not to be confused with super mario

ah yes the sonic the hedgehog franchise
  • Go Fast And Then Hit Some Slow Platforming
  • Now You Can Skip The Slow Platforming If Youre Good Enough
  • Time Travel And Confusing Level Design
  • Pinball
  • The Lord Of Classic Sonic
  • The Lord Of Classic Sonic Pt 2
  • Confusing Isometric Platforming
  • He’s 3D Now And Here’s Some Great Music
  • Mario Party But It’s Terrible
  • Have Some Edge And Bat Titties
  • Classic Sonic But It’s Actually Modern Sonic
  • Classic Sonic But It’s Actually Modern Sonic 2
  • Sonic Heroes But It’s Actually Classic Modern Sonic
  • Sonic Beats The Shit Out Of His Friends
  • Intro To Boost
  • Broken Game But Isnt As Bad As People Say
  • Mother Fucking HOVERBOARDS
  • Mother Fucking HOVERBOARDS: This Time Theres No Gravity
  • Broken Motion Controls
  • Incredible Game That Everyone Hates For The Werehog
  • Another Great Game That Everyone Hates For Some Reason
  • “Sonic’s Return To Form” Has Mediocre Writing
  • Mother Fucking HOVERBOARDS: This Time It’s Unplayable
  • This Isn’t Classic Sonic
  • Nostalgia Trip
  • This Isn’t Classic Sonic Pt. 2
  • It’s Fuckin Mario Galaxy
  • The Actually Good Sonic Boom Game
  • Nostalgia Trip Pt. 2
  • Canon Fanfic


  • it’s daichi the first one to invite the whole team to his house for the weekend
  • kageyama’s never stayed at someone else’s ever in his life. he sends a text to the first years’ chat group, asking what he should do, and panics  when tsukishima tells him that he’s never gonna be invited again if he doesn’t behave. which is obviously not true, but kageyama doesn’t know that and spends the night before googling what people usually do at sleepovers
  • asahi is that guy who always brings food, but they’re not those kind of snacks most teenagers like. they’re those low-fat, no sugar snacks or slices of fruits, and diet drinks. nobody complains, though. kageyama is actually happy to eat them, and hinata is super excited because he did not know coke zero and diet coke existed
  • noya and tanaka sometimes try to convince everyone to drink some booze, but they almost never succeed, and the only time daichi agrees (because they’re at noya’s and noya’s grandpa insists they try the good wine), yamaguchi gets drunk with just one glass and spends the rest of the night either demanding cuddles (especially from tsukishima) or crying because hinata’s burning (”no, yamaguchi, that’s the natural color of his hair, remember?)
  • daichi always suggests they watch movies. or maybe documenta– “NO”
  • tsukishima once tells them to spend the night at his house. everyone thinks he’s joking, but when yamaguchi confirms it, the team’s shocked. dachi and suga almost tear up, too proud and too touched that even tsukishima is doing this. (little did they know that he’s just tired of having his mom and his brother insist he invites his teammates too). akiteru spends the entire time asking karasuno stuff about his brother. kei vows to himself to never do this again
  • when it’s hinata’s turn, he invites yachi too. she’s part of the group, ofc it’s only normal for her to take part in their bonding nights, but s-s-she’s a g-girl, nobody before him had the guts to ask her. she’s not sleeping there with them, of course, but she stays until it’s bedtime. yamaguchi’s too stiff because yachi is super cute in casual outfits. noya and tanaka mope because kiyoko-san isn’t there. kageyama gets startled when all of a sudden another hinata (natsu) pops up in the living room. he gets confused (and is fascinated, extremely fascinated) everytime he sees small hinata and smaller hinata interact with each other. later that night, at around 3 am, he realises with mild horror that it’s because the scene’s just too adorable
  • kiyoko actually shows up only when they’re at suga’s. noya, tanaka and yachi literally cry their hearts out because she’s wearing a skirt. them legs. is this paradise? 
  • sometimes they play mario kart and it always ends with someone hurt. daichi and suga are so competitive, they play dirty, suga sneezes on daichi’s face on purpose just to beat him. kageyama is good, always placing in the best four. tsukishima cannot drive ohmygod he always goes off the road or worse, he falls down, fuck this game. noya always gets first somehow. also, ennoshita, narita and kinoshita team up against tanaka (they throw red/blue/whatever color shells only whenever tanaka’s first). hinata always chooses underground characters, and looks extremely proud when he doesn’t come last. tsukishima is only living for the day hinata will pick up toad, it’ll be hilarious. of course, asahi spends half the time being afraid/screaming/mumbling incoherently until he falls
  • everyone agrees that the best host is tanaka. when they’re at the tanaka’s they get treated like princes (”and here i thought you were treated like this everyday, ousama” “shut up, tsukishima”)
  • ennoshita gets banned, he’s never holding another sleepover ever after the disaster with the 100 pork buns challenge. they had to clean the house after puking all over the floor. never ever ever again.

