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Art by Mod Andi ( @11daysofhell)

So me and @aceofstars16 have been talking about an AU where Hera knew the Bridgers and ended up taking in Ezra after his parents were taken (Though she doesn’t keep him straight away)

I’ve actually fallen so deeply in love with the Au..

(Hera’s design is partly inspired by @hayamika-art!) 

i wanna say smth

i get when people say the season would be good if it just ended with sana making amazing friendships, fixing the friendships she has already and her being a boss ass bih who dont need no man.

but its just not fair.

and obviously i’m not saying u need a man to be happy?? but muslim women are always made out to be one or the other, either be an empowered strong woman OR be with a man and it doesnt make sense that we cant be both. it doesnt make sense that we cant be bomb ass bitches and also have a s/o that supports and loves us?? muslim women can be loved whilst still being themselves?? muslim women can fall in love and be loved and have happy endings with the guy they like?? and honestly if this whole season started teasing us with yousana and yousana actually isnt endgame, esp with this whole noora/yousef thing and considering sana seems insecure n thinks noora is a better pick for the the guy /she/ herself wants…… like thinking we arent good or pretty enough for the guys we like happens a lot with muslim girls but if it actually becomes true despite it all then thats gonna suck

sana deserves to be loved the way she is. muslim women can love and be loved and i want to see it with a happy ending!!

Saying “America was never meant to be a democracy” in response to unjust actions by far right politicians is straight up advocating fascism I’m sorry.

Idc about your analysis of the founding fathers you want people’s basic freedoms taken away.

Poor William. The kid barely knows what’s going on. He’s been kidnapped (again) and taken away to an island which I’m sure he has no idea where he is. And how many days was he held captive? We saw him kidnapped several episodes before the finale. I’m thinking Chase had him at least a week. It seems that he was treated alright- he had food and water and wasn’t hurt (and oh Oliver is well aware of what a week with Chase COULD be like, so everyone should be grateful that William’s was relatively benign) but for a kid to spend a week locked away in some strange place with a psychopath, the fear he must have felt. At some point he’s separated from his mother. I don’t know if they were together on the Island for a while or if they were kept apart from the moment they were taken, but my money’s on the former (based on Samantha’s level of panic). 

Then he’s stashed away on a boat, probably for hours. Hours of fear and boredom mingling. Before everything suddenly kicks into overdrive. His kidnapper is back and leaving the Island with him on the boat. And William probably didn’t see much of what happened next. But there’s someone else nearby. There’s shouting, a fight. And then he’s being dragged out into the light, an arm tight around his throat, his kidnapper toying with his hair. 

And before him is a sight. The Green Arrow, his hero, the one who saved him the last time he was kidnapped. The first thing William notices is that the Green Arrow is scared. Hero’s aren’t supposed to be scared. But his hood is also down. And it takes William a second to realize he knows this man. The man who visited him for a few months, just before everything changed in his life. His mother’s friend, Oliver. The one who’d taken an interest in him but who he’d never really understood. 

He’s standing there. His kidnapper holding him. His hero unmasked. And a standoff occurs. His life is being threatened. William understands that at once. The other stakes come soon after- his life or the people on the Island, his mother and the Green Arrow’s friends. It’s why that confuses him. Those words take longer to process. But the fear in the Green Arrow’s eyes and the words “your son” start to come into focus. His father. The father he never knew is standing before him, come to save him. And he’s the Green Arrow. 

The rest of it happens so fast. The arrow leaps from the bow. There’s a scream. The arm around his neck loosens and he bolts away. And the Green Arrow- his father- is grabbing him, pulling him close, hugging him. He sinks into the strong arms of his hero. He tells himself he’s safe. There’s more talking between hero and kidnapper. And then there’s a gunshot. And an explosion. 

And William clings to Oliver trying to make sense of it all. Father. Kidnapper. Mother. Arrows. Gunshots. Explosions. And William’s world is changed. 

i love almost everything about AKIRA, especially Milk Bear, but i think what really makes the movie for me are all the flashback scenes. we don’t get a lot of time with tetsuo at the beggining of the movie before he’s taken away but the little glimpses into his and kaneda’s past really gives a feeling of loss.

Vocal Team Reaction to them being able to lift you up easily.

caratarmyboy said:I would wonder what their reaction would be if (their boyfriend or gender neutral character which ever you prefer)would be able to lift them up easily.

hello! Thank you for responding! Just for the sake of length- I will be dividing this up into three different posts, one for each unit. Here is vocal teams, thank you so much for requesting!

