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[for ur headcanonthing] this isnt gonna come as a surprise but,,,, i need some jeffmads headcanons,,,, pls

This couple is just so soft to me.

-james didn’t think much of Thomas at first
-like he though he was a dick and everything but eventually warmed up to him
-they started dating in college
-thomas took James to France as a one year anniversary and that’s the first time they had sex
-you bet your ass that Thomas is gentle as fuck with James and James fucking loves it
-since the size difference Thomas can’t wear James’ sweaters so Thomas goes and buys James a sweater that’s thomas’ size and made him wear it so he can have his scent
-their a really fashionable couple tbh
-they go shopping for each other though
-james has a keen interest in space and he has those little glow in the dark stickers up in his and thomas’ room and Thomas thinks it’s the cutest thing ever
-space onesie and purple onesie
-james has anxiety and when they started dating he wouldn’t tell Thomas he was having an attack but Thomas always caught on quickly and tries to help him as much as he can and make him comfortable
-underwear cuddle tbh
-many sick days on James and he’ll just walk around the house in his underwear while Thomas is off at school or work and Thomas thinks is cute because he gets so sleeply and only hums in response when he’s sick
Solid 13/10 couple tbh

who do I have to pay to see robron dancing at their wedding? but like, not all sweet and slow and murmuring love confessions at each other with their hands clasped and pulled in reallllly close - EVEN THOUGH THAT’S GOOD, GIVE ME THAT TOO -

NO can I have, had a few pints, have ditched the ties, while their vests and shirts and hair are all messy and they’re both literally jigging around the dance floor with everyone to something really dorky like wake me up before you go go or tubthumping

give me all the dancing

Moving On | Newt Scamander x Reader

You managed to keep it together every time you saw Newt. You were quite taken by his sweet mannerisms and how thoughtful he was towards his creatures and even to his friends, even though he considered himself to be quite awkward around other human beings.

Becoming friends with him, Tina and Queenie was about the best damn thing that had happen to you. And they felt the same. All of you found something in your friendship group that granted some sense of safety and comfort to your lives. It was a great feeling, to feel like you belonged somewhere.

When Newt left to finish his book, things became quite painful for everyone involved. Queenie had somewhat of a broken heart because of Jacob and Tina was visibly confused about her feelings for Newt. You were quite sure Newt felt the exact same for her, but you mostly kept to yourself when it came to their feelings for each other. You could only hope that they would find happiness in each other, even though that would make things harder on you.

You see, you were pretty sure no one had realized how your eyes always traveled to his face before finding anyone else in the crowd, how you couldn’t help but smile at his little stories about his creatures and how your heart broke a little when you noticed how well he and Tina got along.

You knew you couldn’t be more than friends, ever. You didn’t want that anyway. You always valued your friendships more than anything else in the world and anything that could put that at risk, was immediately pushed aside from your mind.

So you just stood in the sidelines, watching their romance unfold. That only lasted a handful of months until you just couldn’t take it anymore. Newt came back but things weren’t the same anymore. The friendship was still there, the giggles and the comfort still the same, but something in you had shifted. You had definitely let your feelings grow without even realizing it, which was a death sentence since you had to witness Tina and Newt love grow simultaneously.

So you felt it was only appropriate to start to distance yourself from them, to gain little perspective and maybe find somewhere else to let your heart rest.

Everybody noticed but you didn’t care all that much anymore. You just had to put yourself first. Tina became quite concerned, afraid that maybe she should control herself and her feelings for Newt but that was the last thing you wanted, so you decided to come clean.

You were both eating and everyone else was busy with their little things. Newt in the case, Queenie at the bakery. It was as good time as any to finally talk things through.

“I know you have been holding yourself back…” you said. You weren’t quite sure she was going to understand it, but you hoped she would. You also hoped she would be as honest with you as you intended to be with her. You were friends and that was all that mattered.

She stared at her plate for a while and then your eyes met, there was pain in them but you decided to push through it. “Tina…” you pleaded.

“I know how you feel and I don’t want to hurt you” she said with the saddest tone of voice. She was one of the most thoughtful humans you have ever met.