Back when I was a kid playing this for the first time, I had this happen to me on my first attempt of this mission. I remember being COMPLETELY confused, because I hadn’t set off any of the traps in Noki Bay beforehand so it literally came out of nowhere.

And it essentially guarantees your win of the race?? I dunno man, it always felt like such a surreal thing

For anyone who has never seen this, here’s a little clip that shows it! (though I swear when it happened to me I flew much further)

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Here are the Koopa Kids, or Koopalings, who first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3 by Nintendo, which came out in February of 1990. 

I loved these characters to bits as a kid, and drew them all the time. They’re all burned into my brain now as a result. I vividly remember seeing my friend Oliver fight Larry Koopa for the first time and I remember being delighted that the Koopa Kid was playing a saxophone. I later learned it was supposed to be a magic wand. Kids today won’t experience confusion of that sort, and frankly they’re worse off for it. 

Things that Sinnoh remakes would greatly benefit from:

*Ride Pokemon. One of Sinnoh’s big problems was how HM heavy it was. You were almost required to have at least one dedicated HM user in your party to progress anywhere at all. Ride Pokemon dedicated to one or two HM moves at a time would be a godsend to traversing Sinnoh.

*A guide flag. Rotomdex would display a small flag on its map to denote where you needed to go next. Sinnoh has a very convoluted map and direction of progression, not to mention NPCs that tell you where to go but not how to get there. Having a flag system guiding you where to go next would be very helpful, especially for newcomers to Sinnoh.

*An overhaul to the Super Contest. The main point mechanically to the Super Contest seemed to be “Hey Look We Have A Touch Screen Now”. The drag and drop dress-up, the tapping dance game, and even the hold and spin poffin-making. The dance game does not need to exist, period. It was like that old Mario Party minigame “Move to the Music” but worse since you had to go through it 8 times, twice as the leader.

And the dress-up game needed to have clearer instructions as to what items went with what theme the judges wanted, which were often confusing and warranted putting the game in sleep mode and looking up answers on the internet.

What would be nice is maybe utilize some of the tools used in Pokemon Refresh, like the brush or the hair dryer, to groom your Pokemon to show standards. Buff up a Magnemite until it sparkles, brush out any tangles out of a Luxray’s mane, that sort of thing. Maybe have minor accessories, like ribbons or hats, things that could potentially sit on any Pokemon.

Poffin making could be a bit simplified, although that wouldn’t need too much tweaking. Just make sure the contact is 1:1 so you don’t slosh things everywhere.

*Amity Square fix-up. Make it so that any Pokemon normally found in Sinnoh can go in with you from the start. If any impediment, maybe make it so National Dex Pokemon can’t enter until the Post-Game, but that’s it. And maybe make certain spots you can inspect with your Pokemon that may potentially have items, instead of running around in circles for hours at a time.

