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The Legacy Continues.

Pairing : Sam x Plussize!reader, Dean
Word count : 879
Author : Mel
A/N : Re-reading ‘Who Are You’, I needed to write this. I’m just lucky I’m awake stupid early and have the time.

Addition to Who Are You.

You were in the kitchen making dinner when you heard the front door open and shut. Smiling to yourself, you waited for the screech of your toddler seeing her dad for the first time in two weeks. You heard the boot falls making their way into the house and could almost see her standing on the couch to turn and look into the hallway. She had been playing on the couch and watching Word World.


You flinched a bit, with a smile at how loud she was. Then it registered what she said. Uncle Dean. You only heard one pair of boots. Where was Sam? Panic started to set in as you put the knife down and washed your hands quick.

“Hey, little Princess.” You could hear his smile, then a groan of pain as she ran into him. “Careful, Uncle Dean is pretty sore today.”

“BooBoo?” You walked out just as she looked up at him with her beautiful, big round hazel eyes.

“Yeah, I got a few booboos.” He chuckled.

“I help! I make better!” She let go and ran for the bathroom. “Mama! Unca De here.” She grinned as she ran past.

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We recently hired a new teacher. She was wearing a protective style. I knew it, other’s didn’t *black woman nod of I See You BooBoo*

Today she came in and she had amazing dreadlocks. My goodness, they were so beautiful, natural red hair and she’d done a twistout on them– just LAID, girl! The shit was LAID.  

After complimenting her/freaking out at how pretty her hair was, we had a short conversation about how she’d had them for 10 years but she wore the wig during her job hunt because she already knew what time it was and she needed to go back to work after having her daughter. She said, seeing my hair (4C, sometimes lopsided afro) let her know that she could take the wig off without someone giving her problems about her hair.

I came out (because you never stop fucking coming out to people) and explained that she’s got nothing to worry about at our school because 1.) We’re owned and operated by Quakers and 2.) They don’t care about our personal lives or hair. They’re all about the students.  

She showed me a picture of her beautiful baby and said she felt so relieved. We both laughed/awkward sighed about how fucked up it is to have to hide your hair to get a damn job in this suckass fire-at-will state of Florida.

The Sound of Silence

I can’t help myself but to write this after seeing the promo for the next episode.

Huddled up in a corner of the ER room, Amelia Shepherd felt invisible. It was as if time stopped and everything around her was a total blur. She wished she could just disappear from this horrible life- get away from this tragedy of a place called Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital where people keep on dying. First her brother, and now her sister in law. She was definitely jinxed. Every single person she cared about has died. Her father, her best friend, her fiancé, her baby, her brother and now potentially her sister- in- law. At this very moment, she wished she could die and take their place .
Because time and time again, the universe had proven that she had been cursed.

She couldn’t hear the beeping of the monitors hooked to Meredith. She had blocked out the sounds of Owen and April barking orders to their residents and interns while working furiously to save Meredith’s life. She didn’t hear Owen shouting ’ asystole’ in anguish and April saying ‘clear… 1…2….3….charge!’ while holding the paddles of the defibrillator, with tears running down her cheeks. Meredith Grey was the center and the heart of the hospital, they couldn’t afford to lose her.

Amelia sank hopelessly against the wall of the ER…. hoping against hope that there would be a hole in the wall to swallow her up. All she was feeling at the moment was helplessness and emptiness. Since the universe hated her so much and always conspired against her, why can’t it just swallow her up and banish her? She couldn’t do anything to save her sister in law- Owen and April shooed her aside earlier on as she rushed to Meredith’s side… proclaiming that family members were not allowed. Again, history repeated itself. She couldn’t save her own brother, and now she wouldn’t be able to save her sister in law. How pathetic.

Suddenly she was aware of her surroundings once more. The monitors were producing a continuous flatline sound- indicating that Meredith was in asystole. April, with tears now freely rolling down her cheeks was preparing to shock her once again, not wanting to give up on the general surgeon just yet.

Amelia suddenly felt hot tears rolling down her own cheeks. She just couldn’t stand it any longer. She just couldn’t sit down there and watch her sister in law die right in front of her.

She got up and walked like a zombie out of ER towards the nearest on call room, ignoring the stares from the nurses stationed at the nurses counter. When she found the nearest on call room- she barged the door open. Grateful that it was vacant- she closed the door and stumbled towards the nearest bunk bed, collapsing on top of it.

That was when the waterworks started. Tears started pouring down her cheeks, tears of anguish, tears of sadness, tears of anger and tears of regret. She cried for all the people in her life whom she had loved and lost. She cried about the fact that she hadn’t been in good terms with Meredith when the incident happened. She wished they had made up sooner. She sobbed over the fact that Zola, Bailey and Ellie are going to lose the only parent they had over a brutal assault by a random patient. She agonized over the fact that the entire situation was out of her control and there was nothing she could do. The sobbing gradually turned into wails of anguish.


