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BTS reacting when their gf is scared when they’re mad/jealous

anon:Hello, how would bts react to girlfriend being scared of them when they are mad/jealous

Thank you for request! Enjoooy~ Hope that you’ll like it^^


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This fight was nugacity. You fight over who of you should make dinner for your parents. Jin wanted to impress them but you know how to make what they liked. Jin feel aggrieved. It’s hard to make Jin like this but at this time he was mad. When he yell at you and you just flinch, he frooze. He would be mad at himself that he made you scared. Jin would stop this and came to you slowly. Hugging you he whisper that it was last time making you scared becouse of him and that he is sorry.

“I would never hurt you. I don’t know what make you scared but I’m sorry.”


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When Suga arugue with you it would be a real fight. Anyone who was around leaves room, don’t want to be nearby you two. That day was one of the worst in his life and now you pick at him for some stupid reasons. He can’t take a pipe and raise his voice like never before. You can’t control your fear. He lower his voice and leave house-filled with remorse. Even when you two made up, he still remember you scared of him and can’t snap of it.

“Let’s not get into argument again. It’s not good for us and you.”


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I see him crying. Like, how his precious Y/N can be scared of him when he never do anything to you. He know him spending more time with members can annoy you and even make you jelly but being scared? It was too much for him. Hoseok would try everything to never be angry again and if he can’t stand him emotions more, would ask you to leave him alone mostly calmly how he can. You would leave him to back chocolate because “it’s perfect for every time”

"You’re the best jagii. I promise that you won’t feel like this again”


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BTS had tour in Japan. You felt lonely and your old besfriend back to Korea from college.It’s a guy so you don’t want to tell your bf becasue you knew his reaction-jealous.When he had fansign one fan showed him a pic of you with your friend asking if he knows him.Saying that he was mad is to weak. He come back to Seul and argue with you about why you didn’t tell him.You were always scared when he’s angry. Jonnie would try to understand why you feel that way. He’ll try to make you sure that there is nothing to be scared about and that’s his fault that you felt that way. But also he would talk with you in a calm way about your friend.

“Next time just tell me, Y/N. I know that I might be scary but it’s reasons to be scared. You promise me that you’ll try and I’ll promise that I’ll be less jealous”


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His come back will be in few days. He spend a lot of time in practie room. You was mad at him becase of that. You wanted normal realtionship like all your friends. Going to cinema, spending time together walking about-it was your dream. And this is reason of this fight. Jimin defend his view at this situation. He hope that you understand that but now he is dissapointed that you don’t. Career is very important for him, same like you. You never see Jimin acting like this before. He was mad-very mad. You were scared to say anything and give any voice. When Jimin raise his head to see you cringe in fear, he stopped and thinking what he did. You have to prove him  that you’re fine and it was just instinct and that you know that he’s calm person in real.

“You felt awful right? I’ll change my schedule, promise. I won’t hurt you. You know it, right?”


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What can make person like Tae mad or jealous? I think that appreciating one of his members more then him. He knew that hard-working Yoongi make you always admiration him. But he don’t like it. When Suga asks you about one of his songs, V told him to leave you alone and go away. You don’t understang him. He’s his hyung, his older brother and now he’s rude for him. When both of you were alone you asked about this and Tae zoom out. Words are fall from his lipis one by one. Everything would be fine if his voice won’t be that agressive. You just wanted to leave this room. Run away and back when he’ll be calm. But you started to cry from fear. He would be schocked and don’t know what to say.Then he started to crying with you. He let you know that he understands you and thought how to made it up-still crying with you in his arms.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. *chlip, chlip* It won’t happen again. But please, give me some attention too.*chlip* I love you..”


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Making his Y/N scared and beacuse of him would be like end of the world for him. This was your first ever argument with eachother. You don’t even know why you fight. He wanted to be calm but he can’t. He loves you but this was enough. His face and eyes changed, tighten his naprapathy. This look can be frightening, don’t you think? He would regret this fight after seeing your reaction. He would begging you for forgivness and when you started to laughing because he extremely change again, he would feel relief.

“I think that this is charm of being in realtionship. But why were you scared, Y/N? I have to know to not do this again. You have to trust me”

Here's a list of things you can do for/with your little !!

baking (esp. cookies or brownies)
bedtime stories and being tucked in
being a princess
being told you’re too little to do ____
blanket forts
blowing bubbles
braided hair & pigtails
bubble baths
candy & cookies
candyland the board game
chocolate milk
cute clothes
coloring (esp. with crayons)
cotton candy
crafting in general
if relevant…. diaper checks & changing
helping make dinner
dressing up
firework sparklers
forehead/cheek kisses
glittery things of all forms
glow in the dark anything
cute hair accessories
hair brushing
head patting
holding hands
hugs & cuddling
ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles
juice boxes
jump rope
letters to caregiver
macaroni and cheese (esp. the shaped kraft kind)
having caregiver / daddy / mommy open jars and cans for you
cute names for you or your caregiver
reward charts & calendars
having shoes tied
sidewalk chalk
sippy cups
skip it
slip ‘n slide
cute snacks
smiling :)
stuffed animals
talking cutesy & using your little voice
tea parties
walking in the park
water gun fights
water sprinklers

