not to mention that time when he kicked it in the face while riding a motorcycle

Full disclosure: I write this as someone who, up until last year, looked at the spinoffs and brushed them off as ‘silly’ or ‘not worth my time’ and just laughed at them without ever giving them a shot(save for GX). My general reaction to seeing that there was another series was ‘another one? really?’

So, with that cleared up,

Why you should totally give the Yu-Gi-Oh! spinoffs a chance.

So, you’ve seen the original series(which I shall refer to as DM(Duel Monsters) from here on out) and maybe you’re kinda curious about the other series, or you want to know what the buzz is about and if they’re really that good. But, which should you check out, there are 5 of them after all.

All of them, you should give them all a shot.

Le’s go down the list, stating with GX.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

This is the one that’s the ‘high school au’ one.

This is your protagonist for 4 seasons(180 episodes)

His name is Judai Yuki. Probably the most normal and realistic looking of the ones on this list. I mean, brown hair and eyes, that’s pretty uncommon for a protagonist in this kind of anime.

He’s the protagonist a lot of people seem to refer to as the ‘annoying hyper one’. I blame the 4Kids dub* for this. Because, watching that, you wouldn’t believe he’s 15. Yeah you heard me. 15. A year younger than Yugi. He is most definitely not the ‘annoying and hyper’ one. 

He’s the only protagonist to have a confirmed end-game love interest(as in, he canonically ends up with someone), and they’re not female.

The show allows him to make mistakes and face the consequences of his actions, and they aren’t always pretty.

*I will probably recommend you watch the subs for all these. Because honestly, after DM (and ymmv on what you thought of that dub) I feel like 4K just treated the spinoffs as a joke. They butchered the hell out of them and you lose a lot. Unless you want to watch the dub and laugh at it.

If you’re fresh off DM, or hold that one dear and aren’t sure if you want to let go of the characters you love yet(and you don’t need to let go, you can love all of them), this might be a good place to start, because cameos.

Yup, see GX is set in the same universe/timeline as DM, just about ~7(10 in the dub) years later, so we get a few cameo appearances from past characters.

Pegasus appears in 3 of the 4 seasons, Yugi appears in the first and last episodes, Kaiba gets a few brief shots and Yugi’s Grandfather even gets an appearance dung the second season as a helper to the protags(which gives us a number of nods back to DM and Battle City in particular.

The foreshadowing in this series is, amazing, and the sort of thing you don’t catch till you rewatch it.

It is slow to get started admittedly, unless you like slice of life, then you’ll enjoy the early portions of season 1, because it has a lot of slice of life type episodes/episodes to establish the characters and the world before the plot kicks in.

If you can hang around until season 3 it will be worth your time. I promise. I can’t even compare it to anything in DM because, cripes it’s worse than season 4(the Doma arc) with how dark it gets. Season 3 is basically the embodiment of the ‘Break the Cutie’ trope. With ‘cutie’ being, that one up there.

Also, the character development in this series is phenomenal! Probably the best out of all the series.

So if you like DM and the characters and you’re not quite ready to say goodbye, this is a good place to start.

*I have a bit of a personal bias b/c this one is my favourite.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s.

aka the card games on motorcycles one.

Yes, it’s a silly idea. But they pull it off enough well enough that you can look past it.

So, your protagonist for this 152 episode series.

Yusei Fudo. He is the oldest protagonist at 18.

Do not be fooled by that serious face, he is a massive sweetheart and very nice.

If you like action this is one you’ll like. If you enjoyed Kaiba you’ll probably enjoy Jack Atlas (the rival/Kaiba expy for this series). This one also has more of the ‘ancient magic from thousands of years ago’ that DM had. Except from Egypt, it’s from Peru, and involves the Nazca lines.

Unlike GX,which starts out slow and is very slice of lifey, this one just, drops you head first into the story, action right off the bat. You need to watch a few episodes to adjust to the vast difference between this one and the previous two.

You may have heard of the 10th anniversary movie Bonds Beyond Time, a crossover between DM, GX and 5D’s. Yes, that means that this too exists in the same time line as DM. Just, a few decades or so after GX (though it’s not clear how many). There’s no character cameos, but you do get a few nods back to DM, including a mention about Kaiba Corp as well as the brief appearance of an old duelling platform from season 1 DM.

This is also the first one to introduce a new summoning method(that isn’t Fusion or Ritual), called Synchro summoning.

The first season(up to episode 64, the end of the Dark Signers arc) is worth checking out at minimum and you can totally stop right there and not really lose anything.

The second season is, kinda clumsily handled. There was a massive controversy with one of the actresses and she was replaced and a massive chunk of the script rewritten due to said controversy and, it shows. Season 2 has more of the ‘slice of life’ episodes. And it has some fun mini arcs interspersed with the plot(like watching Jack fight the literal devil, and a wild west themed mini arc).

