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So yesterday I was at work, and a guy came in to drop off lunch for his wife, who is one of the mechanical engineers in the plant.

And for the whole 10 or so minutes it took to get in touch with her and let her know he was there he kept going on about how great she was. 

“Hi I have lunch for my wife. You know my wife, right? She’s an engineer. She’s so smart, and is the most beautiful woman in the world, and she’s hilarious, and did I mention she’s smart? She’s an engineer. She makes so much money that I can stay home with our son. He’s a year and a half old and he is a genius like his mother, here are 200 pictures of him. He looks like his mother, my wife. She’s an engineer because she’s brilliant. I love her so much. I brought her risotto I made from scratch. I love to cook and I get to because my wife is a genius engineer with a great career. Here are 200 more pictures of our son, my sister is watching him right now. I make all his baby food from scratch.”

And he was just so proud of her, and their son, and how he can stay home and cook gourmet dinners and watch their son while his wife pursues her career in engineering and honestly it was so wholesome A+++++++++ sis you found yourself a keeper. 

CW: Home of The Mary Sues Ultimate Edition!

This is the ultimate edition of the CW Mary Sues. The Mary Sueness just doesn’t know when to end with these girls do they?

1. Elena Gilbert (aka Black Hole SuePurity SueSympathetic SueFixer Sue)

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2. Lana Lang (aka Sympathetic Sue/ God-Mode Sue/ Black Hole Sue/ Purity Sue)

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3. Hayley Marshall (aka Jerk Sue/ Anti-Sue/ Black Hole Sue/ Fixer Sue)

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I’m going to be Copying and Pasting each and every trope that these 3 posses that make them Mary Sue characters. BTW here’s the link to the site (

Let’s start with Personality:

What personality? In these cases, it’s fairly blatant that the author is just writing the character for amazing stuff to happen to instead of a character that actually exists as a person. Obviously, this is only a Mary Sue trait if what happens gives the character special powers,fantastic romances, or somehow lets her be a big damned heroine ; otherwise it’s just another faceless first-person perspective.

  • The personality of a Mary Sue — if she has one — is not nearly as important as how other characters react to it. No matter how shy or socially awkward Mary Sue is supposed to be, other characters will be drawn to her and inexplicably prefer her company over that of anyone else. All of her ideas are brilliant, all of her jokes are funny, all of her advice is an amazing breakthrough. People will trust her immediately, or very quickly, and feel more comfortable talking to her than to anyone else (even their own family or their significant other), even if she hasn’t done or said anything to make them feel that way about her.
  • If another character doesn’t feel this way about Mary Sue, it’s usually to portray them as either bad or just an idiot.
  • Mary Sue doesn’t have to actually do anything to be considered a good person—she just is good. By extension, anything she does is good, and even when she does nothing she brings more good into the world simply by existing than any other character ever could. Goodness just seems to seep out of her body like radiation.

All 3 of them suffer from bland personalities, and are praised for being brave, amazing, compassionate, etc. Here are some examples:

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  • Highly persuasive, regardless of the actual content of the conversations. Everyone finds her opinions are just better than their own — even when they’re usually stubborn bastards. This is especially likely in an Author Tract.
  • Is either brave and cheerful (despite her pastnot unheard of in real life, but with Sues it tends to come across as Angst? What Angst?) — or unnecessarily mopey and depressed.
  • Friend to All Living Things. It’s becoming gradually less common as authors catch on to the Mary Sue Classicframework.
  • She loves everyone and forgives them all for their imperfections. Plus she is willing to save, protect or risk all for the sake of someone she has met just seconds ago.
  • Occasionally a complete asshole, especially when she’s supposed to be all of the above. Nobody will call her out on her abrasive, casually abusive behavior. Strong badass characters who would normally rip someone’s spleen out for squeezing the toothpaste from the wrong end, are instantly cowed and become meek, spineless Wangst factories as soon as she “puts them in their place.”
  • Full-on Jerk Sues will routinely be flippant, snide, and rude, yet will be treated as a charmingly sarcastic character. They will flout authority as a matter of course and never suffer the consequences. Even if said authority figure is known for a tough stance on disrespect, they will either gamely ignore the Sue’s challenge to their authority, or—worse still—praise her for her “cheekiness” or “boldness.”

Now that (Jerk Sue) applies more to Hayley:

Her “major flaws” will be stubbornness and a bad temper. These will only ever help her, never hurt her — because she’s always right, so whatever cause she dedicates herself to with such stubbornness will be a good cause, and whoever she loses her temper with will deserve it.

  • Sometimes they’ll mess her up once so she can learn an important lesson. And then they’ll help her for the rest of the story.
  • A character who’s described as being blunt to the point of rudeness or tactlessness will be praised for being “refreshingly honest” or for “telling it like it is.” Only the bad guys or other unsympathetic characters will ever say, “What a bitch.”
  • If she has any flaws intentionally written in by the creator, expect them to be Informed or not really flaws to begin with. Bonus points if they’re genuine flaws that would actually be pretty awesome were it not for their drawbacks (e.g. substance abuse, nymphomania, etc.), and of course the drawbacks will never be shown.

This one relates more to Elena when Julie Plec stated that Elena’s only flaw was that “she cared too much.”

Let’s move onto Skills:

I mean… I have to pull up the gifs:

BTW, in one of the gifs Hayley is pregnant and is picking fights with a vampire. Not to mention when she fought Mikael while she was 9 months pregnant. You couldn’t get more Mary Sue than that.

  • Skilled in a type of martial arts in a setting or with a backstory that doesn’t allow for it. Not regularly skilled either; she could kick the ass of the resident ninja of her choice.
  • And with all this — don’t expect the Green-Eyed Monster to show up. Envy appears in the Mary Sue’s life only as a means of angst, and so does not appear just because the Mary Sue has everything.
  • Alternately, anybody who does get jealous is a bitch and is wrong. This is typically a single other character and may be Die for Our Ship or for other reasons. (Caroline jealous of Elena in Season 1, Alicia jealous of Lana in Smallville)

  • Mary Sue always has excellent fashion sense. Even if she’s meant to be a rough-and-tumble Tomboy type who doesn’t care about that sort of thing, she will always look effortlessly beautiful and other characters, often males, will frequently talk about how they like that she isn’t as high maintenance as other girls (if she has a female rival they might mention her specifically).

If anything a Mary Sue typically has a fashion sense of a teenager throwing random things together, but she makes it look sexy or badass. Here are the receipts:

Let’s move onto Physical Appearance:

  • So Beautiful, It’s a Curse. While being attractive isn’t a qualifier of Mary Sue (who wants to be ugly?), it’s a bit excessive to try and play it as being some sort of disadvantage. Alternatively, she may only be Suetiful All Along. In an Anti-Sue, this is reversed into a hideous monster. Regardless, her astounding beauty (or astounding lack of it) will make her stand out from the crowd — or so we’re constantly being told.
  • No matter what she’s been through, Mary Sue will never look ugly. The worst she’ll ever be reduced to is Unkempt Beauty, and even if she is somehow injured and scarred or handicapped, the scar will always be a cool-looking, Bond villain-type scar that serves as more of a decoration than anything else. Plus, when she overcomes the handicap, she will be just as amazing as she was before getting injured (or better).
  • Likewise, if Mary Sue has a birthmark, it will be in a significant shape (heart, half moon, etc.) and never in a place that compromises her beauty. Expect the Mary Sue to think the birthmark makes her unattractive. This will be despite the fact that other characters insist that the birthmark makes her more attractive, especially in comparison to physically flawless characters. (Hayley’s Crescent Moon Birthmark)

Now onto Accessories:

  • Magic jewelry. It might be used as a Green Lantern Ring to justify her abilities. Bonus points if it glows.  (Elena’s vervain necklace created by a witch, Lana’s kryptonite necklace)

Now onto Canon Character Relationships:

Some Wish Fulfillment with a character you think is hot isn’t that bad. But a Mary Sue seems to grab their attention straight away. Even if they already have a stable love interest in canon, that relationship will be treated as either non-existent, or the couple will be split up in some way. (Elena and Stefan were retconned so Damon and Elena could happen, Gia and Elijah were completely ignored so Elijah could go back to pining after Hayley)

  • Bonus points if the love interest stands aside or sacrifices himself/herself so Mary Sue can be happy, or is twisted into a hateful person to justify Mary Sue breaking up the canon couple. (Stefan becoming a ripper/no humanity in Season 3 in order to breakup Stelena)
  • Turns out to be the offspring of a canon character. Made worse if that character would have been too young to have the Mary Sue, is gay/asexual, or perhaps is just physically incapable of it. For added Wangst, it’s the villain.
  • Even the characters who don’t have sex with her give her more heed than they normally would. Characters she likes can’t stop praising her positive traits. Characters she doesn’t like can’t stop making themselves look bad by insulting her. Even if she’s not physically present, that just means everyone can speak “freely” about her. In addition to the previous scenarios, at least one character will confess to being secretly be in love with her. There may be just “something special” about her, with no particular reason why anybody would think that. In the worst-case scenarios, they pay no heed to their own responsibilities or lives, only to Sue
  • .Bonus points: the disliked character behaving badly toward the Sue eventually sees the “error” of his/her ways and grows to love Sue as much as everyone else does.More bonus points: the bad behavior and treatment of the Sue by disliked characters is portrayed as jealousy.
  • Previously-established personalities change in reaction to her. Arrogant gimps may admire her for everything. Sweet, mild-mannered characters (that she and the author don’t like) insult and degrade her. A leader with responsibilities pays attention only to her. Young, reckless characters who would never settle down just yet will become totally reliable. Evil characters follow her around like a puppy or seem uncharacteristically obsessed with her. Extremely competent characters become stumbling buffoons who require her help to do anything. The characters in general just seem unnaturally focused on her, positive or negative.
  • She may have relationships of some kind with multiple major canon characters. For example, she’s the secret daughter of A who gave her up to be adopted by B’s parents, making her his sister, and she goes on to have a passionate affair with C, remaining friendly with him even though she goes on to marry D, and she’s E’s best friend, F’s closest advisor…and so on.

