not to be used for bribing politicians

brazil is on the verge of it’s second impeachment
in a bit more than a year
politicians were recorded bribing other politicians and government employees
still, they denied and practically told all of us to fuck off
the current president just had a goddamn mental breakdown on national tv saying he won’t renounce
said president just got caught yesterday authorizing others to silence people with public money
they literally got on tape some of them saying they could even kill disposable pawns

this is only the last 24 hours in brazil tho


◇ In which you’ve tamed the most dangerous man in Korea.

◇ Taemin x reader

◇ mafia!au


“There are some things you just don’t do, _____,” Taemin murmurs, straightening his tie easily, dark eyes meeting yours through the mirror. “And that was one of them.”

You can’t find the words to answer him. The bedsheets surrounding you offer some sense of comfort as he finishes tying his tie, blonde hair ruffled by his hands and eyes darker than usual.

“I - can’t we let him go? J-just this once?” You bite your lip, your eyebrows furrowing. Taemin frowns, jaw clenching as he turns away from the mirror and towards you.

“Sweetheart,” he begins, leaning down to grasp your face gently in one hand, making your eyes meet his, “I don’t think you understand how important this is. He messed with you - he messed with SHINee. So if I let him go…” He trails off, before continuing again.

“Do you see how that would look?” He waits for an answer, but you don’t humour him with one. Jaw clenching, you bow your head.

“I don’t like seeing you go,” you mumble. You see him frown gently, but you can’t meet his eyes. “I don’t like seeing you go - I never know if you’ll come back.”

“Come on,” he murmurs, smoothing his thumb over your cheek softly. “We both know that I’d do anything to get back to you - right, princess?”

You don’t answer, again - he sighs, pressing a kiss to your forehead that has your eyes shutting sadly. Of course, he always left anyways, but what did you expect? There were a number of things that made Lee Taemin angry, that made him hungry for revenge - and somebody disrespecting your honour was one of them.


Lee Taemin is dangerous. Beyond his pretty looks and sultry eyes and clean, ironed suits, he’s one of the most influential and dangerous men in the world - and you loved him.

You don’t know when, or how, it started - how did you end up in the bed of one of the most dangerous people ever? Too many drinks and a head full of stress was the answer, and then it happened again and again and again - except those times, you weren’t drunk, or at a club; you were completely sober, pressed into the Egyptian cotton sheets of his bed in his penthouse.

And then, slowly, yet surely, the sex became coffee dates, the sloppy kisses became protective pecks against your forehead, his strong hands venturing from your chest to around your waist.

Slowly, yet surely, you tamed Lee Taemin - but even you couldn’t stop the unbearable anger that was hidden inside of him, the anger that was constantly set free by people too stupid to see the mistakes they were making.


He’s doing it again.

The jazz is low, smooth and deep and floating mistily through the air. Taemin sets down his cigar with a frown, smoke curling passed his lips as he blows the air out of his mouth.

You don’t like when he smokes; it means he’s stressed, angry, unfocused. And the smell is less than pleasant, so you find yourself burying your nose into the fabric of his suit, inhaling his signature scent: mint, cologne of some sort, and even though you usually hate the smell, tobacco. It seems to smell better when it’s on him.

On the burgundy suede couch beside him, Minho laughs heartily, his attention focused on the other three men beside him, but Taemin’s attention is entirely on something else - or, rather, someone else.

He’s placed you on his lap, cuddled into his side comfortably as he gets ready to converse with some dirty politician who apparently had something to say to him. He knows that at least feeling you in his arms will calm him down just a little bit, which is definitely what he guesses he’ll need after - this man was not unlike an infestation, always worming his way into Taemin’s business and irritating him.

“Stay calm, sweetheart,” he murmurs as he feels you stiffen in his embrace at the sight of the man approaching the area you’re sitting in. His hand comfortingly lingers along your lower back as the man sits himself opposite you.

You prefer to zone out of the conversation, and you try to, really, you do - but 10 minutes in and you can feel Taemin becoming more tense as the man opposite him continues to try and persuade him to do something. Taemin inhales sharply as the man begins to get angrier, resorting to more… personal information to make Taemin agree.