Again, I recommend the subs. The dub is, eh. The second season is just, bad because there are literally chunks of episodes, in the middle of arcs, undubbed. And the last chunk of the series isn’t dubbed, it ends something like halfway through the final arc. So subbed is the only way to see it through till the end.

So 5D’s is worth checking out for sure, or at least the first season and BBT.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal

This one seems to be a bit of a blacksheep in the YGO, it seems to be the one to get a lot of flack. :/

Anyways, our protagonist for this one. It is 146 episodes.

Yuma Tsukumo. Sweet cinnamon roll that must be protected at all costs.

Yes, he has weird hair, but so does everyone in this series so you’ll adjust(and some are even odder that his). Also please note he s 13, making him the youngest protag. So keep that in mind when judging his actions.

If you like DM, this is also a good one to check out for sure because of all of the parallels between them.

From the relationship between Yum and Astral and Yugi and Atem(amnesiac spirit tied to an artefact and host that is helping them recover their memories…), to ‘former bully turned best friend of the protagonist’, to something that happens at the very end of the series. It’s like a great bit DM reference, with season 2 being a massive GX reference.

It also has great themes on friendship, forgiveness, family, as well as never giving up and giving it your all. Yuma’s ‘kattobingu’ is silly but wonderful. Yuma is a ball of sunshine and happiness that eclipses everyone else on this list.

It’s plot is also an interesting thing, going from a seemingly clear cut, black and white situation where you go ‘they’re good and they’re bad’ to a very grey and muddied one where it’s really hard to tell who’s right and who’s wrong in the conflict and asking the question ‘is this really right?’

While there are no past character cameos, we DO get an episode with monster cameos from DM and GX(including BWED and Dark Magician, and Neos and Rainbow Dragon). If this is in the same universe or a different one from the previous three is unclear. Knowledge of them is not needed to watch and enjoy this one.

Like 5D’s, which introduces Riding Duels and Synchro Summoning, Zexal introduces us to Xyz Summoning and D-Gazers(the duels are projected into VR space that only those wearing a D-Gazer can see/interact with, and the trouble as a phone/communication device of sorts). It catches you up fairly fast on what both of these are.

Much like GX though, it starts off semi slice of life-y with plot, and then the next season hits and it goes dark. Really, really dark.

But it’s great.

Also, it has arguably one of the greatest villains in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Vector. Just, just Vector.

Think like Yami Bakura, if he were actually competent and thought his plans through and knew what he was doing. And more of a twisted, manipulative person. He’s a ‘love to hate him’ character because he is so good at what he does and fun to watch, but at the same time, the things he does are just awful.

And this one has some pretty good foreshadowing too-there s a line in the, second episode that suddenly makes sense when you get to season 2 and more is revealed.

So if you love DM this one is definitely worth checking out.

This one isn’t missing any episodes from the dub.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V

This one is a bit longer than Zexal at 148 episodes long

This is Yuya Sakaki. You’ve probably heard people call him ‘tomato child’. Yeah, the hair is why. Also he is 14.

Again, like Zexal everyone has crazy hair, so he isn’t too unusual in terms of colour(I mean his best friend has pink hair).

This one is a bit different.

See, while you could watch any of the previous three in any order without having seen any of the others and they would still make sense, this one makes frequent references to GX, 5D’s and Zexal as well as using their summoning methods(Fusion, Synchro and Xyz). You don’t *need* to watch the previous ones to watch this and understand it, however you will get the tiny references faster if you do(which adds to the fun).

It is definitely a fun one to watch, taking all the liveliness that is duelling and doing something with it. Action Duels. So no more just, standing there shouting at one another. Now it’s running around, riding the monsters and shouting at each other.

So if you liked the action from DM, you’ll enjoy this.

And much like Zexal and 5D’s, this one introduces Pendulum Summoning as its new summoning method, while utilizing all the previous summoning methods.

One thing people like to point out is its deconstruction of many past YGO tropes(esp the ‘we duelled so we’re friends’ trope.) and it does, frequently. Also I think it’s the first one to feature a tournament arc, where the tournament doesn’t get finished. And female characters that DO shit and get shit done. And a lot of them too.

And yes this is the one with the guy and his lookalikes. Don’t worry, it’s not as confusing as it seems. If you can keep straight and past and present selves in DM, counterparts is a non issue(especially since they are introduced gradually so you get to know them).

The plot is kinda slow to get going, as it bounces between two main characters for the first while, yet still keeps from being boring, but once it hits, it HITS. Like, by episode 7 you know something is up and this is going to be more than just ‘duelling for fun’ and a rivalry between schools, and it goes from there. And then, for lack of a better descriptor, ‘shit gets real’ once you reach the 30′s.

And it’s all down hill from there.

*This one is my other favourite.


This is the newest one, hot off the presses (and only 6 episodes long at the time of writing)

Meet Yusaku Fujiki, 16 years old.