Mary Sues tend to have multiple love interest either currently or pre-season:

Lana and Whitney

Lana and Jason

Lana and Clark

Lana and Lex

Matt and Elena (pre-season, but Matt was still in love with Elena in Season 1)

Stefan and Elena

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Damon and Elena (Bleh!)

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Liam and Elena

Hayley and Klaus

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Hayley and Elijah

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Hayley and Jackson

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All of the men fawn over them.

Now onto Story Elements:

  • Mary Sue is always on the Spotlight-Stealing Squad. Without her, there would not be a story.
  • She’s The Chosen One. Even if the canon hero is already The Chosen One, she either ‘shares’ the position or just steals it away from them.
  • Sympathetic Sue has an unusually Dark and Troubled Past to excess, but other subtypes often have them too, just to emphasize how brave and special she is to live through it. This past is never really a point in the story, just dropped casually into the conversation to get attention. Alternatively it’s written badly owing to not doing much research. How much she Wangsts about it is usually out of proportion with how bad it really is. (Elena and Lana)
  • Redeems the villain through her overwhelming goodness. Might be through Redemption Equals Sex (bonus points if it leads into IKEA Erotica). Even more bonus points if the story decides to mention that this is her loss of virginity. Yet more bonus points if the villain comments on how awesome she is in bed despite said virginity. (Elena and Damon, Hayley being the incubator for Klaus’s redemption) 
  • Is a princess. Everything’s Better with Princesses, after all. Bonus points if she grew up as a peasant (or equivalent social class) and only just discovered this during the story. Of course, in any case, it will be a position of high opulence and little actual responsibility. (Obviously Hayley)
  • Perform a Heroic Sacrifice as a way to prove that she’s Too Good for This Sinful Earth. Bonus points if the story goes out of the way to ensure she doesn’t leave an ugly corpse (whether it be by a method that doesn’t involve external physical damage or by her body not being recovered). More bonus points if it turns out to be a Disney Death. (Elena in Season 2)
  • She will often have a tragic family life. Coming from an abusive background is quite common. Her mother is often either dead or a Wicked Stepmother. In the latter case, she will most likely be in Cinderella Circumstances. Her father is frequently an Overprotective Dad (or in some cases, a Wicked Stepfather). Orphans are also very common, as is Parental Abandonment. (Elena is adopted by her Aunt and Uncle, her biological parents are assholes who want to kill the Salvatore brothers. They eventually end up dead. Lana’s parents die from meteor crash, and it turns out that she is adopted. Hayley’s biological parents are killed by Jackson’s grandfather as a result of a civil war in the Crescent Pack. Her adopted parents kicked her out at 13 when she transformed into a werewolf in front of them)
  • She will often suffer from Special Snowflake Syndrome, having some trait or backstory that sets her apart from her race. 

Now onto Presentation:

  • In visual media, the camera just can’t stop staring at her. Every angle is seen several times and her every action gets a heavy emphasis with close-up shots galore. Other characters don’t get to be in the frame alone if it can be helped.
  • When the character is off-screen, if ever, the other characters are still talking about her, taking it as a chance to speak “honestly” about the new girl. If they like her, they sing her praises; if not, their dislike will be taken as jealousy, as her “haters” will only talk about petty issues (Sue’s background, perceived promiscuity, etc.), and not genuine gripes (massive attention whoring, for starters).
  • She’s the vanishing point - everything revolves around her.

Reading these tropes I can honestly say that Hayley, Elena, and Lana are the poster children of these tropes. Reading all of these tropes I couldn’t help but think about how all 3 of them fit them so well. And that is honestly sad because writers write these characters as if they’re badass, awesome, compassionate, strong, and just want to be loved, and is what girls should look up to. When in reality that is not the case, Mary Sues are misogynistic, anti-feminist, self-insert characters. They are what writers imagine themselves to be, and place themselves into the story making up this character that is so perfect and badass, but has a tragic past. Mary Sues are what girls fantasize what they want to be in their favorite TV shows or movies, and they completely ruin the story. Mary Sues are the reason why people can’t stand watching a certain TV shows at times because they take up all the screen time and everything has to be about them. People say things like “Oh, but she’s the main character so it has to be about her.” when in reality that’s not how being a protagonist works. Yes they are the key center to the story, but you know what makes a good TV show is when they focus on the side characters or the supporting characters. For example True Blood, even though everything was supposed to be about Sookie the show still payed attention to the side characters and as a result people had a reason to sit through Sookie’s bullshit. Because the side characters had the same amount of screen time as her, and at times the show didn’t bring up Sookie at times. You would think she was a side character because the side characters got more attention than her, but nope she wasn’t. Being a protagonist is one thing, a protagonist is key central to the story but they still are no the center of attention or a Mary Sue, but being a Mary Sue is a completely different thing. Being a Mary Sue means you are bland, dull, lifeless. You are so perfect you have all of the guys fawning over you, and you can be a damsel in distress at times but then you become a badass bitch. You have some sort of supernatural lineage, and all of the girls that trash talk you are just jealous and want what you have. Everything revolves around you!

And the CW doesn’t seem to get the message that others are getting…


The Cute One, With The Limp

Request: This isn’t word for word but essentially I got a request about the reader being married to Newt and they all make it to Paradise and the girls are all hanging out with the reader. While doing this they begin to spy on Newt discussing how cute he is and calling dibs and one is about to go talk to him and he comes up and kisses the reader. Lots of fluff was specified so get ready for the fluff ride of your lives!!!

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Request: “Yo may I request an imagine? Newt x reader, where newt is too shy to ask reader out, but Theseus is like some secret matchmaker and often creates ‘situations’ between the both of them and newt is forced into a deal where Theseus won’t stop until newt asks reader out 😂 oh well this sounded a lot better in my head :) also brotherly, playful Theseus sounds nice”

Word Count: 2,271

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by @myrtus-amongst-the-stars but also tagging @caseoffics @red-roses-and-stories @dont-give-a-bother @fangirlingandcrying @ly–canthrope @benniesgalaxy @thosefantasticbeast2

Though he’d never admit it, you frustrate the hell out of Newt. You frustrate the hell out of him with your clumsiness when you drop a week’s worth of work. You frustrate the hell out of him with the way you wander into the fields, untraceable, for hours at a time to play with the diricrawls. But most of all, you frustrate the hell out of him because you had to go and be so damn lovable.

Newt doesn’t know how to approach you now. Anytime he says something, it’s a quiet stumbling of words that don’t make much sense. You used to be the one dropping vials everywhere, but now that’s him, one slipping between his fingers anytime you lean just a little to close and accidentally brush his arm. When he tries to focus on research, all he can imagine is the face you’d make and the joke you’d have lined up.

And it frustrates him to no end. How in the hell did he end up like this?
It’s not like you’re the first girl he’s ever felt this way for. There was Leta, so long ago. A picture in a frame now, but once a girl with the most beautiful smile and a way of captivating Newt like no one else. Yet with her, he’d been confident, honest from the start. It’s different with you. He doesn’t know what to say, how to act. It’s like he’s a stuttering sixteen-year-old on a first date except he hasn’t even managed to make it that far. He doesn’t know how to ask you on a date, for Merlin’s sake.

So when he shows up at the hotel room the two of you are currently renting in Nebraska and a surprise visitor appears to be in the middle of an interesting conversation with you, he’s immediately tense.

“I didn’t know you would be here.”

“Newt!” Theseus shouts, standing from his chair to cross the room and pull his little brother into a hug. “It’s been so long since you last stopped by. I thought I should come check on my little brother.”

Newt extricates himself from the hug and steps around Theseus. “Terribly sorry, but I’m a bit busy.”

“Too busy for your older brother? Nonsense. I’ve come all this way to see you, you can’t turn me out at the door.”

Newt putters around the room, straightening things, eyes darting to you, asking a silent question.

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336 Hours | JJ

Pairing: Dealer!Jungkook X Agent!Reader ft. Agent!Jin, Agent!Yoongi, Agent!Hoseok and Dealer!Taehyung

Summary: Y/n aka Agent 23, undercover as a rich slut to try and get Jungkook, a drug dealer to break. Of course, at first, she tortures him to try and test his loyalty to her. But Jungkook believes that two can play at that game. She has 336 hours though to get out of that place, get back home and help take down Jungkook but how can she when she’s tied to a chair? 

Genre: Smut >> Angst >> Fluff

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of sexual acts and thoughts (NOT SO INNOCENT KOOKIE)

Word Count: 3.3k

Note: You guys are just here for the smut…omigatch! you very derty…derty waters.