Meanwhile, in the ER, Meredith Grey was finally resuscitated after the second round of defibrillation, and had been pushed to the OR for emergency evacuation of the hematoma in her brain and repair of the fracture of her jaw, radius and ulna.

After she was pushed into the OR, Owen Hunt began a new mission- to search for Amelia. While he was busy resuscitating Meredith together with April, Jackson and Alex, he noticed her figure hunched at the corner of the ER….. a solemn and empty expression on her face and a dull look in her eyes. It was as if someone had removed the sparkle from her eyes.
As he walked past one of the nearby on call rooms- there seemed to be a weird noise being emitted from the room. He walked past it- thinking it was one of he hospital’s many couples sneaking in some fun in between work.
He suddenly paused and retreated his steps. The weird noise now seemed more like wailing. He paused outside the door. The person inside seemed to be a agony, emitting wails of anguish. As he listened further, he realized that he recognized the wails. He had heard the wails before - the night he found her pacing up and down on her dead brother’s porch- holding a bag of oxy.

He slowly opened the door of the on call room- not wanting to startle her or disturb her. He could make out the outline of Amelia’s petite frame curled up on one of the beds- her head in her hands, rocking back and forth. Her wails have now gradually subsided to sniffles.

He stood there for a moment- contemplating on how to approach her. He had been pushing her away the past few days, he had been so secretive to her about Riggs and his past. Now in retrospect, he realized that it wasn’t such a good idea as she might have misinterpreted his distance.

She slowly looked up at him, finally acknowledging his presence. She could make up his muscular frame from the dim light shining through from under the door.

A brief moment of tense silence and unspoken words and feelings passed between them before she spoke up first.

’ Just cut straight to the point Owen. I am so used to this by now- this has become part of my life. Just spill it out already- that my sister-in-law is dead, just like everyone else I love. Just straight up tell me that she has gone to join my brother- and that my nieces and nephew are now orphans. Please just tell me…’

She looked up at Owen’s still figure, standing a few feet away from her, afraid to move nearer as if he might break her further if he did.

’ Oh God… Not again…’ She wailed. ’ We didn’t end on good terms… She chased me out of her house. I should’ve apologized to her, I should’ve patched things up with her…. Now it’s too late. And now my nieces and nephew are going to be orphans… Who is going to take care of them? Me- their addict of an aunt?’

Suddenly she felt strong , comforting arms wrapped around her as she continued sobbing. And she felt those rough familiar hands stroking her hair, the familiar motion that always comforted her. How she missed that! Finally, having exhausted herself from the sobbing, she buried her head in his chest, listening to the comforting sound of his heartbeat. At least Owen was still alive.

’ We managed to resuscitate and stabilize her. She is now in OR3, where Nelson is removing her subdural haematoma, Jackson is operating on her jaw, and Callie is operating on her radius and ulna. She’ll be fine- she’s a fighter. ’ he whispered softly to her right ear, stroking her hair.

A faint smile escaped from her lips at the update as she breathed a sigh of relief. Even though she and Meredith had their issues- her sister in law is still family- she married her brother and is the mother of her nieces and nephew. She is ever so grateful that she had survived the ordeal.

She buried her head in Owen’s chest again, still sniffling. She didn’t want to let him go. They remained in the same position for several more minutes before she feel asleep in his arms.


’ Aunt Amy, is my mummy coming home?’ Zola asked in an innocent voice as Amelia tucked her into bed that night.

’ No Zozo, your mummy has been hurt at work today. She had a booboo. She has to stay in the hospital to get better first before she can come back and see you.’ Said Amelia, stroking her niece’s hair.

’ How long will mummy be in the hospicle?’ Zola asked.

’ I don’t know Zola, it depends on how long it takes for her to get better. I’ll bring you, Bailey and Ellie to see her when she gets better ok?’ Amelia said. Trying to explain something as heavy as this to a six year old was a challenging task indeed.

Zola seemed satisfied with the explanation given by her aunt- and turned over to sleep.

Just then, Owen appeared at the door of Zola’s bedroom. ’ Bailey and Ellie are fast asleep.’ He whispered - not wanting to wake Zola up.

Amelia nodded and switched off the light and closed the room door slowly.

As they sat in the kitchen counter of Meredith’s house, sipping hot chocolate in silence, Owen spoke up.

’ I’m sorry for ignoring you the past few weeks. I didn’t want to burden you with my problems’ he said.

Amelia simply shrugged.

’ It doesn’t matter anymore.’ She said simply. ’ I am just glad that Meredith is alive and survived the surgery. I want her to get better, for everyone’s sake.’

’ Me too’ Owen replied.

They sat in comfortable silence in the kitchen, both realizing that it was Meredith who brought them back together now. Her unfortunate incident forced them both to rely on each other for support. Maybe there is a silver lining behind every cloud. They will be fine in the end. They all will.

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