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Sterek AU: After the death of Claudia magic becomes a taboo in the Stilinski house hold. Everytime Stiles wants to show his dad his magic, to help his dad with his magic John lashes out. Not knowing what to do with the gift that he got from his mother, Stiles represses his magic - doing nearly unrepairable damage to himself.

Years later Derek returns to Beacon Hills to find that the Alpha that killed his sister is far from the most dangerous thing in town.

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Heart on the Line (part 1)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1516
warnings: smutty smut smut and dirty talk (future chapters)

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jeffersonjaxson  asked:

do u think peter has ever gone to NYC Pride in full spiderman gear? wearing a rainbow flag like a cape, loudly telling everyone he's bi and trans and that he believes in everyone and that they're valid, and all these kids going home like 'at least /spiderman/ believes in me'. the daily bugle runs an article the next day saying 'is spider-man making your kids gay?' and 'spiderman made me gay' becomes a meme in the lgbt community. peter wears a t shirt with this on at least once a week to school.

at first peter’s nervous to go to pride as spider-man, not just bc it will be the first pride he attends ever, but bc he’s afraid of how people will react to the masked hero acknowledging that he’s part of the lgbt+ community. the city just started to accept him as their hero…. it feels like he’s coming out all over again, except this time it’s to millions.

but he thinks about how he felt when he was a kid and tony stark was on television and casually said that he liked his men how he liked his women. it was a dumb joke, but tony stark was bisexual, and peter remembered thinking, “wow, if //iron man// is bi, then it must be okay for me to be different too!!!” and when he came out to aunt may and uncle ben, he was right. it was all okay. he became peter to them, he was their kid just like he always had been.

so with that in mind peter swallowed his fear and tried to focus on how excited he was, and he made his way to pride. may helped him with the cape, made sure it wasn’t long enough to get in his way while he swung around the city. and then he was off while may called, “be safe and have fun!! buy me a bisexual pride pin!!” over her shoulder.

and it went great. because of course it did. he swung over the crowds in his cape and only heard cheers. later that night he would crawl in his window and sit on his bed, he would just stare at the floor and wanna cry even though he wasn’t sad. spider-man was a big part of who he was. it was nice that people accepted that part of him as trans too. it was comforting.

of course not everyone did. the daily bugle seemed to love roasting him for being trans, constantly asking the readers “is vigilantism the trans agenda???” (yes, actually, it is). it was peculiar seeing as mr. jameson was actually really supportive of the lgbt+ community, and donated large amounts of money to the pride parade each year. he supposed it was just jameson being desperate for a story.

it became a tradition of sorts, spidey swinging over the parade in his trans pride cape. so much so that over the years people began to make t-shirts of it, signs, posters, pins. peter’s favorite was “the green goblin is transphobic”

Zack totally teased the two of them (individually) to get together when he found out the feelings were mutual meanwhile Jason is just tired of all the gushing he gets from Kim about the yellow ranger

Jason: “Kimberly Ann Hart, I swear to god if you don’t ask her out, I’ll-”
Kimberly: “What? Ask her out yourself? She’s not into you. Not even into guys in general. What are you going to threaten me with now, Scott? And how dare you full name me.”

Trini reverted back to using earphones so they could listen to music together, but someone always moved their head too much where the other’s bud always came out so she decided to get a splitter so they could still listen together, but have their individual earphones.

Zack and Jason (reluctantly) bet on who’s going to get their ass wiped during sparring between the girls during training each day because (one of them gets a little too sidetracked)

Their study dates are 20% flashcards and 80% ”if i fail this test tomorrow, you can tell the teacher why, Tri!” “that i couldn’t keep my hands to myself after i finally found your ticklish spot which took so long to find but it was so worth it though it may have resulted in a hole in your wall because you tried blindly kicking at me?”

Trini secretly loves when Kim plays with her hair, especially when she’s had a stressful day
she’ll collapse into her lap and let her do her thing, letting her caress her hair and gently scratch at her scalp

Kim watches her girlfriend go from grumpy cat to lazy sleepy content cat (she totally awes at the accidental purr that comes out)
Kim is the only one that’s allowed to unbraid/braid Trini’s hair

Here’s Kim’s words of advice and reassuring comments to Trini introducing herself as her girlfriend for the first time “Breathe. You’re going to do fine. You’ll be great. Just think about something calming, soothing, relaxing.
“Like what?”
“Think about me. Naked.”