“And because you don’t want to hurt me, you hurt yourself? Or worse, both of you?” your tone had become a little urgent so you stepped back “Please, don’t. Please”

“But how could we…?” you didn’t let her finish.

“I’ll go away for a little while. Just… please, don’t… That would hurt me even more. Don’t stop your life because of me” you smiled, your voice weak.

She reached for your hand and you were pretty sure she agreed. It was a bittersweet outcome but one you couldn’t stop from happening. It was for the best.

That was the last time you talked to Tina or any of them for a little while. You buried yourself in work and made an effort to meet new people, it worked for a while but you still couldn’t help but feel like something was slightly off. Maybe you needed closer, so you decided to talk to Newt. The thought made your stomach turn and you felt like throwing up but you had to honor your friendship with him. So… You met with him.

He was already sitting in the coffee shop. He stood up when he saw you and immediately leaned in for a hug. You were quite taken by it, not knowing exactly how to react, so you just stood there with your arms awkwardly sitting in his shoulders.  

“Hey (y/n), it’s so nice to see you. I’ve missed you” he said with an honest smile.

“Yeah, Newt… I’ve missed you too, but I guess it was for the best, you know…” his smiled suddenly disappeared and his eyes immediately met the floor. “I take it Tina told you what was going on…” you said, cutting the small talk.

“Yeah, she said you needed to be alone for a while” he replied, looking into your eyes.

“Yeah, I needed to be alone so I could manage to forget about you…“ you couldn’t believe the words coming out of your mouth but you also knew it had to be done.

“I’m truly sorry you felt that way… I really care for you, you know?” his hands touched yours and you pulled away immediately. You were still hung up on him and you didn’t want to get your hopes up.

“I know, I care about you too. And I care about our friendship even more. That’s why… you know… I had to leave for a while. I was starting to feel very differently about you and I didn’t want that to come between you and Tina…” that was as honest as it was going to get from you.

“I’m sorry, I truly am.” He replied, but you cut him off instantly “Please don’t be sorry for feeling the way you do about someone I know makes you extremely happy” he wanted to smile but his lips were stuck together, he took a deep breath and said “You are one of the bravest human beings I’ve ever met. I know this is one of the hardest things someone could ever do… I’m lucky to call you my friend”. You knew how sincere he was being and you appreciated every last word. This was truly everything you needed to move on. You needed him to know how you felt and why you pulled away, you also needed him to know just how hard it was.

He continued “maybe you can come back, you know… Spend more time with us, we miss you. All of us”, hoped laced his words.

“Yeah…” you said “I don’t think so, Newt” his eyes widened and his mouth dropped slightly. “I don’t think I belong anymore. I’m sorry…” you hadn’t realize until now that even though you still liked him, you didn’t miss feeling like you did back then. You missed them and how they all made you feel before things got messy, but you didn’t want to go back. You were happy with the direction your life was going in and didn’t want to ruin the progress you had made this far.

“(Y/N)…” he could’t quite finish his sentence because he didn’t know what to say and you completely understood that.

“That’s okay, Newt. I’ll see you around. I mean… I might meet Queenie for tea at the bakery every Sunday… who knows?” you held his hands, even though you didn’t feel completely comfortable with it, you felt it was the only way to make up to him. He giggled slightly, his eyes sad.

You kissed his cheek and said goodbye. As you walked out the door you felt renewed, ready for a new begging, for real this time.

|| By the way if I ever use thou/thee/thy/thine in a thread, like full on “thou art”, I’m not doing it for the purpose of sounding archaic (though elves in the Silmarillion mostly talk to each other that way, especially when they are family, and Fëanor does it all the time). I’m doing it because those are the informal pronouns. They’re literally the way someone would have once talked to a really close friend, to family, and to subjects; by extension, to someone of lower status.