*Character customization. This may be a bit of wishful thinking, more so than everything else listed, anyway, but it would be nice if you had a way to change your character’s clothes depending on where you’re going next. Swampy area? Maybe put on some waders. Heading to Snowpoint? Maybe wear the coats from Platinum. Just because jeans and a t-shirt, or a vest and mini-skirt, aren’t the most practical things to wear. After all, the Sun and Moon protag changes to riding gear when on a Ride Pokemon, so why not?

*Story. Make it more in line with the Platinum plot, including Looker and Charon in a reprise of their debut. Make it cinematic with the heavier moments, like the Galactic Bomb and the lake battles. Maybe have more NPCs display their suspicion of Team Galactic and assist you at times, like more than just Riley and Crasher Wake. Have Gardenia go with you to storm the Galactic Building, or Candice go with you to Lake Acuity.

No idea if any of these will come to fruition, but it’d be nice to see if even one of these becomes a reality.

highschool!namjin headcanons

- they’re the power couple. everyone everywhere aspires to be them; jin knows it and loves it, and namjoon is completely clueless
- jin is class president and namjoon is set to be valedictorian 
- despite their relatively high statuses, they’re both super awkward when talking to most people
- jin is the biggest mario nerd and namjoon is always mildly ashamed and amused whenever he starts ranting about it
- namjoon tends to ramble a lot when he gets excited / nervous / anything so jin has a system where if he sees people getting confused or freaked out, he taps namjoon’s arm 
- they’re not prom kings only because they don’t want to be nominated and people respect their wishes
- jin is the student everyone goes to when they need to rant about something or get help because he offers the best advice without seeming patronizing
- namjoon gets ideas at odd hours, so he has the strangest sleeping pattern out of anyone in their school (does he sleep two hours a day or ten? no one knows)
- he also forgets to eat most of the time. jin is the only reason he’s alive.
- they rose to hall of fame ranks at their school when namjoon started a ridiculously large fire in the chemistry lab and jin singlehandedly put it out
- basically they’re beautiful and happy and everyone loves them

“Daisy is just a Peach clone!” The Ultimate Response

“Daisy’s just a Peach recolor!”
Peach is a blonde and Daisy’s a ginger. Peach’s dress is rose and pink while Daisy’s is yellow and orange. Peach’s jewels are blue and Daisy’s have been green since 2002. They don’t even have the same skin-tone despite Daisy having a short-lived tan. So they are color-coded for your convenience, but they are not differentiated by color alone.

Daisy has always had her own facial-features and hair-style, as seen in her first two appearances, Super Mario Land and NES Open Tournament Golf, but in 2000 her facial-features were made more distinct in Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64. In 2002, with the release of Mario Party 4 on the Nintendo GameCube, this became more obvious with the graphic-enhancements from the jump in console generations.

At this same time, Daisy was also given an even more unique hairstyle, as well as her own body-type. She’s shorter than Peach, and is recognized as being thicker than her, having even been categorized in a heavier weight-class in some Mario Kart games.

The most similar thing about their appearances are the princess gowns. Even those are differentiated, though, with Daisy having a flower motif, as well as a number of other visible differences. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi wear the exact, same outfit aside from Luigi’s hat having an ‘L’ patch and Mario’s having an ‘M’. Additionally, in 2003, with the release of Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Daisy and Peach are shown to have different, primary athletic-clothing; Daisy having sport shorts, and Peach a miniskirt.

“Daisy’s just a Peach recolor!” in-close
The alternate color Peach has in the Smash Bros. series of Daisy’s color-scheme is just that. Mario has had a Wario color since the first game, and even Luigi has a Waluigi color; so on with many others in the series. The discrepancy was in Melee, where they added Daisy’s floral details to the alternate outfit. This was based on their appearances on the N64, a time when, as exemplified, the characters’ appearances weren’t as established and differentiated as they now are. This was not an actual representation of Daisy, and unlike Luigi to Mario, Daisy has never been a Peach recolor.  

Above compilation provided by Outfoxy on Kinja.

“Daisy doesn’t have a personality!”
In 2003, with the release of Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Daisy was given a new voice, Deanna Mustard. Daisy’s voice finally matched her original description of being a tomboyish, energetic Princess. This was a description made in her debut as a damsel-in-distress, despite the role. On the character select-screen, Daisy poses from side to side, flexing her arms and exclaiming, “Mhm! Mhm!” sassily. Some of her quotes from the game include:“S’up, I’m new, but golf is my thing! And I’ll go toe-to-toe to prove it!“ “Seriously, are you aiming there?” and, “Yes, yes! I rule! I rule!”

From here on, Daisy’s vernacular has had an American twang and recurring usage of Western slang. “Yo!” is a catchphrase Daisy utters in various appearances.

In 2004, in Mario Power Tennis, Daisy will scoff, “Tch,  I’m so sure!” and, “Whatever!” in response to the opponent getting a point. In her trophy ceremony, she rolls-out in a pair of roller-blades, remarking to Luigi, “Hey sweetie! I’ll take that,” as she jumps, spins, and lands to grab the trophy from him, leaving him spinning until he collapses.

Super Mario Strikers, 2005. Daisy will come out on the field exclaiming, “Yeah? Yeah?!” throwing her arms open and grimacing at her opponent before, “Tch. Mm-mm,” turning away in disapproval. Scoring a goal, she pops her hip and licks her finger before touching it to her thigh, sounding out, “Tsssss- Ow, Daisy!”

Mario Strikers Charged, 2007. Daisy drops down onto the field, raising up off the ground to exclaim, “Oh, yeah? Come on!” striking a boxer-pose as a bell rings-out. Upon being scored on, Daisy will turn to her teammates, crossing her arms and tapping her foot as she furiously growls; they are seen trembling beneath her. Scoring a goal, she brushes her shoulders off one before the other, simultaneously, “Uh-huh! Alright! Daisy!” followed by shrugging.

A selection of the many quotes from 2011′s Fortune Street include:

  • “Yeah, sure. Big castle. Woooo. I’m totally impressed. Could use a few more flowers though…”
  • “I bet Bowser seriously thinks this goofy castle is totally intimidating. As if!”
  • “I totally want to scale up the side of that statue. What a challenge!”
  • “I’m supposed to pick out a new trade here, huh? Let’s see… Maybe I should be a professional athlete! Yeah!” 
  • “You may wonder why I want to win so badly. Well, it’s ‘cause I just HATE losing!”
  • “Winning is a matter of timing and luck. I don’t have either, but I’ve never let that stop me before!”
  • “Don’t underestimate me, people! Just because I’m a princess doesn’t mean I won’t fight dirty!”
  • “If you give me a good number, little die, I’ll promote you to court jester! I’m a princess - I can do that!”

“Daisy doesn’t have a personality!” in-close
So Daisy is not as proper or poised as she would be based on her appearance and status as royalty. She’s usually standing with her hands on her hips, exhibiting hotheadedness in defeat, showboating in victory, and showing off to get her way. Yes, she partakes in the princess life of luxury, but she’s well extroverted and outgoing, and as exemplified, she’s tough and sassy, too. Sounds like a personality whether you like it or not.

“Daisy’s annoying!”
If that’s your opinion, why are you saying it as if it’s a fact? You stop that. You can irrationally hate something if you want to, but it doesn’t reinforce the other negative matters here, and it doesn’t negate the facts. Any Mario character could be accused of being annoying. How about, “Wah!” And, “It’s-a-me, Mario!” Additionally, “Ohhh- Did I win?” Finally, [Random Animal Noises from DK]. Even Rosalina emotes. What you could find annoying about a character, all their fans could find admirable or charming about them.