Kim willing to fight anyone who insults or harms Trini in anyway and becoming furiously protective

Trini trying to bite back her words of anger and hatred when Amanda and her minions make a harsh snide comment to Kimberly knowing she won’t be able to stop any sort of aggression once it starts

Comforting each other about their
past and current home life

Instead of passing generic notes, they’re either playing tic tac toe, telling one another jokes or Kim drawing mini comics and Trini attempting to continue the story with her stick figures

Kim getting jealous when this new girl starts flirting with Trini and because this oblivious gay can’t tell the difference between a friendly compliment and I’m-trying-to-ask-you-out-on-a-date compliment, she unknowingly flirts back

Trini getting jealous when Jason asks if he can talk to Kimberly in private, when Kimberly cancels their plans because she promised to hang out with him and when Jason let’s it slip that Kim visits him in his room at night to talk about things that are troubling instead of talking to her

Kim volunteering to babysit Trini’s brothers with her
Discussing/”Making Up” stories about the Power Rangers with them
Trading embarrassing stories about Trini
Shyly but trying to act intimidating as they interrogate Kim to see if she’s good enough for their sister
Innocently asking if Kim and Trini are dating
Teasingly throwing the girlfriend word around the girls
Board Games
Movie Nights
Them and Kim getting competitive with one another during video games
Talking about their favorite superheroes as they show her their action figures
Questioning her if she believes in aliens

Kim sitting next to Trini or in front of her during Biology so they can reach under the desk and hold hands, y’know whisper in one another’s ears like losers, doodle in each other’s margin on their notebooks

Sneaking into each other’s rooms through the window

Both calming the other down after a nightmare
Kim stealing all of Trini’s flannels, jackets, hoodies. (Beanies are harder to get though she managed to steal her yellow one and replaced it before she was caught.)

Trini occasionally borrowing one of Kim’s shirts/tops

neck kisses
shoulder kisses
forehead kisses
nose kisses
cheek kisses
stomach kisses

Trini staring at Kim’s lips when she talks
Kim glancing at Trini’ lips when they’re sitting or standing too close

lip bites

Playfully bickering on who gets to be the big spoon always even though they switch it up all the time

Being able to keep up with each other’s snark, wit, sass, and sarcasm
Sly smiles
Knowing smug smirks
Suggestive glances
Amused arched eyebrows
Challenging one another

Trini resting her head on Kim’s shoulder

Kim resting her head atop of Trini’s

Trying out different cafés, bakeries, patisseries, coffee shops and learning and eventually knowing each other’s orders at all of them

jokes, innuendos, pick up lines, teasing, banter
eye rolls all the time
exaggerated eyelash batting
Kim flirtatiously winking
pleading pouting lips
Fake offended gasp
hugs from behind

Kim leaning her chin on top of Trini’s head or her shoulder

both being easily whipped and persuaded/convinced by the other

whispering sweet nothings before saying something dumb and stupid and playfully insultful to get rid of the cheesy, sappy, sentiment

Trini judging Kim’s music tastes and both of them trying to find a common genre

Finding places with the best views of the town/taking each other on random adventures

Late night car rides with the windows down

They frequent the cliff edge that overlooks the lake (swimming hole?) for a good view of the lights

If Trini can convince Kim to go hike up the mountain together in the morning, they watch the sunrise, but usually they watch the sunset after school/training

Drive In Movie Theater which either results in Kim being totally invested and Trini taking a nap or having a popcorn catching contest

Sharing Milkshakes

They always share the last donut and have a showdown on who gets the last piece

Taking selfies in those In N Out hats when they go out for burgers

Trini finds Kim singing into a hairbrush and dancing around her room one day as she blasts Top 40 Pop Songs
It takes roughly about 15 seconds to get her to begrudgingly join in
But she’s just in awe at the girl’s voice and so is Kim when Trini starts singing
They’re both panicking

Racing one another just for fun (of course where no one will see)

Snowball fights

Behind the bleachers, rooftop, girl’s bathroom on the second floor or in a quiet vacant hidden corner in the library is where you’ll find them alone ditching class and being unusually couple-ish (The janitor’s closet was just downright disgusting and smelled of cheap chlorine bleach and sanitizer even with their superhuman powers, chemicals still had some effect on their body)

Squeezing each other’s hand for comfort or reassurance along with rubbing their thumb over one another’s knuckles

Trusting one another more than anyone

taking turns resting their head on the other’s chest

Trini resting her head in Kimberly’s lap as she’s sprawled out on the couch

Zack giving Kimberly the shovel talk and Jason giving Trini the shovel talk even though they care for both girls
It’s a ridiculously lovable somewhat annoying act

Trini calling Kim “Princess”

kissing one another’s palms and wrists

both being in utter awe that someone as amazing and beautiful wants to date them

rubbing soothing circles on one another’s hands when the other gets nervous/anxious

Kim tracing abstract patterns on Trini’s back when she’s sleeping

long walks or hiking up those mountain trails
talking to each other all night and even when one falls asleep the other doesn’t hang up the phone, lovesick idiots

When Kim asks Trini what she did to get into detention this time, if she isn’t sending a death glare towards Zack and groaning like she’s suffering through hell and back, she just gives a sheepish smile and a nonchalant shrug because she’s not going to admit that she volunteers to go to this and the teacher could care less

Taking photographs

Kim’s mirror is covered in polaroids and Trini has a secret album

Trini finding out that Kim can do an absolutely believable flawless British accent (you figure out the details)

Kim mouthing the lines to movies and tv shows and Trini’s not even paying attention to the screen anymore like always

God forbid, they have hidden poetry/song books about one another that neither of have told them about.

