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-The Astro Witch Project-

  • Aquarius - Heart Witch: The most humanitarian of all witch types, they can easily adapt to the energy that surrounds them. A witch who uses her various abilities to help the world. Empathetic and Helpful. They are adept at spirit communication and are versed in the telepathy and healing. They enjoy wandering around, getting lost, meeting familiars and befriending creepy all types of individuals. Their craft is usually a mix of traditional witchcraft and meditation. They are very warm, hospitable individuals, but you should NEVER cross a Heart witch. They are not afraid to curse your ass. These witches favor the healing powers of love, enjoy mixing potions, reading next to a roaring fire and being surrounded by their friends and family. 
  • Pisces - Storm Witch: This breed of witch is both terrifying and thrilling. Compassionate yet fearful. They have a great sense of humor, and are usually very cryptic. They give zero fucks what people think of them and march to the beat of their own drum. Are usually very friendly, so they often find themselves in a company of very different people. Storm witches are selfless, they are always willing to help others, without hoping to get anything back.They whistle up the winds and summon lightning. Their overly trusting nature makes them an easy target for the ill-informed, but be careful, because these witches are very exceptional at cursing and fear nothing. They like horror movies, cloudy weather, and casting emotionally charged spells. They are empathetic individuals and always feel things to the extreme, there is often no middle ground with them. It’s black or white. 
  • Aries - Energy Witch: Witches that perform all of their magic internally. Their magic is one of pure energy that they pull from their courageous hearts. Using circles casts in their heads and their imaginations, they can bring their will to life. Are usually shy and keep to themselves. But they are also fiery and energetic. They enjoy divination and astral projection. Also called Intrinsic Witches. 
  • Taurus - Portal Witch: An undying need to always be surrounded by loved ones and hedonism, Portal witches possess superhuman agility and the ability to teleport with the aid of magical portals. This type of witch also uses easily obtained items and weaves magick into every aspect of their life. These witches have the ability to see things from a grounded, practical and realistic perspective.They are particularly fond of cooking, arts and crafts, sewing, cleaning, gardening and baking. They are skilled in potions, herbology, and subtle magick. Reliable and devoted, these witches are described as the original earth mothers.
  • Gemini - Shadow Witch: A witch that lives between two worlds. They easily cross over into The Fade, the shadowrealm, a dimension only accessible to these witches. They can be in both realms at once, or split from their shadows and be in one realm together. Very gentle and curious, they know how to fun with their abilities! Ever lose something 5 seconds after putting it down? That was probably a shadow witch joking around with you! Being in two places at once can be useful! Being in two places at once all the while undetected…dangerous! They are also clairvoyant and have a number of other psychic abilities. 
  • Cancer - Sea Witch: Highly imaginative and emotional! Loyal and sympathetic, these witches hone their craft near a body of water, and center their practice around it. Some sea witches will work with fresh water, such as rivers or lakes (in which case they will usually call themselves ‘river’ or ‘lake’ witches), some with the ocean. Sea witches without immediate access to a body of water are called ‘land-locked’, which can cause them to become a bit moody or pessimistic. They often form connections with fish of all kinds, know their local areas very well, are good at predicting the weather, and are friendly with the nymphs, fae and dragons of their region. They enjoy collecting sand and seashells and are adept at storm and sun magic.
  • Leo - Pop Culture Witch: A branch of Urban witchcraft. Witches that craft their spells based on popular music, movies, books and poetry. They are very adept at pyromancy (fire magic). These witches are very creative and passionate about everything that they do. Their mystical abilities are influenced by various aspects of their character. No pop culture witch is the same as another. They are artistic and very educated and love to laugh. Energetic and Dominant. Loyal, yet headstrong. Do not cross them. They can also curse the hell out of you. It’s not all Disney movies, folks. 
  • Virgo - Hedge Witch: A witch that can not only communicate with all wildlife, they can also share consciousness with them. Thier natural loyal and hardworking nature allow them to do so with ease. They can also manipulate the size of any creature, configuring its scale to accomplish any task! Though skilled at working with animals and magickal creatures, they can often struggle with opening up to others. They use their relationship with animals to accomplish unimaginable things. Often tender but also very careful, they are very organised and practical about their craft.These witches are also very adept at spirit communication, energy work, and levitation. Also called Omega Witches. 
  • Libra - Urban Witch: Fair-minded and peaceful, these witches have an expressed intellect and a keen mind. They can be inspired by good books, insurmountable discussions and interesting people. City witches who graffiti sigils on abandoned buildings, grow herbs in pots in their apartments and are very technologically savvy. Technomagic is their jam, usually rocking enchanted headphones, weaving spells from their favorite songs and using their cell phones as scrying mirrors. 
  • Scorpio - Spirit Worker: Mysterious and seductive, Spirit witches are one of a kind. A witch who communes with the dead spirits of humans, animals, and others entities. Some can even communicate with the spirits of trees, rocks, and man-made items. They are usually very outspoken, opinionated people, though only show their full force when completely necessary. They use spirit boards and pendulums, among many other tools. They enjoy taking strolls in graveyards and having casual chats with the dead. Also called Mediums. 
  • Sagittarius - Moon Witch: A witch whos abilities change depending on the phases of the moon. The full extent of their power being at full potential during the full moon. They are particularly fond of comedy shows, group activities, spell crafting with fellow witches, and collecting. They are very skilled in herbology and dark magick. Generous and idealistic, these witches incorporate magic into their optimistic goals. These witches know how to transform their thoughts into concrete actions and they will do anything to achieve their goals. Also called Lunar Witches. 
  • Capricorn - Chaos Witch: A witch who uses baneful magick in their craft. They will sometimes use demons, storm magick, blood magick, and cursing in their practice. They fear nothing. Commonly mislabeled ‘black’ or ‘dark’ witch. Which is not correct. Tsk tsk. These witches are responsible, disciplined, have more self-control than most, and are very good managers. They pull most of their power from their love of family and tradition. Their powers are very practical and are considered to be the most serious of the witch community.

