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Honestly the fact that we haven't heard a peep about White Diamond yet is suspicious to me. I know the show right now seems to be implying "yellow shattered pink" but then again several characters outright said rose shattered pink only for that to be questioned so anything is game here

Yellow Diamond is very much poised to be a red herring, imo, like it seems so obvious she did it that it seems like there’s no way it could’ve actually been her, you know?

White Diamond is such an enigma right now. Like, we know she exists in some fashion, but where is she? Why wouldn’t she be present at the trial? Did she not want to be or was she not invited because Yellow and Blue are trying to keep this whole thing from her? Was that her we see in the background in Homeworld? Or is it like a statue of her? So many questions…

“When I was in middle school and early high school, maybe sixth to ninth grade, I contemplated suicide a lot, and I made some very poor attempts, probably not very serious ones.

But especially when I was 12, I thought that I would die because I was so unhappy. I thought my heart would just stop. And when it continued going, it was a mystery to me why I didn’t just drop dead from life being impossibly horrible.

So when I was in high school, maybe 14, I was cooking dinner with my mom, maybe stirring something on the stove, and I said to her, ‘I feel sorry for people who commit suicide. They must be really sad.’ I guess I was trying to provoke a conversation. I must have been desperate to do that because we did not talk about anything. I did not make it an obvious reference to me, but I remember she shut me down really fast and sharply. She said, ‘People who commit suicide are selfish!’

So I said, ‘okay’ and just kept stirring, and that was the end of the conversation.”

(Part I)

Canton, MA



WAS IT PEARL?? WAS SHE PINK DIAMOND’S PEARL? She keeps crying out of guilt? She also cried when the Ruby initially said “Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond”

WAS IT YELLOW?! She got ridiculously defensive… it seems a bit too obvious. But why else would she poof her own lawyer

OR WAS IT (I honestly think this one is the case) WHITE DIAMOND? Pearl could’ve been WHITE DIAMOND’S PEARL and she saw her diamond kill Rose’s diamond. Pink Diamond could’ve loved earth, but Yellow and White was threatened by Earth and wanted to destroy it, but Pink was attached and wouldn’t let that happen which is why they got rid of her. The only thing that doesn’t add up is… why didn’t Pearl say anything about it?!

Or was Pearl sent by white diamond to kill Pink Diamond???

Seriously just want to kill myself right now. People don’t quite grasp how destructive chronic pain is, it’s not just physical pain it eats at your mind as well. Everyone ends up getting upset with me for something I can’t control and I mean it when I say I can’t get out of bed, so please don’t yell or get upset with me for it. I’m trying my best and just because there’s no obvious wounds causing my pain, this pain is still here, and some day I can fight through it and appear fine….and other days I can’t get out of bed, I am curled up in a ball unable to eat anything because the cramps make me so nauseous and no medicines help….so please i am trying
—  2:46 and losing strength


tsubasa reservoir chronicle, (piffle)tomoyo pov

tsubasa chronicle month 2017 - day 29 - favorite f/f ship


sakura-chan is really cute, if a little on the shy and air-headed side, and tomoyo wants to give her everything.

tomoyo knows things. 

she knows of the group’s travels through worlds, she knows of different versions of both herself and people she knows, living different lives in different places and different times. and she also knows that, in most, if not all the worlds, she meets and cares for sakura-chan. 

(she also knows that it’s always, always one-sided, and though she’s sad at the prospect, she’d rather have it like this than not know sakura-chan at all.)

so she helps however she can.

she can’t be obvious about it, she can’t just give them sakura-chan’s feather, not when it’s such a huge deal, such a huge energy source unlike anything they’ve ever seen in their world, but she orchestrates everything so they can win it.

and maybe it’s not fair, because everybody wants it and she has every intention of giving it to its rightful owner, but she’s not even vaguely remorseful about deceit (though she does regret people getting hurt in the process).

because, at the end of the day, sakura-chan’s well-being and her bright, sunny smile matter more.

Started watching Ripper Street. Iain Glen was in an episode 😀 haha. Bennet is my favorite character. My heart hurt when Rose rejected him. I knew she would, it was obvious, but ugh you just have to love Bennet. Reminds me of Jorah Mormont in a way. Change your mind Rose, he’s a good guy. Oh Bennet, I hope he finds happiness.

I know Reid is married and would never leave his wife. But there was something there with him and that lady who runs the orphanage.

If anything happens to Hobbs I’ll be so upset. EDIT: Hobbs 😢😢😢 why?