“She’s pretty,” the man is hissing, beady eyes fixating on your form. Taemin looks almost in disbelief, as if the cpncept of someone coming onto his territory and threatening his girl is conpletely radical - which, in some sense, it is. “Wouldn’t want anything to happen to her, would we?”

It’s almost as if everything stops in that second. Minho suddenly stops laughing, his eyes glancing towards the man in almost what seemed like amusement, turning to the rest of the boys and murmuring silently. They smirk in return, but they don’t intervene. The music continues, smooth and baritone and a stark contrast to the boiling anger coursing through Taemin’s body.

“You come onto my territory,” Taemin starts slowly, sitting up at a slow pace and keeping his grasp on you tight, “You ask for my help - and then you threaten my girl?”

He scoffs, tilting his head to the side and taking in the fool in front of him. “You’re not very smart, are you?” Taemin sighs, though, his hand smoothing along your back. “My girl doesn’t like seeing people hurt - so I guess it’ll have to be discreet, eh?”

You don’t have to be looking to know the man’s face is contorting in horror as Taemin snaps his fingers, bodyguards swarning from every nook and cranny and pullung the struggling man away.

You know that SHINee is not to be messed with - and even if the police know that it was their doing, they wouldn’t step within 100 miles of them, no matter if the man was a politician or a hoodrat. Everybody took bribes nowadays - even the country’s ‘protectors’.

You lift your head from Taemin’s shoulder seconds later, resting your temple gently against his arm as he pours himself another drink, his cigar abandoned on the ash tray in front of him.

“No need to be nervous, sweetheart,” he murmurs as he sips at the amber liquid in his crystal glass, “He won’t be bothering us anytime soon.”

“I wasn’t nervous,” you mumble. You’re lying, of course - who wouldn’t be nervous after a politician had threatened them? No matter if you were under the arm of one of the most powerful and dangerous people in Korea, fear was fear and every human had even the snallest ounce of it in them.

Taemin gives a short chuckle - he knows you’re lying, too, but he knows you well enough to realise that you’re too stubborn to admit it. Nevertheless, he lifts your chin gently with a finger, a comforting kiss placed on your lips. “I’m sure you weren’t, sweetheart.”

But you both know that you most definitely were, and as Taemin settles you back into his protective embrace, you’re almost certain that you won’t feel as if your life is endangered again. After all, you’ve tamed the most dangerous man in Korea.

Since my detailed posts about why crony capitalism is capitalism in practice confused people, I’ll simplify some basic points.

1. The capitalist class fails to protect workers and consumers from unsafe products, makes use of child labor, pays workers little to nothing, allows for a horrific working environment, all with minimizing cost and maximizing profit in mind.

2. Rightfully, the working class rejects these practices and fights back, going on strikes, forming unions, rioting, etc.

3. The state has no choice but to do something about the situation. Basic safety regulations are passed. A minimum wage is put in place.

4. The capitalist class responds by becoming politically involved. Lobbying, creating think tanks, bribing politicians, etc.

5. In response, politicians not only promote lobbyists’ agenda while running, they make sure to vote against legislation conflicting with their interests and favor certain businesses, rewarding them with privileges such as favoritism in the distribution of legal permits, government grants, special tax breaks, or other forms of state interventionism.

6. Businesses serve the state and/or use its power to their advantage whenever possible. See: censorship, surveillance, attacking opposition, trade agreements, etc. The revolving door between the public and private sector thrives.

The capitalist class chose to participate in cronyism. Tell me how the free market would prevent that when it has failed to do so every time.

Margaery could have won the Game

She was smarter and more cunning. She knew when to use violence and when to bribe. SHe was always a better politician than Cersei. She could manipulate the masses, not just repress them. Except nobody could have predicted  Cersei would go as far as to reincarnate the Mad King.

Tommen, on the other hand, could have won it in times of peace. He could have been loved, but not feared - Margaery was his pillar, and his uncle Kevan his only counsellour. They understood vengeance is inviting, but backfires, always. 