A bit of a loner, withdrawn and more or less friendless(a first in YGO). He’s also blunt and speaks his mind, even to the point of rudeness, even if unintentionally(he doesn’t know how to socialize all that well). He’s also a hacker.

But he has an alter ego, the vigilante duelist Playmaker. Did I mention he gets a transformation sequence?

Cause he does. The magical boy/magical girl jokes write themselves honestly.

(gifs by kaiba-cave – the gifs did not show up in the gif search unfortunately)

VRAINS introduces us to a new kind of dueling, VR dueling, where one logs onto the Link VRAINS (which stands for Link Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence Network System) server to duel in the online world under an avatar(that usually looks/sounds different from their real world self). It also introduces Link Summoning to the game.

If you thought the Virtual Reality arcs in DM were something, VRAINS takes it up a level(also if you are at all familiar with the mobile game Duel Links, then the rules of the Speed Duels that are used in VRAINS should be familiar to you). I

All we know about the plot at the moment is that the world of Link VRAINS is under attack from a group of hackers called the Knights of Hanoi who seek to destroy it.

I’ve head comparisons made to .hack and SAO, but as I’venev seen eithe can’t vouch for them.

Also, if you like consistent animation quality, GX is the way to go, with Zexal and Arc V following close(VRAINS is looking pretty good to but only time will tell). No where near as many wonky episodes like DM had(Doma arc and Memory World Arc come to mind). Sure they have their off episodes in terms of animation(what doesn’t?) but not to the degree that DM had.

GX is fairly solid in terms of animation, especially in season 4 where it shoots up, a lot. While Zexal and Arc V are just, stunningly animated, and very bright and colourful (so when the animation dips for an episode or two you can tell).

5D’s has some good and some bad.

And the character designs, the character designs are fucking great ok? For all of them.

Where to watch!

Of course, the most important thing, after picking which one sounds interesting to you, is were to watch it.

I highly, highly recommend the subs over the dub(though you can watch the dub if you want, just take it with a grain of salt at times)

Of course, supporting the official release is best idea. Gx, 5D’s, Arc V and VRAINS all have official subs on Crunchyroll for your viewing pleasure, with VRAINS being simulcast! This means subs come up the same day the new episode comes out(every Wednesday). This is the first time it’s ever been done for Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ideally, this would be the way to go. However, CR does not have subs for Zexal(it does have the dub though so, maybe one day), and VRAINS is region locked in certain places(like Canada) meaning you will have to seek fansubs elsewhere. Gogoanime is my recommendation. Torrenting/downloading is the next best option.

If you want decent Gx fansubs, I recommend these ones.

All in all, they are all good, for various different reasons and definitely worth checking out, especially if you were/are a fan of the original. Or if you watched any of them dubbed and want to check out the uncut/unedited original versions, which are worth it.

Don’t just pass them over because ‘oh they’re spinoffs, they can’t be that good’. Actually, they can and are.

Bitter Friendship

This is for the anon who requested for Anti. I sorta changed it a bit; instead of them forming a friendship, I’ve written the reader and Sean have been friends for a long time. 
Sorry if that’s an issue, it made it a little easier to write :)

Anon request:

“I have no clue if this fits Anti in your view, but if the reader had recently moved to Ireland and comes across him, thinking he’s Sean, and they befriend each other (him kind of fancying her) but someone who is against Anti kidnaps her and really tortures her (physically and mentally) and Anti finally finds them and goes BALLISTIC and saves her, revealing that he isn’t Sean and the reader doesn’t care but lets him comfort and confess his feelings to her? Sorry it’s weird… Thank you so much!!”

Warnings: swearing, mentions of torture, angst, fluff, a little blood, violence, knives. 

Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by dork-iplier

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Hi guys! Well, here is a new little fic, I’m hoping to have it finished in a timely manner. but don’t quote me on it, lol. I hope you enjoy! 

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It’s a Match! Part 1

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anonymous asked:

Would you mind adding Roadhog to the soulmate react? If that's okay. By the way, I love how you write, and it helps me feel a lot more comfortable with reactions. Most are so female dominant and orientated, that it causes me dysmorphia to act up. And as someone who is forced to act female even though I'm trans-male, it isn't fun. Thanks for setting up this blog and sharing your work. It really brightens my day.

Thank you so much, anon. I’m really happy you enjoy my imagines!

So, without further ado, I have to say …

Boy, this Soulmate AU turned out to be way popular! Thank you all so much for liking it and requesting more, it’s really made my week!

Here are links to the first parts:
[Part 1] with Reaper, Junkrat, Hanzo, and Zenyatta
[Part 2] with Soldier 76, McCree, and Widowmaker
[Part 3] with Genji, Reinhardt, and Ana Amari

and now Part 4 with Lúcio, Mei, D.Va, Roadhog, Winston, and Zarya!

