not to bacon

DAY TWO!!?? highschool!!!

headcanon: in high school tord would write love letters to Edd pretending to be a “secret admirer”, just to make him feel better about himself since he knew that Edd’s self esteem wasn’t that high. Tord writes paragraphs full of cute compliments and how nice and good he is, and later asks what he thinks about it, and the answer would never be something negative. Best way to gain courage.

(I’m rly excited abt this even if school is…. draining me… both physically and mentally)

I have NEVER understood people who buy those disgusting fake bacon bits! 🤢 Making the real thing is so easy–and a zillion times more delicious!! Sure, the smell of bacon permeates your house for an entire day, but that’s such a small price to pay!

Deluxe baked potatoes are happening tonight and I am way too excited about them!!!


Pictures from today!!

I met mom for breakfast this morning, went to Target with mom, did a little Torrid shopping, and now watching an awesome movie (don’t even try and argue this is a great comedy 😂).

Also, I bought my first ever bra from Torrid (well 2). Interesting fact I am a size smaller at Torrid then I am with a bra from Kohls, but the capris I bought at Torrid are two sizes bigger then the size I buy at Kohls. 😂😂

Hello fashion!

On a side note the polkadot capris I have on in that one picture are so freaking adorable and I’m so glad I found them.😍😍😍

Lucky Lucy

After running free in southern California, Lucy, a piglet at the time, was brought to a shelter, which auctioned her to the highest bidder instead of allowing Animal Place to take her. Fortunately, rescuers outbid buyers who were interested in killing Lucy for her flesh. At last, Lucy was brought to Animal Place in 2013.

I hope Chris Bacon receives an Emmy nomination again for working on the music for Bates Motel. Norma and Norman’s theme is such a great piece and it’s interesting to hear how the theme slightly changes each time. While it has been incorporated in other seasons, I felt that their theme sounded a lot sadder in season 5 without Norma around and it’s incredible how music can change a person’s mood during certain scenes. After hearing it play in episodes like “Inseparable” (5x07) and “The Cord” (5x10), I’ve been having a hard time getting his scores out of my head. Even if he doesn’t receive a nomination, I would love for a season 5 soundtrack to be released!