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I just came up with this idea - what if during their travels after S2 has ended, at some point they find this little Galra girl in among a group of refugees.

Little girl, all purple and fluffy still because she’s just a kid, doesn’t do or say much other than stare at the Paladins, and clutch at her dolly, which… looks suspiciously like it’s supposed to be one of them, but there are a number of things wrong with it.

For one thing, its skin, mainly the face, is purple. Like a Galra. 

For another thing, it looks incredibly beaten up, and ripped in places.

After a while, the cute factor wears off a bit and the incessant staring without anything being said just gets ‘kind of creepy’, as one of them puts it. As well as ‘how do we know she’s not been doing that to that doll on purpose? She’d come from whatever classified as a ‘normal’ Galran household, not involved in the war at all, so she’d probably been fed what everyone else had who didn’t know the truth - that Voltron were the bad guys in this.

Except… at some point they find out that what really happened was that her parents had been one of those kind of people who looked at things, and realised that none of this makes sense, who saw through the obfuscations. They were probably even accountants. Or involved in the bureaucracy and red tape in general.

But the long and short of it is that this little girl hadn’t been staring because she blames these people for everything that’s gone wrong, but because her parents had kept telling her ever since the rumours had first surfaced, that Voltron would make everything right again. Voltron would save them.

And when they were found out - caught for saying treasonous things - they told her where to run, and that Voltron would save her.

The little dolly isn’t torn because she hates Voltron, but because it’s been through so much with her. And it’s purple because how was she to know what race the Paladins were? Her parents were her heroes, so she made it (or had it made for her) based on what she thought a ‘hero’ should be.

(Extra fun points for the dolly having red highlights because the Red Paladin was the one to sucker punch Zarkon in his base, and when they see it, they - especially Lance - they’re like, ‘Is that meant to be you? Did word get around this fast?’ and Keith’s just. ‘But I’m not even purple.’ 

Afterwards, though, he’s just touched and honoured.)

bendy and the ink machine bad end: some weak plot twist about how it was actually all henry’s hallucination while inside a mental institute/he was already in purgatory/hell

bendy and the ink machine good end: the game sticks to a creepy yet whimsical plot and continues showing its brilliance by delivering a creative well though out ending

bendy and the ink machine true end: alice, bendy and boris (and other cartoon characters that may be introduced or not later on) walk out of the studio and into the streets and they fucking, they do this

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*your youtube inspired me* what kind of youtube channel would the boys (SMT and Kino) have?


Shu - He probably went viral after somebody filmed him playing the violin and he kind of kept doing it.

Reiji - Lifehacks and podcasts. Mainly him talking about certain subjects on an intellectual level, it’s so well put together that his fans are very patient when he takes a while to get one up.

Ayato - Let’s plays and dare videos mostly. He’s known for screaming and crying during extreme horror games and for that fantastic ego~

Kanato - Doll making. It’s weird, it’s creepy, it’s cute, it’s traumatizing to people with autonomophobia but it has Kanato written all over it. Plus his fans love seeing his face because not only does he look like a doll as well he is also super adorable… to them.