“Daisy’s just a filler-character!”
A filler-character is someone merely included to make numbers, rather than to add something to the cast. Filler-characters have no intellectual or entertaining value, and no input.

This is only applicable to Daisy in certain appearances, and to certain extents. For example, in most Mario Party games there is nothing to differentiate the characters from one-another when it comes to most of the gameplay, but most of Daisy’s appearances in these games still include doses of her unique personality and representation, which are elements of gameplay. The best example would be in Super Mario Land, where Daisy filled the role of the damsel-in-distress, much as Peach does in most of her appearances in this role. This is the one and only time Daisy ever fills this role herself, however.

It should be pointed out, also, that Daisy was reintroduced into Mario games in Mario Tennis because they wanted more human characters. That is filling a role, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to being a filler-character; which should be obvious. In this game, Daisy did have her own play-style, voice, appearance, and personality. Indeed, for the first time she was portrayed to be outgoing, jumping around the court with each point. She also gets so caught up in her own victory celebration, she falls off the stage.

As her appearances continued, Daisy proved to have even more differences in play-style than not just Peach, but the other characters, too. In Mario Golf, Daisy’s play-style is entirely unique, having her own, designated attributes.  In Mario Power Tennis on the NGC, Daisy’s flower powers are heavily explored, being able to summon petals around her racket to deliver a powerful shot, and being able to float over a growing bed of flowers to reach the ball for a defensive return. As of the most recent tennis game, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Daisy is no longer even in the same category-type as Peach, being an All-Around type instead of a Technique type like in her earlier tennis appearances, showing this character continues to evolve over time.

Daisy has her own special abilities in many other games, as well. In the first baseball game, Mario Superstar Baseball, Daisy has the Flower Ball, which conceals her ball in a barrage of confusing petals. In the second baseball game, Mario Super Sluggers, she has the Flower Swing, which conceals her ball’s destination in a flower-garden with an accompanying fence, guarding it off. She has the unique ability of a Super Dive, as well, letting her dive great lengths to catch a ball. This game also introduced Baby Daisy, who has appeared in numerous games since. Daisy also has the Crystal Smash from Mario Strikers Charged, a special ability where Daisy punches the ground, which then erupts with giant, jagged crystals that wreck opponents. In Mario Sports Mix Daisy pulls out a pair of pom-poms to deflect objects and people.

Daisy also has her own levels in games like Mario Kart, where the Daisy Cruiser, her own, personal cruise-ship, was introduced. This level reappears in numerous Mario Kart games, and served as her personal stadium in Mario Super Sluggers. Other Daisy levels include the Daisy Circuit, Daisy Hills, and Crystal Canyon.

“Daisy’s just a filler-character!” in-close
They do not pay separate actors money to reprise a role for over a decade, create multiple versions of, create entire levels based-on, develop a unique design for, design multiple costumes for. establish a unique personality for, create individual special-abilities for, and assign personal-statistics to a mere filler-character.

Daisy has received developmental changes over time that address these matters. Saying things like this really ignores that effort, and it only acknowledges her status and description in her earliest appearances.

“Daisy’s a spin-off character!”
Daisy has appeared in more than fifty games to this day, December 15th, 2015. Forty-four of her appearances have her as a playable character. One of her appearances was in a Mario platformer game, that being her debut-appearance, Super Mario Land.

Did her appearance in this game contribute to the game, or even she herself? Well, it established her kingdom, and her description as a tomboy princess. It served to set a Mario game in a place outside of the Mushroom Kingdom for a change. If she was merely created for the spin-off games, she’d probably have less going for her character’s background and history. Still, as covered, she herself didn’t receive much of any notable attention in the game, serving as the measly, damsel-in-distress role Peach has so often.

The platformers aren’t necessarily all that they’re made out to be by Nintendo fans. The spin-off games are no less canonical to the Mario series than any of the platformers, and Nintendo gives zero gold-coins about story compared to gameplay either way. The platformers can be just as much of cash-grabs, too. Anyone who plays most Mario games should know all that. Why is it then that so much importance is placed on a character appearing in the platformers compared to the spin-offs?