I will do the rest (Tracer, Mercy, Symmetra, Pharah, Torbjörn, and Bastion) tomorrow, the day after at the latest :)

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Relocated [8/10]

Pairing: Modern!Steve Rogers x Reader AU

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,799

Author’s Note: Damn, this was supposed to be uploaded in time for Stevie’s birthday, but I was out the whole day, so I wasn’t able to finish in time. Better late than never, right? There’s a time jump in this, hope it isn’t too confusing. Enjoy & HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEEB! 

Read chapters [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

A week had passed and neither one of them brought up that night outside Y/N’s apartment. They thought about that night often, wondering, but they kept their thoughts to themselves. In fact, neither one spoke to the other for five days, not even a text, until the sixth day.

Y/N’s phone vibrated somewhere around her and she blindly patted the empty area next to her on the couch as she kept her eyes glued to her television screen. Finally locating her phone, she tore her eyes away from her show to check the message. It was from Steve.

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My Mistakes Were Made for You

Originally posted by sugageek

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Cult!AU (sigh)

Warnings: mentions of religion

Words: 1.8k

“It’s easier to hide her influence on him in the day, although there are times when he slips, he lies, and the sin tastes bittersweet on his tongue.

In the night, even when they are tucked away in their separate territories, she is far more present. She is everywhere, crawling into his dreams, flashes of perfect skin and plump lips, wide eyes and a fiendish smile. It’s completely wrong; he’s two years younger than her and it goes against everything he’s been brought up on. The longing feeling to reach over the fence and just touch.”

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We Make A Great Pair (Part 8)

Originally posted by marvelheroes

Gif not mine :)

Guy’s I’m sorry, I would make up some coy excuse to make myself feel better about my absent but I’d rather try to make a change. I honestly lost all inspiration, I had a great idea for the ending but when I tried to write it nothing seemed to fall into place. It still didn’t fall perfectly into place, so I delayed it and the time built up until I was too anxious to continue. That was until someone messaged me asking if I was okay. That message snapped me out of my whatever funk I was in and I busted this out. Also, this probably sucks but I just want to get this out so I can move on. I’m also going to try my damn hardest to post at least once or twice a week cause it’s getting ridiculous and I need to get my shit together.

Thank to whoever read that long explanation and again sorry if it sucks I didn’t properly edit it other then some small grammar and spelling that my spelling check corrected. :/

Part 7 

Steve sat in the quiet room staring at the sedated Bucky lying across from him. It’s had been about four hours since he had heard the gunshots and he was still just as shocked, still unable to handle the betrayal just as everyone was. But none was more affected than Clint. He couldn’t bring himself to accept that the you that shot Bucky was his sister.

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disaster date

Plot: Nat has been setting you up with people for ages and nothing quite clicks. This time she promises to be different. Boy was she right.

First half inspired 100% by this song 

Warnings: Language, extreme fluff, innuendo

A/N: It’s not Shakespeare but here’s the first part of my song series.

  Have a song suggestion or request?

“Come on Y/N, Just go out with him!” Natasha pleaded. “If it’s bad I’ll come get you. Promise.”

You stared at her like she had grown a second head. “Nat, the last three dates you have set me up on have been disasters. And not like regular bad dates. One of them was literally evil.”

“Hey! That  wasn’t entirely my fault. We still hadn’t flushed HYDRA out of S.H.I.E.L.D. How was I supposed to know he was a double agent?”

Again your look was less than courteous.

“Maybe because you’re the best spy in the world? You know, with the ability to hack files to check up on the random people you are setting your best friend up with.”

“Alright. I’m sorry, but this guy is actually pretty normal. Plus, it’s just coffee. Please?” She turned on her best puppy eyes.

“Ugh. Fine.” You said, throwing your hands in the air. “What am I wearing?”

After an hour of trying on clothes you ended up in jeans and a sweater to combat the chill in the air. Nat french braided your hair and you left your make up light and natural.

You made your way in to the shop and waited for your date to show up.  Natasha had given you a pretty detailed description of Adam and you scanned the faces in the shop. Not here yet. You ordered a french vanilla cappuccino and sat at a table near the window.  As the time ticked by you pulled out your phone and started typing out a message to Natasha.

This guy isn’t here yet?

You phone chimed a moment later.


Yeah. He’s got three minutes before I leave. >:(

Two minutes later a tall, dark haired man entered and started looking around. His green eyes locked with yours and you stood up to properly introduce yourself.

“Hi, I’m Y/N. You must be Adam.”

“Yeah, Hi.” He scratched the back of his neck nervously. “Natasha told you this was a date, right?”

“Um, yeah…” You trailed off, confusion coloring your tone.

“You just don’t look like you’re on a date. Shouldn’t you be dressed nicer?”

Oh Natasha was going to get it. This guy shows up 20 minutes late and has the nerve to comment on what you’re wearing. What a tool. You rolled your eyes and sat down at the table.