 “You ready?” Min Yoongi asked the girl who sat next to him, for some reason he never looked at her the way he does today. Like she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, in a way it almost looked as if he was starting to like y/n? Yoongi shook the though from his head with a quick awkward cough. “Let’s go.” He said slipping his frames onto his face and stepping out of the car, y/n by his eyes trying to look confident but inside she was scared and worried.

She was about to go live with a man she had only read and seen from afar for the next two weeks and spend two weeks after that trying to find a way to cover up and get away from him, it would be tricky but she knew she had to try. This was her chance to become an official field agent, by doing one of the toughest cases they have come up against. They walked inside the big warehouse, y/n by his side and her hands shaking.

The nude pink colour that clung to her body and showed off curves that were usually covered up with work pants, a blouse and a jacket. Th golden metal choker that went well with the off-the-shoulder look of the dress she was wearing. She was very nervous and almost tripping over in her heels but she remained excellent composure. As soon as they stepped inside, she saw him. Surrounded by six or seven body guards all dressed in black.

He wore a simple navy blue suit, a matching tie hung around his neck that sat in centre and the bottom three buttons done up to keep it in place. His polished Italian shoes tapped patiently on the floor as he waited for them to approach. A small smirk in the corner of his lips as he eyes the woman with Min Yoongi up and down, making her feel uneasy but she went along with it. They slowed down and came to a stop, about a meter and a half separating the two now.

“Min Yoongi. It’s been a while.” Jungkook said causing him to smirk slightly at the young boy, seeing how much he has grown since they last saw each other. “Indeed, it has, I see you’re getting by quite good lately.” Yoongi commented as y/n stood there, a little confused of the conversation. With tongue in cheek and a curious look on his face Jungkook’s eyes scanned the woman standing next to Yoongi. “Who’s this beautiful girl?” He asked, why did those words irritate Yoongi so much?

He can’t be jealous, this is all just a big plan and y/n would never fall for the target. “This is my assistant. Y/n, who also is my closest friend and slut.” Yoongi said, making his words sound cold and bare like he didn’t care if they hurt her. Y/n knew this was all acting and just played along with it all. “Ah, you always picked the ripest ones.” Jungkook commented and Yoongi nodded. “So, are we going to make this deal?” He asked and Jungkook nodded. “So, we have sixty thousand US dollars’ worth of cocaine here, and how much do you have?” Jungkook asked with a sly smirk on his face.

Yoongi dropped the black bag and unzipped it, showing the fifty grand that he had managed to come up with. Y/n was shocked and wondered where he got all that money from. She had never seen so much before up close. “I have fifty.” Yoongi said and Jungkook’s dark eyes darted up to look at his hyung. One of his oldest enemies yet friends. “I’m sorry Yoongi but I have certain rules. If it’s under it’s no deal.” Jungkook stated, Yoongi sighed and crossed his arms over his chest as he watched the young man dart his eyes towards y/n who still had her head hung low.

Jungkook watched as Yoongi looked at y/n with furrowed eyebrows, unsure if she was okay. A smirk crept onto his lips, he wanted to hurt Yoongi. “Unless…” Yoongi turned his attention back onto Jungkook and knew the plan was working. “I can have her. Then we got a deal.” Jungkook said causing y/n to look up and finally meet his eyes. His dark and lust filled eyes that would constantly scan over her figure like she was some piece of meat. “You drive a hard bargain Kook…but, I guess I can agree to that.” Yoongi said kicking the bag over, grabbing y/n’s arm and giving her one last look of assurance and sympathy.

‘Sorry’ He mouthed knowing he must be hurting her but he needed it to look realistic, y/n just smiled and nodded for him to do it and he threw her towards Jungkook who caught her in his arms carefully. His hands placed on her hips lightly but still a firm grip on her. “Give him the drugs so we can get out of here.” Jungkook said as one of his body guards grabbed the bag and threw it towards Min Yoongi. “It was nice to see you again Yoongi.” Jungkook stated and Yoongi nodded and walked out. “Let’s go.” His voice was stern as he pushed y/n forwards towards his car.

Suddenly y/n was having second thoughts on this whole thing, she didn’t realise everything would be so rough. She knew she bruised easily and therefore hated whenever she would be grabbed, pulled or pushed by someone with force. They both slid into the black SUV and sat quietly as the driver began driving. A black screen put up to make the back seat more private and soundproof too. It felt so cramped in there, but maybe that was because Jungkook was sitting so close to her that she could feel his minty cool breath upon the exposed skin on her neck.

 “So, you and Min Yoongi had a thing?” Jungkook asked as y/n nodded, all Jungkook wanted to hear was her voice but y/n felt like if she spoke she might break composure. Jungkook sighed and knew that this way he wouldn’t hear her voice or really get any answers. The hand that was placed on her thigh was now slipped under her dress and rubbing over her clothed clit. She couldn’t help but lean her head back and enjoy the feeling. She let out a small moan and to Jungkook it was music to his ears, finally hearing her voice.

 “You sound so beautiful.” Y/n hated having him touch her this way but this was part of the deal. She knew that if she took on this mission she would have to put up with Jungkook’s sexual desires and needs, doesn’t mean she can’t fight back at first though. Jungkook removed his hand and gave her a cold stare, as if he were trying to figure her out. “So, tell me more about yourself.” Jungkook said, that bunny grin he’s always had appearing making him look so innocent when he clearly was the devil himself.

It reminded her of one of Shakespeare’s plays, Macbeth and a line from it. ‘Look like th' innocent flower, but be the serpent under ’t.’ it was. Jungkook’s innocent face and boyish looks that could make him seem like the sweetest angel if she wanted but deep down he was conceited, greedy and disgusting. “What do you want to know?” She asked, her voice finally being heard and it was a little shaky but who could blame her. She was currently sitting next to a very attractive, deadly man who could find out about her at any given moment.

He smirked and leaned forward, his hand still resting on her thigh but his grip tightening around the skin. His body now pressed against hers as he leaned forward and pushed the hair sitting over her shoulders over of the way and onto the other side. Laying a soft and delicate kiss on the skin before placing his lips against the shell of her ear, his smirk evident against the goose bumps that were forming. “Everything.” His dark and husky voice echoed in her eyes, the word alone making her face turn red and her body tense under his simple touch.

 They arrived at a mansion, the building white and gold with many windows and balconies. A beautiful garden that would be comfortable to walk around in on a bright and sunny day unlike this dull and dark one they had. The sky was grey, dark clouds moving by quickly and smell of rain evident. They stepped out, y/n feeling more nervous than ever knowing this is where she would be staying. But she always would remind herself ‘don’t get caught and you’ll be fine.’ She wasn’t 100% sure what would happen to her if she did ever get caught.

But she knew it would end with her body being thrown into a lake and never found again. “Shall we?” Jungkook’s hand was placed on her lower back as he pushed her forward to walk with him into the place he called ‘home.’ He ran his tongue over his bottom lip and he looked at her shapes, wanting nothing more than to rid her of the dress and throw her onto his bed and fuck her until the sun goes down. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do that, he had to remain professional and basically be a tease until she begged for him.

He was a dom! So, it only made sense, he loved being in control and making them scream. But teasing and making them beg on their knees for his cock was a big turn on for him. They walked inside and a woman in a uniform immediately rushed over and he threw hew his jacket, his body guard carrying the bag full of money towards his office to put in his safe. “Dinner will be ready soon sir, shall I set the table?” The woman asked and Jungkook agreed, y/n looked around.

 Getting familiar with the place since she would be staying here for the next few weeks, and finding where he keeps all his information was important too. She walked upstairs and looked at all the paintings that hung on the wall, some looked expensive with the golden patterned frame they sat in. She continued walking, stopping as she came across two large doors with golden handles, pressing it down before it opened with ease. The room was big, paintings on the wall, a large walk in closet, a few mirrors here and there. The large bed with over ten pillows sat on it.

Y/n walked over and sat down, feeling how soft and comfortable it was compared to the crappy mattress she had back at home. She ran her hands over the silky material that covered the mattress and felt cold yet so warm against her skin. “Comfortable?” She was startled by Jungkook and quickly stood up, feeling like she had been caught gawking at his wealth. And in a way, she did. He was leaned against the door frame, hands stuffed inside his pockets with his tie loosened around his neck now and a more relaxed look on him now.

His eyebrow still arched from his question and a small smirk on his plump lips. “I see you found our room.” He said walking in, slowly making his way over to the blushing girl. Our? She thought, feeling her ears catch fire at the thought of sharing a bed with him for four weeks. She was thinking about how weird it would be, she’s never shared her bed with a man before and she didn’t think she would be sharing a bed with one. Jungkook was now standing right in front of her, his index finger softly placed under her chin to tilt her head up slightly to meet his daring gaze.

“Stop thinking so hard.” With those words being said he had swiftly leaned forward so her back was pressed against the mattress and his frame was hovering over hers. His right hand holding himself up over her and the over gripping her side roughly, gripping the fabric that hugged her body as his stare undressed her. She could feel him and how hard he was as he pressed his lower half into her more, as if in a way, he was trying to find some sort of friction. He leaned down, finally connecting his lips with hers, the kiss was poison to her lips.

She felt as if she was committing a sin, and in a way, she was. She had been with guys before but when she was near Jungkook he made it feel like this was her first time. After a heated make out session, Jungkook had to restrain himself and pull back. Smirking slightly at the whimper that left her lips, as much as y/n didn’t want to she needed him but she knew he wouldn’t give it her easily. She knew that he would play some sort of game to get her to bed for him badly. But two can play at that game.

