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Hey folks! Tomorrow’s episode–episode 60–was supposed to be a recap of “The Day the Music Died” with a guest appearance by @theisb. Unfortunately, the audio got mangled and Chris isn’t available to rerecord for a couple weeks. So here’s the plan:

  • There won’t be a Jem Jam this week, since trying to recover the audio ate up all our production time
  • Next week’s episode will be a discussion of Jem and the Holograms: The Misfits: Infinite #1
  • The week after that we’ll skip straight to episode 61, “That Old Houdini Magic,” with a guest appearance by @adimlytwistingplanet
  • at some point in the future, we’ll double back and recap “The Day the Music Died”

It’s not ideal, but this way we don’t have to put the podcast on hiatus until the episode is rerecorded.

Thanks for your patience!

some gorillaz headcanons
  • 2d was a teenager during the 90s which means that he knows all the lyrics to all the quintessential 90s songs. when noodle was little they would blast backstreet boys and nsync throughout kong studios and dramatically sing along and jump on the couch pretending to put on concerts. it helped get noodle used to performing and also taught her how to pronounce words in english. even now as an adult noodle will start playing i want it that way on the home speaker system and 2d will show up in the doorway twenty seconds later dramatically screeching “TELL ME WHY AIN’T NOTHING BUT A HEAAAARTACHE.” they both go OFF and have accidentally broken multiple items because they were jamming out so hard.
  • murdoc is half mexican from his mom’s side. it’s part of the reason he went to mexico after phase 1 and why he can speak spanish. he learned rudimentary spanish from visiting his mom in the sanatorium as a little kid, but since he couldn’t visit her much and she died when he was about 11 or 12 he had to teach himself the rest of the language in his 20s.

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Was I a good Sister?

Characters - Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester

Warning - Swearing, angst, character death

“Y/n! SHOOT NOW” I heard my father voice yell at me so I took my aim at the werewolf heart and tried to fire but I then realised that my gun was jammed! “oh no” I whispered

I saw the werewolf advance towards my elder brother and it threw him across , I watched in shock when his body slammed into the tree, the werewolf turned towards me but my gun was still jammed, I tried to shoot him but it wasn’t working just when then I heard a loud bang from behind me and I saw the werewolf fall to the ground, I turned around and saw my other elder brother Sam.

My father suddenly appeared in my view and ran towards Dean, me and Sam followed him, we dropped on our knees around where Dean lay unconscious. I tried to caress his forehead to inspect the damage when my father shoved my hand away.

“Don’t you dare touch him! ”,he snarled.

He then looked at Dean and tried to find if he had any serious injury on him. I looked at Sam but he was too focused on Dean. I then felt my cheek burn severely and loud resounding slap could be heard across the forest. I realised then that my father had hit me and he had me so hard that I was lying on the ground. I definitely had a bruise now.

“Dad, what the hell was that!? ” I heard Sam shout but my dad just glared at him and then at me, he shook his head in anger dropped down so he could swing dean’s arm around his shoulder.

Sam who was staring at his father in shock and anger immediately pushed his feelings aside and grabbed the other arm. They carried Dean this to the impala with me trailing behind him.

“y/n/n, go sit in the backseat and then we will lay him down” I nodded slowly and did as Sam said, the entire time I could feel my dad’s eye on me.

The ride to the isolated cabin was extremely quiet, I kept caressing Dean’s forehead and his hair and I kept on whispering “ I am sorry, I am so sorry ” and the tears trailed down my face.

Sam’s POV

I heard my little sister sniffling in the backseat and comforting my elder brother while saying sorry. It literally broke my heart to see her so upset. All I wanted to do was hug her tightly and tell her everything was going to be okay but if I say something now I know my father will be even more furious, I still cannot believe that he had hit her.

We reach the cabin and take Dean inside, we inspect him and wonder if any serious injury has taken place but he was just knocked out , I look over at my little sister and see that she was standing at door with an expression of fear plastered over her face. I smile at her but she doesn’t smile back.

After tending to Dean my father walks out of the room but not before he take Y/n’s arm in vicious grip, I spare my brother one look and walk out of the door.

Y/n’s POv

“what the hell were you doing?!
“I.. ”
“You could have gotten your brother killed you irresponsible idiot, why can’t you do anything properly?! ”
“Dad just listen to her”
“You stay out of this Sam, it does not concern you, we could have lost Dean because of her, you are the reason that your brother is in there….. Hurt”
“But dad.. ”
“JUST SHUT UP! I can’t even bare to look at you, my son is hurt because of you, you are an ungrateful, irresponsible and disgusting sister and I can’t even call you my daughter ”

That was it. This sentence did it for me, I was in pain ,not the physical kind the other one the one where your heart feels heavy and it hurts, I looked at my father with tears in my eyes but I would not let them drop.

“what the hell is wrong with you dad, why can’t you just listen to her, who says that to their own child?!”

My dad didn’t answer my brother he just walked out the door, Sam then removed his attention from John and then kneeled down so he could be of my height, he kept both his hands on my shoulders and looked me straight in the eye.

“hey, listen to me sweetie don’t you dare even for a moment think that you are not a good sister, you are the most amazing, beautiful kind girl in the whole world and me and Dean love you so so so so much! ”

I looked him in the eye but I did not have the strength to reply so I just went back to the room where Dean was sleeping.

Sam’s POV

I watched my little sister walk back in the room, I was so shocked to hear my father say such horrible things to a 13 year old girl.
I went in the room and saw that she was covering Dean up with a blanket she then sat at the edge of the pushed his hair back and kissed him on the forehead.

My heart melted right there, how could my father say such horrible things to someone as sweet as her, I just couldn’t resist so I walked up behind her and put my arms around,she turn around and put her arms around my waist and her face towards me, I hugged her for a while but then I felt her shoulders shake I looked down and saw that she was sobbing her little heart out so I kneeled down again so I could be of her level and then hugged her tightly.

“I am sorry, I am so sorry”, she said this while hiccuping in between her sobs.

“I can’t lose you or Dean, I love you too much, I am sorry ” I knew I couldn’t say anything to comfort her so I picked her up and carried to my bed, we are used to sharing beds so I lay her down and I lay down beside her I put my arm around her and gently stroke her back soon she is fast asleep.

Y/n’s POV
I wake up the next morning to see that my Sam was sleeping beside me softly snoring , I looked on the other side and saw that Dean was also sleeping, so I got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. When I came back I saw that Dean was starting to wake up.

“Hey Dean, can you wake up? ”, he groaned but slowly opened his eyes
“hey, how are you feeling? ”
“Ummm…. Extremely sore”
“well you were thrown into a tree so that is to be expected I guess”

“Wait, what the hell happened? Are you okay? ”

“Yea bro, Everyone is good, you were the only one who was hurt”

I grabbed his medicine from the side table and then got him a glass of water.

“Here you go”
“Thanks sweetheart, you know you always take such good care of us”

My smile wavered a bit as I remembered last night’s events but I didn’t let the sadness or the immense guilt I was feeling come to my face. I then took both his hands pulled him in a sitting position.

“you can use the shower and have a good long bath”
“Thanks sweetie ” he said looking at me but then his smile turned into a frown and his hand went to touch my cheek.
“Did the werewolf get you or something? ”
“No why? ”
“You have bruise on your face”
I immediately felt extremely tense but then I just brushed it off and then walked to the living room. I saw John sitting over there with a pen and newspaper he looked towards me and said
“We are going on a hunt tonight.”
“What? What about Dean”
“Your will brother will not go obviously ”
“Dean is not going to agree to that ”
“Just be ready, there were not ONE but TWO werewolf but because of you we could not kill it last night so I suggest do as I ask”.

Later that night.
Dean had thrown a bitch fit and was here saying he was fine and will not be left at home. I had persuaded Sam to not tell Dean anything now, but we could do it after the hunt. I had rechecked my guns atleast 10 times to make sure it wasn’t jammed.

We walked through the jungle looking for the wolf, but it had seemed like hours had passes but we still had no clue where it was.

I still don’t know how I saw but I did, the werewolf was standing behind Dean, it had raised its claw to strike at my brother but I pushed my brother put of the way and felt it claws go deep in my stomach.

Dean’s PoV

I saw in astonishment as my little sister pushed me out of the way and the werewolf impaled her in stomach. I raised my gun and shot him straight in the heart, the werewolf fell down with a thud.

I looked down at my little sister who was bleeding from the stomach profusely, I picked her up and put her head in my lap, I then felt Sam and Dad running towards us.

“De it hurts a lot ” she cried
“Shhhh sweetheart, don’t worry everything is going to be okay you are going to live and we are going to talk about cutting Sammy’s hair in sleep and well pranking people and making them annoyed”

My sister shook her head and coughed and I saw the blood trickle out of her mouth so I wiped it away with my thumb
“ I am not going to make it, I know it” she croaked
“No y/n/n don’t you dare say that ”, Sam said in a crying voice “ you our baby sister we need to here, I love you so much”
“You heard Sam sweetheart, you can’t go we need you here:

But she ignored us and then asked in a croaked voice
“Was I a good sister? ”
And then both me and Sam just broke, both of us had tears running down our check so we each grabbed her hand I said

“oh yes sweetie, you are amazing sister and I love you so so so much” I then looked at my dad who was standing with an emotionless expression. Y/n looked at all of us “ I love you. ALL OF you I am going to miss you and I am glad I saved you dean”

Saying this my baby sister took her last breaths and then her head just fell sideways, he beautiful eyes were now not looking at anything.
So I put an arm around Sam and pulled him close and cradled my baby sister in my other arm. Oh god I will never see her smile, never kiss her while she was sleeping, never see her taking care of us, never take care of her she is just gone.

My father then came next to us and said “I am sorry baby girl please come back”

And at that time all we wanted was our little baby sister to come back but I knew she wouldn’t listen because she can’t, thinking about this we cried and screamed at the sky above us.

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underrated shiro and black lion things i really like: protecting one of the other lions and carrying them to safety when they shut down 

like i love this scene, but i remember thinking: wow, lucky that it was just red. you know, the smallest lion. like, any of the bigger ones went down, black probably wouldnt be able to carry it. but then yellow, the heavy hitter armored one, gives out and 

i really like this parallel. its interesting how both pilots react to it too. with keith he reacts like its some kind of mechanical failure, starts jamming the controls and yells like its a broken machine. You don’t see him really checking in with red until after he crashes on that planet, where he promises to get her fixed. hunk however, sounds more like he’s talking to the lion like another person, trying to encourage them. he also doesnt attempt to mess with the controls becuase he knows its out of his hands and puts his trust in him instead. kinda neat.

also!! look at how upset and then angry shiro gets. i know people like to think he has endless patience and is always so controlled but if anyone on his team goes down he looks ready to start wrecking shit 

this is also the second time shiro and black have carried keith to safety. no wonder black lets him pilot, shes already given him a few lifts lmao. but really just add this to the pile of black paladin keith foreshadow 

Newcomers Pt 8.2

Pt 8.2

Bento Pime was a dark, wet and horrible place, the constant smoke from their generators meant there was permanent smog in the air and dark clouds blocked out the sun and stars. Occasionally they would part and the natives could look up at the sky, but shunned it as natural UV rays were damaging to them. A consequence of generations of living under synthetic lights.

But they had their strengths and that was in war, they were bred for it, moulded by it longed for it. It was the reason why the Alliance accepted them into the fold so that they may direct their focus towards the Alliances enemies for there were many. The Benemar had defeated all of them say for the Gal who seemed to be an unending swarm. Then one can imagine their shame when a seemingly inferior race to them not only defeated their armies but besieged their home world. A shame they had never forgotten and they were now about to be reminded of it.

The Human fleet broke into realspace just outside the farthest planet and began their work of destroying their outposts they had set up, defence satellites, observations posts, garrisons and training grounds. Nearly all fell before they realised what was happening, their was a defence fleet was present but they reacted to slowly to answer the oncoming invasion so fell back to Bento Prime itself. Whereas Terra was often called a Death World this was a Fortress World with enough orbital gun platforms and defence stations as well as the defence fleet to repel any attack. They had been building this defence network since the last time the Humans were here, this time they were intent on keeping the Humans off Benemar soil.

Admiral Winston sat on his chair drinking his tea calmly waiting for his ships to get into position, he had placed his fleet outside weapons range while they readied themselves and the Benemar did the same. He smiled cheerfully to himself, during transit to this system he had received an interesting message from Terra’s President. It was sent to all Generals and Admirals with an interesting development, he was under orders not to tell anyone till it was the right time and he was looking forward to it.

“All ships are in position Admiral shall we order the attack?” reported his coms officer.


“No?” protested his deck officer.

“Have all ships placed on standby and await orders”

“Um…aye sir.

“What does he mean wait?!” Hesky shouted and froze when he noticed Depit stirring in his sleep.

“I don’t know” Hopkins whispered then suddenly let out an mute scream in pain looking down at his ankle “Dammit Sergeant Stabby!!” he whispered a bit louder.

“Actually it’s Lieutenant Stabby now”

“What? How did he get a promotion?” Hopkins asked.

“He stabbed the doctor back on the Alliance fleet”

“Good I hate that guy”

“I think everyone did” Hesky agreed

“Did? As in past tense?”

“Yeah well after he stabbed someone he ran into the doctor and…” Hesky made an cut quick cut throat gesture.

“Oh right, our body juices are deadly to him”

“Oh yes, I pissed on him once…he was not happy well after it melted one his arms was cut off” Hesky laughed.

“We shouldn’t really laugh” Hopkins said trying to suppress his own laughter.

“Why he was an arse” Hesky quickly got to his feet “Can you watch my little one I need to drain the sea monster”

“Why don’t you say toilet like everybody else?”

Hesky walked in and found Jenkins already at one of the urinals, he still had his beer in hand as he didn’t trust anyone not to steal it while he was gone, worse things had been done to those drinks that get left unattended. Hesky left his alone for only a moment and after drinking it again found himself with a boner for 3 days….its the reason he is now a father.


“Hesky” they greeted each other.

Hesky took the urinal next to him and began relieving himself, the silence was awkward so he decided to break it, He looked over his gaze still low. “I didn’t know you were Jewish”

Jenkins slowly turned his head to look at him his eyes wide and face that of confusion.

“And why are you looking?”

“Just making conversation”

“How is that a conversation starter?”

“How is it not?”

Jenkins went to argue but no words left his mouth before he finally said “Touché”

Then someone else entered.

“Hello boys” Karen greeted entering a stall

“Hey Karen” they both replied without turning.

Jenkins then noticed something, Hesky had suddenly stopped, he looked at him confused “Have you stopped mid piss?”

“I can’t go when she is around”


“…she scares me” he said straining.

“So much that instead of pissing yourself you stop pissing yourself, perfectly logical. Well to be honest Cathy scares me”

“Try being married to her”

“See you later boys” Karen said exiting and Hesky suddenly unleashed with a moan. He then turned to Jenkins.

“You’ve been pissing a long time”

“I never needed to go, I just come in here to be alone for a bit”

“Oh…I’ll leave you to it then”

Some hours later the order to attack had still not come through, the Admiral refused to tell anyone why or order the attack and Captain Clerk was getting annoyed and impatient. Could this be some sort of strategy like back on Terra? It was true that a number of fleets did not join them here and were redirected but still. Suddenly the bridge door opened and he turned to see Karen coming in with a large plate.

“I made chocolate chip cookies!!!” he announced and everyone rushed to get one.

“Umm….Karen?” Captain Clerk said biting into one “These aren’t chocolate are they”

“No…THEY’RE RAISINS MWHAHAHAH” she shouted dropping the plate and running out of the door “….Goodbye friends” she added before the doors closed.

“I hate that woman so much” said one of the officers.

“So do I” Sharn agreed making others look at her.

“Didn’t you two just get engaged?”

“……yes which gives me more reason than all of you”

“What are they waiting for?!” shouted High Chief Deeter

“They cannot break our defences maybe they are awaiting reinforcements?” High Chief Seewol suggested.

“No, if we do we will loose our advantage of the stations, they cannot attack us” High Chief Pepeel countered. He was the newest member of the Trinity of High Chiefs after Veetop was assumed dead “We should appeal to the Alliance High command for reinforcements”

“Those cowards will not get involved and besides our communications are being jammed we cannot call for aid from any of our other forces” Deeter said angrily.

“So we sit, and wait” Seewol stated.

“There is little else we can do”

“Should we not prepare out ground forces to intercept their armies?” Pepeel suggested.

“You think they will break our defences?” Seewol shot at him.

“No but preparation would put the warriors minds are ease”

Deeter considered this “Very well, but make sure our other assets are secure”

These assets that he spoke of were the millions of slaves that the Benemar had, although slavery was illegal under Alliance law the law itself does not mention forbidding the Benemar from having them. These were the descendants of the races they had conquered, who were enemies to the Alliance and were all that was left of their kind. They did not know what was happening as they were all suddenly rounded up and placed in cages underground, their masters were being unusually harsh like they were hurrying. Each cage held dozens of slaves with little room to move.

“We did not even finish our work today” said a Geter who were a tripod race and looked similar to insect but were fact reptiles.

“I’m not complaining” said another.

“There is something wrong though, they are worried” said a Fedeq a mole like race, he was the oldest.

“They should be” said a strange voice from the shadows.

They all looked around to find this voice and inside the cage a strange creature appeared that looked nothing like them, it’s armour seemed to let it faze in and out of sight at will and it approached unarmed.

“Who? What are you?” Geter asked, he was shocked by the sudden appearance of this thing even though he was far greater in size.

“Does anyone here now of the time Bento Prime came under siege?” the figure asked.

“Yes” said Fedeq “I remember it, my kind live long enough to remember such things, the Newcomers came and burned this world but did not free us”

“That is a story old man” Geter shouted “You only tell it so the little ones can fall asleep”

“Then explain this Newcomer” he pointed at the figure.

The figure took of her helmet and everyone stared “We are the Newcomers or you may call us Humans, our fleet is about the attack this world and will not stop until all of it lies in ruins. We are also here to give you your freedom”

Just then a number of other Newcomers appeared holding crates filled with weapons.

“If you want it that is”

The Human fleet had shifted it’s position, the Benemar thought that the time had come but still the Humans did not come, they had only change their potion so as not to collide with one of Bento’s moons. Admiral Winston though finally got confirmation on what he was waiting for and now came the time to tell the fleet. He was put on a fleet wide com channel so he may address everyone.

“This is Admiral Winston, what I am about to tell you will change everything, the Alliance high command were the ones who told the Benemar where our homeworld was and thus have betrayed us. As of this moment the high command should be receiving our resignation from the Alliance and expelling all officials from our boarders. But that is not all, the enemy of the Alliance we have been fighting we have been doing under false pretence”

He stopped as his scanner officer told him more ships were breaking warp right next to them, the fleet wide com was still active so those near windows quickly ran to see what was happening.

“Their timing is perfect, let me introduce our new allies, the Gal”

Autopsy Report

You would not believe what kind of shit I’ve pulled out of people.

Hi, I’m Mike. I cut into dead bodies for a living. It’s not exactly the kind of job that gets you laid, but it pays the bills. Anyway. Back to what I was saying. Fucked up shit in dead bodies. The weirdest ‘normal’ thing I’ve pulled out of a person was a hairball out of someone’s stomach. And when I say hairball, I mean it looked like the woman had swallowed a cat. She was a suicide victim. Probably bit into her hair because of anxiety. I get it. My little sister has issues with that sort of thing.

Wow. Off topic again. Clearly I’ve pounded those beers a little faster than I thought. I’m not here to talk about hairballs. No. I’m here to talk about something really weird.

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Negan trying to break you but Easy Street is your jam would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Lol Negan XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-You being put in a cell at the Sanctuary after you managed to pass a deal with The Saviors

-Negan wanting you to be either one of his wives or at least to work for him so he could have that chance

-Negan realizing you are rather a tough one and having his men somehow “mistreating” you so you’d have no choice to accept, and eventually having the song “Easy Street” being played on loop

-You listening the first time and actually smiling to hear how cheerful it is, making Dwight uncomfortable and reporting to Negan of it

-You memorizing the lyrics rather quickly and Negan stumbling upon you singing along, making him wonder as to what is going on with you

-You quickly catching on to Negan’s plan and just deciding to show him that you’re not a weak person by going as far as to dance to it when the door opens

-Negan just being in shock and having a hard time to hide it to see someone love the song so much and just dance to it every time he sees you

-Negan cutting the music on multiple occasions, only for you to continue singing and even dancing by yourself, making him confuse

-Negan telling you to stop and calm down, only for you to keep at it and just trying to annoy him, and actually impressing him by how adamant you are

-Negan finding it rather cute to see you have fun and ending up putting the song on as much as he can just so he could see you and having his men treat you much better, in hopes you’ll really fall for him

team ironman | jungkook

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

Pairing: Jungkook + Reader

Genre: Fluff + drabble

Word Count: 608

Author’s Note: *cries* this one was hard to write in Y/N’s POV bc ya girl here is 100% on team ironman and totally sides with kookie on this one buttttt still enjoyed writing it cuz I mean who doesn’t like the Avengers now ;)

Reader’s POV

“You’re kidding me.” you exclaimed, as you gave him the deadliest glare you could possibly muster, your eyes shooting lasers at the boy sitting across from you.

“Actually, I’m not.” he said defiantly, crossing him arms against his chest, giving you an equally intimidating glare.

Grabbing your remote from his side of the couch, you paused the movie playing in front of you, stopping it right before it’s most climatic fight scene.

Looking over at Jungkook, you scoffed, “Wow, you’ve actually lost it. It’s obvious to anyone that Captain America is much better!”

“Um, hello? Who has an awesome suit that lets him fly, shoot lasers, an-”

“You don’t need mechanics to be a hero Jungkook!” you retorted, “You need to be a role model to people around the world, putting yourself ahead of others and-”

“Iron Man does that!” he argued, letting out a huff as you raised your eyebrows.

“Last time I checked, all he’s want to do surrender to UN and their stupid Sokovia Accords and make them essentially powerless! I mean do you think they’ll actually call in the Avengers after that? It’s bait Jungkook!”

The both of you were finally having a night to yourself after a long and busy week of him running around with his busy schedules and you jam-packed with essays and homework from all your college classes. But yet here you were watching Captain America:Civil War because the both of you were major Marvel freaks.

“It is not bait Y/N, it’s called being smart! What if something were to happen to them, you know SHIELD isn’t there for them anymore with everything that’s happening.” he countered.

You remarked, “That is if something were to happen in the first place.”

“You well know they’re not going to stop having problems.”

“Right, with Iron Man’s stupid evil machines there will always be problems.” you said sarcastically, when Jungkook shoved your legs off that were draped over his lap, a whine escaping your mouth at the sudden contact of cold air hitting your bare legs.

“Yah!” he exclaimed, “Take that back.”

“You know I’m right.”

“Nuh uh!”

“Yuh huh!”

The two of you stared at each other when you felt a chill run down your body as you pulled your legs to your chest, sulking, “Great now I’m cold…”

Jungkook’s eyes softened at you as he saw you shiver slightly, before sighing and grabbing your arm, a small yelp leaving your mouth as he pulled you across the couch into his warm chest. Wrapping the blanket around the two of you, a wave of warmth fell upon you as you snuggled closer into his chest.

“Is that better now?” Jungkook whispered into your ear, your lips tilting into a small smile.

Looking up at him, your fingers reached up to his neck as you pulled him down to meet your lips in a short kiss, your heart fluttering as you could hear his own thundering in his chest pressed up against yours.

Pulling away, you brushed your lips against his as a small sigh left his mouth when you whispered against them, “Captain America’s still better.”

Earning a groan of disapproval from him, you laughed in response as he gave you a disappointing look,“ I don’t even know why I’m dating you.”

Turning back to face the screen, you pressed the play button, the movie continuing to play out in front of you when you replied, “It’s because you love me.”

Letting out a soft chuckle, he nuzzled his head into the side of your neck, placing a feathery kiss there as he whispered softly, “I guess I do don’t I.”

Someone get me a man who will watch all the Marvel movies w me pls


A/N: got this idea from a news story and then i told @petalstofish who is entirely to blame for this fic lolol.  Idk if it will be clear, but my intent is for this to be a muggle AU and I didn’t really commit to a time period, so it could be modern or ‘marauders era’ minus magic (I go with the latter, but whatever you like).

Also available on FF and Ao3!

It all starts with an unreasonably un-British heat wave in what’s supposed to be ‘late spring.’  And really, they try to be ‘stiff upper lip’ and all, but sweaty ankles in mid March are just a completely unreasonable state of affairs.  So, being the spunky teen he is, James pens a strongly worded letter to the headmaster – who looks entirely too comfortable to not have a tiny flock of fans beneath his academic robes – that includes lots of phrases like ‘human rights’ and ‘student welfare’ and ‘modernizing society.’  Remus convinces him to delete the part that accuses them of being backward, stuck up, priss-pots, but he still holds it was the strongest passage.  And yet, part of him knows if Sirius agreed, Remus was perhaps in the right.

And still, despite his rousing verbiage and convincing arguments, Headmaster Dumbledore soon notifies him that the Board did not in fact agree with his position and wanted to uphold the ‘long and hallowed tradition’ of boys sweating their arses off and likely ending up with heatstroke before summer hols.  Or something to that effect.

The idea hits like a flash the Friday after their disappointing news while they’re lazing around in the shady grove behind the ancient looking school, spritzing each other with chilled water and seeing who’s face melts ice fastest.  Sirius has just claimed victory for the third time when Peter sits bolt upright, face flush and eyes mischievous, “They want tradition and rules, eh?”

Which is how the four boys end up in their artfully messed dorm, pouring over James’ leather-bound Hogwarts Academy Rules and Regulations Handbook that had disappeared beneath extraneous papers and books nearly the moment first year James had received it. Remus quirks a brow when the spine cracks like new, and James simply shrugs, “I prefer the rules I break to be a surprise.”

After accepting a high-five from Sirius, they quickly flip to the section on ‘appropriate dress’ and scour the paragraphs for a loophole, but Peter simply skims the page and sits back, looking entirely too smug as he grins.  “Just as I thought, lads.  We’ve got our way out.”

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Wynonna Earp Season 2 Trailer Shot-By-Shot

Ok Earpers. That Season 2 trailer was RIDICULOUS and AMAZING and just jam-packed with good stuff.  I dunno about you, but even after several (more than 18, less than 20) viewings, I still couldn’t catch everything.  Sooooo I decided to grab screenshots and put them together for ya’ll!  Feast your eyes, my friends, feast your eyes.

Some of this trailer includes stuff from Season 1 but this is definitely S2- looks like the same space we either see right away next or later in the trailer (v. cool lighting, spiderweb-y stuff on the walls?).  Could be Wynonna holding the person (is that a holster on their hip?) or it could be a rescue and the person kneeling is on Team Earp.  Also, is it me or does Waverly’s body language suggest she’s holding a gun? (I’m thinking big-ass shotgun. Anyone else?)

Scary (awesome) Wynonna: “We’re on the fury road express baby girl and there aren’t enough flaming guitars and gassy generals to bring us down.”

Waverly Approves.

1. Their faces.

2. SO excited to see what they’re running from.

Anyone else pumped to see different pairings of our favs teaming up?

I think this is S2? I think I would remember that scarf. Either way, I’m always here for more dramatic shots of Wynonna wielding Peacemaker.

Ok suuuuuper blurry but that looks to be Wynonna hitting/striking Dolls. Also, same blue shirt from later when he’s beasting out…?

Season 1 shot.

Badass Earp sisters. (Also v. slimey. Creature goo?)

Wynonna twirling Peacemaker all casual-like.  Revenant or just some poor sap she’s intimidating at the end of the hall?

Aw. Who’s she smiling at like this?

“Wynonna’s not a flowers and chocolate kinda girl.” 

Wynonna mid-punch.  See what I mean about the cool tones and spider-web stuff? Same location I think.

Agency Lady is back and as terrible as ever.

(sorry I’ve got that control bar in some of these pics. oops.)

Preeeetty sure that’s Dolls she just threw through a banister. Tons of property damage in this scene and I’m hoping it’s not the Homestead!

More Wynonna punching people. Dunno who this is.

Season 1 dance scene. #classic

As yet unidentified woman fighting with Wynonna in what appears to be a hotel room.

You didn’t like this lamp, right?

“You have amazing taste in underwear.” Love this. Emily Andras, giving us top-notch dialogue again.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

anonymous asked:

I feel down after the new episode, do you think it is still possible that dean will stop sleeping around with women and get together with cas? idk i feel like it will never end and since 11x23 we've seen dean repeat too much that cas is a brother/best friend and it's starting to make me nervous

Well, Dean is a single man, not in a committed relationship (even if WE can clearly see he’s obviously married to Cas), who is allowed to sleep with whoever he wants. Period. But there are some things in that whole scene in the Pickle Jack Shack. And I mean really… the whole place is a sexual innuendo.

Sorry for my “photo of the tv screen screencapping” but… that phallic pickle protruding from the bull riding sign? Ooookay.

(this is also for my two anons asking about what the significance of “Riding Larry” is, so heads up. All will be revealed!)

Also, isn’t it awesome that Sam picked agents Moon and Entwhistle– the two deceased members of The Who as their aliases. THE WHO? on the nose aliases there.

Dean had been “Springsteen, like the Boss” the night before when he’d been talking with her. After she agrees to tell them everything that happened, here’s what she says, with my commentary in parenthesis:

Elke: He ordered burgers to go. It was gonna be a minute. We were slammed. And you knocked back… four shots of tequila?

(already yet another implication that Dean had been drunk, when four shots of tequila for him is probably a warm up)

Elke: Put some (finger quotes) “sick jams” on the juke, and then you hit the bull.

Sam: he what?

Dean: I what?

Elke: Oh yeah, you had the hots for Larry as soon as you walked in here.

(immediately setting an entirely different tone for this conversation, by presenting Dean’s interest in Larry– the mechanical bull with a huge pickle for a phallus– as sexual. Larry is a man’s name, and Dean had “the hots” for him.)

Sam: (quite befuddled by this) He… Dean… you rode Larry?

Dean: (considers this for a minute) Was I good?

Elke: You were– amazing.

(Dean processes that– the fact that he apparently demonstrated skill at riding Larry, and then hums in acceptance of the fact. He smiles. Elke smiles, Sam rolls his eyes so hard he nearly pulls a muscle).

Elke: Anyway, We got to talking, and… you know…

(remember what she’d said earlier, that they were “slammed,” meaning overwhelmed by a rush of customers. Not exactly the sort of situation in which a waitress can “get to talking” with a customer just waiting around for his dinner order to be ready, you know? I already suspect that Elke realizes that Dean WAS roofied here, and didn’t exactly remember what he’d said or done with her… AND THIS I BELIEVE WAS HER TEST TO PROVE IT. She needed to confirm whether he did or didn’t remember what had happened. I’ll quote her here, and then explain afterward)

Elke: (in response to Dean’s complete straight-faced, emotionless waiting for her answer) We blew off some steam.

(Dean STILL has to stop and work out exactly what she means, and then when it registers, Dean only replies with a surprised little “Ah!” Not seeming to recall anything. Because he didn’t. And this doesn’t seem to bother Elke. Because she’s already been told that he was “roofied.” Because most folks would be upset that someone had no obvious response to the confirmation that they’d apparently had sex… It’s kinda insulting, you know? BUT ELKE WAS NOT INSULTED BY DEAN’S LACK OF ANY SORT OF RESPONSE TO THIS INFORMATION. Like the slap to his face earlier implied she would be.)

Sam: Did you see him talking with anyone else?

Elke: My bartender said she saw him run out of here like his pants caught on fire. We were supposed to meet up after close-up. But you never showed… 

(Dean looks lost again)

Elke: Poor thing, you were all roofed up! I didn’t… I am so sorry if I took advantage of you.

Dean: (smiling uncomfortably… because yeah… and patting her on the arm) It’s okay.

(Sam asks if they have security cameras and then the scene shifts to Sam and Dean sitting at a table watching security footage on a laptop)

Dean: First action in I don’t know how long, and it’s like it never even happened. Figures.

Sam: Ha. See now that’s comedy.


Yes, waffles.

Who doesn’t love waffles? May I direct you to the Waffle Masterpost, containing EVERY reference to waffles ever on this show (well, aside from this episode, but I’ll update it in a bit here…)

But what it boils down to is the fact that waffles in this show share some of the same symbolism with El Sol beer. And if it wasn’t clear enough, there was a huge glowing El Sol sign there for good measure.

But as soon as Dean spotted Elke when he and Sam walked into the bar, he identified her as, “the girl from the waffles.” SHE WAS AN ILLUSION, A DECEPTION. She was the girl from the waffles. Waffles being a “more innocent deception” than El Sol.

Because her story of what she and Dean did contradicts itself. Either they were “slammed” to the point that they were so busy that Dean had to wait so long for his food that he not only had multiple shots of tequila but ALSO had time to ride Larry, or she and Dean had time for a leisurely chat and even MORE time to take a break and go somewhere to “blow off some steam.”

Which was it, lady?

She only knew that Dean LEFT, in fact “ran out of here like his pants caught on fire,” because HER BARTENDER told her. Because Elke was “slammed” with customers. THIS IS WHY SHE SLAPPED HIM. Because Dean ran out before her shift ended, when they were supposed to meet up. He ditched her, and then “pretended” not to even recognize her, after having chatted her up and made plans for after her apparently very busy shift, and that’s why I think she was just fucking with him here.

I mean, either she was so busy that Dean had to wait for service, or she had enough time to have some sort of long talk and a quickie in the bathroom or the alley or wherever. WHICH WAS IT, ELKE?!

So in the conversation that revolved around the fact that Dean had been “roofied,” bookended by “the girl from the waffles” and Dean’s assertion that it was “like it never even happened,” well…

I have serious doubts that anything really DID happen.

I mean, I think he was planning on something happening. He was going to go back after her shift to meet up with her… possibly… but did he ever even get his burgers?! 

And without his memories, is it weird that it took THREE TRIES to find the place Dean had gone that night. That place was the third one they checked out, and Sam would’ve followed the same sort of Hunter Logic in trying to find the burger joint Dean went to, probably starting with the one closest to their motel and working his way out. So Dean bypassed two other perfectly good burger places to walk to THIS PLACE SPECIFICALLY. This place that advertised the mechanical bull riding.

This place where Elke confirmed that Dean “had the hots for Larry as soon as he walked in.”

Dean went out of his way to get a burger from THIS PLACE not because he didn’t think the other burger places were any good, but BECAUSE HE WANTED TO RIDE THE MECHANICAL BULL. My guess? He probably saw the sign on their way back to the motel, and he gave the excuse to Sam that he was going out for burgers while Sam did the research SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE HE WANTED TO SNEAK OUT AND RIDE LARRY.

I mean… ???? This is one of those things that Performing Dean would NEVER do, would NEVER ADMIT TO SAM that he would do. Which is why Sam was so ?????? that Dean actually RODE LARRY.

Because Dean hadn’t been “roofied” yet at that point. That was all Dean.

He wanted to do something silly and fun and homoerotic without being judged for it. This is the same Dean that unapologetically loves Finding Nemo. And waffles…

So he has a few shots of liquid courage and climbs on Larry. We see that scene at the end of the episode. He fully gets that memory back, and what appear to be snippets of Hexed Dean Moments… and yet he gets no memories back of his “blowing off some steam” with Elke.

Because it’s like it never even happened.

I think Elke was slowly realizing throughout her conversation that Sam and Dean weren’t lying about Dean not remembering anything from the night before. So she went from angry over having been stood up and Dean “pretending” he didn’t even remember her, to passive-aggressively answering their questions… to noticing Sam and Dean’s bizarre reactions to hearing that he gleefully rode Larry… and then I think threw in the bit about blowing off steam with him just to see his reaction.

He seemed genuinely incapable of either confirming or denying it, and took her word for it that they did something sexual. He wasn’t gross about it, he didn’t elaborate on her assertion, nor did he immediately deny it either. He just accepted her word and moved on.

Notice immediately after that point she distances herself from Dean with her words… not “he ran out” or “I saw him run out, but “my bartender said she saw him run out.” BECAUSE ELKE HERSELF WAS “SLAMMED.” She was busy DOING HER JOB. She didn’t even SEE him run out without his food.

And really, how the hell long was he there, if he had multiple shots while waiting for the burgers, picked songs on the jukebox, rode Larry, made plans for after work with Elke (that he may or may not have intended to follow up on) while sitting at the bar while SHE WAS BUSY WORKING. Long enough after all that for her to not even notice him suddenly run out? BEFORE HE EVEN GOT HIS BURGERS?!

Like, how the hell long does it take to flip a couple of burgers? 15? 20 minutes tops? Even if they’re slammed?

And he still managed to do ALL THAT ^^ WHILE WAITING?

And then as Dean and Sam ran out the back door, we can see a GIANT glowing El Sol sign just inside the bar.

EVERYTHING that happened in there, aside from Dean riding Larry, was an illusion that started with the girl from the waffles and ended with him escaping out the back door past an El Sol sign.

The ONLY thing we actually SEE that was TRUE was that Dean rode Larry.

(aside to note that Dean confirmed himself that he hasn’t had any “action” in so long he can’t even remember when it happened…)

And for my Larry anons, I have no idea if “Riding Larry” is an idiom, but “riding” is a sexual innuendo. And the implication that Dean rode Larry… well… I mean just watch him and tell me what you think is going on there… Dean… riding a dude called Larry… it’s not complex math here.

(and heck here’s another reference… that time Dean WAS roofied in 9.13… SWEET POTATOES. Salted caramel. Best of both worlds. Salty and sweet. and that reminds me of the other “sweet” references lately in relation to angels… and we’re down the rabbit hole again)

anonymous asked:

Imagine spending Easter with Shawn and his family

It would be so fucking amazing. Like a big Mendes family day with Shawn’s entire family. 

Like chatting to his grandparents about school/work and what your plans for the future are. Them giving you advice and encouraging words.   

Hanging out with Aaliyah and their cousins’ talking about clothes and shoes and stuff like that, sharing make-up and getting ready for dinner together. I can imagine the three of you (Shawn’s two cousins) teaming up doing a make-over on Aaliyah. Laughing and gossiping about anything and everything in Aaliyah’s room listening to all your favourite kind of music. 

You and Shawn helping Manny and Karen out in the kitchen - or Shawn would sit on the counter and you’d be helping - sharing jokes and stories about Shawn’s LA trip and tasting all the different kind of foods before anyone else. 

Setting the table with Shawn. He would grab the plates and you’d grab the glasses and every time you passed by each other around the table, Shawn would lean in and kiss your forehead lovingly, before sending you the biggest smile in the world. “I’m happy you’re here” “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else”

Painting eggs (it’s a danish thing, don’t know how it is in other countries) in all sorts of colours to decorate the living room with. Shawn being an annoying dork and painting on your eggs all the time with the biggest giggle on his face. “Oh look, you got something right there-” and then he’d let the pencil brush against your cheek, leaving a blue line behind. “SHAWN. You’re such a dork” “But I’m your dork, right?” “Right” and then he’d lean in and kiss you. 

Small food fights in the kitchen while Shawn, Aaliyah and you were clearing the table. You and Aaliyah both going for Shawn, smashing left over food in his face and hair, while he screamed like such a little girl. “Not the hair, guys! Not the hair”

Shawn holding your hand, stroking your cheek, rubbing your back or planting tender kisses on your cheeks or the top of your hair every time he had the chance to do it. Letting his chin rest on your shoulder, wrapping his arms around you from behind, letting his nose tip stroke your collarbone. And everyone would always look at the two of you and say “aren’t they cute” or “love birds” and Shawn would have a smirk planted on his face, while you would blush heavily. 

Sitting around a bonfire after dinner with his entire family, watching the flames and hearing the small cracking noises from the bonfire. Roasting marshmallows over the flames and sticking one into Shawn’s mouth but also smashing it all over his face. 

Shawn putting his jacket around your shoulders, before kissing you and then picking up his guitar and jamming out a little while everyone would just be silent and listen to him play so beautifully.

Having his grandmother asks the two of you, when you’re planning on getting married and have kids - because his grandmother low-key loves you and just want Shawn to tie the knot - and starting your life together. She would tell Shawn she still had the ring and he just needed to say the word, he would get it. And you would sit there watching Shawn bite into his lip, flushing in the matter of seconds and desperately running his fingers through his messy hair. “I’ll let you know when it’s time” he’d say, laughing a little. Then you would just let your head rest on his shoulder - he would tilt his head and plant a kiss on the top of your hair - letting his hand slide across your thigh to find your hand and interlace your fingers and then just watch the bonfire together. 

Shawn and you crawling into bed when everyone left and watching The 100 together to chill and enjoy just being the two of you again. “Today was amazing” “It really was, babe. Thanks for being here” “Thanks for having me” “Always, you’re part of the Mendes family now!” and then he’d kiss you.

Yoongi Scenario: Tainted Love - Part 5.

Request: Could you make one with Yoongi being some sort of demon/vampire boss that every one is super scared of but then there is Y/N, Yoongi is in love with her and everyone is always super impressed how Yoongi always surrenders and softens when something is about her? He’s super protective and wants to please her in his own way, thank you for doing this i love you

Summary: Demons are merciless, demons are ruthless, demons can’t hold nothing dear to them. Yoongi is the leader, the king of the demon world. He is feared as he is respected, no one expected him to bring a human girl as his lover, you. You fell in love and now you are in the midst of adjusting to the demon world, its custums, and its dangers. But everything is worth it if is for him, the demon king that lives between shadows and that would turn hell apart to protect you.

Demon AU - Featuring all BTS

Genre: Romance / Drama. 

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

You didn’t know what to expect, Yoongi didn’t tell you specifically what you were going to do, only that would be going back to the manor with him and from there you’d be taking off to wherever place in which the collect had to be done.

It made you excited as it made you nervous thinking about it. Yoongi told you you’ll be going after you had your breakfast, you were having toasts with jam, eggs and a big cup of coffee all by yourself in his room. Getting your back comfier you thought how much you liked his bed, being in a place that was just all him, after cleaning your lips you put the little tray aside, rolling on the bed, trying to pick up his scent, you could truly say you also loved how he smelled, but you knew it wasn’t the same thing he sensed while doing it on you. It was something made you scowl with envy and craving, you wanted to be able to sense him like that too. 

Yoongi told you he had a few things to do before going,  he had still the runaway demon closed in the dungeons but apparently it wasn’t it. The killings had stopped but barely, now they had resumed which made them think the runaway demon was still on the run and this just a distractor. Yoongi wanted to see what could they get out of the captive demon but it hadn’t been very fruitful.
You wondered if you were conceited, rolling around in bed when Yoongi had that burden, but then you’d be going to help him today, at least try your best at being useful. You stared at the katanas on the wall, how the blade was slightly curved, the grip simple and yet with a beautiful design, you wondered what would be like holding one of those with your hands, how much would a katana weigh.

The doors opened letting Yoongi in, he just stared at you for a few seconds before approaching the bed.

-I thought you’d be ready by now-

You smirked, trying to hide your nervousness with a bit of arrogance. -I was waiting for you-

He smirked back. -Yeah? For what?- Yoongi saw your playfulness flowing out of you, you knew he couldn’t resist to it, so you waited until he went closer to you, a sigh of surrender escaping his lips before sitting down.

-No reason, just for you- you whispered near his hear, wanting to tickle him a little with the movement of your lips. Yoongi groaned.

-You should be preparing Y/N- he observed, his shadows pushing you to him making you gasp. -Unless you prefer changing the schedule for today-

-No- you decided immediately. -Today I want to learn, I want you to teach me things-

He turned his head, the dark orbs staring at yours seriously -I know, I… I guess I was trying to push back these things as much as possible at least while you are a human-

-Why?- you asked also in a whisper. -I mean, you had showed me other things too, remember?-

-That was only showing, this time it won’t only be like that, so be prepared, I won’t go easy on you Y/N-

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can you write something about dean&seamus?

All through the war, Dean drew.

It was something he had done since he was small– smiley-face suns and stick figures– but he had kept going. He had learned cross-hatching and shadowing; depth, perspective, and color; patience.

Until age ten, until the letter, Dean had drawn himself a suit of shining armor, a dragon to slay. He had drawn aliens and ray guns and wings. They were adventures that he wanted but that he could not have.

When he first arrived at Hogwarts, he drew Nearly Headless Nick’s stiff collar in his notebook margins. He tried to capture the flick of sparks off Flitwick’s wand, Seamus’s singed eyebrows at supper, the owls swooping overhead.

He had never been away from home before for more than an overnight. He drew the gentle curl of his mother’s hair, gilded in sunlight. He had learned how to draw the shine and to pick out colors and bright glare on matte paper by drawing imagined plate armor. But he drew the light on his father’s (stepfather’s) (father’s) crooked glasses, his sister’s sparkly nail polish when they held hands crossing the roads. There were things he missed that he could not have.

Dean hid the sketches under his bed and showed Seamus his little comics about Snape’s greasy hair instead.

In the war, Dean holed up in hollows and friendly attics and Muggle pubs. He drew Umbridge the Toad, noseless Voldy confused by the last dozen plus years of wizardly pop culture, the Ministry of Magic with its fingers stuffed in its stuffy ears.

He drew Snape as Headmaster, his sneer easy after seven years of notebook margin practice. Dean drew the Dark Mark over London’s skyline and he left his work nailed up around Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, Godric’s Hollow. He signed his name. He had things he wanted to say.

There were long days when he didn’t talk to anyone– walking old fields and long roads, sleeping in haystacks. There were long weeks when he only talked to strangers– passersby, shop owners, sympathizers, snatchers who he traded curses with.

He drew the Gryffindor Common Room, hearths all ablaze. He listened to Lee Jordan’s radio show on the crackling airwaves. He drew his little sisters, who had gone to France with his mother and father. He drew faces from the darkened boys’ dormitory– Harry’s long bangs hiding his scar, Neville practicing his dance moves for the Yule Ball, Ron asleep with his head on his thick Weasley sweater, Seamus grinning at him over a three a.m. game of cards.

Seamus had taught him Exploding Snap. Dean had taught him poker, gin rummy, go fish. Dean sketched in Seamus’s eyebrows as curling bits of smoke, laughed, and pulled his blanket tighter around his shoulders in the sympathizers’ basement where he was spending the night. There were things he wanted that he could not have.

When the snatchers caught him near Hogsmeade, they took his knapsack. They took his sneakers, his wand, his spare cloak. They burned his notebooks in the hearth of Malfoy Manor before they led him down cold stairs and left him in the dark.

It was a long few months where he saw no sunlight except for a few precious moments where the sun hit the high, angled windows just right. 

Ollivander and Griphook were already there in the dark. Luna came later. Blonde hair in a tattered cloud, one earring missing, she thanked the Death Eater for holding the prison door open at her and drifted inside. Dean, for all they would remain friends for the rest of their lives, was never quite sure how much of Luna was just Luna screwing with people. 

It was a long few months– Dean got them to give him some paper and pens eventually. Luna made papier-mâché earrings. Ollivander napped six hours a day and they all piled him high with their extra coats and blankets and socks. Dean sat for quiet hours with Griphook, drawing his wife as Griphook grumbled “what an ugly face– so full and smooth. My wife’s a beauty, you better draw her as such.” Dean sketched in a jagged cheekbone, a crooked chin and Griphook almost smiled. 

When Dobby got them out, Dean had pages and pages stuffed in his pockets, clenched in his hands. He carried them out with him, into sea air.

Ollivander made them replacement wands with old hands and tools transfigured from driftwood and beach glass. Dean walked out to the water while he worked and watched the waves mumble along the stones. 

His sisters were somewhere on safer shores, his mother’s hair all gilded with sun, his father’s spectacles shining. Dean had told them he couldn’t go with them, he couldn’t run. 

“They called you Gryffindor,” his sister Ella had said. “Not stupid.” Little Jenny had been crying and so had his father. His mother had packed him a bag full of clean socks. The snatchers had tossed it in a ditch somewhere outside Hogsmeade. 

Dean and Luna left Ollivander and Griphook at Shell Cottage and then they went to Hogwarts. 

In the years that followed, Dean would draw the war. There were things he didn’t want to forget. There were things he wanted to dredge up from the sludge and splatter down on paper, hoping maybe to keep them from circling his head at night, wanting attention. 

He drew the protective dome that rose up over Hogwarts, the candles in the Great Hall, Cho Chang’s face lit up from an Expelliarmus– tried to capture light, tie it down to the page. Dean had killed three people in the war– snatchers, Death Eaters on Hogwarts grounds– and he drew their faces over and over when he couldn’t sleep. He drew Neville’s face (tired, kind), Ginny’s glare, Luna’s gentle, distracted smile. 