“Well, that’s not very lady like” He said.

This was not going well. You sent another text to Nat hoping for help, an emergency phone call, an important team meeting, a giant alien army invading, literally any excuse to get out of this.

She texted you back quickly.

No problem your help will be there in about five minutes. ;)

Adam continued to chatter as you gazed out the window, looking for your escape.

“You know, I thought going out with an Avenger would be more intimidating. I mean, a female superhero? That’s absolutely insane! At least Black Widow had the sense to do something normal for a while. What do you think she did as Tony Stark’s ‘assistant'” The intent of his words were clear. Natasha would have killed him on the spot if she would have heard him.

You stood up quickly, coffee cup swaying in your haste.

“ What?” He asked, clearly seeing how offended you were.

“Thank you for your time but-” You started.

“Oh your just going to leave? You don’t even know if you like me yet.” He said.

A motorcycle squealed into the parking space in front of the coffee shop. You saw Bucky put down the kickstand and swing his leg over the seat. Thank God.

“Look, I was going to try to be nice about this but I’m already tired of wasting my time. Say what you want about me, but Natasha is my best friend and if you ever so much as mention her name again I won’t hesitate to black your eye.” Bucky walked through the door and scanned the room for you. When you locked eyes you turned back to the man cowering in his seat. “Now, as it turns out, my ride is here. I’ll give you a pass this once. And maybe the next time you take a girl out you’ll be more of a gentleman.” Bucky’s hand landed softly on your shoulder.

“Everything okay here?” He asked.

“Yeah. I’m ready to go.”

You turned to leave when the man whispered “stuck up bitch” under his breath, You decided to ignore him and just leave. That was until you made it to the bike and Bucky wasn’t behind you. You looked around for him and spotted him through the window of the shop. He had his metal arm holding Adam to his seat and an intense look on his face as he spoke words you couldn’t hear. Adam was pale, his eyes wide. Bucky leaned in for a fraction of a second and then turned and walked out.

“What was that about?” You asked as he straddled the bike.

“Oh that, it was nothing. Just explaining how to treat a lady.” He said casually as he kicked the bike to life.

“Oh”  You smiled and you situated yourself behind him.

“You know, I don’t understand why you go out with these losers.”

“Nat keeps setting me up” You rolled your eyes.

Bucky just nodded.

After a few minutes on the bike you realized you weren’t heading back to the tower.

“Where are we going?”

“To get lunch. My treat, that guy was a creep. You look like you could use a pick-me-up. How’s pizza sound?”

“Yes!” You said, genuinely excited for the first time all day.

The trip was just long enough for you to settle into the dip between Bucky’s shoulders. He smelled like leather and oil and you wished that you could bottle the way it mixed with his natural scent.

When he pulled up to the little pizza shop Bucky helped you off the bike and walked with you to a table near the window. A waitress came up smiling as she asked for your orders. You both ordered a slice of pizza and a drink and talked through most of your meal.

“I don’t know why I keep letting Nat set me up. I’d rather spend my time like this anyways.”

Bucky smiled at you and it was like the sun peaked out from behind the clouds.

“She just wants you to be happy.”

“I am happy, I don’t know why 'Miss Love-Is-For-Children’ is so worried about it. I’m tired of trying to fit into this mold they expect from me. Yes, I work with the Avengers. Yes, I showed up to our date in something other than my stealth suit. No, I’m not going to sit around while you bad mouth my best friend.” You put your head in your hands.

“Fuck them.”

“Excuse me?”

“Fuck them, you’re great. Beyond wonderful. If they can’t see it, they aren’t worth your time.”

You smiled at Bucky, how did he know exactly what you needed to hear?

“Thank you, Buck.”

Bucky grabbed your hand from across the table.

When dinner was finished you snuggled in to Bucky’s back and he sped off towards the tower. He held your hand as you walked into the living room. You flopped on to the sofa and started pulling off your boots.

Bucky crashed on to the couch next to you, you couldn’t help but notice the way he rested his arm on the cushions behind your back.

“So, do you want to watch a movie or something?” Bucky asked.

“Sure. You pick and I’ll make popcorn!”

You popped off the couch and bounded into the kitchen. You tossed a bag into the microwave and hunted down a bowl. “Do you want anything from the kitchen?” You yelled as as you poured the bag in to the bowl.

“A beer from the fridge would be nice.” he called back.

“You made your way in to the living room. “Already two steps ahead of you, Barnes.” You said as you laid out the snacks from the kitchen. “What are we watching?”

“Some scary movie about dolls or something.” He said absently.

You lightly smacked his arm. “James Barnes! You know I think dolls are creepy!”

“Want me to change it?”

“No, it’s fine. You’re just going to have to walk me to my room tonight.” You half joked.