Imagine going on your first date with Chris. You’ve known each other for a while; you went to school together but lost touch when he left Boston. You always regretted not going out with him sooner, so you aren’t going to miss your chance this time around. He arranged for a private chef to come to his place and make dinner for the two of you. You spend the evening getting reacquainted over good food and even better wine. The only thing that disappointed you was when you left without a goodnight kiss, but even that feeling didn’t last. Before you could get very far, he ran after you to tell you he loves you.

I went bowling for soup but my mom said she was making limp bizkits and korn for dinner. And then I told her I wanted hot chili peppers too and she said just to use some salt and pepa. I’d honestly rather have meatloaf but at least she’s not making blue oysters again. That’s like…cult food.

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Imagine harry finally relaxing now that his album is out and it's gone down well with the fans and he wants to thank you for putting up with him and his stresses for the past few months so he makes you a lovely dinner and buys expensive champagne and he fucks you all night, sweetly and slowly, telling you how much he appreciates and loves you and he holds your hand the whole time and kisses you constantly and then you stay up all night talking and kissing and fucking. How fun.

I like how you all are ending these with “how fun.” So very Harry. He’d make sure to make you feel like the only girl on the earth …

I’m really annoyed because mum had to help me with making dinner because I had a little bit of a panic attack for literally no reason. I just came all over with the same feelings I get when I have a panic attack and it was just so frustrating because I was going to do dinner and I couldn’t because I needed a bit of time out to feel better again. It definitely wasn’t a full blown panic attack, but it wasn’t nice either way. It just frustrates me that there was nothing setting it off, it wasn’t like I was stressed about making dinner, it just hit me. :/

Withering Blossoms; fragment IV

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Notes: Finally, a new chapter! Also this chapter introduces new character~ some more colors into the pile! How long will this story be, nobody knows xD

I need to remind you that this is a collab between me and @eulyin-senpai! Have you checked the previous chapters’ cover art? If no, please do visit her page!

Summary: The moon knows no hunter and no prey.

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The way you say you love me #17

It was an accident.
He was in his own head thinking about everything he needed to accomplish before the house warming party this weekend.
He had to make sure he arranged for food, make sure that the backyard was free of any dangerous debris so his God-baby was safe to play, most of the house still needed unpacking, and he had promised to make his fiancé the perfect dinner after his first day as deputy.

His sock slipped across the smooth wood floor as he worked to unpack the kitchen so he could start dinner. Music played loudly in the background but he honestly didn’t hear it over his racing thoughts. His stomach started to feel queasy as he keep thinking about his to-do list. He didn’t even think twice as he grabbed the whole stack of glass plates and went to lift them in to the cupboard behind him. They were the set his grandparents had given his mother for her wedding.

It was an accident.

The plates were too heavy.
He tried to catch himself but his socks couldn’t find friction.

It was an accident.

He sat on the floor surrounded by the shattered plates. Shards of varied sizes decorated the kitchen floor several of the smaller fragments punctured his legs.
He was still for the first time since this morning just staring in horror at his kitchen. His eyes stung, but he didn’t cry he just stared.

He sat there for a while until he heard the door open.

No Oh no No!

How long had he been sitting here!
He tried to scramble up to his feet, but when Derek walked in to the kitchen and saw him amongst the glass he growled.

“What the… Stiles don’t move.”

“I’m sorry, it was an accident, I slipped, and god they were mom’s and fuck, I slipped and these stupid fucking socks, i just slipped and”

Derek walked back with a broom and make a quick path to him pulling him on to the counter and giving him a look with furrowed brows that clearly said to shut up, and began carefully pulling glass from his legs.

After Derek checked to make sure that he didn’t have any serious injuries, he pulled him in close and just held him.

With a long sigh he pulled back from Derek and just looked around at the broken glass, then he pulled Derek in tighter.

Five minutes ago he was completely overwhelmed and anxious, but somehow it wasn’t a big deal anymore, it was horrible, but in a lot of ways it was ok now.

He sighed again this time softer.

“I love you”.

He could feel Derek chuckle gently against his neck.

“I love you too”.

(Sorry if you don’t normally accept stories like this but I was hit with a plot and I really wanted to write it.)

I’ll totally accept fic submissions to post, bb! I’m happy you got inspired by the prompts! This is sweet!

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Even # for Jack the Sad Mad Scientist. The smad scientist

I posted this meme over three weeks ago, and I have yet to finish all twenty-five of the twenty-five meme questions about Jack that this request asks for. So right now, I’m giving up on my ambitions to set some manner of world record for “longest tumblr post about Jack Seward,” and I’m posting seven of the ones I actually have done.

