not too big to sit on shoulders

Spending days off w/ Harry include..
  • Waking up to him stroking your hair
  • “Your mornin’ breath is horrid, love”
  • Playfully punching his shoulder.
  • Brushing your teeth together w/ him trying to give you frothy toothpaste kisses
  • Spending the entire day binge-watching shows and movies on Netflix.
  • “Babe. Babe! BABEEEEEE.”
  • “WHAT”
  • “’M hungry.”
  • Ordering food because you’re both too lazy to get up off your lazy asses to cook.
  • Pushing each other out of the way to get to the door first when the delivery person rings the doorbell.
  • Harry picking you up to put you behind him and beating you to the door with a big smirk on his face.
  • Smacking his bum because “HEY. I WAS THERE FIRST.”
  • Sitting on the couch with your legs draped over his lap while you eat.
  • “I wanna try that.”
  • Him feeding you some of his food and pecking your nose after.
  • Laying on the couch with full, happy tummies.
  • Nuzzling your head into his shoulder while he pulls you closer to him.
  • Kisses to your head.
  • More kisses.
  • Falling asleep in his arms while watching Netflix.
college! au shidge

I may not yet be in college but I am however still a student and really I just pulled these from my butt and accidentally ended up writing a fic ok anyways

  • shiro’s staring dumbfounded at his best friend’s little sister who managed to jump three whole years into his grade like H O W
  • them at the library and pidge cursing her smolness and shiro just hoists her up on his shoulder to the right shelf
  • for some reason they have a lot of classes together. A LOT.

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Halloween Special: Bucky Edition, “Fantasy fulfilled.”

Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: October 31, 2016
Warnings: Smut and Swearing

Bucky was running late, but that was to be expected. He was never too fond of Tony’s parties. He was never fond of big social gathering, if the group consisted of anyone plus the team–Bucky wasn’t always comfortable; however, he knew you loved the social gatherings and socializing. So, he would find himself a corner and hide out there and play on his phone or watch you have fun. What you weren’t expecting was the fact he was dressing up for the party, nevertheless expecting to see what he was wearing.

You were sitting with Wanda at the bar talking with Natasha while she served the drinks. Natasha looked over your shoulder and gave a look to Wanda before she and Wanda excused theirselves a walked away. You smiled at Nat’s naughty lady bug costume that went along with Wanda’s sexy bumblebee costume and your sexy butterfly costume.

“Hey, it’s my social sexy butterfly.”

You smiled to yourself at the recognizable voice of your soldier as you turned around you responded, “Yes it–” You froze. Bucky was sporting his 1940’s uniform, his hair was cut short and his face as some scruff, “Like my costume? I am your heartthrob.” He smirked. You bit your lower lip, “You are my sexy heartthrob” You smiled rubbing your fingers over his uniform, making him shiver, “You cut your hair…” you half pouted as you ran your fingers through the soft freshly cut locks. He smiled adoringly at you, “Yeah, do—do you like it?” Bucky may have been sporting his 1940’s uniform, but he didn’t have his 1940’s confidence and charm.

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tbh, I had so much fun writing these!!!!

  • Getting Gladio to give you piggyback rides
  • Giant bear hugs!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  • Gladio picking you up in his arms and twirling you around in said bear hugs.
  • Imagine being his childhood sweetheart and still being together as adults.
  • Sitting on his back when he does (normal) push-ups or lying underneath him and him giving you a kiss every time he bends down.
  • Dirty pick up lines
  • Him playing and holding your hands and loving how small they are compared to his yet they fit into his perfectly like matching puzzle pieces.
  • Being able to easily sit on his shoulders and him placing kisses to your thighs when you do so.
  • Gladio lifting you up by the waist so you can reach and/or see things better.
  • Imagine trying to tackle Gladio in a hug but he’s too big and strong so it doesn’t work
  • Doesn’t get jealous easily but when he does, the guys hitting on you better run fast because he’s out for their blood. It will be up to you to calm him down.
  • Having to go on your tiptoes whenever you want to kiss him
  • Or him having to bend down/pick you up to kiss you
  • Imagine him walking around the house shirtless (without his jacket) and still blushing every time you see him despite you thinking that you should be used to it by now.
  • Sleeping on top of him with his arms wrapped snugly around your waist.
  • Playful slaps and squeezes to your bum
  • Imagine trying to sneak up on Gladio to give him a surprise hug from behind only for him to know what you’re about to do (every time) and surprising you instead by turning around and giving you a big hug instead.
  • Gladio throwing you over his shoulder
  • OK BUT imagine Gladio whispering naughty/cheeky little things in your ear asfkhghfhvc>///w///<
  • Won’t be afraid to show affection out in public
  • Gladio has a secret talent for braiding your hair and doing your make-up
  • You often find yourself trying to stay up late enough to see Gladio return home from the palace since he’s there from when the sun rises to when night falls. Majority of the time, Gladio’s come home to see you fast asleep on the couch. He just smiles and carries you to bed bridal style. He’ll tuck you in and kiss your forehead before laying down next to you.