Bucky pressed play on the remote and smiled as you pulled your hands up to your face. You watched the first 20 minutes of the movie through your fingers. Bucky’s arm settled comfortably around your shoulders and you found yourself snuggling in to his side. He took a sip of his beer and a drop of cold condensation rand down the bottle and fell on your face. You jumped and squeaked, Bucky’s hand reached around and wiped the drop off of your face.

“Sorry.” He said looking away from the screen long enough to smile at you.

Butterflies erupted in your stomach. Oh no.

You could barely pay attention to the movie pressed against Bucky’s side. His breathing was soft and relaxed and you felt yourself dozing off before the climax of the movie. Bucky paused the movie and softly shook your shoulder.

“Hey, Doll, wake up.” Your eyes fluttered. “Come on, honey. It’s time for bed.”

You stood up and Bucky walked you to your room. “Thank you. For tonight. For everything.”

“Anytime doll.” He leaned down and kissed your hair.

“Why did you do all this for me today?”

“I just wanted to show you how a lady should be treated. And I really Like you, Y/N.”

You leaned up in your toes and left a soft kiss on his lips. Bucky went stiff before placing his hand on your cheek. When you finally pulled away his face lit up in a breath taking smile.

You turned and walked in to your room.

every ryumako moment in kill la kill ever

This took me five fucking hours to do omfg

basically, I rewatched the whole anime and documented every single interaction between Mako and Ryuko that seemed noteworthy. Not all of them can be considered romantic, but a lot of them are very important to us ryumako shippers. So yeah, here’s a 3,000 word 8 page piece of crap proving that im a total nerd

I will go down with this ship

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Goodness Gracious

Rating: T

Word Count: ~1600 

Summary: Korra knew Mako wasn’t good for her. That’s why they broke up after all of six months. But somehow, she always found herself going back to him. College AU

Author Note: This is a birthday gift for Maggie, a bit early because she’s impatient yay! Happy 19th birthday! She requested “angsty with a happy ending,” so that’s what this is! And you said you liked motorcycles, and college AUs, so I wrote those in too.

( (ao3)



Korra stared at the ceiling, her legs dangling off her lofted dorm bed. Absentmindedly, she toyed with the cell phone in her hands. Her fingers itched to text him again. Tell him to come over, or to ask him to give her a ride to the party she wanted to go to that evening.

Luckily she deleted his number.

Too bad she had it memorized by heart.

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Author: Miranda
Request: Dean and the reader secretly like each other but they’re both like ‘no chick flick moments gross’. However, the reader can’t sleep often and Dean finds them in the library in a flannel and a pair of boxer shorts. Dean assumes the reader is secretly with someone (the boxers) and gets jealous (and angry). But when the reader confronts him, they both confess, ending in fluff as Dean helps the reader fall asleep? 
Relationship: Deanxfem!reader
Word Count: 2550
A/N: Geez this is really long.

You had always liked Dean, but you never knew if he had liked you back. You could feel the tension between the two of you and yet you didn’t know how to ask Dean about this situation. You were you and Dean was…well. He was well…

Dean was tall and tough. You were on the shorter side and more of a reader. Dean was more into the girls who were the ones who looked for men in bars.You were the one who looked for men in bookstores and coffee shops. Dean liked the bar scene. You were more into sitting down and reading a good book on the couch. Dean wasn’t scared of anything. You were fearful of what would happen next to your favorite character, would they live or die?

Let’s put it this way: You were hopelessly in love with a man that would never ever- not in a million years- love you back.You were bound to be a lonely, shy librarian forever. But who cares? You’ve known it since the day you walked into the Winchester’s lives.

Dean and you never saw eye to eye on anything. Sam seemed to hate it as much as you did. The constant fighting was tiring and you think Dean knew it. You think he wanted to fight so you wouldn’t go on hunts with the pair of them. You did end up killing or almost killing them whenever you went along.

The one thing you both could agree on was no chick flick moments. Whether it be with each other or with whoever you brought home. Which more often than not was Dean. You had no social life while Dean did.

Today, you had decided to read alone in your bedroom in the bunker. It was closer to the top, so it had a window looking out onto a desolate garden. One day you would bring back the life while the boys were on one of their usual haunts.

A knock on the door made you jump up and fall out of the bed, the book you were reading hit your head. You rubbed your head and got up, walking over to the noise. You opened the door and stood face to face with Dean, shirtless and with a towel wrapped around his waist.

You nearly fainted at the near sight of his chiselled chest. But the fact that water was still flowing down it from the recent shower that he took, you almost proclaimed your love for him right then and there. Of course, you held your tongue and didn’t let it show that you were affected by his beautiful manliness.  

“What?” you asked angrily, almost growling. Dean and you had gotten into a fight last night about how you were too shy to even leave the bunker. Dean didn’t look to particularly happy to see you either.

