. The guy titled his head listening and got up quickly , a few of his friends she had seen the past two days rushing into the room.
“What’s going on ?” the guy asked confused.
No one answered him. His friends froze in one spot , with a pained expressions on their faces. Some got beheaded , others lost their hearts. Y/N pulled herself up onto the sofa , trying to get a better look at what was going on and then he saw him.
“Oh my God.” she whispered.
The guy vamp - ran towards Kai trying to grab his neck but Kai was faster. He twisted the guy’s arm behind his back breaking it and sank his teeth into his neck tearing his head off , letting it roll on the floor close to the sofa where Y/N was standing frozen in shock.
Kai wiped blood off his mouth , looking around the floor covered in blood and body parts.
“Well … that was fun.” he muttered to himself , kneeling down to check if someone had accidentally been left alive. He didn’t intend on leaving survivors.
“M-Malachai?” Y/N said quietly , trying not to look at the severed head a few meters away from her. Kai looked up at her and a smile spread across his face. In a flash he was next to her. Kai kicked away the guy’s head as if it was a football ball and pulled her into his arms.
“I thought I lost you !” he said , stroking her hair as she wrapped her hands around him. Kai pulled away cupping her face , his fingers tracing every inch of her face , a smile spreading across his face. “Are you OK? Did they hurt you ?”
“Y-You came for me ?” she asked in a quiet voice trying to process everything that had happened the past few minutes. Of all the people that could’ve come to her rescue it was him. “Why would you care ?”
Kai gazed into her eyes for a long moment before his lips smashed against hers backing her against he sofa.
“Because I love you. I … I didn’t realise it until I learned you had been taken. All I knew was I had to find you or I’d die.” he smashed his lips against hers again not letting her say a word. Nothing he had ever felt compared to the relief he had felt seeing her a few minutes ago.
Y/N moaned into the kiss , her hands pulling him closer to her. Kai’s ’I love you’ echoing in her mind. She pushed him off her , quickly moving onto his lap.
“You love me ?” she said , her hands cupping his face.
“Yes ! I do. I love you. ” he smiled. “I have probably loved you this entire time without realising it.”
Y/N smashed her lips against his , his hands on her hips pulling her towards him. A low growl came from deep inside his throat feeling her grind against him.
“I love you too Malachai.” she said smiling at him , leaning in to whisper in his ear. “You know you look even hotter covered in blood.”
Her lips smashed against his , her hips grinding on his crotch while her hands tangled in his hair. How it was possible she hadn’t realised earlier she has feelings for him ?
“Slow down princess. Not the time or the place.” he said gently pushing her away from him. Y/N pouted for a second before Kai swept her off her feet , bridal style carrying her to his car only then noticing the puncture wounds on her neck realising they had fed on her. He felt the same anger burn through his veins. A few moments later they got to his car and Kai let her feet gently onto the ground , caressing her face. He bit his wrist bringing it to her and she took it without hesitation.
“I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had been too late.” he said softly while helping her get the seat belt on. A second later he got into the car and put the keys in the ignition.
“Don’t tell me you are going soft on me?” she winked at him.
Kai leaned in towards her , his breath tickling the skin on her neck. He listened to her heart beat change and smiled to himself. “Never. You are still the most annoying person I know.”