And it’s not like Cersei’s won, either. In the sept she must have killed not only members of her own family, directly or indirectly, but the alliance with the Tyrells, one of the major houses in Westeros, who supported. We know Dorne was never on her side, the Baratheons are extinguished, the Vale with Littlefinger seems to support the North with Sansa - at least for now. The Ironborn, be it Euron or Yara and Theon, support Daenerys. Shortly, she has no allies left, and the few she has follow her out of fear. But now that she’s lost everything, all of her children, she no longer has anything that could hold her back. She’s mad, even Jaime now is scared of her nonsensical whims, and this is why she’s dangerous. She won’t last long against a large army, new allies and dragons; but she will put up a fierce fight. 

The Huckster Populist

The tectonic plates of American politics are no longer moving along the old fault lines of “left” versus “right” or even Democrat versus Republican.

As we’ve seen this bizarre political year, the biggest force welling up is rage against insider elites in both parties, and against the American establishment as a whole – including the denizens of Wall Street, large corporations, and the mainstream media.

Now, with Bernie Sanders essentially out of the race, Donald Trump wants Americans to believe he’s the remaining anti-establishment candidate.

It’s smart politics but it’s a hoax.

Trump is even more of an establishment figure than Hillary Clinton – inheriting a fortune from his father, spending years bribing politicians to subsidize his hotels and casinos, and repeatedly using bankruptcy to shield his money while leaving creditors and workers holding the bag.

But Trump is also a brilliant huckster who knows his mark.

“Bernie Sanders and I are in complete accord [on] trade,“ Trump said last week in Ohio. ”[Sanders] said we’re being ripped off and I say with being ripped off. I’ve been saying it for years he’s been saying it for years. I think I am saying it even louder …. Globalization has made the financial elite who donate to politicians very wealthy. But it has left millions of our workers with nothing but poverty and heartache.”

By putting opposition to trade at the center of his economic agenda, Trump gets a twofer – landing blows against big American corporations and Wall Street, and also against the Clintons (he traces America’s economic problems to the North American Free Trade Agreement that Bill Clinton signed in 1993, and the entry of China into the World Trade Organization, which Bill Clinton supported, and says Hillary “voted for virtually every trade agreement.”)

It’s pure demagoguery. Trade isn’t to blame for the declining wages and job security of most Americans.

The real problem has been the unwillingness of the biggest beneficiaries of trade (and also of job-displacing technologies) to share the gains with the rest of America – through larger wage subsidies, stronger safety nets, better schools, and easier access to higher education. Trump’s Republican Party has been the main culprit.

Trump vows to cancel the pending Trans Pacific Partnership – “another disaster done and pushed by special interests who want to rape our country” – which Hillary Clinton praised in 2012 as “set[ting] the gold standard in trade agreements,” and then reversed herself after Sanders came out strongly against it.

Too bad Clinton delegates on the Democratic Party’s platform committee muddied the waters last week by voting down a proposal by Sanders delegates to put the party on record as opposing the TPP, noting instead that “there are a diversity of views in the party” on this matter.

The central problem with the TPP is it would penalize member nations for raising health, safety, environmental, and labor standards. But this aspect of the TPP doesn’t trouble Trump, who calls America “overregulated.”

Trump’s faux populism extends to “powerful corporations, media elites, and powerful dynasties,” who, he said last week in Pennsylvania, again echoing Sanders, have “rigged the system for their benefit will do anything and say anything to keep things exactly as they are.“

Unwittingly, the GOP establishment seems intent on proving Trump’s point. Mitt Romney condemns him, conservative media pundit George Will is deserting the Republican Party because of him, big business groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers blast him, Republican mega-donors like Paul Singer rebuke him, and Wall Street Republicans like former Goldman Sachs CEO and Bush Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson (who initiated the Wall Street bailout) announce they’re voting for Hillary Clinton.

"It’s almost – in some ways, like, I’m running against two parties,” Trump crowed recently. “The people who rigged the system are supporting Hillary Clinton.”

