not to mention she is talented

The World’s First Female Author, Enhedu’anna

This ancient clay tablet from Babylonia is inscribed in Sumerian cuneiform and dates to the 20th-17th centuries BC. It mentions King Sargon’s daughter Enhedu'anna as the author of a hymn to the goddess Inanna. The tablet has lines written first by the teacher in the first column, with 2 students repeating the hymn in columns 2 and 3.

Enhedu’anna was the daughter of King Sargon of Akkad (2334-2279 BC), founder of the first documented empire in Asia. Enhedu’anna emerges as a genuine creative talent, a poetess as well as a princess, a priestess and a prophetess. She is, in fact, the first named, non-legendary author in history. As such she has found her way into contemporary anthologies, especially of women’s literature.

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Do you know annapantsu? I mentioned you on her live stream today and she seemed like she was a fan of You! :) Sorry when typing I accidentally said "squibbles" to her, but she knew I meant you. I asked her if you guys were gonna do something together since you both are talented singers! Or some art thingy? Idk, lol. Sorry... P.S. I'm a huge fan as well! I love watching your art continue to grow and see you develop different styles. You're really amazing!

yeye ik her!! collabing would b v cool but i don’t rlly have a proper mic to do tht so who knows

  • So in one of my classes, my prof has this policy that whenever a student is late in order not to be marked absent he/she must either perform a talent or tell a joke.
  • One morning as the late comers were doing what they could to be exempted there was one more student who came in extra late.
  • So after the 'last' person told his joke which was "I'll be doing a joke (waits ample amount of time)...the elections" (drops mic).
  • She went up to the podium and grabbed the mic.
  • "I guess I'll perform a talent...
  • I know! I'm good at back flips!"
  • That would've been interesting enough but I forgot to mention- She was 8 months pregnant.
  • As she was about to do a backflip the entire lecture class yelled
  • "NOOOOOO!!"
  • And there was this one girl in the back who yelled
  • "THE BABY!"
  • My professor had this fuck-if-she-dies-i-no-longer-have-tenure look on his face.
  • She stood straight up. Took the mic.
  • "That was a joke."
  • Needless to say she was never asked to perform a talent or tell a joke again.

i raise you: overwatch park rangers au!!

lately I’ve been absolutely obsessed with park ranger horror stories, from search and rescue operations to tales of creepy encounters with cryptids in the woods. this takes place in yosemite, or somewhere in the pacific northwest, idk. here goes:

-tracer is the educational ranger! she’s a rookie, but a talented one, and has already proven herself to be a skilled naturalist. a jack of all trades, she’s usually the one who leads the hikers and campers on tours throughout the park. all the kids love her, but the adults are sometimes exasperated with her because she can’t go 5 minutes without mentioning bigfoot at least once. she swears up and down that she saw him once, even talked to him! lúcio is the only one who believes her. she’s also adamant that their gps system, bastion, is sentient, and even lùcio is reluctant to believe her there. tracer is always the one who tells scary stories at the campfires. only ones with happy endings, of course.

-lúcio is tracer’s partner ranger, and an expert on the history of the area. he’s also fascinated by cryptids & the paranormal, and has had more than a few weird experiences since he joined the rangers, which he always writes campfire songs about. granted, he makes these songs using an app on his ipad, and they don’t have actual lyrics. they sound more like they belong at a party than around a campfire in the woods, but he claims the beats and tones of each song tell a story about the goings on of the forest. tracer is the only one who can interpret these songs.

-captain morrison, also known as 76, is the quiet & intimidating head ranger of the park. he’s ex-military, and he mostly stays behind at headquarters to do paperwork and deal with department heads. no one really knows what he was like back when he worked the forests with everyone else. everyone calls him 76 because apparently when he was a rookie, he was separated from his squad in the dead of winter during a rescue operation and had to survive 76 days on his own, living off berries/raw meat and fighting off bears and mountain lions. mccree says he killed a grizzly with his bare hands once when it tried to take the fish he caught, but 76 has yet to confirm this.

-hanzo is the head of the search and rescue division. he’s a skilled archer and horseman, and perfectly at home on dangerous mountain slopes that many of the others won’t even attempt to climb. he’s the only one who can get more than a few sentences out of 76, and probably the most practical member of the squad– he doesn’t believe in bigfoot or ghosts or the monster tracer says lives in the park’s biggest lake, but something obviously happened to him at one point because there’s a huge stone monolith in the middle of the forest that he gets nervous when he’s around. no one knows how it got there or what it’s for, but hanzo is deadly serious when he demands that no one is to approach it–EVER. don’t touch it, don’t look at it, just keep walking and pretend like it’s not there. sometimes it appears in different spots, sometimes you can hear soft noises emanating from it, but under no circumstances are you to acknowledge its existence. hanzo is usually the one who scares off the new rookies.