“I want to take you shopping tomorrow. I want to spoil you badly.” His voice rasped, a faint growl in it as his eyes flickered between her eyes and her red swollen lips that were still agape. “For now, you can wear my clothes.” He said pushing himself up and away from her, leaving her to lay there untouched and frustrated. But what y/n could really use right now, is a shower. She looked down at her watch and saw that it was just after six now. She didn’t realise how fast time flew. Just a few hours ago, she was being dressed up to look the part. 

Jungkook walked out and back downstairs, himself sexually frustrated just as much as y/n. He walked into his study, closing the door behind him as he turned back around to see the bag sitting on his desk. He moved the books off the shelf and began twisting the knob to open the safe. Hearing the click and it opening, he began piling the money in there. Smirking to himself at how wealthy he had become over the years. “Master Jeon! Dinner is ready!” The maid called and Jungkook walked out of the study, the safe locked and the books placed back on the shelf to look like the rest.

Y/n made her way downstairs, Jungkook meeting her at the bottom. A small chuckle leaving his lips as he held out his arm for her to take which she gladly did and walked into the dining room. It was huge, a big diamond chandelier hanging from the ceiling that lit up the room. She could have sworn that this used to be a palace because there is no other place around here like this. She sat down and Jungkook sat next to her, comfortably placing his hand on her tight.

“What is it with you and putting your hands on me all the time?” She asked, the questions sounding harsher than intended. “I just can’t keep my hands-off you baby.” He replied with a smirk, sudden regrets coming back to her to accept this mission. “For dinner, I prepared chicken, vegetables and a salad. I found that expensive wine that you’ve been wanting to open. Please enjoy.” The maid announced before stepping out, leaving the two to eat together. “Dig in.” He said smirking as he picked up his knife and fork and began eating.

Y/n felt uncomfortable but began eating any way, the food tasted like she was in an expensive restaurant, she had never had such good quality food before this day. She grew up with a very poor family and only ate rice, even now she just managed to get by in a house with some furniture around that she needed. “Does it suit your taste buds?” Jungkook asked and she nodded, reaching forward and taking a sip of her wine that she’s been thinking about for a bit. It tasted like bitter fruit at first, soon turning a little sweet on the tip of her tongue.

 “Which side do you want?” Jungkook walked out of the bathroom, a white towel hung loose around his waist as he walked over to his wardrobe. Running his fingers through his damp, cold hair that was currently messy. But what y/n couldn’t tear her eyes away from was his toned chest, how was it possible for someone his age to be that ripped? He flashed her a toothy smile at the corner of his mouth when he noticed her stealing glances. Looking up from the magazine she was reading every now and then to get a quick look. “What’s your star sign?” She asked, pushing her frames back onto her face a little more.

He smirked, knowing she must be reading those horoscopes or something in her magazine. “Virgo.” He said as she looked down to find the one, before smirking. “The Virgin. Your element is Earth. Your planet is Mercury.” She said, chuckling slightly that he was considered a ‘virgin’ apparently. Jungkook walked over to the end of the bed, grabbing her ankles and pulling her towards him. The silk pyjama shorts rising slightly, exposing her thighs. His hands rested on her knees which were bent and by his sides.

“Virgin?” He arched an eyebrow and cocked his head to the side, eyes glaring into hers. She felt so nervous and intimidated. “I can tell you, that I have probably been with more people than you.” His husky voice was intoxicating to her, but she had to resist. “I think not. I really doubt that.” She said, smirking slightly. Pushing her frames onto her face since they were slipping slightly. “When was the last time you fucked someone?” His words made her cringed but she answered the question any way.

“The other night. At a bar, he walked me home and we slept together. He was big too, thick and veiny. The way I like it.” She felt like she was going too far. Who is this person? She thought to herself quietly. “I bet I could be better.” His hands soothed the skin on her thighs and he could feel her tense under his touch. “C’mon, let’s have a round. See who lasts longer.” He licked his lips seductively, and as much as y/n wanted to she voted against it. “How about no? I’m tired.” Was all she said before pushing him away and climbing under the covers.

Turning off her lamp and his left on and the only light left in the room. Jungkook quickly dressed himself in just some sweatpants and climbed into bed next to the girl. She was already warm and her body giving off heat, he couldn’t help but wrap and arm around her waist and pulled her body into him, her ass pushed into his crotch caused him to his, he hasn’t had sex in ages and was so needy right now. But he wasn’t going to be the one to cave in.


We all know Missouri Moseley is coming back. For me personally, I’m not looking forward to it. 

Let’s be clear here before the hate comes rolling in. I love Loretta Devine. I think she’s a beautiful woman and an amazing actress. The character of Missouri, I didn’t care for, for many reasons. 

The biggest one is how she treated Dean. She treated him with anger and contempt, not to mention how she spoke to others about him as if he was stupid and not worthy of anything. 

She pampered Sam and excluded Dean. She made Dean feel as if he wasn’t good enough and that can seriously fuck someone up especially if they’re already feeling that way about themselves.

I just found her to be deeply offensive so I’m not looking forward to her coming back and saying such bitter things about Dean to Dean or to others while Dean is in her presence. 

Dean is vulnerable in many ways, the last thing he needs is this woman in his face making him feel more worthless than he already feels about himself.

So, since she has to come back….Let’s hope that when she does, that she’s sympathetic, understanding and not as rude as she was before.


Waking up together, for the first time, is something Sana and Yousef both cherished and tried to enjoy as long as they could. Sana was lying in Yousef’s arms with her hair sometimes covering his face. Did he mind? Not at all. 

Sana turned around to face him, immediately finding his hands and holding them close to herself. They are both tired, they arrived last night. The couple, now a married couple, left for their honeymoon right after their wedding. 

They keep staring into each other’s eyes until Yousef leans forward and kisses Sana shortly but sweetly and lies back onto his pillow. 

“You’re beautiful, you know that, right?”, Yousef says and is still mesmerized by her beauty like the first time he saw her. Now that they are married, he thinks to himself, he has the privilege to wake up next to her every morning. To see her in her most natural state. Her hair messily falling down her shoulders, her face bare of any make-up, eyes still a little sleepy. 

Sana’s eyes only ever leave his when she looks at his face closely. The intimacy of being newly-wed, waking up in the same bed for the first time, makes Sana’s skin tingle. Yousef’s light fingertips on her hip contribute to that too. She knows he just woke up but his eyes still look so wide and bright. He has light stubble on his jaw even though the groom had his traditional appointment at the barber yesterday morning. 

“It doesn’t hurt that you keep reminding me.”, Sana answers with a smile. 

They end up lying there too long to still be able to have their breakfast at the hotel but they don’t care. They take their time getting ready and when they finally leave the hotel Sana is overwhelmed by the hot weather. She has never been a hot-weather kind-of woman but it doesn’t keep her from holding Yousef’s hand and intertwining their fingers. Yousef look around and turns to Sana.

“What do you want to do first?”, he asks her.

Sana laughs and looks up at her husband. “I don’t know, it’s my first time in Istanbul. What do I have to have seen of this city?”

She knows Yousef has been here many many times, with his family or with his cousins. Yousef looks down at his wife and thinks for a second. There is so much to see. Some big things he hasn’t seen and he has been here many times. “What do you think about exploring the European side of the city today and the Asian side tomorrow? The days after that we can figure out what to do.”

Sana nods and she doesn’t answer verbally but looks at him in the same loving way he looks at her for some time. Yousef can’t get rid of his smile but looks at her confused.

“What?”, he asks laughingly. 

“Nothing.”, Sana answers. “I’m just really really happy." 

Yousef immediately pulls Sana into hug and holds her close. He can’t believe he’s lucky enough to have married the most beautiful, intelligent, sweet woman he knows. "Is Sana Acar getting soft?” Sana loves how her newly changed name sounds from his mouth as much as Yousef loves saying it. 

“It’s the last name. It has that effect on me.”, Sana smirks.

When they part, he holds her hand again and pulls her towards a taxi stop. Yousef says something to the taxi driver but Sana doesn’t understand. She just observes as he speaks Turkish. It has something special hearing him speak his mother tongue.

After their late and long breakfast Sana quickly learns that Yousef didn’t kid around when he said they were going to explore the city. The streets of Istanbul are busy and so many different types of people walk past Sana and she definitely hears people speak more than Turkish. At one point Sana heard someone talking Arabic and she turned around so quickly that she ran into someone and almost fell over. She surely would have fallen if Yousef didn’t catch her in time. Yousef didn’t hesitate to make fun of her for that. But it’s a weird feeling hearing your mother tongue being spoken somewhere else than at home. In Oslo she knows in which boroughs she can expect people to speak another language than Norwegian. Here it just surprised her. Especially because, in contrast to Yousef, she has no clue what people around her are saying most of the time.

“Babe, please don’t do that again. I need you to stay in one piece.”, Yousef says with a grin and they keep walking. Sana looks up at him and narrows her eyes playfully but when he looks at her and smiles she breaks out in a smile herself. She is almost too happy, too content with her life to even act like she is mad at her husband. Almost.

“You only say that because Baba and Elias would kill you if something happened to me. Especially during our honeymoon!”, Sana exclaims and pulls away her hand out of his hand. He stares at her, looking deeply offended that she would do that and quickly walks over to her and wraps his arm around her shoulder.

“Not true! I plan on being with you for the rest of my life, so please don’t sabotage that.” Yousef can’t stop smiling and starts laughing. Sana joins in with her own laughter but sobers up before Yousef. They’ve stopped walking. 

Once more she leans away from him and teases Yousef: “See, you’re being selfish again! You’re only thinking about your own life!”

One more time Yousef looks so offended. He knows that she’s just joking but he just married the love of his life and even the slightest thought of not having her with him for the rest of their lives made his heart stop.

“Sana!”, he exclaims. “Don’t even joke about that! I’m not letting you go for the rest of our lives now that we’re finally at this point!”

Sana melts at his words and can’t even keep up her game to annoy him. It’s so funny to get him all riled up. With a soft smile she gets on her tip toes and places a lingering kiss on Yousef’s cheek. She wraps her arms around his neck and whispers: “I love you.”

Yousef wraps his arms around her and rests his chin on her head. He wants to tease Sana about being so openly soft with him but he can’t bring himself to do that. 

“I love you, too.”, he says back and Sana loosens the hug to look  at Yousef. Her husband looks to his right and tells Sana: “We’re here, by the way.”

Sana follows his gaze and sees a big, old, beautiful building. It’s a mosque but to be very honest, Sana doesn’t know which one it is. She knows that Turkey in general but also Istanbul has many beautiful mosques. Until now she has only ever seen pictures, partly sent to her by Yousef, and was always mesmerized. 

“It’s the Hagia Sophia.”, Yousef says. “It was a church first, was changed into a mosque in the Ottoman Empire and is now a museum." 

Sana and Yousef walk up to the entry and the way Sana looks at the facade of the building, how fascinated and interested she is, makes Yousef fall in love with her even deeper.

Before they enter Yousef mentions:” I told you I would take you here sometime.“

Sana looks at him, a little confused, with her eyebrows furrowed but as soon as Yousef opens his mouth it dawns on her. But she doesn’t interrupt him.

"Years ago, when I missed your pre-Eid party because… well, I was here. You remember?”

Sana nods: “Of course! I can’t believe you actually kept that small promise.”

“Did I ever not keep a promise I made to you?”, Yousef challenges his wife with a small smile. She shakes her head and wonders what she did to deserve this amazing man.


Lunch takes a lot longer than intended. Neither Yousef nor Sana minds though. It’s funny actually. Apparently the shop owner that was walking around the restaurant to see if everything is okay got talking with Yousef and when Yousef told him that they were actually on their honeymoon, the restaurant owner waved over a waiter.

Sana could only watch as Yousef shook his head at whatever the older man with greying hair was saying. Their conversation ended with the waiter going to the kitchen and the restaurant owner patting on Yousef’s shoulder and smiling politely at Sana.

Then, finally, Yousef turns back to Sana and smiles this distinct smile of his. He’s happy but at the same time unsure about something.

“Mentioning you’re newlywed brings out a lot of generosity in that guy. He just told the waiter to go get us a bit from every dessert they have. And it’s on the house.”, Yousef explains. He manages to look somewhat guilty and honored at the same time.

Sana picks up the menu card and flips through the pages. She then holds up the menu to Yousef and points out: “This dessert list doesn’t end!”

They both start laughing and later end up having a bit from every dessert that was brought to their table. Which was a lot because Sana barely was able to find place to put her phone on the table. She took a picture of all of it, featuring Yousef ducking down and grinning to fit into the frame and posted in on Instagram.

“I’m so full.”, Sana says and rubs her stomach. Yousef agrees and looks exhausted, from eating.

Then they hear a call for prayer. Not from Sana’s phone but from a mosque nearby. Sana and Yousef instantly look up and then to each other. Sana’s smile grows and Yousef admires the happiness he sees in Sana’s eyes.

Hearing a public call for prayer makes Sana insanely happy. That never happens back home. And it obviously makes sense. Norway is not a Muslim country, it’s barely a dominant Christian country but rather secular.

“The Blue Mosque is up this street!”, Yousef says and Sana nods. She takes Yousef’s hand again.

While Sana prays, Yousef waits outside. The sun is shining, many people are walking around. And a lady that sells flowers approaches Yousef while he is sitting there and scrolling through Instagram. He comes across the picture Sana posted of their lunch with him ducking into the picture and is tagged in. He like the picture and comments a heart.

Sana comes back out and has taken her time praying to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere in the mosque. She immediately finds Yousef who is waiting for her with his hands behind his back and a grin on his face.

Will he ever get used to how beautiful his wife is? It’s not only her outer beauty but also her inner beauty that makes her glow.

“Why are you smiling at me like that?”, Sana asks him smilingly.

Yousef shrugs and holds out one of his hand for Sana to take and pulls her close to himself. “Let me be happy to see my wife.”

“I haven’t been gone for long.”, Sana laughs and leans in Yousef’s side. He draws out his other hand and holds out a rose for Sana. She quickly takes it from his hand and goes to smell it. She looks at Yousef and smiles lovingly.

“I know roses are not your favorites but I still wanted to get it for you.”

Sana kisses him on the cheek; she is not a fan of PDA. “Are you kidding? That doesn’t even matter. Thank you!”

As their last stop in the city for the first day, the couple goes to the Grand Bazaar. There is no way that they would be able to explore all of it in one day, in the last hours it’s still open. But they still have their fun. Sana and Yousef go from store to store, from stand to stand. It’s overwhelming at first because there is so much going on but Sana loves it. Yousef tells her this might be one of his favorite places in Istanbul because his grandma would always take him here when they were here.

They walk around but have to stop so many times because either Yousef or Sana sees something they need to get a closer look at.

Their last stop for the day at the Grand Bazaar is a huge sweets stand. There is so much different stuff in so many colors that it’s hard to concentrate on one thing. Both look around and eat from a few samples that are given out.

Sana once again notices how someone starts talking to Yousef. She doesn’t really listen because she won’t understand much. Yousef has taught her a few words already but not nearly enough to understand a conversation. She still hears the woman at the other side of the counter say something after Yousef responded nodding the first time.

“Eşiniz çok güzelmiş, maşallah!”

Sana understands the last word but nothing else. She quickly looks at Yousef who is also looking at her and smiles. Then he looks back at the woman and nods. He responds but Sana doesn’t get any of it.

“What did she say?”, Sana whispers to him once the woman is preoccupied with another customer.

Yousef hugs her to his side and answers: “She just pointed out how pretty you are.”

Sana furrows her eyebrows sceptically. Yousef laughs and kisses her on the top of her head. “Don’t look at me like that. Everyone is appreciating your beauty!”

He makes Sana blush and she buries her face in his chest for a second. While Sana is more subtle in showing her love for him, he straight out just compliments her non-stop. Since they became a couple he lost all his filters when it comes to complimenting her. Sana loved that he cared so much but at the same time she is more reserved with showing affection and it made her nervous, but in a good way. Sana’s friends just found it adorable.

Sana tilts her head back, her chin still on Yousef’s chest, and says with so much adoration for him: “I love you.”

Yousef laughs and nods: “I know and I love you, too.”, and hugs her close. 

On their way back to the hotel that is very close to the Kilyos beach, both of them are on their phones, checking messages and social media. Neither of them used their phones much the whole day, they mostly just took pictures with them. They both sit in the back of the taxi and Sana starts reading the comments on the picture she posted at lunch.

“Please don’t get diabetes! You should share with us to prevent that!”, commented Isak.

“ Ohh Ahhh!! I’m crashing the honeymoon if the food is so good!”, commented Adam.

“ Sana, you have the best view you could wish for!!”, Noora commented.

“I’m jealous! My best friend and sister enjoying all that without me. I’m offended!”, Elias commented. 

Chirs answered to Elias’ comment: “Hey, don’t give the love birds a guilty conscious! They’re on their honeymoon!”

And there are a few more from their friends. Sana laughs and shows her phone to Yousef. He turns his phone to Sana and shows her that he’s been reading the same things. 

Instead of going straight to the hotel to eat, they decide to go on a walk on the beach. With their shoes in their hands they walk along the almost empty beach, good thing it’s a week-day, and watch the sun set.

“You know, you really have to teach me more Turkish.”, Sana says out of nowhere. Yousef looks at her with a smile and nods.

“Of course. You’ve learned some things already, though!”, he had so much fun teaching her. Because let’s be honest, he knows Sana is better academically than he is and being able to show her something she doesn’t already know was very fun.

Sana laughs and goes closer to the water. “I only know a few words, how to count, more or less, and how to properly say the names of your cousins.”

“But you do all that very well!”, Yousef laughs and joins her going to the edge of the water.

Sana looks at him acting offended: “It’s not enough! I want to be able to talk to your side of our family without you as a translator in-between!”

Yousef’s heart grows ten sizes hearing Sana say ‘our family’. “You haven’t taught me enough Arabic either, yet! How am I going to talk to your side of the family?”

Sana kicks a little bit of water at Yousef and instead of running away from it he gets closer to his wife. She answers: “My problem is more urgent. We’re going to see your family this weekend! It’s going to be so embarrassing and they’re going to think I don’t care enough about them to learn the language.”, she rambles on and waves around her hands. Yousef catches her hands and brings them close his chest first and then kisses them. He looks back at Sana and shakes his head.

At the end of their honeymoon Sana and Yousef will be visiting Yousef’s family members that could not come to the wedding. Some of his and some of her family flew over to Norway to attend the wedding but not all of them could do that.

“Sana, I can assure you nobody is going to think that! They all love you!" 

"They haven’t met me, yet. How would they love me if they don’t know me?”, Sana complains and gets overwhelmed with anxiety in that moment. She tried to be positive but now they are married and what if they don’t approve and think she is the wrong person for Yousef. It wouldn’t change anything about how Sana loves Yousef but she also knows that family is very important to him.

“Because..”, Yousef answers, “I have told them all about you. They’ve seen you over skype and face-time before. We send them videos from our wedding. Mom and dad told them how much they love you. You have no reason to be worried.”

Sana’s face softens and she goes to hug Yousef. He also wraps his arms around her but then says mischievously: “Now that that’s cleared, let’s get back at you for kicking water at me.”, and lifts Sana and spins in the water with Sana in his arms. She quickly wraps her arms around his neck and shrieks surprised. 

“Yousef, stop, o God. Don’t let me fall!”

Slowly Yousef stops and looks at Sana. She’s laughing by now and doesn’t really mind this at all. 

“Don’t you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you. I wouldn’t have married you if I didn’t.”

“Good. So we trust each other!”

“Yeah, we trust each other!”

Minutes later Yousef finds himself chasing Sana down the beach. Sana laughs uncontrollably which makes her slower than she usually is but that doesn’t matter because the same goes for Yousef. Finding seaweed, that doesn’t look or feel good, and putting it on your husband’s head might make him chase after you. 

Yousef manages to catch her and with his hands around her waist he lifts her and twirls in the sand. When he lets her down, she is a little dizzy and wants to sit down and pulls Yousef down onto the sand with her. They end up lying there, directly on the sand. Sana leaning on Yousef, they’re holding hands.

“In which language are we going to raise our children?”, Yousef suddenly asks. They’ve been lying there and just enjoying the light breeze and each other’s company without saying anything for the past minutes. 

Sana doesn’t move from her position but thinks about it. She thought about having children someday, with Yousef, but never about this specific thing: “I… don’t know, to be honest.”

“Well, we both grew up bilingual. What if our children grow up with Norwegian, Arabic and Turkish?”

Sana realizes he must have thought about this before. She puts her head on his shoulder and looks up at him with a thoughtful expression. “I mean we grew up with two languages and it only influenced us positively so I guess so.”

Sana can’t help but imagine little children, their children, running around their home. She really doesn’t rush to have children; she has a lot to do career-wise, as does Yousef. 

“We’ll look into it when it’s time.”, Yousef says and Sana agrees with a 'Hmm’. Yousef is not quite done yet, though. “Which is hopefully sooner than later.”

Yousef leans up a little and sees Sana smile to herself when he says that but a few seconds later Sana says: “Yousef, we already have a child in our marriage.”, she looks at him and smile innocently, “You’re mentally a child sometimes.”

Yousef gasps in an overly dramatic way: “I’m hurt, Sana Acar!”

“And I somehow still love you.”, Sana laughs and sits up. 

Yousef does the same and pats away the sand that’s stuck on Sana’s light blue hijab. “You better! Because we still need to figure out in which language to raise our children!”

Tripping Over the Blue Line (31/45)

It’s a transition. That’s what Emma’s calling it. She’s transitioning from one team to another, from one coast to another and she’s definitely not worried. Nope. She’s fine. Really. She’s promised Mary Margaret ten times already. So she got fired. Whatever. She’s fine, ready to settle into life with the New York Rangers. She’s got a job to do. And she doesn’t care about Killian Jones, captain of the New York Rangers. At all.

He’s done. One more season and he’s a free agent and he’s out. It’s win or nothing for Killian. He’s going to win a Stanley Cup and then he’s going to stop being the face of the franchise and he’s going to go play for some other garbage team where his name won’t be used as puns in New York Post headlines. That’s the plan. And Emma Swan, director of New York Rangers community relations isn’t going to change that. At all.

They are both horrible liars.

Rating: Mature
Content Warnings: Swearing, eventual hockey-type violence
AN: This is just like…a big ball of fluff wrapped up in wedding cake tastings. And charity game programs. This is also the quasi-calm before the slightly metaphorical storm. AKA, free agency is the worst. I can’t thank you guys enough for continuing to be so psyched about this story (not to mention its sequels and just a questionable number of words). It’s fantastic. As always @laurnorder, @distant-rose & @beautiful-swan made this better. Also. Chris Kreider scored last night and the Rangers won a game. 
Living on Ao3, and tag’ed up on Tumblr

Mary Margaret’s loft looked a little bit like a high school locker room.

Of course, Killian didn’t mention that. He had, at least, some tact. And it smelled far better than a high school locker room.

There was, however, the problem of navigating the already minimal amount of floor space as soon as Emma swung the door open.

“How do you even move in here?” Killian muttered, trailing a few steps behind Emma as she weaved her way through the several dozen piles of papers, fabric samples and what might have actually been boxes of cake.

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Sunday Afternoon

Part 1

@butiaintgonnaloveem set an AMAZING challenge; Must be about Baby, our beloved Impala. So I picked the following song (please listen to it first) that I fell in love with and this fic is what resulted. It’s 6k words, so it’s in 2 parts… enjoy

Song: Groovin (The Young Rascals)
Characters: Reader, John, Dean, Sam
Warnings: fluff, angst, supernatural themes, death, blood…
A/N: Thank you to the marvelous @avasmommy224 for being my beta on this, you’re one amazing woman!
Summary: A shared love for an Impala brings people closer together, whether they know it or not… (shit summary but I don’t want to spoil anything)

Originally posted by abreaktocome

May 29th, 1967: I’d been saving up all my money for that bloody car. I knew exactly what I wanted. I’d even asked the bank about a loan so I could get it faster, but oh no… no loan for a travelling woman who didn’t have a solid job, or a home!
I finally had enough money for the car of my dreams, a 1965 Ford Mustang!
I almost ran to the car lot when I received my pay for the month.
I had walked past this car for the past year, the only reason it was still here was that i’d put a deposit on it last year, Gary the owner of the car yard knew me well by now. I was in every other week, just staring and mumbling to the precious baby.
3.27pm; when you’re whole life changes, you want to be able to pinpoint it when you look back.
I rushed into the car yard, looked to my left, two cars back, I already had my finger pointed and I said you’ll be all mine soon, baby, but all the cars had been moved around and it was out before I’d even realized. The sleek, shining, red, Ford Mustang had been swapped for a twinkling, black, brand new, Chevrolet Impala.
Did my world change or what?
Gary came out, waving the papers at me, but I ignored him. I went straight over to the car. I had to see her, had to touch her. She was a siren and I was caught in her song.
“YN, your car’s over here.” Gary tried to loop a hand around my waist but I wasn’t budging.
“How much is she?” I whispered. I was in a trance, I wasn’t leaving here without this beauty.
“Four thousand.” To give Gary credit, he did try and talk me round, he spent ages begging me to come over to the Ford, he mentioned the deposit more than once, but it wasn’t till I held my switchblade to him that he gave in.
And I couldn’t believe it either, she was cheaper than the Ford.
“She’s mine.” I whispered, nodding at my decision.
“But…” Gary tried again but one stern look in his direction and he got the point. He hurried off to the office for the paperwork.

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Happy 200th birthday, Serena!

My dearest baby Serena da Silva has her birthday today, October 17th, and it’s not just any birthday - today marks the day she was born 200 years ago! EEEP how exciting is that? You only get to celebrate an anniversary like that once in your lifetime!

If you’re unfamiliar with Serena, she is my character from my book project series for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, in which she plays a major role. She’s probably the character nearest and dearest to my heart, and she tends to be a fan favourite among readers as well, so I wanted to do something extra special for this particular anniversary.

So here comes: a birthday feature! In which I display all the amazing gifts Serena has received today.

First of all, I want to show the wip of what I had planned to do for Serena, which unfortunately I couldn’t finish in time since my laptop screen broke at the WORST. TIMING. EVER. I meant to have this artwork ready for today, but since I won’t be able to finish it until later, I’ll share a wip of the clean sketch:

I must admit, I’m quite proud of it! It’s the first time I experiment with perspective and interiors for real, and I also usually suck at drawing animals, but Cleo (Serena’s cat) came out quite okay here, so I’m happy! I hope I’ll be able to finish it sooner rather than later.

And now, let’s get into the amazing gifts my baby has received today AAAHHH!


If you’ve been following me for a while, you might know that @juliajm15 is an art goddess who’s been making amazing beautiful fanart of my characters for the past couple years. She always goes so above and beyond for me, and that can be seen by LOOKING AT THIS GORGEOUS PIECE OF SERANIEL FANART.



I just had to mention that.

OMG I die over how perfect and cute and romantic this is, it just completely captures the essence and emotion of that scene in my book! I feel so blessed and privileged, how am I ever gonna recover from this perfection?

But not only did she do this amazing gorgeous romantic piece for me, she also did a complete remake of Serena’s character portrait and DAMN SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS.