“Sam and I are going on a hunt. It’s a Wendigo. We won’t be home for at least two weeks at the minimum. Don’t stay locked in this damn room the whole time that we are gone, okay? Meet a guy, have some fun. Make a friend at least.” Dean said, his voice monotone.

“I make no promises pretty boy.” You slammed the door shut and went back to your bed, picking the book off the floor on your way.

Another knock interrupted your reading again and you practically threw your book at the wooden door. The book bounced off the door harmlessly. All you did was groan and get up to open it. This time you were met with Sam’s glorious face and your mood lightened a bit.

“What do you plan to do while we’re gone?” You smiled and took Sam’s arm, dragging him over to the window and pointed out to the garden.

“I was thinking of planting some flowers and herbs out there. Maybe some carrots, watermelon, blackberries, blueberries, tomatoes, potatoes and raspberries. It will not only encourage Dean to eat better, but it will look so much more pretty out there. I’m going to the store as soon as you and Dumbo over there leave.” You explained.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea and when you dry out the herbs it would smell a whole lot better than it does now. We can even make our own spaghetti sauce. Maybe even some apple sauce if you get some apple trees. But Y/N, stop trying to hide the fact that you are head over heels, fairytale story, ‘I blush every time he mentions my name’ in love with Dean. I can see that he likes you too and you both are oblivious to that fact. Out of all the books you read, how can you be so blind to the love that’s staring you right in the face.” Sam said and you almost smacked him right then and there.

“Of course I know that he likes me. I’m not blind.” You lied just to get Sam off your case.

“Then make a move. You know that Dean doesn’t know how to handle girls like you.” Sam suggested.

“What do you mean ‘girls like me’?” You asked angrily. Sam blushed, realizing what he had said.

“You know what I mean, shy, bookish girls who don’t know what to do in a social situation. I know that you normally aren’t the kind of girl Dean goes for, but I know that you are the kind of girl that Dean needs right now with all this mark stuff going on, okay?”

“So I’ll be good for about a year while you and Cas figure out this supposed cure and then Dean will dump me as soon as I am no longer useful as his glorified teddy bear. Great. I not only get used, but I get used by someone I actually care about.” You began to feel tears fill up your eyes.

“That’s not what any of this is about. Ugh, you are so difficult sometimes, you know that?” You tried to push Sam out, but it didn’t do anything.

“Get out! Get out!” You yelled and Sam backed out of the room looking like a hurt puppy.

Dean’s POV

“What was that all about? I hope you didn’t tell Y/N that I liked her because we had a deal bro. You don’t say anything about my feelings for (Y/N), I don’t say anything to her about Ruby and what happened to you and her when you were ‘Jared’,” I said and Sam shrugged.

“I have no idea what that was about, Dean. I didn’t tell her about your feelings for you. I don’t think that she would believe me even if I did. She just exploded on me.” Sam said and I nodded, confident that he was telling the truth. Well, fifty percent sure that he was telling the truth.

(Y/N)’s POV

You watched as the boys pulled out of the driveway and you waited a couple of minutes before going to the garage to get your motorcycle (a silver Sportster Iron 883 from a Harley Davidson shop down the road from the bunker).

You kick started the engine to life and pulled on your emerald and silver Harry Potter inspired helmet. You then tore off down the dirt road towards the nearest town an hour away from the bunker, kicking up dust as you did.


By midday two weeks later you were almost  done with the garden. Sam would be proud of what you had accomplished. But you were still mad at him for being such a dick to you a couple of weeks ago.

Your phone buzzed, signaling that you had a text message. You pulled the phone out of your back pocket and checked the screen.

Moose: We’ll be home in a couple of hours, please make sure that you are presentable by then, we’re going out for dinner as soon as we unpack.

You estimated that you would need an hour and a half for a shower, another two to pick out your outfit and lastly another thirty minutes for makeup.

Me: I’ll get on that right now. The garden looks pretty nice. I can’t wait for you to see it. :)

Moose: Probably not as nice as you are going to look when we see you next. You are going to look nice for Dean, right?

Me: Thanks, but I’m not trying to look good for Dean. I have completely moved on to someone else.

Moose: Yeah, who?

Me: Maybe Cole from Alice in Zombieland?

You sent the message and headed inside and up to your room to the private bathroom set off from the rest.


You walked out of the shower and went over to the dresser, opening and closing the drawers trying to find a t-shirt to wear out, but not finding one. You decided that Dean might have one and headed to his room to grab a couple of shirts and boxers for sleeping in this week.


“(Y/N)! We’re home! Come down here so we can get some food!” You heard Sam yell up at you. You put the finishing touches on your makeup and ran down to greet the boys.

“Ready?” You asked and the brothers nodded.

“Are you ready?” Dean asked, looking at your outfit a little bit confused. You were wearing one of his red and black flannels over his AC/DC shirt and a pair of your black skinny jeans. You didn’t think he recognized the shirts as his.