Tickle Fights

Kim complimenting Trini all the time just to see her blush

The only time they will ever carry each other without being a stumbling blushing mess or arguing over the position in carrying is when one of them is injured or asleep

Star Gazing on top of Kim’s roof

They totally had the same idea of kissing in the rain even though they both know it’s a fricking cliche because a) they can’t get sick and b) they’re saps and hopeless romantics even if they won’t admit it

Having a snowman contest

Kim pushing Trini into the pool and Trini pulling her in with her

Kim booping Trini on the nose and Trini is just bewildered

They take turns bringing each other drinks and donuts for breakfast during the school week (Jason scolds them about needing to eat a healthier breakfast)

They meet up before first period then always text each other before their next classes/during passing periods/hallway traffic jam to complain or give them a heads up about things instead of walking one another to class

Stealing from another’s food during lunch
though it turns more into a game of sorts

Whoever gets out earlier from class waits by the other’s locker after school

Let’s just say the Rangers can’t get drunk so they inevitably try to drink themselves to death, but a body shot and a lap dance ensues

“Do you trust me?”
“Not with my water bottle and definitely not over a cliff.”

“If she goes, I go.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“That’s just your way of telling me, you love me. I’ve cracked that code a long time ago, Hart.”

“Will you please just shut up for a second and stop doubting yourself and listen to me! You’re beautiful.”

“Why did we agree to play Seven Minutes in Heaven?”
“Did they just tell us to go fuck in a closet?”
“The irony hasn’t escaped me.”

“I hate this town. I hate these faces. I’m just so tired of everything, except you. Never you.”

“You’re not short,you’re just tiny.”

“I don’t remember falling in love with you. I just remember you grabbing onto my hand and squeezing way too hard when we were about to be pummeled to our deaths by a train and in that terrifying second I couldn’t process anything except a single thought which was, “You’re dying just admit you’re gay and pretty girls make you weak.”

“You’ve been shutting everyone out that genuinely cares about you”
“Not everyone, not you.”

“Do you think the world could suddenly end on a night as quiet as this?”

“Let me ask you something. Do you think there’s such a thing as a perfect day?”
“A perfect day. Start to finish. When nothing terrible or sad or ordinary happens. Do you think it’s possible?”

“We spend our whole lives stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how we’ll escape one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps us going, but we’ll never do it. We just use the future to escape the present. Truth is, we’ll never actually be rid of Angel Grove, we’re still Power Rangers and just like any other superhero we’ll end up staying exactly where we are. Unfortunately our home isn’t a city.” “Well, at least it has you.”

“You were not meant to simply be pretty. You were meant to fight back, so get up and face it.”

“What’s inside is what matters. You are so much smarter than they give you credit for.”

“I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be, but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.”

“I feel lost inside myself.”

“I’m not perfect, but I’m original.”

“Tell me every terrible thing you ever did and let me love you anyway.”

“The happiest people, don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.”

“Perhaps, I want nothing more than to fall asleep next to you.”

“My life will end someday and so will yours, hopefully we die roughly around the same age, not that I want you to die ever but I don’t want you suffering of heartbreak like some depressing Hallmark movie so just kiss me anytime.”

“Thank you, for making me feel less alone.”

“I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception.”

“You are alive. You are not a sad story.”

“I love you, but don’t know what to do.”

“You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first.” Bullshit.
I have never loved myself.
But you
Oh god, I loved you so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.”

“Why did you do that?”
“Because I love you.”

“I would never let anybody or anything hurt you.”

“I don’t know for sure what I’m feeling. I don’t think you know exactly what you’re feeling either. This is all new or maybe we’ve felt this way for quite sometime, but refused to acknowledge them. What I do know is that, whatever mutual feelings we have for one another is not going to jeopardize our friendship.We’re not going to let that happen.”

“Just talk to me.”

“What is wrong with you?”
“I’m crazy, remember?”

Kim noticing that Trini has bad social anxiety especially when she’s seated or standing in a public closed in crowd so she always makes it a priority to get seats near the windows in the corner or a seat where Trini’s back is covered
Kim trying to learn Spanish on her own not just to impress Trini (that’s just an added bonus) but to make it easier for Trini’s brothers and dad to communicate with her. She manages to even impress Trini’s mom and manages to have forge somewhat of an acquaintanceship, but she’s still wary.