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 WrittenThroughTime…. Part 3 of your gift!!  The story continues… 


Hey…did you fall in the bottle? He hit the back button…that sounded like he thought she was an alcoholic.  He tried again.

So have you finished the whisky yet?  Nope…that sounded….lame.  He deleted that, too.

Jamie was sitting at his drafting table, hunched over it with his phone cradled between two big hands.  He hadn’t seen Claire in over a week and it was driving him crazy.  His shoulder felt better, but he had hoped she’d pop in to check on her patient.  He sat out on his fire escape hoping to “casually” meet her, only to have the cold drive him inside.  It didn’t matter if he left early in the morning or returned home late at night, he never seemed to run into her.  And he didn’t even know in which hospital she worked.

How did you enjoy the whisky?  Nah. That felt like he was fishing for compliments.  He didn’t want to come across as cocky.

Hi Beautiful.   Oh, he was tempted.  So, so tempted.

“Fuuuuuccckkkkk!” He threw his head back and growled in frustration.  Spinning in his drafting chair he looked out to see Laoghaire, his personal assistant looking back at him through the glass wall of his office.

“Can I help ye with something, Jamie?”  Dammit.  Why did she have to look so hopeful?  Like a broken down puppy starving for attention.

“Can ye get my sister, please?” he asked and stood up to move to his desk, hitting the back button. Again.

Fifteen minutes later, Janet Fraser Murray came striding towards his office. His sister might be small in stature, but she was feisty.  Direct and to the point, she spoke three languages fluently; English, Gaelic and Sarcasm.  She was sharp as a tack and ran the financial end of Fraser Distillery with a tight fist and an eagle eye.  Nothing escaped her notice.  And no deal was finished unless every ‘i’ was dotted and every ‘t’ crossed.  

Jamie loved her to death and wanted to throttle her most days at the same time.  She was also married to his best friend, Ian Murray.  But he’d be damned if he was going to put up with this much longer. This was her mess. He’d make her clean it up.  

“Brother.  I was in the middle of something.  Why the summons?”  He gestured for her to close the door and she did, eyebrow raised.  

“Jenny, I need to ye to get rid of Laoghaire.”  

“Oh, God, not this again!” she said.  “Jamie, you do this every quarter…I’m   not – “

“Yes. Janet. Ye are.” he bit out.  “I mean it this time.  Don’t look now, but –“ Jenny swiveled her head and looked at the shapely blond woman at the station outside her brother’s office.  “You know, for a CFO, you can be kinda daft. I said, don’t look!”

“Poor lovesick darling.”  Jenny clucked her tongue and turned a stern gaze onto her brother.  “You need an assistant, Jamie.  And Laoghaire –“

“Get me Willie.  He’ll do. He’s good wi’ computers, and he can even help me with the digital drawings.”


“Ye owe me, Jenny!” he hissed through his teeth.  Jenny drew herself up straight, and even with her high heeled pumps she only came up to the middle of his chest.  She opened her mouth to say something but he cut her off.  

“This is yer fault.  Ye kent well enough I was drunk that night at the pub. And ye practically shoved the wee lass into my lap.  ‘Dance!’ ye said.  ‘Buy her a drink!’ ye said.  And now because of one snogging session she moons over me all day out there.”  

He sighed deeply, and sat on the corner of his desk. “Truth be told, I canna take it anymore. I feel guilty as hell.”

Jenny knew her brother well. And she realized he really had hit the wall in this situation.  “Fine. I’ll send her to marketing.  Those fools could use someone to keep them organized.”  She eyed her brother curiously.  “Is that it? Anything else ye’d like to tell me? Maybe there’s someone else?”  

“Good day, Janet” He stood up to give his sister a brief hug.  “My love to the kids.  And thank ye.”  Jenny planted a quick kiss on his cheek and squeezed him back.  