Jeonghan: Once he discovered that he could pick you up easily, he would start doing it all the time, especially in front of the members. He thought it was super flirty and romantic and it would be a habit to sweep you into his arms every time he picked you up for a date. “Look how easy Y/N is to pick up everyone!”

Originally posted by jeohans

Joshua: This would make Josh blush sooooo easily. He lifted you up the first time because he had missed you when he was away on tour, but was taken aback by how easy it was to just sweep you off your feet in a hug when he saw you. He would find it very romantic and it would make him go all giggly and quiet. “Was that too cliche Y/N? It just sort of, happened? Was that okay with you?”

Originally posted by lovejoshua17

Woozi: This would make woozi laugh first of all, since he was the smallest of the members he was used to being the one always picked up by others. It would give him a bit of a confidence boost that he was able to pick you up whenever he wanted. He would truly be excited and make him feel a bit more manly. “Did you see that Y/N!” (which would make you laugh bc ofc you did)

Originally posted by choisaemi

DK: Honestly, DK would love to pick you up and hug you so the fact that it was so easy wouldn’t be anything new to him. But it would still make him have that sunshine smile every single time! His eyes would crinkle up and he would hug you so tight. “I love when I get to pick you up Y/N!”

Originally posted by pabospoiler

Seungkwan: At first Seungkwan would be taken aback because he personally doesn’t see himself as the kind of person to do anything like that. He thought he wouldn’t be able to, but since it was so easy, he would totally fall in love with picking you up and holding you. It would become his new favorite thing. Similar to jeonghan in that respect, but he would do it more when you two were alone. “I think it’s official now Y/N, that I am the best boyfriend ever.”

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From this day forward I’ll have to accept the fact that a lot of people will not be happy with the decisions I’ll make. From this day forward I have to make decisions for myself. I have to be selfish, I have to get everything I want & deserve. I have to do it by myself and for myself. I’ve been spending too much time trying to please others and be happy for them that it’s taken away from my happiness. Sticking around because it’ll make them happy…#chalked. Calculating my steps in a manner that’ll make them happy…#chalked. Passing on opportunities because it’ll make them happy…#chalked. I’ve been doing this shit for way too long, with family, friends & past love interest. Tired of looking ahead while standing still for people, fuck that!!! Moving forward, taking risk, and leaving the past where it belongs. No more burdens, no more obstacles behind me. Freeing my mind all summer 17

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Something that really grinds my gears about when Tim had Robin taken away is that Dick could've given Tim Nightwing and the action of Dick doing that may of given Tim a reason to not throw himself into his work and extremely unhealthy and passively suicidal behavior.

There was a million things DC could have done to lessen Tim’s suffering but, IMO, two big things prevented that.

1. Especially with everything that was going on, they wanted Tim to truly suffer and I’ll admit they did do a good job with that and they really did good showing the problems and fallout of that in RR

2. Honestly after Morrison took over as head and started pushing Damian in he was also, purposefully or not, pushing Tim out. Tim has hardly any presence in Morrison penned stories. Sadly, that trend has continued bc Morrison so effectively pushed Tim out that once RR ended, Tim was no longer relevant.

She can’t stay away from me any more than I can stay away from her and I’ve always taken her back. I will always take her back. I might tell myself that I won’t, but when she shows up, it feels like it’s something that’s out of my control. She’s my destiny.

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Hello! I really enjoy writing, but I have a problem with dialogue... I feel like there's to much of it and not enough description. But I'm never sure. Any advice?

Hey! Have a couple friends or family members read it- people who you know will be honest. I personally love dialogue. The key is making every line serve a purpose: advance the plot, develop a character, develop a relationship, display emotion, explain a situation (keep it brief) , etc. Some writers suggest making dialogue that is exactly how people talk in real life. I don’t agree entirely with that. People say a lot of things that don’t mean anything like unnecessary niceties and questions, ‘um’s, small talk, etc. Make sure your dialogue is meaningful. If you could cut it out and nothing would be taken away from the story and the flow would still sound natural, then it isn’t needed.

As for description, try adding a line or two of action, thoughts, etc. after or before your character speaks.

Ex. She pulled the knife out of her jacket, waving it around dangerously. “I told you to shut up.”

Ex. “Please, please don’t do this,” he said, tears welling in his eyes. He raked his fingers through his hair in frustration before burying his head in his hands.

Ex. “Just make dinner, okay?!” she urged, sighing in exasperation as she dropped her heavy bag onto the floor. Why did she always have to keep the house running?