They’re in love, that’s all I’ve got to say.

the losers club aesthetics part two

bill denbrough : a blazer hung around the back of a chair; sitting in the same seat in class every day; weird coincidences; the moment when you know you’re about to be found during hide and seek; jumping off of a swing set for the first time; seeing red and feeling hot blood in your veins when you’re angry; having only one pose for photos; not wanting to share the things that bring you the most happiness because those things belong to you; messy smudges of paint on skin and table tops; making out in the back seat of a car; kissing tears off a lover’s face

stan uris : the pop of a jar opening; sitting in the front of your favorite class and in the back of all the other ones; putting things on tall shelves; running your finger through dust; thinking in a second language; walking outside right after you wake up on a bright fall morning; being this close to figuring something out; thinking you hear sleigh bells on Christmas eve as a child; telling a secret you never thought you’d tell; the cold yet refreshing feeling of freezing wind hitting your face; the mixture of exhaustion and relief when you perfect something big; kissing at a drive-in movie; vegetarian meals; tear-stained faces and red noses; pen pals

richie tozier : big sunglasses; blown out speakers; lucky numbers; untangling headphone wires; laughing at horror movies; loving eye contact; walking into a new place but it feeling oddly familiar; fist fights and bloody knuckles; getting to feed or pet animals at the zoo; licking chapped lips; finding loopholes; biting lips and tugging hair in concentration; birthday cards filled with stick figures and inside jokes; collecting acorns in fall time; playing with candle flames; knowing looks exchanged across the room with a friend; making out in too-hot weather; long eyelashes and thick eyebrows; skinny dipping; whipped cream in your mouth; pencil lead smears on your hands

beverly marsh : fresh squeezed lemonade; quiet conversations in nightclub bathrooms; carrying your heels and walking barefoot; finding designer clothes in a thrift shop; whispering too loud during movies; odd bursts of laughter; smug smiles when you know you’re right; things hidden by morning fog; forgetting simple things but remembering complicated things; trendy trench coats; finding cash in your back pockets; kissing strangers at parties; travels too often; chipped nail polish; dancing until your toes bleed; creating traditions with friends; showering with a lover for the first time;

ben hanscom : the first day of each month; getting to leave work early; a newlywed’s first dance; the divide of those who like sour gummy bears or sweet; chasing the bus and just making it; the feeling of a plane taking off; hidden books in bookstores; unable to resist starting a new book when you told yourself you would wait to finish your current one; nice strangers; attending the symphony; kissing a lover in the season’s first snow; baths in the early morning;

eddie kaspbrak : the sound of crickets while stargazing with a lover; cranberries; sleeping with open windows; “so bad they’re good” movies; screaming at horror movies; making eye contact with a lover in a crowded room; bone-crushing hugs full of love; getting the perfect present for someone; the light shining through stained glass windows; waking up to a blanket of snow over your town; constantly cold fingers and hands; flowers between book pages; grabbing the sides of your lovers face and kissing them with everything in you; smudged black ink; showering at three am

mike hanlon : sitting on your dad’s shoulders as a toddler; getting your hair played with; big blasts of thunder in the middle of the night; having a word on the tip of your tongue; listening to the wind outside when you are home alone; songs that make satisfying rhymes; the satisfaction that overrides all exhaustion after exercise; swimming really deep in water; noticing a beautiful person in a large crowd; being kind when you shouldn’t be; insomnia; cartwheels in empty hallways; ordering too much pizza; giving courage to those afraid; 

Fathers Day for Tony (Quick Fic)

For @shitshitshitshitwhy who asked for an Awkward!Spidey trying to say Happy Fathers Day to Tony

Tom Holland is Peter, of course RDJ is Tony.


Peter had been trying to talk to Tony all day.

First in the elevator that morning, as they headed up to Tony’s mandatory Sunday breakfast with the team. Peter had been thrilled to catch Tony alone for once, and had reached in his backpack for the small package and card he had bought yesterday, only to turn around and see Tony on his phone, talking loudly about the pillows on his bed and why they just weren’t fluffy enough, and yes he was aware pillows deflated, but he needed perpetually fluffy pillows.

Peter had just sighed and put the package away.


After breakfast when Tony and Happy were arguing over who to invite to the birthday party for Clint that weekend, Peter tried to talk to him again.

“Um, Mr Stark?” Peter cleared his throat nervously. “Mr Stark if you have a moment–”

“Do you think it would be obnoxious to decorate in purple?” Tony was saying and Happy nodded emphatically.

“Tony, Clint hates purple.”

“But Clint wears purple.” Tony countered.

“Mr. Stark.” Peter tried again. “I need like two seconds, just real quick.”

“Hey Underoos.” Tony said with a bright smile and Peter flushed a little in happiness. “Do you think Clint would shoot me with an arrow if I decorated his party in purple because Happy thinks—”

“I’ll come back.” Peter said dejectedly, and waved, completely unnoticed by them.

