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M-Maybe I fucked up a little bit, but it’s his fault!! It’s all his fault and I don’t want to fucking see him again!!
Not right now at least.. 
So stop talking about him already!!

Yeah, except that crying is for fucking pussies and I am not one, so fuck no.


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SO last night i finished korra book 1 in my rewatch…

it is still as AMAZING as ever. i don’t think my opinions have really changed except that going in with a completely cleared mind i actually like a bunch of the episodes MORE than before? i think? let me go through episode by episode and then provide some thoughts on it as a whole, korra’s arc, etc. there is a bunch of stuff i’ll just touch on lightly because i’ll cover it more after book 2, 3, and 4

episode 1 welcome to republic city: definitely a setup episode, everything is pretty quick but it’s efficient, all the scenes are full to the brim of meaning and usefulness and the season is ready to get started in one episode. and of course we have an amazing introduction to korra (and tenzin and republic city) and who she is and some wonderful support from katara that that personality is a good thing

episode 2 a leaf in the wind: i talked a bit about this here but basically i really really enjoyed this episode, it felt like i was back home

episode 3 the revelation: holds up as one of the best things ever, the atmosphere, the suspense, the characterization, republic city as a character, everything is so good

episode 4 the voice in the night: much like the revelation this episode is just so on point artistically. we have some reeeally good, deep character exploration and things move forward so organically, and the mood and atmosphere are just excellent, also one of the best things ever

episode 5 the spirit of competition: this was the first one where i was like wow this is actually really good, why do people hate on it? like it’s been a long time since i’ve seen it so i just got used to considering it as one of the duds of the season but it’s really not? the shipping stuff is totally lovable imo (like it gets more uncomfortable later in the season but here it’s just really fun) and develops all the characters involved. korra really shines, and in a technical sense it’s actually executed with the same finesse as 3 and 4 but with a lighter tone. for those reasons it really shot up high in my faves this time around

episode 6 and the winner is…: the episode that changed everything, that will forever be iconic for raising the stakes… it totally held up. probending came to a stunning, exciting conclusion and unraveled as the main plot took hostage, and it is still one of the most thrilling sequences i’ve ever seen. everything is so exciting and scary, the tension building up through the finals and then the equalists bursting in, the rooftop fight, korra being a superhero, and its so well-executed… whew

episode 7 the aftermath: another one that i always see people discrediting but i found really well-done this time. we get fun krew interaction, we get drama and suspense and really amazing character-driven action. like episode 5 this climbed high in my faves list, and for similar reasons: it’s so korra-focused while giving us lots of krew interaction and having a really strong sense of narrative and audio-visual storytelling artistry

episode 8 when extremes meet: the one i have always considered the best episode ever… IT HOLDS UP YALL!!! everything i have always loved about it came through as it always did: politics, the new team avatar being a team and on the ground in the streets for the first time, amazing atmosphere, amazing action, THAT SCENE– the standoff in dragon flats– is still like … THAAAAT scene. and then korra taking matters into her own hands, just EVERYTHING. and that CLIFFHANGER is still the cliffhangeriest cliffhanger of all time– throughout this rewatch i was only doing one episode every few days, but i just HAD to watch the next episode immediately

episode 9 out of the past: actually really excellent, pairs really well with episode 8! we get our atla tie-in that actually, you know, TIES IN with the season. we get a great republic city b-plot and korra-tarrlok-equalists climax that is consistent with the quality of the previous handful of episodes, and finally a denouement that we’ve been yearning for for most of the season by now

episode 10 turning the tides: this episode is definitely the most unremarkable of the season, like it’s still good but it’s also kind of just there. of course and we get some really good krew scenes and of course that amazing ending with lin, but it’s basically a setup episode but without the refinement of episode 1

episode 11 skeletons in the closet: the battle of yue bay is still AMAZING, the episode goes full war film, korra goes full action superhero, it’s really a sight to behold and i love it. tarrlok and noatak/amon’s backstory still pulls at the heartstrings and sheds so much light on the meaning of the whole season, gud stuff

