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So Target boy had another date last night!

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ah i feel like,,,,maybe not all furries,,,are bad,, thsis sounds so dumb but i was dumb scared of them until i found you on this blog lol

im.. i feel like its not even worth it at this point to correct people who think im actually a furry but u know what i will gladly accept my role as Furry Ambassador to the US if its going to convince ppl that drawing animals doesnt automatically make you like a weird deviantart fetish person

good job anon. im proud of u for overcoming ur Fear

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So in my head you and otayuri-queen & otayurism are like the three queen bees of the school and then otayuriism is cinna's estranged older sibling that jus got out of juvie and has that mysterious bad boy aesthetic

i cant believe @otayuri-queen, @otayurism and i are queen bees. the plastics. the heathers

also im totally that creepy friend whos crushing on her best friends brother aka @otayuriism this is all canon ok

I’m not even sorry about the rambling because it’s going to cease to exist soon so I’ll just have get it all out of my system:

- No, this is not my favourite season because of the glorious Hiccstrid development (but yeah it’s a big part of it) but I also love it because of all the character development we got, both individually and as a group. Honestly, I had my doubts about this season after watching the first few episodes (because it was really similar to what we had seen before.) But as the episodes went on; i could start to feel all the developments and I after finishing the season, it felt more complete than before. There were so many scenes between different characters and just not the same over and over again. 

- Hiccup is not creepy for trying to kiss Astrid (geeez). If you rewatch the scene, there’s obviously a lot of tension and I think that if Astrid didn’t want to be kissed; she would have thrown a punch, literally. Probably before it even happened. Also, she knew what was going on, she even asks why he didn’t do it so she was in the clear. Hiccup was just in the moment… I doubt in that moment that he even thought of Astrid as blind. He had just told her that she was strong and invincible. Meaning; Hiccup didn’t see her blindness as an issue. He just saw her

- Speaking of Hiccstrid. I love that we got so many on screen kisses, not because it’s adorable but I love that the writers think of them as a real couple. Otherwise, they would have one big epic kiss (animation style) and then nothing more. But they’re behaving as a real couple, sneaking kisses, holding hands, talking to each other about their problems. It’s so healthy and I love them as a couple; not just romantically, but as best friends and battle partners too. 

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I feel really bad for not being here when that creepy fuckboi was after y'all but I cracked up as all hell when the munchkins started declaring war on this dude. Thumbs up! I think we gained victory~😂😂😂

This is why I love my munchkins like y'all don’t know this but sometimes I go on anon and leave little comments …. and YALL don’t know it’s me … but I know 😏😏 like even if i don’t “follow you” I still go back to see if you answered my ask 😂😂😂 I leave love to y'all and y'all will never know if it’s me 😇

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I loving all the PDA going on from Rick and Michonne, but I wonder if it might be a hindrance to them showing off their love in front of strangers. I don't trust the junkyard/garbage people, they are just creepy, do you think they might try to use Rick and Michonne relationship against each other?

Hmm, good question. First off, let me just say that i’m loving all of the richonne PDA too ;) but no, I don’t think that Rick and Michonne being in a relationship would matter much to the junkyard group. At least not right now. They are really sketchy and they’re out for themselves, so I definitely wouldn’t count on them being loyal to team family, but I personally don’t see a reason why Rick and Michonne displaying their love for each other would matter much to this group…unless they had something to gain from divulging that information. And who would want to know this information exactly? Who has a weird obsession with Rick and is intent on breaking him down and is no stranger to using those he loves most to do it? Negan, of course. 

So yeah, I’m not worried but…I’m worried. Only a little though…I don’t want to get anyone riled up! lol

w/ naruto it’s so nice now because there are (not a ton, but enough) blogs where you can actually ENJOY the content bc they aren’t 1) creepy or 2) constantly bitching abt the series to the point where it’s too stressful to even follow them 

like there are actually naruto fans who come from a perspective of “yes, this series is shitty, but let’s make the most of it and have a nice time.” like we all Know the ways kishimoto has fucked up but we’re not tripping over ourselves to make post after post about it.

and steven universe isn’t even half as awful as naruto is so why is it so damn hard to find blogs who are equally capable of saying “hey bismuth was treated terribly,” “hey give garnet more development,” etc and “hey this show still has many redeeming traits and is enjoyable; let’s theorize about it and indulge in shipping” 

all i want is to find some su bloggers that aren’t hyper defensive racists, creepy pedos, self-righteous pricks, or pathetic opportunists but i guess that’s asking Too Much


Thank you to everyone who made Katsucon 2017 one of the best cons I’ve been to in a long time, including @the-creepy-guy-around-the-corner for making our costumes and PiggyNukka on twitter for making our wigs! Also thanks to every Team Skull member that we met, because they were all legitimately the nicest people ever 💕💕 Also also thank you to Momokun Cosplay! She was very sweet in person and asked to take the last picture of us together!
I have a video that needs to be edited, but it’ll be posted up soon enough!