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If You Stayed

Peter Parker x Reader

“I love your freckles.” “You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into, do you?” “I’d like it if you stayed.”
Or in this case: the truth comes out.

Summary: Peter finally feels like he’s in the right place to tell you what he does. Intimacy helps that along. The first time. And maybe a second. Peter is 19/20ish.

Part I  Part II  Part III Part IV Part V  Part VI

Warnings: A lot of very heavy, very obvious insinuation. Listen, I don’t write smut, I write lovin, because let’s be real here guys, that boy would be the sweetest.

As your brain emerged from the foggy, comfortable place of sleep, the first sensation you recognized was that of the light of the sun beaming in through your bedroom window, the warmth of it enveloping your skin. The backs of your eyelids flashing in time with the clouds as they lazily drifted past the sun. Your ears took in the signs of life outside your window: car engines and their various rumblings, the loud pumping siren of horns as one too many motorists signaled their impatience, the chiming bell of a bicycle, the yip of a dog, and the pealing laughter of a woman and child.

Then there was the lovely sound of the steady, familiar breaths being taken by the body next to yours.

You smiled tenderly as the happenings of the last couple of hours played out on the darkened screens of your lids; your memories fresh, your heart light as it floated within your chest.

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Let Me Help - Tom Holland x Reader

Title: Let Me Help
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: Tom learns one of your deepest secrets and wants to help.
Word Count: 1.9k
A/N: This wasn’t requested, and it’s my very first smut ever, so please go easy on me!! And thank you @spideysosterfield for sending me this pic and causing my thirst.

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Dinner Party

Warnings: Smutty, language, and a  good, fun time.

A/N: This was inspired by an episode of Game of Thrones, enjoy!

“I can’t believe you did that!” You shouted as your friends roared with laughter around you.

Harry was hosting a small dinner party for his close friends which, of course, included you.

You had only known him for a short amount of time, maybe six months or so. You had met at a birthday party of his hair stylist, Lou, who also happened to be your boss at BLEACH. Admittedly, you were a little intimidated at first, but that soon subsided when you realized just how sweet he really was. You had your fair share of celebrity clients at the salon, but being around them so often still took some getting used too.

Nick, a mutual friend of both you and Harry, had just finished telling an absurd story about the first festival he had attended which included sex, drugs, and rock n roll.

“Swear to it.” Nick held his hands up in surrender.

“You’re absolutely fucking insane.” Harry quipped up as he laughed.

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Summary: Stiles just wants something to take with him to college. Something special.

Notes: I’ve been wanting to poke fun at this inconsistency in the show for a while, and I finally wrote it! Just another excuse for a little fluff and humor. (On AO3)

Derek grabs a few of Stiles’ heaviest boxes (but not enough to be suspicious, who knows if the neighbors are watching), and slides them into the back of the jeep with the rest of Stiles’ college “essentials.” He’d said he was only taking the bare minimum, but Derek is beginning to doubt that.

At this rate, they’re going to have to pack some stuff in the Camaro, too.

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to love someone broken [2]

Summary: Everyone finds out how you know the metal-armed assassain. || alpha!bucky barnes x omega!reader || multi-chapter

Warnings: Angst (?)

Notes: Thank god for @retroasgardian, I’m sorry this is late!!! 1.3k words


Originally posted by pinkywinky44

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Boyfriend Yoongi

I got bored and for some reason thought about this topic and this happened.

very minor smut mention

no idea if I will do the others…

Originally posted by jinje-reactions


  • Probably develops slowly 
  • “What are you doing now?” 
  • “Nothing Yoongi why?”
  • “Want to chill in my studio while I work?” 
  • This becomes a thing
  • You sit on your phone or study while he works hard, to keep him company
  • Taking him coffee when he’s falling asleep at the desk 
  • Netflix break
  • At first you both just sit silently on two swivel chairs 
  • soon you share a blanket
  • The others noticing how close you have both gotten
  • “What? No nothing is happening between us.” 
  • Arriving to keep him company one time and he already has a movie waiting
  • “Aren’t you supposed to be working?”
  • “One movie is fine.”
  • ….3 movies later. 
  • First kiss he makes the move
  • leans in slow like he’s unsure you want it
  • Lips moving slowly
  • His hand cupping your face
  • He’s pretty cool about it after
  • But he low-key blushed when you weren’t looking 
  • First date is a 1 am struggle to find somewhere that has good coffee (Or even serves it)
  • You end up watching the city lights and having deep conversations
  • falling asleep in his studio 
  • Him covering you with his jacket
  • wearing his hoodies/sweaters
  • PDA is a no
  • But when you’re alone you better watch out
  • Breathy kisses
  • Neck kisses
  • Hands all over your body
  • Your hands sliding up his shirt
  • Low moans
  • “I want you.”
  • Rough sex
  • Lazy morning sex
  • But he’s also passionate 
  • He wants you to know he cares so much about you
  • How much everything means to him (He just struggles showing it)
  • Yet he also knows how to make you heat up from his touch 
  • But apart from that…
  • Dates where it’s just the two of you probably inside or getting coffee
  • He secretly loves to cuddle you
  • Likes it when you let him sleep on your legs
  • Running your fingers through his hair to help him sleep
  • You get to listen to his music first 
  • “What do you think of this demo?” 
  • Trying to teach you how to work his equipment
  • “What does this button do?” 
  • “…That’s the power button.”
  • “Well it needs a label…” 
  • He turns up the next day with a label maker
  • His random weird moments
  • Spoils you 
  • “Stop buying things for me…”
  • “How about no?” 
  • He likes touching you ( Not in that way, calm your brain.)
  • Whether it’s lacing your pinkies together
  • Or your knees touching one another while sat together
  • He struggles with telling you how he feels but you know
  • Patience within the relationship is key
  • It’s something you slowly develop together
  • Trying new things together
  • The first time he says it, it’s where his feelings began in the studio during a movie
  • “You like this movie?”
  • “It’s one of my favorites…”
  • “ah…yeah.” *Goes really silent* “….I love you.” 
  • You sit with a big grin 
  • “I love you too…”
  • He lets out a long breath like a weight is finally lifted from his shoulders
  • “Would of been awkward if you said nothing.” 

