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Fic Prompt: in laws visit, stute?

10. The in-laws come to visit

It honestly amuses me, how much you like this pairing that started as a crack ship.  So anyways, here, have Stute and their three adopted kids stumbling across Ma Pines in Gravity Falls.  I guess in this AU Stan didn’t get the closure with his parents that he got in the main Stanley McGucket ‘verse but eh.  It is what it is.  Hope you like it.

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               “And then- and then the teacher, she asked us what we were gonna do for Mother’s Day,” Suzie chattered amiably.  She was sitting on Stan’s shoulders (her preferred spot) during the weekly trip to the park.  A grand total of six years old, she was the youngest kid Lute and Stan had adopted, which made sense, since she was the last one they were planning on taking in.

               “What’d you say?” Stan asked.  

               “That I was gonna spend it with my dad and pa,” Suzie replied.  Stan and Lute smiled at each other.  There were two pairs of footsteps.  Roy, fourteen, who had disappeared for five minutes with Darryl, eleven, reappeared.  Lute eyed his sons.

               “And where did the two of ya vanish off to?” Lute asked.  

               “Mark said there was a weird old guy near the fountain that we should check out,” Roy replied, tucking a long strand of black hair behind an ear.  

               “A weird old guy, huh?” Stan said.  

               “Yeah!  And, Dad, you have to see him.  He’s so grumpy!  He keeps complainin’ about the pigeons.”  Roy and Darryl exchanged a grin.  “Old men are supposed to like pigeons.”

               “All right, all right, we’ll go see this weird old guy,” Stan said.  He patted one of Suzie’s feet.  “We’re makin’ a detour, lil miss mouse.”

               “Okay!” Suzie chirped.  She began to play with Stan’s hair.  

               “Do ya want to sing the pineapple song on the way?” Lute asked. Suzie frowned thoughtfully.  

               “Hmm, no,” she said shortly, resuming her attempts at being a hairdresser.

               “That’s a relief,” Roy muttered.  Lute raised an eyebrow.

               “Oh, are ya worried you’ll be embarrassed by yer pa?” Lute asked.  

               “Pfft.  Ya always embarrass me, Pa.”

               “Roy Clark Pines, I am wounded!” Lute gasped.  Roy rolled his eyes.

               “Sure.  If you say so.”

               “Dad, this old guy, it’s sorta weird, but he reminds me of you,” Darryl said. Stan looked at his son.


               “Yeah.  I dunno why. Maybe it’s ‘cause both of ya have that square face.  And the big ole nose.”  Darryl tapped his chin.  “Huh. Maybe it ain’t so weird that he reminds me of you.”  Lute looked at Stan.

               “Darlin’?  Somethin’ wrong?” Lute asked quietly.  Stan had completely frozen.  After a moment, Stan shook his head.

               “Nah.  Probably overreacting to something is all.”

               “Are ya sure?  We don’t have to see this strange old man.  We can turn ‘round and go home.”

               “No!” Darryl and Roy complained.

               “Despite what the kids might say,” Lute continued.  Stan shook his head again.

               “I’m fine, Lute.  Let’s go check it out.  We’re almost there already.”  The small family finished making their way to the park fountain, singing the pineapple song with Suzie, who had decided out of nowhere that she really did want to sing. Stan stopped a few feet away from the fountain and looked around.  “I don’t see anyone here, weird, old, man, or otherwise,” Stan said.

               “Aw, poo,” Darryl said, blowing a raspberry.  “He musta left already.”

               “That’s a shame,” Lute said idly.  “Maybe we should go get ice cream.  Drown our sorrows.”

               “Ice cream!” the children shouted eagerly.  Suzie tugged roughly on Stan’s hair during her exuberant yells.  

               “The best ice cream man is this way,” Stan said, turning around.  He froze.  The middle-aged woman in front of him stared.  

               “Stanley?” Ma Pines whispered.  Stan swallowed.

               “H-hey, Mom,” he stammered.  Ma Pines put her hands on her hips.  

               “And where have you been for the last fifteen years?” she demanded.  

               “Uh…Arkansas, and here, mostly,” Stan said.  Suzie cocked her head.

               “Who’s the lady?” Suzie asked curiously.  

               “I second the question,” Lute said.  Stan swallowed again.

               “Lute, Suzie, Roy, Darryl, this is my mom.  Gigi Pines.”  Ma Pines crossed her arms.  Her displeasure was clearly escalating.

