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Gosh darn, I just can’t help but get excited when there are legit psychology references in shows.

If you’re confused at these two lines and thinking, “why would suspense ever bring two people closer??” Lemme break it down for you.

Izaya is actually making a direct reference to a psychological phenomenon known as the misattribution of arousal. It’s based off of Schachter’s two-factor theory of emotion which states that the process of emotion occurs like so; stimulant (eg. bear chasing you) -> physiological arousal (heart rate increasing, adrenaline, pupil dilation) AND cognitive labeling (oh, my heart is racing I must be feeling fear!) -> emotion (*feeling fear*).

This theory implies that when we attribute the label of an emotion to the physiological arousal we feel, we actually end up feeling the emotion itself. In other words, emotions to a small degree are a result of what we think we’re feeling. Strong, long-term emotions can not be altered by labeling it as something else, telling yourself that you are happy when you are sad doesn’t work. The emotions must have the same/similar physiological responses to be confused together, this is what is known as the misattribution of arousal.

Schachter also proved his theory in an experiment. Researchers had a group of white males cross a very high, wobbly bridge, and another group cross a low very safe and sturdy bridge. At the end of the bridge, a female researcher would ask them questions about a picture, and then give them her phone number “in case they had questions about the experiment”. Hint hint, she actually gave them her number to measure the difference in phone calls they got from the men that experienced arousal from crossing the high bridge, and the men than didn’t experience it from crossing the low bridge.(note: the men were told the study and the questionnaire was for something else entirely, and didn’t know the true purpose of the study).

The men that experienced arousal from crossing the high bridge had more sexual content in the story they told regarding the picture when they saw the female researcher. She also received more phone calls from this group in comparison to the control group. Later, they redid this study with women, and the results were the same. In conclusion, people will mistakenly misattribute emotions that are similar to each other physiologically. The participants mistook their physiological arousal and fear from crossing the bridge for sexual attraction.

Izaya is mockingly asking Shinra here if he confused his fear of getting caught by the police for sexual attraction/arousal/love for Celty.

I know his reference is a little vague here, but considering that Narita stated that Izaya was most likely in the social sciences during university, it’s pretty expected that he learned about this theory. This is one of the more respected theories of emotion.

Orihara Sibling look alikes

Well since my last reblog had to deal with how I thought Izaya looked like Mairu I decided to try to find some Orihara sibling look-alikes.

Number 1: The Mairu and Izaya Tongue flick.

Number 2: The confused Orihara Trio

Number 3: I’m either beating or about to beat somebody’s ass smile

Number 4: The resting face (with a hint of annoyance)

And I’m too lazy to find anymore but here you go.


Being Human Chapter 20: Catching A Snake By Its Tail

“Such a gentleman. Fine, I’ll be sure to tell you the next time Yodogiri tries anything.” Izaya smirked. His smile dropped immediately as he spotted Roppi turn the corner over Shizuo’s shoulder. His twin froze as soon as he spotted who was with Izaya.

‘That idiot! Didn’t he get my message?’

“You better. Good night, flea.” Shizuo said as he turned to leave.

In panic, Izaya grabbed his face and pulled it back. Shizuo stumbled towards him. The raven pulled him down and sealed his lips over his. It wasn’t his best plan, but he needed to distract the thick-headed blonde long enough for Roppi to make a break for it.

Izaya opened one eye to peer over Shizuo’s shoulder to see if his twin had fled yet.

He hadn’t. He stood there looking at the two of them in shock, his eyes brimming in confusion and an another unidentifiable emotion.

do you ever do the thing

where someone you’re following (especially mutuals) gets really into some movie or show that you haven’t seen, and they start posting a lot about it, leaving you constantly confused, but you don’t want to unfollow them or anything, so you just go “time to watch whatever the heck this is!”

and now you get their references and bonus sometimes it’s something that you end up really liking

Anime Recommendations:

So, I saw some people looking for some anime recs, and since I’ve been asked a lot in the past what I’d recommend to people, I thought I’d just make a starter master list here.  It’s obvious by now that I watch way too much anime, and read way too many fanfics if you’ve been on my blog before, so this might be helpful to people.  I’ve also divided it by genres and I’ve tried to add and least three to five recs per genre with one being a lot less common if that makes sense.  I’ve tried to make sure they are only mentioned once through this list, so even if they fit in more genres, I’ve tried to make sure they are in the one I think they best fit.  Anyway, here we go.