HOW does she always manage to capture Serena so perfectly? Ugh I honestly just can’t with this perfection, I just can’t. That expression, that hair, those LIPS. Okay, I’m gonna move on because I could literally gush about Serena’s face all day, but then we’d miss out on all the other amazing gifts she received today! Just, thank you so much @juliajm15 my darling, you’re such a generous and ultra skilled human being, thank you so much for being in my life and supporting me always


So meme and aesthetics queen @shaelinwrites totally disarmed me today when she sent me THIS GORGEOUS MOODBOARD FOR SERENA OH MY LORD.

LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS WINTER AESTHETIC. OMG LOOK, CLEO MADE A CAMEO ON THE BOTTOM LEFT. Omg these colours are just too beautiful I CAN’T. The art supplies, the gesture and expression of this girl, it’s all SO Serena. The whole feel of this moodboard is just so romantic and cosy and wintery and ugh, the nightgown, the long dark hair. I’m aware I’m just rambling and gushing throughout this post DEAL WITH IT.

And @shaelinwrites didn’t stop there, no, as any good bae, she knew how important the bae is. HAVE SOME MORE SERANIEL, THIS TIME BLACK AND WHITE SEXY EDITION.


All of this is literally just so accurate. Like, it’s so friggin’ hard to find good stock images that can embody a fictional character, BUT MY BAE DID IT *CRIES*. Thank you so much bae, omg this surprise was such a highlight today!!


Another dear friend of mine (who’s a total cinnamon roll btw), @coffeeandcalligraphy, also went above and beyond for my character’s birthday because LOOK AT THIS:

I swear, everyone remembers the bae Baeniel. Eeeeeveryone.


I actually can’t??? Like how do I have so many talented af friends??? I must be a talent MAGNET I’m telling ya.

Oh and Rachel had the same idea as Baelin and went the sexy Black and White edition with the OTP as well:

BECAUSE CAN WE EVER HAVE TOO MUCH SEXINESS? I THINK NOT. Thank you so much @coffeeandcalligraphy I swear your art just blows me away, you’re improving at such a rapid pace, slow down, I can’t keep up


Also @sarahkelsiwrites is a close friend of mine, and actually @coffeeandcalligraphy‘s twin sister (gotta collect the whole pack amirite), and as part of her inktober challenge she did THIS GORGEOUS INKED PORTRAIT OF SERENA:

LIKE OMG OKAY SO the Victorian aesthetic is on POINT here, and OMG I love that her Hispanic features are soooo visible here. ALSO DAMN, THE DETAIL ON THE JEWELLERY. THE INKING OF THIS IS ALSO SO GREAT, LIKE, DO YOU SEE THE LINES IN HER HAIR???? I’m sorry, I’m an artist, I have to appreciate it when I see good craft, okay? I also gotta note that I’m living for how everyone always remembers Serena’s choker because girl never goes without one

Ugh HER EYES AND LIPS okay I gotta stop. I mention the eyes and lips every time, when will I switch it up. NEVER. Okay, glad we got that settled.

(Yes, I’m a dork, but only when I’m overwhelmed with this much love and beauty, I swear.)

Also omg THE SONG LYRICS, THOSE ARE SELENA GOMEZ LYRICS, AND IT’S STARS DANCE, AND I LOVE THAT SONG, AND IT’S SO RELEVANT, AND I’M ACTUALLY SHOOK. LORD thank you so much @sarahkelsiwrites god I just can’t believe how friggin’ talented and generous and thoughtful all of you are, I will never get over it.


So I’ve not mentioned this, but not too long ago I was totally taken by surprise and utterly *shook* when I received a private message on the site where I have Memoirs posted. This long message came from an angel named Constance, who registered a profile just to tell me how much she adored my story, give me fanart, and TELL ME SHE’S TRANSLATING THE ENTIRE THING TO FRENCH BRUH.

So if any of you out there are speaking French and not super comfortable with English, but still interested in reading Memoirs, it’s Constance you wanna hit up. She’s got you covered.

But back to the FANART.

Constance is working on this GORGEOUS Serena fanart for me, and while it’s not all finished yet, she said I could still post it for the birthday feature! (I’m going to update the post with the finished piece once it’s ready)

LOOK HOW CUTE AND PRETTY AND YOUNG MY SERENA IS HERE. THIS DRESS IS SO PRETTY, I DIE. OMG SHE HAS THE LOCKET. I realise like 90% of this post is all caps, but WHO CAN BLAME ME? I’m so #blessedyouknow right.

All I wanted in my life is Serena in a pink pretty dress. Thank you for realising my dreams, Constance *cries* and thank you so much for the endless support and this generosity! Seeing other people getting so invested in my story and characters really moves me so much, it’s all that I could hope for waaahh.

2k17 - Birthday One Shot

Okay, so I know how I said I couldn’t finish my artwork for Serena in time as I had intended, which made me very, very Sad™, BUT. I came up with something else.

So this was actually SUPER spontaneous and I usually NEVER do something like this, but I took a chance, and you know what? It worked out. I just wanna say thank you so much to my bae @shaelinwrites who pushed and motivated me to do this, I dunno what happened, but you must’ve transferred some of your writing machine abilities to me, because I actually managed to finish an entire one shot in JUST ONE DAY. (Are you as shook as I am? Cuz I can never seem to finish a chapter so I’m shook.)

Since I couldn’t finish my artwork for Serena like I planned, I decided to write a short fluffy non-canon one shot for her birthday. It was super spontaneous and unplanned, but it actually came surprisingly easy to write! I’ve not written in first person in many, many years, so this was really a leap of faith LOL, but I like the end result! A major thanks to @shaelinwrites, who encouraged me and critiqued the short before publication, and @coffeeandcalligraphy, @sarahkelsiwrites and @juliajm15 for giving it a read and telling me their thoughts as well! I hope you all enjoy this little piece of fluff; since I’m taking so long to write my book, maybe this can keep y’all entertained meanwhile

Thank you so much to everyone who’s supported me and celebrated Serena’s birthday with me, even just in spirit! It makes the long journey all worth it, knowing there are people out there who care (’:

(short story starts under the cut!)

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While you were sleeping - thepurplewombat - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Six months after the last time they stood together in 221B, John brings Sherlock home. It’s not at all as he had imagined it. He had thought that he’d help Sherlock up the stairs, Sherlock bitching all the way. He thought Sherlock would lie on the couch and whinge for John to bring him tea and his phone and his laptop, and he would have to stop Sherlock from trying to do too much too soon, and he thought that maybe, finally, someday, they’d have the opportunity to say all the things they’ve never had the guts to say before.

Basically, he thought Sherlock would wake up.

But Sherlock hasn’t woken up, and every day he doesn’t wake up the odds of him ever doing so go down. Sherlock would have been able to tell John by exactly how much those odds fall every day, but Sherlock’s not here so John will just…carry on.

221B looks a bit different now. Mycroft’s people have been through, converting Sherlock’s bedroom into something suitable for the long-term care of coma patients. The bed is new; high enough that John won’t kill his back doing all the million and one things Sherlock will need done, and adjustable. With the alterations comes Miss Natasha, a stunning redhead with the faintest trace of a Russian accent, who will be acting as Sherlock’s carer when – if - John eventually goes back to the clinic. She moves into 221C and immediately charms Mrs Hudson, tells her to call her Nat, and chatters to her in Russian when they think John can’t hear them. Mycroft said she was ‘on loan’ but didn’t say where from, and John doesn’t ask. She moves like Mary did when she thought he wasn’t looking, so he thinks assassin, but she came from Mycroft, so…bodyguard?

Nat teaches John how to do Sherlock’s exercises. He has to be turned every few hours, and his muscles and joints have to be worked. Nat won’t let John do the more personal tasks for Sherlock, and when he argues she asks him if he really thinks Sherlock would want him to see him like this? John gives up, and lets her deal with the intimate details.

Mycroft comes by once a week and John leaves the two of them alone. John doesn’t know what Mycroft talks about to Sherlock, and doesn’t ask, but once as he leaves John can swear he sees the remains of tears on Mycroft’s face. Mummy and Father visit less often, Molly almost every day. Lestrade mainly comes around to bitch at Sherlock to wake up, because the Met’s solve rate is going down the cacky without him. Some nights John comes down and Mrs Hudson is asleep in the chair by Sherlock’s bed, her knitting limp in her hands.

John shaves Sherlock’s face every morning and his head once a week. He doesn’t like the way Sherlock looks naked without his curls, but John can’t keep the curls as clean as Sherlock did, and Sherlock absolutely despised having his hair dirty. He sets a reminder on his phone to have someone come by to do Sherlock’s nails, and phones Sherlock’s favourite place himself. The owner comes herself – owed him a favour, naturally. She doesn’t mention money and neither does John, and she cries as she files and clips and scours and massages and anoints Sherlock’s hands and feet. She leaves behind a bottle of hand lotion that smells like Sherlock, and John uses it when he massages Sherlock’s limbs to keep the blood flowing. She comes back two weeks later without John having phoned, and just like that it’s a routine.

John spends his days by Sherlock’s bedside, reading to him from technical manuals and women’s mags and – occasionally, and maybe in the hope that it will make him wake up if only to tell John to shut up – novels. He reads Austen to Sherlock with a sense of malicious glee, and secretly thinks that Darcy reminds him a bit of someone he knows. He tells Sherlock that, just to be annoying.


Three months later, Mycroft shows up at the door with a baby. John’s baby.

“My people tracked Mary down in Mexico,” he says as John stares in awe at the tiny person in his arms. “She’s yours. Had you thought about baby names?”

