not to mention how beautiful she looks here

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How RFA+V+Saeran act when drunk (sad, angry, talkative, laughing, etc).

  • Yoosung: crybaby. everything is so beautiful and he’s so thankful for everything, it makes him bawl.
  • Zen: talkative. he’ll tell the same stories over and over again and he just won’t stop.
  • Jaehee: she grows super quiet and observing of her surroundings. everything makes her giggle.
  • Jumin: grumpy. don’t look at him funny, don’t talk to him. give him some personal space, he’s here to chill, man.
  • Seven: he’s so super clingy and cuddly and sleepy, it’s adorable, tbh.
  • V: probably sad or at least a little upset, similar to yoosung. he’s so sensitive suddenly.
  • Saeran: angry. and ready for a fight at all time. (ง'̀-‘́)ง

I liked how Guts put a bunch of ferns on Casca to cover her while they were in the cave.

It was so simple - he did it because his cape was still wet - but it was kind of sweet too, even though that wasn’t his intention. Guts knew that Casca had to be taken care of, so here he went outside under the cover of darkness in enemy territory to collect a bunch of leaves to cover her up (because at this point, he probably wanted to keep her modest more than warm).

Not to mention she looked really beautiful, so it was pretty sensual too.


It’s like, they fought A LOT during this chapter, but hot damn Guts went above and beyond to take care of her.

From bringing her water:

To giving her his shirt:

He’s even making her medicine!

He’s only short of making her dinner.


(Yeah it takes places volumes later but who cares?)


Guts for house husband

Casca is super hot au naturale in actual nature

By the way, I just love how graceful and coordinated, not to mention athletic fat characters are depicted as being in Steven Universe

Sure, Steven can be clumsy, but he’s inexperienced.  As he gains skill, he learns coordination and can do excellent team attacks with Connie.

Here’s Rose Quartz landing in front of Greg.

The way her skirt flutters and her toes point down as she slowly descends is meant to make her look “light” and graceful.  Fat characters always have the way they walk described in ways like “plodding,” but Rose Quartz is consistently portrayed as graceful and beautiful.

This carries over to Smoky Quartz.

Look at the poses they’re put in here.  You know who the stance in the second image reminds me of?

Pearl.  Pearl is a ballerina and her character is a perfectionist, all about precision and form.  And Smoky Quartz is able to pull off these same poses when fighting as tiny thin Pearl.

Here we are with the landing softly again, just like Rose Quartz.  Crewniverse could have had them land in a cloud of smoke and make the ground shake but they chose to show off Smoky Quartz’s coordination instead.

And this doesn’t compromise how powerful Smoky Quartz is.

They’re strong enough to break the ground!


She’s taken quite a lot of tender loving care and collaboration to bring her to life, but she’s here! Please meet Mad Moxxi, Borderland’s HOTTEST asset!

There is a lot to know about how she came to be, if you’re interested, please read on. :)

Moxxi is my first attempt at a fairly close to actual character REanimation. I’ve used many actual in game reference images to get her look just right, not to mention the countless hours playing the game which inspired this idea in the first place! Standing at almost 11.5 inches tall, this beauty began as Headless Headmistress Bloodgood from the MH doll line. She’s had a complete removal of factory paint, hair and clothing.

~Her new look “Faceup” (makeup/repaint)- 3x sealed prior to new look- artist grade watercolor pencils, acrylic paints and chalk pastels for color, MSC sealant and Tamiya x22 acrylic gloss for shine.
~Her eyes are a permanently set acrylic design from, they have been gloss sealed and set with upper and lower black lashes.
~Her hair is a tri color-blend of saran hair that has been rooted “permed” and set with gel and hairspray.

Moxxi’s signature coat complete with custom fabrics was created by Hand made buttons have been added to the coat cuffs by me. I added the fabric bra line to enhance the bodacious shape of Moxxi’s bust and of course she dons her famous heart tattoo which has been sealed as well.

Her lovely hat was created by with my added accents of hand painted organic humane feathers and her Queen of hearts card.

I formed air dry clay sculpted finger-less gloves for Miss Moxxi and painted them black. She wears her signature black manicure as well.

I’ve customized her black heeled boots by painting her “spats” in white complete with Hyperion gold trim, handmade clay buttons and a little “Underdome” blood accents for authenticity.

You’ll find her wearing her signature “Ruby” gun holster along with her double wrapped sash and leather belt with buckle.

Thigh highs custom made from The holes are intentional and will not run further.

Teal panties created by

None of her clothing or accessories should be removed. They have been affixed to remain as true to her character as possible.


What’s special about this doll otherwise?
She comes with her very own wooden, lidded, latch lock “Mox Box” Borderlands inspired locker to preserve her when she isn’t being displayed.  This locker box was created by my husband and fellow artist, Jessup, of AHiLdesigns. This design is one of the staple elements in Moxxie’s world.  "Loot lockers" can contain all kinds of things but this one is most special as it was made for Moxxi.

The locker has been primed, painted and aged with artist grade acrylic paints for woods and metals. You’ll find hand made paper venting that mimics that of the game lockers as well as the “light” indicator. Inside you’ll find Miss Mad Moxxi herself along with a gorgeous name plate and other mementos. ;)