What better to start the list off than this right?  

  • Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (64 Episodes).
  • Boku no Hero Academia (38 Episodes)
  • Assassination Classroom (47 Episodes)
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure  (Unknown)
  • Great Teacher Onizuka (43 Episodes)


Packed with tons of fights, badass speeches, and just epicness.  What more do you need?

  • Cowboy Bebop (26 Episodes)
  • One Punch Man (12 Episodes)
  • Shingeki no Kyojin (37 Episodes)
  • Mob Pyscho 100 (12 Episodes) 
  • Black Lagoon (12 Episodes)


Mysterous land, fun journeys and all that stuff.  Pretty self explanatory.  

  • Mushishi (37 Episodes)
  • Samurai Champloo (26 Episodes)
  • Magi (50 Episodes)
  • Inuyasha (193 Episodes)

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anonymous asked:

*RUBS MY GREEDY LITTLE FINGERS TOGETHER* Izaya's s/o being best friends with Namie and they like to talk about him and how weird he is when he's in the room, (As loud as they can, mind you. Roast fests for breakfast). They do it on purpose thoUGH BECAUSE THEY'RE BOth assholes at heart. Izaya's reaction?

Izaya was currently sitting at his desk, a smile gracing his features. Other than the smile, he looked like he was about to kill a man as his eyes dashed between the many tabs on his screen, his eyebrow twitching irritably.
“He always sits at that computer all day, and he insists I’m lazy!” Namie said from her chair in the living room as she sipped her coffee. Sitting on the back of the couch was Y/N, who happened to be Izaya’s girlfriend. Namie was talking about how much Izaya annoyed her, and Y/N happened to be joining in on the fun.

“I know right? He always sits there and messes around with it and barely gives me attention!” Y/N said from the couch, and Izaya’s eye twitched. She giggled as she looked over to Izaya, who still kept his focus on his computer.

“Can’t he just do some cleaning around here, I always do that!” Namie added as she turned to Y/N, a smile slipping onto her face.

“Oh my gosh, when you’re not here, he NEVER CLEANS! I always clean up!” Izaya’s hands start twitching, this had been going on for the past hour.
“And whenever I want his attention, he always ignores me. Never wants to-” Namie quickly shut up as she saw Izaya stand up in his chair. Y/N didn’t seem to notice this though.

“Try being in a relationship with him! I try and get him to give me affection, and he always-EEP!” Y/N was quickly swept off their feet as Izaya picked them up. He said nothing as he went back to his computer. He sat down, keeping them in his lap, nuzzling into their chest as he continued to work.
“I-Izaya?” Y/N said, confused on why Izaya carried them over.

“You need to learn when to keep your mouth shut Y/N~,” Izaya said as he lightly bit through their clothing. Y/N stiffened at his actions but quickly relaxed and wrapped their arms around him and let him rest his head down. Izaya continued to work like this as he typed away on his computer, Y/N still sitting in his lap.

“Oh boy, back to work then…” Namie took one last sip of her coffee and went back to her laptop to start typing once more.

- Ko

Who We Used to Be (18): Clarity

Izaya wakes up disoriented.

It’s hard for a moment to realize why. It’s not unusual for him to wake confused about his location, to stir from fast-fading dreams only to think himself back in Ikebukuro, in the tangle of his sheets or amidst the soft of Shizuo’s; it inevitably takes him minutes to free himself from the force of those not-quite-fantasies, to bring himself back through time to the present moment and his current existence, as a visitor in a city not his own and alone in an empty bed. But today he knows where he is immediately, before he even opens his eyes to look out at the familiar silhouettes of the furniture filling the room that he still hesitates to entirely claim as his own; there’s no way to lose himself to the past, with the dull ache in his legs to pull him to consciousness. But the disorientation doesn’t fade with his acknowledgment of his surroundings and his present location, because the weight at his hip doesn’t vanish, and the warmth against his skin doesn’t fade away, and the vaguely pleasant ache of past-tense friction inside him lingers even when Izaya’s staring wide-eyed at the curtains drawn over the glow of sunlight on the other side of his window.

