not to be taken away




ㄴㅇㅅㅌ’s have been dreaming about this 6 yrs. People underestimate how much pain comes from your ult. never ever winning. Groups somehow get 15 wins in a row, don’t you think ㄴㅇㅅㅌ’s sometimes get jealous? We felt miserable knowing 1st win was the members dream since debut they never got. It’s a shame now a members has been taken away. At 16, Minhyun wrote in the fan cafe in 2012 how much he wanted 1st win, so Its sad he can’t share this win he wanted to experience so badly with his family NU’EST, However, that’s why they are now a sub-unit “NU’EST W” so ‘NU’ESTs’ first win will be in 2019 when Minhyun returns. Whenever NU’EST receive success they sacrifice 10x more than anyone else to get it!


I know Minhyun to watched their 1st Win on T.V and cried, upset he’s not there but so so so proud of his family! 

 Aron cried the SO MUCH. Jackson,Mark and Peniel all hugged him tight when he did! Ren went after Aron to console him! He see’s he is loved too after being left behind, and that leaving his family in the USA at 18 and coming to Korea to live his dream was finally worth it

Baekho was in absolute shock!! None of them believed this was year! He made a wish to the moon in 2012 saying that he doesn’t have any other wish but to get 1st win. I hope he knows his father is looking down on him proudly.

 Ren teared up, consoled Aron, tried to give the mic of JR but he couldnt speak. He looked at the fans which the MASSIVE amount of love in his eyes!! his helpless devotion to loves and the members to finally paying off. Even thought he said he felt like running away he stayed- he now knows he is loved for his talent.

 JR WAS IN SHOCK, CHOKED UP WHEN HE TRIED TO DO A SPEECH, THEY ALL JUST STARED AT EACH OTHER IN AWE FOR 5 MINS! He who at 13 joined a company as their 1st male trainee thinking they’d make his dream come true, but instead exiled into foreign countries, constantly blaming himself for their failure. HE KNOWS he lead NU’EST to victory! After the BRUTAL pain he endured as leader he now knows it wasn’t his fault, and he is loved, cherished and the best leader there ever was. He got his 1st win after 6 years, not only as NU’ESTs leader, but as the Nation’s Leader.





After 6 Years, ㄴㅇㅅㅌ we finally did!


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‘Loud House’ Showrunner Chris Savino Fired from Nickelodeon For Sexual Harassment Charges
“The Loud House” showrunner Chris Savino has been fired from Nickelodeon, amidst charges of sexual harassment. Savino had first been suspended by the network when allegations first surf…
By Debra Birnbaum

On one side of the coin, I am glad that Nick has taken care of this right away. 

On the other side, The Loud House is a GREAT show! Chris was the creator of it. I read that season 3 will start in 2018 but what about after season 3? 

What is the future of The Loud House without its creator?

BTS REACTION: They see other guys flirting with you


  • he wouldn’t be happy of course
  • he will walk over to you
  • casually putting his arm around your shoulders
  • if the guy still don’t get the idea then he will (interrupted) introduced himself as your BOYFRIEND
  • the guy then will (finally) get that you’re taken and walk away


  • lol this guy wouldn’t mind because he knows you love him (VERY MUCH)
  • will suddenly hold you hands and kiss you
  • “hello im kim seokjin, her boyfriend. please leave before i kick your ass :)))))))”


  • this soft boy wouldn’t be happy
  • the guy will probably run away before yoongi even walk over to you
  • because yoongi is glaring right at him 
  • you would be confused but when you see yoongi behind you
  • you smiled at him, reassuring him that your his


  • honestly i dont think he would mind because he has his fans too
  • but if the guy is really pissing him off then its mad hobi
  • he will walk over to you with the biggest smile on his face 
  • “y/NNNNNNN, why are you talking to strangers?" 
  • he will drag you away while glaring at the guy


  • cute mochi would be really angry and sad
  • he will wait until the guy leaves and walk over to you
  • "y/n are you going to leave me" 
  • "of course not jimin i love you” you said as you kiss his cheeks
  • now our cute mochi is happy again