               “Are these children yours?” she asked.

               “Yeah.  Adopted, all three of ‘em,” Stan said.  Ma Pines looked around.  

               “Where’s your wife?”

               “Don’t have one.”

               “I’m ‘bout the closest thing Stanley’s got to a wife,” Lute said, stepping forward and holding out a hand to shake.  “Howdy, ma’am.  I’m Lute, Stan’s partner.”  Ma Pines shook the offered hand cautiously.

               “And by partner, you mean…”

               “Romantic partner,” Lute finished.  

               “…Ah.”  Ma Pines sighed.  “In that case, the five of you better get going.  Stan, your father’s coming back any minute, and I know he wouldn’t be happy with this.”

               “Yep.  Figured,” Stan muttered.

               “But before you run off, give me your phone number so I can call and catch up,” Ma Pines said.  She smiled at Roy, Darryl, and Suzie.  “I’d love to hear more about these grandkids of mine.”

               “We have two grandmas?” Suzie said suddenly. Ma Pines beamed.

               “You do now, honey.”

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There are a couple darker moments but it has a happy ending that I dont want to spoil but there is a really cute song near the end :3 -Oliver and Company anon

As long as the dog doesn’t die

Guys La Fou was a false alarm it’s totally okay please go see Beauty and the Beast I’m BEGGING YOU

Disney took an already queer-coded villain, redeemed him, and then gave him a happy ending. I don’t want to spoil anything beyond that because he is so good and the comment about being “confused” isn’t about him questioning his feelings for a dude. Just for THIS dude. 

I’m so happy?? I cried you guys. What a gorgeous movie that I am going to own the very second I can get my grubby hands on it.

I just got home from watching Spider-man Homecoming. Oh my GOD.
The people were not joking. I’ve never so laughed this much in my life.
The amount of times I said “Holy SHIT” and “Oh my GOD” and “Awww” was horrendously alarming. I came into the cinemas with high expectations and it exceeded it. Oh my god. GUYS. WATCH IT. TOM HOLLAND WAS AMAZING.


Happy birthday to bell, book, and candle by @skittidyne which shook my world almost 2 years ago and I hope everyone reads it because seriously, it’s exquisite.

So I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Lots of thoughts bouncing around. Some spoiler free thoughts:

  • Loved it. 
  • Gamora has a much more….consistent/fleshed out personality in this one? I love it.
  • That’s actually true of basically all the characters. Especially Drax and Gamora. 
  • Rocket steals the show. And other things he should not steal. 
  • Also Nebula. Nebula was WAY more interesting and dynamic. 
  • Really strong theme development and BEAUTIFUL color palette. DC, takes notes.
  • If I have one major complaint with the film, its that it has too many antagonistic forces, so the focus gets split. Lesson: Never more than 2 antagonists. Any more than 2 and things get dicey. 
  • Groot is so cute and the movie is very very aware of this. 
  • Mantis is very likable. 
  • Holy shit, 3 named female characters, each with their own minor character arc not directly tied to romance in the film? MARVEL STUDIOS, YOU SPOIL ME. 
  • Stay until the very very end of the credits. There’s like 5 stingers. 

Kimberly likes sudoku okay fight me 

  • Whenever she has a bad day and going to the quarry doesn’t help she just lays in her room listening to her favorite music and solves sudoku problems. 
  • She likes to solve them whenever her parents are gone because they give her something to do if the other rangers can’t hang out
  • Trini finds out one day when they’re studying for Biology 
  • Kim’s room is just filled with sudoku books that she’s finished, every single puzzle solved
  • As a joke, Trini gets Kimberly this huge sudoku book with over 500 problems for her birthday. (Kimberly loves it) and Trini’s trying to explain that she has another gift
    • Kimberly doesn’t care, “This has over 500 problems!!” 
    • “Well, yeah. I got it from Amazon.” 
    • “This is so cool!” 
  • Kimberly decides to spend the rest of her birthday solving problems 
  • Trini chills with her and solves a few herself 
  • Trini and Kim both refuse to leave Kim’s room when Zack shows up
    • “Kimberly, get your cute ass out here so we can celebrate your birthday!” 
    • “Only Trini can say that!”
    • “Fine. Trini?” 
    • “Kimberly, keep your cute ass in here so we don’t have to go out.” 
  • Jason comes over, too, wondering what is taking so long for Trini, Kim and Zack to get to their dinner reservation.
    • “Jason! They won’t leave!”
    • “Jason, Zack won’t leave us alone!” 
  • Billy then shows up and in less than an hour he has everyone dressed nicely and eating in one of the fanciest restaurants in Angel Grove 
  • Kimberly snuck the sudoku book in with her 
  • The boys think Trini and Kimberly are fooling on their phones 
  • But they’re just debating on where the Eight should go
  • Billy catches on and starts to solve with them 