Bonus little bits 

  •  That one time he tripped over his own feet and tried to act cool about it
  • “Did anyone see?”
  • “Everyone saw…”
  • “Dammit…” 
  • The time you wanted to go to an amusement park for a date
  • “That’s not my thing…” 
  • “I’ll ask Jungkook then.
  • Suddenly he’s interested
  • “What? An amusement park, sounds amazing!” 
  • He can get jealous but tries to be low-key
  • When you’re with Hoseok, Yoongi is the third wheel 
  • “When did this happen?” 
  • It’s like date night with you and Hoseok, but Yoongi tags along
  • He doesn’t mind, he likes how close you are with the boys
  • “You gonna have kids one day?” Jimin randomly asks
  • “Ok slow down we already have Holly.” 
  • Yoongi makes a fool of himself more around you, but you love it


This could have been way better but I did this at like 4am and have never done something like this before. 

NCT127 Reacting To You Sitting On Their Lap And Snuggling Them Up

♡ Anonymous: Nct127 reaction to when you sit on their lap and snuggle up to them


Taeyong worked on a song when you came out of your room, freshly showered and dressed in an oversized sweater. It had been a long day and all you wanted were the warm arms of your gorgeous boyfriend. You mindless sat on his lap, he kissed your cheek and let you rest your head on his chest as he continued his work. You wanted more of his attention and put your arms around him and buried your face in the crook of his neck, kissing it gently. He chuckled at the attention. “What’s gotten into you today?” He asked, smiling and feeling loved.


Jaehyun sat on the couch with his legs crossed, his hands holding a book. His attention was fixated on the fictional world when you came back from work. Every limb in your body ached but when you saw your sweet boyfriend resting in your living room in his pyjamas, you felt relaxed. He smiled at you as you came in, happiness and delight filling his expression. You took off your coat and sat on his lap, despite him being busy with reading. You put your arms around him and inhaled his spicy scent. He felt like home as he stroked your hair and placed a kiss on top of your head. “Did you have a bad day or something? You’re rarely like this.” You shook your head and snuggled up to him. He smiled at the attention and enjoyed your cuddles for the rest of the evening.


Doyoung had just come back from practice when he saw you laying on the couch, scrolling on your phone. You quickly sat up when you acknowledged his presence. He sat next to you as you snuggled him up. He smiled so bright at your embrace and loved your warmth. You both stayed in the same position for most of the evening and Doyoung could feel the fatigue leave his body as your love took over.

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You had your legs propped up on Johnny laps, reading a book and just relaxing. He hummed a sweet melody while playing a game on his phone. Just him sitting there ignited this strong surge of love inside you. You slowly got up and made your way to his lap. His immediate response was a soft “oh” and then he smiled when you rested your head on his chest. He played with the strands of your hair. 

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Taeil smiled when you sat on his lap but his concentration didn’t waver. But he was surprised when you snuggled him up. He loved your scent and chuckled when you hugged him tightly and cuddled him. “You’re so in love with me aren’t you,” he said. Before he could get a reply he heard your soft snores and kissed your temple. “I love you too.”


Its hard to sit on Yuta’s lap without it modulating into a make out session but when you rested your head on his shoulder and played with the hem of his shirt, all he wanted to do was cuddle you and find shelter in your warmth. He loved the way you made him feel so relaxed and held you through the evening.


Winwin blushed when you sat on his lap and tried not to make it a big deal but he was beet root red. But when you snuggled him up and laid yourself against his chest, he smiled so big and let out an audible ‘aw’ and you stroked your back the whole time you lay there.