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So I know it's obvious by now that I adore and idolize Michael more than anything, but I really love Lincoln too. And I'm super happy for him that he'll get to be with someone like Sheba in the end, according to spoilers. No offense to Sofia but I didn't really think their relationship was anything worth mentioning, I saw no chemistry and there was no give and take, it seemed to me back then Sofia didn't really understand or fully appreciate Lincoln,

(Con.) she rather took him for granted, plus her character was more like a flower vase, if you know what I mean. I think Sheba is sassy and good for Lincoln. They’ll make a great, compatible couple. She has a lot of fire in her and she’s willing to call Linc on his craps as well as fight for him as needed. What do you think? Sorry for the long ask.

i was never a fan of sofia, honestly.  she was annoying to me, and seemed to be nothing more than a place holder.  while i didn’t necessarily find myself actively shipping lincoln and sheba (mostly because i am way too consumed with all the michael / sara / mike), i do like sheba, and certainly more than i ever did sofia or anyone else they’ve tried to link lincoln with.

and if god forbid we get another season (ugh), i do hope that she actually sticks around, because i’m sick of them finding place holders for lincoln, and then by the next season, they’re dead and / or gone.  he deserves happiness too.

plus, we need more women on this show, and i would like it if she ended up being a friend to sara, lord knows she could use one that isn’t completely clueless or evil.


So, Rose didnt kill Pink. One of the Diamonds did. But Which one?

Blue? Nah, the way shes conducted herself up till now points to her being innocent. That was pretty obvious.

Yellow? Prime suspect right now. The way she handled herself after being accused makes her extremely suspicious. Shes definitely hiding something. However, I feel like her being guilty would be too simple. So…

White? We know barely anything about white diamond. We know she exists, owns the most worlds, and is likely the most important out of all of them. But beyond that she hasnt even been mentioned by name. Even so, just being a diamond makes her a suspect. But what could even be more interesting is the one person no one would suspect…

PINK!? What if pink diamond arranged her own death, or perhaps even more concerning, faked it? Where are pink diamonds shards right now?

All these unknowns make for the perfect murder mystery. We can pretty much rule blue blue out as the killer but as for the rest of them, even pink herself couldve been responsible.

And just for the record..

Bismuth: “I designed this sword for a fair fight. It can cut through a gems physical form in an instant! Destroying the body… but never the gem.

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Imagines for Lestrade taking Mycroft's virginity please

Let me level with you guys there are a ton of blogs dedicated to imagines, headcannons, and stories concerning Mystrade talking about everything and anything under the sun concerning the ship.

If we take a little trip on AO3 we can find that

Mystrade has

Mycroft/Sherlock has

Mycroft/John has

Mycroft/Moriarty has

Mycroft/Male! OC has

but Mycroft/ Female! OC has

which gives us

and even adding any crack ships with Irene, Mary, Sally, Molly or Smallwood doesn’t even come close to 250.

There is an obvious disparity of Mycroft/female anything (even fem! versions of the popular ships or the ones where they magically get female genitals for a day type deal) and it saddens me because while if you’re a guy you can read any M/M and place yourself there but for us women? Not so much.

So with that in mind I made this blog to try and close that gap and provide that content that I found lacking (instead of whining about it on the internet like some tend to do) so I could finally have it.

It’s kind of why if you don’t specify and put S/O I’ll immediately assume female.

That being said I don’t mind writing Mycroft/Male!OC as variety is the spice of life but you’ll have to forgive me for anything wrote ‘wrong’ because I am in fact a woman and some of those physical parts I have no personal knowledge on other than my own encounters from my own (female) perspective.

There are certain things I’m never going to know without asking some rather personal questions to some poor guy that’ I find both discrete and trustworthy so until I find that I can’t really be relied on for something that I don’t take reference from someone else that does know.

Once again I support all ships and enjoy Mystrade but I mainly want this blog to be centered on Mycroft/OC, head-canons, reactions, prompts speculation and other Mycroft related relationships (friendship/family/etc.) rather than talk about what has probably already been hashed out a million other times by hundreds of other bloggers.

I just want the focus on Mycroft x Readers.

That being said I imagine that the encounter was rather rushed like a spur of the moment thing rather than slow and calculated.

I would speculate that it was something that manifested after a really dangerous case and both men were hyped up on nerves before they started fucking.

I’m pretty sure it started outside the car before it ended n the back seat of Mycroft’s car.

A lot of groping and swearing (on Greg’s part) and panting and pleading (from Mycroft) until Mycroft came first and Greg second.

They were all rather embarrassed by it but Greg recovered faster than Mycroft.

Mycroft was stunned after the ordeal and the second that he lets it slip it was his first time Greg is making promises to do better the next go around.

