not today gideon

I can’t help but thinking Belle and Rumple are the kind of parents who would write down everything about their baby. Like, they’d have a stack of notebooks full of notes like “Today Gideon managed to sit for the first time” or “Today Gideon used this complicated word for the first time” but also “Today Gideon somehow caused the destruction of half the pawn shop” and “Today Gideon said this incredibly cute thing that makes absolutely no sense, and we absolutely need to write it down.”

Don’t mind me, I’ll just sit here and die of cuteness overload.

Today in “Annoying Gideon” we present… this.

A Fighting Chance

Barry opens his eyes as he throws an arm over his face. The lights were blinding him. So, Barry’s hearing was back to normal, well, what normal was for a speedster. But his vision was taking some time to recover. Things were still a blur, but he was mostly able to walk on his own. Cisco, Caitlin and Wells all agreed that rest is what he needed until he could fully see again, and since he couldn’t help being The Flash, he decided to tag along with Len on the WaveRider. Not like he was out on the mission, he literally hung out in the ship. As the entire team was still out, Barry scrambles out of the bed and carefully starts to exit the Captain’s quarters. “Barry Allen, how are you feeling today?” Gideon asks as Barry holds on to the railing and walks to the bridge. “Fine, thanks, Gideon.” When Barry makes his way to one of the chairs, he sits. “The team should be back shortly.” And Barry nods. “Gideon, can you tell me what’s going on in Central City 2016?” Barry asks in a tired breath. “It looks as though the new elected Mayor has been brought to give his first public speech. Noah Rivera won the election last week.” Barry takes this in. “Rivera, where have I heard that name before…?” “Correct, Barry Allen. He was a mob boss back in 2001, but after going to jail for his crimes in 2011, he’s cleaned up his record and has been running for mayor ever since.” After hearing the news, Barry gets up from the chair and starts to walk carefully around the bridge.