So… if Fëanor talks that way in a thread, it’s because he’s being a lil’ shit in a linguistic sense, he’s talking down to someone, he’s not putting them on equal grounds by means of pronoun choice. It’s pretty much a subtle insult. 

a Good Comment in regards to people questioning whether Victuuri is a canon ship

[image: a comment on YouTube from “Anna OwO” that reads: “ Well, I remember when I was reading Fullmetal Alchemist for the first time… I never had a doubt in my mind that Ed liked Winry and I don’t think anyone else in the world did either. But when you think about it, you realize that Ed never said he liked her (of course his actions showed that clearly) and in fact kept DENYING it throughout the series. Also, I don’t see people talking about whether that scene in the end was a marriage proposal or not, despite the characters using more ambiguous wording (“give me half of your life” XP). So, Yuri on Ice felt just like that to me. The viewer can CLEARLY tell that these guys are really into each other, even though they never explicitly confirm it. I think that this wouldn’t be an issue at all in a world where LBGT relationships are adequately represented in shows but unfortunately they’re not and queerbaiting is a real thing so that’s why we’re all looking for confirmation even though we wouldn’t question the officiality of the relationship had it been a straight one.“]

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itashi? :3 (if it hasn't been asked yet!)

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you… @genericnarutoblog

who is more likely to hurt the other?

Neither of them will hurt each other on regular terms. As far as Shisui dying, though…

who is emotionally stronger?

I again reiterate this strength isn’t healthy but I think they’re equal in this regard.

who is physically stronger?


who is more likely to break a bone? 

Not breaking a bone w/ each other. They’re also not aggressive people in general, so they’re equal here.

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

…Man, Shisui could really fuck him up by saying something like his dream is stupid and he’ll never achieve it. But Shisui’s really kind and really supportive so he’d never. But Shisui does have more ground here, Itachi looks up to him and values his input. Shisui  could crush him.

who is most likely to apologise first after an argument? 

As far as canon goes they’ve never argued. But I think if they did, both would apologize.

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

I’d say neither, they never really actually got hurt around each other. But if they did, they’d share this responsibility equally.

who is in constant need of comfort? 

Itachi, internally. But Shisui keys in on it anyways and is super supportive. Best boyfriend.

who gets more jealous? 


who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 


who will propose? 

If it was possible, Shisui. But I also like this relationship to be platonic, so it can be neither.

who has the most difficult parents?


who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

This is something they really can’t do in canon, but if it were possible, Shisui. 

who comes up for the other all the time? 

I think Itachi ends up meeting Shisui in places more than Shisui does for Itachi. But if it comes to the situation of who would willingly travel to visit the other, it’s equal.

who hogs the blankets? 

Itachi is a dirty blanket hog.

who gets more sad? 

Itachi. On the inside. 

who is better at cheering the other up? 

Shisui. :3 Itachi always feels better when he talks to him.

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

Def Shisui, but to an extent. He can be a little silly but he’s not Naruto level obnoxious.

who is more streetwise?

Shisui, but only because he’s a bit more social. Itachi sucks with people.

who is more wise?

Between Itachi and Shisui, Shisui.

who’s the shyest? 


who boasts about the other more? 

Shisui, about Itachi. Ask him about his friend.

who sits on who’s lap?

If Shisui pulled Itachi into his lap he’d turn really red. 


Metamorphomagus!Luna AU- for the last time

That’s the end, guys. I have no idea what should I say- write- I think I have written enough below. 

I hope you will like it as much as I do.

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Rose- What your mouth can save, your hair will give away

Being deeply into your best friend, when they are acting like they were interested in you, but not directly, is the hardest thing Luna has ever experienced.

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For real tho how did mino catch that mic off guard 2 TIMES??? Stan talent

Him and Zico are just that in sync after years of being friends. It’s like that thing where friends/couples finish each other’s sentences. I’ve gotta add this for irony though now that you said “Stan talent” but…


  • Saeyoung: We're so in sync. We even finish each other's s...
  • Saeran: Uh.
  • Saeyoung: [watching Saeran expectantly] S...
  • Saeran: S...Somebody once told me...

I really need to talk to you, and if you just give me two minutes of your time I promise I’ll be out of your hair.


Based on a part in the official novel~

Just Sorey being upset not being able to show off his beautiful partner (ʘ‿ʘ )

Honestly I really wish Mikleo can be seen sometimes. idk i just feel a tinge of loneliness, especially if someone so close to me is basically invisible to the world. Even though we see each other at the same level but yet so different.

Now that TOZ anime is back i am begging to be fed MORE. HELLO GUYS!!