-mccree is a law enforcement ranger, and a bit of a vigilante; he’s not averse to breaking a rule or five if it means catching a dangerous squatter or putting down a rabid puma, but 76 can’t fire him because, in all seriousness, the man has a near-100% success rate in his missions at the end of the day. he can often be heard flirting with hanzo over the group’s radio system, much to everyone’s chagrin. mercy says that sometimes, if you’re on the night shift and the stars are perfectly aligned, you can hear hanzo flirt back–but you can’t be listening for it, or it won’t happen.

-genji is hanzo’s younger brother and technically not employed as a ranger, but he sticks around the park regardless to hang out with his brother over ramen and video games and because the local hippie, zenyatta, lives in a cabin just outside the park borders; he and genji are roommates, and apparently have some kind of spiritual master/apprentice relationship going on. mccree thinks it’s a little kinky, but hanzo is adamant that there’s nothing going on between them. tracer thinks they’re cute together. genji will neither confirm nor deny any accusations.

-dr. “mercy” zeigler works as an emergency responder with hanzo on the search and rescue team. she always looks perfect somehow, even after hours of hiking in the woods looking for lost campers, and is basically everyone’s mom, having a seemingly infinite supply of water bottles, bandages, and antiseptic ointment. she has saved both hanzo’s and genji’s asses from dehydration on multiple occasions.

-pharah is mercy’s fiancé, and the best damn firefighter the park has ever seen–she can spot even the tiniest smoke column from miles away. the running joke among the rangers is that if you see a particularly big tree or beautiful deer, you have to shout “thank you pharah!” because most of the park would have burnt down to ashes long ago if not for her. junkrat and roadhog, forest squatters and serial arsonists, are the bane of her existence. lúcio thinks they probably run around the parks all day setting fires just to test her abilities.

-winston is bigfoot, obviously.

I’ll do some of the other characters later lol

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Inner court children head canons??? I hope you have a better day ❤❤

Thank you!!

Moriel - No kids. Not ever. As mentioned in a previous ask, I think Mor and Az are fulfilled enough with each other and don’t need children. They’ll be chasing Rhys and Feyre’s little ones around enough as it is, haha.

Feysand - Okay, in reality, they probably have two. But I’d be super down if they had one super special, amazing, talented little trouble maker of a child. And I’d prefer it were a girl who has Feyre’s look for the most part, but gets the wings and eyes from Rhys. I think she’d be a lot like Feyre in personality - stubborn and determined and daring as hell. But I think Rhys takes her on a lot of father/daughter dates, you know him and his spa days and such… I think they spend time at the beaches and in the artists quarter of Velaris. But she’s willing to go out with mom and explore too. After the war, Rhys and Feyre are content to be homebodies. It hasn’t been that long for Rhys that he was stuck for fifty years away from his home and Feyre wants to feel like she has a home. When they finally have their daughter years later (and by years I mean like 1,000+ years - no children PLEASE for at least several good long centuries), it’s their daughter who makes them want to get out more and see the world again, visit other courts. They do it when they’re obligated of course, but their daughter makes them want to explore even when they don’t have to. And when she grows up, she’s an excellent politician and Rhys knows that if the day ever comes where he and Feyre aren’t there anymore, the Night Court will be in good hands.

Elucien - ALL THE CHILDREN ALL DAY EVERY DAY ALL THE TIME. They’re gonna procreate like rabbits basically. Just when Lucien thinks the last little terror has left the manor for good, oh - whoops, Elain is preggers is again. Oh well what are you gonna do, and Lucien not-so-secretly loves having a big family anyway. He grew up with one, but the one he starts with Elain is loving and lacks the torments he received as a child. When his sons and daughters grow up, they have a wonderful time visiting the Autumn Court and giving Beron hell for what he did to their father. When the Elucien household isn’t being feisty (and let’s face it, when are they not really?) they are always busy. It’s like a fantasy world equivalent of soccer practice, cello lessons, and after school specials. Someone always has some kind of sport or recital. Elain particularly enjoys traveling Prythian with her kids to watch their various talents flourish and no two kids have the same abilities. Lucien gets a bit exhausted by it from time to time, but he can’t imagine it any other way.