Turning on her heel she strode out of the office and he heard her say to Laoghaire, “That’s it settled, then. Marketing is a mess and needs sorting. Starting tomorrow ye report to Rupert Mackenzie.”  Laoghaire gasped and looked at Jamie, and then back at Jenny.

“Sorry.  It’s how it has to be, Laoghaire.  Jamie isna best pleased with the situation either, and he’s sorry to lose ye, but we have to do what’s best. Especially since the wines will be coming out soon.  We need to get that department in order, and Jamie says yer the best person for the job.”  

Jamie watched the whole thing unfold in his reception area.  His sister was masterful, making him look like the hero while making Laoghaire feel important.  And he couldn’t be more grateful.  He shut the door and sank down into the big leather chair behind his desk.  He turned it toward the floor to ceiling glass window that overlooked Edinburgh.  Slouching a little and stretching out his long legs, he resumed his attempt to text one gorgeous, hard-to-forget, emergency room nurse as the city lights came on.

“That’s HIM?”  Geillis shouted as she took Claire’s phone from her.

“Geilli, shhhhhh”, Claire giggled. “Yes. That’s my neighbour.  Jamie Fraser.”

The two women were huddled up on the sofa in the Nurses’ Lounge.  There’d been a lull in the evening and they’d snuck off to grab some dinner and put their feet up.  Claire told her friend the story, complete with belt removal and Geillis had howled with delight.  A quick Google search yielded several pictures. Geillis was now pouring over all of them, settled on the sofa, with her bright red trainers propped up on the old, scarred coffee table. “Damn, Sweetie.  He’s delicious.”  She lifted her deep green eyes to Claire’s.  “And dead sexy.”

“I knooooowwww.”  Claire flopped her head back on the sofa and curled her feet under her.  “He seems really sweet though, too.”  

The phone pinged and Geillis jumped.  Handing it back, Claire noticed a text message.  Not a number she knew.

Did you move? Claire’s brow furrowed.

Excuse me? She texted back.

Did you move? Because another bulb burnt out and before I change it I wanted to make sure you’d be home.  Claire’s head snapped up and she elbowed Geillis, who was scrolling through her Instagram.  “Geilli…it’s him.  Jamie just texted me.”

Geillis practically threw her phone across the room, she sat up so fast.  “What’s it say? What did he say? Is he asking ye out?”  The redhead peered over Claire’s shoulder at the text.

Claire shook her head.  “He has another burnt light bulb.”

“Oh for God’s sake, Claire! He’s FLIRTING!”  She gave Claire that exasperated look she always did when Claire did or said something foolish.  “Well, don’t just sit there.  Answer him!”

Claire stared at her phone. And narrowed her eyes.  I don’t recognize this number. Who is this, please?

Geillis read it over her shoulder and hissed, “What in hell are ye doing?!?”

The ping was immediate.  There’s that many light bulb changers in your building inquiring after your services, then?  

As a matter of fact, no.  Just one very clumsy neighbour.

Geillis’ pager went off and she swore.  “I want to see those later!” she said.  “Claire, ye hear me?”  Claire hummed non-committedly and then giggled when the embarrassed emoji popped up.

How is your shoulder?

Better.  Thank you.  In fact, so much better I wondered if maybe I could take you to dinner?

Claire sat stunned for a minute. The phone pinged again.  You do eat, do you, no?

She laughed.  Yes, I eat.  Quite a lot, actually.  

Good. Me, too.  When and where?  Claire quickly checked her calendar, and sent him her next days off.  She told him to pick the place because she worked so much she really didn’t know of any good restaurants.  She was just about to sign off when his next text came in.

I seem to have a blank space in my contacts where your last name should be …

Very smooth, Fraser….    Beauchamp.  Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp.  Does that help with your OCD?

You’re French?  Interesting.  I wouldn’t have guessed.

It goes back a long way.  And how may I address you, kind sir?  The phone buzzed and vibrated in her hand in perfect five second intervals.  She felt as giddy as a school girl with her first crush.






See you Saturday night, Sassenach.  I’ll knock on your window.