Mark would instantly start blushing and would try to cuddle you and you’d both start giggling and it’ll be so cute. He’ll be a little comfortable with you after a while.

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Haechan would try to push you off, faking disgust but then when you leave him alone he’ll start pouting and you’ll both snuggle each other and he’d blush a little but try to hide it as well as he can.

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Spider-Boy (Peter Parker x Reader)

Peter Parker x Reader

Request: “Can you do a peter parker imagine where he comes back from the airport fight in civil war and the reader bandages him up and it turns smutty?”(@fvckallthefandoms )

Words: 1441

Warnings: Smut, Oral, mild language? I think that’s it?

A/N: Sorry I changed the request a bit, but I couldn’t find the way to write it like that Also, Peter is at least the age of consent in whichever country you’re from :)

I paced back and forth in my room, anxiously biting my nails as I waited for my best friend Peter to come back. He’d been away fighting with the Avengers, and he had promised to swing by my room as soon as he was done there. Literally.
I discoverer that Peter Parker was Spider-Man a few months ago when I started to get suspicious of the injuries he sustained almost every day. I had turned up unexpectedly at his house and of course May let me straight into Pete’s room. As I flung the door open I had yelled in surprise to find Spider-Man lying in Peter’s bed. “I knew it!” I’d said as he tried to deny the fact he was Spider-Man.(To no avail.)
I gave up my restless pacing and collapsed face first onto my bed with a sigh. He’d said he’d be back within an hour or two, but it was already 10'o'clock at night. After a moment, I raised my head to check the time and my heart almost stopped. I leapt back with a scream and fell inelegantly off the bed, landing sprawled on the carpet. Huffing angrily, I stood up as the person in my room creased with laughter. “Peter! It’s not funny! You almost gave me a heart attack!”
Pete pulled off his mask and walked over to sit on my bed, still laughing. “I’m sorry, Y/N. But you should have seen your face!”
“Shut it, Spider-Boy.” I grumbled as I sat next to him, faking still being angry with him.
“I missed you.” Pete said, sidling up yo my side and slinging an arm around my shoulder with a smile.
“I missed you too, ya doofus.” I replied and gave in, shooting him a grin.

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BTS Reaction - Another Member Teasing You Because You Couldn’t Walk Thinking You Had A Rough Night


You grabbed your back in pain as your muscles ached all over. It felt like your body was on fire scolding you all over. You’d really gone hard on your daily workout and now you had to face the after math. Hanging out with your boyfriend and his friends it was difficult to hide the affects of your gym session…

Seokjin - Jin had been watching you struggle ever since you came over his house. He’d wonder what you’d done to make yourself feel that way and wondered whether to ask you about it when Namjoon blurted out, “Had a rough night I see?” Jin would blush bright red even though he knew the both of you hadn’t done anything of the kind last night. He’d ignore Namjoon’s comment and walk up to you to see if everything was okay. When you’d tell him it was because of your workout, he’d immediately be concerned for you. He’d make sure you’d heal as quickly as possible by buying you hot packs and giving you massages whenever you asked.

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Yoongi - When he noticed you stiffly making your way over to where he sat on the sofa, he’d raise an eyebrow at you questioningly. He helped you sit down thinking about the possible reasons why you looked the way you did. However, he wasn’t the only one who had noticed your stance as Hoseok, who was sitting the other side of you, nudged you with his elbow, “Now, I know Yoongi likes it rough,” he’d laugh. Yoongi’s eyes would go wide and he’d glance at you, knowing the both you hadn’t done anything more than kissing the night before. Once you reassured him that it was due to your workout, he’d be amused and tease you along with the other members.

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Hoseok - Would have been concerned with you from the first minute he’d laid his eyes on you. Being the loving boyfriend he is, he’d follow you around the whole time asking you if you were okay or needed help with anything. However, the other boys, not knowing you’d been working out, would take the opportunity to tease you. Yoongi would shout from where he sat, “I didn’t know you liked it rough, Y/N?” Hoseok would immediately be at your defence and grab the nearest cushion and throw it in Yoongi’s direction, telling him to mind what he says. He’d rub your back and cuddle you all night, in hopes of making you feel better.

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Namjoon - Namjoon had been working late in the studio working on his rap lyrics and had told you to go on without him to the get together with his other members. When he finally made it to you guys, the first thing he noticed was the boys teasing you. The laughter would die down once they saw him and Jin would be the first to speak, “Y/N’s having trouble walking, how rough did you go on her Joon?” Namjoon’s face would scrunch up, confusion evident on his face. He’d walk over to you and grab your hand before dragging you out of the room. Before he could say anything you’d cut him off, “Joon, it’s fine. I pushed myself too hard in the gym.” He’d sigh in relief and turn into ‘Protective Boyfriend Namjoon’

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Jimin - Jimin would notice instantly that something wasn’t right. He’d watch you walk around tenderly, his mind racing for answers. He was just about to ask if you’d hurt yourself when Taehyung spoke up, “Jimin you really shouldn’t go so hard on her, she can hardly walk!” It would take him a minute to process what Tae had just said, and then his face would turn to stone. He’d walk over to you rashly asking the question that was on his mind, “Who is he?” Before he could go on a rant, you’d place your hands on his shoulders and explain that it was all a big misunderstanding. He’d turn bright red and sheepishly apologise for jumping to conclusions.