Dean didn’t draw the first glimpse he’d had of Seamus after the capture, the escape, the night he and Luna set foot on Hogwarts ground. It wasn’t something he could draw. Dean didn’t remember the light on his hair, his cloak sweeping over stone, new muscles, new scars, new inches of height– 

Dean remembered standing in the Room of Requirement with old classmates and new students moving around him, both his fists curled tight into the back of Seamus’s robes, both of Seamus’s tight on his arms. He remembered the heartbeat thudding up the column of Seamus’s throat, where Dean’s forehead was pressed close. He remembered not wanting to let go. He remembered letting go. 

Dean remembered coming back into the Great Hall after the battle and looking at the dead– at Fred Weasley, whose crackling voice he had heard on so many late cold nights; Nymphadora Tonks, who he just barely remembered from first year; Remus Lupin, who had made him feel smart in class; Lavender Brown, who Dean had danced with at the Yule Ball– but not Seamus. He didn’t see Seamus there. He was sick and guilty with gladness. 

Dean didn’t draw the dead, after. Dennis Creevey made a book of his brother Colin’s photos. Dean sat down with a blank page, a good pen, and tried to draw Fred’s grin. There were things here he didn’t want to forget. He scribbled through half-done smirks and tangles of unruly hair he just couldn’t get right. He tossed the botched pages in the fire and, after a long moment staring at his fireplace and seeing the hearth of Malfoy Manor, Dean put his pen away.

After the war, Dean went on camping trips with Luna, watched her look for creatures that might or might not exist. They skewered meatballs and chopped vegetables and roasted them over fires. 

After the war, Dean went over to have tea and jam at Griphook’s. He recognized his wife when Griselda Griphook opened the door and grinned up at him. His tattered old sketch was framed and hung in the front hallway. There are some things that survive the dark, that escape into the sea air, that come home. 

When Dean went with the Gryffindor gang to go cheer for Ginny Weasley’s Quidditch games, Lee Jordan commentated in the stands, sending George over into fits of laughter, red hair shaking into his eyes. There were days when no one expected an echo of that laugh, when no one flinched at the absence– less and less rare as the years went on. Ginny flew, twisting into tricks that she’d taught herself on her brothers’ stolen brooms. They cheered.

Ollivander’s hands were old. All of him was old. Dean showed up for an unplanned visit one day and found him in the back, gathering up the phoenix feathers his shaking hands had knocked to the floor. Dean helped him gather them up, sat him down, then brushed the plumes out gently and laid them out on the work table. By the time he was done, Dean had a job. 

Seamus was trying to learn how to cook and it was going about as well as spellwork ever had for him. “Dean could just draw your eyebrows on,” Ella told him sweetly when he and Seamus visited Dean’s family for dinner. 

When Dean came home from Ollivander’s, the whole flat smelled like smoke. The windows were thrown open to let the sunlight and cold air in, so Dean didn’t unwind his scarf. 

Seamus sat on the floor by the coffee table, eating Chinese food out of a take-out container with a fork. He looked up, his fingers greasy, his winter coat bundled tight, his shaggy hair gilded with sun. 

“Hey,” said Dean. “Stay there,” said Dean and went to find a notebook, digging in his pocket for a pen. 

Namjoon Scenario: Opposites.

Request: Namjoon fluff where you bring good luck and Namjoon brings bad luck (bc of his clumsiness) and you both are tired of it so when you two meet everything balances out.            

Genre: Fluff / Romance

The world was a harsh place for those who weren’t on good terms with luck, oh if Namjoon knew. He was a loner by choice, because not many people wanted to be around someone who attracted accidents and misfortune with only showing up and breathing, his only companion had been the bad luck weighing on his shoulders, floating around his form like a dark cloud while he went tripping and crashing on almost everything he could do so.

Namjoon tried his best to be attentive, to not let his clumsiness take everything around him down, but it was as if he carried a curse of sorts. He remembered complaining about his bad luck out loud when he was younger and his mother was around, she had laughed softly and told him that he could make something out of it, to make that bad his and turn it into a good thing and in all the years that followed, Namjoon was still trying to do what she’d told him, trying to find his strength in every broken cell phone and lost shoe.

That particular morning he was feeling hopeless and annoyed, there hadn’t been any rain announcement but there he was, drenched from head to toe because he went out and the clouds decided to play a joke on him, he’d lost the bus to his seven am class so he was also going to miss a test that was going to cost him twenty percent of his final grade if he was lucky, and he was never. Namjoon sighed, squeezing a corner of his shirt while he was almost at the bus stop, only to have a car driving fast by a rain puddle and getting him even more wet.

–Fuck this shit! – he groaned at the same moment you were arriving to the bus stop. He noticed your presence because you laughed at his outburst and then you were taking a small towel out of your gym bag and handing it to him.

–Here, seems like you need it–

Namjoon stared dumbfounded at the towel and then at you smiling prettily, yes, he needed it and for the first day of his life, he didn’t feel so stuck on his bad luck.

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Got7 as things that make me happy
  • Mark: fluffy blankets, dorky mugs, that one store owners chill dog that's always on the store floor, cloudy days, cheesy pick-up lines, skateboarding by the beach, playgrounds, treating yourself to a nice dinner
  • Jaebum: A new pair of shoes, jamming out to your fave song in the car, late night drives, deep conversations with someone you love, cats purring, snow storms, eye smiles
  • Jackson: excited puppies that you meet in a park, a fresh cup of coffee, pouring soda into a glass without the foam spilling over but close, the feeling you get when you go down a rollercoaster, bear hugs, deep voices, a good nights rest
  • Jinyoung: writing with that new pen you bought, putting on a clean shirt after a shower, taking a bath with rose petals, cartoons, the sound of water boiling, sipping your tea while sitting in the garden, sci-fi movies
  • Youngjae: the smell of a book, seeing through your glasses that you just cleaned, bubbles, laughter, the sound of leaves crunching, flower picking, buying something really stupid but it's worth it, teddy bears
  • Bambam: sharing a meme with your bestie, going on a spontaneous adventure with the squad, receiving that text from your crush, showing your friend a new song and they end up liking it, the feeling you get when you make someone laugh, the smell of fresh cut grass, trampolines, arcades
  • Yugyeom: cool summer nights, bonfires, calm ocean waves, singing horribly on purpose to make someone laugh, mini golf, the feeling of acing a test you thought you failed, candy shops, wacky shirts, buying stuff for the irony, sleepovers, cuddles

At work we have this giant printer/scanner/fax machine. When it works, it’s the coolest damn thing. It’s over waist-high!! It has an auto-staple option!! Too bad it jams like a motherfucker.

Never before have I so deeply understood and resonated with that one scene from Office Space.

Today it locked up five times trying to print one page. Five times. One page. At one point It jammed in four places simultaneously.

So I’m eating my lunch, at eight at night, as you do, and my co-worker is slowly removing crunched-up paper after crunched-up paper from the printer’s works with a thousand-yard stare on his face. I get up, put my last bagel on a plate, put the plate on the printer, and I say, “Here. An offering to the printer. Knock that shit off.”

It doesn’t jam again for the rest of the night.