not to please you people

Okay guys, Carmilla talk

I’ve been biting my tongue for months now, but given the “buzz” that has happened while I was away, I’m just going to say it.

I don’t find Natasha attractive (that’s not the big revelation). The reason for 97% of the tampon fandom to swoon over every pic/gif of Natasha/Carmilla is a mystery to me… I genuinely wonder what you all see when you look at her, but I guess I just need to accept that I’m immune to her charms.

That being said, I do have eyes. I have eyes when I watch Natasha who shares a body with Carmilla, I have eyes when I read fanfics that involve Carmilla who also happens to share a body with Natasha, and yet what they see doesn’t add up.

This fandom is not shy in expressing how flustered Natasha makes them -not to mention the endless and numerous tags praising her beauty- so I don’t get it. Why does practically every single fic I read mention “toned abs”, “toned stomach”, “muscled arms”, “lean, endless legs” and more when describing Carmilla? Natasha doesn’t have a “flat stomach” or “toned abs”, she has a round lower stomach like most women do. She also has large hipbones, her back is very, very arched (like holy shit, that must be painful) and she has no muscles whatsoever. It’s not like she ever lied about how much she hates to work out or jog either. And it’s not like you can look so slouchy and sluggish if you’re athletic, even if you’re the best actor in the world. 

I see absolutely nothing wrong with any of the physical traits I just mentioned about Natasha, and yet, a lot of people who claim that she’s “a beautiful goddess gracing the Creampuffs with her presence” are also the ones that change almost everything about her body. So what is it, then, guys? The person you describe as being the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen is not enough for you? I’m fairly confused.

There’ll probably be people thinking that this rant is about defending Natasha. It’s not. It’s more about women in general, and how we tend to always describe them to fit society our own fantasies, I guess.
And honestly, Natasha doesn’t need any help to defend herself. “Retweet if you like to eat” was the best answer she could give her detractors. I may or may not have laughed and high-fived my screen when I read that tweet


Disrespecfort vol. 2 || You don’t know him like a new neighbor…

you don’t know him like new rules
you don’t know them like LES TWINS (yes…les…annunciated S ^_^ that annoys me to no end…)

Let me know what I’d missed so I can card them back in~ and I’m sure I missed quite a few…

Ignore this if you don’t agree please

I heard that people were complaining about how in SKH they say ‘my girlfriends bitchin’ cuz  I always sleep in, she’s kinda hot though’ and that they’re only staying with the girl because she ‘Kinda hot’. 

But it’s kinda the point. It saying that even though she most likely a bitch, they put up with her because she’s attractive. 

And that’s what people do. We put up with others because they’re more attractive then us, because that’s what society taught us to do, or at least what it taught me to do. Growing up, I befriended people who, at first were nice, but now,after growing up, I see that they weren’t really my friends at all. They were mean towards me, towards my choice of music. It was because of people like them that I felt like I couldn’t tell anyone that I liked loved One Direction because I though it was wrong, so for a whole year, I kept it to myself. And to this day, I still put up with people just because everyone says to, because they are attractive. 

And it’s the same thing with Calum’s verse. ‘ My shrink is telling me I got crazy dreams She’s also saying I got low self-esteem She’s kinda hot though.‘ It’s like he’s accepting everything she tells him because ‘she’s kinda hot’. Again, I hide my love for 1D for a whole year because others, who were attractive, made me feel like-told me- that it was wrong to like them, that they weren’t good. And I listened to them, because they were more attractive then me. And sometimes, I still feel like that, and I still listen to others just because the are more attractive then me. 

I don’t know if that’s what they meant when they were writing that song, but that’s what I think of every time I hear it. 

At first, I used to think that the song becomes, I guess  you could say sentimental, when Luke starts to sing  

‘My friend left college ‘cause it felt like a job
His mom and dad both think he’s a slob
He’s got a shot though (No, not really)
Yeah, he’s got a shot though (No, no, not really)’ 

but now I realize that its sentimental from the being, at least to me it is. 

