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Hour of Devastation

  • Again!  Good artwork at a proper size that could’ve been my icon!  I could’ve had one of the corpses flying up on the sides, or Bolas’ hand…!  Bummer…
  • Bolas is out to kill someone.  The petty peasants killed by his spell doesn’t count.  He wants someone to die directly by his hand, and they need to be worth it.
  • Deaths, screams, and blood; or something better.  #FirstWorldProblems
  • Everything Nicol Bolas wanted was entirely deserved.
    • If you think about it, he’s not wrong.  From a Green perspective, he’s just trying to restore the natural order: godlike planeswalkers.  Well, planeswalker, singular: only he deserves his power back.
  • Several decades ago he had come to the world of Amonkhet, a blighted, superstitious backworld of interest to no one who mattered…
    • No one who mattered?  That’s oddly specific… was there someone who didn’t matter that held Amonkhet in high regard?
  • Nicol Bolas has dones his homework and collected his receipts.  The Gatewatch doesn’t stand a chance.
  • They fancied themselves The Gatewatch. As though for some bizarre reason there were gates scattered throughout the Multiverse. That deserved watching.
    • Bolas brings up a very good point.
  • The heroes, Nicol Bolas thought. Bless them, each and every one.
    • This guy.  I can’t even…! I love it!
    • “I bless you.  Everyone.” – Nicol Bolas, probably.
  • Not for the first time, he wondered if these heroes would be suitable for what he required.
    • What’s this?  Plans within plans?  What else is Bolas scheming on the side?
  • Tiny perturbations prickled his mind, a cautious but insistent probing from Jace. Yes, my dear boy, find your footing, Bolas implored silently.
    • This guy.
    • “That’s right, Jace, get a foothold so I can watch your expression as your world falls out from beneath you.” – Nicol Bolas, probably.
    • Also Jace?  He’s felt Bolas’ psychic onslaught in Agents of Artifice.  WHY IS HE TRYING THIS AGAIN???
  • God, you could take all these quotes and make a theology out of ‘em. Like, “It serves one poorly to be too much the dragon: but it is no fun to be the dragon too little.”
  • Why bother being smart when the Multiverse so conveniently conspired to keep your idiocy alive?
    • Again, Bolas brings up a very good point.  They didn’t even know if the eldrazi would be killed at Zendikar, Emruakul imprisoned herself, and their plan for defeating Tezzeret was derailed and needed to be improvised.
  • Chandra and Nissa began circling around him in each direction. Yes, tactics, assuredly. He wondered how much it would crush their spirits if he applauded. Metaphorically, of course. His talons did not clap together well.
    • THIS GUY.
  • They had chosen kill the dragon. Bolas sympathized, to a point.
    • There is just the widest grin on my face from reading all of this.  It is a pure treat to read.

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I don’t if anyone secretly sent me good luck or what not but my luck has done a 180 and I am so relieved. So if you did thank you!!!

In Today’s Magic Story...


  • I’m too old for this nonsense. – Liliana Vess
  • Demon calling her out, and Liliana responds by setting her hair.  If you’re gonna slay a demon, slay ‘em with your looks.
  • Speaking of Demons, Razaketh calls out Liliana’s age.  Rude.
  • Razaketh has flying.
  • What was that?  Involuntary motion?  Is this Razaketh’s doing?  Or is Raven Man taking initiative?
    • Nvm it’s Razaketh.  I think.  Although speaking of Raven Man, he was able to stop Emrakul from warping Liliana, albeit not for long.  Shouldn’t he be helping now?
  • Well this is depressing.  Liliana, a character who always had a way with wit and words, is rendered nothing more than a puppet to Razaketh.  For someone who always took charge to be reduced to this…  I really feel for her…
    • Also, am I the only one expecting Liliana to ask for Raven Man’s help, a la Princess Leia?
  • While being controlled, Liliana rots Chandra’s & Nissa’s hands. Or at least withers them a bit.
  • Finally!  Raven Man!  Nice to see you again!
  • Shut your mouth, Liliana – the dude is the one thing you can hear over Razaketh, and you’re telling him to go away?  I know you’re an independent person, but you’re running out of options!
    • Also, this is a very interesting note.  Raven Man says he’ll leave if she kills her demons.  Just what does his agenda hold…?

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Today in “Annoying Gideon” we present… this.

Mother Knows Best: Rumbelle 6x17 fix-it

Summary: Post 6x17 “Awake,” Rumple returns to the shop to tell Belle that the Black Fairy has Gideon’s heart, and Belle can’t keep silent any longer. 
Rating: T    WC: 3294
A/N: Because I needed Rumple to talk to Belle about the Black Fairy having Gideon’s heart, and for Belle to confront the Black Fairy. Thanks to the wonderful @rowofstars for looking this over.

{On AO3}

This conversation wasn’t going to be easy.

Rumplestiltskin slowed his stride as he approached the front door of the shop, pulling out his pocket watch. It was nearly midnight, and he turned the key in the lock with a leaden heart. He wasn’t anxious to reveal what he had learned to Belle. The truth was, he’d been bluffing when he confronted his mother about holding Gideon in thrall. It had been a lucky guess based on magical intuition, and in her surprise, the witch had admitted her guilt.

He opened the door and hung his overcoat on the rack inside the door, pausing to light a few candles that dotted the tops of the display cases. Stop stalling, fool. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed, then dragged his feet toward the back room. Belle would yet be poring over magical texts both light and dark, as she had been every night, until the wee hours.

It was one of several areas on which they’d come to a compromise. They would pursue any and all possible ways of bringing their son back to them; nothing was declared off limits so long as they agreed to it together.

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things i cant deal with today

- gideon was supposed to be concieved IN THE SHOP

- emilie’s last scene she filmed for s6 was “sweet” and with bobby

- emilie wants rumbelle to move to Hawaii and rumple to wear Hawaiian shirts

emllyprentiss  asked:

can you link all of the today blogs? not sure if I got all of them... thanks!