Pick up a couple of books you have. Flip through the pages. Assess how much dialogue there is per page. Don’t count lines; just look. Compare to your work. Obviously, this doesn’t completely decide that you have too much dialogue because every book is unique, but it should give you at least an idea.

Serene, Chapter III - Down the Rabbit Hole


Chapter III

Down the Rabbit Hole

Disclaimer: I don’t own A Court of Thorn and Roses and all characters in the series. All of the characters are the property of Sarah J Maas, and are not my intellectual property. There is no financial gain made from this nor will any be sought. This is for entertainment purposes only.

By the time he opened his eyes, the silver sparkling lands were no more. The realm is now pitch black. He heard a vicious growl from the distance, along with white eyes in the dark, whatever it was, ready to pounce him any minute. Tamlin went into his battle stance, preparing himself to kill whoever it is on sight. But soon he felt his magic taken away. Something was ripped from him and he roared to the night, refusing to accept the second experience of being stripped from his power.

The chilling growl turned into an otherworldly voice, echoing inside his head, unlike the gentle caress that had been guiding him earlier.

I saw greed.

And the High Lord collapsed.

Two Fae girls, not look older than 10 springs sat beside the comfy bed, with tree roots sustaining it and gentle shades of silver canopy up above. Their soft midnight haired head moved once in awhile, curiously inspecting the person in the bed. They have sat there for so a long while, fascinated by the creature who was sleeping soundly. Both of them had took him here because of the Queen’s order, and it was no easy task. The man is so heavy! And the Gollum weren’t so helpful either.

“Is he dead?” one with the shorter hair said for the umpteenth times, attempting to poke him.

“No, Milla, he’s not,” the other retorted, slapping her sisters’ hand, “Her Majesty told us to keep an eye on him!”

“We have waited here for so long, Nalla, and he doesn’t wake up at all!” she cried, “I want to go bother some Gollums! I’m bored!”

Nalla clicked her tongue. She despise her infernal twin of hers. So immature, so childish. Unlike her, Nalla take pride being one of the Queen’s apprentice. Even though all she did was taking care of the old tree. However, Milla apparently doesn’t care about it. All she did was chasing down the Tree younglings and Gollums, bugging them until they snapped and left her giggling.

“Fine, you go bug that Gollums, I’ll watch over him alone,” she retorted, emphasizing alone to make Milla catch the sign of how she try to guilt trip her sister.

“Really? Wooohoooo!” she exclaimed loudly, her feet stomping the wood under her, causing the tree house to shake.

“Milla, keep your voice down!” the older hissed.

Tamlin quietly open his eyes after all the noise, wanted to make the girls noticed him be releasing a groan. He had been aware of his surroundings for awhile, but refused to open his eyes to scanned the place by pretending to be asleep.

“He woke up, Nalla, I did it!”

“All you did was jumping around like a little monkey, you…”

“Hello, Sire! Are you awake?” little Milla exclaimed, putting her hands on the bed, excitedly looking at the man in front of her.

“Yes, yes I am,” he groaned, getting up as he rub the back of his neck, “where am I?”

“We took you from the tree, Sire!” she continued her babbling, “you are really heavy and you must have upset the elder, didn’t you? To have them knock you out like that? You shouldn’t do that, Sire, you shouldn’t! The Queen was…”

“Shhh!” the older hissed again, covering her twin sister, “go outside, I’ll explain things to him!”

Milla pouted.

“Now,” her sister finished.

The short haired girl stomped outside, muttering words as she went. Nalla turned her focus from her sister to her guest, who is sitting with his sleepy eyes and confusion.

“So, what is this place?” he asked again, eyes still wandering around. The room was so small compared to his chamber, with some silver light go through the windows. Dolls scattered in one corner while other place has a desk full of papers and maps. That, and a huge picure of a woman on the wall.

“This is my room, Sire,” young Nalla answered, “we found you fainted by the Elder Tree. How did you get there?”

“Someone told me about that tree and I try to find it,” he muttered, “the damned thing took my magic from me.”

“You have angered him, then,” she said.

“No idea how it got pissed off, I did what the voice told me.”

“Voice? What voice?”

“A girl’s voice led me to the tree, telling me how to find it. But when I said my wish the tree knocked me out.”

Nalla held her breath.

“What? You know something, Brat?”

“No, nothing,” she shook her head, “would you like to take a bath or something? The Queen is expecting you but she’s away at this moment.”

“I need to go back to my castle,” he replied.

“Later, after you meet the Queen,” she said, her voice stern. Tamlin eyed her for a good minute before he sighed.

“Fancy a tour?” she asked, her face uninterested, “this village isn’t much, but I think you’ll like it.”