* * *

Y/N turned towards Kai as they drove down the dark empty roads. He looked different. There was a glow in his eyes she hadn’t seen before , and she already loved that glow. Y/N tilted his chin towards her before kissing him again , lightly biting his lower lip earning a low growl from him.
“Where are we going?” she asked curious as he took another turn. There were no buildings anywhere , just trees and more trees and occasionally an animal somewhere near the road.
“Some place … private.” he said with a delivish smirk.
They drove in silence for while until suddenly Y/N’s legs parted as if by magic and she felt something teasing her folds through her panties. Except there was nothing there. For a moment she thought she had imagined it but then there was pressure on her clit as if someone was rubbing it in slow eight figures. Y/N cleared her throat pulling herself up on the seat. The pressure didn’t disappear. She tried to push her legs together and for a second she was sucessful until her legs parted all by themselvesagain.
“You OK sweetheart ?” Kai asked concerned.
“Mmhmm… ” she mumbled , fearing her voice might betray her if she tried to say something. Y/N could feel herself getting wet , the slow eights turning into fast rough ones. She grabbed the seat , her nails digging into it as she tried to muffle her moans and figure out what or how this was happening. Then she caught a glimpse of Kai - his eyes had darkened , and his fingers on the steering wheel moved remarcably like the pressure she felt on her clit.
“Fuck Kai” she moaned out as an invisible finger entered her suddenly. She gripped onto the seat closing her eyes for a moment. Kai was using his magic to tease her.
“What did I do ?” he asked innocently.
Y/N turned her head towards him. “You know what.” she moaned out.
Kai turned towards her grinning as the invisible finger was joined by another. She could feel how they curled inside her , going in deep before pulling out almost completely. His pace was slow at first , teasing and then the invisible fingers began moving faster. Y/N found herself pushing her hips down on the invisible fingers , her moans getting louder.
Stop the car.
There was no way they could make it to wherever they were going. Y/N wanted him now and it was not up for discussion. Kai glanced at her for a second , feeling his jeans getting tighter around his length.
“MMmm whatever is it y-you are d-doing don’t stop… but stop the car.” she insisted , her eyelids fluttering closed and open.
Kai grinned and pulled over to the side of the road. Y/N quickly unbuckled her seatbelt turning towards him , her hand slid on his crotch plaming him through his jeans.
“I want you.” she said in a hushed voice. “Here. Now.”
A louder moan escaped her lips as the invisible fingers inside her curled up again. She couldn’t take it anymore. As good as it felt having Kai tease her with magic she wanted him , his actual touch. Y/N grabbed his and practically shoved it in her jeans and under her panties.
Kai groaned feeling how wet she had gotten , his fingers replacing the invisible ones. Y/N moaned out a little louder closing her eyes at the feeling. He thrusted his fingers inside her again , feeling her walls clench around him.
“Fuck Kai , I’m so close.”
Her hand had slid in his jeans , drawing circles and stroking his hard length through his briefs. Just as she was about to tip over the edge , Kai’s fingers disappeared. In a flash he pushed her onto the back seat , crawling over her. There wasnt much space there and he just snapped his fingers tearing her clothes off her before pushing her legs wide open wide (one of them over the top of the back seat , the other off the seat). Kai leaned in , burying his face between her legs , devouring her like he had always wanted. Her hands shot for his head pushing his mouth closer to her warmth.
“You taste fantastic.” he groaned, his eyes meeting hers.
Kai nibbed on her clit with his teeth for a moment , then licked a bold stripe across her warmth stopping for a moment to look at her. Y/N had thrown her head back , her fingers pulling at his hair , a louder moan tumbling from her lips as he slid his tongue inside her curling slowly.
“MMm Kai !” she screamed feeling herself about to tip over the edge. His nose brushed against her swollen clit. Then she came , squirming and trashing , as he kept devouring her. Kai moaned and groaned as he did so , sending waves of pleasure getting her closer to another release.
“If I only I had known how it would feel to be with you … ” she said out of breath , her fingers still tangled in his curls.
Kai suddenly stopped , snapping his fingers and his clothes were off him too. Y/N’s eyes widened and she pulled him up , bringing his lips to hers , tasting herself on them. Her hands snacked to the back of his head and she could feel his hard length pressing at her entrance. Y/N slid one of her hands between their naked bodies , her fingers wrapping around his thick shaft pumping him slowly while her thumb drew circles on the tip of his length.
Kai moaned into the kiss , his hand wrapping around her neck as purple / black veins showed under his eyes. Y/N had thought he looked hot covered in blood but the sight of his vampirism was completely another level.
“Go for it.” she said , not a second later Kai sank his teeth in her neck, only getting a taste. Y/N slightly arched her back towards his chest , pumping his hard length a little faster now. Kai pushed her hand away and with one hard trust he pushed his thick shaft deep inside her making her scream out. Blood was dripping on his chin. Y/N licked his lower lip tasting her blood as she did. He thrusted inside her once again , fast and deep every time making her throw her head back hitting the car door.
“You’re so tight..” Kai growled , his hands on her thighs pushing her legs open wider , allowing him to thrust deeper inside her , hitting her g-spot. Every time he did , Y/N’s moans got so louder , nearly turning into screams. “Right there sweetheart ?”
Y/N hummed in response.
“Fuck ” she moaned out as Kai thrusted in hitting her spot again bringing her closer and closer to another release. Y/N met his eyes , black with lust and something else. He pulled his infamous sideways smirk making her heart flutter and the next few thrusts pulled out all the air from her lungs.
“KAI ” she screamed out arching her back off the seat, her eyes rolling in her head. Kai had used his vampire speed bringing her right on the edge. His thrusts were starting to get sloppier and she could feel his hard length twitch inside her a little as her walls contracted around him. Y/N’s eyes caught a glimpse of his expression , the same devilish glow in his eyes as he did it again. Thrusting in hard and deep in vampire speed , her walls contracting around his thick shaft as she came for a second time screaming his name. Y/N felt on fire , even more so when he cheated using his vampirism. Her orgasm triggered his and a few thrusts later he came in hot spurts inside her. Kai’s hands braced against the car door for a moment before he collapsed on top of her , his head burried in the crook of her neck.
“We should’ve done this weeks ago.” she muttered , laughing for a moment.
“I know.” he said kissing her deeply. “I intend on making up for that.”
Y/N smiled at him , gazing in his eyes. “MMmm , can’t wait.”