Well for some characters the platformers have given that opportunity for good character growth in a short number of appearances, as opposed to the character growth exemplified here for Daisy, which has occurred over many appearances. That doesn’t mean that being in a platformer necessarily will give character growth, however. Many of the characters’ appearances in the platformers have given just as little to them as some of the spin-offs. There is still a clear advantage in a character gaining development in one of the platformers, however. This is simply what it comes down to.

“Daisy’s a spin-off character!” in-close
So yes, Daisy is a spin-off character. There’s a lot not being accounted for in her decade and a half of consistent appearances, though. A lot that has added-up to garner respect that she’s not getting.

So it’s like a double-edged sword where she now has a lot going for her because of these appearances, but the stigma of appearing in only spin-offs is preventing enough recognition.

Her fans still yearn for her to appear in more opportunistic roles because we know it’s what could turn others around. Appearing in the platformers or something like a Smash Brothers game would put her in the spotlight she needs to show all that she’s become. I hope the people who say these things against the character can read this and get a grasp of all there is they may be missing.

oh boy whoops i made another.

Natasa is an ancient. They’re from the tribe of ancients/darkness(bastardchild). Natasa was fine before and became cursed so that they have to absorb light, power stars or fire or else they will become a b e a s t and wreck havoc across the land. They are very powerful and is locked up deep in the darkest depths of the Underwhere where no one can find them. they are pretty short too. if they were to be released from their prison, they’d be so confused and scared because ‘thisisnotmyhomewhathappened.’

My E3 2017 Highlights and thoughts

As you may know Pixelboy initially revolved around video games, so let’s talk about the games shown at E3 2017!

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Like the first one Battlefront II looks amazing, but I’m still skeptical about the content of the game. If you know the original Battlefront games, you know what I mean. Give me huge space battles, lots of creative maps and planets and a solid story mode. Damn you literally have a whole universe you can build on!

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (Switch)

It’s known for a while that Nintendo Switch gets his own version of TES: Skyrim and I’m kind of “meh” about it. It was a good game but it is nearly 6 years old and the only noticeable addition for Switch is amiibo compatibility. Surprise, Zelda themed weapons and clothes for the price of an amiibo? So, 15$ DLC for skins? O.o

If you didn’t play Skyrim until now, maybe it’s worth it for Switch, but if there aren’t any new additions or mod support, I recommend the PC version.

Assassins Creed: Origins

The series is kinda dead for me since AC3, but this looks like a setting I’d like to explore. Egypt offers a lot of cool mystical stuff, tombs and beautiful landscapes. If done correctly, this could be one of the best games of the franchise.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

I… I don’t know…
To be honest, I thought Rabbids were dead for quite some time. I loved the party games for Wii back then, ok… I still love them, but I’ve never thought they would mix them with Mario and friends.

Based on the teaser image we got a few days ago, I thought this would be something like Super Smash Bros., oh boy was I wrong. This game is a mix of exploration and tactics game, like Disgaea, Final Fantasy Tactics and so on. 

The first minutes of gameplay looked intriguing. The characters and their animations look lively and fit perfectly together. Rabbid silliness meets Mario charm. You can also find this in the environment.

I’ll definitely keep an eye on that one! :3

Skull & Bones


Finally Ubisoft made something with Assassins Creed: Black Flag.

First thing they’ve done right: Removing the Assassins Creed label from the game.

Second: Expanding on sailing.

Also it looks like that this game uses a more realistic attempt on sailing mechanics, but I hope it’s not just sailing but also some raiding on land.

Give me more Ubisoft!

Beyond Good and Evil 2

All we got was a cinematic trailer, but I’m glad they’re reviving the franchise. So yeah, I’m hyped but there isn’t really much to say about it.^^

Shadow of the Colossus PS4

Phew, what a relieve. I always thought that I have to buy a PS3 or get the original for PS2 somewhere.

