not to racism


So, if you’re like me and work in a place with public bathrooms, you most likely have seen this shit before. Some racist fuck graffiti’d up your bathroom with nazi bullshit with a permanent marker.

Tired of this bullshit? Me too, so I’m gonna show you how to get rid of it nice and quick! 

The tools you need: A cleaner appropriate for the surface, the appropriate tool to to wipe said surfaces, and the crucial piece: A dry erase marker.

It’s embarrassingly easy to get rid of and is gonna make those nazi fucks upset that we don’t tolerate their bullshit. 

Just grab your marker…

…and draw over it

then you spray it with your cleaner and then… wipe


now you too can use your new-found hack to get rid of sharpie graffiti

remember kids: fuck fascists, fuck nazis and racists, and fuck white supremacy 


Haley Perea, a student at California Baptist University, is seen hurling her drink on the two men and saying: “Excuse me, this is for the national anthem you pieces of shit.”

Her classmate Savannah Sugg recorded the clip and uploaded it to Twitter the caption: “‘Take a kneel for the land of the slaves.’ Disrespect our flag and our country and that’s how we’ll react.”

Since they posted their video, it has also emerged that Perea has repeatedly tweeted the n-word:

There are a lot of people online currently calling for CBU to respond to what Perea and Sugg did, with some comparing to it discrimination from the Jim Crow era.

It’s getting worse and worse by the week.

These people actually took video of what they did and proudly uploaded it to Twitter. They think people peacefully protesting should be confronted with violence… These two gotta be charged with assault.

I wonder how blind people are when they try to claim we don’t have racism in America.