Before she could respond with “what’s a Sassenach?” the door slammed open and Dr. Randall filled its frame.

little psychotic things

-ripping up your skin trying to get the bugs out

-heartbreaking hallucinations

-my best friend is staring at me smiling and they wont talk to me or move PLEASE MOVE PLEASE SAY SOMETHING OH GOD

-somethings behind me help

-constantly feeling like you’re being chased

-I Have Started Laughing And I Can’t Seem To Stop

-you thought you just had a lot of imaginary friends but they turn out to be advanced visual and auditory hallucinations

-when theyre tellin you to kill your friends and your just damn man im trying o take a nap chill

-resist the urge to rip out the strangers hair. its made of worms but you must resist

-thinking you did the thing you were supposed to do but actually youve been sitting motionless for a long time and you are now too exhausted to actually do the thing

-why does everyone have really big shoulders?

-sir your eye is changing color please look away

-Everyone Is Staring At Me I Must Run

-hearing the same god damn song all day but no ones playing it its just an auditory hallucination


-all these damn movies relying on the psycho killer trope ://


-There’s bark in my hair. My hair is full of bark

-being sexualized by the media???? what

-that one person you saw the other day had monster feet but shh its a secret

-this paper is breathing the trees not dead


“We could get a head start,” he suggested. When she shot him a disgusted look, he took it back and changed his suggestion. “Or we could sit here and watch more baseball highlights until it’s closer.”

Rowan grinned and rushed to the couch, plopping down until her body sunk into the cushions. Niall sat next to her, failing to keep his distance. She bumped her shoulder against his before putting her hand on his knee. Touching Niall was never an intimate thing. Like a habit, his fingers crept over to her hand. With his eyes still glued to the TV, he fiddled with the rings that were slowly becoming too big.

Rowan went to look up at Niall to make a comment about his precious Yankees, but when she craned her head in his direction she caught him looking down at her. Their locked gazes didn’t falter and the faint hints of their smiles didn’t fade. The corners of his lips curled into a sickening smile and then she was lost in him.

brooklyn boy, coming eventually

Being really short and dating Gibbs would involve:

  • Before and in the beginning of the relationship, Gibbs barely even mentions how short you are. Maybe little comments here and there like “you can’t even reach my coffee cup,” but nothing too bad
  • But Gibbs is like a dormant tumor or something; one day, he’ll start relenting teasing you about your height
  • Very obviously bending down to give you a kiss
  • Putting things on the highest shelves just to piss you off
  • Stupid nicknames like Shorty, Strawberry Shortcake, Mini Mouse; the list goes on, honestly
  • Always has his arms over your shoulders while you’re talking together
  • He’ll probably feel a lot more protective than usual because you’re so smol and tiny and he’s so big
  • Finds pretty much everything you do adorable
  • A lot of lap-sitting
  • The only downside that Gibbs can see is that whenever you wear his shirts, they completely cover up your ass so he can’t get any ass shots while you’re reaching up for a cup or something
  • But on the other hand, his shirts are so big that your entire collarbone and upper chest will be visible, so there’s that
  • He’s a little shit when it comes to your height, but he wouldn’t want to change it for the world

Requested by Anon~

soft™ pynch things:

  • adam kissing every inch of ronan’s back tattoo
  • ronan constantly telling adam how much he loves his hands
  • adam holding ronan’s hand when they go to sleep
  • they both can sleep much better because they always sleeping together
  • adam wakes ronan up when dreaming too deep
  • ronan dreaming endless gifts for adam
  • so much hand holding
  • hand holding while spooning
  • adam sitting on ronan’s lap also vise versa
  • ronan passing up the passenger seat in the pig with the gang to sit next to adam
  • adam resting his head on ronan shoulder in rides in the camaro
  • ronan spending more nights at adam’s apartment than monmouth
  • so much talking to each other in latin
  • adam wearing ronan’s black shirts that are kind of big on him but he looks them and he loves smelling like ronan
  • ronan wearing adam’s college merch
  • ronan only using his phone for adam
  • like if anyone else calls or texts him he wont answer, but if it’s adam he’ll answer/reply in .0002 seconds
  • adam likes to take lots of selfies with ronan and put them on social media
  • there is a picture of ronan looking grumpy on his social media and adam’s caption is like ‘look at my cute boyfriend!!!!’ 
Werewolf or Not- Derek Hale Imagine ( Based in Season 4 whereby Derek is losing his werewolf powers )

“ I don’t know what is happening Y/N, I lost my eyes, my sense of smell, my ability to heal…” Derek trails off. He sounds so lost and broken it breaks your heart. You knew that being a werewolf was a big part of your best friend’s life, without it, he would feel hopeless as he can’t protect his friends as well as he used too. “Well, we know one thing Der, whatever Kate did to you, it’s still happening. So maybe once Scott manages to catch her, we can ask her what she did to you and how we can help you get your powers back?” you suggest to make him feel better. He shrugs as he sits down on the couch next to you, tired of pacing around. You lean your head on his shoulder and he wraps his arm around you.  You attempt to calm your heartbeat, breathing in and out slowly, Derek seems oblivious. What can you say, as cliche as it is, you’re in love with your best friend. Werewolf powers or not, he has been there for you through everything and likewise. You would do anything for him. You just wished he loved you like you love him.

“ What’s on your mind Y/N?” Derek asks. “ I asked if you wanted to get ready for Lydia’s party tonight and you completely zoned out on me.”  You shake your head to clear your thoughts. “ I was just thinking about whether you really wanna go to this party? i mean, we have a lot on our minds now with the dead pool, Kate Argent in the loose, those crazy Mexicans….” you trail off, hoping that Derek would want to just spend the night cuddling watching movies with you instead of going to a party. “I actually do think we should go, get our mind off all these crazy things that are happening, a night to just relax with friends. Who knows? Maybe for the first time in my life I can get drunk?” Derek smiles down at you as you look up into his eyes. You bury your face into his shoulder and mumble a “Fine.” Derek chuckles and kisses your forehead, he stands up and tells you to go get dressed or not you both will be late.

You both arrive at Lydia’s lake house and are greeted warmly by the Strawberry Blonde at the door who ushers you in with drinks in hand. The party is already in full swing with music blasting from the speakers and people dancing against each other. You and Derek see Scott, Kira, Stiles and Malia at the corner of the room and head todays them. While meandering through the sweaty crowd of dancers, Derek grabs hold of your hand to guide you through. You silently thank the flashing lights to hide your blush. When you arrive at your group of friends, you note that he doesn’t let go of your hand. You look up at your friends to see Malia and Kira smirking at you, knowing about your little crush on the man next to you. After talking and catching up with the pack, one by one, the couples start to take each other to the dance floor, Scott takes Kira, Stiles asks Malia, one of the lacrosse players asks Lydia… before you know it, it is just you and Derek standing alone at the corner with each other. Both of you had at least 2 cups of beer and your senses are starting to become a little fuzzy. Derek downs his last bit of beer and takes your cup out of your hand and puts out on the table behind you. He extends his hand, “Wanna dance babe?” he asks smoothly, the nickname catching you off guard, you turn red, but nod and put your hand in his and he leads you towards the dance floor.

You make it to the center of the room where the music is at its loudest. Couples next to both are too engrossed with each other to realize. Derek puts his hand around your waist and pulls you towards him and you gasp in surprise. Your hands instinctively make there way to his chest and you make a mental note about how firm it feels beneath your fingertips. You shyly look up at him through your eyelashes and you catch him already smiling down at you as both of you start to move to the music. It catches you by surprise that Derek is quite the dancer, easily swaying his body to the different beats and tones of the music. You don’t  know whether it is because of the alcohol flowing through your veins or because you have been waiting for this moment almost your whole life, but you confidently move your body against his. Before you know it, you and Derek are basically grinding on each other, too into the moment and each other to care about your surroundings. Right now your foreheads are against each other, breathing in each others breath, both your eyes darkening. Suddenly, glowing green eyes catch your attention behind Derek, you gasp and Derek notices your change in demeanor and holds you at arms length from him to assess the situation. Your eyes are locked behind him on the glowing green eyes that no one else seems to notice. Derek turns around and comes face to face with Kate Argent in her shifted form. You blink and she is suddenly gone. Derek turns back to you with a look of determination on his face. “I’m going after her, I need to know what she did to me.” he states already making his way towards the front door. “Derek you can’t! I know you don’t wanna hear this, but you can’t compete against her, she has powers that you don’t and she has the berserkers on her side!” you practically scream at him. Now people are starting to take notice of the both of you. Scott looks in your direction to see what is going on and makes his way towards you both. You are gripping onto Derek’s arm, begging him with your eyes to not try to fight Kate. “I have to go Y/N, I need to know. You stay here.” He brushes your arm off him and walks towards the front door. Scott has gathered Malia and Kira and they follow Derek out the door. You can see from out the window, they are making their way into the forest next to Lydia’s lake house. The rest of the party seems completely oblivious to what is happening now that there is no more screaming. You stand alone, surrounded by all the happy love struck couples and wonder how a minute ago everything was so perfect. Curse Derek Hale, why did you have to fall in love with the most stubborn man to ever walk to planet. You walk towards the kitchen and on the way, you see Stiles holding Lydia, who seems to be in a daze. You quickly wonder if she is just drunk or she is having another feeling from the supernatural world, being a banshee and all.You grab a knife from the drawers in the kitchen and make your way out of the house into the forest. You start to sprint towards the trees, completely unaware of Stiles shouting after you to stop.

You’re not a werewolf, but somehow you know where you’re going. the adrenaline coursing through your veins easily heightening all your senses. You hear growls and shouting and you make it to the edge of a clearing where the fighting is taking place. Scott, Malia and Kira are taking on the berserkers and from the look of it, the fight is not in their favor, the two werewolves and the kitsune and all covered in cuts while the two berserkers seem to be having no trouble at all. You spot Derek and Kate near the edge of the clearing where you are, Kate is holding a gun at Derek and is in her human form. “What did you do to me Kate?” Derek shouts. Kate chuckles and the sinister tone to it gives you chills that run up and down your body. Ignoring Derek’s question, she replies “I’ll help you get your power back, if you give me what i want.” Derek all but growls out, “ What do you want?” The Argent smiles, “Control, control over the shift.” Derek frowns, “ I already tried to get you the Triskelion, but Peter already told you that it doesn’t work, it’s just an object to focus on.” Kate nods and pretends to ponder about something. “Well then, I guess you are of no use to me.” She closes one eye to focus her aim of the gun at Derek. Before you know it, your body goes into action. You aim the knife and throw it as a dagger towards Kate’s shoulder. It plunges into her shoulder and she screams out “Son of a Bitch!” and falls to her knees, her gun falls out of her hands as she clutches her arm. You silently thank Allison for teaching you some tricks. You run towards Derek who is in shock to see you. “What are you doing here Y/N? I can’t protect you out here anymore.” His worried eyes dart between you and Kate. You wrap your arms around him and he does the same to you “We have to protect each other Derek.”  Kate snarls “So Derek, you and Y/N huh? Seems as though you downgraded from me…” Derek growls once again, “She is and will always be better then you Kate.” Kate laughs as she stands up and rips the knife out of her back, picking up her gun in the process. “Y/N, you stupid little girl, did you really think a small kitchen knife could stop me.” Derek protectively puts an arm around your waist and pushes you behind him. You peer over his shoulder to see Kate pointing the gun at him again. “Now that Y/N has interfered, I can just kill both of you, killing two birds with one stone.” She cackles. She pulls the trigger and suddenly Derek is on the ground and you feel a burst of pain in your stomach. You look down to see your clothes slowly becoming drenched in blood. You had pushed Derek out of the way and taken the bullet for him. You hear Derek starting to shout as you fall to the ground clutching your wound. Derek lifts your head up onto his lap and is putting one hand above yours on your wound and the other arm he is using to rock you back and forth. “Y/N, Y/N, can you hear me, Y/N!” You look into his eyes and see his eyes watering as he looks down at you. “Derek…” you cough out along with some blood. “ You have to run…”  He brushes some hair out of your face, “I’m not leaving you Y/N because I love you.” You smile, place one of your bloody hands on his cheek and mouth “I love you” to him because right now, that is all the strength that you can muster up. Kate is smiling sinisterly and you see her start to move her gun in Derek’s direction from the corner of your eye. Your eyes go wide and suddenly there is a gunshot. You look up to see Derek perfectly unharmed staring back down at you. And that’s when everything goes black.

You wake up to the smell of Derek’s aftershave and laundry detergent and feel someone holding your hand. You open your eyes to see that you are in Derek’s bed and the one and only Sour Wolf himself is holding your hand and staring at you intently. You try to recall the events before you blacked out and you sit up suddenly, questions shooting out of your mouth. “What happened to Kate? Where is the rest of the pack? Are the okay?” Derek smiles and answers your questions. Apparently, before Kate could shoot Derek, the one and only Chris Argent pulled the trigger on her, shooting her in the chest with a wolfsbane bullet. Kate knowing that she was now overpowered, took the berserkers and ran. The rest of the pack are okay and Derek sent them all home to rest, promising that they would track down Kate soon to find out how to help Derek. You sigh in relief and suddenly, you realize that you don’t feel any pain in your stomach at all and also that with the wound you had, you should probably be in the hospital. Derek sees you frown in confusion and he can already tell you’re about to figure out the part of the story he left out. You pull the sheets of the bed off you to reveal that you are in your underwear and one of Derek’s shirts. You lift up the shirt to find no trace of the wound at all. Derek continues looking at you, wondering how you are going to react. You look at Derek…” Der…what else happened?” Derek has a pained look in his eye. “ You were going to die Y/N, Lydia saw it happen. There was no time to get you to a hospital, so we all agreed to turn you. Scott bit you, you’re a werewolf now Y/N.”

You let this sink in for awhile and just stare off into space. Derek squeezes your hand in hopes that you say something to soothe his frantic heart (that you can now hear crystal clear). You smirk and turn back towards him, “I guess that just gives me all the more reason to protect you now.” He laughs and pulls you towards him to lean his forehead against yours. You both look into each other’s eyes. Slowly, he leans in and you do the same, pressing your lips against one another and moving in sync just like on the dance floor. Derek pulls away and laughs at the small whimper that escapes you. “ I love you Y/N, I always have and i always will, will you be my girlfriend?” he asks shyly. The smile that breaks out on your face is enough to answer his question, but you lean in towards him again just to confirm your decision. Before your lips touch you whisper, “I love you Derek Hale, werewolf or not, you’re my everything.”

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What RWBY or RT merch have you bought?

I have a lot of RT shirts. Some RWBY ones too. I have beanies for all members of team RWBY and @hackedbysombra got me the Pyrrha one. I’ve got some posters. Both from the RT Store and from going to the RWBY Tugg screenings. I have the big Ruby Rose figurine that they sell (but her shoulder came out of the socket so she just kinda sits on my shelf lol. 

I also got the Orf plush cause it was cheap as they were trying to get rid of them and I have team RWBY + Pyrrha in the cheaper action figures too :)

Dean was sitting cross legged in front of the Eiffel Tower painting, painstakingly working the details of a tan trenchcoat onto the canvas.


He startled slightly, turning back to look at Cas with a big grin on his face. “Hey! It’s like five in the morning. You should be sleeping off that booze.”

“You should be sleeping, too.” Cas crossed the floor and joined Dean, leaning into his shoulder as he sat. He studied the figure on the canvas. “Is that me?”

“Yeah,” Dean beamed. “The landscapes were so stark and empty, and I knew something was missing, but I couldn’t figure out what. I thought about the things in my life that bring the color in, and the main one was you, so -” Pink filled his cheeks. “It just made sense. The color in my bleak landscape is you. The bright spot in all of this darkness. It’s you.”

From Six Months, a timestamp for the Painted Angels ‘Verse.

Art by the ever amazing linneart​, who captured the scene so perfectly, I think she’s living in my brain.

DaveKat (Red)

Dave’s favorite way to fluster Karkat is to walk out in the late morning, when Karkat is sitting in their nutrition block, with super messy but sexy bedhair and a way too big shirt thats falling off his shoulder, yawning and shuffling towards Karkat. If he really wants to laugh at Karkat’s blushing, he will usually drawl “mornin” with the possibility of an added “sunshine” to the end, letting his southern accent slip out a bit. It always gets Karkat really flustered and he finds it both cute and hilarious.

Karkat has lots of methods for turning it around on him though. After some hardcore blushing and stuttering, he can compose himself and will walk towards Dave, a slightly exaggerated swing in his hips, and look up at him with big eyes while pouting. It’s *actually* the cutest thing in the world, and always turns Dave a bright shade of red, to which Karkat responds by laughing, purposely making it a bit lighter and softer, which fucks with Dave a lot.

This usually evolves into an all day or even multiple day competition between the two to see who can fluster the other more, varying from being super cute to super sexy to super loving.

hc: scorpius wearing albus’ clothes in general

@sorenlovinsen I love your headcanon so much =))

- tol bf (boyfriend, best friend, whatever :>) would absentmindedly “steal” albus’ hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants 

- they’d be too big for him at the shoulders but too short at the torso

- also the sweatpants would be a bit big for him so they sit loosely on his hips

- (it makes al crazy)

- albus wouldn’t notice until he specifically looked for his clothes only to find that scorpius has them

- albus pointing it out one day

- scorpius just smiles and say “i’ve never noticed. it’s like second nature to me” with a sly, happy grin