Laito - Sims, his channel is basically the sims (I believe he is an avid player of it) and probably just talk videos where he elaborates on subjects he finds interesting.

Subaru - Let’s plays and dares that he gets dragged into by Ayato. He’s known for extreme raging and breaking the wall beside his computer, his fans make many gifs of him punching the poor wall and it’s so funny.


Ruki - He does book reviews and cooking tutorials… he also has a book club

Kou - Daily vlogging mostly and he’s not afraid to whip out the camera in public and start talking to it either.. All Kou all the time… daily.

Yuma - Gardening tip mainly, he’s helped so many people with his tutorials that he’s sponsored and has his own gardening tool line.

Azusa - ASMR, he’s quiet enough and he liked the tingly feeling so much that he picked it up and he’s damn good at it.


Carla - Speedpaints mostly, maybe talking videos but not often because the comments are always thirsty and telling him how sexy his voice is… not saying he doesn’t like it tho.

Shin - A DIY channel but like sick shit, not your cute shit either he’s going Threadbanger on this shit. He also does dare videos.


Kino - Another gamer, he’s more known for Minecraft videos and management games like The Guild 2 or Civilization. Streams often.

Yui - DIYs and daily vlogs but like the boys gotta try and take her spotlight but it doesn’t work. “Good morning guys! I hope you all had a nice night, Ayato bit me while I was asleep… again.”

Creepypasta #1110: Thank God for Dressers

I’ve been here for a very long time now.

When I first moved in, I thought I would bother the other tenants with my sleeping habits. I have never had roommates before, and I didn’t know how they would react. For the most part, I don’t think they know I sleep most of the day. I stay in my room all the time anyway. That is of course unless I’m hungry. When I need to eat, I’m forced out of this space.

I suppose in retrospect it was silly of me to think it would matter. College kids are up all night studying and partying, and my room mates are no different. It’s easy for me to go unnoticed.

Especially when it comes to this one girl, Erica. She is constantly studying. Day in and day out, she’s one freakin’ dedicated girl, let me tell you. When she’s in her room, she only sleeps, or studies. I should know.

All I can say is, thank God she’s one to keep her clothes in a dresser. She’s never once been in this closet since I’ve moved in.

Credits to: JJCheesman

Welp, I needed to make this post anyway.

ALRIGHT. So. I should have probably touched on this much much sooner, but, here are my thoughts on Link’s age in the present day for BOTW. Some spoiler warnings for those who haven’t collected all the memories!

I believe that prior to that game, the 100 years in the past, Link was no younger than 17. Here are screenshots from the game to prove that: 

Zelda is referring to Mount Lanayru and the fact that she’s waiting until her 17 birthday to get pray at the shrine. Link accompanies her. So…ergo Link is/was 17 at least.

Me personally? I believe Link is 18 just for the fact that he has so many responsibilities and from how we see him act in the memories, he’s just very mature. [[Needless to say, in my fics he IS of age just to clarify!]]

Flashforward, a hundred years later. And then we get this tidbit, CANON, in game.

Now that can be taken at a grain of salt, but I believe that is Link’s interpretation of his own age. My point is, please stop throwing around the “Link is only 15/16″ posts, especially if you haven’t played the game and are just assuming stuff.  And if people are offended because they think Link is ‘young’ why am I not seeing posts for how many people hit on Link throughout the game???? 

Also, if I see one person reblog this and try to start drama, you’re getting blocked. No fighting. 

not to be… a bitter fat person

but some people obsessively post fat or “chubby” headcanons and i’m like… i know you’re skinny and what you’re doing is creepy

like you can just tell when a skinny person is writing the “chubby” headcanons because it’s all about how soft the fat is and how the “chubby” person LOVES tummy kisses and wearing confident crop tops and all that shit

and it’s just amazing to me how ~Chubby Chasing~ is now progressive fanshit. 

i wish you guys thought like 30% more critically about how you write and fetishize fat bodies because like… it makes me feel really gross. especially since y’all still LOVE to ignore shit like sag and stretch marks and double chins and fat rolls and how sometimes being fat means sweating more or tiring easily and running out of breath.

like y’all can’t write or headcanon fat people, you write and headcanon “softer” and “bigger” skinny people.

Take It All Back

Part Three

Summary: Still stuck in an alternate reality, Jensen navigates through a day full of ups and downs. 
Pairing: Jensen x OFC (Journey)
Word Count: 1775
Warnings: Mentions of possible pregnancy. 