  • this cutie would be pouting 
  • he will walk over to you, hugging you from the behind
  • he will glare at the guy while his head is in your neck
  • the guy would probably get uncomfortable and excuse himself
  • you would sighed at kiss his cheeks, walking with him to get food


  • cocky little shit 
  • will come walking over with a smug on his face while he slide an arm around your waist
  • “oh hey babe. who’s this?”
  • if the person is confident enough he would stand up to jungkook
  • “oh hi (guy’s name). i’m her boyfriend, or her future husband. now, if you will excuse us, we’ll be leaving for our date.”
  • you would be smirking at him “future husband?" 
  • "yes now shut up” he would blush 50 shades of red.

please request !! 


i gotta say i really enjoy ONE’s art style in moments like these where emotional depth and symbolism is so much more important than aesthetics

it’s common to goof on the way mob’s face is drawn and how simplistic it is. or how striking, immediately recognizable it is. and then in the comic itself we constantly have mob’s identity be robbed because of how easy it is to strip him of it. last chapter we focused on his name, now we’re focusing on his face. from the psycho helmet cult members using his image to dimple stealing it in the broccoli arc there’s been this whole theme of identity and personhood building up. and now ??? has chipped away at his face and taken it. 

anyway, i just really like how ONE is tackling this subject, it’s very artistic. i love it when a series’ art style compliments its tone. 

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we always tell you our favorite head canons but what is yours

I love hearing your headcanons! They provide unlimited entertainment. I feel like I post mine a lot. (Also thank u anon, I’m calling you friendly anon because of your lovely messages)


• when Scully was assigned to spooky Mulder, she went out with some of her friends that night — her academy class, others in general assignment. She didn’t BRAG, per say, but she felt dangerous. Kind of sexy. Being paired with one of the most brilliant profilers, AND being tasked to reign him in? As a rookie? She tucked a smirk into her cranberry vodka the entire night.

• Scully was a waitress in college. Mulder’s bad tipping habit drives her nuts.

• The first time they were separated and the files were taken away, Mulder would creep in the back of her lecture hall but wouldn’t say a word to her

• all of the lab workers dig Mulder and Scully, because they’re always bringing in some interesting projects

• after Closure, they spend the entire weekend together. Mulder is calm. Contemplative. Scully waits for the switch to flip, for him to break down. But waking up with her that first morning is the only time in years where he felt like he had a choice in what he was going to do for the day

Alright, yes, I’m one of those people who’s a little disappointed in the fact so much cuteness got cut from 2x02, but the fact that they still gave us those scenes, whether in picture promo or previews, we still saw them. Sure, you could think of it as a tease only to be taken away in the actual episode but we still got to see them. We still know they were supposed to be in the episode.. that means something.

Plus they were only cut for length and to add to the actual plot.

Harry Styles is over party.

Hello loves. Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I’ll post an imagine later! Thank you for 300 followers; it means the world to me x.

So, I don’t know if you guys have seen the hashtag on Instagram or Twitter or know what’s going on, so let me explain.

Harry, at one of his latest concerts, didn’t bring up a black lives matter flag, and I girl was told she could not hold it up.

Harry, as we know, brought out a gay flag when it was taken away.

Y'all can tell me I’m too far up his ass, tell me I’m dumb as fuck, I honestly couldn’t give less of a shit.


I understand that some people want him to speak about BLM. I want him to speak about it myself, but shit, he can’t fucking speak about everything.

Maybe he didn’t see the flag.

Maybe people told him he couldn’t.

Maybe Harry didn’t have time.

Maybe no one told Harry this time that the flag was taken away.


He can’t advocate for absolutely everything; but he tries.

He constantly tells people that everyone is equal, he can’t do everything.

If y'all are gonna unstan him because he didn’t bring up a flag, shit. Bye.

Harry can’t do everything, and he doesn’t deserve hate when we don’t know the whole story or the situation. It’s fucked up.

Now, the thing that people say he is a Zionist.