For anyone who didn’t play it, DO IT NOW (or in future)!

Super Mario Odyssey


Gameplay: Solid 3D Mario style, like good ol’ days. I’m looking at you Super Mario 64!

Looks and feel: Nintendo is trying hard with mixing different themes lately. Rabbids + Mario, Breath of the Wild has “technology” and now Odyssey with its mix of realistic designed and cartooney worlds. Why the heck does it fit so well?

I saw some guys tests on Mario with Unreal Engine 4 (funny Nintendo also used it for Odyssey) and seeing Mario running around in this apartment felt kinda odd. But now, photo-realistic Jungle, T-Rex, no problem at all?

I’m confused and hyped. I want more… I want it soooo bad! (TT^TT)

Metroid 2: Return of Samus Remake (3DS)

Yeah now it’s clear they used Federation Force as “bait”. I mean they could have waited for this remake to revive the franchise, but they wanted to give Metroid Prime some attention, so the used old gameplay in a spin-off with a teaser ending.

Back to topic: Metroid 2 was my first game of the series and it was hard. No map, similar looking hallways and lots of backtracking, but I beat it! (Ò_Ó)

So, see this classic in new shining armor is fantastic! They seemed to use some action elements from Other M, like the counter attack and some cool new special moves, but they also reworked some enemy, especially the Metroids.

Back on Gameboy all the Metroids did was flying and shooting, all of them and you had to hit their weak-point. Now they all have different attacks and movements and boy, that makes me want to beat them all over again.

The planet itself got also much love. As I said, there was no chance you could build such an environment on Gameboy back then, so everything looked kinda the same, but know, for the first time, we can imagine how SR388 looked like. I think the 3D feature makes the animated background even more lively than it is now.

Honorable mentions:

Rocket League (Switch): About time and f#uck yeah, cross-play features!

Breath of the Wild DLC: Part 1 looked good, new challenges are always good! >:3

Yoshi: I’m not sure why they stick to the wooley style, cause it takes away some characterisitcs from the original Yoshi, but the game itself looked good and kinda reminded me on the 2.5D style of Yoshi’s Story

Kirby: I hope this game features local multiplayer. I enjoyed the last installments, but I hated that every player needed a cartridge.

Metroid Prime 4: 40 seconds of logo, so there’s not much to say. I hope Nintendo releases more infos soon.

PokéMon (Switch): Also just teased… god dammit Nintendo, GIVE US MORE INFORMATION!

So yeah, that’s all I caught about E3 2017.In my opinion, the best E3 in years, with lots of interesting games. 

Thanks for reading!


Pix ;*

Luigi:  Hey Mr. LittleMushroomManWhoCries.  You think you can just run around and cry about everything that scares you?  I’ll make you cry.  Have at you!

- Toad looks confused, and walks away -

Luigi:  Yeah, you’d better run!

- Mario whispering with Peach -

Mario:  He saw some random woman adjust her glasses and thinks he’s Mr. L again.  It’s so funny, I can’t bring myself to tell him-

- Luigi walks up to Bowser -

Luigi:  Hey Mr. TeenageMutantNinjaTurtleWhoCan'tGetAGirlfriend…

Mario:  I need to stop him before he gets burnt to a crisp, excuse me.

my current stimboard requests, posting this to hold myself accountable and so u guys know if this Broken Site ate ur ask since there’s been confusion from multiple people lately:

fantail goldfish
Lola the dog w mech and iceberg
crystals and pastels, no slime
light colored tony stark
adrijan from red rock
david from camp camp
Shinobu Oshino
teddy lupin
bowser from super mario galaxy
ghost w kinetic sand
black and dark blue
brown and orange w fluffy things
Dart from Legend of Dragoon
black cat w mirror glaze
esp kirby