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Sorry for the spam haha XD But get this: the true horror if Mark was a separate ego himself. Can make those freaky eyes (separates), freaky legs, has a range to a shrill high voice or a low demonic one, aiming is true, good reflexes, and agile, could 'mimic' the other egos. Now my artist side is going to Coraline levels of creepy DX

mark is actually the one that we should be afraid of all along omg. he’s the puppetmaster, controlling all the other ones or posing as them. geez louise 😭

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the hisoka pedo thing gets a bit tiresome to me because hisoka is consistent in that he acts this way with ANYONE he finds strong or has potential, regardless of age or gender. if he was only fixated on gon i could see the issue, but he's not, he's even more interested in chrollo for the majority of the series. like yeah hisokas behavior is problematic but i think he's an extremely important factor that makes hxh what it is. i think he genuinely can be uncomfortable and not just a joke, too

yeah this is true, it’s like…. hisoka’s problematic behavior is not limited to the “pedo thing” he is just… on ALL accounts a terrible, creepy, horrible, murderous, unforgivable clown man. there is not a single good thing hisoka hss done in his whole gotdamn life and he knows it.

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Are there any left wing conspiracy theories/stupid beliefs that you just can't stand?




Also people who think “chemical” means “bad thing.” As in, “There are chemicals in our water.” OF COURSE there are chemicals in your water. WATER IS A CHEMICAL, dumbass. You meant to say, “There are DANGEROUS chemicals in our water,” or at least I hope you did. These people often also think that because they don’t understand the name of an ingredient it is automatically bad for you.

It all stems from this creepy fetishization of the “pure” and the “natural” which completely ignores things like science and reality. Argh.

I feel like tumblr has gone to the opposite of “adults can completely harass minors over a single post they made” and I mean its a Good thing this is (usually) frowned on bc a big problem back then was actual children getting spammed horrible messages from vile adults but in a lot of circles we’ve gotten to the complete opposite where No minor can interact with an adult or somehow it’s abusive and creepy even if as simple as two people with an 3,4 year age gap being friends it’s now Bad and wrong bc obviously the younger person is getting taken advantage of but like that’s a perfectly normal age gap even in high school seniors are encouraged to talk to and be friends with freshman and be positive role models for them but why all of a sudden is it bad whenever it’s online

“I doubt mine will be all that creepy but it sure scared the shit out of me. I live in an apartment with my husband and our dog, and our dog sleep in bed with us, we have a set of doggie steps next to the bed. Anyway I was bed alone while my husband was in the living room along with Mr. Jiggles (our dog).

I was just laying there thinking about random shit trying to get to sleep, when I felt our little dog lay down next to me, I smiled and reached my hand back to pet him but nothing was there. Then I came toe to realization that I did not even hear our dog go up the steps and he always makes some noise going up them.

I just lay there scared shitless, I know something laid down beside me, I could feel it and I was still wide awake so I know I was not dreaming, then I heard what I thought was someone dragging themselves along the bed behind me even though I felt no movement.

I don’t know how long it took me to finally throw back the covers and look behind me but I finally did it and nothing. So I call my husband from the living room and ask him were our dog was, he was out there the whole time with my husband.

I made sure the dog came to bed with me that night and for awhile I did not want to sleep alone.”

By: KingandQueenofCheese (Creepypasta are great, but does anyone have any good true creepy stories?)

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@any and all Bendys from Bendy and the ink machine: I hope it pleases you to know that we have a child in our system who just somehow ignores the creepy and downright terrifying parts of the game, sees you and wants to hug you and/or dance with you. If you had any enjoyment in being a cartoon character entertaining children, this means there's a child that loves you in this life too.

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Hey! How are you? Just wanted to ask how would Levi react if someone tickled him? (except for kicking them in the face) Would he laugh? What would that sound like? Thank you! Have a good day :-)

Hello there, Love. I am doing all right. How are you? Levi would never let someone come this close to him. He is very unconfortable with people touching him. 

Also just to answer what his laugh sounds like: creepy

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Thank your for being here on earth with all your incredible art and positive attitude! I was looking through your old art (not in a creepy way I swear) and I saw the posts about the Jenny/vega fan kids and I absolutely LOVE the designs and personlaitys! Can you draw them?

Aaaa oh goodness, thank you so much anon. 💖 ;v ; Those words mean a lot to me, making people happy is one of the things I want to do more than anything!! And thank you for taking the time to send me this.

It’s been so long since I’ve drawn the kids, but Vera & Noxus say hi and thank you too!