It’s all an act. The real Donald Trump thinks U.S. wages are too high, and has fought against the unionization of his hotel employees.

His businesses outsource abroad like mad. Most of the suits, ties and cuff links he peddles are made in China; his luxury line of furniture comes from Turkey; the crystal for his Trump Home line is produced in Slovenia.

And the real Trump is on the side of the super wealthy. He proposes to cut taxes on the rich from 39.6 percent to 25 percent, and reduce taxes on all business income to 15 percent (thereby slashing the top tax rate of hedge fund and private-equity managers from the current 23.8 percent to 15 percent).

The real Trump isn’t a populist. He’s a plutocrat. Above all, he’s a con man. And the people being conned are average working Americans who are buying Trump’s ruse of being a man of the people.

Educators for Profit do NOT educate.

Medicine for Profit does NOT heal.

Politicians for Profit do NOT govern.

Journalists for Profit do NOT inform.

There used to be general integrity and decency but that was decades ago.  Now our most basic expectations as citizens are not being met. Cops murder. Doctors peddle drugs better than neighborhood dealers.  Inspectors lie & take bribes as people die.  And generations keep getting swindled as they sell their futures into debt and become shackled to wage slavery. 

5 Reasons Lefties Should Vote to Stay in the European Union

Sometimes an issue isn’t about what it appears to be about and sometimes a referendum isn’t about what it should be about.

Left-wingers like me have plenty of reasons to be anti-EU, such as the secrecy around TTIP, the issues around sovereignty and the free trade mission of the EU. But the referendum isn’t really about any of that, it’s about scapegoating migrants and blaming the European Union for the fuck-ups of successive British governments.

So here are 5 reasons that left-wingers should vote to stay in the EU:-

1) The only reason we’re having this referendum is because of migration. A vote to leave is a vote in support of UKIP.

Between 2000 and 2011, EU migrants gave Britain £20 billion more in taxes than they took out in benefits. EU migration is economically beneficial for Britain and it’s also the right thing to do. If people from Poland or Romania or anywhere else can have a better life in Britain whilst also contributing to the British economy, there’s no good reason why they shouldn’t come.

Make no mistake, this referendum wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for public hysteria around migration. EU migration has nothing to do with the state of our public services, which would probably be in an even worse mess without the money migration has brought in. A vote to stay in Europe is a vote to stand up to xenophobia and scapegoating.

2) There is no legitimate sovereignty in Britain anyway.

The European Union is not the most democratic institution, but then neither is Britain. We have an electoral system that ignores voters in safe seats and prioritises fickle swing voters. That system works to the advantage of the Tories more often than not. Once the election is over, a party with a ruling majority can do almost anything it wants. It uses the whip system to bribe MPs into supporting its plans, whilst the House of Lords offers ineffective scrutiny because it’s based on patronage rather than democracy.

And the Tories are planning to take things even further by changing constituency boundaries and reforming opposition party funding. You want to complain that Europe isn’t democratic? At least the European Parliament is elected using the D’Hont system, which is better than First Past the Post. The politicians who rule us from Brussells with no proper mandate are just as legitimate as the ones that rule us from London with no proper mandate. The difference is that the London politicians are just a little bit more right-wing.

3) Leaving the European Union would definitely hurt the British economy and British workers.

It’s important to understand that Britain is a neo-liberal free-trade country and this will not change if we leave the European Union. If we aren’t part of the European Union, we will seek to negotiate similar deals to the trade agreements we have now and we will get them on less preferable terms than we have now. Leaving the EU isn’t going to turn Britain into a social democratic paradise.

Leaving the EU would definitely cost us jobs, because we will lose much of the international trade we have now. The US have already said that they wouldn’t bother to negotiate a specific deal with the UK if we leave Europe.

And leaving the EU would further put British workers at risk by jeopardising the employment rights guaranteed by our EU membership. It’s our membership of the European Union that guarantees our rights to maternity leave, safety in the workplace and protection against discrimination. If those guarantees were gone, would you trust a Tory government to protect those rights?