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

NOTE : to the anon who requested it - I am not sure if thats what you wanted , but I hope you enjoy reading it anyways .😊

Anonymous said:Dating Dally Winston would include??

A/N: I love Dally, he’s probably my favourite character from The Outsiders! I find that he’s pretty relatable as a character. Hahah, sorry for the gushing! Here is your imagine, anon. Please enjoy!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Dallas Winston would include:

- Dealing with him punching every guy that looks and talks to you.

- Being protective over you.

- Sometimes walking you home at night.

- Not letting himself get super soft or whipped.

- Keeping up his reputation.

- Visiting him in jail.

- Learning not to scold him for breaking the the law.

- “It’s my way of life, baby.

- Dallas stealing things and giving them to you.

- “Is this stolen?

- “Maybe. Why do you care?

- You knowing how to fight well.

- You being the opposite of Dallas.

- Being a nice girl.

- When you get jumped, Dallas goes sick on anyone’s ass until he finds who hurt you.

- Putting up with Dallas’s mood swings.

- Putting up with Dallas’s terrible mood all around.

- Being the only one that Dallas really let’s his guard down with.

- Dallas teasing you and flirting with you all of the time.

-Getting annoyed when Dallas calls you a broad.

- You tending to be fiery and feisty when you’re mad.

- “Fiery huh? Just the way I like em’.

- Constantly having really big fights with Dallas.

- Going to Buck’s frequently.

- Meeting the gang and the gang getting protective of you.

- Learning how to smoke.

- Dallas laughing at you for choking to death when you smoke for the first time.

- Dallas getting you to break minor laws.

- “You’re getting more and more like me everyday.” he’d grin grimly.

- No one ever messing with you.

- Hearing tales of New York.

- Walking down the street with Dallas’s arm over your shoulder.

- “Are you talking to my girl?

- “Babe, who’s this punk?

- “Do you know who you’re messin’ with, punk?

- Him trying not to swear so much around you.

- Dally never saying I love you, but you know he does because he says things similar to it.

- “You know I care about you right?

- “What the hell were you thinkin’? Walkin’ around at this time of night when you could get jumped or killed?

- “You go straight to Pony’s house and don’t leave until I get there.

- “Touch her and you’re dead meat, buddy.

- “You’ve got some nerve making a hood jealous, baby.

- “Stay the night. You can’t walk home at this hour and I’m too drunk to get you back.

- Rough sex.

- Love bites.

- Putting up with Dallas’s reckless driving.

- Being uncomfortable with the fact that Dallas carries around a gun.

- “Relax babe, it ain’t loaded.

- Trying to fix him up when he’s busted up but he won’t let you.

- “Will you stop that? Now go on, get outta here!

- Everyone thinking that you could do so much better than Dallas.

- Tim Shepard always flirting with you to get under Dally’s skin.

- “I hate you, Dallas.

- “No, no you don’t.

- Him giving you a side glance whenever you get way too quiet.

- Supporting him at rodeos.

- Dallas not knowing what to say or do when you start crying.

- “Don’t do that.

- “What?

- “Don’t cry.

- “Does is make you uncomfortable? I can leave if you want.

- “Yes, and no don’t. Just calm down or somethin’. I don’t know!

- You cuddling into him and him just sitting or laying there a little uncomfortably before he wraps his arm around your shoulders.

- You talking too much and making him mad.

- You and Dallas always making up.

- Make up sex.

- Dallas buying you milkshakes or cokes.

- Dallas walking into your house uninvited.

- “You look cute.

- “Thanks.

- Dallas threatening people close to you.

- Dallas never trusting your friends.

- “I just don’t like em’.

- “That’s not a reason, Dallas.

- “Don’t tell me what’s a reason and what ain’t a reason, (Y/N). If I say they’re up to no good, trust me.

- “Are you saying that you care about me?

- “No…

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“My Brother’s Sister”

Jax Teller x Reader
(GIF isn’t mine)

“As my sister, it would be a great disrespect for you to not show your face at this party,” your brother persuaded you as he blocked you in the kitchen, not allowing you to pass him until you gave him an answer he approved of. 