Nessian - You know, I could see them being a cross of Moriel/Feysand easily. No kids or one is enough. I think Nesta is unsure what motherhood would bring her, but she never shies away from a challenge. And Cassian has always wanted a family, but he’s fine with just one and after Nesta brings the little thing into the world and screams at him, “Never again in seven courts and I doing that,” he laughs and says, “Okay.” And it’s a girl and she’s super close with Feyre’s daughter. The two sisters will sometimes sit back and watch their little girls play who both are so much like them, and they’ll be sad they never got that as kids themselves, but they’re happy life has brought them here, given them a second chance. The girls take turns sleeping over every other night practically to the point that it drives their parents nuts and eventually Mor has to just step in and say, “Give them to me, geez” and she wears them out with shopping and lunch dates and all sorts of auntie fun. And the Nessian kid - she’s a spitfire. Nesta and Cass weren’t prepared for how deadly a combination mom’s iron will and dad’s fearless spirit could be, but damn - there it is in their daughter. She raises hell throughout the entire court and breaks hearts wherever she goes.


Infp talents

The worst part of being an infp is mastering absolutely useless talents. Then, when someone mentions their useful talents, you feel the need to bring your useless talents up??? Why brain???

Person: She mastered the violin in 3 years and speaks mandarin

Infp: you ever cut all your finger-nails at the exact length perfectly in a single clip?

Person: …

Infp: Didn’t fucking think so

Demigods at Christmas

this was submitted in nine separate messages by an amazing, very talented anon and i love it so, so much. it definitely deserves its own post.

  • When Jason thinks of Christmas, he thinks of duty. He thinks of New Rome, of agreeing to take patrol or extra chores. It wasn’t like he could go home. Other people should have a chance to see their families.
  • When Annabeth thinks of Christmas, she thinks of an empty camp. All the other campers, even the year-rounders, would try to go home. Her father never called. She’d be left in the big house, Chiron awkwardly mentioning her father, and Dionysius making off color jokes.
  • When Hazel thinks of Christmas, she thinks of loneliness. The wispy women would come to her mother during the holidays, asking if their men would return, if things would get better, voices slurred with drink. On bad nights she’d curl up in her room, covering her ears to stifle the sounds of crying.
  • When Leo thinks of Christmas, he thinks of the foster homes. Picture perfect parents seeking picture perfect children. Sometimes they wouldn’t even make it to Christmas Eve before the whispers, the fears, and the yelling . He’d spend Christmas day run, run, running, his breath steaming in the cold.
  • When Frank thinks of Christmas he thinks of war. His grandmother would always set a place for his mother, even when she was in the desert. Her omnipresent absence would eat away at the holiday. The nauseating Christmas carols singing of joy felt like the ultimate mockery.
  • When Piper thinks of Christmas, she thinks of fast food. Her father always had some new movie premiering just in time for the holidays. He’d forget about spending time with family. One of his assistants would take her out for a “treat.” Piper would sit in the empty McDonald’s until her fries got cold.
  • When Nico thinks of Christmas, he thinks of the 1940s. Bianca and his mother, wandering through the streets of Venice, the lights on the gondolas, floating through the canals. He thinks of all the days that were stolen from his sister. He thinks of cold.
  • When Percy thinks of Christmas, he thinks of extra beds. A pull out couch, some blow up mattresses. People will have to double up, but they’ll find room. New Yorkers know how to maximize a small space.
  • When Christmas comes, Piper spends the day cooking with Paul Blofis; he listens intently to every word she says. Jason sees Thalia for the first time in ages. Nico and Hazel decorate the tree; it glitters with light. Sally puts an extra blanket over Leo when he falls asleep. Annabeth rarely leaves the circle of Percy’s arms. She can feel him shake when he laughs, which is often. When Sally starts the carols, Frank sings along. Everyone sings along.
Things I liked about this episode

•James Olsen’s return from Mysterious Island
•Winn Schott saving the day with his singing talents
•Maggie and Alex being domestic af
•James Olsen’s face
•Cisco Ramon’s mention
•James Olsen’s 1 minute of screen time
•Kara acknowledging that she deserves better
•Jimmy Olsen
•Kara Danvers in that outfit

RIP Carrie Fisher, a woman I not only admired as a celebrity I was a fan of but also for her mental health advocacy and willingness to take no crap whenever people tried to pull her down for who she was. She was a legitimate inspiration to me, and when we get tributes, we better see people acknowledging how fearless, brash and bold she was as well as just “she was in Star Wars”, not to mention her prolific work writing, performing elsewhere and script doctoring. What an incredibly talented, smart, amazing woman she really was. I say we all go into 2017 trying to embody the take-no-shit attitude she was so great at taking herself.