(gif used is not mine)

  • Reading books to each other.
  • Wearing his circle frame glasses.
  • Being up a 2 in the morning eating ramen or ordering take out.
  • Having matching sweater paws.
  • Buying him oversized sweaters as gifts because he loves them.
  • Mingyu being around all the time.
  • Likes to cuddle a L O T.
  • Him hiding his face in your neck all the time.
  • Subtle matching, like same color scheme or the same shoes just different colors because overly matching is “cheesy”.
  • Fighting over characters in books.
  • When you guys get in a fight he would spoil the ending of a book your reading.
  • Rarely any fights tho.
  • Him wanting to do random couple youtube challenges.
  • Tries to do your makeup but kinda fails.
  • Morning texts and Night texts.
  • Hugs all the time.
  • Stealing kisses.
  • You shiver a bit and he automatic gives you his sweater or jacket or shirt. whatever he can give you.
  • Knowing he’s mad at you when he has his typical blank face.
  • Shows up at your house just to nap next to you or with you.
  • Seducing him by wearing his sweaters and nothing underneath.
  • Lazy days.
  • Hanging out with Seventeen.
  • Him being a soft shy dork.
  • Not much pda but, quite a bit of action when alone with you.
  • Waking up in his arms.
  • Getting a whole bunch of ‘i’m sorry’ texts because he forgot to call you in the morning.
  • Comfortable silence.
  • Knowing he’s tired when he mumbles things against your shoulder. 
  • Finding Mingyu on your couch when Wonwoo has to work.
  • “Should I make you breakfast, Gyu?”
  • Tall bb.
  • Leaving hickies on his collar bones.
  • Catching him looking at you fondly.
  •  Him telling you E V E R Y T H I N G about his day.
  • Piggy back rides.


I’m on Spring Break holiday so these next couple posts are pre made and queued. 

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The scene in Empire’s End where Armitage is given command of the Jakku child army has been analyzed for serious purposes but it’s also just weirdly funny to me?? Rax is more or less trying to play the kindly uncle passing sweeties under the table when the strict dad isn’t watching but instead of sweeties they’re brainwashed child soldiers. “Look at this little boy, so cute and smol and polite, I want to give him something? What do kids like? What did I like when I was young? how about a squadron of killer orphans”

Favorite Adam moments

It’s Adam Parrish’s birthday and since he’s a character that has made me bite my fingernails and yell at the page and grin like an idiot and maybe even get a moist eye or two (this despite being spoiled to his ending), here are some of my favorite Adam moments in (I think) chronological order:

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Love Square Love Child: Ch 11


Marinette always thought she would end up with Adrien… eventually. But she can’t deny she’s also developed feelings for Chat the last couple years. When one night with Chat (under the guise of her alter ego: Ladybug) results in an unplanned pregnancy, Marinette finds herself caught between her duty to Paris and “two” men. Does she try to somehow make things work with Chat? Or does she cling onto the hope that she and Adrien can still someday get together?

Read Chapter 11 on AO3 

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🥀 horror themed asks 🥀

🥀: top five horror movie tropes?
😱: favorite monster(s)?
📼: fave type of horror? (thrillers, creature features, etc.)
😈: top five horror films?
🖤: do you think you could survive in a horror movie?
🦇: least favorite horror movie trope(s)?
🏚: let’s split up gang! what part of the house do you take?
🗡️: spoil the end to your least favorite horror movie with no context.
🌕: what are you bringing to the cabin in the woods?
👻: if you made a horror movie, what would be the plot?
👹: what’s the scariest thing you can think of?

“So what’s it gonna be, huh? Long sullen silence or mean comment?”

Since I’m on a superhero kick at the moment and I just got to see Deadpool, have a late night sketch of some Negasonic Teenage Warhead!

me, attempting to find the secret ending of dream daddy: