not to mention poor acting

boring - Ian (nsfw)

A story that’s been sitting in the drafts for a while. Might as well post it.


Multiple giggles resonated throughout the Jeep and it was music to his ears. Ian closes his eyes and listens to every sound you make, his fingers continuing to tickle your sides. He leans over to you, pressing his lips at the base of your neck and starting to lightly suck. A sharp intake of air passes through your lips at the contact, a familiar and welcomed warmth gathering between your legs as his teeth not so softly grazes the skin. His hand now rests on your hips, fingers grabbing your shirt and moving inch by inch underneath it while he strategically distracted you with his kisses. You whine in dismay as he moves upwards to your jaw line, your eyes hazily trying to focus on the screen in front of you. This is what you drove here for: the actual movie that was playing and paid for, not for anything else he might’ve planned. At least that’s what you believed until his hand got a little bit too naughty and started to rub in a suggestive manner, up and down, veeerrry slowly. Even if he was pretending to be interested in what was going on in the movie, that spark in his eyes was far from being innocent. Ian might think he was clever in hiding his intention from you, but you carefully examine him whenever he wasn’t looking. You discovered most of his habits, his hidden intentions…

And that look of his told you everything you needed to know.    

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