episode 12 endgame: ;________; the action and drama are in full force and honestly this episode is hard to watch, it really digs deep and doesn’t hold back but it’s worth it because the ending is so beautiful and important. throughout the season korra has been growing and learning and to see her find it within herself to overcome one final hurdle, to be welcomed into the ranks of the avatars, i just couldn’t help tearing up…

that’s a good segue into some thoughts on book 1 as a whole: this is a season fundamentally about korra and fundamentally, intrinsically centered on her as its protagonist, main character, and hero. she drives the plot and the plot is about her. there’s so much happening in her life so we get to experience a lot of varied content, but at its heart this is a story about her, a young chosen one who was kept secluded from the world, who escaped and came into her own, found family and friends and a place for herself. one thing i took away really strongly from this rewatch was that this was in no way a referendum on her character like so many people want it to be– korra is a dark-skinned woman from an ethnic minority both in-universe and in our world, who is muscular and confident and brash, and she has overflowing pride in those things. and those things just are– like this is who she is and that’s that, it’s matter of fact and the story isn’t at all about “deconstructing” those things and changing them. because they’re good things and there’s no need for them to change. like i mentioned in the post linked up there in episode 1, katara, a trusted and loved figure, praises and supports korra as she is. there’s a whole arc about lin, who we trust and respect, coming to trust and respect korra. in episode 6, she remarks that korra is “tough as nails” and tenzin says she reminds him of lin at that age and that they would get along if lin gave her a chance– which she does when they fight together and come out of it as equals. this is so important and overlooked, like i know i never thought about it before, but the way korra and lin’s dynamic grows through the season is really awesome. and it all serves to further support the idea that korra as she is is a good person deserving of love and respect.

i mean, that’s a central tenant of the season itself. we have bolin’s friendship and crush on korra and praising her to the high heavens, which is just so cute and lovely. we have closed-off, no-nonsense mako opening up and falling for her. we have asami making the effort to be korra’s friend and the two are never actually at odds through all the relationship drama (i can’t stress this enough, for all the flaws of the love quadrangle, korra and asami, the two women involved, never do anything against each other). we have katara and tenzin and pema and the airbabies loving and supporting her, we have lin coming to respect her, we have mako, bolin, and asami being there for her and taking up the mantle of team avatar for and with her, we have a stadium of people cheering for her (PROBENDING IS GOOD AND IMPORTANT 2KFOREVERRRR), we have all the avatars showing up and welcoming her as one of their own, we have the season ending with tenzin putting his hand on her shoulder and saying “i am so proud of you, avatar korra” and korra smiling proudly, triumphantly. like, just at every turn, this is a korra-positive season and not just that but it being a korra-positive season is the point!

why? let me get back to the amon backstory flashback. young noatak is a CLEAR parallel to korra. they look remarkably the same, they’re both being trained rigidly by overbearing guardians for a grand purpose, they both run away to republic city. they even used the exact same shots, sitting on a cliffside overlooking a sunset, in the exact same position. it’s a strong parallel and the parallel is this: korra is someone who has pride and love for herself, and specifically for her bending. noatak is someone who doesn’t. he hates his bending because of what his father makes him do with it. he runs away to republic city and builds a whole new life and identity based on self-hate. korra meanwhile, as i have discussed, is someone who loves herself and her bending, and builds her life around it. it’s what gets her through her years of seclusion. noatak ran away and became amon to save republic city by eradicating bending because of his self-hate, korra ran away and ended up saving republic city because of her self-love. in fact, in a way, they were both haunted by the ghost of aang– noatak’s father had his bending taken away by aang and noatak subsequently developed this twisted anti-bending ideology where he sought to do what aang did. and korra’s connection to aang is obvious, republic city is practically a personification of his legacy and the whole season is about korra and amon (and tarrlok, who is also such a good villain) grappling over it. and then you have tenzin, mako, bolin, and asami as our view into the people of the city and altogether i just find it incredibly rich thematically

i know all of this isn’t explained in the show but bryke never explains anything and with the very obvious paralleling between korra and noatak, the broad strokes do come across and the subtext is woven in throughout the season enough that the pieces come together. i feel like the reason people don’t get this is because they refuse to treat korra’s character and personality as a good thing and so they have this big disconnect between the way the show is framed and the way they want it to be. and obviously people shill for the equalists because they hate korra and just want her to be wrong.

that brings me to my thoughts on the equalists. all of my talk about the korra-amon parallels ties into this: the equalists are built on amon’s lie and their ideology is a lie. you’re never meant to sympathize with them, you’re meant to sympathize with korra and be on her side. there is no history of oppression against nonbenders. like if we’re gonna have a somewhat nuanced conversation about this we could talk about republic city’s class division. but it’s never that simple and if we’re gonna have an actually nuanced conversation about this we could talk about the history of various modes of oppression in the avatar universe. but if we’re just gonna be black and white about it, there is far more evidence for nonbenders oppressing benders than the other way around. the way everyone talks, calling benders “you people”, “firebending street-rat like you”, “take back our city” speaks for itself. i refuse to humor people who still think the equalists were in any way right. i won’t get into it. this in-depth post from earlier this year still stands. again, was all of this completely clear in the show? no. the equalists were never painted with a lot of nuance but you can’t fill the empty space with your own hate of korra and stanning for asami and act like that means that benders oppressed nonbenders lol. especially when asami would NEVAH. i feel bad for her that her stans besmirch her name with equalist stanning. but yeah anyway they’re just straight-up villains and they behave like it. now, the relationship between regular non-equalist nonbenders and benders in the city is actually really interesting and explored fairly satisfactorily imo. part of republic city being a character is what the triads mean, what the council means, what probending means, what mako and bolin growing up on the streets means, what asami and her father being incredibly wealthy means, etc etc etc. all of these things are actually explored in the show whether explicitly or through well-honed subtext and this is what we’re meant to be looking into for nuance, not the obviously villainous villains lmao. i mean obviously the equalists tie into this and i personally am able to analyze them and their place in all of this, but if you’re gonna hate book 1 because they were villains, and treated as such, and defeated as such, you’ve missed the whole point…

umm what else. relationships. i won’t go too in-depth with this because i’ll cover it after i’m done the whole series, but i think for the most part it was fine. definitely in the first half or like two-thirds of the season i thought it was well-executed and enjoyable, whether happy moments or when they were in conflict. i will admit that it got pretty messy starting in episode 9, it feels like things kind of jump forward a few times without getting there naturally, but like… that’s because they didn’t spend enough time on it. it baffles me that people complain about their being too MUCH shipping in book 1 when all the problems with it in the latter parts of the season are because too much happens OFF-screen. but lol i know the real reason is because people hate korra/stan this false image of asami so it’s no surprise their made-up reasons for it don’t make sense. overall i’ll just say that if korra is happy i’m happy and whether it was rushed or not i like that she “gets the guy” in the end. i think both makorra and masami were good relationships for the characters involved and i think people overstate the amount of conflict/drama. for the most part it’s harmless teen relationship stuff that showed up enough to be noticeable but because more important things were being focused on it didn’t show up enough in the latter part of the season to have all the beats of the relationship development play out clearly. i’m really not bovered.

SO ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY basically i think that approximately episodes 3 through 9 are like greatest-of-all-time tier artistically, both technically and narratively/character-wise. that’s the book 1 that i adore so much, like it’s honestly just so flawless, such a beautiful experience, such a thrill. i do think that unfortunately the finale wasn’t executed with that same level of excellence as the main body of the season– i really think it could have benefited from an extra episode to spread things out over and make various scenes longer and with just like more content driving home what they already were. the only reason i have criticisms about it is because i love book 1 so much. but i still think the book 1 finale was good, i think korra unlocking her airbending is an excellent moment and i think her connecting with the past avatars is one of the most beautiful, touching, important things ever. i love that the whole season is so strongly about korra and that she grows throughout it while staying true to herself, with unconditional love and support from her friends and family and finding a home for herself in republic city. and i ADORE how beautiful it was visually and narratively and the music and everything, there was just so much glorious excellence all for this story about HER. like it was all for her!!! and i think it ends wonderfully and ties together the whole season both meaningfully and messily, which is something we just have to deal with with lok lol

so yeah. i’m really happy with book 1 in this rewatch. i’m so glad that it holds up and i still love it for the reasons i thought i did and i have more clarity about it than ever before. i just wish there was more sooo badly lool

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Stozier with 15 and 20! 15 is obvious but hilarious to think about.

15. Bribes the other into doing chores, getting out of the house…and taking a shower.

Stan, of course. He hates how Richie is so lazy and messy and disorganised but he figures out if you bribe Richie with literally anything he loves he’ll do whatever you want. So food, arcade trips, movie dates, sex, going out drinking with the losers, even just kisses. It works.

20. Kills the spiders.

Richie is shockingly TERRIFIED of spiders and even though Stan doesn’t like them he isn’t afraid and is constantly hearing Richie screaming and running into the room because there’s a spider and it’s “so fucking big stan, it could knock me out!”

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What is your new fic about? (Aside from the obvious!)

Hey! :)

It’s a fix-it that spans a LOT of time, with certain scenes going way back to series 2! The bulk of the present part of the story will take place post-series 4. The POVs are divided between Sherlock and Molly, who is… interesting in this story! I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’ll just say that she has an interesting friendship/relationship, and makes some rather poor decisions. Sherlock finds out what the expression “putting up some shelves” means, and there’s generally a lot of angst. Mary is very much in it, too. But everything works out in the end!

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Noah fence but the person who said "fuck you Will is straight" like... needs to be shown the actual canon facts? Which is that he's LGBTQ? They literally said it in his character description in the show's original proposal.

agreed anon! there is so much evidence! unfortunately, there will always be people who are so homophobic or take the stance of “this is sexualizing kids” (which is gross bc they won’t say anything about mike liking eleven but suddenly will liking mike is sexualizing them) no matter what you tell them. like it could continue to be The Most Obvious thing ever but they will continue to be like,,,, that

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18, 27 + 29 reddie

18. kisses the other’s injuries better: aw my soft boy eddie. one time richie jokingly told him to kiss his papercut to make it better and that’s exactly what eddie did (after he disinfected and put a bandaid on it). since then it’s just been something he always does

27. trips over their own feet: lmaoooo richie. his feet are too big he goddamn body and my boy is anything but graceful 

29. whines until they get what they want: JSKSK BOTH. richie does it in a very obvious way like he puts on an annoying whiny voice and eddie is just mush for it ofc and does whatever he wants. eddies whips out the puppy dog eyes and richie doesn’t stand a chance

send me a number and a ship

Good thing Thranduil looks like his grandfather Orothôn—or so I’m told. 😏…

…So I guess I won’t miss Thranduil too much. I love what I do. 😁

Did I mentioned that though this is a trilogy, it actually has four books instead of three. It technically is a tetralogy. Well, LOTR is actually six books. Semantics. Could have saved Amazon 250 million dollars and a lot of suits if PJ had shot six films for LOTR rather than three. The Hobbit could have been one and he’d have a “Harry Potter”, so to speak. But what do I know?

Not that I’m stating the obvious or anything. But if he had done it that way, he could have gotten what I put into Book II: The Saga of Thranduil without missing a beat. Providing, of course, he actually read the appendix.

Oh well. I saved everyone the trouble—until Amazon finds time between sexual harassment issues and reading the complete history of Middle Earth, writing a script, learning elvish and figuring out what the heck Amroth and Nimrodel have to do with the LOTR (not much, but if you have to like reading foot notes with a magnifying glass and a lot of inconsequential blather to figure out it has to do with the War of the Last Alliance) to make a series with backstories they know nothing about. Life’s a pip. 🍩

I also just learned Nimrodel has more to do with the Woodland Realm than anyone ever knew. I also learned why Sauron went to Dol Guldur and it has something to do with some rings and a rumor or something…let’s just say there’s a reason why Greenwood is called “The Great”, @mewardy.

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Can you do one where literally the entire cast is totally aware that they’re in love and keep trying to convince them to date and set them up?

hope this is okay :)

As much as Jasmine and Anthony had tried to deny that they had feelings for each other and wanted to push forward with being anything more than friends the cast was seeing right through it, calling them out for the constant flirting and hanging out that seemed to always be going n between the two of them.

“Will you please just ask her out on a date, Anthony? It’s obvious the two of you have feelings for each other and it won’t kill you to take her on one date,” Daveed says, looking at Anthony as they get settled into their dressing room on a break. Anthony sighs, leaning back in his chair and looking up at the ceiling.

“It’s so obvious that the two of you have feelings for each other, like you make it insanely obvious when you’re together. Please just go for it. I have a really good feeling that she’ll say yes,” Oak adds in, Anthony looking back between the two of them.

“Are you sure she’ll say yes though? Like I’m not sure if she would even say yes to going out with me or whatever,” He says, trying to convince himself otherwise when he knows that they’re probably right and she’d most likely say yes.

Daveed and Oak share a glance, looking back at Anthony with smiles on their faces. “Would you be upset if we told you that the girls are trying to convince her to ask you out too?” Oak asks, making Anthony laugh as he shakes his head.

The girls spend most of their free time convincing Jasmine that dating Anthony would be a good idea, although Jasmine was skeptical about it all. She was worried that them even trying to pursue anything could ruin it all between them, and now that she was friends with Anthony she really didn’t want to risk losing him.

“What if it doesn’t work out though? Like what if we try to date and it doesn’t work out so it makes things awkward between the two of us? I don’t want to lose him as a friend, you know?” She says, both of the girls smiling at her as they sit down, getting comfortable with some free time before the show.

“Jas, he’s basically in love with you right now without even going on a date. If you two don’t at least go on one or at least let us set you up on a date you’re going to miss an opportunity that could make you happier more than anything else. At least try to risk it, please? Take a risk for once,” Renee says, and for a moment Jasmine can’t think of anything to come back on.

As much as Jasmine and Anthony wanted to deny that the feelings they had for each other weren’t as serious as everyone was making them out to be, they both knew they were going to need to face them head on and work them through eventually. Having the support of the cast made them feel a little better about it, but Jasmine and Anthony also knew that this was never going to be easy to talk about when their friendship meant a lot to them.

this is pidge’s face when she’s geeking out about the castle. “the tech on this ship never ceases to amaze me, it’s so mathematically elegant”. you can tell she’s awestruck/longing because lance says “it’s not a sunset pidge”. i wonder where else we’ve seen that exact fond smile, those tilted eyebrows, and the lines above the eyes


dancing lessons

dedicated to my favorite person, rena, for making me love these two

Voltron retail AU

- lance is the jewelry guy
- he wears dangly blue earrings
- his regular customers are cute old ladies who always think he needs to eat more
-when he’s not attending customers he flirts with the cute dressing room attendant
-Keith is the dressing room attendant
- it’s mostly slow, but he can see the jewelry department from his post
- people ask him for opinions on their outfits
- he’s uncomfortable sharing his fashion advice, but he’s really good at it
- hunk and pidge are markdowns. And backroom. And overnight.
- They pretty much live in the store.
- they have their own secret lingo for the goings on.
- they will drop everything if someone brings in a cute dog
- shiro is the head cashier/coordinator.
- the customers love him. He’s charming and they forget how much they’re spending.
- he organizes breaks and returns
-lance always pesters him about it
- he and allura work well together
-they have their own sign language they use to talk from opposite sides of the store
-they think they’re sly about it (they’re not)
- allura is their favorite manager
- she is scary but treats them well
- she loves setting up fancy feature tables
- matt is security
- when he applied he thought it was tech security. Orientation was awkward
- he actually does really well though
- he blends in wearing regular clothes and his low center gravity is perfect for tackling would be thieves
-Shiro find this hilarious
-the galra are the walmart across the street
-more stuff available. But no morals

Man Up

by reddit userย Pippinacious

When the bookstore at the mall put up its help wanted posters, I jumped at the chance to put in my application. Between being an avid reader who had practically lived amongst the storeโ€™s shelves in high school and a broke community college student taking a semester off to save money, it seemed still customer service.

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