“Yeah, I’ll trail you guys in my own ride, just in case that you guys want to have fun and I want to leave.” Dean and Sam smiled. Dean grabbed the keys to his Baby and you grabbed the keys to yours.


“Sweet ride you got.” Dean admired your Baby as Sam found a parking spot for his.

“Thanks. I think I’m going to go get a table for the three of us, if that’s okay with you?” You asked, looking into Dean’s eyes, which you didn’t do often.

“Yeah that’s okay. I’ll wait for Sam.” Dean said. You smiled and headed inside to get a table.


“Guys, I think I’m going to head out. I’m really tired from this morning.” You said, getting up and stretching. Dean smiled up at you and you smiled down at him.

“Okay, see you tomorrow.” Dean said and Sam nodded.


You tossed and turned in bed. You couldn’t fall asleep for anything. You finally decided that you would head down to the kitchen and get a glass of warm milk to ease your nerves. The boys had gotten home about an hour ago and you were sure that they were asleep in their respective beds.

“Hey (Y/N)! Did you find somebody on the side of the road that’s keeping you up this late?” Dean asked, almost scaring you in the dark kitchen. You flicked on the lights and held a  hand to your chest.

“No, I just can’t fall asleep.” You said.

Dean’s POV

“You so brought home a guy!” Jealousy burned through me like a raging fire. (Y/N) was obviously hiding someone from me and I bet she liked him better than she would ever like me.

“I did not. I would never bring home a guy because I only have eyes for one person.” (Y/N) yelled.

I want to punch that douche in the face and beat him until he is unrecognizable. (Y/N) deserves better… she deserves me, someone who can care for her and be with her and comfort her when she’s down. I thought and (Y/N) looked up at me, her (E/C) eyes looking up at me.

“Who? Who is this one person?” I asked and (Y/N) blushed, causing me to blush too.

“You are the one person Dean. I love you.” My heart almost leapt out of my chest. My wildest dreams were coming true.

“I love you too, (Y/N). I really am in love with you.” I smiled and pulled her into a hug.

“See, we aren’t as stubborn as Sam think’s we are.” I chuckled and smiled.

“Do you want help falling asleep?” I asked, at a loss for words, (Y/N) always made me feel like I was at a loss for words. She was so pretty with her (H/L) (H/C) hair and her beautiful (E/C) eyes.

“I would love some help falling asleep, but wouldn’t  you rather go see to that woman in your bed?” (Y/N) joked.


I climbed into (Y/N)’s bed and placed a hand on her waist, testing the waters.She turned and smiled at me.

“It’s okay. You can cuddle with me, don’t be shy.” She said and I rolled onto my back, pulling her head onto my chest.

“Fate has been cruel and order unkind/ How can I have sent you away?/ The blame was my own; the punishment, yours/ The harmony’s silent today/ But into the stillness I’ll bring you a song/ And I will your company keep/ Till your tired eyes and my lullabies/ Have carried you softly to sleep/ Once did a pony who shone like the sun/ Look out on her kingdom and sigh/ She smiled and said, “Surely, there is no pony/ So lovely and so well beloved as I”/ So great was her reign and so brilliant her glory/ That long was the shadow she cast/ Which fell dark upon the young sister she loved/ And grew only darker as days and nights passed/ Lullaby moon princess, goodnight sister mine/ And rest now in moonlight’s embrace/ Bear up my lullaby, winds of the earth/ Through cloud, and through sky, and through space/ Carry the peace and the coolness of night/ And carry my sorrow in kind/ (Y/N), you’re loved so much more than you know/ Forgive me for being so blind/ Soon did that pony take notice that others/ Did not give her sister her due/ And neither had she loved her as she deserved/ She watched as her sister’s unhappiness grew/ But such is the way of the limelight, it sweetly/ Takes hold of the mind of its host/ And that foolish pony did nothing to stop/ The destruction of one who had needed her most/ Lullaby moon princess, goodnight sister mine/ And rest now in moonlight’s embrace/ Bear up my lullaby, winds of the earth/ Through cloud, and through sky, and through space/ Carry the peace and the coolness of night/ And carry my sorrow in kind/ (Y/N), you’re loved so much more than you know/ May troubles be far from your mind/ And forgive me for being so blind/ The years now before us/ Fearful and unknown/ I never imagined/ I’d face them on my own/ May these thousand winters/ Swiftly pass, I pray/ I love you; I miss you/ All these miles away/ May all your dreams be sweet tonight/ Safe upon your bed of moonlight/ And know not of sadness, pain, or care/ And when I dream, I’ll fly away and meet you there/ Sleep…” I sang.

“Hey, how do you know Lullaby for a Princess from My Little Pony?” (Y/N) asked sleepily.

“I heard you singing it over the phone to your niece and looked it up. You can see I replaced Luna’s name with yours.” I smiled and (Y/N) fell asleep.