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Taehyung - You’d be sitting on the sofa with Taehyung and Jungkook watching the both of them play Overwatch. You yawned, getting bored of the game and Tae noticed. He’d pause the game and tease you about it, playfully tickling you. You’d flinch back when he touched your sore spot and Jungkook would notice, smirking at you, “Did Tae go too rough last night?” Taehyung would be confused and stare at you for a while before saying, “But we didn’t have sex last night… Did we?” You turn bright red and reassure him that you’d just worked hard in the gym. He’d ask if he could help in anyway fussing you around for the rest of the day

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Jungkook - The both of you’d gone to the gym together that morning and Jungkook being Jungkook decided to become your personal trainer. He pushed you further than you’d gone before causing you to ache all over. When you’d met with the rest of the boys later you could hardly walk and leaned on Jungkook for support. The boys would notice immediately, whispering and giggling among themselves until Jimin finally spoke up, “I don’t think I wanna know what you two were up to last night…” Jungkook would laugh at the boys for thinking the two of you actually did something last night. He’d reassure them that it was just from the gym and gloating that if the both had done it last night, you would be even more crippled than you were now.

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The Art of Falling in Love

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Pairing: Mark x reader
Genre: fluff, high school!au, bad girl!au 
Warnings: some language, underage drinking
Word count:  6,786

“I can’t believe you skipped school! Again!” your mother yelled furiously as she paced back and forth in the living room; she was fuming. Your eyes were focused on a loose thread on your carpet, hands behind your back. After promising not to skip school, here you stood, getting your ass scolded. 

You didn’t know how your mother put up with your antics, and truth be told you commended her patience and the fact that she still loved you after all that. It’s not that you were a bad person. It was just that, you could say you didn’t like living by the norms. Thus, that made you a very rebellious teen. Despite the young of your age you’ve lost count of the many rebellious things you’ve done; you still vividly remembered that one time you took a train to Busan all by yourself without any notice. 

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hands —  s.h.

wc: 1.5k

summary: having a hand to hold might be the best thing on the planet

a/n: i’m a sucker for hand holding + the best friends to lovers trope so here’s this

It’s winter when he first holds your hand. There’s a bitter wind outside and it lifts your hair in spirals and nips at your nose. White sparkles of snow are falling around you, collecting on your eyelashes and melting when you blink. Your hands are deep in your coat pockets as you walk next to your best friend, cursing yourself for not bringing along gloves. Sam hadn’t either from what you could tell, but then again he didn’t really need them. His hands were always warm in comparison to yours.

A shiver runs down your spine as the wind picks up, carrying snowflakes with it. Your lips part slightly and your breath comes out in misty white puffs. The corner cafe just down the street seems miles away in this weather, and you do your best to bring your coat further up your neck to conceal it from the cold.

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tactile ronan headcanons
  • I just think that he touches adam all the time and it’s not just a sexual or even necessarily romantic thing; it’s a “you’re here and important to me so I’m gonna touch you a lot because that’s one of the easiest ways for me to communicate” thing
  • when it’s really hot out adam will Suffer if they cuddle at night because ronan is one of those space heater type dudes. ronan insists on having like, one hand on him though (you know those people who need at least a corner of blanket on them to sleep no matter how hot it is - that’s ronan but with adam’s limbs)
  • speaking of summertime…..adam freckles a lot when he’s in the sun and ronan always has to point out the new ones when they appear. (”was this one here last year?” “idk why would I keep track of that” “wtf parrish you have the entire periodic table memorized and yet you don’t remember what your own shoulder looks like? freak”) (they’re both freaks)
  • I’ve mentioned this before but ronan is pretty much one of those dogs that doesn’t understand it’s way too big to sit in people’s laps
  • if adam ever gets like…a paper cut…ronan is THERE he’s like ok we need to fucking disinfect this let me help you
  • he also definitely DEFINITELY does the thing where one hand is sort of on the small of adam’s back sometimes when they’re in public together, not pulling him around or anything just making sure he’s still there (and to piss off homophobes lbr I could make an entire post abt the various ways ronan accomplishes that too)
  • (for his part, adam absolutely loves how freely and gently ronan touches. it’s completely unfamiliar and a little surprising to him at first - he’s gone a lot of his life without much in terms of positive physical contact - but after a few months of being with ronan he doesn’t know how he managed without it)