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Hello! I was wondering what would be like if Izaya and Shizuo would date a gothic person? Like, them wearing all Black, have facial piercings and loves spooky things? Would it work out? Also can you make these in headcannons? Thank you!~~!


- Interested, wondering why a human is so into death and the color black

- Why all the piercings? He must know and watch.

- Poems about death and angst? Reads them alllllll

-Need hair dye? Buy it all for you to watch you put it in.

- Always asks questions

- Walks with you with your black lace umbrella

- Wonders how the frick do you have bags under your eyes if you sleep constantly.

- Loves to watch you apply makeup, so much eyeliner makes you look dark and mysterious

- An overall decent relationship, he likes you because you’re interesting.


- Very confused

- Majorly

- All the black is okay, he likes black

- Makeup? Wonders constantly how it doesn’t bother you

- Your poems help calm him down if he’s mad, but you have to explain them to him most of the time

- Will beat the shiz out of anyone who makes fun of you

- You both enjoy walking at night

- Hair dye is good, he just wishes that the shower or sink isn’t always stained black

- Good relationship, just try not to make a mess with your dye or makeup

- Ko

At Another Anime Con in NH and a girl ninja threw this paper star into the hood of my Izaya cosplay.  I was really confused as to what was going on, and she just lunged towards me with her nametag, which read “Fanfiction Ninja”.  I didn’t get it until I unfolded the star to find an excerpt of some Durarara related fanfiction.  What an amazing con experience!

ok look, if you don’t think the best friendship in all of Durarara is Shinra and Izaya, then you are wrong and here is why (***spoilers if you haven’t read parts of the LN***) 

  • Izaya and Shinra frequently drop low key compliments to other people about each other. in fact, Shinra speaks very highly of Izaya to many people throughout the story, while still admitting Izaya has his flaws, which is obviously a rare thing to do considering most everyone in the story thinks Izaya is a huge inconvenience. Shinra is seen defending Izaya to a confused and protective Celty numerous times even when he knows Izaya played a part in whatever chaos in happening. 
  • after Shinra got Izaya to join his Biology Club in middle school, they would hang out and talk, where Izaya realized that while there was something very off about him. He was completely blown away by how “different” Shinra was from all the other humans he had observed, and even envied him, which is a feeling that has stuck with him up until “present time” and he blames Celty for being the reason Shinra is so disinterested in human life. 
  • when Shinra found out Izaya was running a gambling ring from the Biology Club room, (while his motives were a bit selfish) he encouraged Izaya to stop.
  • because of the gambling ring, another student threatened Izaya with a knife at school, where Shinra jumped in between them and accidentally got stabbed. Izaya, who was genuinely worried and amazed by Shinra’s actions, not only took the blame and was put into protective custody, but has since then been blackmailing the guy who hurt his friend and continues to use him in his schemes. Shinra has voiced that he is eternally grateful to Izaya for caring in his own way
  • After Izaya was stabbed and called Shinra from the hospital, Shinra acted coldly and hung up on him. Izaya felt abandoned and hurt and exacted a sort of revenge on Shinra by giving him the cold shoulder after he was attacked, which made Shinra realize he was wrong, and he told Celty he felt awful about treating his only friend in such a manner. 
  • While Izaya knows it’s selfish, he admits that Shinra will never be truly “there” for him when Celty is in his life. She will always be top priority for Shinra and so Izaya can’t be as close to him as he wants to be and chooses to play the part as a “friend who is only there when needed.” (which is heartbreaking ok) 
  • In the last part of volume 9, Izaya admits that the day Shinra was stabbed had a huge impact on who he is today. he also makes note that the way he is treating Celty (by taunting her with her head) would undoubtedly anger Shinra, his only friend, who cherishes a monster over him. Izaya is then depicted in a way that would suggest frustration in the loneliness he *says* he created for himself. Izaya follows this up by punching a telephone pole, which as we know, is very uncharacteristic of him. 