Some semblance of decorum restored Mycroft asks what makes him think he gest a another shot and Greg charms him into a promise of a proper first date and Mycroft agrees. 

Both men were very sore the next day and Mycroft was awkward while Greg was warm(er) toward him sending Sherlock into hysterics. 

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Hi Lily welcome back I've missed you bab! Do you think I could get some headcanons (doesn't matter what type) of Russia (1p and 2p) with a genderfluid s/o who was born female? Thanks ily! 💚💚💚

Thank you sweetheart, it’s good to be back~! It took me a little to get into the swing of things again lol. Sorry this took me so long to do, 2p’s are hard >.


  • He loves his s/o just the way they are, no matter what. That’s obvious in everything that he does, even in the day-to-day. 

  • If there’s anyone that has a problem with his s/o or says anything negative in anyway to them, the sheer anger rolling off of him will be enough to scare the shit out the person. 

  • He tries to help his s/o in anyway that he can. It doesn’t matter what it is, if he can do it for them, he will. Expect lots of cuddles to cheer you up, s/o.


  • He’s just as understanding as his 1p counterpart when it comes to his s/o being genderfluid, though he’s not as vocal about it. 

  • He’s more likely to ruin someone who hurts you than outright beat the shit out of them, but when it comes down to it, he’ll do what he has to for you. 

  • He’s not as cuddly or as good with talking as his counterpart, but he shows his love in other ways.

Sorry doll, these are so bad, 2p’s are so hard for me. >.

-Mod Lily

↠ ‘firsts’ drabble game

Send a “first time” and a member and as many details as you want! It could be anything from the obvious “first kiss” to some more original prompts “first appartment“ or “first time flying a F-22 together while fighting an alien invasion”, I don’t know, could be anything :))

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The answer is probably obvious but is connla also trans

connla doesn’t show up much so there’s not really much to support him having been trans but it also means there’s not exactly anything that disproves it ofc. at the very least it’d be easy to do a retelling where he’s trans bc “cu thought his one child was a different gender” is a slightly better excuse than “cu literally just forgot he had a child”

zelda in botw clearly suffers from some measure of gender dysphoria considering that she is intensely resentful of link for being able to be “the heroic knight” despite his obvious inexperience, while zelda’s role as the passive princess who gives power to the knight places her at a distinct disadvantage for who she is as a person

zelda likes to get into shit. she likes to be right up in anything to be able to analyze it. but destiny had decided that she would hang back and lock up ganon when link defeated him. so of course zelda would be dissatisfied with it.

not to mention her outfits– when in a more “masculine” outfit in earlier memories she’s clearly much more chipper and excited. when she wears the traditional princess dress she looks absolutely miserable and completely defeated.

and don’t even get me started on her entire “if you hadn’t been born into the knight’s guard, and only told you could ever be a guard, would you even be here at all?” speech, which is such a blatant metaphor for the issue of having a gender role forced on you since birth

zelda suffers from extremely severe gender dysphoria and it’s not sure if she ever addresses it

at least there’s SOME hope considering that at the end of the game she immediately gets back in her masculine outfit and ditches the princess dress


dancing lessons

dedicated to my favorite person, rena, for making me love these two

Voltron retail AU

- lance is the jewelry guy
- he wears dangly blue earrings
- his regular customers are cute old ladies who always think he needs to eat more
-when he’s not attending customers he flirts with the cute dressing room attendant
-Keith is the dressing room attendant
- it’s mostly slow, but he can see the jewelry department from his post
- people ask him for opinions on their outfits
- he’s uncomfortable sharing his fashion advice, but he’s really good at it
- hunk and pidge are markdowns. And backroom. And overnight.
- They pretty much live in the store.
- they have their own secret lingo for the goings on.
- they will drop everything if someone brings in a cute dog
- shiro is the head cashier/coordinator.
- the customers love him. He’s charming and they forget how much they’re spending.
- he organizes breaks and returns
-lance always pesters him about it
- he and allura work well together
-they have their own sign language they use to talk from opposite sides of the store
-they think they’re sly about it (they’re not)
- allura is their favorite manager
- she is scary but treats them well
- she loves setting up fancy feature tables
- matt is security
- when he applied he thought it was tech security. Orientation was awkward
- he actually does really well though
- he blends in wearing regular clothes and his low center gravity is perfect for tackling would be thieves
-Shiro find this hilarious
-the galra are the walmart across the street
-more stuff available. But no morals

This user is tired of people ignoring actual MCU canon to further their anti-Tony Stark agenda.