Okay hold the fuck up

I’m seeing a lot of Steven Universe videos right now that contain loud jumpscare noises from Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, as well as some actual jumpscares

Fucking cut it out, you are literally not only being a dick to those who have anxiety, but you’re also being a dick to those who are fucking afraid of jumpscares in general.

Please stop doing this, you can possibly cause so much harm to people and give them panic attacks, especially considering that this is a childrens show. You know. Fucking aimed mainly towards children.

I don’t know if someone’s made a text post about this already, but please, please be careful if you come across any sort of Steven Universe video right now - for some reason it’s becoming more and more common. Doing this kind of shit isn’t funny.

I fucking hate my mom.

I’ve been trying to improve myself through exercise and other healthy habits, but I hate doing these things in front of my parents because it gives me bad anxiety. Every time I work up the courage to hop on my bike when my mom is home, she just does a GREAT job of materializing my anxiety in the form of shitty, snide comments.

I have never biked regularly in my life. I love biking, but it is not easy for me because I literally haven’t done it enough to build up any form of endurance. In addition to this, I have a single speed bike, which means that going up inclines is extremely taxing on my legs. If you throw in my lackluster physical health, it’s just a recipe for fatigue.

I cannot bike far. I literally cannot, and it shouldn’t be any fucking surprise. I want to bike far and for a long time, but that requires actually doing it enough to build up the required strength and endurance.

Yet here is my mom, a fat woman who hasn’t been on a bicycle in years, making shitty comments every time I come back from a bike ride. If I hear “Well that was fast” one more fucking time I’m going to shove someone down a flight of stairs.

Tl;dr: My mom doesn’t exercise, but she likes to guilt trip me if I go on a quick bike ride.

I have now more than 2k followers, most of them I think followed me because of solangelo or pjo, but when I ask for something, for give me some names so I can follow more blogs, only 2 bloggers answered. 2..out of 2000! Where is everyone?!

Hey, hey Clock–made you something hEHE


I have been letting this sit in my inbox for days upon days for the sole purpose of just… staring at it for uncomfortable amounts of time.

However! It is now time that the world see!



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idk why you're anons are calling bap stupid and saying bap should know better than this. as fans we will never know everything about what happened between ts and bap to make bap come back. so @ these anons calling bap stupid, we don't even know half of what's going on right now. all you can do is respect bap's decision. don't call them stupid for something that has more to it.


people, please be mindful of the situation. 
That is all. 

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why don't you like waves?

don’t really like talking about it but i think i should give an explanation?? 
few years ago i was on holiday with my friend and their family, we went the beach for my friends birthday, they didn’t want to go swimming so i went for alone because i loved swimming and considered myself pretty good at it 
i didn’t realize until i was pushed back pretty far that i was stuck in a current and couldn’t swim forward, i just kept getting pushed back (the waves were p big ugh) but yeah i was out there for a VERRRY long time and eventually stopped struggling and gave up basically i don’t know if i was out of it or what but i ended up being on a small boat thing then at a&e the worst thing was when it happened people were just watching me whilst i was shouting for help which was horrible
i hate seeing pictures of large waves because of this so PLEASE TAG WAVES IF YOU READ THIS!!!!! or reblog this so people know to tag waves if i follow them 


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you are honestly one of the most racist people I have ever encountered. you seem to think that because you're latino that you can treat white people and talk about white people however you please, but you are honestly no better than those who are racist against black people, yet you constantly call those people out, despite your own racist views that you share at every opportunity.

reverse racism aint real Courtney stop it

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Hey guys

I hate HATE to do this. But. This artist I follow. They’re spectacular and they’re getting hate because of their perfectly fine ship. And they’ve been just getting attacked over it for no reason. Can you send them some nice words please. I know out of the 6,000 of you only like 10 will even see this post but please. Any nice words. Please. I know you’re all amazing nice people. The blog is toyrylaartblog. Thank you so much guys. Thanks.