As requested by fearless-female-of-ikebukuro, here is my description of Izaya Orihara’s game. Please note: I may be completely wrong here, but my mind works similarly to Izaya’s, so this is only my personal opinion.

In the far right, you will see a purple circle. Celty’s nickname is “The Black Rider”, and there are several occasions where Izaya references her with said nickname as he moves the Black Knight piece, thus leading me to believe that she is played by the Black Knight in Izaya’s game. Behind her is who I believe to be Shinra, but he is not meant to be hiding. Because of the way a Knight can move, I believe Shinra is there to protect her if things get out of hand. In front of them, also circled in the same colour, are two more pieces, who seem to be blocking their path. I believe that one is Shingen Kishitani, and the other is Kinnosuke Kuzuhara, as both of them pose threats to the couple.

Directly below them, circled in dark red, are two chess pieces. Admittedly, I did not know who they were at first, but I am left to assume that they are Mairu and Kururi Orihara. These two are separated from any other characters in this screenshot, as they have not yet been introduced. However, due to Izaya being their brother, it is natural to assume that he would know who they are.

Almost directly in front of the twins are two un-circled pieces. These two pieces confused me as well, but I am beginning to believe that they are either Kasuka Heiwajima and a bodyguard, which would explain why Izaya’s sisters are close by - Or Simon and Vorona. Although Vorona is never introduced in the anime series, she has close links to Simon, and due to Izaya’s status as an Information Broker, it is not odd for him to know where she is, or who she is connected to. If it was Simon and Vorona, it would explain why they are in the centre of the game, as almost every character in the series has met Simon.

Circled in a bright orange is another person who is in the centre of everything, and I believe that this is meant to be Izaya himself. Izaya had admitted to building the conflict around himself, and this would also explain why he doesn’t appear to be directly involved with any of the other pieces.

In the green circle, you will find the person who is physically, but not emotionally closest to Izaya; Namie Yagiri. Around her are some of the other higher-ups from Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, who are aiding her to find her brother, who is in a completely different circle.

The pink circle at the bottom left corner of the board is where you will find Seiji Yagiri, who stands next to Mika Harima. In front of Seiji, as if they were in a conflict, is a piece that appears to be the King. In another episode, Izaya states that Shizuo Heiwajima would be the “King”, which is why I believe it is him. This theory is highlighted by the short fight Shizuo and Seijiaround the same time.

Off the actual board, at the bottom of the screen, are some pieces circled in yellow, who I believe to be some Yellow Scarves members. It is unclear as to why they are not on the board, but it may be because Izaya thought they were unimportant, or he intends to use them when the Dollars and the Yellow Scarves begin fighting.

Also off the board, to the left, are some pieces circled in light blue, who I believe to be some Dollars members. Again, it is unclear as to why they are not on the board, but it may be because of the same reasons stated above for the Yellow Scarves.

Here is where things get a bit confusing.

Some of the action at the top left of the game is covered by Izaya’s hand, so I can only determine some of the situation. However, it is clear to see two white pieces, which have been circled in yellow, as I believe they are also from the Yellow Scarves. These two pieces look as if they are about to fight, much like Kida and Horada. In between the two Yellow Scarves members is a beige piece and a black piece. The black piece is most likely Anri Sunohara, and the beige is most likely Mikado Ryugamine, as they are in the perfect position to start a war with each other.

The circle at the bottom right confuses me the most, but I may only assume that it is the gang in the van; Saburo, Kyohei, Erika and Walker. I believe that they are the ones in the light blue circle, but the reason why they are different pieces confuses me. The presence of two extra pieces, circled in white, also confuses me. It is possible that they are the Kuronuma brothers, or possibly Saki and somebody else. However, I am not certain. Another option is that they are human smugglers, which might explain why they are somewhat close to Namie.

Anyway, that’s my theory. I hope it was understandable~~!


Pictured: Shizuo, a confused teenager full of loneliness and self-hatred, in the exact moment he sealed his fate of a life with even more violence

Also pictured: Izaya, another confused teenager full of loneliness and self-hatred, in the exact moment he decided that he needed to make a certain someone’s life hell

Shinra, who just wanted his only two friends to get along and boy did that went wrong