Is there a limit of how many times a man can be surprised in a day?

Tamlin had trouble keeping his mouth closed the entire time as his eyes scanned the sight before him. They just go passed the girls’ door when he gaped at the city, it was a sight to behold. Something he never seen in the Spring Court. Everything was covered in different shades of silver and blue, the houses looked like they’re carved out of the sturdy trunk. The realm is full of tree houses, with bridges connected one across another. Every bridges has roofs, graced by bright lantern ever 1-2 meters.

Up above was a night sky with endless stars and an unusually big moon graced the castle far, far away. Countless stars fell , some houses were made of glass on top of the hills and mountains.

Beneath the land was the turqoise colored water, just like what he saw earlier around the Ancient Tree. He can see a stairs twirled down from one house to the land below, giving them access to gether the water they needed.

“The water… isn’t a magical one? It.. doesn’t grant.. wishes…here?” he stuttered, feeling stupid.

“The only water that grant wishes is only the one close to the Elder.”

“The Elder?”

“The tree that knocked you out,” she replied.

“Ah, right.”

“The water around here was the one the Queen provided. Although still magical, it won’t grant any wishes. The Elder has the power, and he choose who he deemed worthy.”

“Any specific criteria?”

“No lust, no greed, no anger,” she answered, her index finger emphasizing each words, “you got the greed, didn’t you?”

“How did you know?”

“The one with greed will have something precious taken away from him.”

“My magic…,” he sighed, “is there any way to retrieve it?”

“You must ask the Queen about that,” she replied, “now where is she…?”

Nalla scanned the land around her, trying to find the one she looking for, that immature twin of hers. She found her chasing a group of tree younglings, which shrieking in annoyance as it ran from Milla.

“Milla! Leave them alone!” she shouted as he rolled down a carpet which turned into a long stairs. Tamlin went to the edge of the bridge to see what’s the fuss, and catch himself muttering ‘the hell is that? Those are trees, aren’t they? But they are running around’.

“Aww, you’re ruining the fun!” the younger pouted. Her eyes soon stare into Tamlin’s as she smiled brightly again, “Hey, Sire! Having fun?”

The young lord found himself in a very confused state. This place is not an ordinary place, indeed. Running little trees, silver leaves, Elder tree sucking his power within seconds… this place is filled by great amount of magic.

“Who are you?” he finally asked, “and what is this.. place?”

“Oh, you finally got curious, aren’t you?” Milla jumped, excited, “I’m waiting for a long time to say this!”

The girls stood before him, Milla’s eyes round and bright, Nalla’s face remained impassive as always, the younger tried to hold her bubbling happiness within her.

“Welcome to the Court of the Moon,” she giggled, “We are Milla and Nalla, the Queen’s apprentice.”

“Court of the Moon?”

The twin nodded.

“There’s no such thing as the Court of the Moon.”

Milla gaped and Nalla shook her head in disapproval, looking at him as if he'a dumb fool.

“The Court of the Moon is one of the ancient Court ever made. We were the the ancestor of the Night’s,” said Nalla as she walked, motioning the rest to follow her.

“Yeah, the Night, one with the perverted, audacious High Lord, you know him, right?” Milla added.

“…of course,” he muttered.

“Our Court has always been hidden, because of the Elder Tree. The former King of the Night was obsessed with it, especially on its ability to grant wishes,” said Nalla, “he would come to the Elder Tree over and over, but never find his path, because of the overwhelming greed inside him.”

“After many failed attempts, he became a bit.. destructive…,” Milla chimed in.

“He burnt the entire woods in an attempt to find the path, that old fool. That one last attempt angered the Queen.”

“Her Majesty sealed the whole Court with a spell to conceal it, away from all malice; and she cursed the wretched King to live with his greed all his life, until an heir came, that’s strong willed enough to not inherit his amount of hatred.”


“The High Lord has been faring well, or so I’ve heard,” Nalla smirked slightly.

Tamlin snorted.

“The side effect is thes realm never see other view than the night sky, but it’s not that bad.”

“I hate night sky,” he grumbled under his breath.

“So.. how did you get here, Sire?” asked Milla, “because the Queen herself made sure that no one ever heard of our story.”

“A maid in my castle told me,” he said, confused, “she told me a story about a pond that can grant wishes.”

Milla and Nalla exchanged glances.

“That’s impossible, Sire, no one would ever know about this place, unless…”

“You were talking about a voice, too. What voice?” Nalla cut her off.

“There’s a voice talking to me, saying that I should beg to find my path or something.”

