not to bacon


Commission is finally here!

I know everything is stated in the picture, but please read the stuff that I’ve typed here too!
One thing I want to clarify is about the extra characters, I am aware that in the picture it’s not exactly…. clearly stated.
What I actually mean is that, let’s say you wanted to me to draw a coloured bust but with extra character, the price would be:
$7+($7-$2)=$12, yup that’s it, I hope it makes sense.

In regards to what I draw, if you are unsure please DM me and let me know first! I won’t promise that I will draw it, but you should let me know anyways.

Payment would be done on paypal, everything listed above is in USD, and it will convert to SGD on my side.

Thank you guys for your support! I look foward to be able to draw for y’all!


Had to get a doodle out at least of this guy, like geez. I’m shocked there hasn’t been much art of him (or so I have yet to see yet, if there is a lot more out there). I’m relaxing and going practice doodles tonight to wind down, but yeah! 

Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃 👻

the boyfriends after a successful Trick or Treat raid   (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 🍳🥓  
I was part of the @vldexchange and had the hounor to draw for @fulltimedoodler
It was super much fun to draw those two in crack costumes! Also I really want Keith’s egg costume…

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