You had just arrived in Charming, and had barely been in town an hour before your brother, who you were staying with while you visited, informed you that there was a big party at the clubhouse tonight. Now he was trying to force you to attend, saying that you would hurt people’s feelings if you didn’t show up.

 "Alex, I just don’t feel like partying, I’m jetlagged,“ you whined, trying and failing to push past him. 

You stepped back as he folded his arms, staring at you and daring you to protest. You sighed, folding your arms to mirror his stance and stared back at him, "Fine,” you huffed, “I’ll go.”

“Great!” Tig clapped, and turned to walk away, allowing you to leave the kitchen and go to his spare room, the room you would be sleeping in during your stay. 

The party was going strong, and you had already drank three cups of coffee just to stay awake and alert, avoiding alcohol for the night just in case you needed to carry your drunk brother home. Of course, he could always be counted on to overindulge on liquor. 

You were watching him talk to two scantily dressed women sitting on his lap from across the room, chuckling to yourself at how good he really had it when you felt the couch sink next to you, snapping you out of your thoughts.

“Mind if I sit?” the handsome Jax Teller smiled beside you.. 

“Of course, Jackson,” you grinned and he stretched his arm across the back of the couch, his drink and cigarette in his other hand as he leaned back, downing his drink, taking a drag from his smoke and then setting them both on the table in front of you.
Jax sat next to you the rest of the night, asking questions about your life all those miles away, how you coped without your brother who had practically raised you (since your parents should not have been allowed to reproduce).
He talked about his divorce from Wendy, and how he had a baby on the way that he hoped she would let him see.
You were so engrossed in your conversation with Jax that you never caught sight of Tig drunkenly stumbling out of the bar with one of the crow eaters.

It wasn’t until other people started trickling out, that you looked up and realized you could no longer see your brother. 

“Shit,” you cursed standing up and walking outside, leaving Jax behind, confused.

Out in the parking lot Tig was nowhere to be found. You inspected the row of motorcycles outside the clubhouse to find that his bike was gone which caused you to cuss him under your breath. He had been way too drunk to drive, much less ride his bike anywhere. You pulled out your phone and dialed him which of course, took you straight to voice-mail. 

Frustrated, you walked back inside to face Jax in the threshhold who had begun to follow you out. 

“Everything alright?” he asked with concern in his eyes as he looked you over. 

 "Tig’s gone and I don’t have keys to his place,“ you sighed. 

"Jesus Christ,” Jax sighed back, “Okay well you can stay here. I’ve been sleeping in the back room since Wendy and I split. I’ll sleep here on the couch or something,” he motioned behind him to the couch you had spent the last two hours sitting on. You chuckled as you looked around to find several other members on the floor, passed out. 

“I cannot, in good conscience, allow you to sleep in here like a drunk, Jackson Teller,” you smiled and patted him on the shoulder, “if it’s okay with you, I’ll just take the floor in your room?”

“Um,” he hesitated, getting a little nervous it seemed. 

“Unless you think it’d be okay for us to share the bed for the night?” you winked, nudging him with your elbow. 

Jax cleared his throat, his eyes fixed in the hallway that led to the bedroom, “Yeah I guess that’d be okay,” he sounded apprehensive and you chuckled as you followed him to the back. 

“Some of our clothes are in the dresser, they’re all clean. Take what you want and feel free to shower,” Jax motioned to the piece of furniture in the far corner of the room, “It’s not much but this is where I’ve been living,” he gave you a small smile, running his tongue between his lips and turning back towards the door, “I’m gonna go close everything up but I will be back." 

With that he nodded and stepped back out into the hall, pulling the door shut behind him.

Kirk trying to ask you out

Jim Kirk X Reader

Word Count: 1385

Prompt: “You’re too drunk sweetheart.”

Summary: Kirk keeps trying to find you to ask you out but you’ve been able to avoid him till today

“He’s been asking me all week which classes you’re in so he can talk to you.” Nyota grinned over the table as you sat in the quieter corner of a loud club down town.

“Really?” You asked and she nodded.

“Says you’ve been avoiding him.” She raised an eyebrow questionably.

“I’d say more tactically lowering my chances of him ever talking to me.” You smirked and Uhura laughed.

“We’ll they don’t seem to be working.” She nodded to the door, Jim was practically running over. “Have fun!” Nyota quickly exited the booth and grinned at Jim.

“Hey Kirk.” You muttered as he slid into the seat next opposite you.

“You’ve been avoiding me.” Kirk grinned and you rolled your eyes.

“Not true.” You pushed over your second cocktail to him. “You’ll probably like it.”

“Thanks. But I’d rather take you out.” Kirk pushed the drink back towards you.

“And yet I’ll have to decline.” You pushed the drink back towards him with a smile.

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