“Milla, go to the castle, immediately. We should request an audience to the Queen as soon as possible.”

Milla nodded eagerly as she ran with her little legs, whistled as she went, calling a little fat bird. She hop onto it and flew.

“What is it? Explain to me!”

“Listen, Sire. No one, no one ever know about our story after our Queen sealed the realm. But the sealing doesn’t came out perfect.”

“You Queen made a mistake.”

Nalla nodded.

“One of the royalty, a rebellous girl left out of the Court, the Queen has been terribly heartbroken ever since,” she continued, “The Royal Princess were out there, trying to stop the damned King army.”

“And she’s the first Guardian of the Elder. She’s the only one who can bend the Elder onto her will, a rare being that she was, at least enough to open the path. I am now understand why the Queen brought you here.”

“You are saying that my maid is…”

“A Daemati and the first Shadowsinger master, Her Highness Sara Endear.”

“You are saying my maid is a Daemati and Shadowsinger master.”

Nalla nodded.

He roared a laugh.

“She can’t even bring a tray properly,” he chuckled.

“Oh yes, she’s clumsy at times but she’s still the Royal Princess of the Moon.”

“Does that imply anything?”

Nalla sighed.

“The people of the Moon Court are masters of shadow, although with that amount of perceptiveness Her Highness won’t need a Shadowsinger and Daemati skill at all to understand others.”

“That princess of yours love to gossip with the rest of the maid, how unladylike.”

“She did?” Nalla raised her brow, “but we made sure that she doesn’t have that habit…”

“You think too highly of your master.”

“You love to underestimate people, aren’t you?”

Tamlin stiffened.

“Arrogance will not bring you anywhere,” Nalla smirked, knowing that she hit the nail.

As the last word spilled from Nalla’s mouth, horns were sounded, and Nalla found herself gripping the edge of the bridge. There, tens of boats came from afar, in the middle was a silver boat and in it stood a regal woman, whose face Tamlin had seen in Nalla’s room. Silver hair, and eyes as dark as the haunting night sky, identical to the sky above.

“The Queen has arrived,” said Nalla, “Pray that she like you enough to give back your magic.”

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rest peacefully my brave lil karp.

Fox Wild-Open FNAF RP

How long had it been? Five years? Ten years? More?

After all this time, Ian didn’t know…and to tell the truth, he didn’t care anymore. 

He was losing himself. Ian had been a CHILD, only nine years old when his life was taken away from him. And he’d woken up in a giant, hook-handed robot fox body, finding himself compelled to hurt people-to KILL. He didn’t want to, but he couldn’t stop himself. 

And then IT had happened. The Bite of ‘87. 

The memory still haunted Ian, but it HAD woken him up. Brought him back to himself. 

But did it, really? He was still stuck in Foxy. And now that he’d hurt someone, the Cove was shut down, so he had to stay alone, in the darkness, all day. Alone with his thoughts-and the realization that he didn’t know who he was anymore. Ian Connors was dead-had been dead for a long, LONG time. He barely remembered his old life, his family-Ian didn’t even remember what he looked like anymore. Whenever he looked into a mirror, or other shiny surface, he saw Foxy staring back at him. 

And now, after all this time, all the anger, pain, sadness, and confusion was beginning to really affect Ian, or Foxy, or whoever he was…

He started as he heard footsteps coming down the hall. The fox’s ears flattened against his head, a low growl escaping his throat…

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PRIDE. -What is your muses biggest flaw?

My biggest flaw is more than likely the way I give those I care for so much power over me. I am a monster on a leash for those close to me, and that can be taken advantage of. I serve them blindly and they get away with murder.

I’m so upset that they cancelled The Get Down. It was so diverse and beautiful with amazing representation and it was EASILY Netflix’s best show (a lot fucking better than fucking stranger things). I wanted to see these kids grow and flourish but because they’re not white, people didn’t give a shit. It’s so upsetting to see something as great and special and unique as The Get Down get cancelled after one season. So many people connected with these characters, characters the racist ass media wouldn’t create, and to have those characters taken away from you is heartbreaking. We got to see them get into collage, start to take over the music industry, make gorgeous artwork, get away from their abusers, and even more just for Netflix to barely promote it and have it cancelled. For the love of God, let POC blossom.

s/o to aces with libido

s/o to aces with kinks

s/o to aces with fantasies

s/o to aces who experience sensual attraction

s/o to aces who like to be sensually intimate with their partners

s/o to aces who like to be sexually intimate with their partners

s/o to aces who aren’t “perfect” asexuals, you are still valid and you are all ace af