I was nominated by my amazing and talented mentor back at Blue Sky @jess_morris_art to post 7 creations for 7 days, and she also mentioned that she wants to see what I’ve been working on since Blue Sky, so I’ll take this opportunity to share some stuff! 🙃 Here’s goes!🤓

(Day 1) Some character designs I did for a personal project called Pirate Playtime⚓️. Here’s the little sister in her real self and her imaginary pirate self (Her alter ego?!?) Don’t some part of us all wish to be a wild & adventurous pirate, ARRRRR!! ⚓️🌊😂

Random stuff I noticed in Nathan’s Journal.

So.. I’ve been going through Nate’s Journal again because of how goddamn bored I am. I found the fact he mentioned Elena and wondered if she’d let him get a pet lemur is cute as hell.

Plus: Nathan took the time to sketch a lemur that looks like Sully. He didn’t leave any details behind either (drew his mustache and cigar, he also made him wear one of those ugly ass shirts).

for your consideration
  • Transboy Kenma 
    • has anxiety and depression
    • calls Hinata when his dysphoria gets really bad
    • came out to Kuroo before anyone else, he did it in a really casual way, just sort of mentioned it one day and Kuroo was like ‘okay’
    • really really ticklish
    • has a binder but is too tired to get into it half the time, usually double layers sports bras and wears baggy sweaters
    • demisexual demiromantic
  • Polyamorous transboy Hinata
    • dating Kageyama
    • came out in junior high, his family is super supportive
    • his sister still slips up sometimes but she’s getting better and brags to her friends about her super talented big brother
    • doesn’t experience too much dysphoria, but when he does, it hits him hard
    • really likes to cuddle
    • panromantic asexual
  • Dmab genderfluid Kageyama
    • uses they/them or he/him, hasn’t decided yet
    • started off with nail polish then moved up from there
    • unhealthy fondness for leggings and mascara
    • regular esteem boosting sessions with Hinata, usually in the form of late night phone calls
    • told Hinata in the middle of their relationship, Hinata was one hundred percent supportive and helped Kageyama tell the rest of the team
    • super hella bi
  • Transgirl or demi-girl Asahi
    • dating Noya
    • didn’t say anything until she’d already graduated
    • experiences dysphoria on a nearly regular basis
    • scared to wear the clothes she likes because of her body type
    • with help from Noya, and the rest of Karasuno, she grew more confident in herself
    • is the little spoon 
    • panromantic demisexual
  • Dmab genderfluid Oikawa
    • dating Iwaizumi
    • looks hella fine in skirts no matter what
    • Iwaizumi has the uncanny ability to figure if it’s a masculine or feminine day/time without Oikawa having to say anything
    • acts super confident  but always second guesses 
    • is absolute shit at makeup, Iwaizumi is in charge of that whenever Oikawa wants to wear some
    • can run in high heels
    • demiromantic demisexual

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your headcanons are the best. do you have any more shallura-related ones??

thank you! here’s some fluffy ones bc i’m a big doof who needs love

  • everyone thinks space dates are Super Epic when in reality it’s just shiro and allura sharing a blanket and listening to a nice relaxing playlist in the castle
  • shiro: allura’s hair…. is a marshmallow
    lance: …how?
    shiro: white and floof
  • i feel like allura is lowkey really artistically talented and one day she just gives shiro like…. a life sized sculpture of the two of them
  • look…. idk why… but they’re the kind of couple that would go minigolfing
  • trying to cuddle always turns into wrestling matches where they both try to be the big spoon
  • allura, after trying shiro’s cooking: wow :) this is soooo… great :) humans sure do know how to eat :)
    • she makes everything a smoothie and shiro is…. mildly bothered but not surprised
  • since the mice can’t really speak, they come up with a way to talk to shiro without having to speak through allura which ends up being silly pantomiming. sometimes they give him advice and ideas
    • allura: shiro, how did you know i wanted a dress like this
      shiro: *pretending not to notice the mice waving at him* i dunno….. call it a hunch….,
  • shiro’s such a nerd ok i bet he gets allura a little model of one of the lions except it’s pink and sparkly and the way her eyes light up when she sees it??? 10/10
  • allura, queen of massages and shiro, king of being exhausted and stressed and needing massages
  • when they order pizza, shiro never eats the crust and allura only ever eats the crust
  • shiro: how do you say ‘i love you’ in altean?
    allura, suspiciously: depends
    • she really wants to be the one to say i love you first
Playing with Love.