John blinks at him for a long time before the question really sinks in.

“Is Sherlock really a girl’s name?” he blurts, and Mycroft snorts in laughter. John’s never really seen Mycroft laugh like that before, and it piles another layer of surreality on top of…well, everything. The neatness of the flat, the faint beeping of the heart monitor from the open door to Sherlock’s room. Mycroft, undone enough to laugh.

“No, but Sherlock did once say that if he were a girl, he would want to be called Violet.”

And that’s how Violet Wilhelmina Watson gets her name.

Mycroft’s people arrive with nappies and bottles and clothes and a cot and all the million and one other things that John never thought to need, after Mary disappeared between Baker Street and Bart’s six months ago. Violet is six months old when she comes to Baker Street, with her mother’s big eyes and the Watson nose. Poor tyke.

John sits in his armchair next to Sherlock’s bed to feed her her first bottle, and tells Sherlock what she looks like.

“She’s so beautiful, Sherlock, you can’t even imagine how beautiful she is,” and John’s heart is so full that it spills over from his eyes, tears dripping on Violet’s sleeping face.

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I liked how Guts put a bunch of ferns on Casca to cover her while they were in the cave.

It was so simple - he did it because his cape was still wet - but it was kind of sweet too, even though that wasn’t his intention. Guts knew that Casca had to be taken care of, so here he went outside under the cover of darkness in enemy territory to collect a bunch of leaves to cover her up (because at this point, he probably wanted to keep her modest more than warm).

Not to mention she looked really beautiful, so it was pretty sensual too.


It’s like, they fought A LOT during this chapter, but hot damn Guts went above and beyond to take care of her.

From bringing her water:

To giving her his shirt:

He’s even making her medicine!

He’s only short of making her dinner.


(Yeah it takes places volumes later but who cares?)


Guts for house husband

Casca is super hot au naturale in actual nature

So a while back myself and @starfleetwitch came up with a few ideas for a fic that I was going to write and the fantastically talented @starfleetwitch was going to draw art for. I’m so pleased (and excited because the art is super incredible) to say it’s finished now and I really hope you guys like it!

Ad Astra (to the stars)

The soft piano music filled the restaurant, quiet chatter added to the mix as Serena followed Bernie to their table. Bernie pulled a chair out for Serena and Serena looked up with a smile and sat down. She gently placed her hand on Bernie’s arm and said thank you.

Sitting opposite from Serena, Bernie reached over and took Serena’s hand into her own.

“Have I mentioned how beautiful you look tonight?” Bernie said, her eyes cast upon the sleek black dress Serena was wearing. It clung to her in all the right places and had a hint of cleavage, which Bernie had trouble finding her words the moment she first laid eyes on Serena and it certainly looked like this was going to be repeated.

“I’m up here.” Serena said and Bernie looked up, a slight blush across her cheeks as she found Serena smirking at her.

“Sorry.” Bernie muttered and Serena shook her head.

“Never be sorry, I quite like being ogled. Only if it’s you doing the ogling of course!” Serena said with an amused expression. They both reached for the menus and before Serena could get to it, Bernie was already holding the wine list in front of Serena, even though Bernie was looking down at the menu, Serena could see the smug smile. After deciding what they wanted to eat and having a healthy discussion of what wine was going to be the best, (With Bernie eventually giving in to Serena’s wishes, she knew fully well not to disagree with Serena when it came to wine.) they ordered the food and waited for the wine to come. Serena glanced over at the man playing the piano and smiled, she always loved coming to this restaurant and she knew Bernie did as well.

This was the fourth time they had come now and each time added a new memory for the both of them. There was empty floor space next to the piano where couples went up to dance, a large decorated window at the back, which gave a view to the beautiful patio area. Bernie followed Serena’s gaze, smiling as she thought back to the first time they danced, how they swayed perfectly in time and the way they held one another, their bodies coming together as one.

“Care to dance Ms Campbell?” Bernie asked and they both shared a smile, knowing that was how Bernie asked the first time.

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Imagine #45 || Request #40

I don’t know how to distinguish your past self and present self so maybe I’ll do a name change? Just so you, the reader, is still both the past and present person here. I think it’s like a reincarnation of you but you don’t know who you were in the past (hope I’m making sense huhu)Also, I somehow changed the timeline from being a month to a few/several months because I feel like a month is too quick. And this is somewhat more on Brett’s POV, I guess? if errors occur so sorry O:)

Y/N- Your Name (Past (you)-Banshee)

Y/N/N - You Nickname (Present (still you)-Human)

Hope you guys enjoy this one!


“How is he?” Scott asked Lori once he saw her seated on the bleachers supporting his brother before the game started, her face saddens the slightest at the mention of his brother and what happened only a few months ago.

“He’s trying,” Lori answered, knowing full well the effort his brother was making in trying to move on with himself knowing that Y/N wouldn’t like it if he’d hold up himself in the past and sulk. “Still has his episodes though, you probably know how it is to lose an anchor.”

That caught Scott off guard but he did know what it felt like, but now it didn’t bother him as much as before because now his pack was his anchor. And seeing how Brett was yesterday, he seemed like he was slowly getting better-kept himself distracted with lacrosse.

“Yeah, it does take time.” The Alpha only gave a comforting smile towards Lori before telling her that he needed to go back to the locker rooms to get ready.

“How was it?” Liam and Stiles caught up with Scott once they saw him enter the locker room, curious what was now happening with the werewolf of the other pack.

“Lori said that he’s still having his episodes, but he’s trying.” Scott answered, not really elaborating on the ‘episodes’ Lori mentioned but he knew that they knew what it meant since they were there to experience it first-hand.

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Imagine Yomo taking Ayato and Hinami to Itori’s bar to visit Uta and stuff, and Itori is like “ohhh look who’s here!! Hinami-chan!!” and she doesn’t stop mentioning how beautiful she has grown and that she’s a woman now, so they all start drinking normally but Itori makes sure that Hinami takes a few more drinks of blood whine until she feels dizzy and starts saying nonsense and laughing way too much, so Ayato has to take her back to :re and piggybacking is the only option, besides Ayato is feeling grumpy because he only went to Itori’s to follow Hinami around like he usually does. 


request: Can you write Roman going to Starbucks and he’s meeting a girl there? Then they get to know each other and spend there time together?

a/n: i’m not sure if this is really want you wanted, but i hope you like it!! :-) it starts out as a flashback and then switches to present day.

Roman steps into Starbucks and looks around. It’s early on a Saturday morning, so the coffee shop is bustling with people and the smell of freshly brewed coffee, but he’s not even sure if she’s here yet. He takes a second to glance around the shop and he finally spots her sitting at a table in the corner – she’s already ordered her coffee and she’s scrolling through her phone. He takes a deep breath before walking over to her.

“Hi,” he says shyly. She looks up at him. “Are you y/n?”

“Yes, hi. Roman, right?” She smiles at him and Roman’s almost knocked off his feet, she’s so beautiful. When Erik Durm set him up with y/n, he failed to mention how attractive she is. He doesn’t want to admit that he’s the kind of guy to get butterflies around a pretty girl, but he’s pretty sure the nervous feeling in his stomach are butterflies going crazy.

“It’s nice to meet you,” he says as he sits down across from her. “You know, I don’t normally get up this early on a weekend. I’m not really a morning person.”

“Oh, I must be special then,” she smiles. “If you’re willing to get up early for me.”

“Well, Erik said you’re special,” Roman says. referring to their mutual friend who set them up together. “I believe him.”

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Adventure - VIII

They walked in together, his hand at her lower back, guiding her like he came here everyday. It was a beautiful place and she sometimes felt, as she had for the past week or so, that this must all be a dream. That she would wake up in her bed back home and realize she imagined all this. But she felt his fingers leave a trail against her as he moved his hand to pull her chair out for her.

“Such a gentleman,” she said with a small smile.

“I try my best. The jacket helps. By the way, have I mentioned how stunning you look tonight?”

“You have actually, but I don’t mind if you tell me again.”

“Well, you are. Absolutely beautiful. In every way. You know,” he went on, lowering his voice a bit and leaning in closer to her as he sat down across from her. “Sometimes I don’t know how this happened. How I got so damn lucky.”

She shook her head. “You’re wrong.”


“Wrong about you being the lucky one, I mean. That’s me. Trust me. I have you and that’s… “ Her voice trailed off.

He smiled at her, but didn’t say anything else. The conversation stalled between them for a while and they ate and drank in comfortable silence.

“I don’t ever want to leave here,” she said after a while. “Not here. But just… this experience. I just want to do this for the rest of our lives and have that be enough for us.”

“It’s like the real world just pales in comparison now.”

“Exactly. How do we go back to our boring, everyday lives now?”

“Well,” he said contemplatively. “I guess we take these memories with us and know we’ll always have them. And we take this time we’ve spent together and look back on it and remember how incredible this was. And boring?” he added, shaking his head. “With us together? Living our lives as one? I thought I could only dream of that. Of us truly being together. But now it’s my reality and that’s just…”

“I know,” she said softly. “I know. It is.”

Their eyes were focused on each other and neither one seemed to know what to say next.

“You want any dessert?” he asked her, and she almost laughed. “Pick whatever you like. Or get everything if you can’t choose. Whatever you want.”

“I just want you,” she whispered to him.