not to happy about it

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: ben platt gave up so much of himself to this role, to this show. for over four years, he dedicated himself so fully and completely to this character and this experience. no words can describe how grateful i am for everything he’s done, for everything he’s given us. for his voice, for his song. as someone with anxiety, he’s shown be that i really can grow, that i can achieve great things in life too. i honestly just feel so blessed to have been lucky enough to witness it all, to witness the pure magic he pours out onto the stage every night, to know this beautiful story and to watch him so deservedly succeed. i’m devastated to see him go, but i so firmly believe that he’ll achieve so many other amazing things in life, and i can’t wait to root for him the entire way. so, thank you, ben platt. thank you, thank you, thank you. for everything.


There’s a bit at the end of the series where the two of them are just alone in an elevator together and they’re looking at each other and we didn’t know what it was gonna be, we didn’t know what was gonna happen, we didn’t know what it was gonna mean, but it definitely means something -Jon Bernthal 


No one asked for late night doodles but here I am uploading them anyway. Just wanted to do a personal take on them. Evidently, my take on them is mainly BTAS with hints of other iterations. I dig it. Have a good week ahead folks. :)

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btw andrew unfollowed lena dunham on instagram and i’ve never stabbed him as much as i do now

andrew unfollowed lena dunham on instagram

andrew unfollowed lena dunham on instagram


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Best interview so far. Really.
He asked them to talk about Love Myself, I’m just saying. He also made questions like, the risk of talking about certain issues through the songs they write, their thoughts about self love, their fans, their huge impact as a kpop group in the western…
I was so impressed and Namjoon was too. He was so thankful for Zack (interviewer) to ask those questions omg it made me smile a lot.
I believe Zack said what he said not because they are BTS and they are extremely famous, but because he truly believed it.
He respects and admires our boys, people. He is the best.

Watch the interview!

no, thank YOU nonnie, god bless. i hope you don’t mind that i changed up the pose a little!

pose from here. feel free to shoot me an ask!

stood up to my mother tonight. stood strong against her angry glare and her drunk shitty words. i didn’t back down like i wanted to, like i’ve always done. and the second i’m alone it’s like tear city. they’re mostly angry tears. angry that she thinks that it’s okay to do that shit, angry that i still let her get to me, angry that despite an entire house full of people i’m still the only person standing up for me. angry at her, but fucking proud of myself for keeping my cool and being the rational one in the moment

sometimes I actually forget that a lot people don‘t even know about the whole am**b*er/johnny thing or that they basically don‘t believe am**b*er at all. Like I talked about Johnny with my uncle yesterday and he was like ‚It‘s so cute that he visits these children in hospitals. It‘s so great that he does that. He seems like such a good person‘ and omg it made me so happy ?? Because like many people actually think like this about him irl but when you‘re spending so much time online you just always see those AH stans spreading lies and hating on him and then you forget how supportive non-Johnny fans are of him.

I‘m just calmly listening to the Big Finish podcast while I‘m having lunch, just like every sunday, and then suddenly they just drop Torchwood news on me????

I wasn‘t prepared at all??? I didn‘t expect these news so soon???

And Gareth wrote the audio with Owen and Ianto?? Which comes out in April?? I mean,,,,,,,,,, aaaaahhhh. And they are fighting aliens on a camping trip, you just know that this is gonna be good shit??!?!

Are you all ready to die???

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(here’s a post about the other news & titles)

A Court of Spring and Stars Pt. 30: The End

Word Count: 4290


I wake up in the morning having barely slept but feeling energized. I’m ready to get this over with. I’m ready to end this chapter of my story. I just hope everything works out alright.

“Sunshine, are you sure you want to do this?” Kieran asks for the millionth time as he fastens the straps of my leathers while I work on sharpening my multiple blades, with luck only one cut by one blade will be all we need.

I nod and force my lips to form a smile. “If it’s the only way for me to keep my brother safe, keep you and me together, and keep me from having to kill my father then I want to try.” Kieran nods but he purses his lips in a familiar expression that tells me that he’s about to argue with me about something. “What are you wanting to say, but not wanting to say to me?” I ask.

Kieran’s eyes meet mine in the mirror in front of us as he works on the back straps that go across the shoulder blades. “What if it doesn’t work?” He asks, voicing the question that I hate the answer to. “What if this is just a fairy tale that some troll recorded as a joke and nothing happens? What are we going to do?” I can hear the concern in his strangled voice.

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So I was thinking about Marvin’s mask and scars and here’s the whole thought process that somehow turned into a rant no one will read.

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