2. Do they have any daily rituals?: Jack is the sort of person who always has daily rituals, but who is prone nevertheless to periodic shifts in sets of rituals. He’s got a very meticulous routine going 90% of the time, but tends to change things around after any sort of upset in his life.

4. What would they do if they needed to make dinner but the kitchen was busy?: I have very little faith that Jack can make anything that isn’t toast even in a non-busy kitchen, and I am not sure I trust him not to burn that toast. I assume that his first impulse upon finding circumstances block him from getting food as normal would be to A) not really notice and B) not eat.

6. Eating habits and sample daily menu: I’m pretty on board with @general-sleepy that Jack is prone to under-eating, doesn’t get a great deal of satisfaction from food, and largely subsists on a diet of tea, coffee, cigarettes, and whatever bland meals his cook makes for him (I suspect they’ve stopped putting much effort into things.). I also decided at some point that he’s one of those people who has one really strange comfort food that they persistently eat, like that guy who shows up at a sandwich shop twice a week to order a hoagie with nothing but mayonnaise and pickles on it. As memes like these are honestly sort of excuses to sharpen one’s thoughts about characters, I actually sat down and did an embarrassing amount of research on this. I’ve decided that he really likes licorice flavored with ammonium chloride (a confection whose origins are ambiguous enough that I’ll pretend it was around in the 1880s), which he first encountered in Amsterdam as one of those things that locals try to feed unsuspecting foreigners. Almost everyone except Van Helsing refuses to regard it as a food, and Van Helsing still regards it as a particularly awful food.

8. Favorite indulgence and feelings surrounding indulging: Jack is a person who quickly becomes ill at ease when he isn’t doing something he can regard as productive and who gets very anxious whenever anyone endeavors to make him relax. This is part of why his major indulgence is learning about and investing in nerdy technology or systems with ostensibly work-related purposes. The most obvious example is the phonograph, but I imagine he’s an early adopter of a ton of other fin de siècle gadgetry.

This tendency is quite possibly one of the traits that made Lucy think he and Mina would hit it off, as Mina too is a total geek who is continually trying to frame her abject geekery as being useful. (In Mina’s case, however, it has more to do with her taking great satisfaction in being helpful rather unlike Seward’s persistent nagging guilt about not helping enough.) It should but noted, however, that both of them will be rather adamant in dragging the whole Drac Attack Pack™ to Paris once cinématographes become a thing.

10. Neuroses? Do they recognize them as such?: YES. HE MIGHT HAVE SOME NEUROSES. JUST A FEW.

Aside from the manifest and obvious ones he manifests in the novel, he has a lot of neuroses resulting from his dead parents (because this is Dracula and nobody’s parents are allowed to not be dead). His mother died when he was very young as a result of a fever affecting both him and her, and his father -while not uncaring- was an aloof and somber man who never really got over his wife’s death, having been horribly in love with her. Jack, not being an entirely crap psychologist, is intellectually able to tell himself that his mother’s death is completely not the fault of him being sick as a child, but he’s never been able to fully internalize it. His father suddenly dying and leaving him to take care of an immense lunatic asylum when he was traveling in Korea post medical school didn’t really make him feel any better.

He was also pretty self-conscious throughout school, given that he was studying in Amsterdam, spoke horrible Dutch, and was the various obvious pet student of a professor with a very poor grasp of social cues. Other than that, he’s just a guy who has persistent clinical depression, and despite having a network of supportive friends and eventually learning to cope with his symptoms in the most positive and useful ways that he is able post-novel, he never gets to a point in his life where he’s not in some way prone to periods of melancholia. He’s one of the many many people with depression who gets insecure about being a burden to his friends and loved ones, although the rest of the  Drac Attack Pack™ does their best to assure him this is not the case.

12. Favorite book genre? Unlike Jonathan, who is totally into the goofy, cheesy read-on-a-summer-day romances that Stoker mostly wrote, Jack isn’t really keen on prose fiction. I think, however, there’s ample evidence in the novel that he likes poetry, given that he just occasionally recites a few verses to underscore his feelings. He’s the sort of person who really wants to be the type to like Classic verse, but it never really stuck, probably owing to him never having much of a natural aptitude for languages. He likes Tennyson. He likes Early Modern sonnets. He’s read a few pieces by the Decadents and will not admit to liking them.

14. Physical abnormalities? (Both visible and not, including injuries/disabilities, long-term illnesses, food-intolerances, etc.): As a result of the childhood illness, he retains an awkward, muted manner of crying. He also has a virtually unnoticeable uneveness in gait that might turn into a limp someday.

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~Looking at me through your window~ ~Boy, you had your eye out for a little~ ~I'll cut you up and make you dinner~ ~You've reached the end, you are the winner~ (music anon is back)

Rolling down your tinted window
Driving next to me real slow, he said
“Let me take you for a joyride
I’ve got some candy for you inside”