4) The reason we want to leave is a result of British arrogance. Quite frankly, it’s time we got over ourselves.

Britain is not a great country. Britain is not a terrible country. We are just a country like any other and it’s time that we accepted that. The history of Britain is heavily characterised by one long quest to maintain and expand an empire that brutalised millions of people across the world. That is nothing to be proud of and it’s definitely left us with a superiority complex. We developed that superiority complex in order to justify the horrible things we’ve done.

But Britain doesn’t have an empire anymore and we have to learn that we are not a major power now. Our arrogance is dangerous - look at the way vanity over our “special relationship” with the US affected our decision to go to war in Iraq. We are so overly protective of our national identity and our independence, but the European Union is no threat to these things. The EU has clearly accepted that we are never going to be part of the Eurozone and that we don’t want any “closer union” than what we have right now.

I want Britain’s relationship with the rest of the world to be based on realism. I want us to a country that admits to its past mistakes and works to make amends. I want us to be part of the world without trying to control it. I don’t want us to be isolationist freaks with delusions of grandeur - we have too many of those already.

5) Our distaste for UKIP and xenophobia should take priority over our left-wing criticisms of the EU.

You may claim that you oppose the goals of UKIP but you don’t like the European Union for other reasons. In this case, I’d ask you to consider which is the lesser of two evils. Look at the people who want us to leave the European Union: Nigel Farage, Marine La Pen, Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Gove… I’m not saying you should vote to stay in the European Union out of spite towards these people, but you should certainly think twice before siding with them.

If the country votes to leave the European Union, it will be regarded as a defeat for David Cameron. I’d like to see the Pigfucker resign as much as anyone, but think about his possible replacements. The likely candidates are Boris Johnson, George Osbourne, Theresa May, Nicky Morgan, etc. Things can always get worse and they definitely will if the Tories move further to the right than they are now.

A vote to leave the EU also lends legitimacy to UKIP. This is a party with a long history of xenophobic, racist, homophobic and misogynist statements and policies. What left-wing purpose is served by helping these people achieve their aims? Is the threat of TTIP really anywhere near as important as the threat of UKIP and everything they stand for?

The European Union is not like the Scottish Independence Referendum. In that referendum, the Scottish people had a genuine chance for self-determination because they have a left-wing party that represents the views of many and has significant support in Scotland. Without Europe, the UK will be left to the mercy of right-wing politicians who have rigged the entire system in their favour. Left-wingers might not like the idea of voting to stay in Europe, but there is no preferable alternative on the table here.

Poetry: "Los 43" | Joel Amat Güell

Forty-three students were kidnapped,
they all shared a tragic fate,
in a mass-grave they were buried,
by a rotten narco-state.

They had no jury and they had no trial,
but they were all sentenced to death,
and for trying to defend an ideal,
the state made sure they no longer breath.

Is this how you educate a student?
Is this the future they have ahead?
To be kidnapped by the government,
and then put a bullet to their head?

Paramilitaries are ruling the country,
politicians bribed with blood-stained bills,
narcos are killing with impunity,
nameless corpses buried under the hills.

There’s no room for compassion,
if corruption infests the government,
it is our duty to take action,
if police forces cease to defend.

The fire you used to burn their corpses,
has not vanished, it burns bright.
A phoenix has risen from their ashes,
it’s the revolution’s guiding light.

Demanding justice would be banal,
for what justice can we expect?
If the hand that holds the gavel,
is the same that shot them dead.

Vivos se los llevaron, vivos los queremos!

Learn more about the mass kidnapping of 43 students in Iguala (Mexico)

This Life of Ours: Chapter One


Pairings: Felicity Smoak/Oliver Queen/Tommy Merlyn, all the permutations thereof

Rated: M for now, will be E

Summary:  There’s nothing Oliver Queen won’t do to change his sister’s fate. Living his life under the thumb of his mob-boss mother, he’s sacrificed his soul for the Family name. To protect his sister’s innocence, he travels to Russia to enlist the help of Felicity Smoak. With her by his side, and long-time friend and past-lover Tommy Merlyn at his back, Oliver will seek to dismantle the criminal empire that has plagued his city, and maybe rediscover love along the way.