- “scorp you’re richer than i am, buy your own clothes”

- “oh but they don’t smell like you, love”

- al is secretly happy that scorpius smells like him now

- albus letting him keep some of his favorites

- they’d probably have beds next to each other at the dorms so both their clothes would be in a shared pile in between their beds

- in the morning they’d end up grabbing each other’s pajamas and shirts or something, debating about who wore it the night before

- in the future, they’d just have a “collective pile/drawer/thing” in the house (it’s actually just clothes al buys for himself but scorpius steals instead)

- and after so many years together, scorpius still smells like albus <3

Awkward Kiss

REQUESTED BY ANON: Could you do something where the reader is Sam and deans little sis and and is like one of the best hunters ever, but she is hanging out with Kevin one day while he is translating the tablet and they kiss, so they are both really awkward about it then they kiss again and it’s like an awesome kiss

“Here, brought you some energy”.
You give him a cup of coffee and sit down beside him at the table in the bunker. You lean your elbows on the table and your chin settles on your hands.
Kevin hasn’t even noticed you and the coffee you just brought him, too concentrated on the tabled and his notes.
“Kevin” you called again “I brought you coffee”.
No answer.
“Hey, little boy”.
You slap him on the shoulder making him jump, but the second he sees you, he sighs and takes the cup. He drinks it all in one shot and put it back down.
“You’re welcome big boy”.
“Why little boy? I’m actually older than you”.
“Oh, come on, a month older than me” you laughed “little boy suits you”.
Kevin laughs and stretches out his arms groaning.
“Why don’t you take a break?” You suggested “you look dead”.
“Thank you, (Y/N)” he growled.
You push him laughing and suddenly, your eyes connect together. Your smile disappears and you stare at his eyes like it was the first time you see them.
All of a sudden, your mouth connects with his and kiss for a few seconds before he backs away. You stare at him shocked, you don’t even know what just happened, or how you feel about it.
“I’m… I’m sorry” he said with a nervous laugh “I… I don’t… I mean… I-“
You shake your head and smile. You make him stop talking by kissing him again. Your hand at the back of his head and his going to your back.
“Wow” Kevin sighs breaking the kiss.
You rest your head on his s shoulder and smile.
“I love you too” you cut him off kissing him once again.
After this longer kiss, Kevin laughs.
“Well, Dean is going to kill me for this”.
“Why? Because we kissed?”
“Yeah, and because… I want to be your boyfriend. I thought about it a long time ago… you are beautiful, intelligent, you are brave, funny… you are always there for me… I simply love you”.
“Of course I’ll be your girlfriend” you hug him tight.
Kevin kisses your head and protectively around you.
“I love you” he whispered in your ear.

lance craves physical connection in the purest form. he had a big family, and probably at most times his house was crowded with people which means he probably didnt have too much personal space outside his room. he could sit on the couch and have people on both sides of him and in front of him on the floor. there’d always be some sort of light physical connection and Lance grew to get used to it and actually really like it.

Now up in space with the others, he craves the physical connection he got from his family. This leads to “accidentally” bumping into the others time to time. “accidentally” hitting pidge’s hand when going to grab the same thing. “accidentally” bumping shoulders in the halls with shiro and allura. sometimes even purposefully setting keith off because he knows he’ll do something physical like grab his shirt or punch his arm and at this point even the painful physical connection feels good. Considering he’s known Hunk the longest of all of them, he’ll do more obvious + comfortable things like sit too close to him so their arms/legs touch or when they lounge he’ll sit with his legs across hunk’s.

He’s being really obvious so of course Hunk notices his antics first and confronts him about. Lance gets a little teary eyed over his family but he doesn’t cry. he explains it to hunk and hunk immediately pulls him into a hug and lets his arm linger around his back because this has been what lance has been needing for a long time. Now when the group is standing around and Lance needs that slight physical connection, he’ll lean into hunk and hunk will put his arm around him or lance will grab his hand and hunk will squeeze lance’s hand for comfort + assurance. it’s really nice and Lance is happy to have such a good boyfriend like Hunk.

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hi i was a little virtue and i wasn't very big and i used my wings to happy stim and i'm just a little cloud fluff that loves humans and earth i'm Smol

hello i am also smol let’s be smol together, sit on each other’s shoulders, and beat up the tol angels

-mod cas

i use my wings to happy stim too !!!!

-mod hae