The boy has his own opinions. He may not even know what the other flag was when he picked it up. I know I didn’t know what it was for. At this point, I think he just picks up flags and waves them to show support for everything.

Anyways, some people need to fuck off. I understand where they are coming from, but Harry tries his best. F U C K. O F F.

“So this fella, Jimmy, had a pet sea otter named Bimmy.  He loved the lil guy!  Loved him!  Sadness struck when Bimmy was taken away by some crook.

When called, police admitted: ‘This was the first time we had to deal with ‘Grand Theft Otter’’  


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Is it a good thing to grab a feral pidge and take it in? Is it better for them or??? What if I set up a barn and rescued a lot of pigeons one by one and fed/cared for them. Would they not like it? (Being taken away and all)

Sooo… this is a tough moral dilema.

On the one hand… What would you say if the Pigeon in the quation was replaced with “Stray Dog”?

They are in exactly the same position.

Would you have any qualms about taking a stray dog in that had been born on the street and raised among a feral pack?

The difference between stray/feral dogs and stray/feral pigeons is that there are shelters for dogs.

There are homes for dogs to go to.

There are agencies whose job it is to get dogs off the street.

None of those things exist for pigeons.

None of those things has EVER existed for pigeons.

Can you imagine how HUGE the feral dog population would be if there were no shelters and every one thought they were native wildlife?

Right now, there are WAY more feral pigeons than there are places for them to go, so we have to prioritize the birds in the most urgent need of help.

You could start a regional street pigeon project, building an open loft with lots of nest spaces where the pidge could be fed and encourage to move in. With a big enough clay supply, you could make some fake eggs and hatch control the residents.

You could also foster baby pigeons brought to vets and rehabs and adopt them out.

Or keep tabs on your local flock and take in birds who get injured or have trouble feeding themselves well.

Episode 13x02 opinion

That episode was definitely better than last years second episode. I liked it, and I LOVED the part where Sam was explaining to Jack how Dean’s mind works. I do believe Dean will come around eventually. Dean wouldn’t have taken that knife away from Jack if he didn’t have any faith in him at all, he just won’t admit it yet. Pretty good in character episode in my opinion.

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I can't help but imagine NB coming out of his dressing room in that white suit and when Danny sees him, his breath is just taken away at how handsome he looks.

he feels so silly at first bc (in his mind) it doesn’t fit him at ALL, so he kinda wants to back out of the whole idea and just don the usual gi. but when he walks out and sees Danny breathtaken, he thinks maybe it’ll be worth it

“You- you look great!” Danny finally manages, and even under all the makeup NB can see him blushing <3

it’s even more fun later when Danny takes it off him uvu

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Watch the nasty Aaron stand claim that people are forgetting about Aaron/Danny and that Robron fans are favouriting Ryan. Etc etc blah blah blah. Ryan is being praised because he has grown as an actor and stepping up to the challenging roles he's been given. The storyline is shit and sadly he's been taken away from great actors like Danny, Isobel and Lucy and dumped with mediocre ones like Emily and John but the boy is excelling and carrying this storyline.

Honestly there’s only ever one aaron stan I see on twitter complaining about it but whenever I see it honestly it makes me laugh. Danny himself is just proud to be up because he knows you can’t win everything in life. He wants ryan to win every award he’s up for because even he knows ryan deserves it. Danny has been on the show since 2008 and has won 17 awards. There’s characters who have been in soaps for 20+ years who have either won one or none. For that Danny has achieved hell of a lot. I like Danny and I was buzzing at the soap awards last year when he won the awards but because ryan is always in other people’s stories people seem to forget about his acting. Like his acting during the abuse storyline was amazing. Ssw ended up being about aaron because he almost died once again AMAZING. This is Ryan’s very own story and his acting is just incredible. I’m glad people are seeing it. Ryan probably doesn’t care whether he wins he probably is the same as Danny and is honoured to be nominated but Ryan deserves it so much.

10pm (Part II)

10pm (Part II)

pairing: im changkyun x reader
words: 3,580
genre: angst, angst, angst ??? I tried ahahah
warnings: none
rate: g
summary: The moment he realized he had taken you for granted was the moment you walk away from his life.

10PM (Part I)

A/N : Oh haii, so I just happened to make a part II of this , just finished my final exam and now bored waiting for my brother to pick me up from school T_T. Enjoyyy <3

Changkyun’s POV

           11pm, Saturday, I’m currently at Jooheon’s place together with the guys, everyone were silent for a moment but Minhyuk decided to kill the silence and suggested to have a beer. Jooheon and Wonho cheered and the rest just agreed about it, while for me I think I needed few cans of it. My mind is floating, y/n’s face is still very clear in my head. Right now I’m contemplating how will I text her, or should I call her. I know it should be the best thing that I should do, but I can’t seem to have the courage to do so. This feeling of guilt is just so new to me, I’ve been holding my phone for a while waiting for her to text me how angry she was, how she hates me. I think that would be better than not getting any, it seriously makes me anxious.

“So Changkyun what are you gonna do about it?” Shownu asked after taking the last gulp from his can before tossing it to the bin. I just shrug taking a sip from my can as well.

“You know what? Given y/n’s attitude I think she will just sleep her anger away and be after you again the next day.” Minhyuk said while munching his pizza.

“Me too, me too, y/n is sure to be head over heels with you Kkung.” Jooheon seconded nudging me in the shoulder.

“It’s hard to be really handsome.” Wonho stated before laughing. They are having fun with their conversation when Kihyun harshly slam the can on the table. He’s been grumpy the whole time but this no longer surprise everyone since Kihyun’s reaction over things is always different from the rest. He has always been the mother of the group, in the sense of nagging about everything, think he is the only one who is rational. Well there are times that he really is the most rational.  

“That’s my point Changkyun-ah, haven’t you realized it by now? Y/n likes you a lot, for the longest time now and what did you do? You’ve taken her for granted.” He said raising his voice, obviously mad as he finally voiced out his frustration and here I am, I can’t even answer back. I felt guilty and stupid enough.

“Kihyun-ah stop acting like a girl, just drink already. It was our idea Changkyun was just dragged with us.” Wonho said rubbing Kihyun’s back trying to calm him.

“Yes hyung, yes on Monday I will go to y/n and explain everything to her, I’ll take all the blame. Please don’t kill the fun now.” Jooheon said while making cute faces trying to make Kihyun laugh.

“Tsk, you two! Remember what I’ve told you, you will both regret this, I know right now you won’t understand, I just hope you won’t taste your own medicine.” Kihyun said slapping Jooheon’s face away while Wonho laugh loudly.

“HA! As if I would ever fall in love. There are so many girls out there lining up for me.” He added finishing the content of his can.  

           Sunday was torture, it’s the longest Sunday I ever had. I finally texted y/n that I was really sorry and told her I would buy her whatever desserts she likes. I even texted her that I would go to the amusement park with her but she didn’t reply any of it. She won’t answer my calls as well. As much as I hate to admit it, it feels a little weird not receiving lots of messages from her. Or was I just so used always getting flooded with messages and whatever from her. My phone feels a little lonely and boring since it’s so silent. It’s already past dinner yet I still have full battery, my phone battery doesn’t usually last this long because of receiving lots of notifications from her. From random text, chat and just what so ever.  I remember her sending me pictures of cute cats she wants to pet but obliviously can’t since she’s allergic to it. And also her sending me pictures of cactus, saying she wanted to pet it since she doesn’t need to water it every day. Y/n seriously needs to grow up. I suddenly question what I was doing realizing, I’m scrolling up her chatbox.

           Monday morning, I woke up extra early so I could go to her house and pick her up for school. I’m sure she will play sulky for a moment but will surely talk to me after few minutes. Especially now I prepared bribery for her, I bought her favorite strawberry milkshake. Well I’m not sure if she likes having it early in the morning, but she usually likes everything that I gave her. As what I’ve remembered I usually give her snacks, since she likes eating a lot and I just honestly don’t know what else does she like aside from food.  I didn’t text her that I’ll be picking her up early, I’m thinking of just waiting for her to come out so we could go to school together. But it’s almost 8am and she ain’t around yet, I was about to walk in when I saw her brother, he greeted me good morning with a confused tone. “I thought, y/n informed you to just meet in school since she had a sleep over at  Eun Hae’s (ur bff’s name) place since they have this morning activity with their groupmates.” Her brother stated that got me confused to, I don’t remember her saying any of that. “Aww, I didn’t know that was today, I might just have missed the dates. Thanks Hyung.” I just ended up saying before bidding him goodbye.

           The entire day at school feels a little unusual, I can’t find y/n in the place she usually stay or walk by. She used to always visit and stay in the bench where I and my friends stay, I didn’t see her at the cafeteria today as well. I wonder if she had eaten her lunch. “Looking for someone?” Wonho laughed while nudging me as he placed his food on the table. “Yeah, it feels new not seeing y/n around.” Jooheon seconded with a fake pout. “You think, she’s really serious about giving up on Changkyun this time?” Minhyuk asked in wonder. That also got me wondering if she’s really going to give up for real this time. I don’t know why but I felt a pang of pain in my chest hearing that, it felt empty. I know it’s really wrong and selfish but I wish she won’t seriously give up on me yet. Feeling slightly threatened with the possibilities, I texted her again. A long and sincere one.  Telling her how sorry I was and I really wanted to talk to her personally. It was around 3pm, in the middle of my last class when I finally got a reply from her. She agreed to just talk on our way home, and hell yeah it’s one of the new feelings I’ve been having lately, I’m nervous to see her, I’ve been contemplating what will I say to her.  Y/n what have I done and what should I do?  

Y/n’s POV

            You felt really sick the entire weekend, crying over and telling Eunhae about everything that happened. Eunhae was so mad about everyone and in the midst of all that happened she didn’t say much, she was just there and listened to you all the way. You are really thankful you have your only best friend, if not you have no idea how you will be able to act as if nothing happened at home. Your family is really close to each other and talking about your feelings for Changkyun is a normal topic at home and of course your mom will openly talk about it to Changkyun’s mom. That’s how twisted everything is, and this time you don’t want anything of that. You felt really bad already and as much as possible you don’t want anyone to know about it, specially both of your families.  

           You were having stages of grief over your lost love. That Saturday night you were so angry and mad at Changkyun, you seriously want to slap him and his friends. How dare they made fun of you. But later on, you’re a crying mess, realizing your worth in Changkyun’s heart. By this time you are really sure that he doesn’t really feel anything for you, because if he does he will never toy with you, he will never toy with your feelings. He will never let his friends make fun of you. You’re used to him being mean and cold to you, that hurts a lot but that is somewhat better. At least he isn’t lying, at least he wasn’t leading you on. But this time it’s different, it’s the first time he toyed with your feelings like this, you were so happy and excited to just let your heart break. Changkyun is really your first love and also your first heart break.

           You promised to yourself before that you will never give up on him. You promised to yourself before that you will be with him and fight for him as long as he doesn’t have anyone yet. But now you realized how pathetic that promise was. You realized it’s not Changkyun’s fault alone, it’s yours as well. You’ve been forcing your feelings for him, you’ve been fooling yourself that there is a possibility of you and him. You live in your own bubble, pretending you don’t know his feelings, denying the fact that he doesn’t really liked you from the start. You always make his small gesture matter, making it a big deal to feed your own satisfaction when in fact it doesn’t really meant anything. Now you’re not just crying because he toyed with your feelings, now you’re also crying because you finally accepted the reality that nothing is really left for you and him. It’s so painful that it’s hard to breathe and cry at the same time. Words are not even enough to express the pain you are feeling right now. You are torn between missing him and the imagination of him missing you as well, but you know it’s not the real thing. Plus remembering you words at the restaurant, your pride won’t allow you to make your words into nothing.  Yes, you admit that you can really be bratty and childish at times, prideful and unforgiving as well. Changkyun knew that very well, but still he decided to hurt you that way.

           “ Don’t worry this will be the last time. I’ll stop fighting for your attention, I’ll stop texting you, I’ll stop going to your profile and getting jealous over other girls you are friendly with, I’ll stop trying making you fall for me. Please help me, and please stay away from me.”  

it’s not the first time you’ve said that you’re giving up on him. But this time you’re so determined to stick to your words, you’re so hurt and tired to go after a love only you wants in the very first place.

           Monday as much as you don’t want to go to school, you don’t have a choice. It’s better to be busy at school than to mourn at your best friend’s house. You purposely made yourself really busy, volunteering to do tasks that’s not even yours. It may sound that you are avoiding him but yeah it’s really true, you don’t want to see him. Seeing him might change the decision you made over night , and you’re still so hurt to see him as well. You read his text, saying sorry as if what he did was nothing serious. He even offered to buy you anything or go with you anywhere, if it was some other time you would feel really happy about it, but this time you felt really annoyed reading it. You’re not in the mood to entertain butterfly in your stomach.  Changkyun can really be stupid at times.

           It was 2:30 in the afternoon, it was your break and you made used of it to just buy snacks you can eat on the way to the auditorium. And that’s the time you saw Changkyun’s bestfriend Jooheon walking his way towards you.  He called your attention and jogged to your place as he noticed you walking away from him. “Y/n wait” He panted while holding your wrist. “What do you want Jooheon?” You asked directly , sounding pissed.  “Y/n I’m really sorry okay? It was mine and Wonho hyung’s fault. Changkyun really doesn’t have any idea that we would be there. Y/n please.” Jooheon pleaded naturally like its no big deal. “Did Changkyun asked you to do this?” You asked  and Jooheon instantly deny it and started explaining everything that happened during that time. Saying it was his and Wonho’s idea, he was the one holding Changkyun’s phone, saying he was the one who insisted the bet. Saying Changkyun was just forced to go along to the idea of testing me.

           Hearing about him wanting to test your feelings really hurt you. Was your effort not enough? Was the way you’re expressing your feelings not enough? You are a woman too, You wished to experience someone who will sincerely like you and go after you. Someone that would make your heart flutter over trivial stuffs such as text, flowers, effort and time. But you have given up all of that because of Changkyun, because you know he will never do that for you.  

           3pm, you received another text from him, he was apologizing again and asking you if you could talk. “Fine, let’s talk.”  You texted him back as you wipe your tears walking your way to the auditorium.

4:30pm the talk in the auditorium was over already, you didn’t even know what the hell they are talking about inside. You were so busy contemplating your emotions , your mind is flying somewhere. Thinking of possible scenarios how to make Changkyun regret for what he did, you’re thinking of how to get back at him and at least hurt him the way he has hurted you or at least make him a little sad as well, it’s not fair that it’s only you who’s suffering. You took a deep breath, counting 1-10 to composure yourself and act as cold as possible as you walk going to the car park.  You saw him standing there, his back leaning on the door frame of his car. Damn it, here goes your heart getting excited in an appropriate time again. You stand there and tried to calm yourself , remembering the things that hurts you, thinking the guy you hurt you , the guy who toy with your feelings is just there standing in front of you. And as if in cue, Changkyun turned to your direction and saw you. Not unlike his usual self, he doesn’t look as confident as he used to be, he looked anxious, well this is new. Reminds you of what happened, now it starts clouding in your chest, its heavy and suffocating. You got inside the car without greeting him anyway.  “You wanna go somewhere….I mean is there a place you wanted to go so we could talk?”  Changkyun carefully asked while turning the engine on. “No, let’s just talk here.” You stated as cold as possible, you can feel how tensed he was as he turned the engine off and sit up properly after letting out a deep breath, how the shortest time you are together this afternoon you can’t count already how many deep breath and sighs coming from him. “You can start reciting your lies now, so we could finish this talk early.” You said feeling proud of yourself as you voice didn’t crack.  You saw him sighed and turned to face you. “Look Y/n, I know you’re still so mad or even hated me right now but still I want to tell you I’m really sorry for what happened. I felt so bad about it too, I hated myself for making it happen too. But please hear me out.” You sighed hearing him, fisting your palm trying your best to control your emotions, trying your best to stop the tears from spilling from your eyes. “It may sound that I’m just justifying myself but I don’t really have any idea that they’re going to be there. I really had the intention to be there with you. They told me that we’re just going to make you wait a little, I agreed because they keep on teasing me and I was a little curious too, I know that was stupid. But as I was thinking, you won’t notice it anyway since you were so busy chatting with the waiter friend of yours, I thought it wouldn’t matter much as well. Just enough for them to go away, but everything just went out of hand.” He paused looking at you, trying to wait for your response but you decided to stay silent and not say anything. “You have all the right to hate me for making you wait that long. And about what you said that night, Y/n I didn’t do it because I hated you. I may not like it when people and our family go before me and pushed me to be with you and reciprocate your feelings but I never hated you for that. It may be really easy for you to express how you feel for me but that does not work for me Y/n. You know I’m not as expressive as you are, I’m not as sociable as you are, I enjoy my peace and privacy. I just simply didn’t like it, that’s why I easily get annoyed and frustrated every time they tease me with you. Maybe that’s the reason why I wasn’t able to stop them from betting that night. I know it’s stupid, but I didn’t mean to hurt you that night.” He said, brushing his fingers in his hair in frustration. This time you were unable to stop your tears from streaming, everything just came back to your mind as if everything happened at the moment, you’re no longer mad , just hurt about the reality that he’s talking about.  

“I know, Jooheon told me everything already.” You started with your head low not even giving him a look. “I don’t know what more about my feelings you wanted to test more. Are my efforts not enough? I don’t know why I’m getting so worked up over it, it’s just waiting. Changkyun I can wait for you for how long, I’ve waited for you for the longest time already. How much more just 5pm to 10pm, that should be nothing. Changkyun I really like you, No, I really love you, did you think that’s really easy for me to say? I’m hesitating as well, I’m hesitating every time I get rejected because of your cold treatment and constantly pushing me away. Did you think I don’t get nervous all the time I’m with you, especially when your friends are around? It’s the time where you’re colder and meaner than usual btw. But did you heard me complained about that, did I hated you for that? Changkyun I didn’t because I wanted this in the first place. I can’t even hate you after what you did that night. You know what’s hurting me more this time? Giving up the feelings I had for you for a very long time. My feelings are becoming clearer I’m falling really hard for you and this onesided love is getting a little toxic in my heart.” You closed your eyes fervently, taking a deep breath afraid of what he might say. You heard him sigh once more unable to collect his words.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know, I – I don’t know what to say Y/n.” Was the only words he came up to, it hurts but you actually felt lighter than yesterday. Confessing him everything you’re bottling up to, actually made it a little better.

“It’s okay, I doesn’t matter anymore. It’ll be fine, It’ll forget about it in few days. I also wanted to tell you without sounding awkward, It might be childish but Changkyun you were my first love, I’ll stop there I’ve confessed too much already.” You faked a laugh before continuing.  “ Just give me due time and I’ll be back being that annoying little girl who follows you and your brother around when we were kids.” You smiled sincerely thinking about the old times, as you gather all your force to open the door.

“Where are you going?” He asked holding your wrist.

“I promised Eunhae, I’ll go home with her.” The last thing you said before stepping out of his car.

A/N: WAAAAAHHHH I don’t know what going on there mwahhaahah @_@  Forgive me for I just write what ever that comes to my mind. I didn’t review and reread this btw , so forgive me as well for the lapses. Huhuhu  I’d love to hear from you guys. <3 


hello im alive

sort of?

It’s been a long ass time since I’ve logged into tumblr– I’ve since made a pretty substantial move from New Jersey to Minnesota to live with my partner and pay a mortgage like a big girl (and escaped a pretty bad living situation.) A lot has happened, mental health recovery has taken the front seat and I’ve pulled away a lot from the internet as a whole (besides twitter use).

I have not drawn seriously in a long time, which is what led to me logging back in here (looking for older art). I wouldn’t expect much out of me! I still attend cons with my partner, but primarily as their assistant. I’m kinda just out here doing my own thing. :)

on a small side note: I still love voltron, but i’ve been very into ensemble stars as of the past 6 months or so! 

easdiz  asked:

Fairy tale AU where Bum is the peasant(would-be-princess) and his prince charming comes to take and marry him like most stories end up like. But then a Dragon appears and steals Bum away. The prince searches for so long before finally seeing him again just to find the dragon actually has a human form called Sangwoo, and that Bum's virginity is already taken away by him during his time as a hostage

Yes to all of this!!! Can Seungbae be the knight!?

19th Oct >> Pope Francis’ Homily During Holy Mass: The gift of God’s salvation opens the door to all

(Photo ~ Pope Francis celebrates Mass at the Casa Santa Marta - AFP)

The Lord gives us the memory of God’s salvation which is “a gift” and close to the concreteness of the works of mercy he wants us to do, whether they are “material or spiritual”: so we will become people who help to “open the door” to ourselves and others. That was Pope Francis’ prayer at morning Mass at the Casa Santa Marta. Recalling the passage from Luke’s Gospel in which the Scribes and Pharisees considered themselves righteous, and Jesus makes known to them that God alone is just, the Pope explained why law practitioners had “taken knowledge away” with “the consequence of not being able to enter the Kingdom nor let others enter either”.

“This leads us to understand the revelation of God, to understand God’s heart, to understand God’s salvation - the key to knowledge - we can say it is very neglected. One forgets the freedom of salvation; forgetting the closeness of God and forgetting God’s mercy. And those who forget the gift of salvation, the closeness of God, and the mercy of God, have taken away the key to knowledge. ”

Therefore, this gift was “forgotten”. It is “God’s initiative to save us and instead stand on the side of the law”: Salvation - said the Pope - “is there for them”, thus arriving in “a bunch of prescriptions” which in fact become salvation. So, “they do not receive the power of God’s righteousness.” The law, however, is always “an answer to God’s generous love”, which has taken “the initiative” to save us. And, continued Pope Francis, “when you forget the gift of salvation you fall, you lose the key to the intelligence of the history of salvation”, losing “the sense of God’s closeness”:

“For them, God is the one who has made the law. But this is not the God of revelation. The God of revelation is a God who has begun to walk with us from Abraham to Jesus Christ, God walking with His people. And when you lose this close relationship with the Lord, you fall into this dull mindset that believes in the self-sufficiency of salvation with the fulfillment of the law. The closeness of God ”.

When the closeness of God is lacking, when prayer is lacking, the Pope emphasized “doctrine cannot be taught” and not even by “studying theology”, much less “moral theology”: The Pope reiterated that theology “kneels down, always close to God ”. And the closeness of the Lord comes “to the highest point of the crucified Jesus Christ,” being “justified” for the blood of Christ, as Saint Paul said. For this reason, the Pontiff explained, the works of mercy “are the stone of the fulfillment of the law,” because they touch the flesh of Christ, “touch Christ’s suffering in a person, both corporally and spiritually.” Also, when the key to knowledge is lost, one also becomes “corrupt”. The Pope finally noted the “responsibilities” of shepherds, now in the Church commenting that when they lose or take away the “key of intelligence”, they close “the door on themselves and on others”:

In my country, said the Pope, “I have heard several times of parish priests who did not baptize the children of the mothers because they were not born in canonical marriage. They closed the door, why? Because the heart of these parish priests had lost the key to knowledge.

Three months ago, in a country, in a city, a mother wanted to baptize her newly born son, but she was married civilly with a divorced man. The priest said, ‘Yes, yes. Baptize the baby. But your husband is divorced. So he cannot be present at the ceremony. ’ This is happening today. The Pharisees, doctors of the law are not people of the past, even today there are many of them. That is why we need prayers for us shepherds. To pray that we do not lose the key to knowledge and do not close the door to ourselves and the people who want to enter. ”