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I have a question and someone pointed me to your blog, I hope I don't get hate for asking. I am a big Gwen fan. I know a little country, but most of my knowledge of B is from The Voice (watched since S1). I love and respect B now because he is an amazing singer and a genuine person, also he totally makes my girl happy. Everyone keeps saying Blake has change since dating Gwen, how has he changed? I mean I don't think he flirts as much. Do you think he likes this life style or will regret it?

Well… I think Blake is more mature since dating Gwen.
He is definitely less flirty. I mean he flirted with all of the female coaches on the Voice (and even Rihanna during season 9), and then once he started dating Gwen, he kind of just stopped. He never made any flirty comments towards Miley (which would have been creepy anyways) or Alicia. And he’s only referred to someone’s boobs like once in the last 2 years which is honestly a miracle 😂
Part of the reason that his flirty behavior isn’t noticeable anymore is because he isn’t on twitter. Since you probably didn’t follow Blake closely before, you probably didn’t know how bad his twitter was. He tweeted some pretty weird/gross things 😂 I mean a lot of it was funny, but some of it was weird. He doesn’t talk about being drunk as much as he used to because most of that talk came from twitter. But in general, he has also toned down his “drunk guy who always parties” persona.
And I also think he’s more settled. He has a family now and that’s definitely not something I ever saw Blake having in the near future. Having to think about kids has probably been part of the reason he has toned down a lot of his drunk/flirty behavior.
He also definitely spends more time with Gwen than he spent with Miranda. Blake always talked about how he didn’t have energy to fly across the country to see Miranda, but considering how many flights he’s taken to make it to events or birthday parties, I’d say that he found a new energy. Blake also talks about Gwen differently… Like with Miranda, he would always joke about her being annoying or whatever. But I haven’t heard him say anything like about Gwen. So I think he’s also kind of more romantic than he used to be… In the sense of just saying sweet things and doing things like buying boats and planting sunflowers.
And this is totally unrelated but it also seems like he’s watching his weight more.
So I think there have definitely been some changes in Blake in the couple years, but based on how happy and content he looks, I would say that they are good changes. He seems to be doing ok in life.

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I'm 160cm, I have small hands, and can't sleep at night without hugging something. But I am darkness and death. My friends all call me cute. How do I get them to stop? Do I wear high ass heels and some dark cloak shit? Am I doomed forever?

Dress up as a creepy ass clown and stand at the ends of their beds at night

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Hello! I’m terribly sorry if you had covered that before. I have two main characters - one 13,another 16, - and they are going to be in an arranged dynastical marriage when they’re older.Would it appear creepy for the elder or anyone else to mention?

No, that’s fine. Throughout history, it has been pretty common for royal and noble children to be betrothed, even before they were out of the cradle. 

Betrothals sound creepy when you think of them in terms of a modern engagement, but they weren’t like that at all. Young people who were betrothed usually didn’t know each other and often did not even meet until their wedding day. They were basically business arrangements between two families, not based on romance or anything like that. So, as long as the actual wedding takes place when they’re older, I think you’re probably fine. :)

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Okay, so i'm not trying to be creepy or anything but I've been following you for a while now (love your blog btw) but I haven't seen your face. would you mind posting a picture of you?

First of all, thank you! Second, you succeeded in not sounding creepy! ^^ And well, here’s my face:

I might delete later though

I have to go back to Hell Clinic this week and there is nothing I want to do less, really? Well, nothing plausible. I have done lots of thinking and I don’t want to talk to Twelve. Even if the other horrible factors were removed, I just don’t. This is completely petty of me, but I keep thinking of annoying little moments where it is clear that she does not understand me at all, and on several occasions she has downplayed bad things the clinic has done. There are so many creepy, sketchy things going on. I thought they removed the false assault accusation from my file, but maybe they didn’t and no one will confirm for sure. I have requested THREE TIMES at least for them to tell me specifically what kind of funding pays for the housing program and no one will give me a straight answer. When she and I talked about Screaming Lady, she kept saying “I understand that you feel harassed” when the problem was not that I FELT harassed but that Screaming Lady quite literally harassed me as state laws define it. The police officers I spoke to agreed and I didn’t even give them the whole horrible story! I’m so done and I have at least three more years of this. That’s if I’m super lucky and come on I am going to die in my sleep by then.

I am also still not 100% convinced that heat treatment worked.