This is my entry for @impalaimagining 300 follower celebration. I had the song prompt Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows. This was beta’d by the talented @inmysparetime0. Tag lists used from @mrswhozeewhatsis and the SPN Fanfic Pond. If you have been accidentally tag, I am sorry. If you pop me a message I will remove you from the tags asap. Prompts are in bold, they are both song lyrics and the song title.

Summary: Reader has kept to herself for most of her life but when the Winchesters come in to her life, can she stop herself from falling in love?

Warnings: Angst. Fluff. Mentions of character death. Possible cuss words.

Word count: 3110

Pairing: Dean Winchester X Reader.

Originally posted by zest-wincest

It had been an accident. You had always kept to yourself no matter what, never allowing yourself to get close to anyone again. You had felt love before, despite having tried to keep your distance. You had created a family at this amazing place called the Roadhouse and slowly but surely they wormed their way into your heart. Jo had become the sister you always wanted and Ellen took care of you in a way that only a mother could. Of course Ash was the weird little brother that you couldn’t help but be protective over; together the three of them had created the first safe place you had ever had in your life. When they had died it broke you wholly and completely and you knew that you could never allow yourself to be hurt like that again.

Then you met the Winchesters. Of course you had heard about them through the Hunter grapevine but you had always managed to avoid them, their roles in the death of your closest friends was too much for you to deal with logically at first. As time wore on you understood that they were not to blame for the deaths of your family but you still decided to keep your distance from the brothers.

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In Light Of Amber's Insta Post.

It’s horrible, really, how the entertainment companies treat their artists.
This isn’t the first time SM has fucked over their artists.
I feel genuinely bad because, f(x) are such talented young ladies, yet they get slept on by their own company.

They’ve been waiting and wanting for a comeback. I can only imagine how frustrating that could be. i hope this isnt what i think it is. i love f(x) and their concepts are pretty amazing, but ofc SM sleeps on them and dont really promote them. i love amber, i hope shes okay. :/ i hope the rest of the group are okay, too. SM is letting SuJu and SNSD have a comeback this year, and even EXO will be having a comeback. i mentioned this before and i’ll say it again: EXO are a talented bunch of boys, i love them with all my heart, but i will not appreciate them having comebacks 1917292729292 times a year. They need their rest. Especially considering how busy all of them are now; Kyungsoo, Sehun, and then Kai is busy with his drama Andante, CBX busy promoting the unit and prepping for their Japanese comeback (?), Suho and then Lay must be pretty frustrated with the political mess between the USA, DPRK, RoK and China, forcing him to stay out of the group activities. So, all the time they will be using for promoting EXO, can be used for promoting f(x), instead. The fact is that, f(x) can be promoted so much, but are actually ignored makes me so so so mad. I’d understand SNSD because its their 10th year and all that, but my girlies f(x) deserve better. So much better.
Intresting things you learn about Nagito from 2.5
  • He ships NaiZono.
    • For some reason, he thinks Naegi would use pet names like ‘buttercup’, though this might be the translation.
  • He thinks on Souda and Fuyuhiko as friends and that’s adorable.
  • He ships Sonia/Souda. 
  • Ibuki used to be class rep? Or at least he thinks she could be one? Okay…
  • He dispeases talent (!!!!!)
  • He beleives Peko would stalk Kuzu from behind bushes. (I mean, she probably does, but still…)
  • He thinks Fuyuhiko would go drinking, even though… Fuyuhiko. So he probably soesn’t know him so well.
  • It has nothing to do with Nagito, but Izuru shoots with finger guns is worth mentioning due to awsomeness.
  • In Nagito’s perfect world, Sonia wields a goddam Bazoka.
  • Hope doesn’t exsist in Nagito’s perfect world. (!!!!)

What she says:       I’m fine.

What she means:    I just don’t know how England will fare in the Six Nations without the Vunipola brothers, that’s all. I mean I have every confidence in Eddie Jones and his coaching team and we’ve got some phenomenally talented players in the squad but Billy Vunipola really carried us through 2016 I mean the man is a tank… OH, and speaking of injuries, is Joe Marler coming back too soon? I mean I’m no doctor but come on, mate, broken legs don’t heal that quickly, no matter how much milk you drink. Not to mention Robshaw’s injured. Is Owen Farrell wrapped up in cotton wool? Someone better be keeping a close eye on him, he’s a damn points machine. SPEAKING OF POINTS MACHINES, Wales are at full fighting strength now they’ve got Halfpenny and Webb back from injury. There’s just so much pressure on us to maintain our crown and oh my god I’m having heart palpitations hahaha yeah I’m fine.