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  • Corporate control of the U.S. political system is why Americans don’t have really affordable health care.  Insurance and pharmaceutical companies give our politicians huge “donations” (bribes), and politicians in turn let those industries overcharge us for health care.
  • The fact that U.S. corporations, such as weapons manufacturers, bribe our politicians is a leading reason the U.S. starts wars for profit and bombs innocent populations around the world.
  • Corporate polluters bribe our politicians to deregulate and weaken laws that might protect the environment.  This is why we allow fracking, for example, which pollutes our water and sickens our people.

Bernie Sanders has spent his whole career working to protect the people from corporate excesses.  Hillary Clinton has a record of serving corporate interests while only giving lip service to caring about the people.  Please consider supporting Bernie.  For hundreds of sources supporting these points, see my earlier posts on Bernie and Hillary.

sister-forget-me-not  asked:

I'm trying to understand why the government is being blamed/over thrown due to a club not meeting fire regulations. Please understand I'm not saying the government is in the right, I'm just trying to grasp the big picture.


It’s very okay to ask questions :) The bigger picture is that Romania is a very corrupt country and this corruption has made that fire possible. The club did not have the necessary authorizations, because the owners were able to bribe their way out of them, the authorities didn’t care enough about what was in that club to take measures to close it until it applied to safety standards. And this mentality stems first and foremost from the people who lead us, from the government. Most of the politicians in Romania see their personal interest before the interest of the nation. A lot of them are involved in bribery scandals, or scandals of other nature - for example, Gabriel Oprea, former Minister of Interior Affairs and former Vice Prime Minister, is now under investigation for causing the death of a police officer, who was part of an unauthorized escort for mr. Oprea, two weeks ago. Basically, Oprea demanded this escort (although he had no right to it, along with another 1600 only this year, more than the president and the prime minister put together), and the police officer got into an accident that cost his life. This is the sort of people that are governing us.
The fire in Colectiv was the final straw and sparked this revolution, because this is what it is - a revolution, a moral one, a non-violent one, but a revolution nonetheless. We’re trying to change the system, to spark the changes that should have come 25 years ago, when communism fell in Romania.

I’m open to answer any other questions that you might have, so please, don’t hesitate to ask :)

Have a lovely day, and thank you for caring enough to ask about it <3

i can’t stop thinking about this

but adrien probably is really good at being manipulative and kind of…slimey? like he probably knows how to bribe people and twist things to his advantage 

his father is a ceo and one of the biggest names in fashion. there’s gotta be something adrien picked up from him. he grew up with chloé and he probably learned stuff from her and from her father (come on he’s a politician) and copycat confirms that he can lie at the drop of a hat

and i’m not saying that he’s manipulative often, or uses his money and name to get stuff ever, because he generally doesn’t seem like the type of person to do that. but like. it’s there. he knows how to find loopholes and twist phrases. he knows how to lie and play dirty

and it’s maybe a little fun thinking of situations where he has to act like that

"If you need violence to enforce your ideas, your ideas are worthless"
  • The government corporate dictatorship relies on self incrimination. In all forms. The M.O is to have blood on everyone hands. Only those with blood on their hands are subservient, and keep the secrets and don't question any of their crimes against humanity and life on earth. Police work this way, superiors always make sure new cops are involved in some kind of corruption, or they are harassed and forced out. The army is the most obvious case but often is so extreme that it cracks and soldiers who crack are more able to see the truth than anyone else by being exposed and implicated in the worst legal horrors imaginable. I'm sure the same thing works in the nature/human-life destroying corporations (most of them are) , but mostly the salary and the scarcity of work and opportunity is the biggest bribe to keep quiet. Why were there never mass shootings before, could it be the psy ops they have been working on for eighty years? This is the psychological blood they smear on all of us. The point is to foster the inner narrative that we need these violent politicians, police, and military to protect us from ourselves. There is hope, New Utopians are forgiven as whistle blowers.